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  1. Stepny

    Sag man can be awful i mean all-time prizewinning awful. I am a pisces female and I dont want one of those again. Thats not to say he does not have anything good in him its just that the bad times can be too much to bear. scorps are not the only miserable ones in the zodiac.

  2. ali usman

    hello nancy i m ali usman and i am sagitirian and my becoming wife star is pieces her name is anam plz send me details completely,this is
    arrange and love marriage

  3. Maritza

    Dear Nancy,

    I feel like a nut writing on this site! But i met a sag Male working in a bar as a waitress.. we INSTANTLY connected! and got along on allllll levels.. Then one day i caught him in a lie.. the trust broke and i was always so insecure and untrusting .. he never seemed to care about my feelings either.. we had two years together! the last 6months were hell! he was playing me all over place and denying it as well as neglecting me. Now like 5months later we still talk and hang out every so often.. whenever i dont talk to him for 2wks or more he hits me up ! until i give in… once i give in he pushes me away all over again!! i guess you are right about that 3/10 because we just could never seem to be on the same page anymore! when we began it was sooo magical! there wasnt ANY differences in what we liked to do and there was SO much romance! Conversation was great too we neverrrr had quiet moments.. I fell inlove though seriousy and he didnt.. he finds this amusing and keeps me on a string. I D K what to do i’ve tried EVERYthing to get his love back &thats the problem! Sag men like space which is something the pisces CAN do but when in times of rejection it is VERY hard.

  4. Joe

    So how does work for a Sag man and a woman on a Pisces/aries cusp(3/20 at night) I have fallen for her pretty hard and she has as well fallen for me so does this change our relationship dynamic

  5. shirfan

    Any relationship/marriage is always risky, it depends on how COMPROMISING & FLEXIBLE u r in dealing various issues. i think its actually n practically consequent of how SINCER u r. where there is a will, there is always a way. Adjustability is always required 4 any two partners, irrespective of their zodiac signs. A little pscyological know-how will certainly work. Its MANAGEMENT- i really mean it.

  6. shirfan

    Any relationship/marriage is always risky, it depends on how COMPROMISING & FLEXIBLE u r in dealing various issues. i think its actually n practically consequent of how SINCER u r. where there is a will, there is always a way. Adjustability is always required 4 abt two partners, irrespective of their zodiac signs.

  7. mosu

    I (pisces)got together with my sag after a month of getting to knw each other.he is charming,witty as hell,very sweet, upfront, doesnt sugarcoat what he says, playful and streetsmart.all i want in a guy.at first i was not sure abt his commitment towards me because after reading shitloads of crap abt pisces/sag compatibility. but as far as i knw, my sag wants to marry me in year’s time.i am flattered and feel extremely satisfied because i am looking for marriage too.

    i am definitely not clingy (16march), i like my space, i think my sag makes me a stronger individual and never have i felt that i needed a romantic/dream lover to fulfil my commitment needs.i just need a loyal partner period.i believe my sag loves me for who i am, i understand him,i listen to him like no other, i dont judge and i give him space.

    my sag pulls me out of my misery nonsense and i truly appreciate that abt him cos hes really rational and always sooooooooooo sunny.

    hope this works out. i think the dynamic is great if both are committed to make it work.

  8. Yvette

    Pisces gals can get a little down at times. but we bounce back up pretty quickly. I think we’re all likely to do that some time or other. when i get scared about something i think of all the good things there are about it. it gives me courage and comfort that i can think in a sensible way. taking small steps also helps me so much and i can work my way through something that looks large and complicated otherwise. that and faith has always pulled me through.

  9. Twinkle

    Is there anyway that I can find out that our marriage life will be successful or not I meant wit a sag guy!!!!

  10. sharika newson

    i strongly feel this is uncertain ive dealt with a sag for about six years had started a family with him but there were several misunderstandings that pulled us apart he was controling possestive but i do still will always love him i think marriage is possiable if there are compromises in the relationships so i dont believe all this is true

  11. hannah

    -so very true! but with admittance, i am marrying my sag man soon and im kinda on the impression hes got much more scorp then sag, born 24/11..
    does that make much diffrence??? xx

  12. Kim Hunter

    I’m soooooo sick of reading that a Sagittarius male & Pisces female CAN’T have a meaningful, intimate relationship. As a Pisces, I’m also tired of being called “droopy” or depressed. I’m the total opposite. 2/24 is my dob & I dated a Sagittarius man for 4 years. The attraction was immediate. He wanted to get physical on the first date but I didn’t cave in right away. There is nothing hotter on this earth than a Sag. male who wants you! NOW! When I did give in, I we practically melted the paint off the walls. Crazy intense! As a Pisces, I’ve always been attracted to the flirts, the bad boy, the CHARM. As Sagittarius male is loaded with it–from his toes to the top of his head. The thing is you have to know how to handle the situation & Pisces females can let emotions take over to the point where their reasoning goes down the tubes. How did it last for 4 years? I gave him ALL the freedom he needed, never accused or doubted him, never uttered the words commitment or marriage, I never let him know all my secrets, every now & again I’d let him learn something new about me, I made sure I had a life other than him & acted like I could take him or leave him even though I was crazy about him. I kept things as lighthearted & happy as possible & about 6 months into the relationship he told me he loved me & he meant it. After that I still had to be careful not to let my emotions take over. Why did I do all these things not typical of a Pisces? Cause he was worth it. After a short time, behaving this way became second nature to me. I really think if anyone (Pisces or not) lets their feelings take over, it’s easy to become irrational & suspicious. No one should ever “loose themselves” in any relationship. It’s NOT healthy. What happened? We were both still in our 20’s & he ended up going to college in another state &, do to my job & school, I couldn’t go. The relationship ended & it was a mutual agreement. He called me several times a week for the next month to make sure i was ok. Yes it hurt. Neither of us regretted getting together & he told me I was one of the few women who actually seemed to understand him. We
    learned so much from each other &, 15 years later, are still friends. We live far apart but manage to email, call, or text each other almost weekly. So what’s my point? ANY couple can make it work if the chemistry is there. I made a conscious choice to treat this relationship differently & it still remains the best relationship I’ve ever had with a man. If you let your heart get so wrapped around someone that you “loose yourself” & can’t think straight, it won’t work. CHILL out & try to enjoy! & to all the astrologers—-please stop calling Pisces droopy & depressed.

  13. Alexandra

    I am a Sagittarius FEMALE!!! 12/19
    I have been with a Pisces MALE 2/28 for about an exciting, wonderous year and a half.
    In fact, I just got off the phone with him and I have the most sincere heartbeat, and the biggest genuine smile on my face.
    I also share a very big interest on zodiac signs, and me & my pisces go into Barnes and Noble sometimes and read about stuff like this. Alot of what they say about our compatible(ness) is really negative. Even reading this stuff scares me and gives me that achey feeling inside.
    Anyway, I’ve known him for about 3 years now, and we’ve always been so attracted to one another. It took us quite awhile to be together, mainly because the males i was with before him, plus I just wasn’t ready and he fell for me first- baaad. It took me about 4 months to truely love him, he always got on my nerves at first! Mainly because he was so sweet, and I didn’t know where it came from, it felt too good to be true. I hadn’t had anyone like him before.
    That was then, and now our bond has built up and continues to grow each day. We are the biggest support system to one another, and I give him the freedom he need/wants, never holding him back from a damnnn thing. I say trust is the key. Although, he rarely wants to kick it with his buddies, he’d rather spend his time with me. I have always trusted him, sure there’s that cloud of doubt, but that passes and just makes me/US strong. One thing I tell myself, -and just because I know him so very well- is to be careful with what I share with him. Things like, males that are around me at work, stupid pety things, he hates to hear about. I mean anyone would get pissy and a lil jealous about ‘other people’ Pisces tend to be extremely senstive and take it the wrong way and from what I’ve experienced with myyy Pisces I learned the ‘hard way’. I’ve grown to love him the whole way. I simply make his imperfections PERFECT in my mind, and hold him so dearly to me at all times(physically and mentally) A sagittarius and a pisces have an incredible bond, like no other, I’d say. We share wonderful stories and our dreams are connected in various ways. We have been through the world and back, and I know our chances of being and staaaying together are very high. I, being a fun-loving Sagittarius love the adventures, and he loves to see me happy. The majority of his friends are Sag’s and he has one Pisces bud. His mother and father are sag’s, and then there’s me. His ex-girlfriend was a scorpio, and they were together for two years! According to most zodiac info, Pisces and Scorpio’s are a match mate in heaven. Just sharing a little bit of my time with you on how things are with my personal relationship. AND I searched on here today because I am so curious on infor regarding sagittarius FEMALE and a pisces MALE’s zodiac relationship status. Haven’t crossed one yet! Seems like Him & I are one in a million! 🙂
    I love him with all my heart!

    and for the ‘record’, if things did end up going wrong and we went our separate ways, I know in my heart, there would be nothing or no one compared to what ‘we shared’

    I am a very strong-willed girl, and i get what I want.
    I have always known that in my life, My road to love was at an early age, and I believe you have to hold onto the one you love, YOU NEVER GIVE UP. ever.

  14. Midnight

    I’m a Pisces born feb 25th and been trying to escape a Sag Dec 1st for almost 14 years. I often think of killing myself just to be away from him.

  15. Desire'

    i agree and disagree, due tot he fact that both signs are never content seeing life for what it is, their possibilities are endless. i am a pisces woman and my fiance is a sag. the difficulties that we face are plenty, and we do but heads on a regular basis. on the plus side i bring him closer to his emotional self and he drags me closer to my rational self. he pulls me (reluctantly) out of my dreamworld on a daily basis and i remind him that not everything is black and white. To say that this relationship is best kept short term isn’t completely accurate. I know first hand the trials and tribulations but the rewards as well. the pisces woman and the sag man can be one of the most unlikely but prosperous pairs. The positive traits and qualities both posses can and will rub off on one another beautifully.

  16. vanbam8

    I recently met a sag man. we’ve been talking for about a week or so now. Yesterday we kissed and it was heavenly. We grew up with the same kinda family and whatnot, we have a lot in common. But i kinda see where he might not be able to fullfill my “needs”. I really like him and he really likes me but he’s not as emotional as i am. Yet, he does sweet things for me like bringing me ice cream at random hours when I crave it. (lol) Or giving me his sweater so im not cold in class. He’s amazingly sweet and ridiculously shy.

    But i dont know whether to run away from him in fear that i might just get hurt b/c he wont be able to fullfill my emotional needs or should i just se where is goes? (i mean, ive ollny known him a week)

    what should I do?


  17. Vernita

    Let me tell you something about pisces. They will love you, be patient with you, take of you and leave you without a reason. Don’t be fooled by this clingy shit people always claim about pisces because one day you will wish you had one around. These people can be so sweet but here’s the thing,they always have a timer on from the time they meet you. They treat you like royalty and if you do not respond to accordingly there gone just like that. There’s no talking them out of it and its hard as hell to gain that trust back. So if your not mature to handle something like this don’t even bother because it hurts to bad.

  18. Vernita

    “Pisces rains on his parade with her “bummers” and “downers”and more than occasional talk about suicide.”

    Lady you’ve got to be kidding!!! I’m so tired of people writing this type of Shit about Pisces!!!

  19. annii

    em a picsces gurl n em in love with a sagi man n in just five months i got realy closed with him n now cant leave him for ths reason of stars.. i just dun knw what to do …does da relation wil continue in future or will break .. ?

  20. ardeth

    so there is no hope to me, a sag man, to have a good relationship with a pisces woman?
    my mother is a pisces woman if it helps to judge anythink…
    most of the women i feel attracted are pisces, i love their mistic and feeling, would be sad if i could not…but thats it, do you think it could work someway?

  21. nancy

    @march06playmate As you suggest, it is really better to get a full chart interpretation of both people.

  22. march06playmate

    This whole pisces being emotional and needy business don’t mean all
    Pisceans behave as their star sign expects them too considering
    I as a piscean literally am nothing like how they have been
    Described! And me and my sag moments have our ups and
    Like any other relationship but have managed to deal with
    Eachother respectfully for the last 9 years! So don’t base your
    Realationship on what you read in star signs just work at it if
    You want to be in it! Yeh at 1st we both treated eachother
    And are now more intense as lovers! But I believe its easier
    Treat your other half as if they were your friend anyway because
    That is how you become closer and grow together in you relationship!
    Work on it based on how u feel and know eacother to be not
    How others define your relationship and how it should be cause
    That’s what your doing!!!

  23. Bjorn Effsteen

    j.a., my soon to be ex wife say she had “instincts” about me to leave and that she did not listen to those. If you have doubts or concerns, either address them or at least tell the man. Please don’t “hope” things will be OK, then watch the man fall short, only for him to love you, then to have you tell him he’s not right. Please don’t do that. I don’t think women understand the level of emotional impact they can have on a man’s heart. thanks for reading.

  24. Bjorn Effsteen

    Hers is 3/4, and mine is 12/20.

    Also I want to add, other comments imply about Sag sharp tongue and her neediness. As it happens I believe she REPRESSED that I was hurting her w/ sharp tongue, and REPRESSING her neediness. which made it worse, cuz then it all just blew up on me and I had no chance to repair the damage. I tried w/ all my heart to get her to change her mind. It was too late. She already filed. 🙁

  25. faytmorgan

    there are way too many factors to make a basis of a relationship on these petty overly melodramatic- points, even saying such things well you sound like a sag. You have no evidence that i sound like a sag, not that i am not. Your point is well- pointless.

  26. faytmorgan

    i have had no signs of run- i read people like a book i have not been wrong about these things in 15 years…

  27. j.a.

    by the way i met him in person he just lives in another country thats even harder somtimes i think to leave it alone because of distance. im thinkn should i listen to myself im mostly right but im gona try

  28. j.a.

    @Bjorn wow im sorry to hear that. it is discouraging because im focused on this sag we havnt hung out yet but he is coming to visit from europe our birthdays are close like the ones in the other comment above march 16 and november 25 i jus dont want to be like your pisces i will take it slow also. mayb you could ask what can you do to change her mind when are you guys birthdays

  29. Brett

    Sagittarius sun/moon MALE here… First long term relationship was with a Pisces and 3/10 is about right!

    sure the sex is great but as far as a relationship goes, these girls are TOO needy! Sagittarius is likely to offend here as the Pisces will bring up marriage a year or less and the Sag is likely to be non-committal in this respect.

    Sag’s quick tongue will hurt Pisces delicate ego- even accidentally and the doom and gloom attitude of Pisces will become over whelming. Great sex, nothing more.

  30. Bjorn Effsteen

    Hmm–don’t see my original comment will try again. I’m a 41 y.o. married Sag to a Pisces woman (39 y.o.). We both regarded each other as soulmates. I guess I treated her too much like a friend and wasn’t the “dream lover” she actually needed. Now, she’s pretty much suddenly bailing out. I hope what you write about being relieved later is true because I’m hurting. I really loved her faithfully and with all my heart, which I feel she’s pretty much smashing for no particularly good reason–heed this Sag guys–you want a woman who has NO appreciation of the rare gift of a loyal Sagittarian, marry yourself a Pisces. There were signs that said “run” early on and I should have heeded those. Oh well

  31. BjornEffsteen

    I’m a 41 y.o. Sag man married to a 38 y.o. Pisces lady. I thought she was my soul mate, and I loved her faithfully w/ all my heart. We’re about to get a divorce because I’m not her “dream lover” any more–and she sandbagged the fact she has felt this way for a long time but on subtly shared this with me. The part that is correct is that maybe I treated her too much like a friend. However, in my mind her fickleness/vagueness really sunk my marriage. I was in it for the long haul–she decided, “Nah, nevermind I guess…” Sag men: RUN from the Pisces woman. She will say and even think she loves you w/ all her heart then just change her mind in 10 years without warning. I know, it happened to me. Give your heart to somebody who will appreciate the rare gift of a Sagittarian man’s loyalty…

  32. Nell

    It is so amazing how almost every site i have been on says basically the same thing about Sag/Pisc. I met my sag man in 1999, at first we were just good friends for about 6 months, then we started dating. He proposed to me a few months later, but then all the complications came into play. He was fooling around and i found out. After a few months i forgave him, then we decided to go thru with the wedding.

    But wow! its been a long and roller coaster marriage, two kids later and now we have been seperated over a year and now i want a divorce. Since then by chance i happen to meet a wonderful man, it is so hard to believe that he is also a Sag. Well of course that depresses me and started to back away. He is so totally opposite from my ex now i’m confused on what to do.
    Is there no way these to signs can live happily ever after? Can there be an exception to the rule?

  33. faytmorgan

    “@faytmorgan I thought your post was quite Sagittarian. Do you have a problem with that?”

    How so?

  34. Eugenshir

    I have been friends and lovers with my sagittarius friend for 16 years, and we are really close. I personally think that I am on the cusp of aries and he is definitely on the cusp of scorpio/sagittarius..which is great for us..sometiimes we have troubles communicating, but others we seem to know what the other thinks. He is really emotional for being a sagittarius, and He loves hard..he has a big heart much like I do. So some of this sagittarius stuff isn’t true..Our sex life is better than It was when we were teenagers..the longer we stay in each other lives..the better..he isnt as open with his feelings as much as I am, But He is very passionate..probably more than me..I am affectionate..He is passionate with his kisses. I love directly blunt People..I feel that If It hurt your feelings, then It must be true. I am direct. like I said I think that I am on the cusp! March 18, and He is November 23rd

  35. nancy

    @faytmorgan I thought your post was quite Sagittarian. Do you have a problem with that?

  36. faytmorgan

    I am a sag man, i am 24, i’ve never cheated, i don’t wonder. Currently i am starting to see this young woman- a pieces. I find her quite lovely in more than one manner. Initially it was looks i admit, but it is her personality that keeps me going. I love her energy and dreams and ideals etc. That is what makes me continue to speak with her.

    One thing i have found as being a sag is my ability to read people correctly very fast. I can either use this for the good of a relationship or negatively as for example be controlling. Its a choice, its easier to be controlling for a short period of time, then it gets too complex. I think the problem of most sag males is themselves, we can control others but its more difficult to be aware of ourselves.

    I choose to use this ability to read people to understand her, her thoughts, feelings, emotions, soul, etc. I respect her greatly.

    I suppose I am very traditional, albeit i think that is my personal upbringing from childhood.

    I find lying pointless, a mature sag is a truth seeker, so therefore loves the truth.

    One thing i may add at last is this, one thing we sag NEED to have is utmost loyalty in a relationship, you give it you get it. If we feel that it is fleeting then our mind tends to wonder…. and hey look at those nice legs, and you get my point. Promiscuous people/women is the biggest turn off for us period. You cheat we will never talk with you or have anything remotely to do with you.

    Intellect, energy, youth, beauty, health, truth. loyalty, trust, love, sex, romance and passion is what we seek. there is much more though i do not want to hog this blog.


  37. Twin FISHES

    This is so true! My SAG and I just Divorced with kids and we are fighting everything including the kids to the bitter end….it is all over him cheating and lying…GO FIGURE!!!!!

  38. felicia

    Ok so here it goes…I am a pisces women and I had a relationship-on and off- with a sag man for 5 yrs! EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING in this article is right. I being a fish wanted my dream lover. I wanted someone to connect with me on such a deep level and give me the romance I needed. My sag man on the other hand had no clue about romance. He was practical and I had to tell him what I needed all the time and he still couldn’t provide refuge for me. I became very promiscuous and would seek the emotional support I needed from other men. They would just be my freinds but they also fufilled me in some crazy way. I cared alot about my sag man but its true what you said above. We would drag eachother down sooo much. We took eachother for granted and almost got to the point where we resented eachother. Sex was amazing but I would get to the point were I didn’t want it cus he wanted it all the time and he was all physical and I was all mental. I never realized how much astrology was true about us until I looked into it more. I am the epitomy of a pisces girl all the way except I am more responsible and indepedant but maybe because I had to be cus he almost made me that way. Me a my sag were always “best-freinds” and I hated to loose the relationship for that reason but I knew it was best for both of us. I am now with a libra man and once again the article you wrote about a libra man-pisces women is also SO TRUE! we are idealistic and we can’t get enough of eachother. He is my prince charming 🙂

  39. Grace

    wow, umm to some extent i can see this, but i really feel like this is way over exaggerated. me, the pisces is the nomad, firstly…secondly, my boyfriend hardly even looks at other women, he proposed to me after w’d been together a month!

  40. thegirlfish

    i suppose it could be as hard as you say it is,i dont know i havent ever dated one.But a lot of my friends are sagittarius.And the very fact that attracts me to them which is their ability to tell me the unvarnished truth is what irritates me the most as well. Sometimes they are so ridiculously blunt, you would think they are deserving of a tight slap across their face.This one time i was pouring my heart out to a sag friend about a relationship that went sour, after a few minutes (of what seemed like intent listening) he sat back and said,”i cant take this anymore..”. Teary eyed and puzzled,i motioned to him “what?”. And he’s like, “your breath….it just STINKS!!”. I whacked him on the head.He deserved it.

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