Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Famous Libra-Scorpio Couples: Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale  

This is a nice power couple where Libra can compensate for the sometimes otherwise raw intensity of the Scorpio.  She is attracted to power or she wouldn’t be with a Scorpio, but she can provide the niceties and social mannerisms that grease the skids on their trip to the top.  Even the hottest couple needs to make some friends and allies. It’s not that Scorpio hates other people; they simply don’t know how to extend themselves socially.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Scorpio Man: Leave the dark glasses at home and look like you care about what other people think. This lady is socially plugged in because it’s important to her to have a social network and it might be important for you to borrow hers someday.  Try to appeal to her through as much logic as you can possibly summon or better yet be openly appreciative of her logic.  This lady is the greatest for feedback.  You are not used to sharing your plans and schemes with anyone, but with this woman you will quickly find out there is an advantage to it.  Two heads are better than one if the other one is a Libra.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Libra Woman: You are attracted to him because he’s powerful, so don’t hide it.  Show him that you can help him build a winning strategy.  If he is willing to share with you a few of his personal goals, he’ll catch on quickly and come back for more. 

Degree of Romance:  Libra’s idea of romance is a rather superficial sentimentality such as observing Valentine’s Day, both birthdays, and Father’s and Mother’s Day if appropriate.  She is businesslike about her romantic expectations and yet he may still find it difficult to live up to her standards because of his general social ineptitude.

Degree of Passion:  Libra will tend to squelch Scorpio’s passion, but overall that is probably a good thing.  When fate draws these two together, it is without doubt for Libra to temper the tumultuous emotions of the Scorpio.

Degree of Friendship:  These two are not particularly inclined to be friends with one another.  In fact if they don’t meet on some potentially romantic wavelength, their paths are not likely to cross at all.  Once coupled, they can accomplish a lot together, but it will be as harnessed working partners and not as friends.  The camaraderie of friendship in this relationship is replaced by a complex system of checks and balances for secret purposes known only to the couple themselves.

Degree of Marriage:  There is something very karmic about this combination.  If the couple meets at all, the chances of marriage are very strong because there is something that they must accomplish together.  Time will reveal what that is.

Progression of Relationship:  Black and white. Black and white. Yes. No. Maybe.  There is something both cut and dried and extreme about the progression of this relationship.  If the couple does survive, I would expect there to be several serious break ups during which time the importance of the liaison (or not) becomes clear.  This relationship, above all others, lends itself to extremes.  It is an inherent pattern with these two.

Sex:  Sex may be something Libra concedes to Scorpio in order to gain in other areas of the relationships.  She may use his powerful sex drive as a means of controlling him, presumably for his own good.  It’s all in her head and this just makes her the more desirable to him.

When It’s Over:  This relationship is likely to end bitterly and finally.  There is little chance of negotiating a truce, friendship, or “agreeing to disagree.”  This is fine between two grown adults, but when children are involved it would make you think twice before committing.  Break ups are not as likely as you might think because both parties are able to live a lie if there is a greater purpose.

Our Rating: 6/10

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118 Responses to Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

  • mondego says:

    i am a scorpio man sooo deeply in love with a libra woman.. her name is nebula snow… bula, loving u is easy coz you’re beautiful….

    i hope some day God will open your heart for me… ;)

    btw, the descriptions of a scorpio men is sooo right.. :D

    ~~~~~ icak mondego LOVE nebula snow ~~~~~ so much!

  • cbditto888 says:

    I’m a Libra woman falling inlove with a scorpio man who I’ve never meet inperson. How do I get him to meet me in person if he wont travel?

  • amanda says:

    I’ve been with my love for close to a year he is a little older but he wants to please me and I want to please him it seems like the passion between us is so over whelming I almost can’t take but I can’t let it go. He is the same way

  • diyana says:

    i’m a libra woman, i just married a scorpion man, last year in 2011. we met 3 years back, engaged after 6 months we met, and married 2 years later. it’s very fun and interesting combination (scorpio + libra), as we always feel the relationship is fresh and not boring, as both not really predictable. both love to give surprises, so it’s not a straight forward relationship.. :)

  • Cool Libra Girl says:

    I’m Libra female in relationship with my Scorpio . I love him so much . If trust is build , i think its one of the best match for us :) Like a fairy tale , never bored , always being happy ..

  • Tamar says:

    I was meeting after a log time and went to her as a friend. Silly me. I had forgot why I didn’t keep in touch with her at all once she left. Like others, competence was not a strong point but she wanted what I had. Still did. A lot. I don’t mind except that she had claws-all around. Reminded me to remember why one does not keep in touch and not try to revive a friendship. But that was one face at the marriage and with so much going on it didn’t dampen my spirits one bit. Libra woman can be like that and that’s the wrong choice for the scorp man cause they don’t go for taunting. that’s how they rebound in the first place- hurt, grieve, look ahead and move on and don’t hang with those who don’t let you and try to bring you down.

  • Shannon says:

    Your couples are incorrect.

  • Libra Woman/Scorpio Man says:

    Bollywood famous celebrities,

    Shahrukh Khan & Gauri Khan married since 1991, with three children,

    she has a capricorn moon, he has an aquarius moon,

    he has a sagittarius venus/mars and she has a scorpio venus/virgo mars.

    it’s a very full blessing marriage. Even Indian astrologers claim it is harmonious and wishes them full happiness.

  • Kevin says:

    I was married for many years an didn’t know what I was missing in life. I met this crazy, and hearted Lbra woman. She keeps the Scorpio man on vs toes but I love her all the same.

  • ??? says:

    @the scorpio man talking about his libra woman.

    awww I love hearing this stuff.

  • Brian says:

    She can be so darn stubborn at times but when she’s upset she still so darn cute. This Scorpio man is going to keep my Libra lady happy. She truly lights my world. I know plenty of guys wanted her but she picked me and I like it.

  • Julia says:

    Libra woman just beginning a new friendship with a Scorpio man. A little nervous after reading the compatibility of the two signs. We’re off to a good start and I really like him.

  • jia says:

    Good luck :)

  • Scorpio man and libra woman says:

    at least libra woman w/ scorpio man got 6/10, better than gemini women.

  • Stephanie says:

    Rachel McAdams is a Scorpio, not a Libra.

  • Flash says:

    Oh man.
    This is exactly me and the scorpio man I was seeing for a while. He first looked so confident but wanted a more serious relationship than I did. I needed time to think because he was going really fast and I didn’t know if I was ready to start the commited relationship he wanted. It was always all messy, It was either really great or awful, we hated each other and then fell right back in.
    It ended up with a fight at his place and we never talked again. I know he wants nothing to do with me, and I don’t ever want him back in my life in any kind of way.

  • Jolee says:

    Ryan and Rachel are both scorpios

  • Anthony says:

    Im a scorpio guy, and my libra woman is a blessing. I truly love her with all my heart, shes the center of my universe. It use to be me that was there but now shes there. She can be alittle stuborn and indicicve at times but i see that when im patient about it she ussually makes up her mind. Still theres alot we need to work on but there is also alot we. Have worked on. I did dump her once and that was the worst thing i have ever done. But now shes this never ending flame that rests in my heart, shes shes that feeling i get when i play guitar, that moment when you first get up in the morning and its peacfull. I love you allways and forever my love.

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