Sagittarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Sagittarius-Pisces Couples:

Martin Scorsese and Julia Cameron, Gary Shandling and Sharon Stone, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi Giancola

This relationship is fraught with difficulties because basically each partner has an issue with narrowing down the playing field and then tries to blame it on the other.  There wind up being so many other people present in the relationship, it’s like Grand Central Station.  Sagittarius wanders off far afield and Pisces’ fur flies.  He’s looking for a casual “let’s hang out together” kind of thing and she’s looking for a dream lover.  There’s no focus.  Over time both partners tend to dissipate energy aimlessly and pull each other down making it hard to create the kind of successes that pull people together through the years.  The relationship tends to fall apart from a nonexistent or even imaginary center.  The best time for it is two people in college together.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as a Pisces Woman:

Attracting him is easy but keeping him isn’t.  Make sure you know the difference between a fantastic fling and marriage material or better yet that you know your own heart in the matter.  This relationship isn’t likely to get past the launching pad and that may be exactly why he caught your eye.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Sagittarius Man:

Show her some of that boyish charm of yours and try to cheer her up — she’s often feeling a little droopy.  Get sexy without being explicit.  Distract her from the realities of her situation and draw her towards her own need to fantasize or escape.

Degree of Romance:

Pisces longs for the romance of a lifetime and as good a guy as Sag is, he’ll never get a ticket on that bus!

Degree of Passion:

Sagittarius’ passion is for loving life and living it large.   Oh, and for his next trip around the world.  Pisces rains on his parade with her “bummers” and “downers” and more than occasional talk about suicide.  She  has too many problems that he doesn’t want to help her with.

Degree of Friendship:

These two couldn’t bag trash and take it to the curb together let alone coordinate the kinds of activities that nurture a friendship.  They are much better — and better off — alone than paired up for longer than a few really sensational nights.

Degree of Marriage:

Not every relationship is meant to last for ever.  If you’re feeling the magic, enjoy it for what it is.  Marriage is a challenge for the mutable signs even at their best (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).  When they team up it can exacerbate issues such as focus, commitment, fidelity and stability.  Sagittarius is inherently one of the ‘bachelor” signs while Pisces attaches indiscriminately to almost anyone of interest, like floating in an ocean of oneness including ritual sex or promiscuity, which is hard for a marriage partner to deal with.

Progression of Relationship:

The relationship is likely to begin quite casually which is how it should stay.  Often the two parties just happen to be at the same place at the same time with a glass of wine and some time to kill.  It goes downhill from there.


It gets sexual fast which keeps other facets of the relationship from developing – not that anyone notices or cares.  Sex is used as a nervous outlet, a sedative, rather than a bonding technique or merging device.  Then it goes downhill from there.

When It’s Over:

It will be a big relief unless they have kids in which case they will continue to irritate each other insanely through all eternity.  In fact Julia Cameron wrote a screenplay about it with her and Scorsese called “God’s Will”.   Between Sagittarius and Pisces, neither one knows about closure.  Each wants to have the last word. Each attempt to compromise begets new reasons to separate. It goes downhill from there.

Our Rating: 3/10

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  1. Sumon DasJuly 29, 2016 at 9:58 am

    I am sag boy been on a relationship with a pisces girl for few month, and I will say there is not one and only truth about relationships. our relationship was mature and very understanding and compromising but I felt like overwhelmed all the time. she demands a constant care all the time and very sensitive to my words, felt like i can’t be myself around her – I mean can’t focus my total energy on something, like a vibe of dizziness blocking me. The sexual attraction was great 1st but she felt like kinda unexcitable to me. I am very much physical but although she tried to mach with me I felt like the relationship is going fade day by day. she loved me a lot and told me that although she is not comfortable but she will adjust anything for me and I did the same for her giving her every bit of time i have to keep the relation on but everything is god’s will, I lied about my job status at the beginning of our relationship thought that it did not matter atlast as i was planning to do something else in my life but is she so fragile inside that she made a mess thought of me as a playboy cheater .I’m irregular in texting her, already flirted with many girls before and told her something rude.. and we are through, I tried to explain but it’s just irritating to her and she has not that believe to continue with me.. Only I felt deep inside what I knew or what I felt about her.. ultimately everything is for the better and good for everybody and we take a part to someone’s life for a lesson to that person and also something for us.. yeah..this is life 🙂

  2. Sumon DasJuly 5, 2016 at 6:25 am

    Man don’t do it.. u can’t provide the needs of a pisces gorl being a sag.. that’s a fact and the fragile emotion of her just makes her more and more insecure for this unless u r a sag with a water sign rising .. the is just and headache that’s makes ur eye covered with fantacies and sexual vibe

    ……in addition, this also is what makes a great marriage , please be guided accordingly Linda, it takes two, so quit complaining – the amount of EFFORT you put in correlates to what you get out of the experience.

    Marriage is like a garden of flowers that always needs to be tended and cared for in order to remain colorful, bright and beautiful.
    Love, TRUE LOVE is what will make a marriage work, But then true love is not selfish and must express itself in meaningful ways.
    True love will always express itself in kindness, for love is kind, therefore be kind, generous, thoughtful and considerate to each other.

    True love will also express itself in Confidene and Trust, always believe in each other, always trust each other, and because of that love for each other, neither of will do anything or cause anything to happen that will betray that confidence and trust.

    True love also expresses itself in the Honor and Respect you bestow on each other, because the one you love, share your life with, commit yourself to, deserves your honor and respect always.
    True love will also express itself in your willingness to live for each other and to make the necessary sacrifices for each others happiness, because your own happines truly depends on your partner been happy.

    True lovers are also TRUE FRIENDS, always be good friends, as good friends confide in each other, share together, plan together and COMMUNICATE well with each other, so be good friends always.

    And never forget that there is a spiritual side to marriage, therefor take some time to develop that spiritual side. Pray together, worship together, meditate together resulting in a happy and fullfilling marriage.

    “To love someone deeply, gives you strength while been loved by someone deeply, gives you courage.”

  4. Its a yr am married to a sag…the biggest manuplators n earth.they will always make u feel like shit by the careless attitude.being faithful is not the only thing required in a relation,but emotional support,financial,is what matters in a marriage. Sags r free souls n its hard for them to understand all this.

  5. Best experience I have ever had in my life, Just started dating a Sag and we are inseparable. He is sweet you could eat his heart. he is so loving, thoughtful, romantic, generous and he loves my kids. he wants to settle down with me. We are getting a place together so we will spend Christmas together. As a Pisces I can sense when a person is being fake. I was so scared at 1st coz I know about 4 sag man in my life and they are the worst and I know 3 including this guy they are the sweetest of all the signs. I think it depends on a person, I have never felt so safe in my life. I say dff strokes for dff forks, love is the most important thing. I have had the worst relationships with Scorpio man and I am scared of them.

  6. Pisces woman, worst match for sag…

  7. Sagittarius man, the WORST bf ever…

  8. the wOrst Relationship on EartH.

  9. to shirfan: I like what you say about you relationship crazy thing is somehow the tables turn for my Sag man he’s so emotional when it comes to me and I just walk away and wait until I’m ready for his love and affection again he hates it so when I do come around I make sure he knows I love him as much as he loves me it works for us now so i’ll leave it as is and even though he doesn’t know it yet the last 4 years have been the best I look forward to many more jus like this.

  10. Pisces are most annoying,oversensitive,selfish girls!!!They’re never ever guilty and care only about thier own feelings.I don’t want any of those whining,passive-aggresive pie(s)ces of garbage 🙂

  11. All I ask is that all Pisces woman that plan on having any relations with the bi-polar sag man. Even in it’s smallest measures. Do as you wish with these total Asses of the zodiac. In my opinion. Keep the BIGGEST BOTTLE of asprin money can buy… For this will be one of thee absolute horrid headaches of your natural LIFE. I only have 2 words 4 the sag man. ” ANGER MANAGEMENT ”

  12. Omg this is so true.. i been w my husband for almost ten yrs and we have 3boys together but it’s been nothing but HELL and drama almost since the first few months together… i have sacrificed as much as i can to make this relationship work but it’s really impossible. There’s no communication at all and when we DO talk it’s like im talking to the wall. He doesn’t listen or cares about my feelings, he leaves constantly and doesn’t call (im almost sure he’s cheating) i dont trust him. He always gives me the feeling that he’s hiding things from me. I do everything he says and please him in every way yet he still makes my life HELL. NEVER again will i hook up w/ another sagg and especially fall in love with one.. we are always breaking up and making up but idk how im still putting up with him :'(

  13. Well in talked to one scorpio mand and he had me on a fin roller coaster. Hhe lead me on used me and made me look and feel stupid infront of mah family. to make it worse he wasnt around he lived n like cali close enuff to see me andd neva really did i had to derive to see him. ugh but there is another scorpio that i may be interewsted in but hopefully i leave from my mistakes and dont deal with that crap again. but when one door closes another pne opens.

  14. Yep. This is right on.

    Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro from Jersey Shore fir this description almost exactly.

    Ronnie – Sagittarius
    Sammi – Pisces

    They too could not bag trash together and take it to the curb without it becoming a major problem. Break up. Make up. Break up. Make up. And on and on it goes.

  15. i am a Pisces woman presently dating a Sagittarius man and so far so good. There are times when am so afraid that we might not work out, but those times never last because he really is a darling. Its sad that my parents are against it cos he’s from a different tribe and they strongly believe that i will not be happy in the long run. Despite this, he says he intends to marry me and that my parents will calm down with time. What annoys me most about my family’s reactions to us is that they havent really taken out time to know him, especially my dad. If only they did, they will realize that he’s a serious minded fellow, honest and straight forward and i really respect and admire him. He’s also from a good family, much like mine
    The very thought of us not being together scares me, not because i wont be able to find anyone else, but because i have come to love him so much and he loves me too. Today makes it eight months that we’ve been dating and i have enjoyed our relationship so far.
    I have discovered that he can be very impatient, he sees crying as weakness and merely tolerates it when i cry, he is very blunt and he has terrible mood swings, but this doesnt stop me from wanting a life time with him.
    I havent seen his adventurous side though. He says he doesnt like travelling and when ever he has to go out of town for business, he will take me along as often as he can. I dont see him as a potential cheat though. Despite my family’s attitude, we are happy together. For now, i dont see how this relationship will not work, but time will tell.

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