Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Capricorn Couples: Mike Nichols and Diana Sawyer; Zhang Yimou and Gong Li

Talk about power couples. When these two combine they are interested in material power, wealth, status and control. Each is dead serious about making it to the top no matter what it takes. Do or die. They are unforgiving about mistakes and absolutely intend to surmount all obstacles to achieve their particular type of fame and fortune.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman as a Scorpio Man: You have to impress your Capricorn lady with your power and self-control. She is looking for someone who has mastered the material world, an alpha male with money who knows how to use it. Be prepared to impress her with well-chosen gifts, neither too lavish nor too cheap. Everything you do should be in impeccably good taste and speak to your appreciation of quality. Use words like “responsibility,” “authority,” “commitment,” and “dedication” if you want to get her attention. Take yourself seriously and she will, too. It wouldn’t hurt to dress nicely, either, especially with some signature clothes.  Oh, and save your vulnerability rap for another girl. Show this one weakness, hesitation, or ambivalence and you may never see her again.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Capricorn Woman:  While your natural inclination is to  be professional, Scorpio will find this crass at worst and boring at best. So do what you can to be subtle and mysterious.  Scorpio men are consciously or unconsciously looking for someone to seduce or a mystery to solve.  Don’t be too sophisticated or racy and, if you possibly can, allude to a past full of secrets.   

Degree of Romance: This is basically a business partnership with little room for romance. Each party tends to bring out the seriousness in the other. Combined, these two feel romance is frivolous and a waste of time.

Degree of Passion: There is an intense degree of passion here; however, it is directed towards career goals, material possessions, and business opportunities. That is a lot to share and both partners face the world in the same direction.

Degree of Friendship: Friendship is a word that is taken very seriously by these two, and it probably means more than friendship. They are dead serious about loyalty, keeping confidences, and intimacy, which they consider non-negotiable commodities. Each can be cold and is capable of using — or at least stepping over — people in a climb to the top. Yes, Scorpio and Capricorn have a lot in common, but I wouldn’t call it a disinterested friendship.

Degree of Marriage: This couple has an excellent chance of making it in marriage as long as both are competent and committed. Problems begin if one partner shows weakness or lack of will power. The stronger one may just step over a faltering spouse to keep on moving forward.

Progression of Relationship:  There is a period of foreplay before the deal is done, but both parties know what is expected of them and what the meeting is all about: closure. These are high stakes players and everything means something.  The implication is that if you sleep together, marriage is in the works.  This may or may not work out, but that’s the mutual expectation.

Sex: There is an element of domination and surrender that characterizes sex, and these are big components of the Scorpio Capricorn dynamic. The Capricorn lady may actually be trying to get Scorpio to submit to her greater will. The more subtly he protests, the more of a neurotic thrill it is for her to force him. Most Capricorns are wonderful lovers because, being an earth sign, they are comfortable in a physical body. She can help ground Scorpio’s tumultuous emotions. Since this is something  he can’t do for himself, it can create a very intimate bond. The Scorpion may be able to “let go” with her more than any other sign, but that’s a secret just between the two of them.

When It’s Over: When it’s over expect to be deleted, annihilated, and destroyed. No two people can turn colder faster when the fire burns out. Neither party will take a break up lightly. Try not to react like the mafia. Watch out for bank accounts and other shared possessions.

Our Rating: 9/10

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138 Responses to Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

  • fanny says:

    just wondering, is some-one taking revenge of my previous double game or he’s trying to give me some type of clue………i think, i have to rewind up

  • jiya says:

    I’ll definitely work out things in near future, making HIM sing this one, ONLY FOR ME ;) And i’m very confident on this one, that i can do this :)

  • jiya says:

    In a life of a woman there are 4 peaks to climb; first one is to be a good and obedient daughter, second to build a satisfactory career, third to be a wonderful and nurturing mother and lastly (optional) to be a good wife. I haven’t climbed any of these peaks, such a shame; what should I do now??????? I’m still standing on the bottom :( but now I feel, I have done enough of staring; now time to start. Just wondering which one to select first???? I think, I have to climb 3 peaks at similar time…..let me make a new map,……as old one is ripped and wrong (misguides a lot).

  • break-up says:
  • soulmates says:

    i don’t want to love him again.

  • soulmates says:

    i don’t want to be stupid mira.

  • soulmates says:

    On a very serious note, i’ve to confess that I’m not sure that I would be able to love again????? Would able to open-up to any-one else, but yeah I’m quite sure that I have to go; farrrrrr away from you……….bye, good night.

  • TrapSoul Kenard says:
  • jazz says:

    lol do you think yourself so beautiful as imran khan…..i love this guy,,,,,,,,,,he’s a pure capricorn.

  • jazz says:

    ok 3 more comments to go and this fucking “KC” comment is out of the way :) you don’t speak and don’t u dare to spoil my challenge.

  • jazz says:

    ok, i have a spa appointment in few hours, promise you’ll behave and will not throw any tantrums…………and it’s your lunch time na,,,,,, go and have some chicken kebab,,,,,,,,,,,shit man i’m talking of non-veg and today’s my fast :( damn now god’ll punish me lol

  • jazz says:

    you know since last 3 hours Neil is sleeping on me……………it took us fucking sooo many months to understand that what he needs to go for a deep sleep,,,,,,,,,everyone is shocked,,,,,,,,,,,he doesn’t sleep like that,and especially for so long in a one go, i’ve never seen that.

  • jazz says:

    Finally, let me stretch-out my legs and kick this stupid KC comment from the list……..i love you monkey :) i have done this kind of stupid act for first time lol even you had never done na ohhh no maybe you have.

  • jazz says:

    babes he’s stilll on……….i can’t believe this curdle therapy, it’s great,,,,,,,,,,,,wish i was with you i would have given you this therapy lol if you were angry with me

  • jazz says:

    he’s just up, mom shouted twice to wake him up, because he missed his food and also because i have to get ready,,,,,,,,,,,,, but don’t know what happened today, i was determined to find out his way of sleeping, though i’m in pain after this but………it was needed. After this mom shout on me, that don’t repeat it, otherwise he’ll be a pain in ass for we me later-on.

    Wohhhhhh man this was a small example, but taught me everything :(

  • Stephy says:

    Aweeeeeee and awee again and aweeee one more time, you gonna make a damn great daddy some day – I cant wait to see you with our baby :) listen babies love comfort and you realised their trick lol and when they realise you realise their trick, you better be prepared to always do it amd trust me they will prompt you and thats why his mom was shouting on you because tou leave her in the mess now lolol, thats how I used to get my son to sleep when hes all cranky, even now when i want him to sleep i just let him sleep on my arms and hug and cuddle him, my daughter was like that too…..aaawee I cant wait :) !!!

    I think you know me already, and even for no reason if am not angry, the powers of cuddle people just have no idea, you know one time you had said some something about cuddling after doing the nasty lol and then another time after that you mentioned it and I smiled, never said anything but I smiled, as though you knew its something I just enjoy doing even for no reason.

    And I always behave, I nver through a tantrum unless I am put in a tantrum throwing mode by certain someone’s and their silly language they know I dont know (and HATE ) wtf they saying lolol, but I’ve learned self control, so am good!

    I dont like chicken kebab cause I dont like chicken, I eat it once in a while but I dont really care for it much. And I dont like capricorns or the sign that follows lol… So i dont even know how comes i even love you lol
    And do I ever spoil your challenges cause man you have them on speed dial lolol

  • jazz says:

    aaaaaaaaaa see this “thats how I used to get my son to sleep when hes all cranky, even now when i want him to sleep i just let him sleep on my arms and hug and cuddle him, my daughter was like that too….”

    So simple you are married :) Or maybe your gf or partner lol

  • jazz says:

    Children cannot pop like that without a partner of opposite sex,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and you are not so great that you’ll go for adoption before marriage lol

  • Stephy says:

    Only person am getting or will ever be married to is YOU and when I sign the Register you’ll see my status as Single (meaning never been married) not divorced as they do indicate that on there and you will be listed as Bachelor for the last time in you natural state of mind lololol cause after that you gonna be listed as MARRIED whenever you complete any sort of form that require your marital status HUSBAND lololol……so anyone who has had a planned marriage in their head had better purge that thought cause any planned marriage is happening right here….. now how’s that for simple!! Hahaha

    No I’ll do children before marriage just that I always say I wanted one more child but will be only for my husband not that I ever knew I would get a husband that didnt have any of his own or didnt care for marriage lol, but its just something I always say….and thats why I always say “what you think about, you bring about” ….so we have to be extremely careful about our thoughts!…..
    Listen, to me marriage is just a tender for legal binding, if you are with someone and you love each other and are committed only to each other, i dont see how making it legal makes a difference of how much more love you’ll have for the person (know what I mean)….its just how we’ve been educated by society to think, that people get married then anticipate getting a divorce at some point (If I must, I only plan to be married once with no intention of divorce) and with a divorce comes certain legal rights that they might not want to risk, so they feel they protecting themselves legally (which is a damn shame if you really love, I could be wrong but just my thoughts)…..but I dont care really, but since society forces it on us, then yeah, offcourse every girl dreams of having a wedding at some point to be all dolled up and looking like a princess for a day :D

    Legally together or not, dont matter, as long as WE make THAT vow to each other to be committed, to exhibit qualities of devotion, dependability, stability and honesty in support of a steadfast long continued fidelity to each other, is all that matters….married people cheat/lie/deceit ect, unmarried people do the same, dont make a difference!! …..the difference will be in the individuals perception of what they want and how they will create positvie things in their lives….life happens to everyone!

  • jazz says:

    i’m getting lost and sleepy lol

  • jazz says:

    @ what time you starting today??????/

  • Stephy says:

    Yes and if you cant find back your way, too bad, if you are tired go to sleep, hopefully when you find you wake up and find your way I am still around.

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  • Craby says:
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  • jiya says:

    Bahut positive talks karne ka shauk (habit) hai na…….chalo jaldi bolo kya topic likio tumhare name ke neeche TEDx talks mehe lol.

    wait, “how to safely swim in the pool of relationships bingo “…………..i think thats the best for you. letme talk in new york.

  • jiya says:

    well they liked the topic and they are about to contact you soon :) they were highly impressed, and on top i said you are super duper expert in this matter :)

    now please don’t say thanks, it’s my pleasure ;)

    or suno topic ache se prepare karna, help chahiye ho to mujhe bother maat karna, i’m busy with my honeymoon thing lol

  • jiya says:

    or hai youtube mehe apne real experience about TEDx Talks jarru se post karna, i’ll be waiting :)

  • jiya says:

    oh im about to sign marriage registration paper in cali…. but i m not too sure that have i divorced you, hmmmm bad memory aaaaaaaaaa

  • jiya says:

    oh remember now im bitch, whore lot of other good things………what should i say you thanks.

  • jiya says:

    acha suno meri divorcee ki sari conditions, i have faxed in your office, sign karke mujhe bhej dena lol

  • jiya says:

    waise to tum bahut gareeb ho, mujhe kya dooge, mehe hi tumhe kuch daan karke jati hu lol , ruko

  • jiya says:

    conditions are

    1.) you’ll be like me :D ONE MAN WOMAN :)
    2.) you’ll always smile :) no worries on your forehead.
    3.) you’ll never drink nor smoke, no bad habits.
    4.) no swearing from your mouth, you’re a father now.
    5.) You’ll try your best to be very nice person.

    Now sign quickly and give me, seriously.

  • nathan says:

    WTS but enout.

  • nathan says:

    I mean enough.

  • jiya says:

    Sry 4 dt overflow :(

  • jiya says:

    No, we love everyone and everything :) If not everyone, don’t care but I do.

  • jiya says:

    New name, new country, new identity, new relationship, new people around, hmmmmm I should be pretty excited, but why I so scared ??????? Scared that what if I face my past ” FAILURES” ???? What if I fall down????? People will say that I’m being negative, no but scared. I don’t care about myself, if I fall I know how and when to to lift up and start again ……but just concern that now i’m holding you. If I fall I know you would be there to grab me but I MAY FEEL BAD THAT YOU BENDED BECAUSE OF ME.

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