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  1. Louise

    Ima cancer woman… [deleted by admin]
    Dear my stalker ex,
    I loved u so much but then u ruined it by getting jealous and taking your anger out on me, u got paranoid and asking me where I’ve been- omg u wanted me to end my friendships???wow u really trusted me…. Not!!I’m not a liar like u and I never even raised my voice at you but you shouted at me and called me names.
    I left without warning you because I know if I told you that I’m leaving you , you would’ve tied me up like you threatened to do! And now you still trying to get my new number well you’re NOT having it.
    Seriously, STOP knocking on my door n harassing me or I’ll call the police and you’ll get arrested AGAIN…..GO AWAY….

    TO OTHER CRABS WITH BAD SCORPIOS runnnnnnnnnnnnnn! You’re worth more:)
    I’m dating a cancer man now lol 2 crabs together?? at least my bf now actually loves me.

  2. Sag lover

    I’m a cancerian woman and was with a Scorpio nan for four years.It was great the first two years then it became hell. The man was extremely sensitive , moody and broody.It felt like l was with another woman .
    I got fed up with fighting and being criticised for being
    friendly to strangers.I’m very good in making friends I can go solo to any event and come out with several friends that will tell me they feel like they have known me forever lol. I’m that good with people like have a sense of humour that’s irresistible. Well my Scorpio man never appreciated my sense of humour at all.He would take offense with any jokes or laughs.He never seemed to enjoy the moments we spent together doing outdoor site seeing or travelling, he only enjoyed to watch the videos or pictures we took long after the vacation had taken place.He would get jealous of anyone who tried to talk to me and would criticise me for being friendly. He seemed to think that if he had upset me he can resolve it by buying me a gift , boy was he wrong.His nasty behaviour
    got old and I left him with everything.He thought I was not going to leave the car and property. I did leave everything. Only my dog which he tried to get from me lol.it surprisedo me coz he treated my dog poorly and was jealous if I seemed to be giving it love.I’m now with a sag and I’m very happy.He is exactly what I needed. A real man not a wimp.My sag can understand my humour
    I love him to death and he loves me too

  3. QG

    I have strong feeling for a scorpio man. But I don’t believe it will work.

    So, I wish him the best.

  4. abcd

    i do agree with ynvme…i mean em a cancerian by zodiac nd 22….sharin d courtship with a scorpion of 31… no doubt the luv…chemistry…romance…care and concern….is to a degree unsurpassed in our case…but sometimes i found him behavin erratic…which even i could not figure out…sometimes ultra possessive…he’s mah world…but then oft at times i found him rebukin meeh for maH COMPLAINS…for nt devoting meeh dat much of time…he claims the best way to harness a girl is to set her free in a cage…nw wts dat…??
    but inspite of ol d odds em very much sure dat i definitely luv him…!!

  5. ynvme

    At first I was totally in Aww of my Scorpio man…so strong, confident, physically attractive. Smart funny as hell…but after the 2yr mark jealousy kicked in and he hit me at a club for dancing with a 60yr old man (I’m 31).blame it on a drink if you want but still wasn’t called for. He loves me to death and I’m so loyal but now don’t feel the same way even after getting back on track. Maybe too many emotional UPS and downs…he’s a great guy and I love the way he takes care of me physically and is a great provider. My emotional well-being is lacking..like its all about him and never asks how I’m doing or apologies for what hes said or did…I guess I’m wondering if I should suck it up and settle??? I’m afraid if I do I will be unhappy…don’t ever cheat and don’t want to look for emotional needs elsewhere. By the way I’ve explained this to him and he’s says I complain too much or never satisfied. Confused because he’s my world!

  6. Cancer

    too domineering having a war of eotions & ownership control; we r too alike ; not for me; cancer woman says;

  7. Cancer

    scorpio man too domineering having a war of eotions & ownership control; we r too alike ; 🙁 not for me; cancer woman says;

  8. Kiara

    For me our relationship is a roller coaster ride. We respect each other a lot, the sex part is superb but there are severe compatibility issues :/

  9. Bev

    hehe i like the part about atracting a scorpio man its true i would use a fan to hide my face.But cancers are also dominating people.

  10. Marlene

    I became a total woman with a Scorpio man over 25 years ago…it impacted my life tremendously. I met my 2nd Scorpio man in 2001 and from the moment I saw him I knew there was something there, but nothing happened. Now in 2011 we meet again and he is SINGLE. I once more felt this strong emotion and he did too once we locked lips. I hope this time we can move forward and explore our feelings. This has never, ever happened to me with any man of any other sign before. The ball is in his court now….and he knows it. 🙂

  11. Katy

    There is this man at work whom I became close to during a weekend trip. Unfortunately he is engaged to someone else. I wish I met him before his engagement. He told me he can’t stop thinking about me although nothing happened between us. We just bonded immediately. He is a scorpio and I’m cancer. I feel like we can read each other’s mind. The attraction between us is very intense. I’m sadden. There are other men who voiced their interest in me and I go on dates with them so I dont have to think about my scorpio man, but he is the only person present in my mind all day and all night.

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