Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Leo Couples: Bill and Melinda Gates; James Carville and Mary Matalin

This is an intense and erotic combination because there is an element of power in the sexuality. Neither one can completely conquer the other, but they won’t stop trying. The bedroom becomes the theater for great acts and/or great melodrama. Nothing is too small to overreact to. Everything means something.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Scorpio Man: If you are courting a Leo lady, you must be regal, dignified, in complete control of yourself and exude power and confidence. You’ve selected this lady because she is almost impossible to please, but don’t kowtow. If you act like a puppy dog she’ll probably act like a lion and swallow you whole for a snack between meals. Keep control at all times. A single, sincere, well meant and honest compliment will go 1,000 times farther than all the fawning in the world. If you are like most Scorpio males, you are reluctant to drool over someone. That works to your advantage here, but do force yourself to offer up some insightful praise.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Leo Woman:  The attraction here is sexual.  If you’ve got it, flaunt it.  Look him in the eye and dare him to stroke your beautiful mane and make you purr.  You know all those men who are intimidated by you? Well, this man isn’t.  So make the most of this rare opportunity and strut your stuff.

Degree of Romance: There is an off the scale and over the top possibility of romance in this combination. Both parties enjoy playing their role to the hilt as if they were Mark Antony and Cleopatra conquering whole empires and each other’s hearts, as well.

Degree of Passion: The intensity and eroticism of this combination is also off the chart. This is because Leo adds animal instinct to Scorpio’s depth and intensity of emotional bonding.  A lioness refuses to be conquered, but she will find it hard to resist surrendering to this man, which makes the thrill of the chase even greater.  Scorpio can do all of his voodoo magic. Nothing will scare her – and that’s very refreshing for a change I’m sure.

Degree of Friendship: Absolutely none. The possibility of betrayal is so prevalent with this combination that you should never relax into casual camaraderie, not that you two would anyway. She is as possessive and egotistical as he is, so they should both watch their step.  Scorpio, don’t ever assume that you are equals or friends. This is a performance and there are certain standards that are expected of you. You are courting royalty; the prize is worth it.  And I’m not exaggerating by using the word “royalty” as much as you might think I am. Don’t get too familiar or she’ll be offended.  Leo must realize there is a certain amount of crudity involved with a Scorpio. You can put your nose in the air and pretend to be offended, but deep down inside you love to be shocked.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Degree of Marriage: This combination has a good chance for a lasting marriage because both signs are fixed and loyal. Each is inclined to marry only for love, and when that is the basis of a partnership it can be very bonding because it is very real.

Progression of Relationship: She is a beast of the jungle and loves to be stalked.   The Leo lady will stay one step ahead all the way to the finish line. But when the fun of the hunt is over these two may have trouble with a mundane lifestyle; scorpions and lions are not natural friends. If, however, they get past the lurch from pursuit to domesticity, they may be surprisingly compatible. A happy and fulfilled Leo will not stray. And an unhappy Scorpio won’t leave, though he may cheat. If allowed to save face, a Leo lady will probably look the other way during a necessary indiscretion.

Sex: Sex is so hot it’s hard to describe on a webpage. Think about touching your finger to a hot iron. Scorpio has a way of bringing out the drama in Leo, and after all, sex is a performance as well as an expression of love. The Leo woman is capable of being a voyeur to his emotional depth. She can be swept away by his passion and taken places she would never ordinarily visit.

When It’s Over: This is a combination that can end tragically. Both signs are apt to dramatize slights and hurts. They are not good at kissing and making up. Both the lion and the scorpion are likely to exaggerate wrongs and create scenarios of betrayal and devastation which are unnecessarily heavy and oppressive. Just because two people fall out of love doesn’t mean they intentionally meant to hurt each other.

Our Rating: 5/10

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113 Responses to Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

  • leolady says:

    i am a leo-cancer cusp with scorpio rising (7/23) and my lover is a scorpio (11/15). idk what his rising is but we met when i was a senior in high school. i had a mild crush on him but we never really talked…until the summer before i left for college. my best friend was dating his best friend and we all hung out one night. now i don’t remember how we first hooked up (he does though) but we were kind of hot and heavy for a few weeks. then one day, my birthday actually, i had a dramatic moment and accused him and my bff of flirting with each other. i knew then it was harmless but i wanted to be an ass and i took her home and made him walk. he called me a few times after that but i was leaving anyway so there was no point in continuing contact. fast-forward 18 years…that’s right, i never forgot about him. maybe because he was so different from any of the other boys at my school. he had come from another part of the US and was kind of quiet. i occasionally tried to find him and i was successful a few years ago but he had a girlfriend and i wasn’t looking for any drama. i looked him up again in july, found out he was single and living just a couple hours away. i sent him a message and he said he never thought he’d ever hear from me again. after that, we haven’t gone more than a few days without talking. i’ve gone to visit several times and, although it was awkward for about the first 5 minutes, it’s been so easy, even after all the trauma of feeling like i was walking on eggshells with my ex (a pisces). he has his issues and i have mine; however, our lives have had some eerie parallels and we seem to understand each other intuitively, more so than verbally although we do talk a great deal. it seems like he has no secrets. idk if he’s just like that with everyone or if he trusts me enough to let me see that side and i would never use that against him (unless he hits below the belt, then it’s on). i’ve never felt this much physical chemistry with anyone else, then and now. and i’ve had a lot to compare it with. he’s never treated me with anything but respect, even in his darkest moments. i imagine i’ll see some ugly eventually but i’m grown and i can handle just about anything as long as he doesn’t put his hands on me or my kids or betray any trust that i am slowly allowing myself to give. then he will see my ugly side. we’re both hopeless romantics with vivid imaginations and very healthy sex drives and i’m excited to see what the future holds with him.

  • leo_lover says:

    i am so in love with my leo man never saw anyone with sych good traits and personality. he is so tender and patient with me. im eighteen and hes twentyone. we met at the vets office where both of us were intrens. we met 3 motnhs ago and i feel i know hime so well its love at first sight. i really mean it ninety days is a long time when you are doung important thingslike saving lives. well… of dogs and cats but theyre family memebrs too. so that is important work. it makes you closer to the other person every single day so even thosugh its ninety days it does matter a lot and its like yu knew that person a ifetime i dont kno you guys but im quite sure he is it.!!

  • Leochick says:

    It took one compliment to get my eyes suggesting a scorpio male. (he and i are both in our teens) he is on an average scale, i on the other hand am slightly chubby and determine to get thin. Regardless of my weight, i always grab myself compliments or little eye catching.Where ever i go i always make myself look like a precious diamond (showing off as usual) what can i say? Royalty right ;) ? I want to know how i might get him to chase me a little before i fall into his arms? any suggestions :) ?

  • Leochick says:

    Mike, im a leo teen and i am HARMLESS

  • Leochick says:


  • PalmPuncher says:

    Sorry if you were waiting for a reply from mike all this time, Leochick, he’s likely a troll who won’t be back for a while.

  • sdj says:

    i’m a 29 yr old Leo woman and my love is a 35 yr old, Scorpio man, talk about a chase!, but i love hunting and he let me win, briefly. He will respond to my “i love you’s by responding likewise, once ever month or so. But he has said the three magical words to me, enough times for me to know its true but not enough for him to loose control of the relationship. I can sometimes read him and know how he feels without him having to say anything. We’re soo in tune and he has become more expressive and sensitive towards me and I’ve become less pushy and less of a drama queen. I though we were great, but I just overheard him , “hitting on” some other girl, and called him out on it, he responded by saying, “Please, before you get all emotional, know that I don’t care!, i don’t care what you heard because talk is cheap!!” Yes, he said those words!! I’m soo hurt and disappointed in him and angry that he took the wind out of my outraged sails.. I told him to never contact me again, and to come get his stuff from my place. hIs friend came to collect his things, its been a week and I’m a mess. I know this may never work out, but he’s so much a part of me, i can not let him go. time heals all, though. To my fellow Leo ladies, patience will be important, holding back our temper and letting a little pride aside. Good luck to you all

  • anonymous says:

    i’m really surprised this is 5/10. I’ve read this before but the score is 50/50 basically, buyer beware kind of warning.

    this one is interesting:
    on friendship degree:
    “Absolutely none. The possibility of betrayal is so prevalent with this combination that you should never relax into casual camaraderie, not that you two would anyway. She is as possessive and egotistical as he is, so they should both watch their step. Scorpio, don’t ever assume that you are equals or friends. This is a performance and there are certain standards that are expected of you. You are courting royalty; the prize is worth it. And I’m not exaggerating by using the word “royalty” as much as you might think I am. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”- quoted

  • scorpio/leo says:

    5/10 score is still so weird, but when i look at my real life leo women around me, they are married to Pisces men, or Cancer men, or Aquarius (3rd decan).

    maybe these are the extroverted ones, just like Arnold Schwarzenneger/Maria Shriver

    but that marriage was terrible. he kept the secret about his love affairs all their marriage, including his love affair with Bridget Nielsen! A cancer woman.

    Maybe this is only for scorpio woman/leo man. i dont know many leo woman/scorpio man, but the first one got a better score.

  • scorpio/leo says:

    there is bill gates and his leo wife but she has a scorpio moon, i read,
    and bill gates has an Aries moon and libra mars. that aries moon trines her sun, and libra mars is a good sextile energy for her sun too. Her moon (the moon in the women’s placement) is strong, conjunct his sun.

  • yeehawww says:

    wow, only 5/10??

    Aries women got you Leo ladies BEAT.

  • ice ice baby says:

    i remember Vanilla Ice (Scorpio) involved very sexually with Madonna (leo) and they had this sexual romp the entire time. It didn’t last of course….Madonna went on to Rodman (a basketball player) and a (Taurus man) who they had a huge sexual romp too, which was written in Rodman’s biography.

  • leo love says:

    am a leo woman in love with a scorpio man. this 5/10 score,i honestly believe it to be wrong. sure we fight alot over pitty things. but the great deal about our love match is that no matter how intense our fights get,at the end of the day we just can’t live with out one another. i been heart broken before by a capricon and a leo guy itself… so i know wen true love strikes. this guy erases my past from my life,he takes me to levels of love i have never felt before. i guess am mad in love and so is he. so,all those leo ladies out there please note ,just coz the compatibilty score shows 5/10 or whatever,don’t give up..itz worth the try! ;)

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