Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Sagittarius Couples:  Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda, Ike and Tina Turner

This is a surprisingly good combination given they are so different.  They can appreciate each other’s breadth ((Sagittarius) and depth (Scorpio).   Both are powerful signs with dominance ability.  Each has an uncanny way of “knowing” that the other can readily appreciate.  Scorpio knows from the gut, instinct and bull’s eye perceptiveness.  Sagittarius knows from the heart, spirit and intuition.  This sets them apart and drives them towards each other for mutual understanding of their exceptional qualities.   Both these signs play fair and play for keeps.  The stakes are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Scorpio Man:  You will have to figure out how to cross her path which is sort of like aiming at a moving target.  You’ll be fascinated by how active she is and motivated by the chemistry to chase her down.  The next thing to do is your famous “shock and awe’.  Look her right in the eye and let loose one of those amazingly perceptive comments you’re famous for such as “You’re really bored here, aren’t you?”  Far from being phazed, she’ll laugh out loud and you know you’re on your way.  Aim also toward cultural events, political activities or find out what are her favorite causes, probably raising money for animal rights or humanitarianism abroad.  Be as honest and crude as you like.  Go for it!

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  What really comes in handy is your ability to get the ball rolling.  You make what is dark and complex to him (sex =– after all, it’s his religion) light, fun and natural.  Jostle him up a bit.  Rough up his hair.  Reach out with a light slap on the shoulder or a little shove on the back – the way kids play.  You’re the only one who could ever get away with that, with crossing those famous Scorpio boundaries, and he’ll admire you for it. (He thinks he’s really scary.)     Now you have his attention – pull back and play hard to get.  Book some tennis matches with your male friends or grab a girlfriend for a quickie trip to Europe.  In other words, just be yourself!

Degree of Romance:  There is a lot of intensity here but nobody’s got time for romance.

Degree of Passion:   Both signs are famous for passion, a word that means different things to different people.  Here, it means only the best, lust for life and one another.  Both have the need and willingness to relentlessly and mercilessly explore all worthwhile inner and outer experiences.  They amaze one another with suggestions and nonplussed acquiescence.  This makes a terrific and unbreakable bond.

Degree of Friendship:  If mutual respect is the cornerstone of a good friendship, these two walk off with the blue ribbon.

Degree of Marriage:  Especially  for a second or later in life partnership, this rocks.  Both partners are capable of appreciating the qualities that make positive bonds: honesty within limits, commitment to vital living, fidelity and a humane realism regarding space and time demands.

Progression of Relationship:  You will never meet two people more committed to hashing out territorial and time issues.  Both Scorpio and Sagittarius put a high value on what is genuine.  Since they find this prized quality in one another, and so rarely anywhere else, they are likely to pull together to get it up and running. Both are good communicators, negotiators and life partner material.

Sex:    Sex can be at its finest with these two.  Sagittarius sets Scorpio free of self imposed restrictions (ever had sex with a Sag? that’s their gift to all of us) whilst Scorpio puts a ring of fire around Sagittarius, heightening the experience almost unbearably.   The sex is so good it doubles their efforts to hash out mutual territory and make necessary compromises in other  areas.

When It’s Over:  This one is most inclined to last because both Scorpio and Sag will easily overlook anything if they want to be with the other: all things are forgiven and forgotten after a ferociously honest clearing of the air.  If it must end, Scorp will have to do the honors.  Sag will waltz off into the sunset, a bit sad but already looking for life’s next big adventure.

Our Rating: 10/10

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64 Responses to Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • Sagi'selah says:

    I met my Scorpio man 7 years ago and dated for a year Things wasnt working out for him here in Georgia…he moved to Miami and found someone else and so did i. He came back to Georgia and its so funny cause we saw each other on the highway’ he beeped the horn i looked over and it was HIM…slowed down to get his number and it was ON from then….but not to the fullest because i was still with someone and so was he. We called each other and spoke (wonderful vibes). Until my man at the time called him and told him to leave me alone…I didnt know he did that. I did how ever notice my Scorpio wasnt calling me as often, being the Saggi that i am…i brushed it off and moved on.

    Then driving on the highway again….i look to my left and it was HIM!!! omg’ i slowed down he said “CALL ME” i did. I kept his number and called every once in a while. I didnt want to start something i was still with an AQUARIUS…2 years later my Scorpio man and i saw each other here and there an functions but we knew we couldnt be together. I finally broke up with that “MEAN AQUARIUS” and a few weeks after the break up i went to a party and saw my Scorpio and he was so happy to see me…a few of our friends left the party and headed over to his place…we sat and talked for hours…he wanted me soo badly but i didnt give in. We spoke about our lives cause at this point i had 2 little girls with “AQUARIUS” and didnt want to overwhelmed my Scorpio with the baggage :( i just came out of that relationship and didnt want to start things up with Mr. Scorpio as yet.

    We call each other i go and see him and the sex is AMAZING! I dont know where this is going…we dont want relationships but we do care deeply for each other. I feel as if i need him in my life’lol ….(sooo not saggi like). I keep thinking about him. One day we are soooo open to each other, and the next day Scorpio wont even call me! I get confused by this but something keeps telling me to “HANG IN THERE”. I want to be around him so much i want him to stare me in the eyes and caress me like he loves to do…but sometimes i feel my Scorpio doesnt even think of these things the way i do. Right now we are taking things slow. And i must say…its for the best. No other man has made me feel this way…and he calms me. All i can do is pray that things will elevate to something wonderfully positive for our best interests….

  • Daniella Marvins says:

    I met my scorpion man years ago through his little brother. We happened to date and he was incredibly shy due to his lack of mobility of making moves on girls. I had to roughen him up a bit and get him sexually active. At first he showed signs of not being interested, but my charms quickly sent tingly senses inside his ring of fire. At this moment, he shows good signs of being productively being sexually active- but a little too sexual if I say. I love him no matter what, even if he does bail plans 1 hour before it. He’s still my little sex monkey ;)

  • SomeKindaInsane CrazyCreepGuy says:

    LOL !

    hello everyone :)

    i’m not really a creep at all, but maybe a lil insane ;) i really enjoyed reading through all these comments. i’m a scorpio male and i think i’m falling pretty hard for a sagi girl. we have a level of communication that is just superior to anything i have experienced before. i was married for 10 years and it was a pretty damn good relationship until ’08. my candy knows the story, but in short, i’m still pretty close to my ex. (aquarian)

    for me, i find that my candy is as honest as anyone i’ve ever met. she made a comment to me today that i will not repeat, but it did certainly make me take a step back and realize that i’m a little more emotional about things that i truely need to be. i have been a ‘grey eagle’ for most of my life, but this girl makes my wanna shout out and get my groove on ! i just really enjoy the level of connection we have. if this continues i’ll certainly become the rising phoenix that us scorpios are capable of. i’ve been through too much evil in my life and it has held me back many more times than a care to admit.

    anyway, we’re still in the building stages of our connection. as intense as this is for me right now, i’m trying to get a grip on that, for my candy needs for me to slow down my emotions a bit. god please give me the strength to do just that so i don’t lose my potential of making this girl my queen for life !!!

    we have shared a lot of things. deep things, and secrets to never be revealed to anyone ever. i think that shows me that she does trust me. as i have read about the sagi sign, i’m learning to understand a little about how emotions seem lost, but i also know that they are there and perhaps just as intense, but not so much expressed like it is for us scorpios. i can live with that because i know that in time i will be able to recognize my girl for what she is at her core.

    all said and done, i look forward to making a few dreams come true, for myself and her.

    wanna know the true kicker of this story ? we’re still 2200 miles apart and have not had the opportunity to meet in the flesh as of yet. we have exchanged plenty of recent pics so i can say that there is an attraction there for us both. but more important to me is the deep seeded connection that seems to be forming for us at an intellectual level. that connection is so very important to me.

    i gave my candy the link to this article earlier today. i’m hoping that she scrolls down and finds this comment from me. then i hope she goes down and clicks the link to the older posts so that she can see what i saw here today.

    candy, if you get this far in here, thank you for being the girl you are. i love you for you and i hope to keep learning to temper the things i need to in order to keep our connection going <3 <3 <3

  • KStarr says:

    I am a sag and I often fall for scorpio men. They are so handsome and strong. The seX is the best thing I ever had in my life I jus love scorpios. we can make love from sun up to sun down

  • Jen says:

    As a typical Sagittarius female, I fell ridiculously hard for a Scorpio male. I was dating someone else when I really got the chance to continuously talk to him, but something screamed, “Give him your number, maybe he’ll just wanna be friends.” Stupid thing for me to think… I’m the enabler, since I was the one to invite him over, just to hang out, and be friends. I ended up leaving the person I was with, who was a Virgo, so that just would have never worked in the first place, just to be with someone who completed me. Ooh I played hard to get. It was the most I ever vied for anyone’s attention, but I did it. I snared him! Ha! When we met, I was the exact opposite of the girl he ever wanted to be with. I’m not even gonna lie about myself. I was a pot smoking, skirt chasing, blonde who was all to happy to make someone talk to her, “Because I’m high” kinda girl. But, he was intrigued. He, even though he hated everything to do with the stuff, was doomed to follow my charming nature… Or so he said, but That was who I was, and now him and I are inseparable. We melded, and also made certain agreements, to make sure our relationship will work. We argue, just like any relationship does, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Him and I have a model relationship, and I adore him, just as he adores me. It is working, so we will continue working it, until the Gods and Goddesses tell us no more.

  • SouthernScorp says:

    The very first time I met my Sagittarius woman, she blew me away with her charm, her personality and her chemistry. She was walking across the lobby of her workplace and her mere presence made me numb. There was this vibe unlike anything I had ever felt and I immediately felt tongue-tied (which is hard on a Scorpio). Several months later we met after work and enjoyed a casual, fun, friendly chat of a couple hours. When we decided to call it an evening, we hugged and the electricity that ran through my body was indescribable. One week later, after the third similar evening, we kissed for the first time….my whole world changed. I was literally and clinically dizzy after that kiss. I knew right then, that I was hopelessly in love. Sex for the first time with her made me drunk. I couldn’t think or hardly stand. 5 months have now passed and I am still dumbfounded by the love we share. I cannot imagine life without her. She has my total and complete trust and loyalty. And I am the luckiest man on the planet!

  • ScaredScorp says:

    I’ve been searching through these comments to find someone that’s in a similar situation as me but to no avail.

    I’ve been married to my baby bear sag wife for five years and I’m beginning to think our relationship is about to end.
    I love her with all my heart but I’m so scared I’m about to lose her. She says I don’t listen to her or understand her. It’s weird though. I have turned into a more social and outgoing person and she has become a recluse like I used to be. I’m trying to understand what is going on in her head, but its just not working.

    I don’t want to lose her she has given me the best years of my life and we have been through amazing adventures together. Over the years I feel she has changed into something she is not because of me and it breaks my heart.
    What upsets me even more is that I’m beginning to think she will be better off and happier without me. I love her dearly and I need help from someone please. I love her too much to let her go.

  • Mr_Scorpio says:

    Well, Scorpio man and a Sagittarius .. there are only few words to help you decide and you’ll remember there so hard and daily ..


    but if you take Sex out of the equation for a little time to think you will get the same result.

    I’m talking about the lying .. cheating .. conspiring .. disloyalty ..

    or let me put it in one other way .. if you’re a Scorpio man who had found himself a decent Sagittarius then know that you have found the fluke of accident.

  • h lynn says:

    Well I have been with my Scorpio male for 8months now and he is the type that a relationship never last more than 2 months its hard but we have so much In common and the sex is I must say the best I have ever had he has his issues but he is so romantic and sweet so for all you out there who believe that it could never work between these two I must say all things are possible

  • cairobaby says:

    What can I say? I dated a Scorpio for a few months and got dumped because I threw a huge dramatic tantrum (I was majorly depressed). To begin with, it was a whirlwind thing that started online, we met up a few times after that and started the relationship. I fell hard and deep because I thought he did too (he did say he couldn’t stop thinking about me and he loves me…) and I loveeee the challenge/mystery that is him. I thought I was careful enough to not lose my sanity, but he went cold and distant for a few days when before it was constant texting and calling. So yeah, I had high expectations because our courting was so passionate and all-consuming. 24/7 courtship for at least a month!!! Well, my advice to everyone: Stay calm and collected with this relationship, never lose your sanity even though this relationship might be so intense it sets the entire universe on fire LOL Always be honest, be considerate, be caring, be a decent human being, no lying and cheating. Be YOURSELF and express yourself. Pretty much guaranteed a perfect relationship I think, my motto, “Give the person your FULL DOSE of yourself. Then you will find the One faster than any kind of mind games ever created.” ^^

  • Joy says:

    I’m the sag woman here and find myself obsessed with scorp man. Biggest problem is his difficulty sharing and refusal to talk and my need to. It created a lot of mistrust in our relationship. We (I) complained all the time about his boring behavior. I so want more action and wish he was more outgoing. ,But I still am not able to leave him alone. Thought it would be best to let him chase me for a while and have decided to date others. He does seem to be more open these days but like scaredscorp it seems like he drains more out of me than he puts in. I guess that’s the biggest issue with these signs. Intimacy is great once we get past the “ooo I’m so sensual” part and that water heats up but I do have to hold back and wait for the fire. I love the sensuous nature but trying to get him on an adventure IS an adventure LOL. I’m really a very loyal person and resent a lot of what is said about Sag women (also very spiritual). But this time around it seems to actually be true. Anyhow the love is strong, intimacy great sometimes but can get boring. BTW if we can get this to work out he would be the one to ground me.
    Yet I know I’ll keep loving him wherever I am.

  • David says:

    I’m a married Scorp man and secretly seeing a married Sagg woman. We first started chatting online and decided to meet in person. We were both hooked. After about 2-3 pretty platonic meetings in public, we agreed to meet at a hotel. It was incredibly satisfying sex for both us. Especially since she has only ever been with her husband of 20+ years. We have been exchanging messages online daily for months.

    I realize that Sagg women are not to be tamed and never ever made to feel that they are possessed. She’s exploring and discovering herself now after being in a very contained restricted marriage for so long. She admits to me that she chats/flirts with other men and has even met some (platoncially) in person.

    What I’m trying to resolve is whether her feelings for me are really true and if she sees a future or if I’m just another one of her passing curiosities. She says she truly loves me and I tell her the same. I don’t expect her to drop her marriage and leave her family for me, as we’ve only been seeing each other for 5 months. But, I’d do anything to be with this woman.

  • Audrey says:

    David,Oh David.You’re both married stop fucking around and being a lieing bastard!And yes I’m a Sagittarius and note she’s seeing other guys” publicly” she’ll probably most likely screwing them. Don’t be stupid and use your intuition and see what it’s telling you.

  • JuicySag says:

    I met my Scorpio online nearly 1 year ago and we hit it off pretty well, he gave me his number and we talked on the phone, for weeks we had deep conversations until the wee hours of the morning. He kept pressuring me to see him and i was fearfully reluctant, plus he would tease me that i was in fact scared to meet him in person. So my Sag boldness kicked in one day & I just said eff it, and told him okay fine you wanna meet lets meet!! Idk why but I trusted him immensely and that evening he came to my house and right away I was even more nervous than I thought i would be, he was actually here!! Even though I tried my best to conduct myself in a casual blasé manner, the tension was too strong and we had only exchanged a few words at that point. I tried to display my Sagittarian collective coolness but BOOM! He pulled me close, his energy? So powerful! and protective and his words were reassuring bcoz he knew that i was afraid and insecure that he wouldn’t like me in person & he spun my heart around by saying sweet nothings to me then he approached me again later and stole the 1st kiss and I was soooo scared at that point because he was bringing the same intensity that we had over the phone into play in real life & i was also oozing desire like never before in my life, I was in disbelief. We indulged and….. it was amazing. He started being distant little by little but all the while keeping me engaged when we would speak by reading my emotions and breaking down my character, sort of in a way a psychologist would, he would sneak it in while having casual conversation, it was unnerving yet an incredible turn on bcoz he was so in tune with who I was. Ofcourse i was able to mirror this ability and he would laugh it off but i knew i read him well. He stopped giving me that attention though and I would explode on him verbally bcoz i didnt know how to handle his bouts of silence or distance and he would punish me by being even more distant, no contact. After reading up on Scorps, i realized that maybe bcoz all the basics were pretty much out of the way it was the reason why we saw each other less and less, it was only inevitable for it to get deeper,maybe he didnt realize it but naturally it was his way of pumping the breaks on things. He told me a few things along the way that supported this theory too. It got to the point where we would just not even keep lengthy convos, just action. I would get sad bcoz of the lack of attention our mental connection was getting and the abundance of attention our physical connection was getting, he had me so open. Sometimes i would tell him that im done dealing with him but he would always msg me a few weeks later starting things up again. Smh. One night though i did wind up pushing him against the wall bcoz he was being mean to me and ignoring my need to give him my gentleness and be close with him. I could tell that he was toying with me, pushing my buttons. I told him to look me in my eyes, eventually he did, and his entire body relaxed completely….almost asif he was finally laying all armor to rest. I told him this is the side of him that i wanted….we maintained eye contact.. I saw so many things inside of him…i was in awe…but then…BOOM! he snapped out of it and suddenly said he had to go! … That moment was a big step in my opinion. After that, there was no question. I was in a way naturally devoted to bring him protection and love and whatever i had inside after seeing what i saw in his eyes that night. About a month or so later things happened in my life and I had to tell him that i had was moving away not to return for 2 yrs, he made sure that i said that would stay in contact with him.
    We continued to talk long distance, msgs n talks every now and then. 1 day he dropped a warning on me bcoz i had exploded verbally on him about 3 times and he had not lashed out any of those times and i asked him why did he keep dealing with me after that and he just replied that he didnt really know why but that i should know that he is meaner than i think that he is and to not expect silence the next time that i attack him verbally. I apologized again sincerely and told him that i want his trust and i wont do it again out of fear of losing someone thats special to me & i admitted that i had feelings for him and he said he already figured that i did awhile ago, i was shocked bcoz he kept this to himself ALL this time. Last week I confessed to him via text very randomly at the end of a messaging convo that I actually love him. ( I truly think that i loved him way before i even realized it myself) It was literally driving me mad to keep it inside i had no other choice but to reveal my secret. I felt emotionally relieved after hitting *send* BUT My Scorpio was silent for daysss!!! I was so hung up not knowing what he felt about it & hurt, but after reading up on Scorps realized that it was actually predictive/expected/normal for him to go silent as they need time to process this type of info. I finally decided to contact him and he sort of lead the way for us to talk about what i had said. After asking his thoughts on it, he says that he is still sort of at a loss for words, he said that he does like me but his feelings aren’t the same as mine….Which I knew that does not love me, but im still confident that it won’t always be this way, & i know that his love is something to be earned and decided by him after being tested over a stretch of time.Surprisingly He apologized for his silence and said he didnt mean for me to think that he was ignoring me. He just didnt want to say the wrong thing to me…. Im so crazy about him. He is so complex and such a treasure in my eyes and has made his mark on my soul in a way that I cannot even explain but also cannot deny just because of the lack of reasoning, it runs so deep its like it was here already and i just need to show him his way home – which is my heart. I cant give up on this. The energy he possesses is something I feel that, if ever taken from me, I would spend the remainder on my days here on this Earth searching to find, to feel again, to be taken by but to no avail. He’s changed me internally. & This distance between us is bittersweet bcoz if i was still around we would probably be still sleeping together, kind of avoiding things and i would never have the guts to say these things to him and we wouldn’t be able to communicate the way we do bcoz it is sort of too intense sometimes in all ways, without effort. I also know, he has said it too, that he’s got some maturing to do, and so do I. It very well may be destined for us to give it a go later in life,whether 2 years from now, 5 yrs, or even 10 yrs. I dont maybe never! but i doubt neither one of us will forget the other no matter what happens even though i love and he likes. I plan on getting art tattooed in symbolization of his being here shortly.(it’ll be my first) Bcoz i feel like even if it never is to be, I will always remember and hold it as the closest i’ve ever come to feeling that my existence is due or apart of me is constructed specifically for someone, even if he doesnt know it and knowing someone has qualities that are keys to myself that even i cannot unlock. We aren’t there yet, but i have faith, in time. Im hopeful that our stars are aligned. If it is to ever happen in the future, I will revisit this site and give an update, in the meantime, im in school, 23 months left. and time is passing by and we’ll continue on as we have until life breaks our communication completely, which i doubt but hey ya never know. I’m not going to tell him about the art that I am getting in his honor. I just plan on letting him stumble upon it when…well…if….we ever see each other again.
    I hope he never somehow finds this comment though lol it’s me spilling my guts in immense detail and i think it’ll be cool to come back and show him later in life if we turn out to be meant for each other. Time will tell. Good luck everyone!

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