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  1. Marianne

    Crumbs. Don’t agree at all. Passion and intense chemistry was always a strong part of my relationship with a scorpio man. And affection. Pretty much same with other scorpio men i have been out with. have been out with.

  2. vicky

    oh well what can i say i met this scorpio guy and im virgo at school.im 30yrs and he is 36yrs old.when we first met we noticed each other and as time went by we started flirting and ended up calling each other by pet names.1 name that is dominant is ‘my better half,i really dont know what it is with him cause we have this connection and its so lovely,we have since decided to get into a relationship and see how it goes.i have been hurt before and im scared of relationships but with him i feel safe.the guy is so sincere and i cant help but fall for him more.wish me well as i hope to have a fruitful and lasting relationship

  3. indigo

    I am a Pisces women and I have seen sooooooooooooooooooooooo many Scorpio men marry Virgo women. I know at least 5 couples personally that are Scorpio man-Virgo woman.

    I dated a bunch of Scorpio men, and every single one of them left me (a Pisces) for a Virgo woman. I think there’s just something about Virgos that they love. Virgos women are really independent and not at all clingy, unlike us artsy lovey dovey Pisces. Every single Scorp guy I dated eventually got sick of my romanticism and ended up with a bossy, on-top-of-her-shit Virgo woman.

    I know astrology always says that Pisces-Scorpio is a great combo, but from personal experience, I really don’t think so. My Scorp guys were all so horrible for me…but somehow Virgo women (super busy and independent) do well with them, and Scorp guys follow them around like puppies.

    I’m talking to Cancer guy now and he is soooo consistent I love it. He texts and calls me like clockwork. (My Scorp ex would just go MIA for days at a time.) I cannot handle that up and down on and off drama that Scorp men do…but I think Virgo women are tougher and can handle it and put Scorp men in their place somehow (God bless, I guess someone is strong enough to handle Scorpio men. Not me, haha.)

    That is my two cents…hope it is helpful!!!!!

  4. Christine

    Hello,i’m a virgo and the natural attraction for the scorpions is really big,i also wanna contribute with the post with a example of scorpio-virgo couple:Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively,they’re a such sexy couple.

  5. HoneyB

    Nahni….. As a Virgo, Im very cut and dry with my relationships. If this guy is married and behaves as he does, why are u even speaking with him? It’s a useless thought to entertain. Move on and don’t settle for wing the other woman.

  6. nahni

    iI am a virgo woman 26 yrs old. I recently went to a halloween party and met a scorpio male whos 37. We exchanged numbers and started talking. We texted eachother for About a wewk befor i finally decided to go on a date with him. We had an awesome night! He was so funny and so was i. The convos were wonderful and i was drawn to him very strongly. We kissed and ended up being very touchy with eachother. I dont normally do this but i was behaving as if weve had a previous relationship. I didnt want to like him. Well the night ends he takes me home and i cant get him out of my mind. He texted me the next day telling me hes married and he loves his wife enough to never leave her and be with his kids everyday. When it comes to the kids i understand but if he loves this woman so much what role was i supposed to play? Its not fair. I was feeling him and then this. Ive never done anything like that before and i feel so guilty for even kissing him! I like my own man and i refuse to share. But something about him makes me not want to let go even though i immediatly cut him off. He texts me almost everyday but i dont respond as bad as i want to. Im so drawn to him but i know that will only make things complicated. Somebody help me fight these demons in my head telling me to go talk to him. Tell me im stupid and its wrong. I really having a hard time since hes so freaking charming cute sweet and funny. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!

  7. kat

    With that being said, these have all been platonic relationships of course, but if I get along with someone as a friend, that has the potential to be harmonious elsewhere. That is, in a romantic relationship setting.

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