Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Sagittarius-Sagittarius Couples:

When two Barbarians, I mean Sagittarians get together, it’s like a 3-ring circus of fun and interests.  Their orientation will never be personal, private, or self-contained.  Both these people love life, embrace joie de vivre, run circles around everyone else, and basically live the philosophy “anywhere I hang my hat is home.”  They will understand this about each other.  The Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman will share enthusiasm and positive thinking. To them, to circulate is to live.  There is not a jealous or mean bone in either of their bodies.  They are here to have a good time and to share the good word that life is a marvelous gift.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Sagittarius Man:   You really can pull out all the stops if you’re a Sagittarius man trying to attract a Sagittarius woman.  You know how most people are basically bowled over by your enthusiasm and skeptical that you are all hype?  This lady will understand immediately that you’re two of a kind.  Keep it casual — she loves that.  Chances are you’ve both got plenty of money to spend, so why waste it on a pretentious evening of “fine dining” when you could hang out at the local pub and enjoy yourselves among friends.  This also eliminates the need to dress up, which is absolutely anathema to Sagittarians.

How to Attract an Sagittarius Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  Fall in step with him and become his best buddy if you’re a Sagittarius woman trying to attract a Sagittarius man.  You are the gal who will play tennis with him, rappel to his heart’s delight, wash his dog and take it for a hike, and share other experiences so dear to the Sagittarian’s heart.  He will love that you don’t have to put on makeup to leave the house — it cuts down on waiting time.  He will absolutely adore that you are ready to go at a moment’s notice.  P.S.  Your best bet with this guy is a T-shirt and jeans.  Works every time.

Degree of Romance:  Sagittarius is the sign of the clown and even when they are clowning around, these two absolutely cannot take romance seriously.  To them it is ridiculously pretentious and a complete mystery that they don’t want to explore.  They will have this beautiful viewpoint in common.

Degree of Passion: These are two fire signs.  There is a lot of passion here, but it is for life, not for each other.  They will never run out of things that they want to do together and things they are good at.  They are likely to be athletic, physically inclined, well-educated, well-traveled, friendly, curious, and open to adventure.  There’s a lot of passion in that.

Degree of Friendship: These guys can be good traveling buddies on the road of life.  Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman are both facing in the same direction looking for essentially the same experiences, and agreeing – tacitly – to keep it positive.  They particularly detest psychological complexity.  They run from melodrama like the plague and frankly they want nothing to do with responsibility.  They have a lot in common.

Degree of Marriage:  These two make a great pair because they unite against a world that is formalized and obligatory.  We know a Sagittarian guy whose dream was to sleep in a tree. Really.  If you visit their home, you may find that their beds don’t have sheets because it’s too much of a bother.  They may eat at the counter on the run.  Everything gets swept under the rug, and when all the dishes are dirty they have to move to a new place.  Julia Child is not a Sagittarian but her approach to cooking is very much in the Sagittarian line.  Ooops!  What’s a little spill here and there?  Just keep the good times rolling.

Progression of Relationship:   There will be a lot of texting and mixed messages because they are both so busy doing their own thing.  They don’t have a great need to be tied together at the hip, and they think that courtship is a jest anyway.  You know how the clowns tumble out of the car in the circus?  That’s the way their relationship progresses, from one fun thing to the next.  So what if you show up a little bit late?  No hard feelings.  Let’s just take it from here.

Sex:  Sex is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.  These two really know how to scratch where it itches.  Likely they have no inhibitions and certainly no guilt or remorse.  They will likely try anything, anywhere, any time.  Being on the run only adds to the thrill.  Sex is pretty much a physical activity for them, and they have a healthy body image to go with it.  These are the ultimate win-win, good-for-you good-for me sexual partners.  They’re probably open to the ultimate pleasure that two consenting adults can find.

When It’s Over:  When it’s over, they’ll stop showing up in each other’s world.  Each one of them will spend more and more time away, or apart.  Hey!  No hard feelings.  These things happen.  Catch you later.  If they are legally married it may take them years to get around to filing papers, but who really cares.  It was never about possessions anyway.  This is likely to be a very humane separation which blesses their children immensely.  Sagittarians make great — if unconventional — parents.  It’s like having a Disneyland daddy and mommy 24/7.

Our Rating:  10/10

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  1. I feel like this is the best match i talked with female sags and yes we r great communicators with shared belief of the love of god.. but never been on a relationship with a sag female .. hope to have one soon.. i tried waters they r too needy for me, don’t like earth, fire and air r good but after all i will say only a sag can be the compliment of other

  2. Hopefully this is true. The only problem is that my crush is year of Ox and I’m year of Dragon in Chinese Astrology. Supposedly they’re one of the worst pairings.

  3. I was reading up bits and came across this, I knew I wasn’t crazy and now I am sure as hell I am not losing my mind at all or that I imagining stuff…yes astrology its not for everyone, especialy not the faint at heart but for those who can relate are the ones who its usually 100% on par with ((( i knew there had to have been an explanation somewhere!)))

    Lets see how many of these stages I have experienced thus far…I am especially positive I have experience #2 !!!!!!

    “The love experienced between two reunited twin flames is like a wild beast.
    It can’t be captured. It can’t be contained. It can’t be tamed. Instead, it burns fiercely with an unquenchable form of intensity that is both exhilarating and formidable. The love experienced between twin flames is like Holy Fire: it burns you to ashes, but it also forges you into a new creature, like a Phoenix emerging out of the dust.”

    Stage One – Yearning for “The One”
    In this preliminary stage you have spent your entire life pining for “The One” that doesn’t yet exist in your life. You have this strange sensation that someone who is perfectly molded to you is “out there” but you don’t quite know where or when they will appear in your life. Although you ache for your twin flame, you have a feeling they will appear to you at some point.
    This stage is also sometimes spent “preparing” for the arrival of the twin flame on an unconscious level. In my instance, I had to learn how to love myself before I met mine. For others, this stage of preparation involves the development of self-awareness, discovery, and understanding.

    STAGE 2 – Glimpsing “The One”
    At some point, you will have a brief glimpse of your twin flame. Whether this is through a DREAM signal, or through a real life meeting, suddenly the Beloved can be sensed. The result is profound. Wonder, joy, anxiety and intoxication quickly ensue. For those cautious among us, a lingering sense of intense curiosity and desire to get to know the person better is the result. You don’t know what it is exactly, but this person is extremely special. Like me, you may even sense that this person will play an immensely important role in your life – even before you know them properly.

    Stage Three – Falling in Love
    When you fall for this person, you will fall very, very hard. You will fall harder than you have ever fallen for anyone – and the impact will knock the breath right out of you. In fact, as you get to know your twin flame better, you will fall more and more deeply in love with them. As a result, you’ll find it hard to stand with two feet on the ground. You might feel disorientated, lovesick and “unlike yourself.” You may even try to resist the attraction, but eventually you’ll accept the reality that you’re deeply and madly in love.

  4. I know Sagittarius-Sagittarius couple: Taylor Swift and Jake Gylenhaal. These two dated briefly. You may want to include this 🙂

  5. Hi, I am a sag woman, 23 years old and my beloved partner is a sag too, he is 6 years older, we’ve been together for 5 years. I started a serious relationship with him when I was only 18, he was so serious to commit a marriage that he proposed to me just after 3 months we dated, my family disagree because I was so young and in a college. Yeah, we felt extremely comfortable together, we have the same traits, love spending time on adventures and outdoor activities, hates to stay at home, fun lover….u name it. We had so many wonderful times together..travelling here and there. (Even when we know that our money is running out, ops, we will make it possible somehow, and we always did!), we are so compatible like NO other and I love him wholeheartedly.SOMETIMES we do quarrel but it will never last for long, we will always forgets and forgive each other, we will always get things back together, its hard to explain! We are going to marry by the end of this year. He was born 24/11/19** and I was born 15/12/19**. To all sag-sag wish u LUCK:)!


  7. I as a sag and I married one too, while we were married,(for 30 years),wonderful years as she was my princess,( she is now in heaven where all angels go, to my heartbreak), but since I found this site and am trying to find another angel, not to replace; could never happen, but I noticed trend you insist that sags are not really romantic, well this one must break the rules on a couple of fronts first I love to be as romantic as is humanly, maybe even inhumanly(lol), possible, I love some freedom in terms of exploring everything there is to explore, but still remain a family man first-priority, also am not so extrovert as you claim, but childhood experience might have caused that, isolation, and gypsy type life style, 11 schools later, no friends, did graduate though, proved I wasn’t stupid like 5th grade teacher said I was, oh and college grad too at 50!so there miss 5th grade yea he, any ways would love to hear your insight, on these as well as any suggestions.! Born 11/27/53, either 11:20 or 11:40, can’t remember!

  8. Hi me a sagittarius and my girl is also. some time she is very easy to understnd but some time not but the main problem is that we planned to get marry but some reason her family is not interested in me and she is with her family but i know she want’s to be with me but she is not ready to leave her parents. i have given her dead line will this work or should’nt do these kind of thing. my problem is that i am very much outspoken because when i get angry i dam care any thing plz help if u have any solution.

  9. I Just met that sag guy he’s one year older and he’s breathtaking, just perfect for me but he’s in a relation (engaged to be married ) and I feel like a bitch wouldn’t wanna ruin his life or relation with his Aquarius girl, there is an amazingly unbelievable mutual attraction bet the two of us! all mental, physical & emotional, big connection and it’s like i’ve finally found my Soul Mate except that he’s taken, he’s not mine and i feel miserable. was just thinking i should disappear.. IDK !! Need some help here!

  10. I’m Saggitarian and I’m dating a Saggitarian man, its good in a way but often I get that care free attitude from him, well I suppose I do the same. Sex is absolutely amazing, never a time were we dnt try something different. We have a lot in common, we can sit with each other and not say a word and still feel satisfied with the time we spent together. I feel people are envious over us cos we get along so well.

  11. Me and my guy met about a week ago… Turns out we have just about everything you could imagine in common. (politics, love of knowledge, sexual interests, music, hobbies) We even have the same birthday…(12/13/19**) except he’s about 10 years older… I feel like I’ve met my soul mate here. I just hope i don’t screw it up.

  12. At the time, I didn’t realize that my first love, my 13 yr old knight in shinning armor was a sag, i’m a sag. i fell in love with him almost immediately, we had a fun and awesome summer in middle school. he came from CA (i live in TX) for the summer but what a summer! i still remember every bit of it like it was yesterday. he moved back, i moved on, we never broke up, we were just so young but he has been my love since i can remember. we wrote but evetually lost track of each other…fast forward 21 yrs later and i found him! i knew in my heart i would, little did i realize he’d been looking for me and i him. i recently found him, met up with and it was like we just picked up where we left off. i’m heartbroken because he’s going thru a divorce right now and has a girlfriend (pisces) but the day we met again, everything just clicked so well. i don’t want to burden him now that we know where to find each other. i believe he will come back to me. it’s like he was never gone. it has always and will be him.

  13. This is all correct i was friends with my sag guy for a while first so i was a tshirt n jeans girl, he didng like makeup on me much. It was fun, but we had a stupid fall out. We didnt talk for weeks n we both didnt care but he called me twice n i didnt show him remorse. Its been 3 years now we lost contact n i dated, im sure he did. But i feel that he was the best man for me. I still love him.

  14. Im a Sag dating a Sag man. He is awesome! With all of his flaws, the love and respect he has for me erases them all. I have never been so happily in love with a man like this. Of course we have so much in common and are very understanding, supportive, and loving. The funny part is he chased me for 11 years before I agreed to date him. lol I can honestly say a Sag man will chase something that has a high value. I cant wait to marry this man and live a fun, happy, and abundant life! Good luck to all my fellow Sag-Sag relationships!

  15. I am a sag in a relationship with a female sag and I must say when I first met her she swept me off my feet. We are so much alike and everything is great. We’ve been together almost a year we have our ups and Downs but I hope this never ends. We’re expecting a child together soon and I can’t wait to marry her and spend the rest of our lives together. She’s the best. Funny gorgeous sexy and smart. What more could u ask for? I trust her wit my heart and love her to death 😉

  16. I started off as just friends with my sag man, we have a great time together, he just melts my heart and I think he has a,beautiful spirit & mind..we are alike in a lot of ways but we understand each other, we are in a long distance relationship but it has brought us closer than ever before.i hope to marry him one day and make passionate love so I can finally show him how much I love him. Im a sag/scorp he is a sag

  17. i just brokeup with my aries guy , and i think i didnt have any reason to breakup with him, he was always there for me, funny, soo smart , charming but he just got too clingy and that was a turnoff,i just met this amazing sagg guy. i never wanted to date one, i always thought how can i handle being with someone like me lol but its just great , even much better than my libera boyfriend which i havent broken up with him officially yet. my sagg is very athletic, outdoorsy typa guy which i loveee! with my libera boyfriend we would always go to an art show or something like that but going out with a sagg is just a lot of fun. he is exactly like me , we are both unorganized, dont keep stuff clean around us, love the outdoor, travel, u name it , we have that in common. i dont know if im gonna marry him, but im surly enjoying the ride

  18. i must say im a sag female. and ready to marry a sag male. we have been dating over 2 years….and living together for over 1 1/2…..i must say he is a blessing…so nice to be with someone who understands me…and listen etc….i wouldnt change him for nothing 🙂

  19. Me and my guy have been together for a while now and yes, we do argue a lot because of our debates and actions, but you know what, what is a relationship without some fun? I love our arguments and yes, sometimes it does make me cry, but then I remember that no matter what, he will always make me smile just for being him. I, too, can make him smile when I come into the room. Things are really bad right now when it comes to living situations, but, I love it more than anything that I have no idea where our next move is. What is so fun about knowing what is going to happen? I love him more than any man I have ever loved in my life, and I honestly can see him being the father of my kids one day.

    Sags Forever!

  20. I’ve been dating and living with my Sag boyfriend for the past 5 months, and I could say it’s alot of fun. I think just like all of your comments say, we, too are very hot headed and ill-tempered, though looking at it, our love and passion for each other compensates our stupid fights, and the sex which is great and amazing makes it even harder to hate each other just cos of petty little quarrels and arguements. I could say now, that Im definitely willing to commit my life with my Sag partner and I believe that Sag to Sag partnership can truly make it 😉

  21. Am a sag guy and I meet this sag lady about 4 months ago and recently we discovered we are feelings for each other. We were so passionate about each other that we always wanted to be together. the challenge am having is that am married to a Pisces and with 2 daughter but the fun and excitment I am experiencing with my sag friend is incredible that i now realized how much am missing. married to a pisces we always have misunderstanding because our views and opinion on all matters differs. Now am confused on what to do. My sag makes me happy always!

  22. The Best Way to get closer to Saga either woman or men is by being and build strong friendship , the next step is expose that pure , hot , amazing Passion .

    Because bot Sag men & woman run away when they face the love kind of they dont know how to handle while they are professional in love.

  23. I am 24 years old and I have been married to my sag for 5 years and we started dating when iwas 14. We seperated in august and decided to to get a divorce in at the end of the month.:-( I guess u can say we love each other a lot we have a 7 year old daughter my husband left simp9ly because he wanted new ***** as u can say we fought and made up more than anything I am a sag tooi guess I wana know what to do to make up with my sagg

  24. Your rating is spot on! It’s been 6 yrs. with my sag guy and it’s great. Married for 5 yrs and our first major fight was 3 yrs after. With one kid in tow we were looking for a house to buy and he wanted one close to his work. i wanted one close to mine. Nothing seemed to work. i got fed up and told him it’s NOT FAIR that i had to drive a long way to work and drop/pick up our kid from daycare. That was a HUGE BURDEN on me. We bought one close to my workplace and it was a SMART decision too because when I get home after picking up our kid it leaves me more time to cook a nice dinner. Sags can be adamant but ultimately will be fair and do the right thing! He drives a long way each day but when he gets home there’s always hot chocolate waiting for him and a hot meal too!

  25. “these two absolutely cannot take romance seriously. To them it is ridiculously pretentious and a complete mystery that they don’t want to explore. They will have this beautiful viewpoint in common.”

    Um, excuse me?

    You call this “Beautiful???”

    This is pathetic and juvenile. To waste our precious existence on this globe treating our most intimate relationship like a playground activity or – worse yet – as a joke?

    Something tells me that it takes Sagittarians a long, long time to grow the hell up. If they ever do.

    Do they? And if they don’t, do they even DESERVE to have a ‘mature’ ‘adult’ relationship, with all the benefits that it brings?

    As to the sweet young thing above who is only 16 and thinks nobody will ever have her the way he does – my dear, what you wrote is sweet and endearing… but I promise, you don’t know what you’re talking about yet 🙂

    You have no IDEA what you are in store for. 🙂

  26. I love reading all your stories its very helpful and interesting to me.

    To Jim posted in AUg: I am a sag woman and have always wanted to date an aries also bc ive heard about our compatibility. I know an aries who is 1 of my best friends ever and he is 1 of the most amazing funnest best people ive ever met. But if you say your aries has personal problems then i think you should let her sort them out. Go for the sag girl who has her personal life under control.

    So my story is im 21 and started my 1st real serious relationship( intimate and longer than 6mos,) when I was 19. He was a sag and 5 years older than me also but did not match the sag fit AT ALL. 1st time ive ever seen that in a sag not matching their type really. He does cope with bi-polar and that affects his personality i guess, but i will say that when he wasnt depressed and at his best levels of himself he was a star athlete in our area, posessed an over EXTREME love for animals, and was very smart and curious.

    Positively he was also very loving great sex life intense, and he was funny.

    His negative qualities were that he stayed in doors A LOT. Was very malicious immature and spiteful as anything when he felt attacked. Hostile also, and NOT openminded, which was an extreme let down that you would not expect from a sagittarius. He didnt make efforts to be involved with my friends or family or take adventures with me besides hikes with our dogs. He wouldnt try clubs or anything new at all , and hed never wana bug out with me or act a fool in public which bothered me. He was very concerned about how ppl saw him, and coped with serious social anxiety. He did get better over our relationship , and told me i got him out of his box a lot and helped him become a better more aware person. But it ended up just ending badly as he just wasnt as motivated as i was to live we are waaay different than 2 sag’s should be. So how can astrology explain my sag who does not fit the description? Has anyone ever heard of this and can personality disorders affect astrological evaluations?

  27. I’m a sag woman and went out with a sag guy for a year. We had Alot of fun with eachother. The sex was amazing!!! There was no holding back with us. However, we faught waaaay too much. And it got physical. That’s were it had to end. Also I found that we were both financially irresponsible and always spending money on partying. It was overall fun– but we were too much alike, there was no balance….. But whatever I’d date another sag guy— cause i love the adventure!!!

  28. @Nera

    It is very giving of you to take care of your grandmother and auntie. I hope love finds you again soon and that this is a lifelong interest you will have in astrology. You should let me do your chart sometime.

  29. Hmm… pretty decent.
    But my ex boyfriend and me were way more intense that I would ever had imagined. We never got mad at each other, not fought once, we were each others’ rock. He helped me through everything as I helped him.
    I never took “love” seriously because I’m still so young, but he made me feel different. We did it to each other. It was the kind of sweet love where I loved to see him look at me, and he loved the way I looked at him. I don’t know if that will ever go away.

    Our love was unconditional. The only reason I broke up with him is because I’m only 16 and I have my family (my grandma is ill and my aunt has cancer) to take care of. And I moved away.
    He is still my best friend. I can count on him to make me happy.

    on the bad side, I knew he was a flirt. He would be vain and I could sense his lies. But I never accused him. When I brought it up he burst into tears – lol – wasn’t expecting that.

    other than that… He will be my closest friend for life. Nobody will have me the way he had me.
    Not in a million years.

  30. i dated this sag girl for about 1yr&2 thing that ever happened we were always havin a gud time always would make eachother laught,always acted a fool no matter who was watching..we were extremely comfortable wit eachother we could talk 4 hours an not get bored talk about everything..yea we got high tempered at times but still loved eachother..we broke up because she was moved away

  31. Hey well I am a Sag girl and my ex was also a sag we were together for a year and a month. Honestly we were so perfect for each other. We knew each other minds and we were extremely comfortable with each other. He was a complete sweetheart, gentleman and lover however he can be a liar and extremely sensitive, vain and mean at times. I really didn’t mind that because besides that we truly loved each other and could not have done without each other. 🙂

    We were both high tempered and ignorant, well i guess that what had broken us up at the end but everything happens for a reason 🙂

    But to all you SAG- SAG couples go for it because it is an amazing journey that you would not want to miss out on and a experience that you would never forget. 🙂

  32. I am a Sag man. I have two women in my life right now that I am… well I don’t know what to call it. Im not dating them, its platonic at this point. One is an Aires woman two years younger than me. The other is a Sag woman that is five years younger than me. The Sag woman found me and I found the Aires. I am very very attracted to the both of them. I knew the Aries woman for several month before I started going after her. I found out that the Sag woman was eyeballing me for several months before she put the moves on me.

    I have always wanted to meet and date an Aries woman. I have read so much about the compatibility between us. All my previous relationships have been with Tauruses. But this Sag woman has got her personal life together more than this Aries woman.

    I am so confused right now on what direction to go in. Like I said before I find them very attractive all around. But that one thing with their personal life. I am thinking I should just walk away before I hurt someone that I think very highly of… Any incite or advise would be greatly appreciated. =)

  33. We’ve been a thing for 3 years now all is well. Not a single argument between us. That’s new for me, as I suspect that this will ultimately be my 3rd marriage some day soon. I love her like no other, and I think she’s pretty much crazy about me, too. I know it’s not always a sure thing with two Sagittarians, but it’s looking really good for a long, long-term relationship. We’re both 45 (born 9 days apart in the LA area) and if this doesn’t work out, we’ll probably both become professional bachelors. It’ll work out, I’m sure. We’re both fairly typical Sags with Venus in Scorpio, I think. It curbs the slutty tendencies and adds some faithfulness. Sagittarians of the world, Unite!

  34. I dated a guy for about ten months, ten years ago. I am a Sag-Scorp cusp and he is too. We were something else – I guess we were two monkeys fighting over the last banana only to drop the banana and monkey around with each other. Now we have found each other again. We’re just friends and it’s wonderful to have him back in my life again. I’ve missed him! 🙂

  35. Oh my >> **We were great for each other. But didn’t really have a purpose together.**

    thats it. The only man who ever made me feel whole and could make me yearn, ache and laugh alike was a sagittarius.

    but we lacked the purpose to combine our strengths, he is with a libra now and we both know we will never love another person the way we loved eachother.

    oh well, i wish him best and I do love him, but show must go on. 🙂

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