Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Scorpio Couple: Bar Rafaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio,  Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

There are about five people present in this relationship. It’s a box inside an enigma inside a mystery.  The trouble is that it’s hard to catch everybody at home at the same time.  It’s definitely a costume party, which remains a party as long as no one has to take their mask off.

How to Attract to a Gemini Woman as a Scorpio Man: Have you ever tried to squish an ant at a picnic?  You know the way you have to chase it with your eyes and hands at the same time?  That is what it is like trapping the beautiful Gemini creature who is as alluring as a butterfly.  Long periods of intense waiting and watching must be followed by deft acts and deeds.  This lady, one of the most desirable in the zodiac, is as hard to pin down as quicksilver, her mercurial ruler, which is exactly what you need to lighten you up in the right way.  Besides, the fascination is undeniable.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Gemini Woman: Gemini women hardly need advice on how to catch a man, or at least catch his eye.  There is something about you like a worm on the end of a hook that lures the big fish.  Scorpio, being a deep creature, is utterly fascinated by your superficiality and allure.  The more mercurial you can be, the better, even to the point of being purposely irresponsible about small and inconsequential things – be a little bit late, be hard to catch on the phone, say “I’ll get back to you” a lot, be willing to disappear.  All your beautiful words and verbal ability mean absolutely nothing to him, but he will be transfixed by the sound of your voice.

Degree of Romance:  This can be an incredibly romantic combination.  No one knows the act of flirtation like a Gemini, and Scorpio is the perfect instrument to play to.  The Gemini woman can never ever be possessed by the Scorpio man (despite his deepest desire), and she will find the intensity of his intentions inconsequential and humorous.  It is the stuff great operas are written about.  The potential for Scorpio’s suffering is immense.

Degree of Passion:  There is a tremendous degree of passion possible, but unfortunately it is one-sided. Geminis don’t digest passion well.  It is never their first choice on the menu.  Scorpios live for passion.  Is this a good mix?

Degree of Friendship:  Oddly enough this pair can give each other a merry chase intellectually and they can entertain each other endlessly with a running commentary on the foibles of human nature.  They make great traveling companions on the journey of life.  Her wit complements his perceptiveness for some great “aha” moments.  This couple will enjoy talking about other people immensely and trying to dissect their motives.

Degree of Marriage:  This couple has the downside of sticking together through thick and thin to the point of real pain and absurdity.  There may be a constant diet of betrayal, painful and unnecessary confrontations, ridicule, sarcasm, and vendetta, and yet the relationship endures.  This is not the best recipe for mental health.

Progression of Relationship:  You know how you stare at the chess board at the beginning of the game trying to figure out what your strategy is? Figure two people doing that at the same time and then changing their strategy in response to the other person’s every move.  The possibility of mind games is absolutely boggling and this may take the place of an erotic connection.

Sex:  For the restless mind, sex can be an outlet for ingenuity and cleverness.  When you combine a restless mind with a subterranean urge to discover the deepest, darkest motives in order to control the other person, you have a very interesting range of experiences being worked out through sexuality.  This is one combination that may be very “studied” in its approach to sex.  Hardly anything either one does is unpremeditated, although for completely different reasons.

When It’s Over:  The Gemini butterfly will flutter away to another flower in someone else’s garden, leaving the Scorpio to plumb the depths of his soul alone.  While Geminis take a lot of knocks for being shallow, her superficial nature can keep this break up from going off the deep end.

Our Rating: 6/10

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  1. I think this is very true, well some parts. I’ve recently started talking to a Scorpio male Ames I am really interested in him. I can already see that he is very jealousbut also very romantic

  2. I am a gemini woman and ive been seeing a scorpio man for a month now, I think this is so true, he gets jealous easy hes possesive but he is passionate and affectionate he has a dark side though there is chemistry, I like to have freedom I love change and excitement I dont like commitment but he wants me to commit I am quite lighthearted and he is emotionally deep and he shows this I am deep too but never show it on the surface incase its percieved as weakness. I found this v intresting.

  3. my daughter mother is a gemini im a scopio..our relationship was so over the top anytime we came to a stop thats when the arguments came i was very loyal to her.. I know what she was thinking before she told me and how she was feeling i can read people very good but I wasnt very good in articulate at it and she brings the passinate out of me which i love..we broke up but we had more good times then bad times..

  4. Ok, so I’m a taurus and my ex-boyfriend is a scorpio, he is now dating a gemini woman but we have come back into each other’s lives (we have been on and off for the last 8 yrs but have always remained friends no matter what). I can tell that he really loves this gemini girl but I know that he also cares about me too. They now live together (she moved in with him) but he doesn’t want to leave me alone. He keeps trying to get me to have sex with him and told me that if I get pregnant by him then he is leaving her alone…he sounds so confused and that is usually not like him. He has been to my house a couple of times without her knowing about it and things have gotten hot and heavy, but I wouldn’t go all the way with him…even though he was trying his best. As a taurus woman this is not like me (I always treat others as I would want to be treated and my golden rule is to never do to anyone else…especially another woman, what I wouldn’t want done to me and I have never talked to another woman’s man), I really want to be his friend but our sexual chemistry is ridiculously Amazing and he can’t keep his hands off of me…we have never done anything with each other when one or both of us were in a relationship but now for some reason with this girl, he is trying his hardest to be with me. He will be 45 next month, I’m 30 and the girl is 21. Advice from any scorpio males would be greatly appreciated, thank you

  5. i’ve bin with my scopio bf fa 8 months n due to me lying to im an then confess we broke up but wi still talk n im alway assking mi to do things fa im. i miss im so much. y is he always telliig mi to bill wen eva mi try fi express myself to im?

  6. I’am in love with this gemini girl. I dont know abt hr. We flirt a lot with eachothr but after sometime it goes off. She is very charming n attractive. I become very jealous whn she is wid sumone coz although doesnt show any interest in him but they wud always take the chance. For me she is my stress booster. Things that she say , i never take them seriously, but i like talking to her. She loves spending time wid me. She understnds me. She was born on 19 of june. So wht i feel is dat she traits of both gemini and cancer. That goes well wid me.

  7. No there is nothing like that at all a scorpian man and a gemini woman can really live happily if both compromise a bit. A gemini has to be loyal and a scorpian less strict for gemini’s freedom and that’s it.

  8. This is spot on. I am a Gemini woman who dated a Scorpio man for over two years. He was the first guy I ever loved but the whole relationship was a big mind game from the beginning. We were insantley drawn to one another but I made him play the waiting game for about two months while I did my own thing. Once I realized I was in love with him though, we quickly became a couple. Scorpios and Gems have a roller coaster relationship. It’s good when it’s good and very bad when it’s bad. Also, don’t be fooled, scorpios can be very secretive and almost sneaky about things. Don’t assume you know everything about them because you don’t. Although there was a lot of love there, we split and I am now dating someone else. Me and my scorpio have managed to stay friends though which I think is a better relationship for these two signs!

  9. I agree with this article. I think Geminis and Scorpios are obsessed with each other. I recently got involved with a Scorpio and it’s everything this article described…mind games galore, on both sides. All we do is react to each other. When it’s good, nothing can compare. But right now, it’s awful, because in true Scorpio fashion he stopped speaking to me two days ago (I’m not even sure why), and me being a Gemini will not call him back or allow him to bend me to his will. Weird part is, the sex is CRAZY… he takes me to where I have never been… and I him. This relationship is filled with pleasure AND pain. Geminis and Scorpios are probably the hardest signs in the zodiac to understand; we like people who can capture our minds and keep our attention and that’s not always easy to find. But it comes with a price, because like the article said, this combination is not the best recipe for mental health!

  10. lol that great. and im still a senior in high school and ive having my own little affair with a scorpio boy and so far sounds right on the money

  11. I’m a Scorpio male, and I’ve been dating my Gemini girl for a little over a month. From the start we immediately clicked. We both want the same things from our relationship, we both are extremely passionate about the other (surprisingly she isn’t as emotionally detached from the relationship as you would think), and if we do have any issues, they’re minor and we’re very good at talking through them. I feel like I could marry my Gemini one day. :3

    Don’t lose heart fellow Scorpions! There’s hope for this match.

  12. wimp’s :
    I have just started dating a Gemini last Sunday. I really got scared because she doesnt take things very seeriously as I thought. I am Scorpion Man. But She is so beautiful and atractive and charming. She promised to write me but she will not and keep on apologizing all the time. I really Love this woman. With the comments I read today, I have a great hope in Marrying her One day soon She is a Christian and she is true and loya. I am sure God doesnt give any Astrology all the Super power to know correctly everything regarding relationships

    Type your comment here

  13. im a genimi woman i think scorpio men like the way we make them feel sexually they cant get enough of it thats what they love about us no other sign makes them feel the way we do

  14. They forgive but never forget,
    Relationships to them are purley sexual,visual,lustfull
    They understand that nothing lasts for ever and that most people move on when the relationship reaches the frank sonartra moment,to quote frank.
    when the yelling and swearing starts baby its all over,and this has proved to be correct as a harbinger that a relationship has run on to the rocks and fast sinking.
    If you have a history of many many relationships that end pretty much the same way,and you are around 40 t0 50 years old,then its time to realise you will be happyer being on your own,
    And waiting to fill that void is God,
    A love no woman can ever offer you be honest out there some times the flame must go out for good in a persons personnell life.
    Dont punish yourself let go and realy live for once as a true individual -love is for suckers in the end.

  15. I just ended a 9 yr long distant relationship with a Scorpio Male who is 12 years younger than me. It was partly my fault. Of course no cheating on my part just his in the begining but I forgave and took him back. Ever since then I have been an emotional roller coaster during our relationship I couldn’t trust I was afraid he would do it again.Its been a working progress but up until this year. He has been manipulative emotionaly and so have I. We fight then we make up. I also hang up on him so I don’t say anything regretful he becomes vengeful. I ignore his calls cause he doesn’t answer mine. I broke up with him saying its over soo many times because the long distance was getting to me and him not answering my calls made me suspicious. So finally he kept calling till he was blue in the face everyday I just ignored it. He sent me flowers on Valentines Day and he called I ignored it and said just move on its over. I was angery and upset cause he wouldn’t answer my calls..I also was tired of the long distance. I took all my frustrations out on him.

    I thought he would try back like he normally did but he didn’t. He change his status on fb to single. That’s when I knew I pushed to far. I called and called he ignored me. I called his work several times he had his coworkers lie for him saying he wasn’t there. I talked to his bf he said he had been crying his eyes out for me. I called his work back finally he spoke to me and said move on it gets easier with time..just like I said to him in a text. I said to him I’m soo sorry I didn’t know it affected him that way and why I did what I did but it wasn’t right. I was blinded by my own fears and hurt that I didn’t realize I was doing that. I don’t ever want to make anyone cry especially the ones I love He wasn’t hearing me. I beg an pleaded for him to try to work things out. He said he needed time. Then he contrridicted himself. And said move on. I said tell me its over then don’t leave me hanging he couldn’t. He said just moveon so then I said so its over is that what your saying he said no I just need time meanwhile move on. I’m confused. We have always fought but we make up. This time I don’t think so. Inspite of our dysfunctional relationship we both love each other soo much. He texted me and said he didn’t hate me he is just hurt he has moved on and so should I . I asked him since I gave you a second chance when you cheated I asking for one he denied me. I want him back.. Scorpios once they’re hurt I was told forget it your dead to them is this true?

  16. I am a Gemini Female, and I met my Scorpio Male back in 2001. We went to school together, He was in my class. He was the new kid, so I noticed him and one day went up to talk to him. We still talk to this day… However, After that year of being in the same high school… he moved out of state. We would see each other on and off during winter/summer break. This has been going on for years. Up until recently…. I moved to be with him. Now that we were together he changed completely as a person. I mean no affection, no love. We would have sex alot though. If he wasn’t on his xbox, he was on his phone, if it wasnt his phone it was the computer, if it wasnt the computer it was sleeping. I mean, he ignored me – never took me anywhere. Anniversary…. What is that? He changed…. or maybe this is really how he is … I just never have been around him long enough to see this. However, the first couple years after we met he wanted to be around me and talk to me all the time. Now, I can barely get him to look at me and laugh with me. I am very hurt over this. I dont understand it, Is this a Moody Scorpio game he is playing to “CONTROL” me and my emotions? If anybody has ANY advice please… feel free to give me some. I am Hurt. I love him deeply. I thought he was my soul mate……………………. 🙁

  17. I am a Scorpio man and just started dating a Gemini woman a week and a half ago. We knew each other about a month before we started dating. We are already engaged! WTF!? lol. I have never moved this fast with any person that I’ve dated… Honestly it makes me very nervous, especially after seeing some of the negative feedback about Scorpio/Gemini compatibility and the comments on here. But me being the loyal and passionate Scorpio that I am, I will not give up on this relationship until I see for a fact it can’t work. The two of us are different in some ways…yes, BUT we both have great communication abilities which makes it easier to understand each other and not get too frustrated with one another. And we have a lot in common as well. Yes Geminis need their freedom…I only get to see her half of every week because she goes on long trips for her work and I am willing to except this because I love her. Also, I enjoy freedom too(I’ve got a Leo moon). I love the way we play and flirt one second and then it goes to having a deep conversation the next… and then back to flirting again. It’s so fun! We never seem to run out of stimulation with each other! Oh and the sex is OUTSTANDING!!!! We connect on such a POWERFUL level of physical attraction…it baffles me! I think maturity plays the BIGGEST part in whether or not a Scorpio and Gemini relationship works…
    Anyway, Congrats to all the newly weds! and goodluck to all who are struggling!

  18. I should not be to hard on the gems,
    sagitarious,Capricorns,Pisces,-are very flighty woman
    Great while the goings good,
    But will run off with your mates,or run back to ex flames,
    and pisces-so caring generous loving,but can be so spitefull when moody or out played, very bitter if they think they have been double crossed,right or wrong,
    what are aries and leo woman like and aquas as well.?.

  19. I know of a disproportionate number of couple of this combo, particularly Gemini woman-Scorpio man. Don’t know what it is but Scorpios seem to go ga-ga after Geminis. Perhaps they find them elusive and a challenge, but it is ridiculous how many marriages, both long and short term, I know with this combo. Much more than supposedly good Scorpio – Pisces.

  20. She said she is on the cusp of cancer so does that make her any less a gemini,
    And why do scorpio men attrached so many virgo woman,.

  21. To Darren, I would say trust your intuition too. Although she is an older, more mature Gemini, we Gemini women are fickle all our lives, even after we marry a great guy we still wonder about the grass on the other side of the fence. She probably has a genuine interest in you but her ‘genuineness’ is here today, gone tomorrow. You are much more serious person than she is. Scorpio is sexy and if you think she wants to get you in bed, I would say you’re probably right. Don’t do it unless you well know what you’re walking into. She might be hard to resist even though you know all this though – there seems to be some kind of invisible draw between the two signs that neither can resist although both might end up regretting. 🙁 Good luck to you.

  22. To Darren ….trust your intuition. i don’t know why enough people don’t trust their gut and rationalize and end up sorry. scorpio intuition is quite reliable. i’m a gem and my best gf is a scorp and has great instingsts. i wish i had some of that myself.

  23. Im a Scorpio male,48 and have dated most signs except leo aries gemini ,had most succsess with vigo woman
    I have a 47 year old gemini lady very interested in dating me,but i have never liked the male or female geminis i have met in lifes journeys,cold and two faced for my liking,i dont trust them,right or wrong thats how i perciece them,.
    This lady is attractive driven sucsessful and coming on to me in a way that has raised flags in what her intentions are,my intuition is telling me dont get involved,but friends say go for it u have nothing to loose.?
    I am working class not driven easy come easy go attatude to life,so i feel her advances are for my body and bed,i still have boxers type build for my age that was training i done for years,
    Gemini advise would be most welcome,thanks.

  24. Dear Gemini girl,

    Sometimes it’s not about the signs so much but about the differences between men and women. You could be more mature than him, you could be getting more emotionally attached than he is (and this I would say is because you are a woman, not a Gemini).

    As you probably know if you think about it reasonably – is that him listening to his parents about how he should live is too much. What is attractive about that? Even in an 18 yr old guy I would despise such lameness. Maybe he will grow up or might miss you at some point – whatever you do, no matter how much you want to, don’t jump right back into it. If you want him, or any man to stick around and be interested, just live your own life, focus on yourself and your career and passions. Focus on yourself and I can’t stress this enough. The rest is all just little games of playing hard to get and strategic approach.

  25. Im a gemini girl and i just got dumped by my scorpio boyfriend. I know that our relationship was very special and that there was absolutely nothing wrong. Two weeks after our 1st year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend, he decided to not be in a relationship and that he did not love me anymore. I know him and thats not him. His parents did this because as everyone knows a baby boy will always be “a mommies boy”. His parents told him that he was not ready for a relationship because of his studies which is pre-medicine. How can that be? I love him so much and he is avoiding me. I can’t stop thinking about him. Eventhough he has broken my heart, im still willing to forgive him if we get back together.

  26. We may have a roving eye at times, but rest assured for the most part, our hearts remain loyal. Try teasing him about it, & that should snap him out of it.

  27. I am with a Scorpio and I am a Gemini woman we both get along well and understand each others point of views. He is very jealous and can be controlling at times he say its because he loves me and hates when men try their own luck. I can say one thing i dont like is the way he becomes uncomfortable when we are around a attractive woman. It makes me feel that he has a urge to look or glance her way. I really hope we work out but something inside makes me feel we wont..I love him very much but i dont know..

  28. If you’re up for studying it in greater depth, you may want to look at your decanates. This is the influencing sign within your element based on which of the 3 10-day blocks of the sign you’re in. An easy way to calculate it is just to know that the 1st decanate is your own sign, the physical aspect, the 2nd is the next on the wheel in your element, the mental aspect & the third is the last same element sign, the spiritual aspect.

  29. As a true-blue Scorpio, i’ve been with three Gemini women all my life. One lasted three years, the next equally beautiful and talented for twelve years (broke up two months ago) and the current one i’ve been seeing for more than three weeks now and looks like a keeper.

    What is it with Gemini women?!

  30. I think this is absolutely fascinating. I’m a gemini and 6 years ago a scorpio man approached me and asked me to go on a date with him. He said we actually worked together at the same place, but I had never noticed him before. I was pretty social, and only remembered those that really stood out. He was so charming that day he approached me and it left a huge impression on me. I had a boyfriend at the time, but a few months later I broke it off and called that Scorpio. We had the best conversations and would talk for hours. I fell for him very quickly, but he ended up breaking it off after a month because we lived in two different cities. I was absolutely crushed, but I just figured he was too stupid to know how amazing I was and so I moved on. A couple of years later we ended up working at the same place again, and he immediately apologized for our past, regretted ending things between us, and said he still wanted to be friends. We both were in serious relationships, so it seemed ok. I forgave him, when I normally wouldn’t allow someone who hurt me so badly back into my life. With him though, I could tell he was sincere in his apology. Fast forward to today. I am married to a wonderful Cancer man, and the Scorpio is currently single. We are still friends but now we are dangerously close. He has confessed that he has always loved me. We talk all the time, and he never keeps secrets from me, even when I wish he would! He thinks I’m beautiful, funny, and he regrets every day that he let me get away. We don’t usually fight, but sometimes he will hurt my feelings and I’ll have to explain to him why, even though he really doesn’t understand. He says he loves the sound of my voice, and he also thinks I worry about ridiculous things, even though they are important to me. I’ve never had sex with this man, nor will I, but I believe it would be fantastic, because he is so sexually driven, and he really does care about me. I consider him my best friend, and even though he does seem, stubbon, selfish, and rude at times. His loyalty, honesty, and humor outweigh all the bad. If I ever did divorce the one I’m with (not likely) I would definitely give this Scorpio man another chance. I can already see what our downfalls would be, but I’m very good at communicating in a loving way, and he loves me enough to listen. This Scorpio will always fascinate me, because he seems so mysterious, despite all the secrets he gives away, and he always has me laughing, fidigity, entertained, and wanting more. Plus he makes me feel so damn sexy, which is kind of nice when you’re off the market.

  31. I am a gemini women and my husband is a scorpio man. We are newlyweds. We have been married for only 4 months and things are great. My husband is the total opposite of me; he is very focus and determined. Everything he does, he includes passion in it. ( the sex is powerful). He does say sometimes I worry about silly stuff, however in my mind it’s not silly; its important. My Scorpio loves to have a clean home but thinks cleaning the home is a silly thing to worry about. Okay, this does not make any sense…lol. He makes me laugh, honestly this is just an example because we never argue nor fight. I just clean the home (OCD) and he does all the outside up keep. We make the best of friends because we view things from two different sides of the spectrum. I honestly feel some of the astrology traits are correct but as for if one sign is more compatible with the other; I don’t agree. I feel everyone has flaws and there will be certain things you have to put up with. Because a good friend of mine is a Pisces and her “ex” husband is a Scorpio they only lasted for 2 months, now the Pisces is married to a Leo and they have been married for 3 years. It’s all about the love and respect you have for one another. My Scorpio husband is the man of his castle and he makes all final decisions, however he “always” askes for my opinion because he states ” we’re in this together, were a team”. Fyi: i have been together with my husband since high school and I am 28 yrs old. All ppl are different. Plus, I do think looking at your moon sign helps as well. My moon sign is a Pisces and his moon sign is a Libra.

  32. Stop being so insecure scorpio man, and gemini women will get let worried about”meaninful things’ u may think.Ones you underst the diff things can go supegood between you!

  33. I had many relations with them and as a gemini, im telling you they are hard to be understood, they re hiding too much, and wen doesnt want to come back, its a sign than never loved you, just want some fun. SCORPIOS er fun lovers, often they cheat for fun and they tell you beutiful lies. In the other hand if they are serious, they may get jealous on you, missunderst. the light-happy way of gemini, they get so possesive that its impossib. to get away, even after broke-up, they tend coming back to gemini, which it means they still got feeling for.

  34. i was recently dumped by a scorpio male he said he felt no connection he felt i wasnt the one because he isnt in love with me yet.. we were dating about amonth and a half and knew each other about 4 months before (we are coworkers) i am so confused because he said he wanted us to fall in love together which sounds like a fairy tale to me but at the same time i feel like maybe we could have if we had gotten to know each other better, he seems so convinced and now i am hurt i am a gemini committment is important to me and i was trying we never argued and got along pretty well i do not understand it i miss him terribly but refuse to contact him as he told me he wants space and wants to be friends….i dont get what i did wrong he will be 41 next week i am 33

  35. @ #6

    I am a Scorpio male and am dating a Gemini woman, and I have to say I completely agree with you. I too feel we are totally on different pages, and when I was in the stage of the honeymoon period she was worrying about the smallest things and being ultra critical.
    we’re still together and are working on our issues, but the relationship just doesn’t feel anywhere near right. It’s such a shame as I really do love her, but as you said, I don’t think she wants to let me go but she also doesn’t want to commit as deeply as I need in order to be happy.
    I also have extreme issues adjusting to the way she is so variable, it throws me off and makes me feel really insecure. I am consistent and definitely require the same in order to know where I stand.
    The sex is the best i’ve ever had though!
    good luck to all, I really hope that love conquers all-you can definitely make things work with commitment from two people but it’s definitely not an easy union with these two signs.

  36. Funny,i am totally gemini and i have a scorpio dad and we really get along together better than my leo mom. Seriously, we have a lot of common. Including his secretive habit.

  37. hmmm. this is to #6 I am also a Gemini female and I am sorry but if she was not waht you wanted then why did you atke the time to look up gemini and scorpio relationship there is obviously something that you miss about her if there is please let us all know because I am interested in my scorpiro man.

  38. I am a gemini woman and am dating a scorpio man. I am the one who is emotionally deep and loyal; not him. I am the one who wants a private homelife and he is the social butterfly. He is very secretive though and, like I read on another site, has also been caught flirting online. He will go to sites where hooking up is the main idea (it’s quite obvious from the website’s name) and yet claims he has a problem with porn. Really?
    One minute he’s crying to me b/c he hurt my feelings and the very next, he tells me I can leave and that he doesn’t need anybody.
    I’m about to loose it with him. I only have so much patience.

  39. I dated an Gemini for 3 years and we recently broke up. This is NOT a good relationship at all. This article talks about how it is not good for mental health and this is very true.

    I am a Scorpio man and my girlfriend was just not the right fit for me. I am successful and wanted the best while she spent her time worry about pointless stuff.

    We had so many issues and from the day one I knew this was not going to work but she would not let go of me. If you want the truth, first hand, I am telling you, do NOT go for a Gemini woman if you are a Scorpio.

  40. im a gemini female and have been with my scorpio man for almost 4 years. we have a beautiful little aries daughter together. things def. stay passionate with us. the two things we do most is fight and make up!! it makes for great sex.

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