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  1. kat

    I am a virgo, and I have absolutely loved all of the scorpios I have ever met. One of my greatest mentors is a scorpio.

  2. Lisa

    Purdy Thick, listen to Anonymous.

    MOST people hate people with controlling personalities – especially if they haven’t learned to control their controlling tendencies.

    I’m a Virgo myself, and I’m ALWAYS honest with Scorpios – they have x-ray vision to detect dishonesty – and it’s rare for me not to get along with them.

    Get counseling to learn to control your controlling personality before considering getting serious with ANY Scorpio man, because they don’t change to suit anyone – and neither do Virgos!

  3. purdy thick

    Hi ya guys i am soo skeptical about doing this but I need help! I am a virgo lady that has a scorpio friend that I really like.. the problem is that I am scorned and accustomed to being the dominant force in any relationship. With his dominant personality and my dominant ways…. Should we stay in the friend zone ? I feel sooo different with him i really do…He is not like anyother man I have met. And he has been talking more relationship lately…i have bad luck with men due to my dominance…gosh you guys…will I loose my best friend if i dont let go and give in to his dominance?

  4. Stunna

    Hey good people i’m back. I just hope you guys have been behaving. As I’m also dating a virgo lady yetr I’m a Scorpio, its been good I mean very good, although we had our ups and downs. I love her and to me its like I’m inlove for the first time, yes for the first time with a virgo lady and I’m realy enjoying it. She understands I’m jealous and she always try to make not to be jealous. I also tend to understand her. We both always there for each other. I blv we can make it!! God loves you all!

  5. lovelylady0919

    Im a Virgo and dating a scorpio man! He’s 34 and I’m 42 years young. We enjoy each other sexually, spritually, and mentally. He has a great sense of humor, he’s a good listener and communicator. When I first meet him, I assumed we would be, “friends with benefits” but he wanted a commited relationship. We’re both happy and we love each other and he show’s it too. We’re planning a life of enjoyment with reachable goals.

  6. ElenaT

    My scorpio man and i hit it off right from the begining. it was magic totally. there definitely was romance enuf for me. And he is very imaginative! From the start we were sure of each other and even though i was comming out of a failed relation. he made it feel like i was really what he needed and i understood him well. ther is real compatibility in this for sure thanks Nancy. this helped us in guidance.

  7. virgo-love

    I just ended a 2 year relationship with a 32 yr old scorpio..I loved him very much, but he would never do anything to contribute to the relationship, he never took the initiative, rarely bought me anything or took time plan anything special for us,he resented having to do anything for me. When i would always drop what i was doing for him, and would always go out of my way to take care of him. They love to be taken care of and adored…who doesnt? but this was never reciprocated.
    He was terrified of commitment, the thought of marriage and kids turned him off, he was emotionally unavailable, emotionally immature and kept all feelings and emotions to himself. He was extremely secretive and i often caught him in lies, which made it difficult for me to trust him. I would find things that seemed suspicious and when i confronted him, he became angry and verbally abusive. and then would give me silent treatment for days on end as punishment of course. He couldnt communicate effectively at all, everytime we had an issue, he would just clam up and avoid me. They are very vindictive, if you hurt them and they never forget a hurt. They will always get you back. They are unforgiving, but expect to be forgiven. My scorpio was very controlling, things always had to be his way or no way. He was extremely stubborn, stuck in his ways, inflexible, always had to be right etc.. a difficult person to get along with overall. I’m considered to be very attractive and I like to take care of myself, yet he would never compliment me in anyway, he had too much pride to do so. But he would openly compliment other female friends in front of me. He always made me feel unattractive, unworthy, which me feel insecure, making me feel that way made him feel better about himself, bc he was over weight, short, lazy, and never made an effort to ever look good, or clean up his appearance. But i still loved him..and always tried to make him feel good about himself.
    So the other day, he got upset with me and was doing his usual silent treatment, so i had enough and wrote him an email, expressing my feelings and how his actions and lack thereof have negatively affected me and our relationship and i never heard back from him. Most likely never will. They just dont know how to handle feelings, emotions or the truth, and when they cant handle it they run, without a word to you.

  8. lady_virgo

    I’m not about to generalize here, but I was married to a Scorpio for 6 years, together 8. At first it was intense and amazing. He was very loyal, and did small things for me to show me he cared. However…..as time went on I discovered new things…..he gave up too easily on himself, no drive. He was out of work for most of the relationship, leaving me to take over. Lots of empty promises. He only wanted to fight the battle when he realized I was done, but by then…I was done.

  9. torii

    i’m a virgo female, i just recently met a scorpio male. let me tell you from day one we’ve both been attracted to each other. he is extremely intense with passion, care, love and so many other things i can’t even describe! frankly, i have never tried in a relationship until i met him. we both click and we both slipped in to each others lives in such weird times. i was just getting out of a one way relationship and he finally joined the army. if it weren’t for him i’d be so upset. i love him with all my heart….it’s sad that we aren’t dating yet but it feels that way. but hey, taking things slow is always good. p.s this article was on spot. thank you for posting it!

  10. VirgoGurl

    I would also like to add…He is so patient with me, when I’m having a negative trip
    We are a power couple and work extremely well together, we currently have a business together which is flourishing. I was with an Aries for a very long time and our relationship was so turbulant. My scorpio brings the calm, content and go getter side out of me and I feel I do the same for him.
    The key to our relationship is we communicate everyday..now I have him..I wouldnt let him go for anything

  11. VirgoGurl

    I’m a virgo women and have been with my scorpio man for 3 years.
    I have read all the comments and find, that I have been fortunate with my scorpio.
    He is controlling as am I..Our arguements are very much far and few between
    I have learnt to compromise as a Virgo women as I am a typical Virgin.
    My scorpio is very romantic and quite sensitive once he let his guard down. I find he is very fair and see’s injustice should be treated with an exceptable punishment.

  12. Art

    Im a scorpio guy, and my virgo gf is so beautyfull , p hysically,mentally and spiritualy.shes a toughass but I can match her, I mean I can easily smother her but I actually like her, and im learning to control my own poision. We are actually taking it slow and I like where we are going

  13. Antoniette W.

    That is so ironic, becuz i myself am infatuated with a scorpio man and I’m having the same problem… What I’m gonna do is just let him be only because a scorpio man is very selfish and controlling. Also anything emotional is secondary to them. Just remember that the next time you tell him your true feelings and he lies and it says it means nothing to him. I’ve already faced the fact the this scorpion and I will never be together on my watch, he needs to be in control…. I made the choice and now you must do the same. Either you continue down a path of confusion and wait for him to say those magic words…….OR……. you can move on to a man who is more in touch wiht his emotional side. The choice is yours, but we both know which one your gonna choose…

  14. vadhana_nika@yahoo.com

    I am a virgo woman fall in love with Scorpio man who just broke up with his girl-friend. they broke up not because they stop love each other but because Scorpio man cannot marry with her right now and the other man can. so she ask scorpio man what she should do? and scorpio man let her to marry other man. even they broke up, but he still call her and do love her so much.and now i just know that scorpio man for about 3 months, when we just know each other, i already express my feeling that i have to him. and he denied it. he said that he didn’t have any feeling to me. But we can be still friend. i used to tell him that i would leave him cos i don want him to feel burden cos of me but he said just don leave him. as the time past, we a getting closer and closer, and all of his friend and mine say that we are couple even i said we are not, no one believe me. however, these days, he seem to change a lot, he didn’t act like he did when we just met. i try to ask him what happened but he said that nothing, he said he didn’t change. but as i can see that he does change.
    I want anyone to give me some suggestion, what should i do to make him stop love his ex girl friend and love me. i try so hard and do a lot of thing for him but it’s just don’t work out.

  15. Virgette

    Famous Virgo-Scorpio Couple: [anybody know of one]

    Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling
    They also made a film together; Blue Valentine. The vibes were very Virgo/Scorp :P!

  16. venturous virgo

    I am a virgo woman currently dating a scorpio man….everything i read was sooo true…weve been togther almost 6 mths now.nd everything feels so intense nd we are so in sync with each other.its to the point where he just takes word right out of my mouth.he always expresses his love for me in genuine ways and assures me he isnt goin anywhere.i just think its crazy hw 2 ppl can be so in tune with each other!! but over all hes the love of my life..although i have to deal with his jealous ways nd hot headed temper

  17. Stunna

    hey guys, im a scorpio man with a virgo woman. we are both crazy about each other. we both tend to want to make sure that the other is ok. we sometimes have our ups and downs but after that we become inlove like we have just met. i know that sometimes my temper causes dis-consensus. to be honest we both got our moods and…….

  18. Bratzygal

    Hi all,
    I have just by chance met a Scorpio Man (he found me actually) we have had one meeting and the bond is so intense, I have never experienced anything so intense, my senses have been buzzing since laying eyes on him, it is bizarre, I was with a Taurus for 10 years and there was nothing like this. Being Virgo I am inpatient to explore this bond…………..the scorpio tells me……no rush he’s not going anywhere…lol. We are both Reiki Masters so I know what the energy is all about. In all these years I have never felt this sort of “drawing” to one another. He feels the same way. Thanks everyone for sharing your relationship information.

  19. Angel

    This is amazing! Im a virgo and currently dating a scorpio man, and everything that I read in the paragraphs are true! He can be very intense, but I kinda find it attractive, and he seems to always bring out the “crazy” side of me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. PalmPuncher

    I’ll give you a short story about male scorpio & female virgo. At one point, they were in fact one zodiac sign, but libra came in & separated them, & now stands between them. Libra did this so they wouldn’t take for granted what they had as one. Now their challenge is to pass by libra on their way to each other again, fully realizing in each other that no other match would do for the other. This is why Scorp man with Virgo woman is just so right. Enjoy.

  21. Princess Takileonia

    Omg i am a virgo woman dating a scorpian man and we are so amazing together and weve only been together for four months. i feel like we are a power couple. he has special psychic abilities when it comes down to me… anytime somethings wrong with me he knows it even if i dont say anything about it. i always try to hide from my feelings. but he brings them right out of me. hez been working with me from day 1… we always talk about how he fell in love with me when we first met. hes so inside of me that its almost to perfect. We often laugh and cry together. we share very very deep and intense feelings and emotions. When we have sex there is no certain planned time at all we have eachother anyime we want it and its so intense it makes me want to cry. when we have sex he feels me up with emotions and all and i never thought i culd feel that way about anybody. we are so inside of eachother that its crazy. ive never felt this way about any1… i wana marry him so bad but ill be patiently waiting i cant see myself being with any1 else. and hes so territorial and over protective of me anytime someone thinks about touching me or saying something bad about me hes redy to kill him. so there is stuff that hold back from him but thats just to protect him.

  22. PalmPuncher

    If youโ€™re up for studying it in greater depth, you may want to look at your decanates. This is the influencing sign within your element based on which of the 3 10-day blocks of the sign youโ€™re in. An easy way to calculate it is just to know that the 1st decanate is your own sign, the physical aspect, the 2nd is the next on the wheel in your element, the mental aspect & the third is the last same element sign, the spiritual aspect.

  23. Ian

    Hello, I am a scorpio male, and while I hate to admit it, this does not entirely seem accurate of how any of my relationships with virgo have been. Love is like an intense passion, something that grows inside you, it would kill me to even attempt to treat such grandeur with a business like manner. In the end, the greatest thing one may ever learn here, is simply to embrace the potential for happiness, and take love in its pure passion.

  24. T

    I am dating a Scorpio man (I am a Virgo woman). We get along well. I like him a lot and could see myself being his wife. He is so like how the article describes him.

  25. roro

    i am wit a scop man and he explained it to me in details …THEY HAVE 5 DIFFRENT PERSONALITIES it depends wich one he wants to show you…wit me i saw all 4…then last one is his inner child wich when revealed would let me know that he has open his self to me on all levels…..no suprises…so ever PROBLEME i know wat it feels like but the KEY is PATIENCE…wich is the biggest challenge of all for us virgo

  26. Big Sam

    I’m a Scorpio man I had a friendship/sexual relationship with a Virgo woman. We had the greatest bond ever. After the sexual relationship ended we never really got along. I wanted her to still love me and she wanted very badly to not love me and this caused us to fight constantly. She understood we would never be a couple and this bothered her a lot. I loved being her friend but she would not allow me to be close. She hated I knew she loved me. She wanted me to think she didn’t care for some odd reason. She was my buddy and I loved her deeply. I was hurt when the relationship ended because our bond was strong. What makes things even worse is we are co workers. So we have to look at each other everyday and not talk because talking leads to loving and loving leads to arguing and hurt feelings. She says our sex ruined our friendship and I agree. I don’t think so. I guess I have to look at things from her point of view. She fell in love with a man she could never be with. BTW we both are in long term relationships. She wanted me to leave mine and she leave hers so we could be together. I wouldn’t leave because of my children.

  27. CautiousVirgo

    I’m a Virgo and a Scorpio has caught my eye. What should i do to let him know i want to be friends first then maybe more??

  28. Marie

    Now, this may sound silly but I’m a teenager (18) and I was in LOVE with a scorpio boy and we dated for about a year and when things were great they were GREAT no arguing we’d always compromise and communication was better than ever since it was diffcult at times because we were in a long distance relationship, Throughout the year our relatiosnhip grew stonger but there were times where he would confuse me because he’d tell me I was his girlfriend but then a week later he would tell me he just wanted to be friends I got sick of him being undecisive that I ended it with him because he was immature and selfish and he never could make up his mind…but after a good month he would contact me and tell me he misses me and that I was the only one he could open up to and I was there for through a lot of hard times and it me feel happy and special that I was the only he felt secure with but after that one time it kept going on we were making up and breaking up till we finally decided to end it and he told me he wanted to be friends but I refused because I couldn’t stand just being his friend since I was still in love with him but he just couldnt understand and ended up getting upset and from there we just argued again and agreed not to talk to each other ever again and we deleted each others numbers as so I THOUGHT…about two weeks ago he called me and just wanted to “check” on me and see how I was doing which I thought was odd and worst of all he told me he had a gf…now, I got over our relationship it just kills me that he got a gf so soon…and being a virgo I keep over analyzing our relatioship and hoping that maybe we could re-connect and be together again but I don’t know I think he’s completely over me..but what still has me confused is that EVERY time we agree to not talk to each other he complete cotacts me out of nowhere? why does he still care? why is he wondering how I am doing? It makes no sense and I question myself is this meant to be? Friends? or more?…I hate not knowing…

  29. Tina

    I’m a virgo woman, who got involved with a scorpio man during the time I was having alot of female issues which forced me to have surgery. I need it for quality of life but my head was not inline. My scorpio man was not very supportive they way i would lhave like and seemed to be disrespectful in always ‘facebooking’ other women but yet he state to me he missed me and couldn’t get enough of me ‘if you know what I mean’. we didn’t have any issues in the bedroom. now i’ walked away b/c i could handle his causualness of relationship, wouldn’t tell family and wouldn’t do little special things just for me. did my scorpio man not like me? was ijust a fool? would he come back into my life if he could get over his pride?

  30. Gabby

    Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley are a famous Virgo woman-Scorpio man couple. Just thought I’d mention that since there are no couples listed ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Didi

    Hey guys,
    Ok Vivir Virgo def Scorpio. Be patient Scorpio men love to test us Virgo is part of their animal instinct. He will come around. If it was meant to be it will work.
    It all depends on your variables. try devoting at least one day of the week just for him. @least 4 hours of your time if you know what i mean.
    To Mark, def wait your Virgo will come to you.
    To Karin Libra men suck. im in the middle of a nasty divorce now. I dont know you but im feeling your pain. Give your self a chance Live Love Laugh. Dont give up ever looking for that special man. Scorpio is a great start. Let your self go And when you get to the sex point. Give your self like never before and your scorpio man will reward you with loyalty and must important Love. He will be what makes you both sane and insane. But you will love him for it!!!

  32. karin

    ok I realize my previous post sounds a little wacky, but I’m a cool virgo and normally I’m very slow to burn…. but this guy is just so perfect for me! agh! hahaha am I falling in love? what’s going on here?!?!?

  33. karin

    what a great find! love your website ๐Ÿ™‚

    quick question, I have “met” a very attractive scorpio man on a social networking site, he’s a friend of a very close friend and lives overseas, but I can’t stop thinking about him!! it feels like we have so much in common, and that it would be so right to be together… it’s only a friendship for now, and I think he might also have a twinkle in his eye for me, even if we don’t know each other.

    I know this sounds crazy which is why I’m posting this, but I will be going there for my summer holiday…. any comments are appreciated in the meantime! help!

    p.s. just got out of a marriage to a libra man, must say that in our case his stars were on a serious collision course, it did not go well at all… ๐Ÿ™

  34. Virvirvirgo...16


    I am a Virgo woman, very much in awe with a Double Scorpio man. We have just begun our friendship, I am going with the flow right now however my patience is running out as I want things to progress. He is quite mysterious and charming. It is impossible to keep him away from my thoughts. Any tips on how to speed things up a littlw without making him feel as though he is being dominated or has lost control?

    Thank You

  35. Mark

    I’m a Scorpio in love with a Virgo woman. We had a relationship for a few months then her kids dad came back and has asked me to wait till all the custody and assets are divided. She made it clear to me that she wants a life with me. I asked her to marry me and she said Yes!! The only problem I have is the waiting part, is this normal? I want to help but she said she needs to do it on her own.

  36. Virgogirl!

    Who would you suggest for a virgo woman..a Leo or a Scorpio.
    Yep! the bees are buzzing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Didi

    Sorry about the typos. I’m using my blackberry and its hard to see what I’m writing.

  38. Didi

    Wow. When I put that comment up there I didn’t think anyone would acttually read it. Well it has been a while. But I am still with my Scorpio man. He is more intense now than ever. The longer we spend together the more confused I am. He is an absolute mistery. After two years I still don’t knowif he really does love me. He has never said the actual words. What does it for me is the things he does. Take an example. My scorpio is not the most romantic. But for Valentines day he surprised me by giving me chocolate and a stuffed bear wich I loved and so thought it was the must sweetest act. Ill tell you what. A virgo girl can be surprised easily if you really know what she hold must dear. I love perfumes jewlery and bears. Guess what my scorpio friend. He called my sister inlaw cause I am married. Legaly. My husband and I are not together. He called and asked her what exactly I liked. And she said to him you’ve been to her room. What the you see that it is most repeated. You will know what she wants. Just by getting to now her. Lmao. I love this shit!!!!!!

  39. Sammy

    I have started to see a scorpio man (I am a virgo woman) and I really want it to turn out – i like him alot. any tips on how to impress a scorpio man and make him fall for me and keep him!

  40. stinky456

    hey didi am a scorpion guy and need tips on how to impress the virgo!!! i mean like something that would impress you cause i love her

  41. Didi

    I’am with a Scorpio man. I am a Virgo. And this is pretty much accurate. It is exactly what I’m going through right now.

  42. Ari

    I’m dating a Scorpio man now and I’m a Virgo woman. We actually ‘dated’ 11 years ago when we were teenagers but he moved away and I never thought I would see him again. He was my 1st. Anyways, lo and behold he found me on Facebook a couple months ago and we’ve been dating for 3 months now. I usually run in the EXACT OPPOSITE way when a Scorpio comes. They just are too intense and move way to fast for me. But, Ira…I decided to give him a chance. We’re so in tune with each other emotionally. He feels the exact same emotions at the exact same time just like me. It’s freaky! He’ll say things that I was JUST going to say! He’ll do things like take out the trash RIGHT BEFORE I was going to mention it. He’s all about action. He’s so dependable. And he’s real and genuine. I love him. He’s awesome. I believe we’re going to be married in the next 2 years.
    The whole relationship is amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Dara

    This is such a lovely site, plz allow me to correct that King abdulah the 2nd is an Aquarian man was born on 31Jan, Regards.

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