Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Famous Aries-Scorpio Couples: Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson, Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney, Ethel and Robert Kennedy

Wow! Talk about an explosive possibility. Aries-Scorpio could be the power couple of the century.  Aries, before you enter that Scorpio force field, please make sure you have your act together.  Your Scorpio counterpart will make a display of not noticing anything, but believe me nothing escapes Scorpio scrutiny.  This is someone who is looking for a partner to advance the agenda for success.  And Scorpio, be warned, you may have met your match here.  So don’t screw around, either.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as an Aries Woman: Let me say it once again: have your you-know-what together. Please read the previous sentence one more time. Be prepared to impress your Scorpio target with an ability to react to whatever comes your way with self-possession and, if possible, use it to your advantage. This shows him that you are a major player and can help him in his climb to success. Concentrate on acts, not words. Don’t let him know you are trying to figure him out. That will make him disgusted. He likes to think he is inscrutable, and really he is.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a Scorpio Man: You’ll have to be a challenge for this gal, but we don’t mean increasing your mysterious and subtle demeanor. In fact, you should take off the cape and lower the mask a little bit so she can get an idea of what you’re worth, then you can begin to engage her with your animal magnetism and come hither stares. Simon Bolivar, the famous South American conqueror, said, “In courtship, there can be no mistakes.” This statement is especially true when Scorpio courts Aries. It is better to do nothing than to make a false move, which could cost you game/match.

Degree of Romance: There is a great deal of energy exchanged in this relationship, but it is more likely to flow along the lines of posturing, and demonstrating mastery of the world and social situations. Romance is not particularly of interest because it is relatively powerless, though pleasant.  A Scorpio will tend to bring out another side of Aries where romance takes a back seat. Don’t worry. You won’t miss it because other exciting things will be going on.

Degree of Passion: Extreme! Talk about gilding a lily. There is probably no more passionate combination in the zodiac. This is so hot it could be hard to handle. This relationship is so steamy and intense that the two of you will withdraw from your circle of friends, leaving them curious as to what is going on. While this is customary for Scorpio, it may seem strange to Aries.  How could you possibly put it into words?

Degree of Friendship: The loyalty between this pair can be sensational. You are both aiming for big goals in life, and the possibility of commitment is good, but so is the possibility of betrayal. This pair plays for keeps. There is little tolerance for mistakes. It’s more intense than the average friendship, but it is a tight partnership aimed toward common goals.

Degree of Marriage: There is a reasonable possibility of marriage with this combination, though it will tend to settle into a life-long partnership without the sanction of marriage. If you two bond, it is likely to last forever, and with that going on, it is not always necessary to get it on paper.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship gets off to a fast start and maintains a brisk pace until bonding occurs. Aries, expect to be tested. If you pass the trial, the Scorpio’s intentions will be clear.

Sex: Scorpio gets Aries to focus and Aries gets Scorpio to lose control. Think of the thrills. Both signs push the limits of everything, and sex is no exception.

When It’s Over: The end of this relationship can be absolutely devastating. Aries ends in a fiery Gotterdammerung; Scorpio ends in icy disdain. Neither will be interested in maintaining contact with the other if the bond is broken — it’s an all or nothing scenario.   Scorpio may test, but Aries had better not unless looking for nine innings of hardball. And no ultimatums, please.  Scorpio walks away when given an ultimatum.

Our Rating: 10/10

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79 Responses to Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

  • mikeyboots says:

    i am a scorpio man and i was with an aries women for 3 years we had a up n dwn relationship weve bein broken up for about a year and a half 2 years and i think about her everyday i just cant get over her no matter what i try and do i sleep with other women and date other women but i cant get her out of my head and she wants nothing to do with me what so ever changed her number blocked me from facebook everything deleted me out of her life can someone help me with some advice as to get her to talk to me or love me again ?

  • Scaries129 says:

    “This shows him that you are a major player and can help him in his climb to success,” sounds like I would have to help him succeed rather than support him on his journey to success… If I can succeed on my own, I would surely expect him to be able to succeed with support; not help. I did find it funny that the article states that the male scorpio is inscrutable considering every scorpio male I’ve been around had their quirks that I found quite endearing. I find these men charming, but I dislike the childish way they try to point out your flaws in an attempt to get under your skin. These men are emtional (though their emotion gives the appearance of being well concealed) moreso than they are hurtful, or give the “scorpion sting” I’ve heard about whenever they are upset or argue with you. They can be addicting to be around (when they are good), but I’ve never been so attached that once the relationship/friendship was over I would still want anything to do with them other than treat them as I would any other random civilian I see. As for being tested when it comes to these men… I’ve not been entirely fazed at their (what I consider) acts for attention. I would think it’s cute that they would think of me enough to attempt to get a reaction, but I’d know as well as them that they wanted me to go crawling back so they can get whatever revenge they felt they needed. I’ve never really tested any scorps I’ve hung around or dated when things ended because… well… it was over; there were no further dealings we needed with one another.

  • I'm not telling you says:

    I love my scorpio man

  • Tania says:

    I lost my scorpio man, i ignored him for two months, as he really hurt me…after taking time to get over the pain and think about it, i realise i want him back….how do i get him back? We saw each other for the first time in four months and he was although happy to see me, very cold and “uninterested”…how do i win him back…it seems like he wants to do the chasing, and that goes against theevery being of an aries woman…when i want something, i go for it…dont like waiting

  • Angela Aries says:

    I am an Aries to the max! this is oh so true for me and the scorpio man I had just incountered. We met out a day after my birthday I played it cool with him and he was very cool and interested in me. I was kind of chasing him but without being so obvious about it, I figured if and when i see him again it’ll happen. then we finally saw eachother again after a week or so of wondering about eachother and the reunion wasbeautifully intense! We kicked it without getting intiamate right away. When we finally did the sparks did fly and this scorpio man was the most intense feeling overall withanother being I’ve had right off the bat. He was texting me if I believed in love at first sight right the first week. Now Aries being suckers for falling in love quick I letmy guard down and figured hey I’m ready to trust this sign… Aries let me say that this pairing may be unreal to the point where it feels like true deep love but scorpios mysterious ways and secretive attitude was something I felt was started to reveal itself as a bad choice then that of a real bond. Seems like he really couldn’t give up the side pieces because before you know it he’s got another interest catching his eye. Aries ladies if a scorpio man is fast with telling you hey want you and only you all that good stuff we aries love to hear,don’t fall so quick into it! I’m lucky I caught myself just enough before I really fell in hardcore because for the moment I was in euphoria I also could feel some distrust in my gut that was enough to bare it’s truth and I was cutting him off for it but ….but man if you don’t listen to that little feeling I can see how things could get real devastating, it got that way when I realized he had been blinding me with bs and lies which I knew he was the whole time but I was gently falling for it! Now I’m so hurt at him that yes when it’s over esp on my end, it’s done it’s totally done there’s no being friends about it when you lie about feeling deep passion romantic all for you love with an aries lady then she finds out it was just a trick to get something out of it. So scorpios guys out there if you hurt an Aries where she’s unfriended you from facebook deleted your number and anything else along those lines just know it’s really over and she wont even think twice about putting herself through that mess again. It takes alot for an aries to really take it to that level so once we’ve gotten to that point you can bet you’ve lost us. we are far to passionate independent and exciting then to settle for a scorpio man to bring us down and sting us so that we aren’t the fun flirty socailly freakin awesome Aries that we are.

  • ariesgal1 says:

    Aries girls don’t bother with a scorpio… you can do much better….. they are selfish, manipulative, calculative and vengeful… Wheras aries are innocent and childlke….Try anyone else…. A pisces, aries, leo and sagittarius are the best match… You will find true happiness with them… I knew a pisces man and he was the most amazing person ever… I will always love him… None compare to him!

  • Simone says:

    so tiring…..exhausting actually. Its a never ending quest for perfection …more thant he scorpio’s actually. but hats how my aries woman is. as a scorpio man i dont know how long i will last before simply withering away like a dry leaf in autumn blowing this way and that amid all the wondrous fantasy. where are the moorings in reality? there is no fun… waaah waaaah! :(

  • waterbearer says:

    Hey ariesgal1, I saw your posts on aquarius woman – scorpio man compatibility.You seem really pissed off with scorpio men and your observation about them is so accurate. May I ask why are you so miffed with scorpio men ? Any bad experiences? I happen to come across a lot of them and they always show romantic interest.I just want to know your experience to understand them better.I had an aries male friend in college who fell in love with scorpio woman and she had him wrapped around her finger and flirted with other guys aswell.He was so blindly in love with her that he ignored all of us and our warnings.We told him that she is manipulative and always keeps other boys as her back up.But he didn’t listen.I think when an aries is in love they are blind to every warning.She manipulated him by telling him that I bitch about her which wasn’t true at all.That wasn’t all, she said that few of the girls in our group had hots for him ( only in her imagination) which made her jealous so she wanted him to stop talking to us.He gave up our friendship just because of her.They lasted 3 years on and off.No matter how much she flirted and hurt him,he always went back to her.They are still friends despite the fact that she cheated on him a lot.If it was me I would have never looked at her face after the first time she cheated.I don’t understand the aries – scorpio equation.Do you hang on to them despite of being hurt because you feel they are better than most of the people you know? Or aries always hang on to old friends and lovers?

  • waterbearer says:

    Hi simone, aapki aries gf se kyun nahi banti? kya woh shakki hain? aap unko chodne ke baare mein kyun soch rahe hain? ” Quest of perfection ” se aapka kya matlab tha? Rishtey mein aisi kaun si wajah hoti hai jab ek scorpio man ko lagta hai ki woh aur nahi seh sakta?? Ya keh lo uska sabr toot jaata hai?

  • 100%Aries says:

    I know that the man that was meant for me is a Scorpio. We have known each other since 7th grade and didn’t become intimate until adulthood. He says I hurt him years and I say he hurt me years ago. I was amazed at how he felt I was the reason for his life turning out the way it did.

    Now that a lot of time has passed and he has went through whatever, he isn’t trying to settle down with one person. The passion between us is unmistakeable!!!! No matter who I date, I always know that if he got his act together I would let him be with me. I know that deep down inside he wants to settle down but won’t reveal this. I always feel a heaviness in the air when I am with him like he is seeing inside of me without me saying.

  • Iriana says:

    why is that scorp man always wants to dig into your feelings? you dont open up he says my scorp man of three yrs. but i do. sometimes. mostly i as an aries woman will put on a happy front come what may. i think as the trust gets bettwr this improved too. but hes awesome none to compare with his depth n variety of emotions. sigh. hes aeons bette rthan my ex so no regrets.

  • Ariesgal1 says:

    I find that in scorpio aries equation the latter is more giving, tolerant and too caring. Aries are generally very caring. Aries put extra effort in with a scorpio and don’t realise they are being manipulative. They fall for scorpio believing a scorpio cares just as much but it’s usually the not true. Aries love is pure, true and honest which makes them more likely to be manipulated. You will have to show the Aries man that she is just manipulating him and that he shoud stop hoping her to be otherwise. He needs to face the facts. Aries people usually keep their friendships and are loyal. In your case it seems the Aries guy has been maniplated where the reason behind his actions is the scorpio devil. It’s true when an Aries is in love they are blnd. They refuse to beleive that the person they love is being manipulative. Make him facee the face and be patient. Though always be sensitive and considerate. If you are there for him he should see it. It is shocking that he ended his freindship with you because of her. He is wrapped around her finger. Hopefully he will come to his senses. He needs to stop being in denial and see her for who she is. I believe you can show him… aquarius can usually cut to the core. I would be attracted to scorpios as well but then realised they are manipulative. I would have a constant low feeling, feel unhappy and had to deal with their superiority/inferiority complex. They are wet blankets. I would believe they are great but then faced the facts and realised they are just manipulative. We always care for all the people who we had any kind of relationship with. Aries is best with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are also a good match for them. The guy that I really love is a certain Pisces… He was honest, loyal and very caring. He was everything you could want in a guy. He is a compassionate guy. I will always love him.

  • Mike says:

    I’m a Scorpio. I was rejected by a Aries woman in high school for still being a virgin.

  • Katythearies says:

    Yes its true the aries woman and scorpio man are off to a quick start and bonding. it took me and my bf one week to connect and it was powerful. that was two years ago and it was summer so we decided to go to Scotland for a vacation. Hes a big mobike fan and one of those rides by the coast we had an accident. It was not major though he considered it to be so. I always said my two legs are yours, I have two hands and two eyes those are yours too. so why worry. Besides money was not a worry either. THis is a pair that can balance each other out and work well together. It just takes me time to understand sometimes and I can be stupid enough that can cause misunderstandings. Its usually solved by a kiss to his nose. I discovered that too when we were in Scotland. Its the solution to a lot of problems. So good luck to all you aries women there with scorpio guys!

  • Aries Chick says:

    I am a true aries girl and have dealt with a Scorpio man for the past 20 years the connection that we have is out if this world. He is very secretive but what has made our relationship work is that we do not see each other everyday. We meet up maybe once or twice a month. I feel extremely protected by him. I actually feel like I am ok showing him my vulnerable side.

  • 10/10 says:

    10/10 for Aries woman/Scorpio man

    HOT combo!! This is better than Aries woman/Libra man

  • All Aries says:

    Yeah, I agree with the comments about Scorpio men wanting to pry too deeply. That gets old really quickly. On the other hand, the passion is fantastic, but I get sick of the possessiveness. It’s like I’m his property or something – err, no! If you’re looking for great astrological compatibility though, try this zodiac dating site – it rates all your potential matches and explains why a match would be a good one. – Astrology Dating

  • im a aries female.
    i love so much my scorpio man
    but he dont love me,he love another girl ;(
    now how i do,im so sad…..

  • AriesGodess says:

    I am now involved sexually with a Scorpio man, that I met on December 17th, 2013. Yes it happened fairly soon. December 30th. Being with him BLEW MY MIND. I mean that literally. I pride myself on always being in control of every situation, that I choose to be apart of. Well! Not with this Scorpio man. I was so thrown off, by his presence, I was speechless. OMG!! (pause)…….. mmm!! mmm!!mmm!!! I have NEVER been made love to that way EVER in my life.. EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I was being devoured, eaten in a good way. I’m still SMH! Everytime I think of him, which seems to be constantly. All I want is him now, that’s it. No other man stands a chance at this point. We don’t even live in the same town, plus he works so much; yet he stilll makes time to text and call me daily. He told me that he likes how I taste. (PAUSEEEEEEEEEEE) That drove me wild, which made me try to get inside him when it was my turn to “Please”. I enjoyed every second of this man. I felt so safe, relaxed, and catered to. How do you settle for anything less after A SEXY, SENSUAL, SEXUALLY EFFECTIVE, AND MYSTERIOUS SCORPIO? I don’t know but….SMH!

  • AriesGoddess says:

    AriesGodess says:

    January 3, 2014 at 3:50 am

    I am now involved sexually with a Scorpio man, that I met on December 17th, 2013. Yes it happened fairly soon. December 30th. Being with him BLEW MY MIND. I mean that literally. I pride myself on always being in control of every situation, that I choose to be apart of. Well! Not with this Scorpio man. I was so thrown off, by his presence, I was speechless. OMG!! (pause)…….. mmm!! mmm!!mmm!!! I have NEVER been made love to that way EVER in my life.. EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I was being devoured, eaten in a good way. I’m still SMH! Everytime I think of him, which seems to be constantly. All I want is him now, that’s it. No other man stands a chance at this point. We don’t even live in the same town, plus he works so much; yet he stilll makes time to text and call me daily. He told me that he likes how I taste. (PAUSEEEEEEEEEEE) That drove me wild, which made me try to get inside him when it was my turn to “Please”. I enjoyed every second of this man. I felt so safe, relaxed, and catered to. How do you settle for anything less after A SEXY, SENSUAL, SEXUALLY EFFECTIVE, AND MYSTERIOUS SCORPIO? I don’t know but….SMH!

  • rose says:


  • Famous Aries woman/Scorpio man Josh Duhamel and Fergie!! says:

    Josh Duhamel and Fergie!

  • Nityashree says:

    yeah babe 10×10!!

  • yeehawww says:

    lookeee here, LMAO!!

    Aries woman and Scorpio man rates 10/10 HIGHER than cancer woman. HAHAHAHA

    score one for Aries energy ladies.

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  • DeeAsh says:

    Well all I can say is me and my scorpiio moved very fast because the chemistry was indescribable. But as time went on I fell harder for him and he cared less about me. After our last argument turned physical I knew it was finally over. I still love him but after that I changed my number blocked him from Facebook even detached myself from his mother. So my advice to my fellow ARIES woman is to TAKE YOUR TIME AND GET TO REALLY KNOW YOUR SCORPIO. To this day I know in my heart he still think of me and miss me but I could never see myself EVER going back no matter how much I love him. Emotionally and mentally draining relationship

  • scorpmaster says:

    I’ve dealt with SO many Scorpio men, I could easily write a book about them. I don’t know why or how, but I haven’t lived a day in the last 5 years when at least one Scorpio man wasn’t pursuing me. Which is strange since their perfect match according to most experts is Pisces. I’ve dated several scorps and my best guy friend is a scorpio too, we are friends only because we live very far from each other, and he’s been trying for years to seduce me with his deep waters charm into something more. But I prefer to keep him where he is, while fighting other scorps. Yes, fighting! That’s how Aries woman and Scorpio man bond. I know it sounds so bizarre, and it is, but it’s true! Every relationship I had with a Scorpio man started from some sort of a conflict or an argument. Knowing how intense and masculine Scorpio sign is, it puzzles me every time why these men ever want to put up with Aries fiery nature. But they are definitely drawn to it. And I am drawn to their strength and calm exterior yet hysterical drama that commands their emotions. Sometimes when they get blown up, they resemble a furious little girl, and that’s when Aries is able to stand back and observe with amusement, because Water is always more emotional and therefore more vulnerable than Fire. We ( Aries) have our fun little war, win it and move on. Scorpios will brood for days, years, centuries, when the Ram could not care any less. So Scorpio’s little tests and games do work on us, but only at the beginning when we are after them, but once they’ve shown their outburst, that little girl, we KNOW we got to them and from there it’s important for the Scorpio man to keep his cool and never let the Aries girl to walk over him. I LOVE Scorpio men’s intense nature and machismo, they are MEN, and the sex with them is off the charts. If they can keep their cool and deal with their insecurities, they can do the impossible, to tie down a Ramzilla. :) ) After all, Scorpio and Aries are bound by Mars, the planet of war and passion.

  • hiei says:

    i have an aries woman and she was a sex addict.. she always want to suck my dick and she was very addicted to me.. i therefore conclude that aries woman is crazy in scorpio man once they experienced sex with them

  • Sucker4MyScorpio says:

    @scorpmaster, how do you master the Scorpio Man? My Scorpio man and I are on a roller coaster ride and I often feel like it’s my emotions that are causing me so much suffering. I feel like my chasing him and desire for us to be closer chased him away and his distance confuses me. I often feel like there’s someone else in the picture. He does have Super baby mama drama and he’s an amazing father, so at first I thought this was the reason he was so distant…but then I recently found some comments he posted on other women’s FB pictures and I was immediately enraged! Deleted him off my FB, deleted his number out of my phone but my mind just won’t shut up! I keep revisiting the last 8 months we’ve been dealing with each other and all these little things are bothering me…the woman’s hair clip in his bathroom (he lives by himself so that is SUPER suspicious), the MANY times he’s stood me up or is unavailable via text or calls, his on agin/off again fire for me. I just don’t know what to think anymore. I’m trying to walk away permanently but my heart is still so hopeful, and it makes me feel like a Sucker. I’ve been limiting contact with him, pick and choose when to respond to one of his random-once-a-day texts, and have been avoiding going into where he works (my fave hangout spot in the building we both work at). He’s noticed that I’m not coming in as much and even sent me a text seemingly upset about that, but I just can’t read him at all. It’s like he doesn’t want me but doesn’t want to be without me either. He used to tell me how much he liked me, how he wanted to be a better man for me, and constantly tell me how beautiful he thought I was…and now he’s just distant. I keep telling myself all I need is confirmation that there is in fact another woman and I’ll be gone, but that may never happen…so here I am, hanging onto this roller coaster for dear life, but it would be EXTREMELY helpful for some insight…How do I turn the tables and get this guy to chase after me instead?

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