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  1. Lea

    The guys are typically not the marrying kind, but they do make great friends and mentors and SAGGS are positive individuals. By the way, I am Virgo and have made good friends with them.

  2. fire

    I don’t know how can i explain it,
    I’m virgo and my sag is 12 years older than me
    He really cares a bout me
    He always wants the best for me
    And he helps me in every thing possible
    But his family are forcing him to marry
    And he still avoid marriage
    I’m scared if they can convince him…

  3. Danielle

    I have been on and off with a Sagittarius for almost 6 yrs known him for almost 8 we have been through alot of negative things but cant seem to walk away i dnt understand why but i love him so much and he loves me but our past is holdings us back and not sure what to do

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