Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Cancer Couples: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston, Anthony Quinn and Katherine DeMille, Jack Klugman and Brett Somers, George Michael and Linda Ronstadt.

When these two team up, it’s all about home, family, warm hearts and full tummies.  Life tends to center around the kitchen and family room.  The ‘audience” is a small enthusiastic crowd of one or two, creating a secure circle of life and love.  Both partners are rabid about security.  They eat, drink, sleep and breath it.  As long as they both contribute equally to this ideal haven or port in a storm, things go well.  Problems start if one partner is irresponsible or seems not to be contributing to the secure package (called “Our Future”) by taking foolish risks or, really, any risks at all or even shows a pulsebeat now and then.  They tend to get things set up and want to keep them that way, thank you very much.  Pretty soon their house begins to look like a garage sale.  That’s ok.  They love the feeling of old, familiar things.

Attract a Taurus Man as a Cancer Woman:  Ask him how he feels (meaning are his physical needs being met).  Fuss over him – is he eating right?  Does he need help with some errands?  How’s work going?   Keep the conversation very personal. No need to invite the Obamas into the small talk you’ll both enjoy so much.  Brush imaginary lint off his shoulder.  Straighten his tie.  Mirror his body image during conversation.  Become more aware of your own body language so you are communicating in the language he understands best.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Taurus Man:  Let slip that you pay your bills on time and are supporting a vulnerable elderly relative (or would love to).  Ask her about her mother.  Your mantra must become “Family is Everything to Me” – of course you don’t mean what she means by that but all’s fair in love and Guerre.  Be a conscious tipper.  Study the bills carefully before handing over your credit card.  Act like you take money very seriously.

Degree of Romance:  The urge to submerge and be protected is too urgent to allow for much romance.   There’s just enough to be decent to each other on Valentine’s Day.

Degree of Passion:  Passion is a little disturbing to these two because it is not premeditated and therefore untrustworthy.  Who needs passion as a motivator when the fanatic desire for security underlies every word and deed?

Degree of Friendship:  They can be fast friends because they each tend to focus on one other person.  It would not occur to one of them to divvy out a microeconomic KIVA loan until they both had enough “stuff” for themselves and that day will never come for these two.

Degree of Marriage:  Perfect for  marriage and gathering of the clans every Sunday afternoon for a BBQ.  Don’t even dream about inviting strangers and stay off that chair.  That’s where Uncle Harvey always sits.

Progression of Relationship:  Predictable.  A huge big deal is made about meeting each other’s families.

Sex:   They rely on the feelings of touch associated with sex to bond them nonverbally.  They have a strong infantlike visceral connection based on taste and smell.  Their lovemaking includes special textures, noises and pet nicknames.

When It’s Over:  Endless tears of self pity with little growth accompanying.  Neurotic fears about splitting up possessions.  He may continue to live in a room downstairs or in the basement long after they gave begun the separation process.

Our Rating: 8/10

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47 Responses to Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

  • Jenn says:

    fred astaire and rogers were only couples on the screen X)

  • nancy says:

    Yes, of course, but they worked together intensely all those years.

  • emily says:

    i’m involved in this combination – for some reason, it sounds like it’s better off for the two of us to be with other people since it sounds so blah…like i’m doing him a favor letting him off because i don’t provide enough excitement or stimulation, and vice versa.

    however, i also read the ‘Taurus woman – Cancer man’ combo, that sounds a lot more appealing. Even though the signs are the same, does it matter which sex belongs to what sign?

  • Delight23 says:

    been here and agree with Emily. very, very blah. you can keep the Taurus man. lazy lay

  • nancy says:

    YEs, it matters which sex belongs to which sign, very much so.

  • nancy says:

    @Delight 23

  • nancy says:

    I do a fully personalized astrological analysis of both parties for $250. Email me at nancy@bemyguide.net

  • anna says:

    I am a Cancer woman & I am totally in love with my Taurus. This lifestyle sounds perfect to me. It may sound boring to some people, but it’s everything I want. He is the only man I would ever consider marrying. (:


    Same here anna… All the above may be true but i’m sticking with mine.

  • Taurus Man says:

    What does 8/1 mean, or is it suppose to be 8/10.

  • Renee says:

    well to be honest im in this combination and its not entirely like that… there is passion and excitement we just find it in different ways to other people. im very happy and secure and i think thats whats important :)

  • CW says:

    My last relationship was with a Taurus. That was 3 years ago, and I’m still not over it. We don’t talk anymore. I’m over him, but not over what could have been, if that makes sense. Taurus male/Cancer female can be an amazing match. There is definitely a lot of compatibility- sexually, emotionally, mentally. Mine just didn’t work out =(

  • Dunia Silva says:

    I married a Taurean man. This pretty much sums up our life together. The reality of it is, family and home are everything to us. We just had our first baby girl and we are totally in love with her and even more with each other. Taurus makes an amazing father and a very attentive and affectionate husband, although his patience level sometimes is compromised by his short fuse and headstrong personality. I know i am to blame for most of these eh short fuses lol, but all i have to do is give him a kiss on the nosse and all is forgotten. Very much on cue with this description. Loved it!!!

  • Nancy Fenn says:

    *CW I’m surprised it didn’t work out and I bet it’s hard to get over. What went wrong?

  • Rinna says:

    I had fell in love with a Taurean cusp Aries man, born 20th April. Im a cancer women, I must say he might be thinking my outlook personality seems to be easy-going but inside me, kinda emotional plus my ups & downs mood swings which drives him crazy! But He’s very quiet- they called it silent-killer, and we hardly communicating in the phone , only sms and when we met, All we talked about work and finance. He is not ready not commitment or relationships but we do have this so called “sex buddy” going on between us for the past 2 months. And till now i have not express my feelings for him. But i could feel he’s doesnt want this.

  • Nina says:

    So true. My taurus man and I (cancer woman) have been married 24 yrs and dont regret any day of it. Theres always a lot of security and friendship in this relationship.

  • Julia says:

    I love the Taurus male/cancer woman combo! I dated a Taurus for a while, then I ended up breaking up with him. He was the best, most satisfying and lovely boyfriend. Four months later after the breakup, we hang out and I feel that love never left us. I hope he feels the same way. I found the courage to ask him out on a date (when us cancers know what we want, we go for it!) We are going out on a date soon, I hope I can get him back :)

  • Misty says:

    My best friend is a male taurus and I am a cancer woman. We have been friends for nearly 7 years now (since I was 14), however it has been a distant friendship for five of those years because my mother moved our family out of state. He traveled up to iowa from south texas to take me to my prom. Only recently have we revealed our feelings for eachother. We are taking things slowly because he is in the military. I don’t foresee that things would be mundane for us. I dated a taurus before and it was anything but boring. I am nothing, if not thorough. I have checked other sources and this one says nothing along the lines of the other sites. I don’t believe it.

  • triedntrue says:

    you are so right!!!

  • DaniTheGirl says:

    I have the biggest crush ever on a Taurus man!!!! We have so much fun every time we hang out but I don’t know how to tell him I want to date him. Yes… I know… Hiding inside my Cancer shell seems easier than getting rejected. Help! Lol. I wanted a Leo forever but they are oh so dramatic :S Just felt like adding that in there. :) Oh, and I love love love this site. It is amazing :) Sorry I am being a spaz right now!

  • Confused Taurus says:

    first of all i just want to say that i think its all true and i love this site
    but i had a question … i dont know which is better for me (taurus man) a virgo, a cancer or a capricorn ???? thx

  • Alice says:

    Taurus man is a great organizer and has a sense of spontaneous fun. Will lewt you participate equaLLY IN everything. Doesnot think so much of the future though.

  • Eva the Taurus girl says:

    @ confused taurus,

    these comments are according to my taurus male friends:

    1) “Virgo girls are brilliant, very active and sexual but they have little bit of loyality issues (eg Billy Joel’s wife). They do not accept your weakness and they will force you to change it. If you’re not improving yourself, they will soon seek for a better potential person.”

    2) “Cancer girls are amazing but little moody (you have to be their counsellor and cheer them up all the time). They have many secretes between people, because they love the politics. Their social connections are very private. They like to run a big projects, like to face the challenges and fully motivated when they work.”

    3) “Capricon girls are very organised, but very stubborn.. (they’ll not listen to you sometimes). Good at planning and organising but very passive, unimaginative and always comparing me with other men. i had to do all the research when we date and she expects too much. They like to keep many other men on the list apart from you (unless you are marrying to her).”

    Based on all these comments, i think there’s no perfect match. it would be nice to try and find out by yourself. Never be afraid to love XD

  • Eva the Taurus girl says:

    by the way it is George Lucas(May 14th) and Linda Ronstadt, not George Micheal (June 25th)

  • Taurus girl says:

    @eva the taurus girl taurus girls rule!!!

  • joen says:

    Eva the Taurus girl :

    LOVE IT!!!!!!! i wud really like to ask this but thanks you already did.! it really help!!

    @ confused taurus,
    these comments are according to my taurus male friends:
    1) “Virgo girls are brilliant, very active and sexual but they have little bit of loyality issues (eg Billy Joel’s wife). They do not accept your weakness and they will force you to change it. If you’re not improving yourself, they will soon seek for a better potential person.”
    2) “Cancer girls are amazing but little moody (you have to be their counsellor and cheer them up all the time). They have many secretes between people, because they love the politics. Their social connections are very private. They like to run a big projects, like to face the challenges and fully motivated when they work.”
    3) “Capricon girls are very organised, but very stubborn.. (they’ll not listen to you sometimes). Good at planning and organising but very passive, unimaginative and always comparing me with other men. i had to do all the research when we date and she expects too much. They like to keep many other men on the list apart from you (unless you are marrying to her).”
    Based on all these comments, i think there’s no perfect match. it would be nice to try and find out by yourself. Never be afraid to love XD

    Type your comment here

  • smaria the cancer girl says:

    I have been with a taurus man for 7 plus years and then he decided that he needed to break up with me a month ago due to my lacking of caring of his work life. We were very much in love and we still are in love but he said, things cannot go on while he’s been feeling unsupported from his partner for quite some time now. I guess right now, we’re just distance ourselves to focus on us and to better ourselves. I misses him so much that i felt like life couldn’t go no further without him but it is what it is when a taurus man breaks up with you…his decision has been made. :(

  • smaria the cancer girl says:

    Btw, all of you cancer women out there that’s checking out taurus men, you guys should go for it, but just learn how to ask them how they’re doing with work/school and always be stable and be on their level as to conversation wise and never sulk if you see yourself seeking for a very long term into making marriage relationship. Once ya capture their heart fully, ya will not regret on what they will have in store for you:) ya won’t regret it!

  • kasy says:

    i have to say,cancer men are BIG BABIES. i did an acting lesson with one, and everything he does is for him to get female attention, his moroccan and MUSLIM, and seems to think this make him special. CANCERSlove to PLAY MIND GAMES. one time i was speaking to him ( I called him-stupid thing to do), and he said Taurus women are controlling , because his MUM is Taurus. I often get the point, that he wants me physically, but is not sure emotionally about me. I know this for a factin one of our acting lessons, he was stanind b ehind me and he had a HARD ON!, i was shocked by this and he quickly dashed to the toilt, I guess to releave himself, and I tried to stay away from him, but he kept sitting nexdt to me. His about 30yrs old now, and I think being the person Iam, im passionate, loving and caring and some what quite at times. I and he knows we could be goodor even great for each other sexually/emotionally. I just believe he would be a waste of good time and my love, because he can not emotionally connect with me , without it being sexual on his part. There are several times, he’ll catche me on my own and start saying , “we have a connection “, like his expectig me to get on my knees and bow down to his every command. I know being tauurs that I deserve ever lasting love , that is true and genuine. I know that he can not give that to me. so Ysen if your reading this connect to yourself emotionally, and maturally and you might experience true life in your life time. lol

  • lucky7 says:

    The love of my life was a Taurus, through 1.5 years at the end of and after high school, we had such an amazing (nonverbal) connection that we knew what the other was thinking even when we were alone in our own homes. We were best, best friends, too. He was so supportive of me, so patient, I felt so secure with him. We went our separate ways for college and had one amazing night together seven years after parting, I thought for sure we were back together for good, but it was not to be (different places, different stages of life…). I am currently going through a divorce after 15 yrs of marriage to a (very insecure, very defensive, very emotionally stunted) Cancer man and started dating a Taurus man a few months ago and it is amazing. I feel like I am back with the love of my life. While my marriage was a daily struggle from the beginning, my new relationship feels so easy and secure, we don’t even have to talk, we just love being in each other’s presence. I am reading many good things about Taurus man-Cancer woman and have high hopes for us! It just FEELS right (in that intuitive Cancer woman way)!

  • Amie (cancer) says:

    At my 30th high school reunion I ran into my high school boyfriend. After our first hug hello I felt like I had gone back 30 years (yes, I was in love with him then) and those feelings were still there. He spent most of evening 2 inches from me. The first week or so after the reunion we met for coffee, went out for dirnks, talked until 4 in the morning, it almost felt too intense. He said it felt right. Then it stopped. I asked several times to see him and he said he was busy. I have backed off but I fell in love with him again. I have never fallen so hard so fast. Did he freak out? or was I delusional that he was into me and is not? Not knowing taurus men, should I push this or just move on?

  • lunar lady says:

    the combination of earth and water is domestic bliss. The taurus man and cancer woman compliment each other wonderfully. Their strengths make for a harmonious union and even their weaknesses can cancel each other out. A possessive man caring for the insecure woman! Love it.

  • Dazedandconfused says:

    I am a cancer woman 32yo who is trying to end a 2 year relationship with a taurus man 33yo. Wow, this has been the most difficult and painful relationship of my life. He gives nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing of himself to me but somehow manipulates me enough to keep my around and addicted to his strange type of attention. He says one thing, then does another. He lies, hides things from me and I always know. When confronted (I don’t yell or get angry, i ask him simply ) he tells the truth but is very defensive but in a way that is utterly cute to me. Like a little boy caught stealing frosting from the uncut wedding cake. He is just too fine in every way. That is why he can get away with doing the bare minimum and I just stay. I am very clear about my needs and desires and wants and hopes and dreams for the future. Somehow, he is afraid to live life. He mentioned this. He is successful, beautiful, wealthy, can travel at anytime, has a nice family, fancy condo, plays several instruments extremely well, friends, me (smart, gorgeous, artist and fun lady), but nothing is good enough for him. He is still miserable and when we were together he sucked every once of fun out of anything we were doing. He was controlling and bossy in a passive way and was the most stubborn person I have ever met. I have finally left him but he is trying to bait me back in. I am fighting it but it’s hard…because the positive things were uniquely beautiful and special. I really felt what it is to be human and consist of atoms and molecules when he was in my life. He was a perfect example of earth and what it is to be alive. So fragile and strong at the same time, so painfully beautiful as a fellow human being. To walk away from that feels like madness but the social neglect is too much for this cancer. I need to know that I am loved and be romanced and shown respect in a very straight forward way. I appreciate space and am very independent but this taurus gave new meaning to the words space and independence. He could go for months without speaking to me ( he would email but didn’t want to skype or talk on cell phone) (we don’t always live in the same country) He travels a lot and we would meet up every 2 to three months. I am now seeing a libra and he never ignores me. I truly appreciate that and he is also very beautiful in how he treats women and people in general. But my ex the taurus, still writes, depressing things but still…he is trying to be included and somedays I cry for the loss of our dreams. I really loved him unconditionally and he couldn’t accept that. He had to drive me away with his constant selfishness and stubborn ways. I hope I find some peace. I believe that this combination has the potential to be a perfect match but every relationship will be different. I think that a Taurus man who knows that he wants you forever will come barreling through the gate busting up anything in his way to get to you. He will treat you like a queen from the beginning and will be devoted and loyal. If your Taurus is not like this, why waste time and be hurt over and over again waiting for him to make up his mind?? The memories of that pain will never go away Cancer lady and this man may never change and all of a sudden be a bull in shining armor;) I think that if he is not like that from the beginning, forget about it. Find another Taurus who is not damaged… There is nothing worse than a damaged Taurus, really. Good luck all those lovers out there! mwah!

  • Jessibellle says:

    I am a 33 year old cancer woman, 2 and a half years into my second long relationship with a taurus man. These 2 men are as different as they are alike. I really feel like their different chinese horoscope signs are the difference. They fit them to a tee. Any way I was with my ex-husband, the cat(hare) tuarus from 15 to around 27 ish. He really lived up to the cat and taurus in him. Very hard to live with. Could be very cold emotionally, short tempered, perfectionist, and always right a far as he’s concerned. The man I’m with now is the same age as I am. He is a horse and so different than my ex. I love him but he stress me out nectar he is secretive and when I know he if lying he won’t ever admit our apologize. He is very controlling tho. Just like the ex. My ex never lied and never cheated. Very loyal. This one leaves me guessing about that and about alot of other things. But unlike with my ex, this tuarus and I have the best sexual chemistry you can imagine. Hard to let go of. But they both lack romance. Matter of fact this one has never really told me that he loves me in almost 3 years of being together.

  • lucky7 says:

    I posted on 11/12/11 about dating a Taurus man; well, I had to break it off after 4.5 months, he had become very aloof and distant. While he was attentive and romantic at first and made me feel absolutely wonderful, in addition to the sex being really great, he was under a lot of stress at work and also finalizing his really nasty divorce and could rarely get together, wasn’t contacting me as much as before and, when we did get together, was silent and withdrawn. We spoke about it, he insisted it wasn’t that he wasn’t into me, that he was happy and wanted to be with me, but I kept challenging him on his change in behavior until I was feeling too sad about it to tolerate it anymore. As one writer above posts, I need attention and tenderness, I need to know that my partner is thinking about me, it’s not enough to just say that you are. But I am having such a hard time getting over him! I think about him constantly, miss him terribly. I have started seeing a Cancer who is just reminding me of what this other guy was that he is not–calm, quiet, passionate, a hard worker and breadwinner, all these great Taurus attributes. And there was a deep connection there in a short time, we both felt it. It hurt to have to split from him, but I was not being fulfilled in some impt ways. At the end of the day, he was too aloof and distant for me. But now I’m feeling smothered already by this new needy Cancer guy! I will definitely seek out a Taurus again, I had an amazing connection with the two I have dated, but he needs to have his act together and be at the right place in his life to give me what I need.

  • Carmen says:

    loved all the comments. im confused n dnt knw who 2 b with lol. i dated a sag man 4 2years then broke up with him coz he was so dependent on his mother n me. then started dating a taurus man who i had so much in common with but at the end we were both 2 stubborn n i felt he couldn’t love me the way i want 2 b loved n im not ready 4 what he has 2 offer coz im still healing 4rm a broken heart. but i know that if we do end up together it will be the best combo ever lol

  • anne says:

    Ahh! the tale of a Cancer lady and her Taurus male. Is true taurus males have their own timetable and funny enough we get sucked into “The time is not right” Question is: When is life ever right to live it?

  • Marie says:

    I love my taurus guy of 5+ years even though he can sometime be a pain in my ass..

  • Khanpasha says:

    From what I’ve read and experienced, I have to say as a Cancer Woman, seeing a Taurus Man, I see a lot of compatibility. He approached me, expressing his attraction and fascination for me. I’ve always found him attractive, but never thought to pursue a relationship with him. Anyway, we started dating, and right away he wanted a relationship. For me, I need to take my time and to be sure this is what I want. We have had two arguments, because of our different views on relationships. However, I won’t deny that there is a strong sexual and emotional connection between us. I was amazed to find this Taurus Man, so sensitive and passionate. I’m a complex Cancer woman, who needs freedom and stimulation, more mental than anything. He’s strong mentally and passionate. And, I also find him secretly controlling. In other words, he tries to tame his urge to control me, which of course I can’t tolerate under any circumstances. So, as I get to know more about him, I would say from what I’ve read about the characteristics of Taurus men seems to be true. As for Cancer and Taurus compatibility, only time will tell.

  • CrabQueen says:

    Re: Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

    Why is the Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility page so wonky looking? Out of all the combinations we have the worst looking page. What is going on here? Why does it start with comments and then you have this barely readable dribble off to the left side. Does the author not like this coupling or what? Please fix it to look like the others. I don’t understand it.

    Curious CrabQueen

  • Clear4ever says:

    I totally agree with Curious CrabQueen! Can you please fix the page? Thanks in advance and rain of blessings!

  • Curious CrabQueen says:

    Thank you for fixing this page. But why the low score?

  • Shawn says:


  • Curious crab says:

    I’ve like a Sagittarius guy for quite a while now. We’ve talked a couple of times and he turns out to be very shy around people, I’m always the one making “the first move” (start a convo, etc ). Also, after a couple time of talking over fb, he’d finally talked to me in person (usually he’s really shy). So far, he doesn’t seems mean or cold-heart like Sags suppose to be. But, after reading all of the comments and stories abut the compatibility of Cancer-Sagittarius, I feels kind of sad and kind of discouraged. So, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on whether to keep trying for him or should I just move on?
    Thank you so much!

  • Curious crab says:

    *Also, we have a quite fields of common interests

  • mary says:

    I think you should move on.

  • Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr…
    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

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