Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Scorpio Couple: [anybody know of one]

This is one of the power couple combinations.  There is a precision, intensity, and devotion to detail that is natural to these two signs and which makes domestic partnership, built on things like housekeeping, budgeting, and car maintenance, a pleasant experience for each of them.  Both signs thrill to a job well done and both are likely to be very proficient at whatever it is they do.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Scorpio Man: Dress neatly, attractively, and successfully.  Appearances are no joke to the Virgo woman. You will be judged (don’t say I didn’t warn you).  Neatness is another big factor.  Keep your car detailed, your hair trimmed, and the cat box out of sight.  Virgo ladies are among the most desirable and they are very discriminating according to their own set of criteria which varies from woman to woman.  You must be willing to prove that you have integrity, which takes time.  By all means, for Heavens’ sake, mean what you say or don’t say it at all.  Small, tasteful gifts are always appropriate. Perhaps monogrammed or detailed in some way that makes them personal without being intimate.  She needs to know that you notice things.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Virgo Woman:  I hate to say this, but your first line of attack is to convince him that you can be very useful to him on whatever trip he’s currently taking. Scorpios are interested in power and he would be very interested to know that you are interested in his power trip and can support it efficiently and productively.  If you can’t be that businesslike it would be better that you not even approach him.  This is not to say that he doesn’t have feelings or romantic inclinations, they’re just secondary.  You’ll never see them unless you first impress him with how much you have it together.

Degree of Romance:  If the romance comes, it comes late in the relationship after the work is done.  Pillow talk may be an important way to bond because you are sharing after the fact and helping each other lay the day to rest.  You can lie there sweetly next to one another going down your mental checklist of what has been accomplished and what remains ahead.  There is a lot of hidden tenderness in this relationship.  Virgo is one of the few signs for which Scorpio would ever let his guard down.

Degree of Passion:  Passions ebb and flow with the Scorpio tide, but this is pretty much okay with Virgo because she likes to put the kitchen in order in her spare time. 

Degree of Friendship:  These two can make fabulous working partners and there are no better friendships than those based on the shared success of a project well done.

Degree of Marriage:  This is an excellent combination for marriage. Both partners are serious and devoted, intense and loyal.  Arguments will be few and far between with the focus being on accomplishment rather than demonstrative feelings or imagined slights.  Both partners are inclined to keep their word and be faithful, and tend to keep toxic energy away from their prime relationship.

Progression of Relationship:  When I think of how this relationship progresses, I think of the game hopscotch.  There is a set formula to be followed with a little variety but not much.  There are a few steps that have to be accomplished in the right order.  There is a definite start and a definite finish.  In other words, the rules are well-defined.  This is what you can expect with a Virgo Scorpio courtship.

Sex:  The sex in this relationship lends itself to being ritualized.  You may find that you are most comfortable having sex on a certain day of the week, even at the same time on that day.  Both parties are able to be satisfied with “enough” if there is a steady and frequent supply which is the purpose of having it at a fixed and predictable time.  The act of making love may also lend itself to ritual.  You know how you have to touch first, second, and third base before you touch home plate?

When It’s Over:  Both parties will have a little trouble letting go if the ending is inevitable, but they’re likely to recognize the fact as soon as it becomes a reality which puts them way ahead of the game.  Neither party sees any point in dragging out a useless and unproductive exercise in human relationship when so much can be accomplished with the right partner at the right time.  There will be a clean, businesslike finish with a careful and conscientious tying up of loose ends and a respectful parting of ways.

Our Rating: 9/10

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96 Responses to Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

  • Stunna says:

    Hey good people i’m back. I just hope you guys have been behaving. As I’m also dating a virgo lady yetr I’m a Scorpio, its been good I mean very good, although we had our ups and downs. I love her and to me its like I’m inlove for the first time, yes for the first time with a virgo lady and I’m realy enjoying it. She understands I’m jealous and she always try to make not to be jealous. I also tend to understand her. We both always there for each other. I blv we can make it!! God loves you all!

  • purdy thick says:

    Hi ya guys i am soo skeptical about doing this but I need help! I am a virgo lady that has a scorpio friend that I really like.. the problem is that I am scorned and accustomed to being the dominant force in any relationship. With his dominant personality and my dominant ways…. Should we stay in the friend zone ? I feel sooo different with him i really do…He is not like anyother man I have met. And he has been talking more relationship lately…i have bad luck with men due to my dominance…gosh you guys…will I loose my best friend if i dont let go and give in to his dominance?

  • Lisa says:

    Purdy Thick, listen to Anonymous.

    MOST people hate people with controlling personalities – especially if they haven’t learned to control their controlling tendencies.

    I’m a Virgo myself, and I’m ALWAYS honest with Scorpios – they have x-ray vision to detect dishonesty – and it’s rare for me not to get along with them.

    Get counseling to learn to control your controlling personality before considering getting serious with ANY Scorpio man, because they don’t change to suit anyone – and neither do Virgos!

  • kat says:

    I am a virgo, and I have absolutely loved all of the scorpios I have ever met. One of my greatest mentors is a scorpio.

  • kat says:

    With that being said, these have all been platonic relationships of course, but if I get along with someone as a friend, that has the potential to be harmonious elsewhere. That is, in a romantic relationship setting.

  • nahni says:

    iI am a virgo woman 26 yrs old. I recently went to a halloween party and met a scorpio male whos 37. We exchanged numbers and started talking. We texted eachother for About a wewk befor i finally decided to go on a date with him. We had an awesome night! He was so funny and so was i. The convos were wonderful and i was drawn to him very strongly. We kissed and ended up being very touchy with eachother. I dont normally do this but i was behaving as if weve had a previous relationship. I didnt want to like him. Well the night ends he takes me home and i cant get him out of my mind. He texted me the next day telling me hes married and he loves his wife enough to never leave her and be with his kids everyday. When it comes to the kids i understand but if he loves this woman so much what role was i supposed to play? Its not fair. I was feeling him and then this. Ive never done anything like that before and i feel so guilty for even kissing him! I like my own man and i refuse to share. But something about him makes me not want to let go even though i immediatly cut him off. He texts me almost everyday but i dont respond as bad as i want to. Im so drawn to him but i know that will only make things complicated. Somebody help me fight these demons in my head telling me to go talk to him. Tell me im stupid and its wrong. I really having a hard time since hes so freaking charming cute sweet and funny. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!

  • HoneyB says:

    Nahni….. As a Virgo, Im very cut and dry with my relationships. If this guy is married and behaves as he does, why are u even speaking with him? It’s a useless thought to entertain. Move on and don’t settle for wing the other woman.

  • HoneyB says:

    Don’t settle for being**

  • Christine says:

    Hello,i’m a virgo and the natural attraction for the scorpions is really big,i also wanna contribute with the post with a example of scorpio-virgo couple:Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively,they’re a such sexy couple.

  • VirgoLady says:

    Brad Paisley (country music star) and Kimberly Williams Paisley (actress) is a Scorpio man-Virgo woman couple.

  • Jen says:

    Nahni I’m a virgo as well and the same almost happened to me. I met this scorpio man at walmart lol he was working there plus I seen him a few time’s before we finally met he would always stare at me with that sexy scorpio look lol so one day I got on Facebook and seen I had a friends request from him so I accepted his request. He started writing me all the time we were becoming good friends but he wanted to be more then friends so I said okay so he wanted me to come see him at work so I did he waves I waved back and went on with my day later that day I got on facebook and looked at his page he was in a relationship I was so pissed I told him to lose my number and never talk to me again…but he still trys to when ever he see me..

  • Marie Ann says:

    I don’t know why…But being a Virgo woman, I have NEVER EVER even liked a scorpio. I just hate them, This relationship seems very dull and not full of passion like I would wish to. I’m sorry if others have different opinions but I disagree with the 9/10 rating.

  • anonymous says:

    Marie Ann., all i have to say, is that surely, a scorpio hurted u. u dont just go and hate people without them doing anything to you. scorpios are what they are, and so are the virgos. the 9/10 rating is true. and if u just listen to yourself, ull proove that what im telling u is real. its really rare for a virgo not to hang or like, or love a scorpio, its in nature. odd, but it happens. shame if u hate someone that hasent done anything to you. you should look for help/counsling.

  • anonymous says:

    oh., and i forgot to mention, that “dude” “guy” “lover” whoever told u he was scorpio either he lie about being one, or he simply wasnt interested in u, or was for something else. a scorpio, is.. and ALWAYS BE PASSION, its one of he`s prime qualities. and Dull ? yeah., like thats gonna happen with a scorpio ¬¬ , the scorpio are always looking for a way to avoid all that. you should really read more about scorpios instead of just saying akward things that really dont make sense.

  • Candy says:

    I’m a virgo woman and I was married to a scorpio male. It was one of the worst marriages out there. He was an awful, horrible human being, which is partly due to his mother but he was judgmental , extremely possesive, angry all the time and always rude. No heart! This is a bad match!

  • jamese says:

    I am a Virgo women and I am currently in a relationship with a Scorpio man and I love him to death we fight some times but mostly because we’re apart and I miss him but together its a match made in heaven..but he does have a problem opening up his heart but besides that the relationship is wonderful and I think Virgos and Scorpios share a strong bond

  • virgolove says:

    Some Scorpio men need to bw traines but not all of them are evil unless they are mad lol I know. Because my boyfriend is a scorpio he is such a sweet man but very protective over and I kind of jealous. At time.

  • Sarai says:

    A famous Scorpio- Virgo couple is Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Livley.

  • Sarai says:

    Blake also formerly dated her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley (Scorpio) for 3 years :)

  • pluto/mars loves mercury says:

    what is fact, is that virgos mirror aries, and aries are ruled by mars, and while virgo is not ruled by mars, they have similar energy that is kind of like a warrior, however the strange thing is, is that virgos are virgin symbolically, and that’s why virgos have that shy quality.
    and mars ruled really love mercury ruled persons.
    that’s a strange thing, this knowledge of planetary energy.

  • pluto/mars loves mercury says:

    forget to mention, that scorpio is ruled by both mars and pluto, so has a very strong attraction to mercury.
    this is why you see SO many gemini/scorpio couples as well.

  • Shibamouli Lahiri says:

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Anna Grigoryevna Snitkina

  • Caroline says:

    I’m a virgo woman and my boyfriend is a scorpio and it’s going so perfectly. He is perfect in every way possible, hes so sweet and charming and loves me for me (which is a hard feat). I love him to death, even though it hasn’t been that long in our relationship. He’s put a constant smile on my face, its amazing what he’s done to me. He gives me butterflies, I just can never stop thinking about him. He reassures me in anything and everything. When I’m feeling negative and self-critical, being the perfectionist I am, he comforts me and tells me that my insecurities are what makes me, me and that’s what he feel in love with. And he is beyond sweet, I jokingly asked if guys could get pregnant and if he would and his response was “I guess I would have a baby if possible so you can rest.” I love him more each and everyday.

  • Sharlee says:

    I am a Virgo with a Scorpio man. Like it says, we are both can be stubborn, and stubborn is what is getting in our way. I usually end up giving in. I feel he could be devoted to me, but he doesn’t want to get tied down after being in a relationship for 18 yrs. He says he got married too soon and wants to test the waters. So he doesn’t comfort me when I need comforting. He can be a bit harsh sometimes too. I can see it in him, that if he was 100% committed, it would end a lot of our problems because he would be more forgiving and understanding. It’s been a little over a year now, and unfortunately it has come to a sad end tonight. I’m going to miss him sooo much. He wants his freedom and I want to settle down. Sex is the bomb and will be something I really miss with him. I love it when he puts his arms around me and holds me. I always felt so secure and loved. He was my first Scorpio in my life. Damn it!!

  • J9 says:

    @ Purdy Thick, I am a strong-willed woman as well cause I HAVE to be in this cold-hard world, but I just met me a Scorpio man, and I cannot wait for him to take control. God created Adam & Eve because one has what the other lacks….a perfect combination. We, women, are empathetic and nurturing, they, men, are skeptical and strong. We work best together, not apart. Let your Scorpio man be in control, and by all means, get his back at all times. What could go wrong with that? Good luck Beautiful!

  • rach says:

    I am a virgo woman and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. we’ve been together 2 years faithfully. we are supposed to be in love, we live together and everything. he’s very protecting of me and I feel like we were perfect. out of nowhere he became very distant from me emotionally about 2 months ago,but still looked right into my eyes and told me he loves me. but 5 days ago he informed me he cheated on me with a stranger about a month ago. he wants to be with me and try to prove that I’m the only one for him. I want to believe him but I’ve read that scorpios do that sort of thing,, CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ADVICE?

  • roxiza says:

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds?

  • Virgowoman says:

    Not trying to be picky but really does the scorpio man always have to win an argument? Im a virgo woman and been with my scorpio man for the last 15 yrs but thats what it looks like to me. Just the other day we had an argument over something silly an dof course he had to have the last word. but i have learnt not to mind and everything goes ok. all i need to do is jsut go along and let him be the alpha male and all is fine! i’ve learnt to go with the flow so i think i have some pisces influence or something in me. acendant or something maybe….all those yrs have been pretty good and thats just some give n take.

  • virgo/scorpiorising says:

    Yes, Scorpios love to fight. Just don’t give in too quickly, it’s the battle that that brings them some excitement and interest. Whatever you do, if they are fighting with someone else, make sure you support them.

    I am having an affair with a scorpio male who is married. I never in a million years considered a relationship with a married man. Ever.
    But, something about him draws me. And, I can’t stand most Scorpios. I know this is a karmic relationship. I know we won’t last long and I don’t care. I even had a psychic reading that predicted he would come into my life. They described him exactley and even said that he was with another woman. Strangely, the Universe approves of this affair. I’ve had many signs that have shown me that this is the path I should take. Wherever it may lead.
    Being raised a southern baptist I would never have figured that “God” would approve of something like this. I can only guess at what we have to learn from each other but I know for a fact that it will change something for each of us.

  • lokita says:

    My Scorpio is very confusing and he does very little to earn any trust. Every time one of us says it’s over the other comes back. I know there is more potential to our relationship but he does quite nothing and I want things to go normal… I feel less passionate towards him day by day.

  • lokita says:

    They say to a Scorpio man love is all or nothing. Unfortunately I was the nothing. He fooled me big time! I feel stupid and heart-broken.
    Never surrender!

  • sweet rose says:

    Im a virgo and im in love with a scorpio…we started a friendship together as work partners, and close friends we got along great…him having a few girls nothing serious. it was all work until I called him to vry one his shoulder and he was very compassionate towards me… one thing led to another and we made a agreement to keep are feeling as friends….we respected each other and had a understanding….we moved to a relationship and its a new agrement we like it that way..I think you have to prove yourself worthy to a scorpio before he respects you…read a scorpio personality and it tells you you have to win his respect first now he very protective n never want to hurt me, and he is very communitive towards me now….

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  • Mike says:

    I’m a Scorpio. I met a Virgo during the second semester of the repeat of my senior year in high school. I liked her and asked out but she didn’t think of me that way. She probably sensed some sexual tension in me and knew that I’d be too much for her.

  • Michelle says:

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are virgo woman/scorp man!

  • Anonymous says:

    ryan reynolds is not scorpio he is a libran and scorpio cusp(23 oct) but blake lively did break up with leonardo dicaprio (11th nov) who is a proper scorpio.

  • Queen says:

    I’m a Virgo women & been dating my Scorpio for 12yrs I was 19 & he 29. I’m 30 now, & he’s 40. I wasn’t intrested in him like he was me in the beginning. It wasn’t until I gave him a chance 2 see how sweet & very helpful very kind person. A couple yrs into the relationship is wen I began to see the jelouse & possive side. Over the course of the yrs our relationship was always up & dwn. But, we held on & let nuthing stand in our way of being together. We were always committed & loyal to 1 another. & for the most part, I’ve NEVER had to worry about him being unfaithful. HOWEVER…we’re both older now, & have kids “two” more bills more worries. & the stresses of life has taken its toil on us & our relationship. Sum of the problems I’m having wit my Scorpio man is his stubbornness,lack of communication, how he withdrawal & become distant When things aren’t working out. But then, hes always uptit, never happy & i try to understand him being upset that he cnt get the gud job he wnt, or watever things that may not be The only time we do have to ourselves is wen the kids are gone to bed so I want to lay in the bed & unwind the day away together. “sum nites” & he rather be in the living room watching tv or playing football video games. I’ve complained & become angry about it so much & it will get me as far as him getting in bed a nite here & there, still not early enough for me bc I’m basically sleep. & wat did we talk about he doesn’t know wat my worries really are & wat I deal with every day, bc were not spending the QT that’s needed & then he go back to his ways. It’s like now that I’m a women & know my worth & what I wnt out of life & my relationship. Compared to when I was younger, till wat he’s doing isn’t enough. I’m very strong willed too. & feel like ive always got to Be the 1 in control. & I dnt wnt to be & bc I have a lot on my plate & he not trying to make me feel wanted or appreciated. He’s great with his son & helping keeping the house in order. We work good as a team. & it’s me do all the brainstorming, I’m the go getter, full of life, have goals, & dreams I’m a positive & affectionate Person. I love helping others. & in sum ways him & I are alike only difference he has become negative, bitter & to comfortable with taking everything i do & not giving back 100% I do believe a Virgo & Scorpio can wrk but it takes wrk on both as it does in any relationship. A scorpio man needs a strong women like a Virgo to give him that push sumtime, to get him out his comfort zone. & a virgo women can appreciate a scorpio man that can put up with her craziness & love her for who she is. 12yrs & many more!!!

  • Winnie says:

    Just wanted to provide an update for this page by saying that a famous virgo-scorpio pairing is Blake Lively (virgo) and Ryan Reynolds (scorpio).

  • andrea says:

    I am a Virgo and I am married to a Scorpio man who is Filipino as well. We have a hard time getting along because we are both stubborn and strong willed but I believe our cultures are very different as well. He always thinks that I am disrespecting him when I am just messing around. I think he is just a little too rigid. Our sex life is amazing though. Mind blowing is the correct term to be used. I am trying to bend my ways but he doesn’t seem to want to bend to meet me. We are still trying and with God’s hand, I pray that we make it.

  • Cara says:

    I’m a Virgo woman and had an intense relationship with a Scorpio man for about 2.5 years. He was always trying to please me as a lover and didn’t believe me when I boasted his confidence. Most of the time he made me feel I was on a pedestal and he looked up to me. But when I didn’t agree to his demands he would knock me down to the ground and be very nasty. I had been on my own a long time with my kids -very independent at making decisions- id had to be. He didn’t cope well and took offence if I listened to advise from others becos he felt he was inferior I guess. I could not cope with the jealousy of my kids and work colleagues (not allowed to talk to male colleagues). Very possessive of my time and if I wasn’t with him -that meant I was cheating. After we agreed to split he should an even nastier side harassing me and today we speak to each other as friends althou he is after more. At the end of the day I felt controlled and suffocated and It affected my relationship with my kids- not worth it.

  • @cara says:


  • Scorpio man and Virgo woman says:

    @anonymous and Winnie on Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively.

    Yeah i get you that Ryan is really the border of Scorpio and Libra. 10 degrees sun scorpio, but he sure acts like a libra sun. But he has a Scorpio moon, and supposedly a double scorpio. He still acts very Libran though in his films.

    anyway they broke up.

  • Taylor Made says:

    Very beautifully written you guys. Can’t say it better myself.

  • ss says:

    I am a Scorpio man married to a Virgo woman for twenty one years. I really cherish my wife and she seems to be able to put up with me quite well.

    We have three kids. Teenagers can be a handful.

    The Scorpio man and Virgo woman relationship at its best {as ours} is very complementary and very satisfying.

  • Jolee says:

    Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds are Virgo-scorpios

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