Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Aquarius Couple:

Owen Wilson and Sheryl Crow, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

It’s hard for an outsider to know what’s going on in this relationship because it’s one of the most self-contained, exclusionary combinations.  What you have is two people with exceptionally strong wills who have agreed to compromise their wills — at least temporarily — for an ulterior purpose.  These two god-like individuals do not ordinarily compromise.  There is nothing warm, cute, or fuzzy about them.  So whatever brings them together has to be very compelling.  Perhaps it is just that they finally meet someone they consider an equal.  It’s like two teenagers playing chicken in a car.  Secretly each one can’t believe that they’ve met their match.  No one in their right mind should mess with a Scorpio and it is gospel that it is utterly impossible to control an Aquarius.  You can see immediately that this relationship will either function at a very high level or it will deteriorate rapidly into a war of control and wills.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as an Aquarius Woman:

Just the fact that you think you can handle him is enticement enough.  He’s used to stalking, but not the kind of mental stalking that you’re capable of.  You can easily out-think him and you might as well get in practice from the beginning because you will need every advantage you can conjure.  If he’s interested in you, he’s interested in your power, not your “feminine aspects.”  Scorpios like to mate with something that they want to incorporate into their arsenal.  If this sounds like a laboratory experiment, it is, and you know it.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Scorpio Man:

Well, to begin with, you might as well be as rude and crude as you are capable of being.  No reason to hold back on the shock and awe.  She loves to be shocked, and if you’re lucky, you might awe her.  It’s your power she’s interested in.  Show your self-mastery and by all means, keep yourself under control.  You are playing with a mind that fascinates you but that you will never control.  See if you can get on her radar screen and let the games begin.

Degree of Romance:

Romance is hardly the question.  Where is all the power?  And what are we going to do with it?

Degree of Passion:

For these two signs, passion is a waste of time.  It is actually viewed as a weakness.  To be passionate would be to render one’s self vulnerable.

Degree of Friendship:

After the war-room games are settled, and one of them has attained a slight edge over the other (depends upon individuals and circumstances), these two can actually be great comrades-in-arms, which is as close to friendship as they will ever get.  Each sign has a constant edge on it, calculating advantages and options for power moves.  If they agree to ally against the world, they’ll make a formidable gridiron of defensive and offensive strategies.  With an ally like this, who needs friends?

Degree of Marriage:

These two play for keeps.  They may be one of the few pairs that can ignore the realities and just live together under the sacred bond of trust.  Not to overly idealize Scorpio and Aquarius, but the bond of trust is likely to be spelled out this way: “If you leave me, I will destroy you and everything you care about.”  You see, these two speak the same language.

Progression of Relationship:

Slam bam thank you ma’am?  If these two find a match in one another, they will both drive relentlessly for closure, each one moving to forestall other possibilities, to close off other options, and seal the deal.  It’s like making a contract with the Godfather.


The secret glue that coerces each one to give a little and compromise is their sexual connection, which is probably going to be impossible for others to understand.  There is something thrilling about not being able to really ever possess the other person.  Many issues are worked out in the bedroom through kinky games and real commando stand-offs.  If you’re not an Aquarius or a Scorpio, don’t go there.  But if you really must know, it’s the Aquarius who will win and dominate — and believe it or not, Scorpio will love it.

When It’s Over:

This is one relationship that’s likely to end very badly.  There will be no victor, and the spoils may be destroyed as well in a cold fury of retaliation.  It might be best to realize this going into this relationship, so you lock down some assets and territory for your own private domain that the other person can’t ever get to.  That you can do this and still have the degree of self it takes to make this relationship work is one of the paradoxes.

Our Rating:  11/10

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  1. astrologer addict.December 15, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    there is another famous couple Aquarius woman/Scorpio man,

    He is the former Australian President Tony Abbott, and his long term wife,
    Margie Abbott.
    Also, there is a couple, not married but living together long term,
    she’s famous and hes not famous but he’s the son of a famous producer.writer,
    Actress Sherilyn Fenn and Dylan Stewart.

    also there is actress Deborah Ann Woll and E.J. Scott.

  2. Aquarius girl here dating a Scorpio man. MAN OOHHH MAN. This guy has swept me off my feet in such a small period of time. We talk on the phone for 5 hours straight, we go to sleep with each other on the phone. (Note that we are grownups in professional fields)… I just thought the whole speaking on the phone for so long was left back in middle, high school, clearly NOT. Sex is BOMB!! I mean, i like kinky and this guy, i mean is there such thing as “limits” when it comes to having sex with a Scorpio man? NO! And i love it!!! But i must admit he is needy. Needs affection / attention often. Gets SUPERRRR JEALOUS and is VERY PROTECTIVE OF ME… Its sometimes difficult for me since Aqua girls we tend to be more of a free spirit & we like to come and go. But ladies, the Scorpio man will make sure you are okay and not in need of anything. He is always willing, actually, not willing, HE ALWAYS WANTS to step up and be the man. Provide, take care of me, and feel like hes in control… I must admit a lot of times i just agree with him and let him get his way even if I don’t fully agree… He is very family oriented and literally started giving me that “wifey treatment” within A WEEK of knowing me… All I can say is I’m falling for this guy like I’ve never fell before… We do have our challenges. But I just can’t explain how someone can be so much like you, yet so different. Anyhow, he has my heart and us Aqua girls are hard to commit but this guy i can PERFECTLY SEE A FUTURE WITH HIM.♥

  3. Lavonia CasausJanuary 17, 2017 at 5:48 am

    I am a 32 year old Aquarius woman who is hopelessly enthralled with a 29 year old Scorpio man. What’s odd is that he has Aquarius rising and I have Scorpio rising. I think that may smooth out some of the typical issues, but doesn’t eradicate them.

    When we ARE communicating (yes, he is notorious for mancave trips that are very “slow boat to China”) we are well matched intellectually. I am very open, honest and answer all of his questions fully and he seems to enjoy that immensely. He’s very analytical and very probing to the point I sometimes feel like a science experiment lol. What’s weird is I enjoy this, the mental stimulation and intense interest turn me on and his complexity is forever intriguing. We communicate better than anyone else I’ve had a relationship with (lol again, WHEN we are actually talking).

    I leave him be for the most part when he’s in the mancave (as hard as that is) and I hope he appreciates it. He seems to because he always comes back and it’s all good again. We have never had what I would consider a fight, but have been drifting together and apart and together again for about 7 months. This is frustrating and I am NEVER this patient, but for him I feel like he’s worth it and, although I feel like an idiot sometimes, I just cannot get enough of this guy. He is so special and the intensity of our connection blows me away. I have never met someone like him who I felt so immediately that I could fully be myself with. Completely comfortable.

    Dating a Scorpio has been like having a wild dog come up to your campsite at night. He sits there eyeing you (with those smoldering eyes) from his darkness thinking “wow, that warmth, petting and companionship sure looks nice”, but he stays a bit and then runs back off to figure out if it was safe and/or a good idea and generally just to go do whatever wild dogs do. From what I understand, once he decides to trust you and “sit! stay!” then he’s usually there for the long haul. I’ll hope that’s true and just stand her and dangle the bacon and love him up when he finally figures out that’s all I want to do anyway LOL

    True to Scorp form, he gets more information out of me than I get out of him. I get the occasional secret shared, and I’m sure he thinks he knows WAY more about me, but I “get” him more than he thinks. Oddly, he seems to have shared stuff with me and been visibly shocked it came out of his mouth. He can’t figure out why he trusts me and I think it freaks him out (not that he would say so). Of course, the sex is amazing, but you knew that.

    Overall, he definitely has the classic Scorpio “moody peek-a-boo”. He’s there, we are talking every day, the conversations are great, he seems happy, I’m happy and then BAM. . .we don’t talk for two weeks. Rinse and repeat. Totally weird, but I’m getting the hang of it. The nice thing is that I have my own life and other things to focus on, so in true detached Aquarian style I can just go do my thing without too much hurt feelings and no drama when he does these repeated forays into the mancave. I told him he should shoot me a signal flare or send a carrier pigeon once in a while just so I know he’s not dead in there. He laughed and said all of his pigeons got avian flu. . damndest thing really. 😉

  4. AquariusAmethystJuly 11, 2016 at 12:59 am

    Its funny because we have the highest rating with scorpio and I thought as an Aquarius woman I wouldn’t have a chance.
    This guy I like was so shy at first.We met in school.It was like he loved me so much but didnt want to show it or tell anyone.However,everyone knew that him and I were meant to be.I denied everything qnd said we were just friends.He would treat me different from other girls.He would play around with me and he charmed me.To other girls,he was just sayinv he would have sex with them but nothing else.After three months I caught feelings for him.I told him and now he barely talks to me.Calls me fake and says that im only cute.However,his friends tell me that he says he cares about me.Also he said that he doesnt wanna break my little heart.I was also told that he said he wants to be with me but is scared.I dont know what to do.He acts so different even though he knows what he wants.He just hides his feelings too much.

  5. Overwhelmed in Noth CarolinaApril 22, 2016 at 1:06 am

    I am a a aquarius woman in love with a scorpio man. He said he wants me to be his close friend. “We met and the passion between us was overwhelming. Out of no way he said you know we are not dating right. We are close. He trust me with is personal information. I am in over my head. Tried to walk away but at the sign of maybe there is light, I am back again. What should I do.

  6. So true…… as the article says “Perhaps it is just that they finally meet someone they consider an equal…..Secretly each one can’t believe that they’ve met their match. No one in their right mind should mess with a Scorpio and it is gospel that it is utterly impossible to control an Aquarius”.

    You’re like a cigarette, bad for my health but i need u
    You’re like the rain when it pours but i need u
    You’re like an addiction i cant get over but oh boy I NEED YOU!!

    I love this article, it speaks volume hehehe…..”Many issues are worked out in the bedroom through kinky games and real commando stand-offs. If you’re not an Aquarius or a Scorpio, don’t go there. But if you really must know, it’s the Aquarius who will win and dominate — and believe it or not, Scorpio will love it” 😉 …. 😛

  7. Hard relationship but one that can pay off big. I’m a Scorpio male and my lovely wife of 5 years is an Aquarius. I think it’s harder for the Scorpio here. To make it work Scorpio men want to be the center of attention and feel that they are the one and only. To a Scorpio she is just to not concerned about him or that’s what he thinks. A Scorpio needs to chill and let things go, let her be herself and role with it. The truth is that she honestly cares for you even if doesn’t show it the way you think she should. If Scorpio comes to the realization that he can not control her this relationship can move on. Also Scorpio need to watch the jealousy, it can destroy the relationship quickly. Aquarius should try and understand her partners feelings because it is easy to hurt Scorpio deeply and he will never tell you about it because he thinks he will be seen as weak. Aquarius should also take care to not anger her partner without making sure the conflict is resolved because Scorpio will find a way to get back at them. Being a Scorpio I know we are hard to live with or even date but if Scorpio can do their part and Aquarius can do theirs than it can work and even turn into love that can be rock solid. Aquarius can be extremely thoughtful and loving after some time and Scorpio can be dependable and truly devoted. Its a great relationship but one that needs a lot of work at first. The Scorpio will love her funny quirks and she will love his highly protective qualities.

  8. Enjoyed reading this article, as many aspects of the descriptions are true 🙂
    By the way, the famous scorpio-aquarius couple at the top should be changed to: Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves.
    I’m an aqua female who has been dating a scorpio male for more than 2 years now and I must say, it has been the best yet most amazingly unexpected relationship I have ever had 😀 Indeed, I have truly met my match as I never thought that I’d be so in love with a scorpio male, although all of my true friends are scorpios 😛 Admittedly, this relationship does take some understanding of one another in the beginning in order to make it last, as aqua females do tend to have a short temper, therefore it’s advisable for you all female aquas to voice your thoughts and feelings to the scorpio male before immediately fuming. About 9 times out of 10, I am the one who was wrong and misunderstood my scorpio male. So yes, communication is key! I believe scorpios and aquarius’ are truly meant to be together, as friends or lovers, as they both share commonalities when it comes to the bond of trust. My scorpio is my best friend and teaches me new things everyday about life; and everyday is always new when I am with him. If you are contemplating about a prospective scorpio male or aquarius female…I say, just go for it! 😀 It will be a great decision and experience either way 🙂 <3

    With love and luck,

  9. Sorry for that long life story I really needed to vent

  10. Ok I’m a Aqua and my love is my Scorpio although we are not together. Sucks right? See my Scorpio wasn’t such a good guy. See he had a girlfriend and had lil flings around in school who he messed around with. He was very secretive didn’t anybody really know his business if you didn’t really know him. Well I knew him we damn near grew up together. We went to grammar school and high school together so talk about knowing some one…. And were now in college. Are little thing happened our freshman year. It was so unexpected and it was only a kiss that caused all this mayhem. We were very good friends first and foremost but I wasnt looking for anybody to be with I was just cool relaxing it was a little flirting here and there with people but never serious everyone was too cool to be in a commitment. We always talked and joked around it was always us two with the debates. But anyway my Scorpio was very admiring I liked him in so many different ways it was shocking to me. It’s true what you all say they are very demanding, overprotective, and possessive and jealous. And that’s why we clash here and there. We are both so damn stubborn it’s not even funny. And as we talked more and more I guess he just felt the need to kiss me in the hallway. No conversation after that was normal we was so into each other. I literally had no interest in him but after that it was like where is he? Is he coming to school? You saw him with who? Lol all in my mind tho. I knew I liked him too much when I could just smile at the thought of him. We texted and talked on the phone all day everyday about everything I was so comfortable that I forgot he even had a girlfriend… Can you say reality check. He asked me to be his girlfriend but I didnt want him to break up with his girlfriend for me. That was just too much pressure for me. I don’t want to ever bring another woman down and to me it was kind of homewrecking even though he was the cause. But I couldn’t understand why… I wasn’t that interesting or pretty for you to leave her and if you could easily leave her by just liking me then what do you think you’ll do to me? I thought about every possible outcome that could lead into disaster and Idk why my mind does that but it do. But now I see it wasnt just liking me he was inlove with me. My Scorpio would notice things about me that I don’t even pay that much attention to. He complemented me everyday, tell me how beautiful I am, texts me in class with heart faces just alot of cute stuff. He notices when I change my earrings. When I have on new perfume. When I change the color of my nails. HE LITERALLY NOTICED EVERYTHING he didn’t miss a thing. And when he told me I had a beautiful smile I was head over heels. I HATE MY SMILE. I have a gap that I wish I could just squeeze together I was actually uncomfortable to smile always putting my hand over my mouth but not now I couldn’t stop smiling he made me laugh every second. But he soon kinda fell back but it didn’t stop him we were back talking. Eventually grew feeling for one another and then he popped the 3 words. And I got stuck…. what? Huh? I wasn’t ready for love I didn’t know how to be a girlfriend. he said I was scared which I was but didn’t want to admit it. Of course I tried to bypass the question but that didn’t work so I lied and said I liked him as a friend… I knew it would kill his mojo but not as much as it really did I never got cussed out so bad I really hurt him. He stopped talking to me for months. Days was so boring now not talking to him. To just walk past him was unreal. All summer not talking to him. Day and night thinking of him. I wasn’t going to speak first and he definitely wasn’t either. This lasted until sophomore year and we eventually started back talking we first saw each other again on the first day of school and it was like our wedding or something we literally hugged for a min reminiscing, his smell,they way he held me, and how he looked at me made me forget about everything. I was completely in awe!!!! Of course there was drama here and there with girls but never did it get to me. He was so protective he didn’t even let drama come my way. Not one girl has ever came to me or confronted me. And that’s why I’ll always respect him. But the protection was a lil much. I was cool with a lot of guys so they would speak, some flirt and some like to joke around with me. My Scorpio… yea he didn’t too much like that. He shut it down quick. Even if a boy tried to hug me he was “nope don’t even think about it” “don’t touch her” and they would actually listen to him lol it was kind of cute at first but then it was overbearing now I can’t even speak to not one boy other than you I don’t want to live in a cage. Unless hes talking to them too I better not say nothing. But we were playful with each other so I would do it on purpose sometimes or laugh a little harder than I should but I like the frustration on him and the attitude I got after. The aggressive kissing was definitely a turn on afterwards. He really wanted to let me know I was under his rules. But Aquarius don’t live under rules I MAKE THE RULES. So he dealt with it and actually did good. He was still lil protective but I liked it. Other people were actually intimidated by him. He was tall like 6’1 caramel skin almost like a darker shemar Moore. *sigh* but then something happened and now we have stop talking again for a couple months. Then I get and unexpected text a long one. Confessing his feelings, telling me I’m too mean and need to learn how to love, saying he see a future how he wants be to be his wife and can see me pregnant. And of course what does the Aquarius do i plays it cool and push him off again. Idk what’s wrong with me my heart telling me I should be with him but my mind won’t let me. it brings out all the bad it thinks of every reason I shouldn’t be with him. He done broke it off with his girlfriend and other lil flings but I still couldn’t do it. We had deep feelings for each other and have never had sex. Only deep conversations and kisses. It’s next year now he walks past me like I wasn’t even there. I was hurt. This was the usual we argue and get back on good terms. Nope not this time. It took an entire year for us to get back how we was. And I’ve talked to other people in that time frame but none compared to him. I didn’t get the attention how my Scorpio gave me. They didn’t have his demeanor or his stance or his loving attitude. They didn’t complement me as much. I couldnt be as opened with them as I was with him. They never made it pass a hug. They instantly jumped to asking about my sex life. It wasn’t like that with my Scorpio he didn’t care and wasn’t rushing me he knew I was a virgin(which I still am) because we’ve talked and actually came to the point where we agreed it would be him to do it. (I still would whether him be the one) But now it’s almost graduation. If someone wasn’t having a conversation we both had commented on I dont think we would have ever spoken again. It was awkward. We haven’t talked in so long I almost forgot how good he sound. That same night we texted for forever catching up on what each other did over the break. But we’ve now graduated. I haven’t seen him since June 4, 2014… That’s over a year now. We have texted A while ago like in November around his birthday but that was it. I think this feeling is worst than the death of my pet dog. I feel empty literally. I day dream and day dream and think and cry about the good times we had. I miss the over protectiveness, the walks to class, the meeting me at my locker, the long hugs, and talks. The honesty between us. I can’t believe I messed that up. I now realize how much inlove with him I was. I tried calling him but the number was disconnected (talk about being depressed) There’s never a day I don’t think about him. And it sucks cause he’s still in a relationship with that same girl.. so I don’t know if it was best or not to be with him. What if I did say yes and had been with him… Would he have eventually cheated on me with her or what? But I’m overstepping it now. I’m starting to become delusional. I can’t move on because I still have this over my head. If I could just tell him what I think and how I felt then I could probably live. But I don’t want him to think I’m doing it just to be with him because I don’t, I think I deserve to not be with him cause I should of noticed his love for me then. I don’t care if he cusses me out, says he hate me or even never wants to speak to me again. as long as I get to see him and talk just one last time. But honestly what are you all’s advice should I try harder to get in touch with him or just let him live his life? And if I was to just so happened bump into him should I speak, should I confess? He’s always the one to knock his guard down and speak first. I honestly feel he is the one…. So what’s your honest opinion?

  11. Miss/lightskinnedAugust 16, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Haven’t been on here in a while….just some rules of wisdom. This relationship is a very passionate one and not always PHYSICALLY, passionate in the sense that EVERYTHING can and will turn into a debate or argument if someone is not willing to compromise, even then there is no guarantee. Why should a person have to change who they are, what they believe in to be with another… shouldn’t. Love a person for who they are, where they are, without judgement or alterior motive. Loving is easy, completely submitting was my issue. When you can’t trust a person and you know they don’t trust you……there is no happy ending. Seems like the saying can’t live with them, can’t live without them is true. Love you Mister 4ever and always.

  12. aquarius woman/scorpio manJune 21, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    i notice it just depends on the aspects and mars to venus and house systems.

    and if the aquarius woman is PLUTONIAN and the Scorpio man has Aquarius placements/Uranian.

    this is why it works.

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