Libra Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Famous Libra-Sagittarius Couples: Soon-Yi Previn and Woody  Allen, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

What we have here, essentially, is two philosophers, perhaps Old Souls, getting together to compare notes with endless fascination and great insight for each other on the human condition.  Somewhat detached idealists, they both tend to live vicariously, amused by the follies and foibles of others which they intend to avoid by keeping their distance from tricky emotions and wayward desires.  They are both looking for a particular kind of completion/perfection in a partner and may very well be Soul Mates.  If they get too idealistic about their relationship they can wind up drifting apart because they keep avoiding the “real” partner. Both abhor confrontation and are likely to compromise well as a way of creating a positive environment.  Many things just get swept under the rug which works for them.  They like to focus on what’s going well without being perfectionist.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as a Libra Woman:

Sagittarians are such free spirits, how do you catch a will-o-the-wisp?  There’s magic involved.  You are both mind readers so you can use that to advantage.  Think inviting thoughts about him and keep positive.  He loves a positive person.  Test my theory.  Think about where you’d like to go on your first date and see if he doesn’t pop up with it as though it were his own idea.  Avoid any kind of control or manipulation. He has a whiff of it and he’s out the door.   No triangulating, such as bringing a third party into the picture.  You might do it to make him jealous which would be a really stupid idea because Sagittarians don’t “believe in” jealousy.  They just walk away to greener pastures. But you also might be tempted to get to know his friends with an ulterior motive of confiding in them to further your own cause.  Don’t go there.  Keep it simple.  That’s what appeals to him.  He will appreciate your ideals and ethics.  It’s ok to talk about high standards and soul connections and things like that.  He’ll be right there with you.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Sagittarius Man:

Please be your best social self and, as always with Libra, brush up on your manners.   There’s so much more to Libra than good manners but they are first drawn to people on the civility wave length.  Later, you’ll help her lots by getting her to be more casual in this area.  Meantime, she’s looking for a Prince Charming to take with her to Important Places.   (She has a calendar marked many months in advance with special occasions and events.)

Degree of Romance:

Sagittarius isn’t the best in the romantic department but Libra will be uncharacteristically forgiving because he offers so much genuineness instead.  Chances are she’ s attracted to him because she just broke up with an uber-romantic “player” and is learning to be a better judge of character

Degree of Passion:

Libra brings out a lot passion in Sagittarius.  Not so much the other way around.  She gets to act like that long, cool drink on a hot summer’s day.

Degree of Friendship:

These two can be best friends … very best friends.  They can share many happy moments together with so much in common as to the way they see the world.  Somehow together the rose colored glasses get even rosier.  Let the good times roll.

Degree of Marriage:

Never overly emotional or darkly bonded, this pairing makes a good marriage because of the shared outlook on the world.  A very significant feature is how important they both feel it is to maintain a positive outlook on life.   They do a great job of problem solving together thanks to Sag’s relaxed flow and Libra’s good strategizing, Sag’s intuition and Libra’s logic,  Sag’s luck and Libra’s charm.  The attraction may be especially strong after a failed first relationship in which each learned how much they need a POSITIVE partner.  Together they live a very ethical life which makes it tend to be a very good and even “blessed” life.  Where Sag might tend to cut corners, Libra keeps them organized and on the right track.

Progression of Relationship:

Libra will tend to take charge even in the dating process.  She is naturally well organized and has excellent social skills.  She probably already has some future events she’d like him to accompany her to.  One of her top reasons for dating and marrying is to get the right escort.  It helps if Sag doesn’t mind dressing up a bit from time to time.  Both parties are sure to have full calendars, including Sag’s sports activities, so they will gradually have to create more time for each other.  Both signs need space and can agree amicably on territorial and time issues.  Most of the dating is casual except for Libra’s social calendar.


Sex is a beautiful gift they generously give one another.   This is one of the most game-free, obligation-free placements.  As a result, their sex life is a continuing source of enhancement to the rest of the relationship. It is likely to be sportish, esthetically pleasing and courtly in a very special, fun way.  Unique in the zodiac’s compatibility, it is their best means of communication.

When It’s Over:

If it ends, they’ll probably be better friends than ever and help each other find new partners unless Libra has fallen off the wagon and triangulated.  If that’s the case, Sag will maintain a benevolent sense of humor while wrapping things up post haste.  (No hard feelings. No looking back.)

Our Rating: 10 /10

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  1. Girls– run. I dated a sag man and he literally became obsessed with me when I broke it off. They’re selfish and bullies and they hide it oh so well.

  2. I am in the process of dating a sag. Man and I am libra . he was married for 26 years and 60, his wife passed away ten years ago. He tells me he is a one woman man. After reading these comments I am not sure about him. He is very well educated and romantic thru the emails that he sends to me. He tells me he has found what he wants in me . I am not sure what to do at this point any ideas ????

  3. nattyRichardsonMay 13, 2017 at 10:52 am

    Ok, I have been with my partner for 5 years, I am a Libran and he is a Sagittarius, he is 41 and I am 30 years….. at the start of the relationship everything was perfect like any relationship would be, 3 months after that things started to change, if would say something like cut into him about something, yes he would curl up and go quiet and shut me off and the conversation would be stopped! I have to stop my last word!!!! he hates everything negative and yes that means all negative stuff, am not allowed to sulk, be bored, or frown, I have to be happy, talk positive, have full of energy and etc….

    yes, I’m not allowed to have an attitude for too long either as it puts a bad vibe in the room, but he seems to be allowed to do so!

    Yes he believes in the word like life is too short, oh he creads it, needs it and worships it!

    what you mean switch up on him, he hates it?

    I’m not afraid of him and what I should say, I say what I have to say like anybody has a right to, he is totally scared of me, I will say stuff, as I see it, hear it and feel it. no bad is saying so.

    They never admit to their faults and their mates always stick up for their lies and bullshit! admit to my faults and say I’m sorry, never works for them, how do I play these games back for him not to notice? that will be hard and I wouldn’t know what to do on how to do that!

    He always thinks I am playing games, I have tried on so many levels to ease with him, but it doesn’t seem to work, I always say I’m sorry and say what I mean, I still get my head bittern off! it’s not true about the coming back, coos they don’t if they do, they still start on you and walk out the door again, and they are gone again, cos he is in a shit!

    not when hanging around his ex all the time or every 6 months, sags do cheat! they can’t help it, they roam it’s their nature, like horses do!!!!!

    they can’t keep their thing in their pants cos they want to explore behind their partners back, even when they are committed! and they have met another woman, they tell them that they are single, they are liars too, I have seen so many numbers of different females numbers laying around, not a good sign, they don’t like to work late even when they have to, they aren’t always honest and yes he is very picky he wants my hair to look and my clothes to be the same as his ex’s he had told me this to me face, he doesn’t wants kids or settle with me, he had told me this as he wants it with some1 else, Only with the 1 he truly loves, I have lost trust in him as he has lied to me and my feeling were nothing to him, but I’m not allowed to have feelings or even say them out loud! My sag strays a lot he denies it of course they would, I have heard him on the fone, cos he walks outside like he has a lot to hide…… does everything on his own never with his partner to make her happy, he never comforts me ever when I need him the most, he gets pissed at me when I have a crappy day! OMG….. sometimes he comes home from work feeling shit and he takes his crap out on me. say men are never there for their partners they don’t care about them, they only care about themselfs!!!!! us females we only get used get what they want and piss off! I have been with my sag for 5 years and we’ve only had sex 5 times in the last 5 years!!!!! he is very lousy, and the biggest liars of all time, my sag man cheated on my 6 months ago, I found out the hard way, he had been court and denies it! and he is still denying it today!!!!! and still continues to see her today as he hasn’t been home for 3 days!!!!!

    I have been with him for 5 years and it’s see ya to you, I want nothing of him as their is no trust, no commitment, and forgiveness on what he has done to me, he thinks i’m really stupid not to see his little games he is playing,

    They are selfish and they only do things for them selfs only, never think about anybody else, they don’t like doing anything else for any1, specially their partner.

    What hurts most is he never admits to anything….. he seems to be never in the wrong, always has to be right!!!!!! and they other thing that hurt me the most when he said I could my ex back anytime I want and he still loves her, cos she is better than me, they are cheaters, and always be cheaters, he isn’t good with money and will be, and they don’t know how to save, they never tell you where they go or where they are going, very secretive people,

    Oh and his dark side of course, it does have immense trust issues and is very 1 track minded person, never watches what he says or how to says them, very stubborn he has to always have double standards for everything, he has issues, and likes to take them out on others, and then blame you for it, they love playing games with your mind to see if you if you will bite back, they love playing games, with your mind, to see if you will snap, god my sag doesn’t know how to calm me down, or says I don’t want to know, he always wants the last words, librans aren’t allowed to have the last word, i’m so sick of the fighting and arguing thats all we do, nothing else, no fun times or anything, or great times, here or there,

    He started to argue over little stupid things and it become bigger, he is very blunt, and i’m very sensitive when I get hurt!

    He always has to have the last words and be centre of attention, yes when we argue he would fired up at me, and storm out, my partner as of no more anymore, said it was pulling him away, and he can’t deal with something like that, he started to lack he is pulling away more and more, I’m listening but he thinks I never!

    I think he has found someone that who he wants to be with, he won’t admit to it, cos he is very secretive, I think he is going back to his ex, he always talks to her, it’s not hard for them to love their ex again, he stays in contact with her behind my back, never told me he was doing it, if he just told me I would of been fine, so he was hiding it from me, there is no trust!

    as for now I am letting him come back, I’m sick of the 1 who has to say sorry all the time, I’m not even going to bother talking to him and cos it will be a waste of time, he still has foto’s of his ex’s, yes he has a bad shocking temper,and reckons he never had 1, there is no passion, it’s gone from the start from day 1, the words that come out of his mouth are mean and hurtful, and will attack me with everything he has, from all sides,he doesn’t like doing anything that is a responsibity for any1 else only for him, he wouldn’t do anything me either,

    and will say stuff behind people back, and how they should live or the way they live, he says he loves me, but no love there and it’s not real to him, he won’t even commit to me like he said he wouldn’t this frustrates me bad it really does hurt me, and makes me very annoyed, I love cuddling up to him and waking up next to him, but that all gone now, as he said he will never come back while I am there, it’s also to do with his stubbornness and selfishness, he will not diguss anything with me, and will not, commit! and accuses me to get a man when he is at his weakest.

    I am stupid to him and dumb!!!! he has no time for what’s so ever, I’m not important in his life, he is totally slowing me along, and he will never realize, what he had or has in his life, it too late, can’t do anything about it! it’s too sad, it’s bad enough that I have to go through it!

  4. As a sag I am longing for a libra wife, my dad, mom, most of my relations are all cancer and it has been 33 years of train wreck if u sags cannot hold on to one of the nicest signs in libra get ready for a miserable life. Where is the balance here

  5. I fell in love with a Sagitarrius almost 4 years ago. I felt an instant connection. I mean, after a few days of just knowing him I already was harbouring a persistent crush. I’m quite sure it was one-sided to begin with, but the longer I felt that way, the more things would develop. You see, he was already in a committed relationship. I was sure I was just lusting over something I couldn’t have, but there were these moments we’d share that would feel so entirely electric that it gave me glimpses of hope. Gradually, I came to terms that I was completely and unforgivingly in love with the man – a first for me. He’s a lot older than I am and just so profoundly sophisticated and his personality just caught my attention in a way that left me pathetically enamoured. After meeting his partner, I felt a lot of things. Anger at him, mostly. I questioned why he made me feel this way when he was with someone else. How we could possibly share this innate pull when neither of us had even mentioned anything of the sort before. I just decided I was imagining the entire connection and moved on – had a lot of other firsts. He believes in astrology so I always found it interesting to read up about these things. I couldn’t agree more with the ”mind reading” aspect. I felt as if we were on such levelled wavelengths that, when he’d catch my gaze and look into my eyes, he’d know just what I was feeling. I feel like most of our truest connections laid above in a higher realm of our consciousness – like we both could feel something pulling at us without necessarily addressing it. Being a Libra, I am a romantic…and a bit of a flirt. I had to deal with a lot of internal conflict with my morals and ideals in this one. I’d never felt this way about anyone. I didn’t want to come off as a simple flirt so I would often keep our eye contact at a high to ensure he knew how I really felt. There was no harm if he didn’t, there’s something so safe about loving someone unattainable. I’m sure he’s too much of a gentleman to act on anything, even in the small windows he’s had a chance – or he has and stopped. As a Libra, I do usually take charge and intiative. But this is so delicate. Although he’s blunt, he’s not just another guy I can charm. I feel like my ‘magic’ doesn’t quite work on him – as if he’s too dear to acknowledge such things. I’ve never been certain on any of his feelings for me. I mean, I know he’s made remarks about my looks and personality – all beyond a general positive compliment – but I revere him so highly among anything and everything and I wouldn’t want to ever trouble him with my misunderstandings. Right now, I’d take anything he’d have to give me. I don’t think I’ll ever get over him.

    • This is me EXACTLY. This Sag man is the most captivating, magnetic, overwhelming person I’ve ever encountered. And he doesn’t even try! Not intentionally, I mean. Masculinity radiates from him. It oozes from every part of him. Not to be confused with arrogance and pride. I’m 27 and he’s in his early to mid 40s. To put it into perspective, he’s my boss’s, boss’s, boss. His hygiene and upkeep are PERFECT. I’ve never seen a man so well kept. Never a hair out of place. I check hehe! I feel like there is a connection between us. I know I’m not making this up. It’s like how someone can look at you without looking at you? That’s the feeling I ALWAYS feel around him. Another co-worker friend of mine is taken by him as well, but in a superficial “he’s hot” sort of way. She’s a Cancer. As you, I had to consider my strict morals, as he is taken. He is so pristine that I would never cheapen our connection with frivolous flirting. And somehow this has worked. The more I don’t flirt, the more I feel drawn in by him. I tried to convince myself it was all in my head. So, I decided to take the scenic route to go downstairs in order to avoid his office completely. So, why was I feeling so tense? Because as soon as I met the end of the hall, here he comes intercepting my path, that’s why. That’s what I mean, I could FEEL him coming. Geez, it drives me nuts. One day, I got the full effect when crossing paths with him it took me ten minutes to compose myself, I was so flustered. Then there is other younger Sag that’s a colleague that I would never date! He’s cool to talk to though. Funny how that works!

  6. As a 29 year old Sag male, I have to say many of these comments against sags are over generalizations. Just because you have had bad experiences with one or even a few does not mean we are all like that. I definitely do not conform to the “all sag men are jerks” theory. I can be blunt sometimes, but I always think before I speak because I don’t like hurting other’s feelings. I am generous with my family, friends, and even complete strangers, and have a genuine sense of compassion and caring for others. I do have a temper at times and get can angry, but hey, I am human, right? Some people see me as careless/irresponsible because I travel lots, but that’s only because I love seeing the world and place priority on amazing experiences over material possessions. Do I seem like a jerk? Maybe I am the exception, not the rule?

  7. I’m sorry to everyone who’s been talking trash about Sagittarius men, but that’s bogus.

    Yes, as a Sag guy myself, I can be blunt. But that’s only if I feel that I really have to be so. I’m currently in a relationship with a Libra girl, and it’s been going so well – in fact, I never want it to stop. I’m not necessarily “conceited” or anything of the sort. I know my weaknesses; I just mind myself not to be afraid of them. I may be wrong, as I’ve been told I don’t act too much like a normal Sagittarius guy. But I know for sure that Sags are not that negative.

  8. Now that you mention that some bits are true about Scorpio…some, I didn’t even think about that 🙂

  9. I think you are quite true, many times scorpio’s are also like that.

  10. I think Sag men are conceited and full of themselves and think the world revolves around them and it aint so, who in the world is not liar than a Sag man, must be the 13th zodiac sign, they lie on the spot and can chat themselves out of any situation on point, quick thinkers they are…yes they are very kind indeed, no doubt about that, very generous. I think Sag men loves to be in control and if they feel they are about to loose control they panic, I’ve seen that with a few I know.. I also find that they are great providers for their family but also find that they prefer their women be very dependent on them meaning she should stay home and do home duties while he go out and be the sole provider ( in my opinion I think men like that are insecure and not necessarily have the best interest at heart for been a provider), I kinda have mixed feelings about that , I think if two people are in a relationship, equality should be the order of the day…especially in today’s society. …to some it up, Sag men are controlling with no scope for compromising, their way or the highway!

  11. The truth is that Sag don’t have patience to follow through anything boring. They like solving challenges and they hate it when their superior reason is not followed. To love a Sag, allow him to do the reasoning and there you will see a very faithful man. The question is, can you cope with his speed of reasoning? They reason deeper than most people can comprehend and once you don’t follow their thought they become impatient and can insult you. They are passionate and generous. They don’t lie. If they promise and Gail, then know that fulfilling that promise is something beyond them at the moment and depending on how you encourage them, they will certainly fulfill it. They dislike being nagged for any reason. To me Sag can date anyone but they will leave if you don’t improve. Sag likes improvements

  12. Sarim Husain says: March 5, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    REPLY: Agree with your comments. I believe the 1st move, the course of the relationship, and how long it is to last has to be idea of the man in the first place. With a Sagg it means he is leading and the Libra is following. Both are power positions. However, there can only be one head or leader in a relationship, or chaos and disharmony arises. It’s not a big problem for me to do this with a strong Cardinal sign individual like a Sagg (Leo), etc. For my triple Libra nature the greater the sexual and romantic connection, the more readily I compromise to the male energy of leadership.

    To me to sling power for powers’ sake, or even for the sake of ego fulfillment is tasteless and it insults that which I value most in relationships: The mutual ability to dance together, to compromise as a couple, and all the romance that those efforts symbolize to this Libra. Am I moonstruck and a dreamer? You betcha! But that’s part of my charm, and it is necessary to balance the logical and intellectual side that this Libra brings to a relationship. I am not meant to dance with everyone, but the ones I do dance with — it’s a tango!

  13. Decades (5+) and 2 ex-husbands later, I’m still *in love* with my Sagg 1st love. Distance separated us as young adults, as well as fact I married early, he had children with 2 women early and went into a business that was most entrepreneurial (night club) that was not on the ethical level I would have found easy comfort with at that stage in my life.
    I am a one-man woman and consider my passing on this relationship a major missed opportunity because our connection endured into his death nearing 20 years ago on a soul – spirit level despite it all, and I’m not sure today that my reason to walk another path (his inability to care for his chronic health condition that portended a real possibility of my being a young widow) was the best decision. Only God knows I might have been able to inspire his self-care, but given how the – Sagg man – Libra woman – connection is described on this website, it’s unlikely that such an effort on my part would have done anything but split us apart. Such a split for me really would have been worst than my not taking the risk ha been. At least I have an untainted memory which I think is a little sad, but it is what it is. I am a Libra woman! lol

    He was one of a kind, for sure, and as he developed in adulthood he had revealed more and more of the man that I love to this day. I saw in him the noble and honorable, young, cocky boy helping me to climb over the school fence behind him so we could play where children were excluded at the time we sought to be there.

  14. well im a libra girl and just got out fa relationship with a sag man. Met him in 2013 and we had a good few weeks and then he just changed and became an asshole…he really hurt me and i came home one day and he and his suitcases were gone.he just retuned this year begging forgiveness for me to take him back which i did because i still loved him and he just changed and did the same….Sag men are real jerks and expect us to have nice things to say about them when they hurt us but really dont think the best of us and wants to be friends… i am not intrested in being friends with a man that hurt me unneccessarily…Its true if they beliee they are right then they stick to their guns – i as a libra woman gonna do the same. its only when they want something they admit their wrongs just to get what they want. Its strange though that when i look it up most astrology sites regard us libra women and sag men as excellent matches….

  15. if not sag then who should a libra women date?????????????????????

  16. I am a libra woman and in a relationship with a sag man. It is true that they are very blunt and tactless. Not demonstrative in public but very passionate in private. We are also good friends on top of what we have. He has his serious moments and goofy ones. The one thing I have noticed though, he is changing for me and thats what I love about him. We have are moments where we argue but we try to patch it up after a day or so. I know in my heart he loves me and he knows I love him dearly.

  17. Searching Soul LibraJune 20, 2015 at 8:09 am

    So true about Sagittarius…Liars who never follow through…dating one for 3 years now and I can confirm that they have a wandering eye…very tiring relationship as you are expected to push their thinking and act as if they came with the brilliant idea. No focus at all and do not mind hurting you for their own selfish ways…A 10/10????

  18. Very helpful my husband is a Sagittarian and im libran realy enjoyed reading this thankyou 🙂

  19. Sarim HusainMarch 5, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    it seems like too many libras have teamed up against sags…:-)
    well its completely true that sags are immature and careless…..but what people don’t know is sags are of two kinds…one completely opposite to the other…. i myself am a sag and in a beautiful relationship with my beautiful libra…and amazingly my father in law and brother in law..both are sags…infact my brother in law and i even share our birthdays together…… isn’t wrong to say that sags break hearts but the way it is being said here in these comments about sags is very much hurtful…because a good person will never say bad things about another person……
    don’t think I’m trying to stand beside sagittarians…all I’m trying to say is.. libran women need to find the right sagittarian……and it is written… you can know what a true soulmate feels like….

  20. well i just met a gentleman this weekend and he’s a gemini and we get along so great and we have a lot in common, ive never had and man like this its like we were meant to be together.

  21. Agreed on the friendship aspect, Sag is a ton of fun. But definitely NOT a go in terms of a relationship. They’re just flaky, naively idealistic, immature and ultimately hurtful little boys. I don’t think they really mean to lie, they’re just flakes–they can’t follow through. How un-evolved.
    And sorry Versus, but F%^& if I’m gonna put up with some dude who isn’t 100% dedicated. If aren’t done sowing your wild oats and can’t be trusted around hot girls then… boy, BYE.

  22. Emmalene, I hate to say this, but I think you’re right.

    I’m a Libra woman, and fell hard for a Sag man. He led me on for months, sent me numerous signals that we had a genuine connection, and then kicked me to the curb when he found out I wasn’t going to be an easy lay. He’s treated me horribly ever since, despite the fact that he said we’d still be friends.

    I’ve come across a few more Sag males, and I find them all to be very similar: They’re only nice to people if they think they can get something out of it.

    They DO seem to be true blue friends when it comes to male camaraderie, though. When it comes to women, though … That’s another story. It breaks my heart because I did see glimpses of a really good person in the guy I fell for, but he’s perpetually stuck in frat boy mode. Sad.

    Now, will I avoid Sag men for the rest of my life? Nope, but after my few experiences, I’m definitely going to be more cautious with them.

    I’m now involved with a Capricorn man. I still have some feelings for the Sag, but I’ve realized that I just need to close that book and move on. The Capricorn treats me wonderfully and has helped me realize that there ARE good guys out there and that I’m more than an object for sex.

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