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  1. Juwlls

    Marita :
    I dated a man when I 36 and he was 23 -I am a Leo and he is Scorpio. After 20 years of not seeing him I still want him. It was the best sex I have ever had. I will never find anyone I want as much as this man. I also love this man with all my heart and soul. I have never wanted anyone like him.

    yeah…i agree with this. a lot of these descriptions are surprisingly accurate. I dated a scorpio male for about 2 years. I would have to say though, id give it more that 5/10…maybe…8/10.I will agree though…easily the best sex of my life. Im sure I will never forget it.

    We are still friends, although he lives far away now, never any real major issues. He was just sort of immature sometimes, and socially handy capped. He ended up ending it…I was destroyed. After the love potion wore off though i agreed with him, we would both be happier with someone else…but it was hard to think straight , when the sex was so amazing. IT was sort of like…. of cyclic…to the point where just him touching my back softly and huging made me think about it and i was already melting.sigh.

  2. PalmPuncher

    To #50 Jana,
    When you say he withholds answers to your questions, is there ever any hint of annoyance? What exactly is his expression if not straight-faced? I know it can be hard to read them, but it’s a good skill to cultivate. Before they are Scorpios, they are first human, & have feelings & even their own way of showing/sharing them, like the rest of us, so it’s not impossible to be able to intuit what they feel or think, at least in a general sense. You obviously love him dearly, so it shouldn’t be much of a chore at all to learn all you can about him, & if there’s something he can’t disclose now, then let him come out with it on his own, & he’ll appreciate you for respecting his innermost thoughts, which is something he’ll be more comfortable sharing after much trust has been built. It will likely take years to build up a foundation of trust in which he’ll open himself up to you. That fear of commitment of his may mean he’s afraid he’ll mess it up somehow if he jumps in w/o thinking. As for the cruel or mean attitude, this may be hard to believe, but it may be a front as further measure to ensure he’s in full control of the situation. & if you can tell it really is how he is, then that’s likely due to a wounded heart he’s had to carry around for so long, & not necessarily gored by a woman, but also he may not have had the best relationship with his parents. Your idea to wait for him to call is best, since it’ll give him time to sort things out & realize just how amazing of a woman you are. Just be patient, & all will come into fruition. Good luck.

  3. jana

    To #21 Lydia,
    Your story made me cry. I am so in love with a Scorpio man and I fear I have done everything wrong. He never compliments me, says he loves me or takes me out, yet I love him more than I have ever loved anyone. It is heaven being with him and I have never known anything like him. He does not ever want a relationship with anyone or any commitment, and it is breaking my heart and I feel there is nothing I can do but enjoy what little time he gives me. I never want anyone else because there is no way I could ever come close to feeling like this again. I am in my fifties and I feel like a teenager around him and his touch is electrifying. This is something I have waited a lifetime for and I fear losing him. He pulls away from me and does so more all the time. I tell him I love him, because I do, but it seems to make things worse. I am a Leo. I was married to a Scorpio man for years, but never had the chemistry with him, although he was a much nicer person than the man I now see. I am so jealous of your relationship and wish I could have that with my Scorpio. I am soooo in love with him and it is the most painful thing I have ever gone through. I just wish he wantedme the same way and would commit to me. He can be rude and withholding (like not answering questions), but when he takes me in his arms, it is heaven. No man EVER gets to me EVER….but he has stolen my heart and pretty much my mind as well. I am totally addicted to him and want him so much. Any clues as to how to win his heart? We have been seeing each other off/on for 8 months. He has pulled away and is not contacting me now, but I will not contact him this time. I have done that the last few times, but feel it was a mistake. He always answers when I call, but I want him to call me like he did in the beginning. I don’t know if he wants me to chase him or if he wants to do the chasing. He chased me for years before I would give him the time-of -day….. Now that he has me, seems like he doesn’t want me anymore. Only on his terms……Any help appreciated…..I adore him and I never want anyone else….

  4. yellowdiamond

    I have been reading up on astrology for a long time, but never considered this as a love-match possibility. I am a leo woman, and recently met a scorpio man. The attraction is so deeply chemical and spiritual that it is beyond my understanding. I have only spent a brief amount of time with him, but we are meeting again soon. I have been content being alone, and usually don’t like dating. But, I am making an exception.

    I looked this up to ease my nerves, and understand him more. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I don’t want to be closed to this, either.

    I am looking forward to getting away from the 2 cancer men I have been wrapped up in for the past 5 years.

  5. leowoman78

    iam a leo woman and most of what all of you said is true. wow i dated a scorpio man and at first i didnt like him he folowed me like a puppy after 2 weeks he made me his girl friend and i accepted we dated for 2 years sex was great love was said and thrown around, 4 brake ups in 2 years than got pregnant he wasnt ready i wanted it so i told him i handel it in 2 weeks. he called about how much he missed me we got back 2 months later. he needed to find a job, make money cuz he just found out he was having twins. i waited after he left to call me after 2 weeks, he didnt call so changed my number and moved out state. i had my twins. when i called his cusin, his cusin said his looking for me, and i was like oh well when he grows up, he’ll knows where to find me.

  6. PalmPuncher

    You’re quite welcome, I try to be as helpful as I can. Wow, I can really feel what you’re going through hearing your words. It’s funny how it works, but when scorpio boy meets leo girl in friendship first, it almost always grows into deeper feelings. It seems your scorp will drop whatever he’s doing, whether that’s another girl or not, & come to you, so he’s willing & ready to be faithful. Honestly, I think you should voice how you feel about all of this to the husband if you haven’t already, gems can be stubborn to dissuade though. But what I’m saying is it feels like you have something very real with this scorp guy, & you shouldn’t let this chance slip by, especially if the gem doesn’t care, because really he doesn’t seem to be showing symptoms of one who is in love or at least who has a healthy marriage in mind. No matter what you choose, though, I’m supporting you through & through, & I hope you can be wise enough to choose for the best. I’m really pulling for you, so hang in there, ok, RL?

  7. Red Lady

    Thanks for a quick response PP!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Me and my Scorp initially wanted things to just be friendly, and were sooo happy to have found each other again and get back in touch. However, there are just way to many feelings involved. We have a lot of history together, a very strong connection, and sexual chemistry out of this world. I literally have never been with anyone like him.

    There is no way we can just be friends and things keep leading into these intense conversations about us possibly being together if my marriage doesn’t work out, and us wanting to see each other. I have no desire to carry on an affair because we both deserve better than that, and I fear someone will def. get hurt…but it is leading to that.

    He told me he regrets not marrying me when he had the chance.

    As for me and the hubby/Gemini…time will tell. I’m already at the point of recommending counseling, but I feel like my heart is already gone. I don’t want to go thru another year like this one. If things don’t get better I will have to make a decision.

  8. PalmPuncher

    @ Red Lady, nice name btw. Hmm, well let’s see you say you like as much peace as possible, but the thing is, you can’t have that along with the passion you also desire w/ this scorp. Perhaps you should keep things at a friendship level with him, unless you feel too much for him to do that. It seems he’s crushed that you married someone else, & thus started dating around to try to get his mind off you. I’m sure you know this, but it’s very hard to set someone aside when said person reminds you of how much passion & emotional intimacy there once was between you. Maybe you can try offering up some suggestions for spicing it up with the Gemini, unless there’s no hope of that. Anyway, keep your lines of communication open, especially when others don’t want to do the same for you, until you get more info. on the situation. Keep me posted so I can continue offering my thoughts on the subject.

  9. Red Lady

    *deep breath*

    My first love and H.S sweetheart is a scorpio, I am a leo woman. We had the sweetest love, very Romeo and Juliet with a lot of “firsts.” However after H.S we both kind of went our own seperate ways. We kept in touch casually the first few years of adulthood but it was clear he wanted to roam the streets and explore life while I was immediately ready to settle down.

    I ended up marrying a Gemini and we created a life together including kids, and moving to a different state. I hadn’t heard from my scorpio love for ten whole years until a few months ago on Facebook. We instantly started keeping in touch via FB, text, and talking on the phone almost daily.

    I need to add that I haven’t been happy with my Gemini for an entire year…the passion is gone and the relationship has become very boring and routine. No amount of communicating and promising to make things better seems to be working and I’m trying to figure out the best course of action.

    So anyway my scorpio and I have rekindled our feelings for each other and I have always felt he was my soulmate. He is the most attractive, passionate, sexual, and caring person I have ever been with. He literally takes my breath away and makes me feel like the hottest thing on the planet.

    He is currently dating someone and obviously I am married but we can’t help talking about the possibilities of what could be.

    On the negative side he is very insecure and projects a lot of his ill feelings onto me. Like if he is feeling some kind of way about something it’s somehow my fault or a result of something I’m doing/not doing. He needs constant reassurance or else he thinks something is wrong. He is also not good at communicating but will get mad at me for not communicating when I’m giving him what he gives me!!! He is secretive too. He has this “punishment” thing he does with his girlfriend (and I suspect me) where if he is mad at you he will punish you by not taking your calls or answering your texts. I think it is childish as I’m the type that likes to deal with things head on and get past it. I don’t have time for cold shoulder games and trying to figure out what’s wrong with someone.

    So yeah….that’s the jist of it. I love him and always will. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with me and the hubby, but I hope everything works out for everyone.

    It is def. an emotional rollercoaster and at times a bit too much to handle as I like as much peace as possible.

    Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

  10. PalmPuncher

    You can simply type in “The Rules” google.com & the first few options should suffice. Basically they’re the rules to follow for those who like to follow the “proper etiquette” for dating. I put quotes up because though they’ve been observed for quite a long time, they’re not in fact set in stone &, like the dating game itself, the rules change & are frequently amended since every couple is not the same, & rightfully so.

  11. PrettyGirl Swag

    I am a Leo woman, involved in a complicated relationship with a Scorpio man. This man has been around me earlier in my life, we pretty much grew up together, but never dated romantically but found each other attractive. The last time I seen him before we started seeing each other is back in high school. We started dating back in May of this year. When we saw each other, it was kinda like we were dwelling more so on the would could of beens and things like that. In the beginning he swept me off my feet. Very romantic,sincere, and comforting. The relationship is like living in a second childhood type of situation. We were both drawn to each other like magnets. I failed to mention at the time we started dating he was engaged to be married in a few months to a woman he had dated on and off for 9 yrs and I was at the end of a relationship that lasted 9 yrs. I couldn’t bear the fact that he was getting ready to be married, when we had fell in love with each other. He insisted that he didn’t want to lose me again, so he started hiding information about his marital status from me. Everything in the beginning was perfect!! Good morning my love texts in the morning, Good night my love in the evening. But when it got closer to the date, He was afraid I would pull back, which truthfully I went into this situation thinking I was just going to have fun up until he was married!!! He basically started to ignore me and our everyday communications diminished to maybe twice or 1 once a week or nothing at all unless I contacted him!!! when I finally thought I had him out my system he re surfaced back into my life with all the sweet I love yous, and I made a big mistake marrying her, etc. I swore I wouldn’t let my guards down again, but they fell fast LOL. I have never been the mistress type etc. My Leo nature will not allow me to play this role. But I am very drawn to him and I have never had this connection to any man in my life. We sometimes argue when I insist he is not stroking my ego enough, but when we are together he says everything I wanna hear and does everything I need him to do. It is one hell of a roller coaster ride and I guess I am drawn to the drama smh!!!LOL

  12. Lindsaylu1982

    I have to admit that I had a first date with a Scorpio man this past weekend and I am a Leo woman. There was pretty much an instant desire for each other, felt from both parties. It’s like we are intoxicated with each other and stuck in each other’s minds. I was curious if our signs would be compatible. So I decided to check this out and found this site. Seems like I may have a lot to look forward to and I’ll keep you all posted on how this progresses for me. :0)

  13. sweety

    I am a leo woman, I really love this scorpion man. I do whatever to make him look at me. He stares at me but me and him alwais starring at each other but I just look at his eyes and just turn around coz i don’t want him to knw i luv him. Later on, when he was leaving so my friends went up to him and said this girl really likes u and said my name and he said he doesn knw me but he does coz i go to his relative’s house that how i got to meet him and we never even say hi at least. Then my friends said ok do u luv her becoz she is really obsessed about u and he said no and then my friends said would u like to knw her coz u don’t knw her really well. he said i don’t knw. it is really hard for me 2 4get about him coz i luv him more then anyone i luv him nearly 2 yrs and don’t knw whether it is worth to wait for him. i could never hardly think about any other boy than him. if i need to be luved and married to a man it could be only him. later on in november onre of my friend met him down the road and said happy b’day and he said thanks and then my friends said hw is uni and he said really gud and then my friend said yh u knw tht girl she really like u and he said don’t go far and then she continued she is really nice man and she luvs u so much and she a good girl and he said i don’t knw.
    i don’t knw hw to talk to him and i am really scared he would reject me. i am so confussed. i am four years younger than him though so i thought maybe that it the problem

  14. tamed Leo

    I am a Leo woman married to a Scorpio man,we have been together 8 years now and all I can say is I have never been so interested in a person.When we first met I was divorcing my first husband who was a Gemini and that just didn’t work out,he wasn’t deep enough emotionally and let me walk all over him.My husband now is everything they say about Scorpios,he is passionate,secretive,always in control and very bad temper.I am always interested but I do get so fed up with the negativity,it is like a roller coaster ride but when it is good it is so good so it is hard to ever get away.I have always felt a bond between us,I don’t know what it is but I have never felt that way before.

  15. christina

    Wow!! I love these comments!! I am in a relationship with a scorpio man a year younger than myself, i am 30 he 29 but the realtionship is the BOMB!!!!..I have never been soooo loved and adored in my life as this scorpio man has showed me. The sex is great!, the romance is off the hook, the perfect man for a Leo woman like me.I have dated guys with signs compatible with mine the Libras, Sagittarius and the rest but none is compareable to what i share with my scorpio man.We talk alot about the future and plan fopr a life together. If the first attraction between a Leo and a Scorpio is so instant am telling you this is the most fullfilling relationship combination of the zodiac signs. So, my Leo ladies, give those scorpios a chance and you may be on your road to a blissfull and fulfilling marriage made in heaven.

  16. Falling4Leo

    These comments are great! I am a Scorpio male and I have been eyeing this Leo female for awhile. The first time I spoke with her and saw those beautiful eyes I new something was different about her. Since, we have talked I can’t get her out of my mind. Leo women are one of a kind, especially this Leo woman ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Sara

    I am so happy to read all of these, I’m a very watered down Leo and I just met this amazing Scorpio man… I want to give it time before I say things like he’s perfect, but I can just see it already. I’ve never so willingly wanted to know a man like this. I’ve closed myself off for quite a while and I’ve been pretty happy, but still lonely every now and then. But when I first met him I knew I was going to know him. And a few weeks later I got to know him while we walked to the MFA together for a class.. I can only hope for the best and that my romance turns out as amazing as everyone elses here. He is beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Sunny

    I met this Scorpio in May 2010 and none of other men I have had could compare.His kiss drives me wild and into this intoxicating mode of passion that makes me feel so alive.But we are not in a relationship because I am the one who mostly initiates our gatherings.As a Leo,I can also be difficult and I threw a fit when he suggested we should only be friends recently.I thought I’d never see him again.But he came back.He is also hard headed person but tells me casualy how boring and ordinary he is.But I want him so badly and he doesn’t realize that he amazes me.I play with all the other men cat and mice but he is the one who makes me drop it all and just give myself to him.how do I make a Scorpio man want a relationship with me even though we share an incredible physical attraction?I am tired of chasing him but he is my drug and I am very addicted.He can’t get enough of me either because we are both physically fit and adore each others bodies.last night he whispers”I want to kiss every inch of you”.It literally drove me wild and he brings me back to life.My date of birth July 30 1983 (moon in Cancer) and he is November 8 1984.(Moon unknown).Please help me how to get him want a relationship with me and turn this phyisical only onto something more?? Thank You!!

  19. stc

    I have been married to a scorpio man for almost ten years by now. Intially he was not ready as he was in love with some other leo woman. When we got married he could not accept the fact that he is married to me now so he needs to be loyal. He was meeting his girlfriend and lying to me, whenever i caught him he will say sorry and promise to not meet her next. This is being continued until recently he called her in front of me and told her that he is breaking his relationship with her. Unlike the initial days of our marriage when he tell me to get lost.

    But being a leo woman i was loyal and am till date. We have fights, broken up and whatever worst one can imagine in a relationship and best also.

    The thing which troubles me, he is very impatient and loud and shout on his words. If i ask him anything twice he will shout which hurts me. Sometimes i am quiet but when it happens over a long period i get upset and cry. But he never comes back and hugs me. If he feels that he is at fault he will do anything to make me forgive him, but if he does not feel he will not come back back come what may. He will stop talking and if we are working on something of my own wish he will drop it and withdraw his contribution. i am upset what to do.

  20. Marvin

    Iโ€™m a Scorpio man over 40 and have been with my Leo wife for 15 years. We can not get past our differences, but itโ€™s our children and our stubborn loyalty to, not each other, but to our situation that keeps us together. The money situation is soโ€ฆON THE MONEY, and we did evenually get seperate accounts. I really had to put this in action. My wife tries to be crazy controlling with the money. We both like to spend and save, but the difference is I donโ€™t bicker about money. Let me add I do bring home three times the money.

    There seems to always be a power struggle and nothing ever really gets resolved; just dies down. So weโ€™ve lived years with the same issues. I try to explain things about our characters and why we may have these issues, but narcissism is always saying, โ€œNo. Itโ€™s your fault. There is thing wrong with me.โ€ And God forbid I mention astrology and how it may effect our behavior towards each other. This is in effort to perhaps see into ourselves, so we can pause and think about what we are doing and how we are damaging the opportunity to come out of a dispute clean and unhurt. It rarely works. So I go back to fantasizing what it would have been like to enjoy a relationship with a Pisces or Cancer.

  21. Kim

    @Girly and Nancy

    Thank you…I am definitely going to try that and we shall see if it works. I can eventually no matter how much I care about him see myself telling him that Im tired of his empty words without any action and telling him I am done. Lets just hope I dont have to do that!!!!

  22. nancy


    Girly is right. Make him do the work! If you want a serious relationship, please follow most of The Rules.

  23. Kim

    Now he is back to me coming to visit him…are Scorpios bipolar or something? I think he should come to America and not the other way around…what do you think?

  24. girly

    Hi Kim. It sounds like he’s filling your ear with all the right words, but you’re right for telling him you need to see his commitment to you. Just relax and don’t force the situation. If he comes around then that’s great, but if he falls through with his words at least you know you gave it a good shot. Honestly, I wouldn’t call or contact him. Let him work for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Kim

    Hi Girly. He is so hot and cold it is unbelievable. He told me recently that he has talked to other women and that no one he has met or talked to has compared to me. I dont know whether to believe him or not. I have children and he has started calling them our children even though he has never met them. What do I do…let him come to me or walk away? I told him if he has such strong feelings for me I need to see actions and not words and he said he will show me how much he loves me. UGHHHHHHH I just dont know what to do…HELP!!!!

  26. Girly

    Hi Kim. I have an idea of what you are going through and I can definitely empatize with you. As in love as you and him seem to be, I think that maybe he had a reality check and figured that the circumstances that are keeping you guys apart; are too great to change. These men will walk away and risk loosing something great before they compromise their own vulnerbility. They practice self preservation 24/7. You also have to consider that he could have met someone else in Spain. Sorry Kim…..

  27. Kim

    I am a leo woman (8/12) that has fallen for a scorpio man (10/25). We have been talking for a little while now and he has told me he wants to be with me forever and he wants me in his arms when he dies. We have talked marriage, children and me moving to be with him (I live in the US and he lives in Spain). He has offered to pay for my plane ticket to come see him but I asked him to come here instead and he agreed. He tells me that he loves me but a few days ago he told me that we should see each other someday…I dont understand. The day before he was talking about wanting to get to know my friends and just us being together. Well I havent heard from him in 3 days which is so unlike us…we talk for hours at a time online. I just dont know what to do….someone please help me. I have fallen in love with this man and dont know what is going on now!!!!

  28. roshni

    it’s all so true…m a leo woman in a relation wid a scorpion man since 4 yrs…n god m in luv wid him over n over again….every zodiac can yield to a leo woman but for a scorpion which is y leos get attracted to them..scorpions are so caring and you feel so secure in his arma that you feel it’s the best place on earth…there are moments of resentments and they fight like crazy wthout letting go off their egos but the patch- is not far away if one yields…its the best passionate couple combination which can heat up the room and the vicinty

  29. Lydia

    I’m a strong Leo woman married to a Scorpio man for 14 years. It’s been the hardest relationship of my life, but I’d choose him over and over again ๐Ÿ™‚ He is intense, passionate, loyal, fearless, sexy and loves me more than I can ever explain. We argue, get mad, don’t talk, been on the verge of a divorce…but I’m so happy to say that we’ve hung on. I’m stubborn, strong-willed and I don’t back down to him…which I think he likes. Everything I love about him, I sometimes hate and the same thing in reverse. But at the end of the day, I love that man so much…I’m proud of him. Proud to be his wife, I feel so safe with him, protected…he’s always looking out for me. I can’t say enough about this strange combination. It works for me, although sometimes I swear that I can’t handle it, but then something gives. While he never apologizes, never tells me that I am beautiful…rarely offers any compliments; he lives his life in a way that shows me that he is extremely proud of me and that he thinks I am the most amazing woman in the world. How he does it without ever saying a word? I don’t know. It’s something in him…an energy he exudes. The way he says my name, the way he talks about me to his family (always in the best light), the way he defends me when my mother complains in the slightest bit about me (as mother’s do sometimes)…there isn’t anything that anyone can ever say about me without him going off the deep end. He respects me, loves me, cherishes me, gives me space to roam and be “me”, puts me in the spotlight, treats me like a queen….all without saying a word. The man is from another world and I am lucky to have him! So all you Leo ladies out there with a Scorpio…cherish your man! Respect him, honor him, understand him, allow him to save face, show him that he is your king, love him without conditions, forgive his moodiness….I promise you that in return you will get the perfect man for you! In my opinion, there is only one man worthy of a Leo queen and that is the mighty Scorpio!

  30. Marita

    I dated a man when I 36 and he was 23 -I am a Leo and he is Scorpio. After 20 years of not seeing him I still want him. It was the best sex I have ever had. I will never find anyone I want as much as this man. I also love this man with all my heart and soul. I have never wanted anyone like him.

  31. Kay

    Prior to two weekends ago, I had not seen my male Leo friend in 18 years. I’m a fiercely loyal Scorpio woman to my Virgo husband, but Mr. Leo the lion has always been in and out of my mind and he’s always had a place within my heart. I can’t shake him, hard as I try. We’re married to other people, which makes this entire post moot, but he’s always had a hold on me and he admits that I’ve always had a hold on him. It really sux!!! I told him…it’s not me or him…we’ve just always had bad timing…

  32. lioness1

    I am a Leo woman who dated a Scorpio male. I must say that it was very passionate, romantic, and such a deep chemical attraction. Later throughout the years he showed his dark side; which was him being very sceptical, thinking everything was a conspiracy, possessive-jealous and that everything was a lie. This came to past because at mind and heart scorpio men are very insecure. The typical leos are very trusted people. So the only way I observed that this relationship wood work is that I be submissive to he wants, tell him the truth in all he wants to know and then some, and respect the fact the scorpio peopl are fighting a war within themselves of contradictions, and accept that he holds lots of secrets but demands to know all yours, and least not last they have a temper of hatred when crossed. They investigate, probe, stalk, lie and decieve. So its really up too you to know what you can handle, oh yeah, beaware when you have slights leos that they will never forget and it will be paid in full. So if you want the best you have to keep this in mind. Scorpios want truth-trust, control, and a compassionate heart. Just be the best person you know to be. God be with you all:)

  33. Steffie

    I met a Scorpio man two months ago. I am a Leo woman. I must say that the attraction is off the wall. I mean we are both sexually attracted to each other. I want him to yield to my demands and he refuses to do that. He wants me yield to his demands and I refuse to do that. The crazy thing is we had so many fights and some how we end up talking to each other again. The chemistry is there, but I can’t help but wonder if we will ever blossom into a real relationship. I want a relationship, but he’s being all secretive. I cant stand it. I am not Waiting around for him.

  34. Solo

    I’m a Leo women and have been dating a Scorpio man for about 2 months…the sex has NOT been great… I have had much better!. I am struggling with whether to end it…..but seem to have some sort of attachment to him….we are both older (late 40’s) and have never been married….I have never put much stock in astrology but am thinking it does contain some truth… Thanks for sharing this information. How do I find out about my moon?

  35. elaine

    i was just wondering as a leo woman how do you know when you’ve got a scorpio’s attention and how to go about asking him out

  36. Maxine

    Ive been with my Scorpio man for 4 years, and presently, carrying his baby.. Due to be a Leo haha.. Its so good to outnumber him..
    We had a rocky start in the relationship, splitting up, him dating other women, but we couldnt let go of each other. There is deep connection with us and I serioulsy couldnt imagine life without him, although sometimes I would like to kill him.. He doesnt drop at my feet and I respect his strength and confidence. Sex is great! we arent at it like rabbits maybe twice a week, but its always great..
    We plan to marry, and I think it can work as long as we have our own interests which we do.
    If I have an issue, I talk, he says absolutely nothing, thinks about it, and I can see him trying in his way to put it right..

  37. asha

    i’m a scorpio, leo woman is more than a woman. i’v dated one before. they are strong emotionally physically spiritually sexually & intellectually dont have enuf expression describe her

  38. j

    I’m a Leo woman and I’ve been in an on again/ off again relationship with a Scorpio/Scorpio Man. He tends to disappear for periods of time he showed up again this past fall and it’s been the most intense 11 months of my life then out of the blue, with no warning, after an amazing weekend. He just up and stopped answering my calls. I can only imagine the reasons.. But, for some reason I know he’ll be back again. I’m not sure I’m ready for that roller coaster ride again. As amazing as it was… my Lioness pride can’t take being ignored lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. nme

    I completely agree with what is said here. Years ago I dated a Scorpio man and it was totally intense in all aspects. I am now with a Sag man and it doesn’t compare. The Scorpio man and I still keep in touch every now and again and the attraction is still there and there’s no denying it.

  40. JVB

    I also wonder if it’s a 5/10 if it has a good chance for marriage and high level passion? Also, I have a scorpio male who happens to be one of my very close friends.(I’m a Leo woman) If we were to fight, it turns into a very intense one. But most of the time we settle it after awhile. I actually have a question about this relationship between the Scorpio male and Leo woman, because I’ve dated the very same friend I mentioned earlier twice. We like to toy with each other and flirt on a daily basis. But I’m not sure if it’s going anywhere. He says he loves me dearly, and I do love him too, but I’m not sure what he’s doing. Any advice?
    (Sorry, I’m a tad too curious.)

  41. dam

    Yes, i am a Scorpio male with Leo Moon married to a Leo woman with Aries Moon. The passion is off the charts. Our marraige is in limbo simply because my Leo wife wants to rule. Sorry, but since I am the Scorpio Sun/w Leo Moon, I will always wear the pants and have the last word. Its my way or the highway….But I Love Leo women….What can I say

  42. EBS

    I’m a scorpio male married to a virgo woman but I have a leo female coworker who is also married to a virgo. We go out together as couples as her husband and I have become friends. However myself and the leo are attracted, too attracted, to one another. I can see it in her eyes and we do things on our own together too … and flirt like crazy. Honestly, she’s like my kryptonite and no woman, not my wife or any other, has ever put such a spell over me although we’ve never done anything physical (and never will). All this to say that there is a definite attraction between the scorpio male and the leo female. Watch out, it is dangerous … and irresistible.

  43. Heidi

    I’m wondering, why is it a 5/10 rating if it’s a good chance for marriage?
    If it’s because there’s absolutely no friendship, is it possible for there to be friendship?
    And lastly, I wonder if the compatibility level would be different if the moon signs are included.
    Why I’m wondering so much: I’m a leo sun with scorpio moon and I’m very much interested in a scorpio sun, moon unknown guy. We’re friends, and I would love to be more. But it seems impossible for it to work out astrologically.
    (Sorry for asking so much, I’m quite curious when it comes to astrology)

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