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  1. Max89

    In 2014 my cancerian gf left me because of my possession over her…..I was utterly heartbroken I fell in depression……in 2015 I was so angry with life and love and I convinced myself that other signs are better for me, I’ve been with a libra (she was fake), I’ve been with taurus(she wanted to control me!?!no way I’m outta there) I’ve been with a Pisces(she cheated on me with another Pisces!ho) ……. Now I’m single and I’ve had enough of these signs ESPECIALLY LIBRA WOMAN ew they gross and 2faced…..I just wanna be with my ex cancer who has moved on without me:( I convinced myself that I hated cancer women but I don’t…hate stems from love xxx I love them I want a relationship that was like the beautiful one I had in 2010-2014 only cancerians have what I want(and no I’m not talking about their curves;D) but their love……

  2. FuckdumbscorpioS

    scorpio men an women need to b wit each other cause HELL will wait on you 2 to set it off n bring libra doormat dumb ass in a black trash bag,cause they such a fool n this world n gullible i jus laugh at they kind ;( fuck the libra n scorpio n im 1 but not 1#scorpios not me but scorpios r slick but not as smart as aquarius or saggis but hate on anyone that is better thn they r libras are jus dumbass that need to b sent to HELL RITE NOW b4 the judge#HELL is really waitn on yall to fill its furnaces an you will#may your souls rest in hell#im glad i treat those particular people bad n have no mercy on thm at all#but Jesus will b your* final judge for UFOOLS#by the way Kill Yourself :()

  3. ilove scorpio men

    another one:

    Elizabeth shue (Libra sun/Gemini moon) and she’s with long term 2nd decan Scorpio sun male, with Gemini moon Davis Guggenheim.

    It looks like since she’s a libra with gemin moon, that she can’t get with Scorpio right? but looking deeper, i saw she has Scorpio mars in the 8th house. and she’s dominant Scorpio. And he has 7th house.

    they don’t have their rising but they get eachother obviously for so many years now and just fine.

  4. ilove scorpio men

    i really love Scorpio men because i’m married to one but i’m not a libra. I just like to research.

    i do notice that if the Scorpio man has Libra in personal planets and he’s venusian, and has Aries, (because oppoiste attracts) and if the Libra woman has Scorpio, or is dominant plutonian, it will work great.

    There is a Libra Sun famous Singer, Avril Lavigne with Scorpio moon and mars, married to Chad Kroeger who is a Scorpio Sun, famous singer from “Nickelback” band, and he’s Sagittarius Moon, and has Uranus Libra and his pluto both in the 7th house of Libra (the house of libra venus) so he gets her.

    plus both are dominant Scorpio.

  5. sarah archibong

    d only scopio ve me,despite we are attracted to each other tel me work work…talks about self control meanwhile our heart longs for eabh other.,what do i do?

  6. anonymouslibragirl

    Dated a Scorpio several months ago. It did not end well at all. Things didn’t even get remotely serious, and once he realized that I wasn’t interested anymore, he acted like a complete jerk.

    Why wasn’t I interested? Well, I found him to be pretty arrogant and snobby, to be honest. During the few dates we went on, he had said a couple of smartass things and thought they were so clever. Such a turnoff for me.

    He became involved with another girl shortly after we stopped dating. How do I know this? He made sure to specifically announce it to me. lol.

    Now, with that said, my parents are a Libra woman and Scorpio man … And they’ve been married for 30+ years and they love each other deeply, so it’s definitely not impossible for this couple to work out wonderfully!

  7. Jessee

    the best thing to do for you libra gals out there is to find a mature scorpio, i’m a scorpio and if you dont know much about us, well best of luck in trying to find out lol. anyway we have three main cycles to our maturity each are defined by a creature usually. the scorpion,the eagle, and the dove sometime the dove is compared to a phoenix due to the ability to rise from our ashes and fly yet again. the scorpion is a earth dweller usually concerning himself with no one else, he is selfish, un-easy, and a general ass. the eagle is when a scorpio finds wisdom, and can right his wrongs, becoming more in tune with others, and the dove is the final stage where he is for a lack of better word mature. i consider myself in the middle area between eagle and the dove. also you need to be aware of the lunar and sun scorpios both act differently one is less of an ass. anyway just thought you libra gals would like to know a little about us scorpions. it may come in handy sometime

  8. francesca

    I really, really, really can’t stand Scorpio men. Yuck. Run far and run fast. And preferably as soon as you see them coming. So dark. SO heavy. They’ll latch right on and want to be having all kinds of ridiculous intense moments….no thanks. And they’re weird about money.
    Heavy and dark. Heavy and dark. TOTAL buzz kill.

  9. Jessi

    I am a Libra woman and I am heart broken. My 2 and a half almost 3 year relationship recently ended a few days ago with my Scorpio boyfriend. I am in awe of the whole thing because I was so sure that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. We spoke about getting married and having a family of our own in the future.

    In all honesty, we both really didn’t want to end the relationship because it’s too hard to let go of each other … but we both agreed that we had to.

    I believe that we rushed into a lot of things, our communication could have been way better, and how we handle problems could have been way better as well. It just got to the point where we were focusing too much on the bad things in our relationship rather then all the great things we shared together. I think we took for granted all the great things about each other and just focused on each other flaws.

    Never in my life have I met someone who I really connected with. We clicked and it was perfect! He just understood me on a level that nobody else has before. We had a lot of similarities especially with our families … it was crazy … and I really cherish that.

    While we were together, I just knew deep down in my heart that he was the one for me … he was the guy that I was truly waiting for … he was the guy that I was going to marry and create a wonderful family with. I was done looking and never once thought about being with someone else. I knew what I wanted and he was it!

    The only thing is … I was his first girlfriend ever in life. He was new to the whole dating and being in a serious relationship scene. He never had the opportunity to experience and date other women. Nearing the end of our relationship, he started to have these curiosities and thoughts about what it would be like to date other people. It seems like he is still confused as to what he truly wants and what he is truly looking for. He told me that when it comes to marriage … he really wants to make sure that the person he marries is really the one because divorce isn’t an option for him. I agree with this statement. When I marry someone, it’s for good … divorce isn’t an option for me.

    Anyway, that was one issue that lead to our breakup. Another issue was I feel like maybe I depended too much on him given our situation at the time. Where I was in life, I felt so numb. Now that I am back where I feel more comfortable, I’m getting back on track and it’s only a matter of time until I start to get myself back together.

    I have this very bad feeling that we won’t get back together :(. I’m trying my best to just get over him and keep telling myself that we won’t get back together. But another strong part of me is still holding on and doesn’t want to let go of him … there is this strange feeling that maybe we will get back together … ugh! It’s all so confussing!

    What should I do?!

  10. NekoChan

    Me (October Libra) woman and my love (November Scorpio) man have been date for 3 years. In this coming September will be our 4 years anniversary 🙂 Our relationship was like a best friend and at the same time as a couple. Some of my colleague thought that we were like sibling because of our surname are totally same :S but I don’t care all that at least our grandparents are totally different :D. In our relationship, we need a good communication, share ideas, faithful, loyal, understanding and of course, I show my love to him ;)..if we have a personal problem either big or small, we have to discuss it and together we find the solution..Libra love to hangout with her best friends. But before you go, you need to ask your Scorpio man..if he say ‘yes’..you may go and if he say ‘no’..just do it what he said..I know it is very hard to accept what he said..If you want a serious relationship you need to understand each other feeling..Scorpio is known as a very jealous person but he did not show it..Me (Libra) don’t want to mess around with his feeling because if you do that, he will revenge you in the end but not once maybe double or even triple..The most thing that I really attract to him is that he is very funny guy and love to make people laugh :P..I love to tease him btw lol :D..Now I’m really happy and very glad to be with him in my life and I really love my Scorpio man very very much and may our love grow from time to time..Lastly quote from me:
    “Bad women are for bad men and bad men are for bad women,
    And Good/Pious Women are for Good/Pious Men,
    and Good/Pious Men are for Good/Pious Women”

    PS: Sorry about my english and grammar..I’m not very good on it (^_^)v cheers~~

  11. Toodles

    I’ve read lots of interesting comments and most I can agree with 100%. I just started seeing a scorpio and he is very intense, which I usually shy away from but I’m so drawn to him it’s scary. As far as feelings, he’s already let me know, without any hesitation, how he feels about me so I’m glad I don’t have one I need to pull that info from. This libra loves a dominant male and he gives it to me. I even dated a scorpian female (yes I like them to) but the aggression in her came out as rude and arrogant. My sensitive, libra self could not take that so cut it off.

  12. ania

    And we love being center of attention.scorpio sex is amazing it wasn’t the sex y I cheated I didn’t feel loved and I cheated wit another scoripio man.it seems I only attract them or something.my bf bday is november 17.libras problem is we fall to quick.and now I have him back and he’s being an extra jerk I havve yet another scorpio chasing after me and I’m startin to get attached.lls.really don’t wanna cheat on him again I want it to work he just keeps being a ass

  13. ania

    Hey charles when is ur bday.I’m a libra and I’m wit a scorpio I cheated on him because he was so mean a d arrogant to me.he told me he would never take me back but he did but this has been o er a month and he keeps throwing it in my face.I love him but it seems like hiz friends come first he’s very stubborn and has a bad temper.I mean I do everything for him.he plays mind games n I feel muself about to cheat again.but charles libra women require dominace.we need a lot of love and attention.we hate weak guys.lay off her for a min shell soon start to c that ur the one and trust shell fall in ur hands like putty.libra like attention and romance in relationships.

  14. Libra Gal65

    localgirl – I am a libra female with a scorpio male for about nine months. Pretty much everything I’ve read has rung true for us save a few things. It’s been my experience (and I admit he is my only scorpio since they’ve always scared me relationship-wise. Sex-wise they’ve always intrigued me!) with MY guy that he was VERY reluctant to persue me. In fact, I pretty much had to persue him. We also were friends first (that seems to be common?). We got along so well it seemed odd to me that he wasn’t coming on to me. So I asked him “um, should we go on a date?” He was so surprised and he NEVER would have suggested it. Turned out he had been IN LOVE WITH ME for years! I had no idea! So how to tell if a scorpio male is interested in you? You have to ask him. At least he won’t play games with you (ie: you’ll get a straight answer). By the way, I love my boyfriend but I would NOT do this pairing again. It’s too much work. This kind of communication does NOT come naturally to someone like me (I am a TRUE libra! I like to TALK!!!!)

  15. localgirl

    I’m a libra woman and I’ve had feelings for a scorpio man
    Since day 1 when I met him. It was like love at first sight,
    He actually introduced himself to me as I hang out with his
    Same crowd but
    All we’ve ever been were friends.
    I feel like maybe he just might feel the same but I don’t know
    He’s always on my facebook likin stuff, msging me pics of
    Himself etc
    I would love to just know how he feels but don’t think he will
    Ever admit it
    Can’t help how I feel about him though, his eyes feel like they
    Pierce into mine, he’s always staring me.
    Never once tried to make an inclination with regards to how I
    Feel, I’m too afraid of rejection!
    Anyone knows how u can tell when a scorpio guy is interested ?
    Would really appreciate it 🙂

  16. Sara

    barbie :
    @ charles, i’m a libra and i’m only faithful when i’m really into a guy. by faithful i meant i don’t give out my numbers out and i cant find anybody else attractive but him…….whenever i feels this way thats when i know i’m in love with that person or else i will give my numbers out to any guys that i find attractive and see where it can leads to. also, just cause i give my numbers out doesnt mean i’m really going to talk to him….lol

    I agree. Im a female libran, if im single u see a social butterfly that is hard to be ignored (which we are well known about), but when i personally am in a relationship, i devote myself to that person, and i love to get from that person: (ATTention, APPreciation & AFFection) I guarantee that this will be enough to keep our eyes, heart and soul (what a scorpio love to possess in a women) that will keep us away from whomever no matter how good they look like!
    On the other hand, ocassionally being a flirt is us just being nice it is part of our social life, a way how we are linked to the others since we are a couple we want U to be there ur presence is important in our mind most of all.. near or far to steal the thunder from Brad Pitt or xyz and we have no doubts and believe that a male scorpio-partner- is capable of doing that! and look at us boosting ur pride in a diplomatic way that will knock ur socks off (and for that we will show u stars!!!)

  17. charles

    Well see thats the thing. I did hurt her badly. I respect her to much to invade her space more than I have already. (left a letter on her car). And I too beleive if I seen her I could get her back and i think she knows and is probably why she didnt answer back when i was calling. we have different circle of friends and different styles of life. We met by fluke lol but the chemistry was there from day one. Im a scorpio and once we get get lied to or crossed thats it your cut off. But I loved this woman so much that I ignored the fact my boys caught her in her exes lap at bar. Ignored her other ex at her house when we broke up in the summer. Me…. a Scorpio ignored all this. Made really timid to truly commit especially since leaving a pisces for her. Looking back i should have just jumped. But hind sight is 20/20. I havent called in two months. I want to call. But with valentines coming up I dont want to fuel her getting close to whoever she maybe with. I hope i didnt push her away trying to get her back for the prior two months. Maybe I’ll hit her up in a month? idk. I wish she can see the changes I have made. If anything holds true I know I been low on love before and came back stronger and better. And I look back and say “dam i was trippin” Granted this has been the lowest obviously got me on this site gossipin with yall females. But yall have been helpful and as long I care for her you’ll probably hear from me again. Scorpio will rise again. Beleive that! (just wish she was by my side when i do lol) happy valentines to all the lovely libra ladies out there! I’ll be in touch…

  18. ceecee1

    I think if you dont phone her she will, (hopefully) phone you. when you leave her get her own space. i really hate when my ex will keep phoning me and i just want to be left alone for awhile, to know where im going, that would push me away. You dont want her to push you away completly.

  19. ceecee1

    Hi charles, i just read all your messages and my babyfather is in the same situation like you. He was with his ex while he was with me and he has been doing this for 3 yr, and he keeps going back to her after she hurts him,and i felt like i was trapped with this on and off going partnership.I just had his baby and he seems to have changed but i know he has feelings for me and i not sure where i stand with him, and i’ve wondering to just move on, and i love him sooo much but i have to do whats best, but it seems everytime i see him i seem to fall for his charms and i dont want too! i believe that if you was to go to her house, (not saying you should) then she would probably take you back, but once we come to our senses we will, find someone else and it will help us move on, if she is with some1 else, then when they do break-up then she would more likly to come back to you. If shes not, then she will not answer your phone calls until, she feels lonely and bored she will call u or text you back, as long as you havent hurt her badly. I wish my scorpio would show me how he feels cause, i really want to be with him properly! i hopefully if you do take her back look after her as well as he does for you.

  20. charles

    CeeCee. If you want. look over my past post. this has been an ongoing situation. And this last break up was my fault completetly. I screwed up bigtime. With that being said is there still a chance? Like i said i havent heard from her in months. I stopped calling a while ago but even then she didnt answer, flowers, letters nothing. Im afraid she might have another man already and is probably trying her best to make it the best thing possible. I think about her all day everyday. Everyday gets a little easier but idk. I really want to right my wrongs. She wasnt perfect but she made life worth it. lol…. You know how you libras are. Cant never be yalls fault and if it is yall shrug your shoulders and say oh well. Do i let go. Do i call one more time?

  21. ceecee1

    hi nichole, from my experience, i told my scorpio, that my feelings for him are deep, he was going on like he didnt know, but he says that we are lover n friends. But he may not tell you anything but say he likes you alot, scorpios dont really show their feelings. But it depends what month he is born because october scorpio will let you know more then a november scorpio.But you will never know unless you tell him.

  22. nichole

    Wandered on here and am curious…..as a Libra woman, I have been seeing a Scorpio man for a short time. We have a great time together and have started sharing personal information about past relationships, goals, etc….it started as a friendship until it became sexual. Both have said we don’t want a relationship. It feels like it is progressing, but both of us are stubborn and are sticking to our story about not wanting a relationship, even tho all our friends see us as together. Anyone have any advice? Don’t know whether to say something about the progression, or keep my mouth shut and wait for him to say something.
    And for the question about whether a Libra woman can satisfy a Scorpio man? The answer is yes. We have an active, imaginative sex life that is incredibly satisfying for us both…..

  23. sexy-sag


    ask for his number and ask what else is required, atleast for your baby, money and his presence…
    .. dont be timid now, you should let him know your genuine needs and dont think that will make you less desirable,


  24. ceecee1

    hi charles, knowing myself she will come back, when she is ready.she jus finding herself and wondering where to go in life.it takes a couple of months or years sometimes to come around. hope that helped. xx

  25. ceecee1

    hi,im a libran been off and on with a scorpio for 3 years had a baby with him 6 months ago, and its like he show little interests in me and my baby. he has changed soo much from how we were a year ago, i feel soo lost and i still have love for him in a way, but i dnt dont know if he does. i know that he a person not to show anything but its hard on me.i dont know if i should stop talking to him and move on, or jus let him come when he wants. He changed his number and i dont want to ask for it. He comes when he feels like it.And if i want to move on he turns up so i feel like im struck, i feel trapped., coz i dont know where i stand with him. can anyone help? does any1 know why he is like this. i think he is back with his ex babymother.

  26. libra lady spica

    this has an extremely low score for some reason. I have seen this pair work though but the scorpio must have several libra planets

  27. being loved :)

    hey..! am a libra woman..in love with a v.v.sweet scorpio guy. had been best friends for over 2 years..and a v.v.beautiful love bloomed.. 🙂
    he is v.friendly, v.v.loving and loves to socialise with all my family & friends and does everythn i need n gr8 on the bed too!! OMG! it sounds totally shocking wen i read this article!

    Libra women pls watch out! der are a few wonders too! 😉

  28. Jan Tijmes

    wow. starting to like a libra gal and i now totally see how we would be together to accomplish an incredible and challenging project. but i also need sexual satisfaction. and i gather this relationship could be dry in this area causing me to only be that much better at my work??

    Libra gals? can anyone share about your strengths as a sexual partner for a scorpio male?? ie: can you satisfy??

    thank you!

  29. Charles

    How can I prove myself when she won’t communicate with me at all its been two months? She graduated college today. Family in town, friends everywhere, and to add to that she is in a sorority so she has all the attention Libras would kill for right now. I don’t what to do. Are libras known for dating past ex’s later down the road? Cause that may be my only shot.

  30. PalmPuncher

    Yea, pisces ladies are well known for their unconditional love. With the libra however she may expect you to prove yourself to her in some way. Make sure the communication is going well with her before assuming she doesn’t care. Anyhow, it seems like you’ve been through a lot. & you will be fine, if you believe it, & I believe it too, Chuck. Just hang in there & things will become clearer when you turn up the understanding dial few other signs know we even have. Good luck.

  31. Charles

    I was a little more optomistic about me and Libra getting back together last time I posted. But after not hearing from her for almost three months now after repeated attempts of putting myself out there, flowers, text, letters, calls I beleive I have to let go. I know it’s nothin for y’all Libras to cut feelings and move on so I believe thats what she has done in these past three months. Its like she doesnt even think of me? I admit I messed up. But there were alot of things in my gut that didn’t feel right. And if you don’t know Scorpio’s gut feeling is dependable most of the time. But still I ignored it. I love her very deeply and she is my first ex that can say I wasn’t the best boyfriend they’ve had. I left a really good girl for her and don’t get me wrong Libra could have been too. But I can’t deny that I turned a blind eye to a lot of her mistakes and downfalls because I was in love. There were several times I caught her in lies, chillin with ex’s with my own two eyes, smelling “sportin waves” on pillow cases smh I’m stupid. but she would just deny deny deny until I just gave in because at the end of the day I wanted to be with her. Been crushed before by a Taurus of five years she cheated and got pregnant and lost my apartment. Still took her back a few months later with another man’s baby in her belly but she left again. (She wants me back now). I was scared me that I loved Libra deeply. Whatever I felt for Taurus X 10. I was nervous about the hold she had over me. All I could think of was last time I felt this kind of love it didn’t end so good. Which resulted in counter productive actions for the relationship. Weird I know but its the truth. If you really want to know the story I’ll tell it. It’s the only way yall might see where my head was at. As of now I just want to hear that I’ll be alright. I mean I know I will but would like to hear it. Does time heal? Does everything happen for a reason? I cheated for the first time in my life on my Pisces and left her for my Libra and the guilt of seeing someone who never did anything wrong to me suffer had my mind confused for over a year now. I loved my Libra though. To this day Pisces is still right there. I ask her why? And she just says she always will see the best in me. SMH f**&^ing confusing. All the while its my Libra I wish would see the best in me. Happy Holidays to yall. God bless.

  32. Roland Banks

    Simply put, You Are, “THE BEST”
    clearly you are gifted with writing, but more importantly you have an amazing understand of the interaction between signs in so many areas of life.
    Thank you,

  33. PalmPuncher

    If you’re up for studying it in greater depth, you may want to look at your decanates. This is the influencing sign within your element based on which of the 3 10-day blocks of the sign you’re in. An easy way to calculate it is just to know that the 1st decanate is your own sign, the physical aspect, the 2nd is the next on the wheel in your element, the mental aspect & the third is the last same element sign, the spiritual aspect.

  34. Charles

    What is the best way to win back your Libra? My situation is very unique. I will tell all our whole story. Let me know if there is anybody willing to help me, and I will tell you everything down to the T.

  35. libra girl

    when im in love i am extemely in love and devoted. i have respect me bf even if he says he doesnt mind me filrting and giving out my number i dont because i know that if i do someone else is able to catch my away from him and then ill probably stop liking him etc. so i dont open doors like that when i love someone. im like a kid trying to resist candy or something lol

  36. barbie

    this question is for the guys, why do you guys say things just to say it and can never back it up? remember that woman starts fallin in love through her ears and that’s how this scorpio’s guy got me. I, honestly believe he meant what he said and wants in the begining of our convo. i think he got scared and he just pulled back or he probably lost interest since it’s a long distance thing

  37. barbie

    @ val, you are definetly right and i actually follow exactly what u said. i told him how i feel and i asked him bout where do we stand and his response was i’m too far away and he can’t have serious feelings for someone who live this far. i already had a feeling that it wasn’t going to work out but i’m glad that i was brave enough to ask him all of my what if questions instead of keeping them all inside and wish that i told him ….now i got the closure that i need to move on….

  38. barbie

    @Sashagrl, i wish you the best with your situation. i’m at the point in my life that i just want to close the door one every man and just focus on my life and my relationship with God. I’m getting tired and sicked of crying for nonesense. I, honestly do wish you the best and God bless

  39. barbie

    @ charles, i’m a libra and i’m only faithful when i’m really into a guy. by faithful i meant i don’t give out my numbers out and i cant find anybody else attractive but him…….whenever i feels this way thats when i know i’m in love with that person or else i will give my numbers out to any guys that i find attractive and see where it can leads to. also, just cause i give my numbers out doesnt mean i’m really going to talk to him….lol

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