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  1. I am a sagittarius boy and like scorpio girl since 2 years. She attracted me at first glance, unfortunately i was weak and had no confident,so one guy started to have relationship with her. Their relationship started in 2013 and everytime i saw them together,i was feeling bad of course sometimes she gazed at me,(or mahybe it was according to me) which i was feeling special. But everytime she was looking at me ,i was losing eye contact because her stare was piercing. One day i noticed that she asked her friend about me, which was confusing,cos she had relationship with other guy.now we are in 2016 and her relationship ended up with that guy(or its my imagination) he left our school. Sometimes comes to chat with friends. To sum up i am stronger than i was in 2013.NEW YEAR NEW HOPES. But still i can’t last eye contact with her. I really like her,just need one step to turn it to relationship. MY Reason of writing this is to learn your ideas about her.DOES SHE STILL HAVE RELATIONSHIP WITH THAT GUY,WHAT MUST I DO, DOES SHE WANT TO CONTACT WITH ME,HOW TO LEARN IF SHE WANTS TO BE WITH ME, HOW TO ATTRACT HER? i am waiting for your answers. Please help me. My email ttorrento@bk.ru
    I am using mail.ru. or write your answer here. Please help me what to do

  2. Anonymous

    I am a sagittarius boy and like scorpio girl since 2 years. She attracted me at first glance, unfortunately i was weak and had no confident,so one guy started to have relationship with her. Their relationship started in 2013 and everytime i saw them together,i was feeling bad

  3. selina

    this is the best description about Scor – Sag EVER !! I mean there is more cruel description out there. lol. I have a good relationship with my Sag boyfriend. The thing is he is hot, i am not. This is unbalance relationship. I can catch up with his humor sense, but i don’t think i can catch up with his salary and popularity.

    He love to lead A LOT! so i let him to lead.

    He loves to brag, so i compliment him A LOT

    I don’t know when our relationship would last. I hope it last forever. But he always say: nothing last forever.

  4. nancy please tell me which sign or compatibility will be good for me..
    i am scorpio ascendant with moon n sun in virgo….
    then my mars mercury in libra n venus in leo………..???????????????????????????????????????????????pls ….

  5. hmmmmm

    lol @ commenter above me. yeah it seems that scorpio women get on with EVERY sign in the zodiac 😀 there’s nothing below 5 that’s for sure. lmao

    i think it’s because they take relationships very seriously and aren’t afraid to dive deep no matter the sun sign/moon sign. if it works out, all the best.

  6. poopoo

    So Scorpio women are really a 9/10 or 10/10 compatibility with EVERY SIGN? Really? Either that’s BS, or they’re just willing to make any relationship work. I do think some signs are more inclined to wanting relationships than others (particularly the water signs).

  7. dutchcuban

    hi Nhyce Ethel,
    Scorpios give 100 percent when it comes to love, expecting nothing less from their partners. It is just sex or is he more serious about you? Does he care about how you feel? Never assume a relationship that doesn’t exist. When he gets upset, ask him if he considers you his steady girlfriend. Tell him that you thought it was more casual than that because he hadn’t spoken of anything more serious. When he thinks you’re talking to another guy and gets upset, remind him that there’s no ring on your finger. Tell him that you really like him but you didn’t think he liked you that much to make it a serious and exclusive relationship.

  8. OmG

    Dear nhyce Ethel if you feel that the sagi married colleague is like stone hearted, just go with your instinct. He is just that. He does not care for you, he just wants to get even with you ! Heard of typical sagi revenge … They will continue to be the most courteous hosts while aside they will be training their watch dogs to rip your ass off ! by the way are you too married ? Sag men especially married ones are the biggest naughtiest cassanovas. in all probability this sag wants to take you for a garden ride then turn you into a big joke. Haven’t you heard of that. And u resigned for him ? Strange. By the way something tells me is this new aries man of yours in the same office ? Ya ?

  9. Lyndsay

    As a scorpio woman i totally agree with this. there’s just a certain lack of depth about them. dont knwo is this becos of his ascendant or something.

  10. nhyce ethel

    scorpio female here.. I was reading the article and boy you sure didn’t miss a thing about us scorpios.. I have an ex who is a sag male. At first it was just for fun. we became office friends first then became lovers. Just want to have fun so I don’t get bored at work. Never thought it was very complicated. The relationship was a mess, we argue and I don’t want arguments, he was more jealous than me and lastly never knew he was married. Later on I found out. We broke up. At work he annoys me, calling me names. He keep on sending messages that he still cares about but I can’t see it that he really cares. He’s like a stone to me, a very insensitive man and he wanted us back but it’s too impossible for he’s taken. I don’t wanted to be as another woman. never dreamt that either. I resigned to be away, I don’t know if I love him but I am hurting. So I went back home. After almost 2 years without communication. He suddenly appeared in my facebook. Then we communicated. He kept saying he waited for me that he was hurt that I went away without even telling him goodbye. So that’s why he searched me in facebook. He said he misses me and missed everything when we we’re together. I don’t know what to believe. Deep inside me I know I still care but I am in a new relationship right now with an Aries Man.. Please I need someone whom who can atleast tell me some advise.

  11. kisses

    Iam a scorpio girl and my boyfriend is a sag we argue
    everyday all day no we aren’t in love yet but I like him a lot he really turns me on When he fusses but I don’t think iam jealous at all he acts more jealous than me

  12. Lola

    Amazing! Totally accurate. I am a Scorpio Women and this is EXACTLY my relationship with a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful, perfect for me, British Sag man. Our first telephone conversation was 8 hours straight. Absolutely did not feel like 8 hours had passed. Totally surprised me, as most men usually have a hard time keeping me engaged intellectually. It has been 4 months and we have not stopped talking. We communicate every single moment we have available and we talk about EVERYTHING!!!
    I got rid of all of my males friends that would interfere with my relationship as my Mr. Wonderful is ALL I need. And he did the exact same, as he tells & shows me I am ALL he needs.

    This relationship totally caught me off guard as I thought he would just be such a nice man to past time with or keep company when he came to the US. WHATEVER!!! We are engaged and plan on marrying this year. We waited after 3 months (with the help of the Atlantic Ocean) before any intimacy occurred and when it did, it was the most beautiful, sensual feeling I EVER experienced. Total connection of mind, body and soul. I NEVER felt so much freedom with a person. There is so much trust, respect & love between us it’s still unbelievable to me that I could even LOVE someone in such a short period of time. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but it was totally love at first sight for him. He totally drags me out of my shell and isn’t scared of my psycho scorpio antics – which I so love. I was previously married to an Aries for 8 years, and not even on my wedding day did I remotely feel what I have experienced with Mr. Wonderful Sag in 4 months. Its almost like dating myself but the beautiful male version….I know we’ll have white hair, sitting in rocking chairs and holding hands with love, trust, and respect still in tact.

    Nancy – You Rock! and thanks for the information.

  13. Scorpio

    This describes my relationship with my guy perfectly…I have never been so happy after a year with someone thank u for putting a better outlook then most

  14. Siara Rivera

    Ok, I am a Sag girl, I am BI and went out with a Scorpio girl. We had a great, bit arguemental, but great friendship for 5months. She told me one day she liked me, so like 3 days later I said let’s go out, to give it a try (plus I developed some unknown feelings). Well I thought since we usually got along so great, our relationship would last a long time. Well it lasted 2 weeks and 6 days. I still like her. But she told me were done, I’m out of the picture, we just friends, and that she has found someone else. But that’s not the first time she has told me were done, then missed me. My question is, how do I know if she still likes me, or does she really mean we’re over ?

  15. dadum

    I am a Scorpio female with a stellium in Scorpio, and I don’t believe in love at first sight at all. It’s not because I haven’t met the right person or whatever either. I just am more rational than the profile of a scorpio suggests. Most scorpio I know are pretty much similar. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  16. Janhavi dixit

    Please help what to do next becus I find sagi boss hot and my toned hips needs him bettween there he wants to be 🙂

  17. Janhavi

    I am a scorpio woman married to Libra person.I know this is about scorpio womand and sagi man. I met a maried sagi boss in my office.I helped him in his work than he thanked me also. than I don’t know why he insisting started looking for reason to keep talking seeing with me with some or other reeson.Than he start to mesagge me becus he show me he looked at my body and felted excited. He tell me my hips are tight and toned and so than I get very excited for his.He shown lot of personell intrests in me.Mesagged me lots lots lots.I want him badly. But he knows think I am like a bad lady becus I have another guys and I drinks and smokes and I do not feelings so fit.I sex and have with other mens but I want this man and I don’t know why becus he show lots of personell intrest in my body.I m scorpio lady want this sagi man though he is maried to another and have kids.

  18. Miss Mercedes Michelle

    Im a scorpio woman, im always reading articles one after another, but your articles seem to be the most accurate; kudos. 🙂 anyway. I like this guy whos an sag. and i feel like you totally described him. i don’t know wether or not i should tell him and when i say there is a lot of competition… not that i can’t hook him, its just a lot of girls id be fighting off. Im not sure whether i should tell him i like him because he just got back with his girl (for reasons i would otherwise break up with someone) who is a… “Friend-a-mie” she caught on to my little crush and i had to tell people for them to figure out. Sure the consentiual flirtiness but thats a mutual friend thing and its all innocent and indirect. we think a like on every level known to me, hes extremely smart too. to top it off he’s handsome. But i just came out of a 8 month relationship with a leo i gave my heart too… im over it now but i have my guard up and im not very willing to let it down but now that she knows… the competition sparked my interest and i may go for it. I was curious as to what the compatibility was when i read this article, i do think its inspired me and gave me that extra push.. Thank you Author 🙂

  19. kev

    I’m a gay Scorpio guy that just met a Sagg guy this weekend. I have been in many relationships over the years but from the moment our eyes met I felt different about this one. The first night together was very passionate and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Ever since he left I can’t stop thinking about him and I feel like my whole body is cascading with emotion towards him. I honestly didn’t think I could feel this way about someone.

    I think he was a bit surprised how well it went because now he wants to slow things down. I hope that that’s just the Sagg’s desire to take things one step at a time, and that there is a real love connection here. He left town for the holidays for 2 weeks, so it is all just very strange timing, but he assures me it won’t be long and that I’ll see him sooner than I think. He said his last bf moved too fast and it overwhelmed him, so I will try very hard to control my Scorpio nature.

  20. Jim

    I am a Sagittarian Male and married a Scorpio Woman in 1980, and we have been married 30 years. Our story has agreement with some bits and pieces of all that I have read from everyone’s comments. We have 5 children and now two grandchildren and we look young for our ages. Yes there have been sparks and friction at times and yet there is passionate love making and we were connected at first sight way back when. We were also very conversational during our Dating & College Life, and could talk deep subjects for hours. Most of our conflicts over the years were with day to day realities, stretching money and being overscheduled or tired from all of our obligations. Or deciding what the priority list was, what was #1 versus #2, etc. We both tended to take on more than we can handle and it caused stresses between us for that alone. Had we been on a tropical island like one of those old Corona commericals, we’d have been alright. When we could relax and talk, or do romantic things, we would realize we certainly loved each other. Some of the disagreements in various comments may be due to the RISING and MOON signs of the Scorpios and Sagittarians, not to mention the other planets in the Natal Chart. Someone read my Natal Chart 20 years ago and immediately asked about the Scorpio women in my life, without any prompt from me that I was married to a Scorpio for 10 years at the time. So there is more in the Chart for compatability behind the main signs worth looking at, if you seek Astrological Answers. For us, the Sexual Energy was extremely powerful, and the fact that we had common lifelong goals helped keep us on the path during the times that our clothes were on, and when there was work to do. Our hobbies did not agree, so we made time with our hobbies our alone-time. A life partner should have many areas and elements and goals that are compatible with yours, since life is not just lived when the lights are turned off. This is where the Hollywood Relationships go bad, over and over…Best to you…

  21. missc0cky

    I’m a scorpio woman and I have a sagittarius boyfriend. We have only been dating for a little while and by reading what’s said above I really hope that’s .us. I mean I am everything that my sign describes me to be and so is he. I really think its possible for him and I to last because of the trust that we have for one another. I hope this relationship will last forever. And yes before we became a couple we did use to say we done with one another but could NEVER go through with it for some reason!! We both have an interesting past with our past relationships and think we have an understanding about that. Its like I find myself falling more and more for him each and everyday “he’s my baby”! We also work soooo good together and I think we will always make a great team together. I’m not in love with him yet but I do love him and I honestly think that I would be in love with him one day!

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