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  1. Damion

    Truth is…. she is the one for me – everything I ever wanted, and it scares me. I try to forget her but my heart wont let up, I think its because true hearts never lie!

  2. T

    just dont make a mistake to break.its would be the bigest sorry,ull be miss him soo much,and that also for him. i miss my scorpio soooo much and now there is no way to return.

  3. GoldSmith

    Lukewarm, limited connectivity feelings devoid of meaning never strikes the iron for me, and I still cant wrap my head around the fact that the distinctive armed with character extraordinary efforts has negatively impacted the experience. I swear my mode is generally positive and typically make every attempt to stay clear of subliminal stimulants but every once in a while I get inspired by the situations that no longer deserve my time, energy or my focus and thats when that recipe for disaster gets tossed where I then create an outlet to shift and realign into a positive mindset that ignites a renewed passion channeling towards a greater good because results are directly attributed to actions. Boy sometimes I feel I must be fireproof with all the hell I have been put through with the perfectly curated wild-fires. Jah is my keeper!
    There are few experiences in life that will ultimately change your life, this IS one!

  4. Cami

    So I have been dating a Scorpio a man since about late October. When I first met him he was secretive and really only liked to talk about our high school football team, though I didn’t really mind it. We slowly became better friends even as we dated. We went on a lot of adventures, day and night, yes he would sign me and himself out of school, because he is 18 but my birthday isn’t till April so I am still 17(don’t worry he was born in 1997 and I was born in 1998, he isn’t a pedophile) But things slowly got boring and really upsetting for both of us. We argued, and those never ended very well. We threw things, screamed at each other. Honestly I just want to end it, we really only argue, eat, watch movies, and do…the dirty with each other. Our relationship has gone to utter shit and it upsets me. We had a nice relaxed relationship. I have no idea how to tell him

  5. Rose tbh im a scorpio and im tellin u this now…U FUCKED UP U SHOULD HAVE NEVA BEEN WITH HIS BROTHER!!!!!!…honestly u shouldn’t have done that because now he doesn’t trust u and is more likely 2 move on.and
    Sorry if im harsh but im tellin the truth.

  6. leoaqua

    i dont know if they are still together because i heard they broke up, but they were married for a very long time.

    Rhea Perlman (Aries sun with a Capricorn moon) with Danny Devito (Scorpio sun with a Sagittarius moon)

  7. VelmaT

    I am an Aries woman having a long distance relationship with a Scorpio man. Yes everything that is said about a scorpio man in true. He is secretive, liar, cheap, love women and very insensitive. However with all that bad behaviors, once the fall in love with you they are committed. The sexual part with is off the chain. He appears very conservative, but when taken to the alternate limit by his Aires woman he rises to please her and making the sex the most exciting and fulfill experience. My Scorpio man really excite me and satisfy me sexual.

  8. Rose pelayo

    I’d like your advice?
    I need advice-
    Why does everyone always say move on? Advice from someone please- I was with someone for two years until my grandma passed away they wanted a break and my grandma was basically like my mom and when my friend wanted a break at that time I felt I was gonna lose him for good like I lost my grandma to death, so while we were on a break I made the mistake and had a quickie with his brother but mind you before that I was always faithful and never had the thought about anyone else even though people would ask if I was taken I always said yes I am and am happy and even after that mistake I apologized and tried to show so much how I regretted it but to this day it’s been on and off and I still love him and even after telling him my feelings after that he still talks to me every so often but says he doesn’t see any future…… Should I just give up? If you were the guy would you give another chance or what would you do how is it so bad just one thing I did?? People do worse things in relationships…..

  9. Kim

    MUST READ !!

    I am an aries woman dating a scorpio man on varsity. The beginning of the relationship was the best. He was sensitive, sweet and caring and always wanted to know what was on my mind. We broke up the first time because I felt that he was too sexual for my liking, wanting to have sex every single day as if we were married.I provided him with food and everything that he needed which was all great. I didnt want to be without him and he said he felt the same and thus we decided to vibe (kiss, chill do things together but not date) this was he’s way of seeing if I’m good enough for him. The tests, rude remarks and comments ARE TOOO MUCH FOR ME. I am an aries but I ALWAYS tried to consider his feelings before speaking.
    I realise now that he was only using me all along, he doesn’t really feel anything for me, its only what he can gain out of me. They are very MANIPULATING, STUBBORN, RUDE and INCONSIDERATE. I honestly wish I never met him šŸ™ Good luck with your scorpio

  10. Fiyah

    I dated an Scorpio and he was great at first. The relationship between us didn’t even last more than a month. He became an ass hole and I just broke it up. So he wrote me back once. We are friends now. But he’s dating another girl now. I honestly could deal with him but I’m just not patient enough.

  11. Princeemama

    I’m married to a Scorpio and what both of you said I CORRECT secretive & poor communication. The only way I have been able to maintain my crown is by changing me….lol & I’m an Aries. What I do now is NOT give him everything verbally or otherwise. I carry myself with a higher standard & he can’t figure me out now I.e. my next move, how I really feel. I pretty much ignore the shit out of him all the while still cooking, cleaning & GOOD sex. I give him a list of what I need & what I need done & expect it to be just so. Now he does what I want him to just to be able to try & please me & figure me out. Checkmate!

  12. just confused

    At reorna; I as well am a prover. Since we have been seperated we have talked about working things out but I didnt feel I was ready and I also felt that he wasnt telling me anything about his situation with his ex. At this point I feel that after the pain and hurt healed and I moved on he wants to come back into my life to hurt me because he is not over the past. Also his family had no problem embracing his ex and dismissing me as his wife so I have issues about that situation to. Im not sure what to do but my mind says leave it alone before things go really bad again.

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