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  1. Precious Gem

    I’m a Gemini female really feeling my male Scorpio neighbor. Outta of no where he just became so sexy to me and irresistible lol. Never been with one in past. I really believe he and I. Will hit it off very well! Especially in the bed. Can’t wait!

  2. Alyssa

    I am an acquaintance of a Scorpio man while I was And high school . Being blind I think I opened up in emotional side to him . That saying he was very compassionate towards me and always treated me nicely . Maybe I’ll Meet him again? If I do I hope we could be friends or more because he really respected my position in life . Any help ?

  3. Sue

    Gemini woman here dated Scorpio man – 16 years ago. It’s been sixteen years since we broke up and my heart still hasn’t fully healed. I don’t think his has either. The above description – describes us to a tee. Our relationship was fun and intense but complete chaos. We were both very, very young and I think that was our problem. We were immature. I wish we have both read up on our zodiac signs to better understand each other. We were so into each other – it was truly intoxicating. We only dated for 5 months but continued on and off for two years of simple mind games. I agree with what’s said above – the relationship has the potential of going off the edge. Ours did. I wish we could have made it work but the Game beat us both out. Left us heartbroken. We are both now married to other people and I hope we never cross paths again out of fear of feeling ‘regret’ overcoming our hearts. Regretting not being able to figure each other out before our time ran out.

  4. #ph

    Scorpio man here; I just love my Gemini friend and don’t, I mean, never want to hurt her…She sez she’s in love with an Aries guy, but will spend the whole day with me, She’s intelligent, kind, Witty and smart, and I love every single bit of her…She would say she hates me in a good way, and I really dnt knw what to think…she would tell me a lot of secret personal things, and I sure do try to demisify her any conflicting, hurting or difficult feelings, at least I think I do cos after the talks she gets some of the happiest I’ve seen her, don’t want to get my hopes up, though…recently, she got drunk with friends at a party(held at my place), which I had to close down before any drunkiness could surface, however I let her sleep it off at my place instead of taking her home cos I felt she was too drunk to walk home, though a trekable distance, cos of her repute in the area. Though in her drunkiness she did repeat her saying of “she really hates me in a good way cos she loves me too much to hate me in a bad way”, however I feel it was jst the alcohol speaking or she basically means loves me as a friend or brother..I had never seen her get this drunk (ofcos im totaly not offended by this cos i believe stoping her from drinking and having fun wouldn’t reveal the dangers of drinking, however, her getting to a safe limit uin a controlled environment will reveal a deeper understanding of herself and limits) but since this limit hasn’t really happened before and I did encourage her to embrace her dual natures cos i feel it’s the best way to find a good balance btw both, which resulted me not being firm enogh to jst stop her entirely from drinking at the party, coupled with the fact that she says she doesnt really love me as she has boyfriend she really loves; I feel I should let her go cos I’m not only a bad influence, I’m also just a distraction…reading all this Scorpio-Germini incompatibility, and reading some of this pair relationship experiences of eventually the Scorpio star becoming less caring unlike the beginning of the relationship, I’m scared I’d stop loving her as much if I stay on and she does eventually likes me….Please I need advice…I honestly will really appreciate it, cos though, I’ve had oda sparks with other stars in the past which might actually seem better if compared, I honestly really feel very strongly for her and don’t want to live with out her. What should I do please?

  5. Anon

    I’m a scorpio. I’m a mellow guy, there isn’t much that makes me angry and if anything, I tend to laugh it off. I’ve never thought of myself as a jealous person either, who am I to expect someone to completely give up all of their time just for me, or to always only find me attractive with so many other lovely people in the world? I wouldn’t want to be the recipient of that entitled state of jealousy either. I’m merely happy to be along for the ride. Ha I’m a pretty weird scorpio I guess. I’ve started seeing a Gemini girl, our relationship is new. She’s a lot of fun to be around. I can’t help but feel like I’m just a bore to her but she continues to want to spend more time with me. Her friend has told me that she’s really quite into me. I’m not really sure how I feel about her. I’m kind of worried that I’m merely her next novelty item, but then I stop and ask myself if I’m just being overly analytical. She makes me wish I was more light-hearted. I admire her for that as I see how that influence can help me lighten up. Generally I’ve always been pretty happy-go-lucky for a scorpio though, and maybe this attracts her a bit. At the end of the day, I can’t help but think that I haven’t got what she really wants, but then, I don’t even know what that is… And yet there’s something about her that keeps me coming back as well. I guess, it’s all up in the air.

  6. rachel

    , agree. I am gemini (woman) married to a scorpio man. We met in high school my freshman year to my senior year, I broke his heart. No. I crushed it. 25 yrs later he contacted me, we started talking again. The first time we saw each other, all of time and earth stood still. Everything you said above is true for us. He learned and I learned during those 25 yrs. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and he as well. It can work and have an amazing life together that everybody searches for. A once in a lifetime love.

  7. Katlynn

    These are not all true, in my experience. I am a Gemini woman dating (for the past 4 years) a scorpio man. Our characteristics are a lot like what is outlined above. He is amazing though, he NEVER holds me back and encourages me to go out and have a “girls night” hell, he will even drop us off and pick us up so we can all drink.

    I am very free spirited and move around a lot (mentally), he grounds me and my thoughts, he lets me know when I’m being to eccentric or my thoughts are getting to a crazy level. He holds my thoughts and I together like no one has before.

    When I first met him he was a hard man, he was very secretive and hidden with his feelings. I showed him what love was and what it felt like to truly be loved and he opened up to me. Things he would NEVER do, he’ll do with me because he wants me to be happy.

    It is hard and you do bump head sometime but the love and passion that is held between us is so spiritually overwhelming. I have never met another person that I connect with on so many different levels, sexually, spiritually and emotionally.

    I would go through the obstacles and challenges a million more times to have the connection that I have with my amazing Scorpio man. It can work if you both are willing to compromise, and the result is unimaginable!!!

  8. nurify

    i still married with scorpio man and am gemini, almost 2years , like HELL! everyday only arguing stupid stuff , i was run away from home 2 times , i cant handle my self anymore everytime we fight i explain my feeling and i have my own solution while HE NEVER HAVE ANY ONE and then he feel like i blaming him actually i just wanna solved the problem to be better for us but he start WHY U MARRIED ME THAN? WHY U STAY WITH ME THAN ? this words make me insane sure i get really mad on him ” WTF U SAYING??? ” if u cant acceped me why dont u go away from me ! and i said ” oh u kicked me out , oke than i go away ” and he start to crying and said dont leave me please dont leave me …. I THOUGH THAT SCORPIO MAN NEVER THINKING BEFORE THEY SPEAKING ! am so fed up … he make me depressed , i lose my self i am not the same person , am not easy like before am easy to get angry am easy to cry .. THATS NOT ME! i lose my passion for life everyday .. i try to build my self again but alwaysed crushed on him … this is WASTE ME TIME lot… yeah i lose my baby when i pregnant 2 month u know what he said to me U GET DAMNED BECAUSE U LEAVE ME … ” wtf why dont u blamed ur self because u kicked me n hurt me and am run away from home and i lose my pregnancy … CAN U IMAGINE WHAT KIND OF MAN THAT I MARRIGE . am on deep depression i dont know what should i do , yeah but am gemini woman who always STRONG and want to be BETTER n BETTER.. i think i lose my self … i dont know who i am

  9. Anton

    I’m a 21 year old man (almost 100% scorpio) and I recently broke up with my (ex)girlfriend who is a gemini. In fact it was yesterday. She’s 19.

    We met this summer by the end of July and things were amazing. She’s always had a dream of becoming a doctor and by the end of august, she was approved to a medical program in another City to become a doctor. I takes approx. 1h with train to go between the cities. At the time she moved there, things were amazing and both of us were really sorry and she said that she would apply for the medical program in our city so that she could move back by the end of the year (a couple of monhts later). That was the plan. As we are both students, we were not able to see eachother that much during the first couple of weeks. She was supposed to come back on the weekends to get together. By the first weekend, she became sick, and we decided it would be best not to see each other in order for me not to get sick aswell. So we met the following weekend (2 weeks after she moved). We had been skyping and texting each other a lot during this time. We got together that weekend and things got back to normal for a day or two, and it was once more amazing. The she left again and I went back to take care of my buisness. We would see eachother the next weekend. That was the plan. At this point, I hadn’t got any clue of what was lying ahead. I’m glad I didn’t knew what was coming to be honest.

    So the days rolled by, an we were gonna se eachother the next weekend. However, during the week, she got sick again. This time very sick. We talked and she said that there were just so much stress and that she didn’t knew how to handle it. It is reasonable to expect a lot of stress if you are a young girl that’s moving to another city for the first time and also attending a medical program. She said she had been crying alot and that she didn’t know how to handle the stress. We talked alot I tried to be supportive. After that weekend, she did not get better. When the next weekend came, she told me that she still didn’t feel good enough to come back. So we continued talking and skyping. So three weeks after seeing eachother the last time (when things were as amazing), we finally got to se eachother. However, something was not right. I could tell by the first night (friday) that she wasn’t like normally would be. I thought that it depended on the stress and the fact that she still was a bit ill. The following day (saturday), we went to the movies with her sister and her boyfriend (really good friends of both of us). However, all of us three could tell that something was serioulsy wrong. me and my girl got home at about 01.00 am and we grabed something to eat quickly and went to bed. I started to cuddle with her but I could feel the something was wrong. It had been all weekend. So I asked her to say whats on her mind and tell me everything. She explained there was so much stress and the she did not know how to handle it all. And she started crying. She told me the she felt like we were slowly being pulled away from eachother. I agreed, i had felt it to, but I still had very strong feelings for here. She told me that she were not sure of how we were gonna make our relationship work. I tried with all my heart to find out the thruth and she revealed a very important fact that need to be highlighted.

    She felt like the overall impression she had got during our relationship, was that I did not care enough for her.

    This killed me. I started crying uncontrollably because I knew that I did in fact care for her, but she insisted that we were too different to be together. That night was the worst night of my life. I litterally cried the whole night beside her because I knew that this would be our final night together. She would not give me a chance to improve myself, as I was feeling willing to sacrifce all to be with here.

    The following morning we talked for hours and eat breakfast at approx. 12am. I was devastated. She was not crying. Maybe becuase she had already been crying the past couple of weeks. That’s probably the reason why she got sick.

    What upsets the most me is the fact the she never explained to me in the first place how she felt, and how she wanted me to show her more that i care for her. If she would have told me this earlier, I would have done everything in my power to show her my feelings. But she decided to tell me this before she had already made up her mind.

    She has explained that when she had been with me, she had been feeling like she hadn’t got any response or confirmation from me, that I truly had feeling for her. She explain that all the time she felt more and more torn and the she evetually felt worthless.

    When I heard that, It destroyed me. It felt like a blade slicing through my stomach. It made me realize how bad of a boyfriend I had been. But at the same time, I had only been myself. If I were to change, then she would not love me for who I am. i did have feelings for her, I’m just not that good at showing them.

    However when the cards were dropped and She wanted to breakup, I felt like I really was not ready for it. She broke my heart. What I did not know was that I had been breaking her heart all the time. So right now, I don’t feel very well. She had always been treating me perfectly, and right now I feel like I have made a huge misstake, and I feel incredibly sad. The last time I saw here before the break up was when things were amazing, and I had been longing to get together ever since.

    It was yesterday that we woke up together for the last time, eat breakfast and said goodbye. When we said goodbye, she started crying, but not to the extent that I had been crying. I cried the whole day.

    So today (break up took place yesterday) I just wanted to share my experience as a scorpio man getting together with a gemini woman. Don’t make the same misstake I did. Show your partner how important she is for you. Make sure that she feels loved. I thought that she was feeling loved due to the way she was treating me and the way she behaved when we were together. I turns out she was holding back her emotions because she was afraid to hurt me. This eventually lead to the break up. I told her in the early stages of the relationship that if you ever feel like something is wrong, let me know so that we can work those things out. She never gave me a clear indication that something in fact was wrong. She had in fact been giving me small hints like jokingly saying “you’re so hard to read” etc. but not to an extent that I actually realized how she felt.

    However I think that, in the end, we were in fact very different. And I do believe that sooner or later, it would have ended. Maybe this contributed to my feelings not being expressed properly. But right I feel like this wasn’t the right time to break yp, especially for me. But what can I do? I just gotta keep going forward, without thinking about us, even though I still feel willing to try again.

    I just hope that no one ever have to go through what I am going through. Knowing it’s over because of you, unintentinally, broke you partners heart, is overwhelming.

  10. Glutton 4 Punishment

    I married one and dated 3 or 4 Scorpions. At first it’s exciting. Then it gets boring. Then exciting. Then I end the rollercoaster ride. There’s another Scorpion on the prowl.

    …this Gemini is in need of some excitement, mentally and sexually. I’m ready to roll.

  11. 100% Gemini

    I am a proud Gemini who has a lot of experience with Scorpios in general. This can be a great combination when you’re willing to change and compromise a LOT for the other person, but otherwise it’s literally a relationship from hell.
    To start off, my mom is a full blown Scorpio woman and we NEVER got along when I was living in her house. She was WAY too emotional for me and cocky and competitive and if something didn’t go her way she literally went ballistic. Don’t tell anything you don’t want revealed later to a Scorpio because man or woman THEY WILL HOLD IT AGAINST YOU. When working on business matters or talking about finances or passions in life, though, we were on the same page. The same level of intellect is there but if something does not go their way or if they feel threatened they will definitely lash out. My mother was also married to a Gemini man and his need of freedom was too much for her and their relationship ended after he was unfaithful and she was, probably, kind of crazy. Scorpios want to feel wanted 24/7 and us geminis NEED freedom and diversity in our lives. Rather than going out, she always wanted to stay in: we would stay in for weeks at a time. Scorpios will lash out if you suggest otherwise.
    I also talked to a Scorpio male for some time and we were texting from November of one year to June of the next year and got pretty much NO WHERE. Their communication styles are so different than us and as a Gemini I felt the need to constantly keep the conversation going but don’t do that. They’ll have short answers but just answer short as well and they’ll keep coming back with more questions for you as they’re curious individuals. Although Scorpio men and women are loving and devoted, they can reach a level of psychotic in my book and don’t provide the excitement we geminis oh so crave, and I’m pretty aware of what every astrological sign is capable of.
    I don’t usually write on these websites but as a Gemini warning another Gemini, please be careful with this relationship. They lash out and aren’t as spontaneous as we would hope and although sagittarius’ are listed as our opposites, I feel that Scorpios are the absolute LEAST like us.
    I have found that my best matches are aquarius’, libras (weirdly all of my best girl friends have been libras), Aries, Leo’s (sometimes), and surprisingly cancers. Scorpios are just totally different and can be unbearable. Best of luck!

  12. Darkwolf

    There are a few points on which I have to disagree, as a Gemini woman particularly with respect to the statement below:
    “When It’s Over:  The Gemini butterfly will flutter away to another flower in someone else’s garden, leaving the Scorpio to plumb the depths of his soul alone.”
    I personaly would never dream of doing such a thing to the person I’m planning to spend the rest of my life with who himself is a Scorpio. His gentle, kind, sweet tempered and selfless nature alone would not permit me to do such a thing, and even with those reduced which I highly doubt they would be the effection I have for him would stand to prevent it. As for compatibility,
    “Degree of Marriage:  This couple has the downside of sticking together through thick and thin to the point of real pain and absurdity.  There may be a constant diet of betrayal, painful and unnecessary confrontations, ridicule, sarcasm, and vendetta, and yet the relationship endures.  This is not the best recipe for mental health.”
    Pardon my language but, that is complete and utter BULLSHIT.
    There’s so much more I can say on this but I believe I’ve made my point.

  13. Bethery

    As a Gemini woman I have found that my Scorpio man brings out passion in me and makes me lose interest in my freedom. He has learned not to hold me back but honestly I find him so fascinating that I don’t want to leave. Frankly disagree with parts of this article. You can make it work if you really Love one another.

  14. Shacklolo

    My husband (Scorpio man) and I (Gemini woman) have been together for 12 years. We have been married for 11 years and my husband holds on to every negative thing its crazy. He repeats events but the truth is distorted to make myself out to be a victim. I’m running out of things to do to make this works. He doesn’t want to end the marriage, but I do. I’m tired of his controlling and angry ways.

  15. Mia

    I’m a Gemini female who’s in love with a Scorpio man and we do differ but for some reason he won’t walk away and its scary cause I don’t know how long I’m gonna feel like this. I like to be free and he’s clingy


    ^ ditto.
    I don’t think scorpio men generally think us gemini females care since we are a bit ‘eccentric’. But I do believe that they are amazing lovers and this match will work if they let each other be themselves. Its a challenging yet worthwhile combo.

  17. gemini woman

    i was on a conversation wth a scorpion man for months who is 10yrs elder to me and i had the best time of my life with him…. he was damn caring, honest, devoted… but one day he suddenly comes up with “you are such a kid” and stopped the conversation there, thinking nothing, even when i told him tht i love him, he said he is not the right person 4 me….and now he is dating a scorpion female…. i still don’t understand what that whole time was about

  18. gemini woman

    Scorpion man will break your heart and manipulate you they willl act as if they are sad when they cheat but only acting so they can Win you.. Stay away Geminis they have a dark and dark side that the happy times won’t be worth it!!!

  19. Shehnilla Mohamed

    Hey there, /i a just coming out of an almost 7 year relationship with a scorpio man. How I wish I had read up on our compatability before going into it – it has been such a roller coaster with more downs than ups and now that I have read he personality traits I agree that Gemini and Scorpio are not compatable

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