Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Aquarius Couples:

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, Harry and Bess Truman, Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O’Neill and Farrah Fawcett, George and Amal Clooney, Max Handelman and Elizabeth Banks

Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs so there is a lot of loyalty and staying power.  Taurus brings out the more conservative side of Aquarius which in ancient astrology was ruled by the arch-reactive planet Saturn.  The attraction is one of substance and brilliance.  Opposites attract.  Taurus sees in Aquarius a reason to live.  Aquarius sees in Taurus a grounding foundation, a safe place to hang out.  After all, it gets trippy being out there in the cosmos all the time.   These two speak different languages than the rest of us but are fiercely loyal to one another based largely on how safe Taurus makes Aquarius feel.  Aquarians can feel very exposed because they don’t naturally focus on the day-to-day concerns in life.  Aquarius, on the other hand, keeps Taurus from getting too stuck in the mud, as her mantra is always, “Look!  Look up at the stars!”  When they learn to work together as a team they make the maximum amount of realistic progress possible.  That’s no small claim to fame.  Aquarius may have very brilliant insight into what Taurus wants to accomplish. Bess Truman may well have been the reason Harry is so highly regarded.  Aquarians always know how to build networks to accomplish what would be impossibly hard alone, the Taurus way.

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How to Attract a Taurus Man as an Aquarian Woman:

You probably have to make it happen because you’re looking in two different directions.  He’s looking down at the ground and you’re looking up at the sky.  You have to connect the dots for him, like notice his rut, I mean path, and plant yourself in front of him regularly until you become part of his known universe.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Taurus Man:

Let’s begin by admitting that, where courtship is concerned, you like the woman to do the heavy lifting.  Isn’t that precisely why you’re attracted to this supercompetent Wonder Woman who knows what she wants and how to get it?  You’re the perfect match.  She’s as bold as you are shy.  In fact you’re probably answering her ad on match.com in another window while browsing the astrology sites.  Aquarians love the internet so you’ve found the perfect way to meet and likely the perfect partner.  With her, if she likes you, she’ll do it all.  What you need to do is just hit the ball back over the net.  Be your sure, steady, tortoise-wins-the-race, reliable self.  That’s what she’s looking for in a man.  She can handle all the rest herself.  What a relief.  One hint that’s important, though.  Don’t be too frugal on your dates.  You’ve got to contribute some energy, too, and it works for you to contribute energy in the form of money.

Degree of Romance:

Neither sign is particularly interested in or impressed by romance.  She expects you to protect her but otherwise it’s more likely to be “business as usual”, as you tend to create a down-to-earth, practical working arrangement for getting things done.  That’s what you each value.

Degree of Passion:

Aquarius’ detachment brings out Taurus’ lustful nature.  Taurus grounds Aquarius’ fantasies.

Degree of Friendship:

These two can be faithful and committed friends.  Especially for a shared vision, Aquarius provides the inspiration.  Taurus provides the perspiration.  They communicate very well together which helps keep the bond of friendship working naturally in their favor.

Degree of Marriage:

These two make a very positive marriage because they are both likely to share somewhat conservative values and are willing to work hard for what they want.  One of the most reliable partnerships, neither is inclined to be very restless or to look outside the marriage for unfulfilled needs.  Their expectations about marriage tend to be very realistic which is a big plus.

Progression of Relationship:

Taurus is quite predictable about progressing the relationship and Aquarius likes to follow the rules as well.  Aquarius will make it happen.


Sex is enormously fulfilling and a major component of their relationship.  Taurus is, as always, a steady provider, where Aquarius always has a few tricks up her sleeve.   Her complete lack of inhibition helps him explore whole new worlds while his steadiness gives her great comfort.

When It’s Over:

This relationship will have a very bitter ending as both are inclined to invest heavily and to feel like they failed at some enormous undertaking.  Possessions become bones of contention.  Words fail.  They can no longer comfort one another.

Our Rating: 9/10

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  1. There ya go atma. You r already on the right road. If you love her and make her your wife, cherishing, pampering and showing affection will keep the fire burning, but make sure she gives the same back to you, b/c you deserve it, too!!

  2. I agree.. i may have made some wrong decisions … but its not that I did it in spontaneity .. i tried to understand my situation at that time and did what felt the best for both of us… and i perfectly agree that true love can withstand any barrier….but barriers isnt what i wanted my love to live with.,. it would give me more pain to see my love suffer coz i am not a good provider… i can provide her the love… well i really dont know if it was the right thing but luckily god gave her a happy life, and i know she was a strong woman and i am really happy for her happiness.. coz what i believe in love is… whatever happens.. i only and only want to see my love happy and comfortable… if i am not able to do it, i still want her happy someway… and it is also true that… i would hav cursed myself if she was in a worse situation… but god is great and gives me the sign to this day that may be i did the right thing.. (to convince myself..)

    I can tell you one another important thing …. i dont hav a love yet.. but as a taurean… i hav set my mind on one thing… that, whoever i fall in love with, the woman i marry.. will be the one i will love more everyday until i die… she will be my wife and she deserves to be adored and pampered and loved… coz she is only mine and i will cherish her… forever… taureans love the idea of getting committed forever… they like romance and mushy stuff.. but if things dont happen as expected… they break and get frustrated… but if things go well… they woud do anything to make it stronger. I know that really doesnt make a lot of sense.. but it is that way, may be with different levels within taureans..

  3. P.S. Atma, if you are half as wonderful as my ex-Taurus man was, there is a very lucky girl out there,, maybe already in your life. He was such a beautiful, wonderful man.

  4. Atma. thanks for your feedback. See that some of what you said could have been a possibility in this relationship. He certainly acted in love for some time. I am not much of an actor and it is hard for me to understand why someone would pretend to love another person. Anyway, your Taurus veiwpoint helped.

  5. hmm.. here is a taurean feedback. I am just trying to put myself in his shoes and thinking what sort of thing would make me do something like this. And I think I can evaluate this with my experience.

    Yes of course there is this possibility that I never love the woman(gemini). But I enjoy the company. You know the way that makes you really comfortable with someone yet not having the “romantic” factor. I have had similar incidence where the woman was crazily in love with me, and I enjoyed her company. I mean she was way too cheesy with me. I was a fool to not understand her ways.. and was happy to have her around. Well, she never told me her feelings. I sort of had an idea that she loved me but then I challenged my own inferences and told myself.. “she is just being good to you, don’t think too much”. And finally when she proposed me one day. I was feeling guilty of having known for this day to come and yet avoiding it thinking it would never come. Well, I said a “no”. We are still great friends talk once a while cause we no longer stay in the same city.

    Another possibility would be that I may get so much in love with someone that the best thing for both of us would be to stay away. I had a girl friend(taurean) when i was a teenager. I am 30 now. We were so much in love with each other, And things were going perfect, and we had decided to get married when the time was right. I agree we were young and did not realize outside the small love world we made around us. Things were going fine when suddenly one day she cried and told me that her folks want her to get married to someone soon and live her own life. She wanted me to support her and get married in few days. I looked at the situation and told myself.. “buddy you aren’t even capable of earning a good living, how will you feed her and feed yourself?? do you want see her go through the hardship and not have a quality life. She may live with you in a barn, coz she loves you, but is that what you want??” And the answer was “no”. I thought she would be much better off with the other guy who was well-off and was a good person too. So I refused and moved away and never spoke to her. Until after 8 years I gave her a surprise visit and make sure she had a good happy life. Had a beautiful house. And i was so happy to see her happy with a lovely kid in her arms with an expensive toy in his hands. The kid could have been mine and i thought.. “would she be so happy if she was with me.. coz i am still fighting to earn a good living to have such beautiful house and buy an expensive toy for my kid.. ” And i am still a bachelor.

    hope this helps Lynn. Just wanted to share my experience. Your guy may have had other reasons, but I am taurean and I think the reason could be something similar. You may take a different perspective and find out what was the reason.

  6. You know, I would like to get some Taurus male feedback and insight on this. What do you guys think?

  7. No, I think it is safe to say, he never loved me.

  8. Well, if someone says they never want to see you again, It makes one feel like they are. And if this “scenario” doesn’t mean he hates me then what does it mean? I have been totally screwed up and blown away since it all went down. If someone had of told me a month before it happened that he would do this, I would have never believed them.

  9. I am an aquarian woman, who fell in love with a Taurus man. He was so intelligent, so deep, humorous, sarcastic and sharp. We bared our souls to each other. I told him things about me that I had never told any other man, not even my ex-husband. He was so affectionate, loving, treated me like a Queen. All I wanted to do was to understand him, to touch him, to love him. He even asked me to marry him. This was just one day after he told me he would never marry again, and that is what I said to him. I never said no or yes he never gave me the chance. A day later he did a 180 on me and told me he never wanted to see me again. That was 4 months ago and have not heard a work from him since. My heart has been broken by a Taurus man. There is not a day that goes by that he is far from my thoughts or heart. I would have given him the world if possible, but he pushed me away. I will never know what I did to him to make him dispise and hate me. He will always have a special place in my heart. This Aquarius woman will always miss him.

  10. I’m a 19-year-old Aqua girl, born a day later and I would have been a Pisces, though. The Taurus guy I have my eye on isn’t always my main focus, I must admit, but for whatever reason I continuously gain interest in him again. The traits that I dislike about him are how boring he is at times, and how traditional (which I guess to me are the same thing, lol). He also seems overly jealous when I show others the slightest bit of attention. It’s so annoying and very immature. On the bright side, however, he’s incredibly sweet, especially with animals. He also loves art as much as I do, breaks through to me when I push the world away, & is sooo hawt 😉 lol. It’s definitely a love/hate sort of relationship… still deciding on whether or not I should kick him or kiss him.

  11. I am a Taurus man and I may get fixed with an Aquarian women. Well, did I not find my love?? well I did so many times.. but never made it together.. nothing really went wrong.. but just.. that things were looking apart and ways parted..

    i dated 2 Geminis 3 Taureans .. a very limited range.. well.. with taurean women, things were always sweet and she was beautiful and I really had her face in my head most of the times.. we think alike.. gave each other support.. we were slow to reach a conclusion.. as we were fond of doing analyses.. and often got lost in them.. but then i loved getting lost in the moment coz we started thinking alike and loved the conversation.. never had fights.. may be very temporarily..

    With Gemini.. hmm.. good experience.. always got the attention.. treated as the best man anyday.. constantly reminded of how wonderful person I was.. it did make me happy.. they did not demand too much either.. What more did I want?? well somehow I couldn’t commit equal attention.. there was some link that missed. Couldn’t connect so emotionally.. And yes like typical taurean I gave advices and suggestions.. one took them like a child, never fought and the other always hit me back, saying “i dont want ur advice”, and yeah her arrogance and my stubborness invited fights. Still cudnt figure why it did not work..

    And now I am being fixed with this Aquarian woman, and I never had an aquarian experience… please enlighten me… Taurean men with aquarian xperience, aquarian women with taurean xperience and Gorgeous aquarian women. Thanks. 🙂

  12. sorry for some of the miss spelling

  13. i am an aquarius and im dating a taurus man. when we first started dating things were bad we argued all the tiem caus i was stuborn and he was being a smart azz. we broke up like 3 weeks after we stared dating. week kept in contact for some while then a year later he told me that he loved me and tahta he could never stop thinkin about. even for that year we were brokin up and i felt the same towards him. we jus got back together a few months ago and things are goin great. we decided that insead of jus yellin and being our smart azz self that if we go mad we would calm down first then try to talk it over. for us its jus a BIG communications issue that were takin slowly. we still argue sometimes but who dosent. all i know is that i love him with all my heart and that once we found out wat the problem was we decided to work together to fix it. sometimes i feel like ruunin away but its only because im scared of the love i feel towards him.we arent the most perfect couple but we work and dame well if u ask me. i would change dating a taurus guy wif anyother sign because we work. and it because we want it to work. he provides me wif everything i need and thats not much but its great jus the way it is. he can be a challenge some times but i like challenges and i want it to stay the way it is. neatherr of us have chaged who we are we jus found a better way to be/ do us. and i love every second of it.

  14. I am an aquarian married to a taurean guy for 9 years. I think the relationship is good as long as I consent to what he says. When I started having my own opinion, its a cold marriage now. I feel taurean guys treat their partner as littel kids, always wanting them to listen to them, follow them. They are better fathers than husbands.

  15. I had to laugh when I read this article. I met my taurus husband on match.com. We dated for 10 months before we got engaged. And then we were engaged for 2 1/2 years before we married. My husband is the most logical, patient, brillant and humorous man I have ever had the joy of meeting. We fit mentally, physically and spirtiually together. I must say most sites depict that our match will end up in ahot mess. However, I have never met a more communicative and loyal man in my life. I truly love being his wife and am looking foreard to our life together.

  16. Reading all these comments and stories has been really interesting and really enlightening.
    I met my Taurus guy over 2 years ago and am very much playing the long game ’til we’re both get to a place where we can be together. We’ve both been in relationships and in love with other people in those 2 years, but when we’re single we always find each other, like there’s some kind of homing device fitted to us. We’ve both been single for the last 6 months and, although he has moved 2 hours away for work now, our relationship is blossoming. But patience is definitely the name of the game with this boy!
    What @Aqua says about Taurus boys “going idle” is so very true. The first few times my Taurus “shut down” (as he puts it) I talked through it, trying to cajole him into putting his feelings into words, and giving him suggestions about what he might be feeling. I don’t think he could even hear me! I’ve realised that he only shuts down when he doesn’t have any words. It’s terrifying, especially when it’s about our relationship/friendship, but I’ve learnt that if I just trust that he will share the words with me when he’s found them, the silences become far more bearable and are often followed by “the most pleasant of surprises”.
    My Taurus is my grounding force: no emotional outburst is too dramatic to calm me down from; no loss of direction is too disorientating to guide me out of; no crisis of identity is too complete to show me myself in. He is my intellectual equal – not an accolade I bestow often! – and my rational-thinking superior – again a rarity – and this combination makes him someone who is both willing and capable of looking after me. And that is SUCH a relief!
    He is also reserved and careful with his emotions, which means that we are distinctly NOT in a relationship yet. This is torture for me sometimes! The sex is awesome, but is on hold for the time being, which is driving me crazy, but reading some of the things on here I am beginning to understand that I haven’t fully respected our differing attitudes towards sex in the past. I suppose rather than being annoyed that I’m not getting what I want right now I should be honoured that he felt a strong enough connection with me that he ever wanted to have sex with me in the first place!
    Whatever the stars predict I am in this for the long haul, because I have never felt as free to be completely myself and indulge in all my whims and I have never felt as totally looked after and grounded in ANY relationship I’ve had before. And he tells me that he has never met anyone as tolerant of his bullishness, or as patient with his emotional reluctance – in short I make him feel safe to be himself. We compliment each other perfectly. And, yeah, he might be stubborn and reclusive on occasion, but I wouldn’t trade him! 🙂

  17. I’ve always been attracted to taurus guys. Since college. My taurus guy who I met recently is very supportive. He’s reliable and very calm and soothing. He’s great even when I get all in a tizzy. Like recently someone was kind to me and it overwhelmed me so much. Why was he so kind? That was so good of him he didn’t need to do that. It was so unexpected! I was in tears 🙂 …yeah it does that to me in spite of my cool aqua self that you usually see. It makes me believe in the goodness of humanity. That there’s still hope. My taurus was fine with it and waited for the ‘vapors to evaporate’ and told me it was my good karma coming back to me. I so love him!

  18. I was in a relationship with a Taurian man, we brokeup at least temporarily till we can be together.. We’re having certain obstacles now, can’t wait for them to go away. All your comments gave me insight on why he’s acting the way he does right now, and I feel better reading them… He promised me the moon and the stars then decided to breakup in an overnight… “look me up when the obstacles are gone” he said. It totally drove me mad because of all his promises and vows
    @Just_Shira: I agree we’re attracted to how they make us feel. I’ve never felt this way before.
    @Shika: Always disappearing and coming back sent me mixed signals, but I know he’s thinking about me and about “us”… It only shows he’s serious. And oh about going idle.. It made me nervous and thinking he doesn’t like me or bored, then he gives the most pleasant surprises after a few minutes of silence 😉
    @Paul: Acqu women are known to be of 2 extremes.. too bad you’d met the wild extreme. The other one is totally devoted. LOL, sometimes I have to make effort to keep myself from being needy.. Good luck next time, and not all of them are like your Ex.
    My taurus guy is unlike some of the comments here, he’s creative, innovative and looking at the sky (metaphorically that is) I love him and hope I haven’t lost him. Wish me luck xx I need the blessings of the stars!

  19. I am an Aquarious woman married to a Tauraus male for over 15 years…and yes, we grow to learn and love on our own, especially when we have out-grown the tauraus man. Not intentially, we are just different people and look at life differently, no offense at all. I know we are great business partners, and love to build our families up for positivity, but as a whole person/together, there is limited togetherness, for we have different views of life. I know that my love and insight on life surpasses his and this is why we have parted, and I know he feels the same.

  20. paul wasnt someone called rachel was it by any chance bitches mate uncaring up their arse dickheads dont deserve you mate you can find much better

  21. I am a Taurus man and dated an Aquarius woman at first she seemed to be caring and nice we had sex every time I saw her then it started to diminish even in sex I was putting the effort in and it became boring, I did everything for her and showed a lot of interest in her, her work, her family and supported her through times when she was ill and respected her wishes I gave her the space she needed. However I soon came to realise I was the one putting all the effort into our relationship the Aquarius women I have dated much like this one have all been selfish moody and unappreciative and I would never go back to it

  22. Dated 4 taurus men and the relationship always ends the same, with me wanting more. They seem always seem so interested at first, then pull away. The first one stole my heart, then left me when i needed him the most, then pops up almost 2 yrs later as if nothing happened and I wasn’t supposed to be mad. I dont know y i went back to him but it ended with me not even saying bye and him avoiding me because he wasnt ready to be with me and I had to move. Ive never been with someone who made me feel so real…ever! The sex was on a level that cant be recreated with anyone and im still love him..im a typical aqaurius female who doesnt want kids but if they were by him, id do it in a second.Sometimes when i think about him it still hurts. I tried dating other guys, found out they were taurus too but they all do the same thing..practically stalk me in the beginning then leave me hanging..i dont get it but i dont think i will be dating any of them n the future..not if i can help it

  23. @Paul.awww i’m sorry that there are some aqua women who aren’t responsible to love you enough. Just what you said that she paries and drinks already indicates her inability to keep a relationship lasting. There are plenty of aquarius women that are very responsible but beware, there are also ones who party and dont care. At least you guys had great sex. 5-6 x a day for 3 years? damn that’s nice!!
    the internet dating was her rebellious way of saying i’ll do what i want. Aquas are notorious for doing the opposite.

    @Shika, i love your contribution on this. it is a rare combination but it works fora responsbile couple. two fixed signs are always powre struggles. 🙁

  24. Haha. This old match. I’m an Aquarius woman and I have dated a Taurus man. What a game that was. Two years of back and forth.

    We’d be in love one minute and hated each other the next! People around us were so confused because we would be bad mouthing each other in public screaming at the top of our lungs, then two weeks later we were back together and completely head over heels.

    “I just was scared because I care so much.” – He would say. What garbage. But I knew he was full of it and I didn’t care.

    We’d break up, date other people & get dumped, then we suddenly loved each other again. We became each others comfort zone.

    Unfortunately that is still going on to this day! I found someone I loved, a Gemini, and didn’t speak to my Taurus for a year and a hlaf. Now that I’m single again he’s back. We don;t love each other at all and we respect each other to just be all about sex. It seems we will be each others fall backs forever.

    Not a good match at all. He’s a jerk. lol

  25. Well guess what, ive been with my taurus man for over 3 years now. I have a deep-rooted respect for him: for his ethic, for his cleverness in material things, for his reliability. However, he is a bull: u push him – won’t move, pull him – won’t move, try to reason with him – don’t move. U ask why: he answers because he told u so, this is how he is. Of course i won’t give up too.
    I could’ve left him plenty of times. I can’t, i won’t. He makes me crazy but it is only with him that i can experience a certain bliss: a bliss u find after weighing up pros and cons, when u finally realize there’s no point in trying to change who he is, so u just accept that u r the manifestation of the same energy… but these moments of bliss must always come at the price of countless moments of desperation and fight…
    I feel that were we separate we would probably be happier… oh but only if we havent met… now, we r together, this is the only way it is. This relationship is a karmic one. It is not easy, it takes the patience of a saint (well, two actually) but experiencing this union teaches u a human lesson that no other sign would’ve been able to teach u…

  26. i love taurus men 🙁 *sob* I want one of my own!! but our paths cross at the worst times!!! I fell in love with a taurus guy a few years back but I couldn’t commit YET because I got scared!! He lived so far away and he wanted to PAY for everything: for his trip to Europe and make me his companion. He totally respected and loved me deep down but I kept shrugging it off and made excuses because I’m SO scared!! And I felt he loved me more than I loved him. But I was loyal and still love him. He moved on finally and found someone else, with similar traits to me: A sagittarius girl. He got so angry with me because I avoided his love advances and his need to be with me that he deleted me out of his life. But eventually he came back, but this time, he’s with that other girl. But he says I’m very beautiful still. Then, recently I fell in love with another Taurus man: he’s everything I want, and more! Much more than the first one. But he’s always flirting and flirting with every girl too. He’s SO SMART and so DECISIVE and stubborn: things that turn me on! I love a guy who is stubborn and decisive and above intellgience. It makes me admire them and it’s true about Aquarians: If we don’t think you’re on par with our intellect or at least ABOVE that, forget it!!! With this current taurus guy….I think I shall just love him from afar. 🙁

  27. Oh an one more thing to let you girls know….when a taurus his MIA a lot of the times (if he likes you) he isnt just idle with his time or playing games…actually he is analyzing YOU…he removes himself from the situation to clear his head and critically think about you the pros/cons and if this (YOU) is a situation that he wants to attach himself to…they dont like change..and if you are a new person in their life…guess what?? that means CHANGE…so he is going to move slow…but if he deems you worth it…once he makes that dreaded change (lol) to include you in his life….well you figured it out….i think i see land from this sea of ups and downs…LOL
    LAND HO!

  28. it is very true that when they show up and are with you…it is like heaven…but when he needs his space..he takes it..i have gone 3 weeks without a peep from my future boy-toy and then (Voila) he appears out of almost thin air…first apologizing …then carrying on as if nothing happened…and im like O__0 im then mad for all of two seconds…then falling back in love again…haha…he is very quiet/ shy but smart…I constantly try to communicate with him at least once a week or every two weeks…to keep me on his mind..which in his own words..he has said there is not a day that goes by when he doesnt think of me…he lives 4 hours away…we met July 2010…i want to be his gf so bad…but he is taking his time…it drives me nuts..bcuz i am quite impulsive..but it is good for me..he teaches me patience…anything worth having is worth waiting for IMO…he experienced a bad breakup 2 yrs ago with a woman who used him, mistreated him , cheated, and he gave her everything, so his bad relationship from the past has caused him to step lightly when it comes to me…i know he really likes me..but in so many words..he told me that he hasnt dated for real since that incident with her..and he is afraid to be close again…but he doesnt want to lose me because he know telling me to move on would be a mistake that he would regret (his words)…so understanding the taurus nature…i will be patient..he is everything i could ever wish for in a man..i just wish I could have been with him before that she-devil came along and made it hard for me! Oh well…according to our conversations i believe a relationship is on the horizon…and I am willing to wait for him…and i dont care what anyone has to say about it…lol…so aqua girls..if you are digging a taurus or any guy for that matter…go for it…in relationships we all have to make compromises for it to work…if the person is worth it…stick it out….

  29. Aqua girl….falling in love with a taurus male…he is what I need..keeps me grounded and guessing…very much a challenge…im used to being in control…well i have met my match…and i love it (hate it..lol)…because it makes me feel like a woman…and his touch!! OMG…he grabbed my thigh and i almost went krazy…he has magic fingers…haha…and his kisses are sweeter than nectar…Lawd help me…but he is so mysterious..and keeps me at bay…this guy definetly knows the game well…and i have been played like a fiddle…and panting after him like a loyal doggie! LOL…but i love it

  30. im an aquarius female and my boyfriend is an taurus male, and we fight constantly. we’ve been together for almost 5 years, but we fight all the time, its very difficult to get along

  31. aqua engaged to taurus manAugust 18, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    i agree that listening to your heart is the HONEST way instead of some “ideal” because that’s what Aquarian women’s downfall is about: stupid ideals when they should be ideals left up in the sky. Leave it for the birds. Use it for making movies NOT the physical world. If any aquarian woman wants a grounded man, be prepared to be very happy because he’ll give you freedom as well as helping you shed off those balloon in the sky thoughts. Stubbornness and opinionated men are such a turn on.

  32. Taurus5-16August 8, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    Aqua :

    It’s good at first and you think as an Aquarius woman, that you can put up or make up for the taurus’ constant negativity and rut, then realize later that no you can’t. That this relationship is actually draining u of your positivity and life. It’s horrible. The marriage with a Taurus is a solid one, don’t get me wrong. He is loyal, loving, and steady as can be. But, be ready to be hindered bec u will be. Forget about going out having fun or envisioning anything. He will destroy it for you. It’s kind of sad.

    Taurus men cant be dragged out of a rut kicking and screaming. You have to make him think it is his idea and he will come along more than willingly!

  33. Just_ShiraJuly 30, 2010 at 5:27 am


    If your like me an aquarius you read into all of this sites to understand your taurus man. DONT!!!

    When I first met my ex taurus he was wonderful, a true gentle man and he made me feel safe and like a princess…The truth is that’s what attracts us to Taurus men the way they make us feel… But i was nieve and I read this sites and believed that I was not fit for a Taurus…that Taurus men where dull, the relationship would go no where, and he would become possesive, Which were true but superficial points, and did not compare to the positives qualities.

    I dumped my Taurus, believing a SAG, or a LIBRA were my soul mates.

    I’ve dated every sign, every type more then once and I realized that love goes deeper then your sign.

    It took me losing my Taurus to realize that nothings perfect, and sometimes us Aqua girls though we hate to admit it have to be a little more grounded in our ideals, and learn to just let go of the superficials. If a man like the Taurus is with, hun hold on to him and trust me the relationship will be deep, you’ll feel emotions you never knew how to express, you’ll feel safe (we hate being judged) with him you’ll never be judged if he loves you, you can call him anytime and spill your heart out and hell always be there to listen, and give advice, to comfort and protect you and push you to be your best.

    At least that’s how my Taurus ex sorry exs were.

    No sign is the best, no relationship is perfect this site was great at explaining the positive in an aqua and bull’s relationship. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, dont be persuaded by these sites. Taurus men are amazing.

  34. Taurus MaleJuly 18, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    I have been very attracted to a Aquarian girl. Everything was all made of solid gold in the beginning and I as a Taurus stared planning my life with her, dreaming about marriage and a home with her. The dream crashed when slowly by slowly I started knowing her more and more. the thing that irritated me about her was that she did not “feel” others. She had a “Venus in Aquarius” which is very incompatible with my Venus in Taurus. but we do have still a lot of affection, but surely no romantic feelings for each other.

  35. lovemytaurusJuly 18, 2010 at 7:20 am

    I was wondering, how does Chinese astrology fits into all of this? Is it a completely different thing? In my case, it says that the monkey (which is me) is an ok match for the ox (my taurus boyfriend), but I should watch out because we are the complete opposite in everything! However, my personality doesn’t entirely fit the monkey’s personality overall.. So already that tells me not to 100% believe everything I read about this. I do enjoy reading about this type of stuff though, whether I believe it or don’t. There always this feeling with me of asking “What if?” all the time though. I guess that’s just the aquarius in me.. Always wanting to learn more about the stars. Ha, so that’s what got me interested..

  36. lovemytaurusJuly 16, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    I’ve been dating my taurus for a few months now and I absolutely adore him! We first started out as partners wanting to achieve a certain goal together in a competitive sport of ours. So we automatically had that feeling of mutual respect and appreciation for each other when we first met. So far, our relationship is exactly as you say!! It’s amazing! I just don’t see how we could or would ever split up. Our personalities complement each other so well. He’s very sweet and down-to-earth and that’s what I love about him. I am also very modest, traditional, reserved (very much like he is), and also very family oriented (which is what I think he appreciates about me most of all). We have practically the same exact work ethic and believe that the only way to get things done is through hard work and determination along with a positive and optimistic outlook. And that’s exactly what we admire and appreciate about each other! We’re simply the best of friends and nothing can make us break apart! A Taurus is the only guy for me. I love him!

  37. I’m an aquarius lady and I have been interested in a particular taurus man for a while now. He was or is also interested in me but neither of us have gone to make the first move. He said he just wasn’t sure if I’m interested in him.. He’s now in a relationship with a pisces female who I think smothers him. Do I make a move or wait for them to break-up? Hmm..

  38. It’s good at first and you think as an Aquarius woman, that you can put up or make up for the taurus’ constant negativity and rut, then realize later that no you can’t. That this relationship is actually draining u of your positivity and life. It’s horrible. The marriage with a Taurus is a solid one, don’t get me wrong. He is loyal, loving, and steady as can be. But, be ready to be hindered bec u will be. Forget about going out having fun or envisioning anything. He will destroy it for you. It’s kind of sad.

  39. Proud to be StubbornJune 17, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    I’m a Taurean and for some strange reason I think I’m a Aquarian most of the time. Is that because they have the same bad traits or something? or What type of Taurus would I be?

  40. My ex is a taurus and i must say it was the most annoying needy man i have ever been with. I pretty much did whatever i wanted in that relationship, either i took him as a fool or he pretended to be a fool. I did all the planning and the thinking in the relationship. The only thing that kept me around was that he was very kind and honest.

  41. In DistressJune 12, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    I am an aquarius female Jan. 29 dating a taurus male may 17…and we r young im 23 he’s 22…we have a lot in common as far as our backgrounds & job, but omg i wanna strangle him every 2 weeks. I feel he is secretive and guarded or im too nosy and just don’t trust men. I feel he is one minded, n naive. Never owns up to anything. I swear he is scared of me sometimes. And when I call him selfish he says that is how he is with his mom…after this i would date a mature more honest taurus male…i can honestly say i stay for the sex

    • @In Distress
      It isn’t a good match, as you are finding out but at least the sex is good.

  42. I’m an aqua-woman and my man is a taurus. Though we are attracted to each other very much, it is indeed difficult relationship, yeah we r too different – but there is one very common thing- STUBBORNNESS!!
    sometimes i think aquarians r even more stubborn than taurus! LOL

  43. I am a Aquarius woman in love with a taurus man. We are totally meant for eachother; may be because we were friends first than lover. Plus he’s handsome and I’m cute(wink wink) I think u have to both want the same thing out of a relationship no matter who or what a person’s sign is. Dnt let this astrology “crap” get in the way of seeking out a relationship…look at what that person wants and how he\she makes u feel! I LOVE YOU ALEX!!!!-we plan to get married…trust me it works we been together for some time now plus we live together. Things couldn’t get any better between us!!

  44. Aquarian Girl with Taurus Man :
    Ahhhh..I am an Aquarian girl with a Taurus man. It is a very difficult relationship..most times i think about running away. I don’ know, to each his own. But I probably would not date another Taurus man. We are opposite. I am an optimist, he is a pessimists. I live for the moment, he has to plan it ahhhhhhh….

    Type your comment here
    OMG………….. I totally agree. I too am in a relationship with a taurus man nearly four years and some times feel like running away from it.It hasbeen finished on 2 other occassions in the past( I always end it) and always seem to find nyself coming back for more punishment! Why???? Love perhaps?
    On the other hand our sexual relationship was fantastic for the first year but now I try to put it off as much as I can.
    Past relationships I was always drawn to Libra men and got on quiet well with them.
    If it was to finish today……….. I can hold my hand up and say” that I would never date a Tauren Man EVER AGAIN!
    Our Airy fairy ways of thinking often has him puzzled and for that reason I dont think we can conect for that matter.
    YOu are not alone girls!

  45. Well, I have met my true love… and she’s an aquarius to my Taurus. She is a realist/cautionist, to my optimist…
    Communication is amazing, we are both able to live in the moment…
    Just goes to show that the stars go way deeper than just the 12 signs..
    Tokyo, if you love her, bloody well go for it and don’t listen to a bunch of strangers!

  46. aquarian beautyMay 26, 2010 at 4:01 am

    I’m an aquarius girl and I have an invisible sign that says : All Taurus men line here !! I’ve had been with 3 guys born April 24 .. one on the 25th and just in general have an abundance of Taurus male and females around me. My daughter’s moon sign is even in Taurus. The main difference in those guys were the moon placements and other planetary placements. I swore off Taurus men the last time but once again I have met another and they just keep getting better and better each time. LOL. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I have the best experiences with them and for the most part it ends well and I always learn something from it. I would say the main lesson I’ve learned from Taurus men is PATIENCE with my impulsive a$$!

  47. natural beautyMay 23, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    i agree 100% with #4 comment Iam going threw the same thing..when this is ova i will neva go back to a Taurus!

  48. Aquarian Girl with Taurus ManMay 14, 2010 at 2:24 am

    Ahhhh..I am an Aquarian girl with a Taurus man. It is a very difficult relationship..most times i think about running away. I don’ know, to each his own. But I probably would not date another Taurus man. We are opposite. I am an optimist, he is a pessimists. I live for the moment, he has to plan it ahhhhhhh….

  49. I hear that taurus man and aquairus woman is not competible, is that true??

    people say that taurus man good match for virgo and capricorn. but, Now I am falling in love with aquarius woman 🙁

  50. I was just wondering why the Taurus man & Aquarius woman relationship works so much better than the Taurus woman & Aquarius man relationship? Does gender really make that much of a difference when it comes to our signs? Thanks.

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