1. Accrued Damage

    Deeeeep Breath…..because am not sure where to begin or what to write, for the first time I am on a one way street and can only go in one direction, which means I also cant go back!!

    I sat by myself today and for no reason I broke down in tears, like literally breaking down, I dont know…… its just that moment when something happens and then you remember how your life was before meeting a certain someone and just the pain they had you endured during the entire 2 years, all the trials, all the confusion, all the disruption, all the chaos, all the things that because of them; created such a standstill and because of that everything is just one fucking big mess and cant seem to ever be fixed and still I honestly dont know how to look past any of it, and because of that one thing I had to rearrange absolutely everything at a time when I was just done doing a major revamp….I swear I have tried but every time I find myself in a precarious situation, I know had I not got entangled with a false alarm, my life would have been much better. Its like everything since that moment has been a nightmare in my Professional life which as a result have reflected in my personal life too…..I swear to God sometimes I feel like I am about to lose my mind, especially when I rememeber the chain of events. God I dont know why, I dont know why I had to endure so much for the sake of what, I just cant understand what did I do to have been treated like that, I mean I had fo put my life on hold which has created a major set back for me in so many ways, but you know what I am not going to give up, I am going to keep fighting until I am back to where I know I should be. I just hope no one else will every have to experience this turmoil.

    I just want to be left alone to fix my mind, my life and my work situation to the way it was before July 2015. I know I will get it back on track again….right now its hard compared to what I was producing prior, but I will get there… I am not a fucking quitter and I’ll be dammed before I give up!! My ranking might have dropped because of all the changes and reindexing, it will cost me a bit to do some seo and thing, but fuck it, it will get better.

  2. ROSIE

    Just thinking who was/is better for me, someone who engendered emotions in me or who is making me back practical again?????

  3. mystery cappy

    Have had a off again on again relationship with mr.taurus.i left him alone for being sneaky and deceptive and that hurt me to the point of goodbye so i left him but he always comes back except for if i get in a relationship i cut him off n be tru to my relationship.recently we hooked up made great love it was magical then out the blue he vanish no call no reply just total shut down but why???advice wanted pls help

  4. Sipelele

    I am a Taurus man with a Capricon women and this article has described us to the ”T” of which is really astonishing.

  5. kate

    Yes, this article describes my lovely reliable taurus man and indeed our whole relationship. he is the most romantic sentimental kind and thoughtful soul. We just mesh. he is quiet and that has bothered me at times as I am more social but he is amazing in the bedroom. More importantly he is trustworthy and relaible and stable. We lean on each other and I can see this lasting a long time because we are both genuine.

  6. kanika

    i m a capricorn and i like a tauras boy but don’t know whether he likes me or not .. I ll never say him as i don’t have courage and second i feel that this may land me in some trouble,plz tell me what sholud i do ,we rearly have any chance to meet but we are connected on social site… Tell me what should i do … Either stop thinking abt him or ….

  7. jenny

    I’m 20 cap lady , we r not emotional girls and rare fall in love and even if we, that’s so practical! We even marry for family or compromise ! According to us love is not a cup of our tea ! We r ambition independent ladies who dont believe in depending on anyone or being ruled by anyone ! But unfortunately we r wrong to think that we r not emotional just the point is we cap women needs perfect man according to them, who opens their side of emotionality a true soul mate who’s no one else then TAURUS ! Yeah also for all Taurus men, if u r interested in cap woman and they r single then be sure they r urs ! Yeah TAURUS r magician , always stay young from heart that’s why we caps fall in love usually with even elder Taurus’s than us ! Yes me too sae typical Capricorn lady going to share my heart touching experience with Taurus ā¤ he’s my teacher a doctor and I’m student of him met him in starting era of my uni life its being 1 year in stuck to that first and frequently all the meeting had with him ! He always looked at me within a huge class of students like I’m alone studying alone , stares at me even when i caught him staring at me he kept glaring but shy me couldn’t ever have guts to kept him stare ! GOD knows what gets happends to me when i get a chance to talk him, i couldn’t speaks anything but kept quite more often never even had guts to look at him but my heart stops its own when he foots on into class ! He dont come daily but my poor eyes always finds him daily since year till yet ! One day i caught him and went to talk him, that was almost 5 min meeting with him and neither a single sec he moved his eyes but watched all the way into my eyes like he’s going towards the soul through my eyes ! GOD in starting meetings he was so concerned about me and whenever we experienced talking each other he always makes me satisfied regarding everything we used to talk (but only educational or clinical point of view) these things made me spellbounded to him but i wont say I’m in love either way because it would be his disrespect because I’m not sure either it was his concern as I’m his student or he like my personality but he takes me only like his student moreover he gave me and my friend his number too but just being a doctor and maybe just maybe for visiting purpose ! I’m cap so I’m pessimistic unless People dont speak directly i take things normal i dont know what’s type of liking he has with me but his attention and concerned made my feel special for him alot, more over he’s married so i dont want these sort of fantasies occupying my heart ! It was just an experience in been through so i shared but yeah if u people have any suggestions regarding my story u can help me out knowing what actually he must be feeling! But truly speaking TAURUS and Capricorns are real soul mates and they just automatically get attached !! Jenny from Merchandise !!

  8. Jenna

    It’s actually kind of sad o say bu this basically explained me and my ex’s relationship. He was a taurus man, such an asshole. Right after we broke the first time, he hooked up with another girl, she had his baby a few monhs ago. But it’s okay, his karma is going to be the bitch he ends up with.

  9. Goddess of the hunt

    I fully agree with you ms Ken.I am a capricorn woman, and my sex drive( especially when it comes to my Taurus lover) is always in full gear when I’m with him. I don’t know with him its different to my passed relationships. I just want to pounce on him,when I’m around him and when I’m not I dream of doing it like a lioness on the hunt. We have fun together .I do admit he can be an asshole @ times but nothing I can’t handle. I can be a bit sarcastic especially to guys I definitely know that even if hell freezes over will never have a chance. He goes from 0-60 in seconds and then calms right down like nothing haPpened but When/ if we argue we don’t stay mad 4 long.There’s just something there .but he makes me feel safe 4 sum reason and allows me to let my guard down a little. Which took me forever to do. He teLls me I have a hard time trusting and he needs me to completely trust him because he won’t hurt me.Right now we are both not looking for a serious official relationship but I’m waiting to see how this goes,who knows .

  10. Ms. Ken

    I agree with most of this article! Except the part about the lack of sparks in the bedroom. I am a Cappie woman and he is Taurus man. He literally runs from me because everytime I look at him; I want it. We do creative positions, in public, etc…I do not have to worry about a Femme Fatale taking his attention because I am already one. The misconception about Cap women is that we have a cold exterior and cold center….not true, the cold exterior is to scare off weak men. The strong ones that break past it are in for one hellava ride!

  11. dev

    it was awesome, i m taurus boy & i m in love with capricorn girl. we both love each other & spent lots of time with each other. its feels like heaven as being with her.

  12. overly excited in love

    I’m a female capriorn and have been dating a male taurus for about a month now…. everything has been great! The thing that attract me the most about him is how he appreciates me as a safe kind of person. He has so much paience with me ( and at times I can be very blunt) but he handles himself very well! I love the attention I get and desire… and he’s not afraid 2 speak his mind and tell me he misses me or he wants 2b with me long term… he told me on our 1st date that he thinks we would b good 2gether and I honestly feel the same… I honestly believe I feel in love with him the 1st time we meet… pray 4 us cuz I’m in it 4 the long runn!!!!

  13. shona

    My husband who is a taurus is a genuine, kind , and loving person. He’s spontaneous, romantic and very sensual. However he has a tendency to become withdrawn and shy sometimes. Usually when things get tough he looks to me to take control, once their under control he stands back in. Often i find him to run when there is pressure and have to baby him into standing his ground. There are some good and bad things about him but i have to say he is amazing in bed. we go together like peanut butter and jelly, taurus and capricorn.Our marriage is sturdy as ever and I couldn’t imagine being with any one else.

  14. Anissa B.

    Every since 6th grade summer I have met my first boyfriend who is a Taurus. We never done anything together. ( no kissing, no love making, etc.) & I am a senior now almost out in this world, & I cant say i’ve ever met an guy that I can constantly fall in love with over & over again. We broke up only because his mom stressed him out about the distance between us, but other than that we plan on being with we each other after high school. I truly believe he is my soul mate because we always find a way back together. Cappie girls & all girls in general just because one guy messed things up doesn’t mean we have to blame the rest. Some can be really messed up & some aren’t as bad as you think. Just keep your head up there is someone for us. (:

  15. superhoneymoon

    This is literally the most presumptuous, inaccurate thing I have ever read. I was actually disgusted by the way you decided not to talk about the timeless and earthy personas of the two, completely disregarding the purpose of zodiac signs, and put both partners into conventions YOU clearly have been exposed much to in the present day. Obviously it was not taken into account that they both may have bigger dreams than marriage and kids and a dull sex life. Maybe you did not think about the ones who grew up in cities and want to move to New York and be on broadway and who have amazing sex and wait to have kids and get married because theyre so enthralled with each OTHER. Or maybe it isnt that. But my aversion to what you write is the placement into a conventional lifestyle with disregard to the depths of the personalities.

  16. Sarah04folife

    Oh wow, Just met a Taurus, and Im a capricorn, Im excited to see where this is gonna go. One of my closets friends is a Taurus and his wife is a Capricorn and I swear they are the perfect match!

  17. smittenKitten

    I found this site informative as a capricorn female with a taurus guy. I have to say the relationship is amazing and genuine, more so than any other. I absolutely adore him and yes nearly all the things I read about his sign was true as myself. But we’re lucky enough to be very creative in the bedroom. He is extrememly exciting in the that department, but definitely not a romantic. He’s in the military and from the south which puts me in a front row seat for his ability to lead and plan. I love not having the pressure of having to do everything when comes to planning. He just steps right in and figures things out, making things so much easier because by that time I wouldn’ve had a melt down. His uncanny way to put up with my tantrums and cockiness is what attracts me the most. We both are very happy in our careers and he’s the smartest guy know. We both love money, trips, shopping and living to the fullest. Now I know why we get along so much.

  18. Genelle

    It happened a lot like its said here. My taurus man and i are both shy and we had some ‘starting trouble.’ but the engine fired up soon enough and kept going steadily for awhile. there was hardly any drama we were more about staying the course. our common areas helped us understand each other so we got a lot done smoothly nd with very little friction. i tend to think more about the future short and long talk it out with him and make sure that they get done when we want them. this gave us a lot of confidence that we were good for each other and became like a ground foundation. we laugh a lot and the disaggreements are not taken so seriously. we’re a team and there are times i follow him and he does the same too. we dont allow any one to get between us (we were sharing an appt with another couple). always clear the air with the other directly. hes my anchor. i don’t recall anything that was a boulder of contention between us in the last fifteen yrs. its good to have a pact never to go to bed angry! its fun and also means that my man gets lucky early mornings too. oooh! mornings have always been so relaxing for me something that he discovered after a a few months of togetherness lol!

  19. Ivy

    yep i agree taurus man is v v stingy! unbelievable till i got fed up and found myself a generous sag. hopefully this should work out for the long term.

  20. temperance

    hahhaha. My cousin is a cappie and her taurus husband always makes sure they go to reasonably-priced restuarants. no fine dining for her – even for her Birthday! whether it’s a happy occasion or just a get together it’s always the bottom line. yep they’re very sensible all the time.

  21. Shantaram

    its not the Zodiac signs guys, its luck by chance. dan y blame the Taurus men……………………….

  22. FreshPrinceofBelair

    As a taurus man your article sheds light on various personlaties and gives direction to people. Thank you Nancy!

  23. erin

    I have to agree with those of you who said the taurus man is an asshole. I am a Cappie and have dated several Taurus men. Each one had something to hide. One of them (after we had dated for FOUR yrs) got someone pregnant and ended up marrying her. This was a man who presented himself as a VERY respectable business man and upstanding citizen. Even the female Taureans I’ve known are sneaky and have things to hide.

  24. morgan

    Im currently dateing a taurus.and Hes one of the bigger assholes! i ever dated.and its only been a few months n we r at abreakingpoint. It strang all my closes friends r taurus. with me n him this has been a roller coster ride and i want off.

  25. Heather Scott

    I dated a Taurus male and he was the biggest a-hole i ever met! Cheated on me and ended up marrying a gemini! This zodiac stuff is somewhat but not quite right! I am now married to an Aries man …and what’s funny about that, the Taurus and the Cappie ended up marrying their counter-signs!

  26. Amber

    I really enjoyed reading this. It is very detailed (unlike most other compatiblity readings online). I found it very helpful, true, and it brought me a great deal of hope. Thank you! šŸ˜€

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