Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Sagittarius Couples:  Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg, Sophia Loren and Xarlo Ponti,  Beyonce and JayZ

Chemistry aside, this is the relationship between two intellectuals.   They’re smart, interested, interesting, open minded, discerning and eager to share their thoughts on everything from the difference between Thai and Korean cuisine to the latest winner at the Cannes Film Festival.  They love people – keep it casual, please – and may enjoy a wide circle of good mutual friends that lasts a lifetime.  These are two people who could very easily live alone – they are likely to be whole people,  interesting even to themselves and never  “lonely”.  They choose to team up because they love to share the good things in life.  Each Is likely to pursue his or her own career and interests as well things they share in common.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as a Virgo Woman:  Dress like Katherine Hepburn.  Talk like Ellen Barkin.  Age attractively like Sophia Loren.  Put your neatnick perfectionism on a leash.  Give him the same amount of alone time you want and expect for yourself.  Let him run with his buddies.  That gives you time to keep up with all your girlfriends.  Make his friends feel welcome in your home.  Give him his televised sports events in exchange for a more cultural evening out.  Be nice to dogs and other big animals when you’re around him.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Sagittarius Man:   When you see that nice, neat, “together”,  intelligent looking woman sitting over there by herself reading a book, get curious.  You know you’d love to have someone to talk to about more than “How was the traffic?”  Most people bore you to tears – take a chance!  She won’t.  I know it‘s asking a lot for you to plan three days ahead for anything but ask her out by at least Wednesday for a PLANNED evening on Saturday.  At a loss where to take her?  Ask her where she’d like to go.  And don’t switch it at the last minute.  Really.  It drives everyone crazy when you do that.  If she offers to take over some of the planning such as making the reservation, don’t fall for it.  That all comes later … in spades/

Degree of Romance:   You are more likely to be buddies than romantic partners.  Somehow it just gets ridiculous when you try to do that flowers and candy thing with the goo-goo eyes and clever lines.  Rely instead on your (mutual) good natures and intentions.  They’re worth more than all the and puffs and frills of romance.  Two very fine people have met and can create something healthy and vibrant together.

Degree of Passion:   Their passion will be for their many and varied interests such as reading, sports, healthy lifestyle, world cuisine and music, foreign films and entertaining friends.  These two are never bored and never run out of things to do.

Degree of Friendship:  They can be great friends who have a lot in common.  Having good conversations is especially important to both.  They know how to weave the thread of words into a tapestry of meaning bringing endless hours of priceless pleasure.

Degree of Marriage:  They make a great couple, contributing as they do positively to the lives of all around them.  They may not have kids of their own but instead be everybody’s favorite aunt and uncle.  Relatives feature high on their list and they are likely to each come from a big family with many fine people who are friends as well as relatives.

Progression of Relationship:   The relationship develops at a pleasantly busy pace.  It may take them each time to fit the other one squarely into their busy schedule.  Meeting each other’s friends and relatives is a special landmark – they seem to have so many!   Their dating will likely be circular rather than linear as they are both tuned to subtleties and flow.

Sex:   This is the best kind of sex, open and honest.   Neither person wants complicating factors such as special tools, risky places, third parties, psychological games or power trips.  The idea is to relax, explore and enjoy.

When It’s Over:  If it ends (which it shouldn’t), It will probably be because one of them formed a genuine emotional connection with someone else, someone new, and the other one actually begins to understand.  Their parting of ways is humane, like everything else they do.

Our Rating: 10 /10

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64 Responses to Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

  • maekayla says:

    this helped me a lot, it seems like really good advice. my bf is a saggitarius so it really helps me a lot. so far it seems like reliable information, an the part about sex is very true. xD

  • Angelica says:

    Im A virgo and My best friend is A Sagg we get along great and it never gets boreing!!!!

  • Shibamouli Lahiri says:

    Paul Eluard and Gala Dali

  • Edwin says:

    I’m a male sagittarius and very in tune with myself to say having a vergo woman on my side is like having the car of your dream’s.

  • Dana says:

    The sex was awesome, we had fun, lots of laughs….loved eachothers families. But the parting ways due to an emotional connection with someone else? Bang on! This was the most fun and most emotionally draining relationship I’ve ever been in! Good Luck.

  • Kristin says:

    Virgo been with my sag for almost 2years..

    Wow, never ever a dull moment is right.
    We make amazing best friends and lovers, we share the same intellectual level and love sharing the same hobbies.

    The only thing is being a Virgo and dealing with the energy of sag.. Since my anxiety goes crazy over loudness, unsurity and implusliveness.
    He likes to form an opinion on something that is false and ACTUALLY makes himself believe it, then continues on making me feel bad about it…
    He is flirtatious but I don’t mind that much, partly because of my independence and the fact that he knows I’d be gone in a FLASH ;)
    The sex and the kisses definetly feel right and I love the manliness of him.
    We have our equal share of emotional problems and great times.
    I’m normally confused 24/7 about us but it works out since so much is going on constantly..

    His biggest downfalls are his jealousy, assumptions, temper tantrums, and impulsive spending..
    But thankfully, after the hurricane/tsunami/thunderstorm/tornado combined tantrum, there is always a sorry…
    No matter what.

    I love my sag (&taking care of him)

    Virgo woman

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  • Robert says:

    Bang on. As a sag male, my tendency to get out of line sometimes is balanced by her. She completes me, and nourishes me.

  • J. Carter says:

    I am a Virgo Woman. I had the blessings of meeting 3 different saggs’ @ 3 diff points in my life. I TRUELY and DEEPLY believe 3rd ones the charm. ALL 3 connections were better than ANY other relationships I had. And the last 2 ended because of a genuine connection to other people, and there was no fighting it.
    This post is spot on to Virgo and Sagg relationships. My most recent relationship started a couple months ago, and I LOVE my baby! He is supporting, loving, independent, sexy, mannish :-) , and the sex is the
    He understands my nervousness and shyness and doesnt tease me for it. in fact he is helping me come out of my shell :-) . He and I can talk about anything for hours and never get bored, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that. No one compares! Fa real! :-)

  • AlwayzWill says:

    I am a Virgo woman and my partner is an Aquarius man. I have never loved another person with the depth of emotion that I love this man. Every other horoscope site says that these 2 signs will have difficultly, but I have never found that to be the case…the other sites all seem to regurgitate the same information about how we don’t get along. But your site describes the 2 of us to a tee. He is the most beautiful person that I have ever met. I love this space because the compatibility forecasts are all SPOT on. I look up my friends and their spouses, and they tell me the same. Thank you for taking the time to delve deeper for more accurate info on matters of the heart.

  • Johnny says:

    10/10 damn right, Sagittarius man who was just head over heels with a Virgo woman. My God she was something else, I couldn’t believe that her and I split, the whole find another part is true. She left me for a Pisces asswipe who will probably shatter her heart when he cheats, smh. But anyways, she knew how to make me come back to her every time. She knew what to drive me mad with lust, and what to say when I got mad. Of course every relationship has it’s ups and downs, but I would say they are perfect learning/bonding moments. If I could I would do it all over again a thousand times more than the last, Virgo women are keepers! I could just keep going on about them, but where’s the fun in reading all of that? Go find one and experience the fun ass ride yourself Sagittarius/Virgo people!

  • My BF and I are doing alright I gess. I mean he lives across town but we still hang out and things although we don’t see each other often. What should I do. My mom doesn’t know we are even dating.

  • Tim says:

    Sag here and at 56, married for 30 years to the same gal and with 2 great kids. Everything is somewhat true and false. The one thing that is not mentioned…is that we actually mature…well kind of…LOL. I was very impetuous and reckless up into my 30’s. In my 30’s became abit more tamer and diplomatic, in my 40’s was still quite full of myself in terms my career but trying to become more diplomatic, tactful and responsible to myself and for my family. However in my 50’s I’ve finally become a fairly decent, balanced, tactful and imho good relationship material. The Mrs. still says I flirt…and admittedly its appreciation for beauty without any other intention…the difference is that I know and do not want it to go anywhere beyond just meeting a new friend. It the curiosity, active, inquisitive, adventure thing….however I appreciate more the home, comfortable predictable thing. We eventually learn that the sparkly, buzz, big excitement is often highly over-rated and what is important is the warm glow of home with a soulmate. We have the romantic notion and need to be with our soulmate. And without our soulmate we can be a sad hazard to others and ourselves. Granted we are not easy to live with…being impetuous, reckless and full of ourselves. But into my 60’s I still want to have a lady bud who will go out to a bar to see some great blues, a bit of dancing, a good cocktail, walk home, snuggle by the fire, play a game of scrabble, and fall asleep in each others arms. Then get up and go snowboarding/skiing or hiking and then I will grill her the best halibut with an organic salad and a bottle of wine…with a few good friends we impromptu drug home from the ski hill.

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