Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Pisces Couples:  Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

This can be a match made in heaven.   Though a little uncomfortable for Pisces, this pairing allows her to worry, fret and make the kind of little sacrifices she finds natural.  She brings out the very best in the Scorpio man, too.  He’ll be protective and compassionate.  These two are likely to become securely and deeply bonded.   What more could two Water signs ask for?

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Scorpio Man:  This is one occasion when you can put on your George of the Jungle outfit and be a he man.  This lady is fraught with nerves, usually a bit lost, and often desperately in need of a strong sense of guidance from a caring other (that would be you!).  Notice the peril du jour and help her with some good advice.  Call her back the next day to find out if things went okay and give her some more good advice.  You may wind up handling it for her, and this will cement your relationship solidly.   The eight words any Pisces woman wants to hear: Why don’t you let me worry about that?

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Pisces Woman:  It’s okay to be a little bit helpless.  Being soulful is a plus, as well.  Scorpio wants to feel feelings no matter what they are, so you can completely be yourself.  It doesn’t matter whether your feeling is fear, ecstasy, or anything in between.  Just show some emotion.

Degree of Romance:  Pisces brings out the romance in anybody.  And Scorpio is more than willing to play the gallant role as the relationship deepens. Each partner is likely to hear expressions of love in ways they had only dreamed of before.  Both parties use body language and eye contact to get their point across with sublime timing. The Pisces woman is able to anticipate Scorpio’s needs.  Not only that but she does it in a delightfully feminine and romantic way.

Degree of Passion:  This is one relationship where Scorpio is willing to show his tumultuous passions. Pisces provides the oceanic depths for him to float on comfortably. He will be willing to reveal layer upon layer of feeling which he usually keeps to himself.  His guard drops as she soothes and comforts him, reassuring the scorpion that all his secrets are fine with her.  As his fears alleviate, his behavior becomes increasingly more romantic and passionate.

Degree of Friendship:  This relationship is gender specific.  The Scorpio man will be very manly. A Pisces woman will be very feminine.  This polarization does not lend itself very well to friendship or equality, but it is a positive bond between the two.

Degree of Marriage:  This is an excellent opportunity for marriage.  Creating a home with emotional and financial security will be their foremost accomplishment.  Both signs make good parents.  Pisces is never really completely loyal to anybody, but a Scorpio man who is in love will overlook anything.

Progression of Relationship:  When two water signs get together, they begin by testing the waters.  Scorpio especially will try and find out how deep he can go without getting rejected or hurt.  As Pisces passes the test, he’ll relax and reveal himself, drawing the two closer.  Gradually a bond is forged.  It is almost unbreakable.  These two can create a real sense of intimacy and abiding trust.

Sex:  Sex is an important way of communicating between two water signs.  Neither Pisces nor Scorpio is particularly verbal.  Both are tuned in to vibes and feelings.  This gives love making a lilting quality where needs are responded to instinctively.  Sex can be used as a form of communion and is definitely a way to draw closer together.  It is likely to be a lifelong attraction between these two because the sex is so emotionally safe.

When It’s Over:  It’s very sad if this relationship ends.  Neither sign ever wants to end anything.  Scorpio will remain protective even through a break up, and Pisces will never get over it.  This is a combination that may break up and get back together numerous times (note the famous couple listed above).

Our Rating: 10/10

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108 Responses to Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

  • allana says:

    this sounds like me and my manager. im a pisces woman and i hope he feels as strongly for me as is stated above!

  • Bonnie & EJ says:

    My new man at age 54 is a Scorpio, I am a Pisces 54, we had never dreamed we could be lovers and be so very in synch and compatible.It is actually so good, you want to question it? But you have hit it on the head exactly. UNBELIEVABLE

  • Marvin says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I’m a 42 year old faithfully marriage man for 15 years. And all I can say is, for over 15 years since my break-up with my Piscean I have not been able to stop thinking about her. I’ve dated so many good women in my time she’s the one who’s eating away at my heart and my memories, and it drives me nuts with this fantasy of being with her. Ironicly she’s 7 years older than me, but as young as I am as old as she. I think the worst thing for my marriage would be running into her, and perhaps only again.

    Well, you are so right about so many things in your description of the Scorpio/Pisces relationship. I don’t think I will ever totally part ways with her.

  • Reina says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I really need your help with this. I met a Scorpio man about 3 months ago, of course I am a Pisces woman. It was so crazy, as soon as our eyes met we instantly were drawn to each other. This is my 1st time ever dating a Scorpio, but this is so true. I had never ever had this passionate, loving feelings for no other man I had dated. My question is, he keeps confusing me so much. When we 1st started dating we both talked about taking it slow. After a couple weeks he wanted to make it official. I was fine with it, a little scared but decided to go on with it. He started being really jealous and possesive with me. I am have been nothing but honest but he still has questions and concerns about me. He does not like me going anywhere with my girlfriends, but I never give him beef for going out with his friends. I actually trust him, even though it seems like he tries to give me reasons to not trust him I still do. Feels like he does it on purpose. My question is why does he show me he loves me so much when we are together, but then he starts arguments with me for any little thing and then I end up saying SORRY for stuff I didn’t even do?

  • Alyssa says:

    I am a 22 pisces girl feeling sad about a 32 scorpion man. We connected and had lunch and dinner several times, but his work kept him very distant. I didn’t understand his humor and mistook it for belittling me and told him he gave me an arrogant vibe, made me uncomfortable, and felt he was judging me. He took it as me being mean and I apologized stating we agreed to be honest and he was glad I was. We were suppose to go to the opera tonight, a night long awaited but he ignores me now and hung up on my call yesterday. He makes me feel insane but don’t know why I still want him. I’m sad and wish he’d talk to me. But I feel like there’s nothing I can do.

  • Mally says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Very accurate your description on these far out match! I ended my 2 years relationship with an Scorpio man. He tested the water way too much and I quited. I could not take any longer his ‘testing the water of my patience”. That was almost 6 months ago. It was not easy to get rid of him. I still receive a text message every 3 weeks or so. The last text message said: :You were right it is hard to forget you”. I never responded to any of his calls, emails or text messages. I cared about him but I care more about myself. I hope I do not have another Scorpio man in my life. it is way too much stress. People comment he still love me…his love /hatred relationship (testing) I can’t take it. I’m a warm and straightforward Pisces woman. I’m dating again and I do not have to be worry on his unfounded jealousy and possessiveness! Yes!
    Thank you.

  • raech says:

    Pisces woman here who is still crazy in love with a Scorpio man even if he is back with his Aqua gf. We just met online but we’re still talking til now because of the intense feeling i still feel for him (and idk about him if he still feels the same way). We live on two very far countries but he keeps on telling me that he’ll be coming here soon. He disappeared for awhile so I tried to move on. But here we are again, talking again. A part of me tells me I should still try my best to move on, and another part says I love him no matter what so what the hell am I supposed to do?!


  • vaishnavi says:

    its really amazing!!!!! i’m 18 and my guy too…. we really had break ups lot of times…… but we’re again in relationship……..i just loved this!!!!

  • jewels says:

    I have been reading a lot of these posts, me, Pisces woman. As I hear what all of the Scorpios are saying, I keep thinking in all situations is …

    1. If the Pisces hurt you, it’s because you hurt her first because it’s not in her nature to hurt others except in retaliation.

    2. Pisces woman want a safe, sensual, dreamy and secure relationship with no stress. (times the sensual by 10 if she is over 40). She will give EVERYTHING for this. No matter how perfect the relationship is, if she is made to feel insecure or insufficient, she will disappear. When I learn that I don’t have the physical or intellectual ability to make my partner happy, no matter how much I give, and they keep criticizing, I leave, and quietly! Why quietly? Because if I make it known, I WILL be talked into extending my boundaries and regret it later. I’ve lost 21 years of my life to a selfish man and a wonderful man, both by giving ONE more chance. I’m 43 and still alone. Pisces learn to protect self, eventually, but sheer experience.

    3. All you Scorpios that wonder if the Pisces likes you. Just look! Look into her eyes silently with feeling, until she doesn’t know what else to do but look back. Don’t stop, don’t give up. She is just afraid. You will see. She is only afraid of rejection or misunderstanding. Take a stand because she wont.

    This is my input from a Pisces female who has never had the good fortune of even meeting a possible Scorpio mate. My father, brother, and nephew are Scorpio and we communicate perfectly. To meet a possible Scorpio boyfriend/husband is only a dream to me but I will tell you this. I know exactly how a Pisces feels and reacts and the stories I have read …. I shake my head and wonder why you Scorpio / Pisces combo’s are letting the little things get in the way of your happiness.

  • star girl says:


    I need help with scorpio. The problem is he keeps hot and then cold? Every 2nd month he leaves me heartbroken saying he needs to be away from me. What is this? He is a very emotional man and extremely wounded heart at all times. He often tells me he feels empty yet when I met him he kinda introduced himself this way. Nothing has changed in his heart or mind. I’ve done some reading on scorpio and everything is spot on. He always seems torn between 2 worlds, 2 paths.. Why? He will declare his love for me physically and verbally and then the very next day tell me he feels he needs to do this: let me go, that I need to let him go? Its crazy!! I love this man dearly, want to help him through his head troubles.. Pisces loves unconditionally and scorpio needs time alone.. Before I’ve always stopped him from leaving but today.. I actually stopped myself from stopping him or convincing him to stay.
    What can pisces do to help keep scorpio? Do I let him be? He called me earlier.. I answered but had a guest over so I said I would call him back.. I never did. Was that wrong.. He is always telling me how predictable I am and how he knows how much I love him. Could that be the problem for scorpio with me? He is too comfortable and bored with my routine?
    I know he loves me dearly. He has had endless trouble from his family for me.. Today he said he was at war with himself and he was chosing a path without me in it. It cut me deep. But I had to remind myself that he had said soo many of the same things before then I end up in his arms later. Us being intimate and him telling me how he never wants to lose me? I have been with him for a year now, why did he call if he doesn’t love me? Does scorpio need all this action to keep them fired up? Help pls. I don’t want to walk away from him as I love him dearly. What’s the right move to make with scorpio now?

  • PalmPuncher says:

    If you’re up for studying it in greater depth, you may want to look at your decanates. This is the influencing sign within your element based on which of the 3 10-day blocks of the sign you’re in. An easy way to calculate it is just to know that the 1st decanate is your own sign, the physical aspect, the 2nd is the next on the wheel in your element, the mental aspect & the third is the last same element sign, the spiritual aspect.

  • Emma says:

    Hi Nancy, im 23 Pisces female and as emotional as my sign is i could not fall in love with anyone as im so idealistic its annoying, couple of weeks ago i met this boy same age as me and we instantly felt this weird vibes , he is Scorpio and since the 1st time we met we havent been apart but its so scary as feel that i can easily fall in Love with my Scorpio and get my heart broken !!

    he is more dreamy and idealistic than i am and i have this feeling as i known him for ever !!

    there is chemistry and sparks !!

    Pisces and Scorpio defo the HOTTEST

  • Daisy says:

    This is my fourth year of college and I have never had a boyfriend. Nor did I ever want one until a meet a certain guy, a Scorpio. I always dreamed of being with someone like him…he had everything on my checklist. In the beginning we were good friends always talking and he even invited me over to play poker with him family. At the end of the semester we went for a day trip to go hiking in the snow. We had a good time, but stopped talking randomly for a while. Then in the middle of the following semester I had a dream of him. In my dream he had cut his dreads and was planting roses. I text him about the dream and later on when we meet up again he told me that he was planting a rose bush when I sent him the text and had recently cut his dreads. We meet up that time and again just before I left for the summer. I spent the night there and we got quite intimate. We even talked on the phone the day after while I was driving the entire way out of town. When I left for the summer we remained in contact via email, but suddenly half way through summer he stopped responded. I didn’t know what to think and I started to get worried. I would email and call him but of course no response. When school started I would run into him randomly and he would act as if nothing. I assumed then that things were fine and I would text but again he would ignore me. At one point I sent him an email to let him know how I feel about him. This is very uncharacteristic for me, but I have never felt this way about anyone else. I still text him randomly (knowing deep down he is just going to keep ignoring me). Just recently over the new year, I text him happy new year. This time though he responded but I had already went too bed, so in my lack of a response he text me again and even called me! Excited to see this the next day I called him back and of course, he was back to ignoring me. I don’t know what to do! When I try to forget about him, I run into him randomly on campus or he shows up in my dreams. I don’t want to seem like a creeper, keeping trying to contact him and get on his nerves, but I also don’t want to let him go because I know deep down inside that something profound can happen between us. Ahh what to do?! I always feel dumb texting him…I wish he would just tell me what happened.

  • Janet says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I am so shocked on how dead on your description of my Scorpio man and I, Pisces woman. We fell in love 24 years ago and had a brief relationship. As you’ve described I never got over him. Although we did have brief encounters after our break up many years ago, the time came in which life changes geared us to take different paths. I never forgot him and although I loved again, married and had children, I could never forget him or stop loving him. He’s the man I believe I fell in love with and not learn to love. My heart always belong to him from the moment we fell in love 24 years ago. I say we cause is also how he described it that he also fell in love with me. Well, 19 years had past when destiny once again put us in each other’s path. I was still married and he was living with someone whom he shared a 2 years old child. He got in touch with me and Imediately we began to have an affair. We spoke of our love for one another and how we wished our cirumstances were different. He explained to me how he’s regret was not marrying his first love, menaning me. Well I am now seperated due to realizing I no longer should be with my husband due to my feelings for my Scorpio man. He is still in his live in relationship and as he describes it as an unhappy relationship but there’s a 2 year old child envolved. We have now been forced to part once again and yes my heart is broken and I miss him dearly. I’m hoping for someday before the end of our lifetime that our life’s path or destiny will allow us to find ourselves at a better cross road where neither him nor I, will have any obstacles to keep us from each other. I do beleieve in my heart that we will have a chance again. He last told me “Janet if we never see each other again, please know that I was yours”. I never got the chance to respond an allow him to know that I will always belong to him; Heart, Mind, Body, and Souls. Phil, Love of my life, wherever you may be, you truly are my soul mate.. I was born to be yours.

  • someone says:

    wow janet. the scorpio man i love is named phil too. im a pisces too. but we’re a little younger. and he’s already with a gf. i love him still, but im doing my best to let him go to where he’s happy.

  • Taurus Chick says:

    damn these pisces chick they can have any guy they want to be compatible with it sux ass well u know what taurus has adolph hitler and who do yall have ke$ha so whats up now and then we also have chris brown and yall have rihanna yeah and we have lenardo de vinci y yall have justin bieber hmm whos winning in the long run oh yeah us and heres one who wins no matter what we have enrique iglesias and u have oh wait no yall have chuck norris i guess yall do win

  • Pisces says:

    Type your comment here

    Taurus Chick :
    damn these pisces chick they can have any guy they want to be compatible with it sux ass well u know what taurus has adolph hitler and who do yall have ke$ha so whats up now and then we also have chris brown and yall have rihanna yeah and we have lenardo de vinci y yall have justin bieber hmm whos winning in the long run oh yeah us and heres one who wins no matter what we have enrique iglesias and u have oh wait no yall have chuck norris i guess yall do win

    hahaha its like a big run on sentence but its funny

  • Janet says:

    Well someone, I guess that’s all that is left. Let him go be happy with someone else…. You know in a converstaion with my Scorpio man “Phil”, he told me that we, meaning him and I sacraficed our happiness for oher people’s happiness. I guess your also doing the same. I’m sorry that your also experiencing the such. Hey if life allows you to find your Scorpio again a second time, I hope it is at a better cross road 🙂 I for one will always have and live with hope that our third chance will be sweet. I believe there was a reason for our second meeting in life after so many years between us gone by. You know the very first time we set eyes on each other again, and tried to say hello, we did so with a long passionate kiss. Yes, after 17 that’s how we again said hello. It was as if not a moment’s had passed us. I do wish yo soo much luck in finding each other again if that’s what you may want 🙂

  • flora says:

    yes someone, Janet is absolutely correct ……….go and find someone else n be happy 🙂 gudluck

  • GTOpisces says:

    @tauruschick: We also have albert einstein, cindy crawford, dr suess, elizabeth taylor, george washington… we’re great.

  • someone says:

    thanks guys. 🙂 i do believe there’s a reason we met too. and maybe that reason has ended for now and our paths need not be on the same road anymore. my love for him will remain the same until we run into each other again. but im not so hopeful anymore. if i dont see him again, that’s fine. if i do, that would be a surprise, but we’ll see till then. ill just live life the way it is, and maybe even find the right one for me. every time we talked after a long time, he would ask if i found a bf already. one day i hope i can say i did. maybe then we can be good friends again. wait, is that possible?

  • james11 says:

    One of my friend is dating with white woman and problem is here that he is asian and girl is white,His family is not agree these asian men white women dating relationship issue.What they should in this matter?

  • Suresh says:

    Hi, I m facing a problem, Like i m confused……. I have a friend and She is pisces…..We are classmates….
    Whenever i talk to her then i feel some kinda Depression, i m nt saying that i don’t like her but i m saying that i msensitive bout her, whenever i talk to her then i think then she would like to talk with me more or not????? She loves or Just she want to keep then friendship….CONFUSEDDDDDD!!!!
    I m little Complex and Less talkative…….remember….
    Bt she and i , are the only who are too much close….bt y i feel that she want to keep my friendship ONLY a friendship…….WHY??????????????

  • Suresh says:

    Any body please

  • Teresa says:

    to suresh
    being a pisces woman ,i know that deep in our heart we are very insecure, scared to fall in love and to be hurt. so just take it slow, start as a friend, if she has a feeling for you(i think she does ), she will be yours! good luck!!

  • elly says:

    I had a thing with a scorpian man for about 2 months and we were absolutely in love with each other, until I lied to him and he broke it off immediately. This was a year ago and I’ve been trying to get him back ever since. He invited me over the other day and we cuddled up and held hands but when I tried to kiss him he didn’t kiss me back and when he kissed me goodbye it was on my cheek. What do I do??

  • d78 says:

    Hetero-centered astrology, how boring. I swim far from its constrictions like the fish I am.

  • Mandy says:

    *sigh* I miss my scorpio. He was not very good for me at all, in fact all the while we were dating, my friends and family kept expressing their disdain for him. I tried to stay away from him, but time and time again I could not resist. I felt such a strong connection with him and could feel parts of him resonating with sincerity, even though I knew other parts of him were false and had been false for years. We’ve hurt each other many times..If only he could have faced those parts of him and had the bravery to change…
    But reality is what it is. I have finally successfully cut it off, he tried to text, email and call but I never answered. He has finally given up. He still loves me but will never again have the chance to tell me. I will never forget him, and am certain I’ll never feel for anyone that way again.

  • Samantha says:

    Wish I could find a perfect Scorpio for me 😀
    (Of course I’m a Pisces girl :D)

  • LittleFishie says:

    Can any1 tell me how to confess a Scorpio guy that I like him. I just don’t want to scare him away.

  • Sarakina says:

    I send sweet email expressing subtlely how I feel about him. Just simple but truthful things. For example, I saw something that reminded me of him and I wrote to him
    “I saw a poster of thor today and thought of you. You mentioned wanting to watch it when it comes out. Well it is 🙂 I thought it would be nice if we could go together.”
    He seems to respond well..

  • LittleFishie says:

    Hey, that’s a good one! I tried it and it worked! =D. But here’s another problem: we’re too shy to make a move or talk to each other. I mean, he tries to talk to me but never a word comes out. I try to smile at him but I start giggling and turn red. In the note: I said something like “Srry for not saying this personally to you but I’ll say it anyways. I like u and I think ur cute. No one knows i did this so it’s just between me and u. Lol. =D” When I was younger, I wrote love notes to him but lol it scared him away. I wrote more romantic back then but this time i kept it simple. Finally after several years, he didn’t reject it! I’m kind of having fun chasing after him. Lol. =D. I love these happy faces. =D. See.

  • LittleFishie says:

    Thx Sarakina!! =D

  • H5 says:

    Sighs….D joy of reading thru posts and finding someones opinion thats so in-tune with your thoughts…..Jewel your post was totally on point!

  • Valleygirl says:

    True, scorpio man does attract us rather effortlessly. And true, it s hell to get over them. But also true that scorpios are just too intense and they do exhaust you in every sense of the word. They drain our precious energy and take everything to the extremes, both the good and the bad in us. I find the same passion with a leo man, or find a easier lighter more fun existence w a libra guy. That s just me of course, but i should say that many of my otjer pisces gfs have had similar experiences. Scorpio-pisces match is a bit overhyped and mispresented. It s like eating choclate chip cookie, yes nice but if you eat that every day w the same intensity after a while you simply get sick…

  • Shy Pisces says:

    I have a question. I mean, I don’t even know if this Scorpio guy likes me. I don’t really notice things since half of the time I’m in my dreamworld. He’s not afraid to tell me his deepest problems and I gladly help him. He stares at me in the eyes and always stands close to me. Like if I bend down only to talk secretly with him, his face is only inches from me. And I remember shouting his name only to ask him something and he pulled me towards him and took my hand to his and rubbed my fingers. To be honest, I think he does this to every girl. So I’m not sure if he’s interested in me or just having fun. Because he’s possessive over his female friends at times. I did asked him once if he ever mentions his secrets to anyone else and he said no. Only to me. I know his secrets and he knows mine. But I’m just confused. He either does this to every girl or it’s possible that he’s interested in me. 

  • Shy Pisces says:

    Is it possible that he does this to every girl or could it be that he’s interested in me?

  • Ida says:

    Hi there, I understand the deep bond beween piscean women and scorpio man because I am a “fish” and I have met scorpion. We have known each other for 3 years now. He decided across the ocean and met me, then he hurt me with another women. We are apart but still have contact through the skype. I don’t know what to think about him, if he plays with me? I can’t trust him anymore, yet I miss him very much and still love him. With greetings, dreamer Ida.

  • Lily Lotus L'Amour says:

    Once upon a long time ago I made the mistake of getting involved with a Scorpio guy. Loads older for one, in a band secondly, drinker, druggie, smoker thirdly, deceptively charming to an old enough to know better young woman who really prolly did not know better being still very unworldly inexperienced and naive…a Piscean on the Cuspand a Virgo Ascendant…anyhoo….yet knowing….having knowledge of things numerological astrological the latter not to an insanely mathematically technical degree but still….I had over the years quite a few in depth charts readings of all kinds knowledge acrued….so I knew….I knew….plus I was warned by a special friend or two about how when you play with fire you get burned….but that did not apply astrologically? Hmmmmmm……oh, but yes…it did apply, however….I found out. I surely did. I fancied that rough around the edges beast to be a sort of Tom Waits type…you know the kind I mean, right?…Wrong. Fun at first. Flattery. Flirtation. Getting showed off like some shiny trophy. Backstage parties, passes….bar tabs drinks on the house….all fine and well until you hear the same damn sets of the same songs countless times and it all stops being fun and just turns into a hunt and one big jones. Oh, but the SEX….I never knew that could be that Great before….but then I hadn’t really exactly been around the block much….hadn’t much to report. Yawn. Scorpios apparently can rock out in the sack. Appetites. Energy. Keep on coming back. But some get bored it seems. This one….problematic……he just could not tell the truth…..or keep it in his pants. I tried so hard to trust him. Bcoz he knew he could trust me. I never strayed. It’s complicated. But he sure as f$ck did. So that pretty much ended that, though no one was good enough to tell me….so it took too long to find out the hard way….and by that time my life was way f*fled up. The End. Oh… I doubt all guy Scorps are like that. But good in sack? We can only hope so. And that they can keep it zipped up and ready….And I sooo hate the term ” Cougar “. Meow. Oh. And. once I dated a Gemini guy when I was like 18? I forget. Stupid dorky smart stupid computer science major college boy Wiccan who liked to play the mind games all kinds. Wrote reeeaaalllyyyy bad witchy poetry. Had whatever the boy version of the nymphomania is. Satyr somethin’? Seemed that way… day walk in he doin’ his very mg. ex, another day he decides it’s only polite to accept that b.j. from that new Satanist next door gay dude ( even though he really could have exercised far better taste than joining ” The Temple of Set “), but, he explained to me later…..he really did receive an offer that he just couldn’t refuse……then I find he is deflowering one of the fugliest females ever I have seen in person….a female obsessed, no less, w/ the band ” White Snake “…….crap…okay… maybe not all male gemini wiccan computer science major college student geek boys are horrible……and maybe not all scorpio. dudes musically inclined w/ healthy libidos? of whatever age range….are complete and utter jerks………or alcoholic druggies creeps on the prowl for all the strange they can get….like the um gemini example…that last bit……least ways….where piscean gals come into play. Hell. They better not be. I am available for busting up kneecaps…..and worse….jest sayin’…. gimme a hills if you need me……and….good luck with that.************Lily

  • October says:

    This is completely true… I met my Scorpio through a friend on Facebook..and we connected instantly…he’s dominant (which is good…for me) but listens to me…and I nurture him when his Scorpian secretive insecurities pierce him…We aren’t together…but last night, he said “You know it’s weird…” and I replied “What is?” and he responded “I’ve never been able to trust someone so easily so quickly…I feel like I’ve known you my entire life..though I haven’t known you for a week.” Me, being the Pisces I am, nearly cried…in Ecstasy…I was soooo complete…It wasn’t just the lust that had consumed us…he had trusted and felt feelings for me….as I do him…XD

  • Laci says:

    Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are currently the sexiest couple alive! they are a male scorpio/female pisces combination 🙂

  • October says:

    Scorpio-Pisces is the greatest relationship..ever..PERIOD…sexually, emotionally……spiritually….My Scorpio is the greatest guy ever and everyday I wake up praising the air that he breathes…knowing he is mine…knowing that I am his….It’s enough to make my heart burst…

  • Popular Man says:

    I have had my eye on this Pisces lady for the last year. Yes, I’m a Scorpio man and she works at my favorite little pub. Whenever I come in, she lights up and I find myself really sad when she’s not there. I’ve coyfully asked her out and joked around, but I just realized, she really would go out with me if I was serious. I’m asking her out for real next week after seeing this.

  • Sugargirl says:

    Hey, to all Scorpios,,,you are so cool, nice, hot, fun, sexy,,,but could u just share more with a person u like or love or have any feelings for her,,,yeah, eye contact is great, but we need also to hear it from time to time,,,so SHARE MORE, TALK TO US MORE,,,SCORPIO MAN + PISCES WOMAN,,OHHH SOOO COOL,,I LOVE THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THIS ARTICLE,,THIS CAN BE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN,,SO TRUE 🙂

  • says:

    For all my girlies out there wondering what to do with a hot-cold weird scorp, the soultion is simple. If you are on his radar then yes he likes you ( scorps don’t do the wishy-washy thing, either they do or they don’t-simple). You need to be patient. Very very very patient. It may take a year or even more ( scorps are super patient- but we pisces are THE sing of patience- we can drive them nuts.) When he texts, reply to the point, casually. When he calls do the same. Scorps love the chase. Give it to them. A true scorp doesn’t leave. They will give their best shot to it. You just have to be direct. Remember one thing that if he likes you then one of his biggest weakness is his curiousity. He as curious as a cat. Don’t let him in on what’s going on.

  • says:

    I fully agree with– so true. Hey piscean girls: come on and stop wining. Despite your delicate surface you are all strong… I am a pisces tangled up with a scorpio. I have experienced every single thing described above: the hot and cold mood change, the brutally harsh “sting” comments, as though intentionally hurting, the tender passion, the eyes,… I, too, have done things so out of character– and like all of you, the attraction is undeniable, irresistible, and unbreakable. There is that unspoken language, the strong electromagnetic field that you should rely on, rather than your fears.
    Have confidence that he loves you just as much as you love him. Just ignore his bitter and hurtful comments with grace in silence. Avoid being a drama queen. He hates it. Give him something to be curious about, and the chance to find out by himself, to wonder… most importantly, when he pushes too far, draw your boundaries in an assertive way. Let him face the consequences, but not a punishment [he will punish you worse if you punish him]. Just inform him of the consequences– e.g. I do not appreciate these hurtful words, and cannot be in a relationship that I am not respected. I do not like for my calls not to be returned, and even though I don’t believe in taking turns, after a few times the person loses his/her importance for me. Once you learn to be in full control of your emotions, you will learn the tricks of the scorpio-pisces dance!

  • Kat says:

    Me and my Scorp man started out as work colleagues, very quickly becoming each other’s closest friend. I think this did us the world of good as we got to really know each other platonically with no agenda other than genuine care and interest. We both felt there was something deeper between us and started what is the most intense and loving relationship I’ve ever had, now we are inseparable and planning our wedding! It really feels like this was meant to be and I’m almost overwhelmed by the feelings I have for him. He is the most passionate, genuine and devoted man I have ever known and I will happily spend the rest of my life by his side. He has his dark side, I can see it in him but he has never hurt me and I honour him enough to never betray his trust, he’s worth too much to lose. I hope everyone of any sign can experience happiness like this in their lives x

  • Leah (strongpisces) says:

    I am a Pisces woman and I have had two encounters with Scorpio males. The first was amazing! We went to the same high school together but never talked. We connected nine years later on Facebook after realizing that we had a lot of mutual friends. We were friends for three years and then became a couple. He was definitely my knight in shining armor and I loved him with my entire being, but due to some circumstance that got in the way, he came to the determination that we were like “water and oil” so that’s why we’re no longer together. There were many ups and downs in our relationship but it seems that he got tired of holding on but I still did. I will never forget him and he will always be the true love of my life.

    My second encounter did not go so well…This Scorpio male was much older and he had baby mama drama and always seemed to bring that into whatever we were trying to build (friendship/relationship) and that caused a lot of extra unnecessary tension between us. I knew that he liked me but I LOVED him and I soon learned that a situation like that never works! Also he was very immature and I heard those ones are the worst to encounter. He was 39 but acted like he was in his late teens.

    We had a deep connection and I knew he felt it too but it seemed like he never encountered feelings so deep before because all of his other relationships were with air signs (Libra and Aquarius) and he was always the deep one but the feelings were never reciprocated. So meeting someone on his level, with emotions, all came as a shocker to him but knowing that Scorpio men are the King’s of Intensity, I was surprised when I realized that he was unsure of how to deal with my feelings towards him. It was the first time I have ever seen a Scorpio act like that. He was also very contradictory and full of double standards. He would say one thing but his actions proved otherwise…He would talk about stuff that he didn’t like from a woman but it was ok for him to do it. I tried to be patient with him, really I tried, but I CANNOT be patient with someone like that. I’m sorry! I am NOT your typical soft, quiet, gentle Pisces (when I was a teenager yes of course) but I am very feminine, loving, trustworthy and loyal…I can also be brutally honest because of my (Venus in Aries) – Google it…So I tell it like it is. It appeared that Mr. Scorpio never liked that about me because he was unable to control me and put me in a bubble like he usually tried with his other exes which made one run off and get married to another man and the other keeps torturing him on purpose because of what he put her through.

    I have been stung by him many times but I am not afraid of his sting…At the end of the day he is a normal human being just like the rest of us. HE IS NOT A GOD!!! When he stings me I fire back unafraid and when he sees that I am fearless, he has no choice but to back down…To be honest, we recently had a huge disagreement and he sent me a text telling me to never text him again because “His Woman” would have a problem with him if she found out. He sent this after he has been to my place and has been very intimate with me! I have known this guy for a year and I always had my doubts about him…He always calls his exes crazy but he’s the crazy one! All he does is drive women away and he has done the same to this lovely Pisces woman. He could have had a woman that would have loved him unconditionally and fearlessly but he was not mature enough to deal with what I had to offer.

    I am not going to let him ruin things for the guy that genuinely wants to be with me for the long haul though. I deserve so much better and that Scorpio could continue to poison himself by not letting go of his past and drowning in his abyss of pain and suffering. I wish him well and this Pisces is swimming on into the depths of love.

    The reason I told my story is because not all Pisces/Scorpio relationships are what they’re cracked up to be. Pisces ladies if you’ve found a good one, consider yourself lucky and hold on to him with everything you’ve got and continuously treat him well…Love him unconditionally, Don’t take him for granted…NEVER STOP Loving him… and he will treat you like a queen. I wished that I had not argued over such mundane things with my first Scorpio ex as much as I did and we may have still been together now and getting married…but I was much much younger and we all make mistakes when we’re young and trying to figure ourselves out. He will always be in my heart and I will love him forever! And to the Scorpio men…PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOUR PISCES WOMEN (be it emotionally, mentally etc) because that takes a toll on us and pushes us away. Be mad at the world but not at your Pisces woman…all we wanna do is love you, be there for you, support you, hold you when you feel sad or depressed, which is exactly what you need from us.

    I have been on two completely different ends of the spectrum when it comes to Scorpio men. The Good side and the Bad side and stick a little bit of ugly in there too! Scorpio men are really not for the faint of heart and that is why I think that only us Pisces women can cope with them in the best way. Thank God for us. Good luck to all the couples out there 🙂

  • M says:

    I never met a Scorpio man but I found myself checking the most compatible sign for me. I’m a Pisces woman and I’m just hoping that when I met him everything that’s been said in here can help me to understand him 🙂

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