Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Aquarius Couple: Owen Wilson and Sheryl Crow

It’s hard for an outsider to know what’s going on in this relationship because it’s one of the most self-contained, exclusionary combinations.  What you have is two people with exceptionally strong wills who have agreed to compromise their wills — at least temporarily — for an ulterior purpose.  These two god-like individuals do not ordinarily compromise.  There is nothing warm, cute, or fuzzy about them.  So whatever brings them together has to be very compelling.  Perhaps it is just that they finally meet someone they consider an equal.  It’s like two teenagers playing chicken in a car.  Secretly each one can’t believe that they’ve met their match.  No one in their right mind should mess with a Scorpio and it is gospel that it is utterly impossible to control an Aquarius.  You can see immediately that this relationship will either function at a very high level or it will deteriorate rapidly into a war of control and wills.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as an Aquarius Woman:  Just the fact that you think you can handle him is enticement enough.  He’s used to stalking, but not the kind of mental stalking that you’re capable of.  You can easily out-think him and you might as well get in practice from the beginning because you will need every advantage you can conjure.  If he’s interested in you, he’s interested in your power, not your “feminine aspects.”  Scorpios like to mate with something that they want to incorporate into their arsenal.  If this sounds like a laboratory experiment, it is, and you know it.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Scorpio Man:  Well, to begin with, you might as well be as rude and crude as you are capable of being.  No reason to hold back on the shock and awe.  She loves to be shocked, and if you’re lucky, you might awe her.  It’s your power she’s interested in.  Show your self-mastery and by all means, keep yourself under control.  You are playing with a mind that fascinates you but that you will never control.  See if you can get on her radar screen and let the games begin.

Degree of Romance:  Romance is hardly the question.  Where is all the power?  And what are we going to do with it?

Degree of Passion:  For these two signs, passion is a waste of time.  It is actually viewed as a weakness.  To be passionate would be to render one’s self vulnerable.

Degree of Friendship:  After the war-room games are settled, and one of them has attained a slight edge over the other (depends upon individuals and circumstances), these two can actually be great comrades-in-arms, which is as close to friendship as they will ever get.  Each sign has a constant edge on it, calculating advantages and options for power moves.  If they agree to ally against the world, they’ll make a formidable gridiron of defensive and offensive strategies.  With an ally like this, who needs friends?

Degree of Marriage:  These two play for keeps.  They may be one of the few pairs that can ignore the realities and just live together under the sacred bond of trust.  Not to overly idealize Scorpio and Aquarius, but the bond of trust is likely to be spelled out this way: “If you leave me, I will destroy you and everything you care about.”  You see, these two speak the same language.

Progression of Relationship:  Slam bam thank you ma’am?  If these two find a match in one another, they will both drive relentlessly for closure, each one moving to forestall other possibilities, to close off other options, and seal the deal.  It’s like making a contract with the Godfather.

Sex:  The secret glue that coerces each one to give a little and compromise is their sexual connection, which is probably going to be impossible for others to understand.  There is something thrilling about not being able to really ever possess the other person.  Many issues are worked out in the bedroom through kinky games and real commando stand-offs.  If you’re not an Aquarius or a Scorpio, don’t go there.  But if you really must know, it’s the Aquarius who will win and dominate — and believe it or not, Scorpio will love it.

When It’s Over: This is one relationship that’s likely to end very badly.  There will be no victor, and the spoils may be destroyed as well in a cold fury of retaliation.  It might be best to realize this going into this relationship, so you lock down some assets and territory for your own private domain that the other person can’t ever get to.  That you can do this and still have the degree of self it takes to make this relationship work is one of the paradoxes.

Our Rating:  11/10

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1,003 Responses to Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility


    thank you soon to be mrs.scorpio for a terrific thread and good wishes. That thread has some really valid points .. and applies to evolved and dare I say it ‘disturbed’ scorpios Cuz they DO feel victim of circumstance sometimes, and they will blame stuff on everyone, they will blow off… even if they fired the gun, they will blame the person with the bullet wound (chuckle)

    I cannot express how much Scorps get an unjustified bad rap – usually from people who have been caught in some scorpion crossfire.
    to SMART AIR:
    p.s. jealous/possessiveness is scorpio TEXTBOOK way of saying ‘but..but.. I love you and Im scared of losing you, and I dont feel good enough for you, and I sometimes feel insecure.. and… and’ so instead of going on a self-defense rant in his face, just say “i aint going anywhere honey, cuz u are the best, believe it”

  • aquariusgal86 says:

    I was deeply in love with a scorpio man once. He came on really strong, but seemed to only want to live in the fantasy of a courtship and not ever have a real relationship. I had plenty of involvement in his life, but he had none in mine and never even really got to know me. He refused to open up to me in any way. The sex was terrible and he even refused to have orgasms in front of me and I coud never reach pleasure myself. it was very machanical and cold. I felt worthless. He soon started to treat me as if I was an embarrassement to him and I stayed angry and bitter. The harder I tried to make things better, the more he blew off my efforts. I no longer trusted him and refused to open up myself out of fear of rejection. My scorpio man suffered from what I believe is narcissistic personality disorder. He continuously told me how he suffered from depression, and while he attempted to snuff out his drinking problem while we were together, soon after he dumped me he went back to drinking. I hung on for so long because I kept imagining this wonderful loving man who I had met and swept me off my feet, hoping that was the real him. But I have not seen that man since. I have only become another one of his many enemies; a person who did him wrong and made him the way he his, bitter and hateful. He would talk trash on me to our friends and ridicule me in front of them after our breakup. I was hung up on him long after we split, living in denial still. And I still think about him everyday. He might text me once in a blue moon if he is bored or lonely, but as soon as he finds something better, I don’t exist again. I quit contacting him long ago, because my contact has never been welcome. I finally quit answering his text and calls it only causes me pain in rememberence and I know it is not him looking for his long lost love, but just once again using me to pass the time. So needless to say a friendship did not remain. I think it is funny how most negative traits of scorpio men read almost identical to men who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. I know I made mistakes with him, namely being not walking away when I should have, but when you are in love, well, love is blind. I hope he can sort out his problems.

  • mrs. already married says:

    wow, alot has happened in here :D
    i’m glad soon to be mrs scorpio helped some of you gals out. it felt like a get together happy hour drinks and cocktails with snacks all around, women helping eachother out. its a great energy around here :)
    good luck ladies.

  • Princess anne says:

    Ms aquariusgal86 i know how u would be feeling now after the breakup ‘coz m also an aquarian girl n i too had the same experience with a scorpio guy. M not able to 4get him n that is giving me more pain. I feel as if my lyf z over nw :’(
    M trying hard to concentrate on my career n interests but things are not working. I really want to come out of this situation. Don’t know whether i can ever love someone so dearly…..but hope to see good days in near future

  • aqua hurt by scorpio says:

    First of all damn you all the astrologers who say that aquarians are not emotional.We are very emotional like every other sign.We keep it bottled up because we are scared to get hurt or misunderstood.And this is what happens to us when we become vulnerable! Princess annie and aquariusgal86 I totally sympathize with you.I’ve been down that road and it hurts so much.I’ve been hurt by two scorpios.Last one ended a month ago and it feels like i’ll suffocate with pain and my heart will explode.I know they don’t deserve my attention and love but this is how aquarians are and this is what happens to us when we open up to emotions !!I was in relation with 1st scorpio for 2 years and it ended bitterly him bitching about me to everyone who cared to listen and 2nd one lasted for 1 year him refusing to commit in the end so i broke up with him for good.I have gotten over my relationships with aquarius, libra, capricorn, pisces and taurus men but what is this shit about scorpio men??Am i the only aquarius who feels this way about scorpios?I just cant seem to move on its like they cast a spell on you.I am not able to replace him with someone else.Its like even if they are morons they set the standard high with so much intensity and passion that no one comes close to touching it.Is that why we prefer another scorpio after we break up with one?I want other aqua females to clear this.Is getting over a scorpio harder than getting over any other sign? Do they feel that only another scorpio can replace your ex scorpio?? Have you dated another scorpio after breaking up with one?? I want your opinion ladies and i want only those women to comment who have been in serious relationship with scorpios.Please comment.


    awww ‘aqua hurt by scorpio’ sorry you feel this way – NO you are not alone. YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT! Aquas are VERY emotional — I guess the amount of emotion depends on where the aquas astro moon is. Another reason 4 keeping it bottled is that we don’t like to be ‘wrong’ ;) , and yes, we can cry HARD for months (privately of course) when the heart is bruised, by anyone
    This is why we are soo like Scorpys. Sensitive, affectionate, and yes another thing that you said is true the words ‘CASTING SPELL’ are very very valid. Scorpio men are up there on mount vesuvius and no man NO-MAN can touch them. – DAMN THEM!!!!!!! Its like you have become infected by them – Im not in a r’ship with a scorpio – hmm maybe I am. (LOL) Im damn well going to be! My advice, stick with Scorpio and you just cannot go wrong (as an Aqua), the pluses sure outweigh the negs xx

  • mrs. married already says:

    these comments are so fun to read (the fun and angry ones) but the sad ones are not :(
    it’s actually difficult to read that some of you girls are in pain.

    yes to the poster above that once you have a scorpio man, no one compares.
    he’s unlike no other man in the entire zodiac (unless his chart is filled with stelliums of other signs along with the moon) scorpio mooners are a bit different.
    once you are loved and possessed by him, you feel so protected and loved. i dont care what other people say, that women should be liberated, we are already liberated, so what. but to be blessed with love and protectiveness by a scorpio man is heaven.

    to aqua hurt by scorpio: if you keep meeting these scorpio men and no other compares, it seems that scorpio men are in the stars for you. and, oh my goodness,there are so many handsome and beautifully rugged scorpio men.

  • aqua hurt by scorpio says:

    Thanks im gonna be his wife..and mrs.married already for your comments.I appreciate it a lot and yes i am fully aware of their charm and magnetism.I’ve been with two and experienced it all, the good and the bad.The bad wanna make you kick their asses and the good makes you weak in the knees.Call me shallow but both my scorpio men were extremely handsome,attractive and good looking fellas which makes the getting over a lot harder than usual.I’m not a bad looking gal myself.But its more than that.They loved me, swept me off my feet,treated me like a real woman,opened up a whole new world of passionate and kinky sex that i didn’t know existed before them,passionate kisses,expressing emotions i never thought men are capable of,warm hugs etc.And to be honest i am done with my freedom.What am i gonna do with all this freedom at 40? I was a wild cat before meeting them doing as i please and dating anybody i want,f**king anyone i want,friends with benefits etc.Got into relationships with other signs but break up never affected me the way it affected them.I learned about crazy love,possessiveness and jealousy from my scorpio men.I liked that they treated me like their property asking guys to piss off.I liked that he protected me so much.I used to give in without any drama or tantrum because i was loving every bit of it.I was never so submissive with any other man.And now its all gone.I miss all that and i meet these nice gentlemen and i am open to them regardless of their sign but somehow i miss that magnetism,attraction and deep emotions and well possessiveness.I am not able to get over my scorpios.The question is still unanswered that is it harder to get over a scorpio compared to other signs?Did you feel something missing when you were dating other signs??May be girls who have had their heart broken by scorpio can answer better.Hoping for comments from princess annie and aquariusgal86 as well.Please ladies more comments.

  • aqua lady here says:

    well my 2c (opinion) is, to use common sense, men in general dont normally like women who have had too many men under their belt. At least men who want you long term. it in truth degrades your value as a woman in society and to yourself. so i’m sorry if i sound like i’m disapproving to the poster above. a man, no matter the sign, unless he is a sleaze himself, will not want to “keep” a woman who will continue to have so many. if you have a scorpio man, he is the only one in your life and thats that. that’s all you need and want. dont’ worry, most men of any sign will love you when they know truthfully your past is your past , buried and your present and future is with him. no other. keep the past in the past, completely buried. this is mostly common sense. :)
    so the common sense is with all decent men in the zodiac. but that’s my opinion.
    and you said above, your wild days are over. that’s good, if you want to keep a man.
    and yes, ifyou had really truly loved your scorpio, you will never get over him, ever. just keep that as part of your heart and soul. your future awaits, so think positive and learn from your mistake.

  • aqua hurt by scorpio says:

    I am sorry but i do not agree.My exes did not leave me because i was sleeping and going around with too many men.When i was with one man i was devoted 200%. My first was aquarius, i was with for 3 years ( cheated on me). My second boyfriend a libra with whom i had 5 years of hardcore committed relationship( he slept with another girl).My 3rd serious relationship with a taurus for 2 and half years (he went abroad to set up his business and dumped me over an email).Capricorn man for 1 and half years he had issues at work and with his mother( he abused me and slapped me).Pisces man at work for 8 months ( he never told me he had a gf who was pregnant until she called me one night crying and asking me to end it with him or she would kill herself).I was emotionally exhausted and drained out.My self esteem was low and i felt i was nothing.I got involved in all those meaningless flings because the heart was very wounded.A strong feeling to escape from pain.My 1st ex scorpio and i lasted 2 years and i was always and always there for him.Sometimes even supporting him.He bailed out on me after he found out i was pregnant.Went all over places trying to defend his cowardly attitude and cover up his own weaknesses.Second scorpio lived with me for 1 and half years.I gave him all i had but he was too busy running behind money.So i wasnt unfaithful and no they didnt catch me with another man in bed.I am firm believer in monogamy.Infidelity is not in my dictionary.I still have men of other signs wanting to marry me and date me regardless of my past.That is the reason i said i am not able to forget my scorpios.I love my scorpios.I guess i’ll stop searching for answers because its hurting me now.

  • KJAY says:



    Oh heres a hug for you “aqua hurt by scorpio” I really hear you! If its any comfort Im 42, and its never too late to fall in love, ‘like its the first time’ I strongly believe that the true true man, just for you will come along and blow your mind and capture your heart. I am with you on your feelings regarding devotion and support/faithfulness.. but I am very lucky that it hasn’t happened to me Ive had 2 very long r’ships with leos (one for 9 years one for 10 years) and I can say leo? — never again!!

    This thread might be growing fast, but hey, its ok, cuz writing things down and sharing them is good – and free – !!!

    I love the idea of “mrs already married” to have a happy hour with cocktails and snacks! What a blast we would have! By the way Im in the UK, so Ill bring along some british treats! x

  • aqua hurt by scorpio says:

    Oh thanks sister for that hug it means so much to me :) Nice to know you are from UK, I am from Asia and i love the way you people talk(accent). I have 2 dearest friends living in London and i get so pleased when they visit me.To be frank i got little annoyed with comments from ” aqua lady “. At 40 I don’t need to be labeled as sleazy and degrading. I certainly don’t need a character certificate from ANYONE.There was never scarcity of men and never will be and even if marriage never happens it wont bother me.I have a lovely son who’ll turn 3 this august.He has his scorpio father’s looks so i guess at least I wont miss him that much.He’s my bundle of joy :) I have to focus my attention on better things in life.And working on opening my own restaurant with help of a very dear friend of mine.I am helping another friend with her foundation for education and care for little girls.Oprah Winfrey is aquarius and she never got married but she is such an inspiring lady.I hope i take some inspiration from her and do some good work before i go.I am dating a saggitarius right now but focus is not on men now.Raising my son with good values and giving him good environment to grow in is the only focus.Ladies, life has so much to offer..embrace it and explore the happiness.So long :)

  • miss aqua in the Olympic UK says:

    I read on the beginning of this thread that the O.P said 11/10 because she was being facetious (using the score 11/10 as a joke cuz the match is sooo bad) which is a shame because genuine ppl come here with genuine probs in their scorp/aqua r’ships, and the creator of this site should take it more seriously.

    Anyways, there are some thing she has got right. Scorpio men are real tough to be with. UNLESS you are very lucky and have one that isnt mentally screwed. Cuz they are, at worst, mentally fukd. If you like to be possessed, if you dont mind losing all your friends, if you dont mind never talking or being friendly to other men, or if you do, face a one-man jury after, if you dont mind being harassed, bullied, mentally tormented, even physically abused (cuz it does go beyond mental abuse too) THEN BY ALL MEANS hook up with a scorpio male.

    Ok there are some delicious scorpio men out there, but they are about 10% of a 90% basket of rotten apples — not just rotten, but these men will go out of their way to make your life hell — all thanks to the massive scorpio traits

    1. Jealousy
    2. Insecurity

    They will never feel good enough, and thats why they get jealous. They never feel they have enough, thats why they are insecure. This ‘not having enough’ not only applies to material things, it applies to women also, and they’ll charm their way to get that

    They are experts at bending the truth. They will lie forever, to cover their tracks, BUT when it comes to researching your tracks, imagine a super sleuth behind you, stalking and doubting your every move – chances are that detective will be a scorpio male….Getting ready to trip you up and catch you out – usually to the ‘normal’ human being your actions are totally innocent, but to scorpio there is no such thing as totally innocent, and they will make some drama out of nothing. Here is the list that these tantrums might apply, and cause a freak out

    1. not letting them have the last word
    2. telling them they are at fault
    3. not getting what they want
    4. putting yourself before them
    5. putting others before them
    6. telling them goodbye – omg… if you do this, walk backwards, that way you will see the bullet/knife approaching

    I know this because I am a female aqua who has witnessed part of my parents 55 yr marriage. EVERY week they have rows, and most of the time Mother walks out only to return some hours later “because she has no-where to go” and Father has made her feel totally incompetent through years of mental/physical abuse, therefore her confidence is sub-zero – but she would have made some man a beautiful, faithful loving wife, unfortunately she chose my father

    So please if you are with a bully scorpio… dont think ‘shall I walk?’ just leave. before he makes you think you cannot survive without him. they can be EVIL personified – think of your sanity and your family girls!

  • aquarius girl_85 says:

    OMG..Is your mother also an aquarian ??I totally get the picture you know.I am from a well to do family and unfortunately I fell for a scorpio man in my early 20s who came from a middle class family.I never had to worry about money or luxury but hey my parents( leo father- pisces mother) taught me to be grounded and respect others.They were very strict with me so that i don’t become a spoiled brat.And i thank them everyday for that :) So, my scorpio boyfriend was sweet and nice in the beginning but made my life hell with his possessiveness and jealousy.But you’ll think he is possessive and protective about you alone and that’s not true.He’ll say exactly same things and give same reactions to his other so called ” female friends”. They are harder to live with If they have been screwed by an ex gf.In that case no matter how good you’re there will always be comparison.Once i got so irritated with him I told him I am changing my number and wont talk to you from now on.All hell broke lose as he said If I dare do that he’ll create a scene infront of everyone and will kill any guy who comes close to me.I was scared as hell.He accused me of being a spoiled brat( which I wasn’t) and that I’ve had an easy life and how everything fell on my laps.It was his own jealousy and inferiority speaking.I was good in academics.He was jealous of my achievements and NEVER appreciated me for anything.I could never hear a praise coming out of his mouth.I showed him my gold medal for economics and he asked ” where did you steal it from? “. I had tears in my eyes and felt like punching his face but that would have only brought me down to his level.He had his own issues and he took it out on me.

  • aquarius girl_85 says:

    It became hell when i finished college and moved out to another state.He stalked me and begged me to take him back and all those fake promises that he has changed and he wants only me.I was moved by his tears and so we started living together.He did not change.He came back in my life to make it worse or to take revenge I don’t know.There were women texting him constantly.He would walk away from me and take their calls which made it obvious what was going on.I confronted him but It was always same excuses that he was comforting them or her bf left her or her mother died etc etc.Like he was the knight in shining armor saving every damsel in distress.And If i did the same he would snatch my phone and check it.Asked the guys not to call me again.He would check my laptop and my mobile without asking me.Always paranoid,aggressive,sexually charged,insecure.He was bit pervert as well staring at other women’s cleavage and butt and talking dirty about them infront of me.I used to feel disgusted.Whenever i protested he would verbally and physically abuse me.He forced himself on me without my consent.It got worst when he started taking alcohol.He blamed me that his life got screwed up because of me.It was a living nightmare.I left him without telling him where i am going after 4 years of mental and physical torture.I am glad i walked out otherwise he would have turned me into depressed maniac. When i left him I felt like a big zero but now i am successful and happily dating a level headed, practical and very caring capricorn man.I guess wounds have healed but the scars will remain there.He has done some irreparable damages.I still get uncomfortable when i meet someone from college and they question me about him.Its like rubbing salt on my wounds.It just happened this evening that i met an old friend from college and she asked me about him.All i could say was I don’t know and I don’t care :(

  • Vonney says:

    I just have to say that yes I did have a bad experience with a Scorpio but being an Aquarius I’m always up for a challenge. It was the longest relationship I was in and ended very badly. My Scorpio man was always trying to over power me have control over me but wanted to do as he pleased. I’m all for doing what you want but don’t try to say I can’t do the same. One thing about me is when I’m with someone I am dedicated to that person but somehow along the way of our relationship he lost trust in me, though I didn’t give him a reason only but the fact that I started standing up for myself.
    I love the sex definition, we always had a very intense bond in the bedroom; until I feel out of love with him. And yes for some reason the Scorpio man does like to be dominated in the bedroom, but no complaints there because it is soo much fun.
    I wish the best of luck to all those who attempt this relationship. I believe if you are strong and both can know when to pick your fights and compromise, it’ll work. I was very skeptical about jumping into another relationship with a Scorpio but because I was young I didn’t know how to handle and became the weak one who was dominated. Now being older I am attempting another relationship with a Scorpio because of the experiences that I have had make me much stronger. I find my Scorpio man very fascinating and so far keeping that trust intact by letting him know how it is by keeping honest. If you can keep that trust and never lie to your Scorpio man, I think you can make it happen.
    I’m up for the challenge :)

  • miss aqua in the Olympic UK says:

    Hello aqua girl 85 – sorry to read yr story. In answer to your question Mother is Capricorn with Aqua rising and. Father is a scorpio sun aries moon and most of the rest aspects scorpio so a real nasty living devil
    I really relate to the fact tht us aquas are very caring. Cuz we are. Sure thing like Oprah you mentioned, we r very independant and headstrong, but great humanitarians. We deserve the best love – simply because we give love , in buckets

  • aquarius girl_85 says:

    Aquarius – Humanitarian Scorpio – selfish and self centered

    Aquarius – generally soft spoken Scorpio- sharp tongue

    Aquarius- naive Scorpio- cunning and manipulative

    Aquarius- Very friendly Scorpio – overly suspicious

    Aquarius – Forgives and forgets Scorpio- neither forgives nor forgets

    Aquarius- freedom lover Scorpio- clingy and possessive

    Aquarius- peace lovers Scorpio- spiteful & revenge seekers

    Aquarius – live and let live Scorpio- Dominating

    Aquarius- selfless giver Scorpio – narcissist

    Aquarius- philanthropist Scorpio- materialistic

    Aquarius – very social Scorpio – reserved

    Aquarius – progressive thinker Scorpio – traditional & rigid

    Aquarius – rebellious Scorpio – control freak

    Aquarius – outspoken Scorpio – Secretive

    What makes you think this match is 11/10 ?? And ladies ready to take plunge anyways will come out with their hands burnt, hearts broken and zero self esteem doesn’t matter after 1 year courtship or 10 years of marriage.Good sex and physical attraction alone can’t guarantee a successful relationship.

  • to aqua in the olympic uk says:

    your experience isn’t the same as everyone else’s.

    my mother is a libra and my father is an aqua.
    they sleep in separate bedrooms and fight almost daily, almost screaming!!!!! ALL OF us kids have taken medication and gone to psychiatriatry because of them. infact, my sisters have all gone through rehabilitation because of their fighting. it effects our psyche and upbringing to see and witness the horrendous fighting, and terrible abuse. the aqua father is a tyrant, and the libra mother is a weak woman who will stand by her tyrant. and that’s how we see her. although i am more harsh about her than my siblings, because it pains me to see such abuse.

    so why dont you just open your mind and see that every sign, no matter where they were born has abusive people.
    no pairing is right if there’s no respect.

  • to aqua in the olympic uk says:

    to add: it really has alot to do with upbringing. and some people are just mean bastards. sometimes you get a bad father or a bad mother, no matter the sign.
    but i’ll add, i am not fond of what and how my father is, he is aqua sun, and very mean tempered. he looks down on the libra mother and they physcially fight, almost choking eachother. she pushes him, and pushes him and then she says that because we (the kids) tell her that pushing him will invoke his hand to hit her, she still tests him. i dont know why she does it. then she screams she will leave him but it never happens. now she’s getting old, and way past menopause and her parents died and there’s only us kids to go to. she has no means of escape. it really saddens me, so she will spend the rest of her days in misery with this abusive tyrant. this is very personal, but true, but you dontknow me and i dont know you but i needed to tell you all that it is not about the sign, but the very fact that there are people in every sign that is disgusting.

  • miss aqua in the Olympic UK says:

    Thanks ‘anon’ for your FB on parents that have sham marriages. Agreed, its not all about ‘the signs’ Your parents and my parents could be identical – the same couple almost! And who suffers? Yep, the children, cuz we are being used like tennis balls for both parties to vent their anger When I have Father alone, he moans to me about Mother, and vice versa My mother, it seems, is in exactly the same situ, as yours, AND she really rattles his cage, but then relating to ‘scorpio’ there are some traits there regarding his behavior – Whilst growing up he abused his parents verbally, and was a nightmare child. His parents went into shock so were subservient to his demands, they were quietly spoken, gentle folk, kind and humble

    He doesnt know discipline, (because his parents grew frightened of him) he goes around like a rotating razor blade, ready to strike and decapitate. There MUST be some connection between this and the scorpio ‘grey lizard’ personality. I appreciate your FB, thank you

  • to aqua in olympic uk says:

    youre welcome, miss aqua anonymous.
    i dont know if there is a connection but if you read about human nature and read up on different biographies of men under different signs, they fall into completely different suns and moons. there is no connection. for example, yesterday i was curious about nicole brown smith’s abuse and murder and the fact that o.j simpson is a cancer sun, pisces moon, and nicole was a taurus. does that mean that all men who are cancer suns pisces moon and a once superstar athlete are devious criminals and abusive? of course not. nancy the writer here probably realises that some aquas dont have good perception of human nature. leave that to the earth signs, who are great at deciphering human nature and motives. Shakespeare was considered a taurus and a writer who knew about human psychology through his art. it is not about the sign of course because there are aquas who are good at knowing the motives of the human psyche. and believe me, there re probably earth signs who are not good with human motives. maybe. we can’t really presume. that’s why astrology can’t pinpoint everything, it’s a fun pasttime like watching a film or reading a book. but in order to understand others is to experience, and observe.

  • to aqua in olympic uk says:

    about the article saying 11/10 dont go there. nancy has a good sense of humour.
    it really means dont go there, really dont.
    strong minded (good) men with ambition need a certain type of woman. or they can be alone and be bachelors,
    the scorp man can easily find anyone else, remember he’s sought out by alot of women.

  • to miss aqua in the olympic uk
    I have to say we are all entitled to our opinions. However , I think you may want to research a little more about the sign of scorpio .There are two different types of scorpios there is the dweller and then there is the phoenix . and also from what i have read i think a lot has to do with the scorpios environment as well as not all scorpios are abusers of alcohol and drugs which can affect some of those reactions you have observed .I believe some of us have experienced the dwellers for those negative reactions. a more evolved phoenix scorpion usually has already addressed those bad behaviors like excessive women , drugs and bad habits. maybe the scorpions you have experienced are still in that phase which can occur at any stage in their life .Hopefully you will see they are very beautiful creatures when they have evolved .They are sweet , generous , loving and protective of those they love .There are other things involved besize characteristics ( which are provided in zodiacs) involved. Just because they say we are compatible does not mean we are attracted to one another or even attracted to the same kind of scorpio. Everyone looks , smells , the way they dress ,the way they talk are different . Everyone is still an individual.
    and she be judged as an individual not by what sign they are . By the way nancy , hit the mark .She is correct.


    I think after reading the above, I will change my name to “I DONT WANT TO BE HIS WIFE ANYMORE!!!”

  • LOL@commnet says:

    lol at wife and not want to be wife comment.

    you’re so fickle. so unlike a fixed sign. but it’s hilarious!!!
    love is just not in your stars, face it LMAO
    for many aquas, your destiny is to be alone. just like capricorns (saturn rulership)


    Deep down yes, I am a real Aqua, love being alone, but hey, I DO get just a little lonely – at nights, and affection – I guess I miss that too – but with everything there are pluses and minuses. My lurve might not end up being a scorpio after all… but I will say “oh nooo, not again” if he’s a throw-a-tantrum-Leo, an OCD-Virgo, or a male AQUARIAN

    Aquas are stubborn, know it alls, and a little moody sometimes … hmmm but then im Aqua.. in which case Aquas are patient, kind and never loose it. LOLOL ;)

  • most aqua females end up being lesbian says:

    it’s true that aqua females end up being lesbians,
    scorpio woman/aqua woman help too?
    ellen degeneres is with another aqua woman though.

  • Scorpio King says:

    I have read you ladies’ comments from top to bottom of the first page of this thread and could really read no more…all I can say is wow. I feel terrible that so many of you ladies have had your hearts broken, lives threatened and sanity tested. As a young man I can admit that I have not always been the most faithful but I have never been abusive. Yes I can admit to being controlling but I let it be known up front; it is up to you whether you choose to pursue this endeavor. I can not speak for any other Scorpio man because I am the only one that I know but I can assuredly say that not all of us are as bad as many of you ladies think.

    I am 26. In my younger years of dating I did make mistakes. I did cheat and sneak and keep secrets. It is because so many women are not easy to trust. I am an American by the way, Texan to be exact. I did hurt a few women but in my defense I was young and stupid. I did not know what it meant to really be in love as I had not seen it growing up. This was part of my reason for wanting to be in control. If I can control the situation I will not get hurt. Well the moment I let go of control to a Leo woman I got hurt. But what I learned from this relationship was that I was capable of loving, trusting and allowing my partner her space. I did not want to be the average Scorpio. I realized that although I get so much of my energies from the stars, it is up to me to manipulate and grow that energy.

    So, today I am a better man. Girl go out and do you. Have fun. I trust you. Regardless of my past I know that if I do not allow myself to trust you I will drive myself crazy. I need my sanity. But I do promise…the moment you step out of line I am done. Many women play just as many games as men. Yes I am still young…I have been in relationships with women from 18-40. I have no shame in my game. I am loving, caring and committed. Again, I can not speak for all Scorpio men but I am one Scorpio man who has no desire to abuse you. As far as manipulation goes; we all manipulate and women are the main ones. Manipulation is not always a bad thing either. Love is a game. How you play it is up to you…as well as who you choose to play it with. We all have different rules. I enjoy when a woman attempts to manipulate me…I am able to see thru it. And depending on what her purpose is I just may allow her to believe she is doing it. It is part of the game. Give and Take.

    So please ladies, do not lump us into one superficial, abusive and mind-controlling group. I know I enjoy a submissive woman that will die being herself before she allows anyone to change her. But she will make changes for me…and I shall do the same. Relationship is give and take.

    One more thing…you ladies that were in these long relationships and got totally screwed…you saw all the warning signs a long damn time ago…YOU chose to stay and play with fire…something about fire is just so alluring right? Don’t be filled with anger and hate when you get burned…keep that scar as a lesson and keep moving. Anger and hate do no good in your heart and will taint any relationship or prospect of relationship before you can even get it off the ground.

    Much Love and Peace,
    Scorpio King


    Standing Applause for SCORPIO KING
    And HUGE thanks from the UK xx

  • applause for scorpio king says:

    yup. :) i must admit, that was awesome. thanks so much for taking the time to write that, scorpio king.

  • Cindy says:

    I was ignoring this 30 yrs old scorpio man ( 2nd nov) and rejected his proposal thousand times as i knew he was alcoholic and pervert.I was ignoring his calls and texts.So, he lied to me that his sister died to gain my sympathy.I didn’t believe him 1% and found out he was lying so I gave him a good preview of my aquarian temper.I made sure he learns never to mess up with me again and to play his stupid mindless games with spineless and bitchy pisces and cancer women.If you come crawling to sting me and I’ll so crush you under my feet !!

  • lol@cindy says:

    you’re so mean, cindy it’s scary. no compassion for drunks. my dad’s an aquarius and a drunkard, my first husband is a pisces and an alcoholic. maybe it’s better you stay single, cause you are one scary woman.

  • Cindy says:

    Talk some sense your comment is so silly.Why should I show any compassion for a drunkard and a big fat LIAR?? If you put up with it doesn’t mean everyone has to put up with it. I love my sanity and peace of mind too much to let it get screwed by marrying an alcoholic and pervert.I am not going to put my hand inside a beehive knowing I’ll get stung.I stand up for what I feel and I don’t let such liars take advantage of me and nothing pisses me more than to learn that somebody would stoop to such level as to lie about death of their sister.If its not wrong in your opinion then I have nothing more to say to you.I have all the love in my heart but If someone tries to fool us then of course they’ll be exposed to the temper.If that’s scary then be scared I couldn’t care less.I am not a spineless woman and I will not accept any nonsense from any man.And FYI I have a taurus boyfriend and we are very much in love.He loves me more for the woman that I am.

  • smiles@cindy says:

    you go girl!!
    yeah i learned early on about drunkards. lol
    you can still have compassion about those type of people. my mother pities those types.
    when a person is addicted, they have a hard lesson in life. so yeah i feel sorry for them but nope, not getting near one, no matter the sign. saw my mother live through that all her life.
    at least we’ll not be singing Tracy Chapman songs “fast car” or, “when a man loves a woman” crying in our cups.
    or watching sandra bullock in 28
    good luck with your taurus. :)

  • "that person who uses the previous posts nickname to reply instead of using their own name " says:

    (the sarcastic individual who replied to Cindy) Seems to be One of those self-righteous people who is not happy that the sky is blue and the grass green. Cant wait for my reply starting @”that person who uses the previous posts nickname to reply instead of using their own name “, because they will be talking about themselves, unless they actually HAVE a brain cell, and are able to think of a nickname for themselves. Dont waste your pretty little fingers leaving posts in here. No one cares.

  • Veronica says:

    I am 25 years old aquarian born 12th Feb and I am having affair with a 38 years old married scorpio man born 31st Oct.He has been married to a taurus woman for past 13 years and has an 11 years old daughter.We are having affair since last two years and I feel really bad for his family.At first it was lust and attraction but now we both are getting too close to each other.He gets too possessive and mad if any guy tries to talk to me but I know he wont leave his wife for me and I don’t wish that too.Everything has become so complicated.I know we love each other and sex is well..mind blowing..out of this world.When we fight he always comes back and pampers me so much.I got proposed by a man i like but my scorpio despise him a lot.He finds faults in every man who tries to come close to me. He spends more time with me than his family.I cant keep doing this forever and I need my own life.I don’t know how to end it with him.I know there will be lots of drama from him.Gosh! what have I gotten myself into ?

  • La Douleur Exquise says:

    I love you so much that it hurts and I hate you for giving me this pain.Why we want to take chances with a man who has the potential to destroy us emotionally? Why do we keep surrendering to him knowing he will sweep us off our feet and then leave us heart broken? Nothing stopped me from loving this magnetic scorpio.I was flowing with him like a leaf in the stream,getting merged with him like river in the ocean,wetting my soul with his tears and collecting his laughter in my heart.I walked holding his hand with promises of future of becoming his shadow and loving him till my last breath.He told me I am his first and last love.He made love to me like a passionate man and cried in my laps like a small child.He romanced me like an intense lover and looked after me like a father.And then he told me I have to let you go because its not possible to be together as he had to move away.My heart is heavy.I held him all night long scared of the morning.And he’s gone.All that is left is his touch,his voice,pictures of sweet memories and his fragrance on me.

  • a woman says:

    Veronica hate to be the one to burst your lil bubble. But he does not love you, he just wants to have control which he obviously doesn’t get benefit of at home. If he’ll betray his wife and kid this way he DAMN sure won’t care to leave you as soon as the thrill is gone. Cut your losses and pray that when you find true love your man’s mistress don’t come on here to tell all about it. Karma is a bitch

  • Veronica says:

    What bubbles are you talking about? I am not under any delusion i said so in my post that I know he wont leave his family and i dont want him to either.I am the one wanting to get out of it. I know i dont deserve medal for what I did. I lost my boyfriend and fiance of 4 years because of another woman before getting involved with the scorpio man.And there is no such thing like true love between them as I have seen it too closely for which you are reminding me of karma and how it will bite me in the ass later when I find one.If my man keeps mistress I would let go of him without any drama and move on to next.Why to tie someone up in a loveless and passionless relation ? I am aquarius I have set my bfs free when I knew it was best to end it without any regrets.He is clinging to me and I want to get out of it.And everyone suffers you, me and rest of the world karma or no karma it cant be avoided.

  • Missy's mister says:

    Well im back posting again. And im her to make three comments. Two s tohort ones and one longer one. First I want to speak to the hurt aquarian women on here. There isnt a better male sign then a scorpio. And If you happen to run across another I hope he loves you as much as I love mine.

    Next to the men that have posted im glad to see im not the only one that feels this way about aquarius women.

  • Missy's mister says:

    Well im back posting again. And im her to make three comments. Two s tohort ones and one longer one. First I want to speak to the hurt aquarian women on here. There isnt a better male sign then a scorpio. And If you happen to run across another I hope he loves you as much as I love mine.

    Next to the men that have posted im glad to see im not the only one that feels this way about aquarius women.

    Now here comes the hard part.

    To my heart infront of all your water sisters to read. I apologize. I didnt cheat. I just stopped. Its like our relationship never existed. Without even giving you an explanation I just stopped calling and responding. By all means dont think its cause I dont love you. On the contrary I was actually scared of not being right for you or giving you what ” I ” think you deserve. I know I may sound like a liar or a text book scorpio trying to win you back with sweet words. To tell you the truth from what I know about us thats the last thing I expect. I just want you to know that love more than my own life’s value. And no matter what happens in our lives I always will. The first time I saw you in the bar I told you I would always protect you but somewhere along the line I forgot that. I always told you that the reason I look at you like that is because I will always feel lije its the first time im seeing you all over again. Compared to the different wont that I have encountered in my life there is know comparison. And because of the way you are as a person im glad that my daughter is a water girl in training now. No matter how much I hurt you I promise you you could never feel as bad as I do for allowing everything I have ever wanted go because of my imaturity. I hope that whoever you are with now is in love with you as half as I am because if he is than your okay. But if he hurts you well you know the rest. Good bye miss.

    We posted in october of 2011 under dude lightskinned and uncertain(ironically).

  • a woman says:

    Irony is being drawn to this site after 4 mths not knowing why and then it hits you…….! Wow… See I was in a relationship w/ Scorpio and he walked out of my life w/o any explanation 4 months ago, no phone call, text message, message in a bottle NOTHING. Although I knew exactly why I thought I deserved a lil more, obviously I was wrong. I decided that it was best for me to pretend nothing ever happened because it was too hard to believe that it was all a lie, a game to him. It was definitely a hard pill to swallow, I had all sorts of emotions running through my veins. I went to one of our favorite spots 1 night and thought abt it all, my life, our lives, the past yr. I came to this conclusion, when you love someone you want the best for them even if its not you. If they are happy, you should be happy for them. If you called yourself a friend at first you should still be a friend in the end and pray for this. In no way am i saying you should allow disrespect or compromise yourself for this. But life is funny and cruel and if loving someone whos heart belongs to someone else ain’t proof…..I don’t know what is. Nonetheless, I pray for him every night and I wish the best for him.
    A water girl and stinger relationship defines compromise, and its definitely a relationship that requirers a lot of attention and mutual respect. But if love is equal and both are willing to submit it can be a very loving institution. Just know what you are in for in advance!

    Good bye to you Mister……

  • Pisces_ says:

    OMG! Wow lovely!! To the girl in the post above…I had thought that perhaps Aquas were heartless and soulless..I was sooo wrong!
    Your intelligence and brilliance at handling relationships and situations,,,is perhaps what other signs cant comprehend and mistake for coldness…but that’s perhaps because of our own ignorance..
    “If they are happy, you should be happy for them”
    “If you called yourself a friend at first you should still be a friend in the end and pray for this”
    “I pray for him every night and I wish the best for him.”
    If this is what u really believe and is true,,,then you truly deserve someone much better.Go for a Libra or someone who cares for you.

    Either you are a one-in-a-billion aqua, or Aquas really are that smart…All the best and Blessings :)

  • a woman says:

    @pisces_ Thank you! I think a lot if ppl perceive aquas as cold, distant, unemotional types. I admit personality wise this may seem true. But for me its far from the truth. I hold a lot in to avoid confrontation, being hurt, or being made a fool of. If i can at least walk away with my dignity then I feel I wasn’t totally defeated. And when it comes to relationships I am still trying to figure it out, but i will say this when i love someone I love them unconditionally….that’s how I want to be loved/ is there any other way?? I can’t say that its saved me from having my heart broken or from being taken for granted but I refuse to let anyone take that away from me. I think TRUE UNCONDITIONAL love still exists…
    S/N I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but I have learned what I need to do to fix the ones that matter and I can fix and walk away from the ones I can’t or that don’t matter.

  • Feisty Aqua woman says:

    It was very overwhelming to read all the comments here. Heartbroken aquarius women,one rare scorpio man accepting that he cheated his girlfriends and sharing his insight,a pisces girl sharing her opinion about us aquarius.Like the comment above mine I too believe we are misunderstood a lot because we avoid confrontations,arguments and tension.But the most important thing is that we try our best to avoid PAIN.While most of the other sign people can stay at one place and argue for hours either for sheer pleasure of proving their point or to make the other feel bad.Aquarians like fair arguments.They want people to understand.Sometimes the other party is not at all ready to understand and uses false accusations or tries to win by being harsh and abusive.In that situation the aquarian becomes defensive.When they realize that the other person wants to win by being mean then we retreat.We don’t feel the need to stand and prove ourselves because we think it’s waste of time and energy.I think because we do not stay back to explain ourselves people think of us as cold and heartless.We don’t see the need to stay in a painful relationship.We let go easily.As for scorpio men,I think they are sexy but compatible.. absolutely not !! I’ve had affairs with many scorpios.Two of them were young virgins and they lost their virginity to me ;) . Older ones are very experienced and wild.I loved one scorpio with all my heart and soul but he pulled away and got rid of me using every excuse that he could think of.He wasn’t moved by my tears or pleadings.When he’s out of love nothing can bring you close again.It hurts to this day.We aqua’s have high sex drive and scorpios can be great sex partners.I say every aquarian woman should once experience sex with a scorpio.But warning, don’t fall for him.He’s heartless and can’t put up with our temper outbursts.I may sound very harsh and sleazy here..f@#k him all you want but don’t fall in love with him girls !!

  • mohan says:

    y r all u guys freaking me out?
    im an aqua girl and im in love wd my scorpio bf.
    however sometimes wen i think about it deeply im not sure anymre if hes a bf or not

  • Mister says:

    @mohan. Well me being a scorpio I know that you are thinking too hard. Thats our thing we feed off of the insecurity so we can create the relationship in our own image. You have to let things play out for themselves. Play everything by ear, you know. For the record if you havent heard when it comes to someone a scorpio loves you will be the first to know without any games played. Depending on how long you have been together and his trust level of you, he has had to give you some kind of hints to his true intentions for you. We really arent secretive, we just leave hints. Thats why aquarius woman are the perfect match cause of their logic. If he loves you though, to get to the point, you will be sure of it more than any thing in this world. If you have to wonder then he probably couldnt care less wether you come or go. The same I told my water is the same thing im telling you. Aparently despite the message I put a few days ago it still applies. Stop thinking so much and let you guys happen. If you are supposed to be you will. I hope this helped you some.

    Oh, and p.s. When dealing with a scorpio always put two and two together. What I say monday has something to do with thursday. Bring it up on saturday.

  • a woman says:

    For Mohan and any other Aqua confused by the actions, reactions, Or lack thereof when it comes to their Scorpio mate…..Their actions and their words are methodical most of the time. BUT that works in our favor because we are generally good at reading ppl and sniffing out the BS! Being an aqua girl with a Scorpio man can lead to some very intense conversations and mind exhausting situations. Just know this, pay attention! Especially to the lil things, as mister stated they throw small hints that lead to the big bang and if you missed it or over looked it you may be left wondering what the hell just happened! Either way its not hard to figure out if they truly love you……they are territorial and will always go “home” if you want to know where his heart is all you have to do is follow his signs……

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