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  1. Joan

    Can I ask how old the two of you are?

    I am not a scorp male but I am a scorp female who has been dating a scorp male for many years. We started dating when we were both 18 in college and now we’re both 26. We broke up during our junior year of college for about 6 months because we both weren’t sure if we were the best people for each other. Neither one of us dated anyone else during this time and we, like you and your ex, continued to sleep together. We ended up getting back together and have been since then.

    I find that scorp men aren’t good about expressing their feelings for you verbally in general. And at least in my case my boyfriend was a lot more hot and cold when we were younger–like he’d always have to let me know that he was his own man and I didn’t control him. I find since we’ve become older and I’ve become a lot more independent, confident and self-sufficient that he is a lot more attracted to me and doesn’t play the hot and cold game. Also, it could be that he’s at the age when guys traditionally think about settling down, I don’t know.

    I do think that scorp men like to feel like they’re needed, but don’t like it when you’re needy. This could be why he’s being so hot and cold–he doesn’t want you to feel like you’ve won and have control over him.

    It’s all about the control with the scorps and I think you have to find a way to be two individuals together to make it work.

    Maybe stop trying so hard with him and focus on getting your life back together. A new, confident side of you may be just what he needs to see. And, you don’t want to be with him anyway if he’s just using you and talking about other women to make you jealous–which is probably what he’s doing. If your jealousy is the root of your relationship problems, I bet he’s playing a mind game with you here to try and prove that your jealousy won’t control him.

    Very complicated relationships, but you are right, the connection is amazing.

  2. scared and confused

    to those scorpio men out there… im a scorp, hes a scorp and the connection is unreal, like nothing ive ever experienced (him either) and I have dated other scorpios in the past. The problem is, basically the same problems every one in a scorpio/scorpio relationship has. In our case not only did I lose my trust in him due to some bad choices he made (though he swears he never cheated) but I also couldn’t get over them and became very insecure and needy, so we ended it a little over 6 months ago. We went a couple months without talking and then I reached out, in need and he helped. Since then we’ve slept together a few times (more frequently recently,) and as always it was amazing. Its just that he’s so hot and cold. It’s like one minute he’s saying he’s “thought” about us getting back together and being all affectionate with me then the next he’s talking about the girls he’s talking to or practically not talking to me at all. At this point, I really don’t know what to do. Is he using me, or is he just as confused as me? I know without a shadow of doubt that I was the love of his life, he never loved or opened up to another woman the way he did with me, but once it ended its like i know longer recognized him and even now, he still seems changed. please guide me….

  3. Jenny

    Isn’t it kind of up to personal preference? Like some guys prefer “cute” girls and some guys prefer “hot” girls? I never ask guys what they think of me (I’m a Scorpio female) but have been told o numerous occasions that I am very cute (I’ve also been called hot and sexy, but usually cute). I know I prefer cute, shy guys as opposed to hot, cocky ones, so I think we all have our types that we’re attracted to. Plus, I’ve also heard guys to refer to the same girl as hot, sexy, pretty and cute, so maybe some people don’t discriminate between the terms and just use them in general to describe attraction?

  4. dan

    and ladies if you aren’t prepared to hear an honest answer, please, please, please, don’t ask us if we think your pretty. scorpios can be shallow, i know shocker, so don’t ask. we might say something like, hello we don’t date ugly chicks. or we my be smart asses and say something like, “well your not model material, but i love you.” so just take what we say with a grain of salt.

  5. dan

    oh yes there is a difference between cute, pretty, and hot. and you definitely want to be getting called hot. cute and pretty are polite. hot means we find you attractive.

  6. Alisha

    Question for the guys: What is the difference between the terms cute, pretty, and hot (if there is one) and which one is better to be called?

  7. sarah

    Why are Scorpio men such a-holes? They never want to compromise on anything but expect you to bend over backwards for them.

  8. Allison

    Dewdydoo, I agree with you. I’m a Scorpio woman who has been dating the same Scorpio man for almost 9 years (all through college and now after college). It’s so true that they can be sweet and romantic one minute, and then total a-holes the next. I always find that when I think to myself, “wow, I’m lucky to be with him,” he’ll do something that frustrates and alienates me.

    Also so true about them not telling you how they feel about you. He never compliments me on anything or really tells me how he feels about me, besides saying “I love you.”

    But the most frustrating thing is that he gets very distant at times and totally shuts me out. During these times he doesn’t really make any effort to engage me in conversation, and just seems to be annoyed by everything that I do.

    Also, even though we own a house together, he seems to have no real interest in getting married. Whenever I bring it up, he doesn’t really want to talk about it and he never really talks about “our future.” He’s also said before that he doesn’t really think marriage changes anything, so he doesn’t see why we need to get married. This makes me very angry and hurt, because I want the man I’m with to want to marry me, if for no other reason than to take me off the market!

    He does have his good points, but the relationship is a lot of work for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m making a huge mistake staying with him, although he does seem to have some pull on me.

  9. hmmmmmmmm

    they are always on fire πŸ™ they r tooooooooooo hot , that we hav to pour some cold water on them to bring something down πŸ˜‰

  10. Dewdydoo

    I am a scorpio woman and have been deeply attracted to several fascinating Scorpio men with only disappointing experiences. I ended up being frustrated and hurt because of their coldness. (In my experience) they have a hard time expressing how they feel, are non-committal and believe in their sense of space so much that they’d rather be in a relationship that allowed them to see other women or have their fun on the side than be ‘tied down’ to one person. One day they’d be super nice and romantic with you and you’d imagine ‘things are progressing’. The next thing you know they have disappeared on you! Invariably, they reappear and act as if anything that happened in the past was nothing. I have had better relationships with Cancer/Pisces men..

  11. PalmPuncher

    Perhaps it’s the raw synergy, the two just naturally getting along, as best friends & lovers. There’s tacit agreement here, & that cuts down on the mental work load, making room for quality fun.

  12. serena

    what do Scorpio men find most attractive about Scorpio women? Do you think they are the most sexy?

  13. jenny

    I don’t think you can really answer these questions just based on his sign. It also depends on what characteristics/traits of his Scorp. personality are most potent. But, you being a Scorp too, you can probably answer some of these questions for yourself!

    I’m a Scorp with a Scorp, and even though we broke up briefly in college, we were still close and still kept sleeping together during that time. He wanted me back so badly (even though he was the one that broke up with me), so we ended up getting back together. We’re still together now after 9 years, and I’ve never felt threatened by other women with him because he is very loyal and doesn’t show interest in other women (at least not to me).

    But, I can say that if I ever talk about other men he doesn’t know (like co-workers), he does get jealous, even though he tries to hide it.

    As for the games, I think Scorps only play them when they can get away with it. I think it’s harder to play games with other Scorps because we can sense manipulation, so there have never been any games with me and my Scorp man.

    Basically, I think Scorp men want to be with women who are their intellectual and emotional equals, someone who is genuine, self-sufficient, and strong enough not to be manipulated by their wit and intelligence.

  14. Lucy

    scorpio man and scorpio woman in love.

    can a scorpio man cheat?

    will a scorpio man easily forget the scorpio woman? if no, then why?

    how can a woman know if a scorpio man loves her or not?

    what does it mean when a scorpio man came back after you broke up with him?

    if you saw tears in a scorpio eyes after reading sweet words from you, what does it mean? is he so emotional to get tears. he looked so sad. does he love me?

    if a scorpio man saw me { scorpio woman } with another man and that we are happy, what will he do? will he fight to win me? or will he go and cheat? or will he start playing games…? tell me what is he going to do… revenge?

    what is the most attracted part in scorpio woman?

    how does sex looks like when two scorpios get into bed?

    if the scorpio man met all the women from different signs, will he feel different when he sit with a scorpio woman? why?

    if a scorpio man got married, and then later on he saw his ex { the one he really loved} will he cheat on his wife and go with his ex? { if his ex is a scorpio }

    if his girlfriend scorpio is going to married, what his reaction is going to be?

    if a scorpio man told you that he loves you and that he never cheated on you? can he be lying?

    if he cheated on you, will he tell you?

    does watching your scorpio man with another woman, means he is playing a game to make you jealous? or he really mean to fal in love with her? he told me that he loves me after I saw him with another woman .. women!

    tell me more about their games please. and how do they act after the break up


  15. cheryl

    I am a scorpio female and met a scorpio male on a online dating site. He lives across the ocean in another country. We chat online alot. He doesn’t make any moves and I have been more forward. I am wondering what I should do because I don’t want to scare him away. I am really starting to have strong feelings for him!!

  16. vik

    Betty, do not worry. I am scorpio male and trust me, he thinks about you a lot. He compliments you not directly but by actions and things he does, so watch for them. Just love him, I am sure he will be Loyal until you do something otherwise.

  17. betty

    For you scorpio men out there, what is it that you like about scorpio women? I’ve been dating a scorpio man for years (I’m a scorp female) and he never pays me any compliments. Is that a typical scorpio male trait, or is that just him? I feel like I annoy him more than anything. Thoughts?

  18. Lucy

    I am a scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a scorpio too. we love each other so much. we spent most of our life together. he had a hope that I will confess about my love to him. we didn’t tell to each other that we love each other, but just by eyes and smiles we did. his love for me was so deep. later on I had to confess to him that our relation should be end, because there are some problems of being happy together, as life was so mean to us. he felt sad and he told me that he doesn’t want to leave me.. and then suddenly he disappeared from my life.. he came back later and he he started texting me, but me ignoring. and he still do. althought I told him to forget me. he still chasing me and doesn’t want to remove me from his life. I saw him once in the town being with another woman. and later on with another… finaly I knew that he has a girlfriend. but I don’t know why he still texting me if he still have a woman. and I felt that he is doing that just to try to forget me or making me jealous. if he doesn’t love me, then he won’t waste his time on chasing me and searching for any blog or notes in internet. while I ama scorpio I really hate to tunr back to anyone who leave me in that way, or if I have the idea that there is no trust between us after what he did and spending time with another women.

    my question: can a scorpio man have sex with another woman if he still loves you?

    why he still keep on texting me although I told him to forget me.

    why he go out with another woman if he still can’t forget me?

    can a scorpio man came back to you even if he got married from another woman { if he really loves you and can’t forget you} ?

    if there is a conversation between scorpio woman and a scorpio man after they broke up, what will it looks like? how will they start. how willthey end it?

    will they turn back to each other , although both of them believe that they can’t forget or forgive after break up?

    will a scorpio man fall in love with another woman with a different sign as he did with a scorpio woman?

    can a scorpio man cry while the woman he loves broke up with him? or much will he spend time thinking of her? will he be jealous and think that she might cheat him?

    what would happen if a scorpio man saw you with another man after you and him broke up? will he come and fight with that man? will he revenge? will he go with another woman and have sex?

    in wich way a scorpio man will tells you about his feelings after the break up?

    will he like to use a phone? a letter? a sms? sending a close frine d of him to tell you about how he feels?….play games?

    what made a scorpio man disappear after you broke his heart?

    Thanks Nancy I hope to read from you soon. and tell me more about these two wonderful signs. I love my scorpio man anyway and I know he does also.

  19. thinkstoomuch

    I’ve had the same experience with a Cancer man (I am a Scorpio female). We worked together and the chemistry and attraction between us was magnetic. He left for a different job and confessed his feelings for me before he left, but alas, I am already committed to another, a Scorpio non the less. I think about this Cancer man all the time though, and feel like I’m crazy for having such strong feelings for someone when I’m supposed to be with someone else.

  20. frustrated scorpio

    I love your articles here regarding scorpios. I’m currently working with a scorpio male who’s got the same birthday as mine, with same year too. Do you think we’re soulmates or kindred spirits? There’s a lot of instances that we turn up at the same time or is it just mere coincidences? We both send vibes that we like each other very much but we’re both committed to somebody else. Boo hoo really…

  21. Polly

    Hi, I am reading these experioeves with interest! I am a true corpio woman, powerful, compelling, enigmatic and can be jealous. I ahve dated four scorpio men over the years and can relate to all of the above. The emotional and sexual attraction is magnetic…., and scorpio men have always managed to capitate my interest long after other starsigns fade qway! I do however see the down side… the highs are high but the lows can be low… both partners can be domineering ,jealous and stubborn. I have just met another scorpio man and once again he has captured my imagination!! Watch this space…..!

  22. cathy

    I’m a scorpio female and have been dating a scorpio man for 8 years. We are very similar, both value hard work, honesty and loyalty, and are both stubborn. I am definitely the “softer” one in our relationship, but also feel like I am the “stronger” one as well. He is very emotional, but has a hard time expressing those emotions, and gets very overwhelmed by them at times and just totally shuts down. This is hard for me because I need to feel emotionally connected and when he isn’t emotionally available, I feel alone. I know he loves me, but he never really tells me how he feels about me (I guess that’s the mysterious side). He also can be very cutting and harsh, and I wish he was more tender. How can I get him to be more emotionally available and treat me more tenderly?

  23. spoiler

    I been friend with this scorpio man and I’m a scorpio woman. He call me on the phone 30minute or hour talking but will not talk about how he feel about the relatenshipion between us been see him over a year don’t no how he feel if I try to talk to him about us no answer.

  24. Reecey

    Wow, I just read most of these comments. I am a scorpio woman and very proud to be. So there is this man who is out of the range when it comes down to the age, but it does not bother me. We have been dating for almost a year now. He wants me to marry him, have his son, and be in his life forever. I am not submissive when he says those things. Although, he means it with force and claims that he will make me. He can’t see hisself living without me. Guess what. He is a scorpio aswell. I know, not so suprising.I am ridiculously inlove with him and care to extremes, however. We are just alike with ample things in common, and he swears to me that we are “soulmates”. With us, there is no in between. We are either way high drifting close to heaven or melting in hell together. Friends just as strangers, describe us as the “Romeo and Juliet”. We are every thing scorpios are known to be talked about. The sex…I mean, the sex is like wildfire allover again! Its passionate, exhilurating, and the best. There is one thing though. His life is unpredicatble and spontanious with a topping of mystery. Not to mention, but my life is similar.”I love him but hate what he does.” “How could I be in love with someone like him…like that?” I question myself. I broke up with him twenty-thousand times before. Note-I just broke up with him and hour ago. He is possessive, jelous, determined, manipulative, controlling, and passionate about each and one of those things. This does not play a positive part when we argue and it escalates. How do I get rid of pleasure and pain at it’s finest…”mix”? He suggest to be a stalker if not anything else. I want a routine, a peace of mind, a friend not a cynile lover, and security. I feel weak when it comes time to be strong. I need encouragement or advise because I can see myself doing something crazy. I might end up hurting myself or someone else which scares me. I do not wish or curse anything upon myself or others, but this love is hard to fight. I am at war with a poision. A sweet scorpio.

  25. Frankie

    the man i’m getting over is really complex. we had a passionate start to the relationship, and then moved in together a few months later. he’d been hesitant about it, but we both went for it in the end. for an extremely perceptive person, he’s never been comfortable expressing emotions about our relationship with me that are not on some level about domination. he’s never told me he loves me, but we spent almost all our free time together for a while – working, working out, planning a project and hanging out. he’d invite me when he had to travel for work or athletic meets. everything. he’s a very closed person in general, and occasionally would open up, but never about his feelings towards me. eventually, when pressed he explained that he didn’t believe in love, that what most people call love is selfishness. he said he enjoyed spending time with me. but we still lived together. when i had to travel for a month, i heard from him and he dropped hints that he was missing me a few times. then, quite suddenly, i heard from him again saying we had to separate. this was in august. i’ve been dealing with it since then, with difficulty, as we’re still living together. whoever says scorpio men are driven by sex is wrong. they are driven by not being dominated by anything other than their own will, and that includes being in complete control of their sexual impulses. we lived together for a few more months before he then travelled for a month. (we’re both working in africa) during all that time, i hated myself for wanting to be with him so much and not being able to stop myself from asking him if we could be together again, even casually. he didn’t want that. it wasn’t about anything other than him preserving his freedom (somewhat paranoidly). and me loosing any control i’d had over my emotions. i might have hidden my internal wreckage from another parnter, but not from another scorpio. and it made him loose respect for himself, and for me. even though i did my best to keep it in. so it’s been rough. and i know i have to let go, but i don’t know how. i’m starting by moving out of the house before he returns. even if i have to sleep on a couch. i can’t help it but part of me can’t stop hoping that he’ll want to be together again at least once we’re in separate spaces. the other part of me knows that that would only happen if i actually stopped caring about him. which will never happen. ain’t life a bitch sometimes.

  26. scorpio

    I’m a scorpio and the girl i like is also a scorpio and we both have the exact same birthday. Is this good?

  27. Mel

    I’m a scorpio women and i’ve been seeing a Scorpio man for a few months for the first time. I honestly believe that we have bonded, i have never bonded like this with no other man. Our connection and chemistry is amazing, but on the contrary we are so much a like its emotionally drainning because we are both secretive, jealous, and very emotional people which we like to disguise. Recently we had an argument which has strained our relationship slighly, which i admit i was to blame, however trying to reconcile with him is hard work because of his stubbornness. Its a challenge that i aim to succeed i know we will be fine, i’m just gonna give him some time before i work my scorpio magic on him….. but i know it will be hard work tho…so just take note try and not piss off a scorpio male!!!

  28. babyangel

    im 18yrs old n im so in love with this scopio man n im a scorpio myself he is a great person to be around he funny, intelligent, very attractive n all mine i dont want to ever loose him to nobody. we r everything that you describe in the blog im so happy to be with him

  29. love lost

    I am a scorp woman going through a breakup after a year of being with a scorpio man and I am devastated. He moved to another city for me, after only dating for a short time. Once he moved in with me, I began to sense that he was hiding something (the mystery part of a scorp) so I began to snoop. I found some things that might lead a woman to believe he is cheating, but he swears he never did, and I honestly believe him. I couldn’t however stop checking to see. I never actually caught him cheating but I did find him on websites that are meant for hooking up. I can’t understand this bc we have NO problems with intimacy. In the end, he said that I looked at him like I was disgusted with him and he couldnt take it anymore, 4 weeks later we both moved out and in to our own places. Now he is out, and appears to be doing just fine, constantly posting things on facebook, like what hes doing etc. After a few weeks, i finally reached out to him. We spoke for a very long time on the phone, he said he didnt want us to not be friends, that he would do anything for me and never wants me to feel like he is shutting me out or avoiding me. Overall he sounded like he was confused but didnt want me to know it??? Shortly after, we slept together. It was as if we hadn’t skipped a beat. Not awkward in the least bit and I didn’t pressure him after to rekindle the relationship. The thing that worries me most, is I havent heard from him since. At this point I dont know what to do. I want us to work things out but I know things need to change if it’s going to be possible. Sorry for the long msg, but if any of you have advice, I would greatly appreciate it! thank you for reading!

  30. Scorpio Woman

    I’ve actively researched my compatibility with every man I’ve ever been interested in (just for fun!) and I have never once in my life come across an article that has been so extremely accurate. Every single word in this article describes my ex and I – especially the “how to attract” sections. I also read the article scorpio woman and aquarius male (as my new boy is an aquarius) and that article describes us perfectly as well. I am honestly amazed!!!

  31. kirsten

    my first love was a scorpio (like me, our birthdays 2 days apart) we relocated but like the article says, we are spiritually and intrinsically connected, so much so that despite living in different cities i had a ‘prophetic’ dream about a life changing event in his life, which mean’t nothing at the time but has now come about down to the letter. at the time, i felt in my stomach that there was something wrong with someone whom i cared about, even though we were in different countries at the time and i didn’t know who it was! Thought i was imagining it as i am no psychic. it is amazing the bond we still share although not ‘together’ at present. think that will be the first thing i rectify when he has recovered πŸ™‚ nice article it all makes sense to me know.

  32. J

    Nancy, I’m in what seems to be the death throes of a several year long relationship with a Scorpio woman. We are a bit like oil and water: the great things are otherworldly, but the bad things are awful. I’m 9 years older and a bit more mellow, but she is very manipulative at times. I’d like to make it work, and she fully acknowledges her love and connection to me, but fights everything I do. Any hope for us? As you and several other people have said, it’s obvious the connection will remain forever, and that knowledge is rather painful to think about if we are apart forever.

  33. Pushy

    i once had a relationship with a scorpio man of which i am also a scorpio. We so inlove, for hte first time in my life i had avery good sex and communication with this man. But we had to breakup for some reasons but we seem not to get over for each other, we still call one another at times.So what the blog say about scorpio -scorpio relationship is true in someway. I thank you

  34. 3Spirited

    I am a scorpio woman and he was a scorpion man. Prior to this experience I had never had a relationship with a scorpio man. From the first time we met we clicked, he was funny, witty, intelligent bla bla. After the first night I thought to myself I will never see him again. However, for the next 2 months we saw, spoke, text each other every day and 2/3 times a day. It was so intense and I thought I found my soulmate. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out we still see each other now and again. We still get on really well and in some ways I know deep down that we could never be together.

  35. Mady

    hello, im a 16 year old girl, and for 2 and a half years ive been in love with a scorpio male. alot of people beleive teenagers cant love, but i think for my age im in love as much as i can. i search and search and most scorpio-scorpio relationships being described are positve, but the one i love is as closed as a clam. its like talking to a brick wall. although he trusts me more than anyone else in this world, hes still such a closed person. only one night in the whole time ive known him has he opened up, and told me he loved me too. ever since then he has gone back to concealing his emotions. is this a typical scorpio male thing?

  36. crid

    im a scorp,
    but i havnt been in a relationship with
    another scorp.
    Wounder what it would be like.
    I guess you would know what
    the other one is feeling and thinking.

  37. nancy

    Give her time. There isn’t anything a Scorpio woman can’t do if she wants to! And secretly she wants to be dominated.

  38. Boss

    Can you give me more details on dealing with a scorpio woman as a scorpio man. The problem we’re facing is I’m a dominant man she has it in her to a submissive woman because she shows the traits of one, but pulls away from time to time. She said she needs a man like me, but because of past relationships the fact she had to be the dominant one she becomes afraid & confuse with our situation. I feel if she can over come this we would be a very good match. Other guys shes been with she always end up having to take care of them, but with me its not the case I’m very independent & have my own business. I would just love a better understanding on how to deal with her.

  39. scorpio

    I am a typical Scorpio female and I dated a Scorpio male. The intensity is the same..also double the mystery and secretiveness and possessiveness. It can be great because you have an unspoken understanding. Needless to say, that didn’t last!

    I love Arians!! One in particular. I want to know why most astrologers don’t give this coupling the green light. There is intense attraction. It’s like a moth to a flame. I want this to be the perfect match for Scorpio women. My current relationship is Piscean. Emotional drainers. This is a one sided meeting of “soulmates.” It’s like a noose around my neck. Such hard work! Somebody please change the astrological charts. Flip the Piscean to an Arian lol!

  40. soffenix07

    I am a Scorpio guy and I have dated several Scorpio ladies. I have to admit that its nice to be with your spritiual Kindred. You really don’t have to explain yourself as much, there is an intensity of feelings that is welcomed by both. However, the seperation is painful, VERY PAINFUL! Two of them I have written in the tablets of my heart, one of them changed my life forever. I loved her more than any other woman I have ever met, she was a Goddess to me. I wanted to be with her so badly I was willing to convert for her, a thought that never before cross my mind. When she broke it off, it was the closest thing to death I ever experienced! In the aftermath I decided to convert to her religion, even though she was no longer in my life. Needless to say I have an eternal bond with her. I sometimes think of her and wish her well. I miss her. I wonder if she feels the same.
    Thank you for reading.

  41. sc0rpiongirl

    2 most successful and unforgettable past relationship I had were with Scorp (and I am a very typical Scorp girl if you know what I mean). It is exactly as what was said in this blog article and the reason these two relationship didn’t work out were all because of circumstances that out of our control, as the love, passion and compatibility involved were unparalleled. But as I mentioned in my other post in your blog, I found, based on my own experiences, that I had the best of best with Cancer man, then Scorpio (or in a way, they are both rather successful and I probably should rate them both #1 lol!)

  42. sleepyhead

    i have known this scorpio guy since a year (n i’m a scorp too)… there is this vibe between us from the first day… he shows signs that he likes me … the way he looks at me when he enters the room n all that.. n he comes over n initiates the talking.. mostly flirting :)… but he hasn’t done anything… i think i have waited around a lot.. dunno if anything will happen πŸ™

  43. Ashley

    i think this is true….but..id say to add a little more to the scorpio man..you had everything pin pointed correctly until you reached the part to describe him…he is very mysterious…if you are a scorpio women this will drive you crazy because he can hold back how he really feels and confuse you just like you can do to him…he will munipulate you and you will do the same to him, its almost a relationship of TIT for TAT the whole entire time..if the relationships works that is correct there will be a special bond…if the relationship fails and mainly it will be the male not being as strong as the female scorpio they will forever be obsessed with eachother! no matter how hurt they both will be they will be both rather hurt for a life time then admit one of them were wrong

  44. Very True Indeed

    Being involved with a scorpio man is exactly as described here. Although we haven’t been able to completely break it off because of circumstances out of our control, or mine… When we do break it off, we will always love eachother ever so passionately.

    The most passionate and intense connected relationship I have ever had.

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