Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Gemini Couples: Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

This is a catchy compatibility with lots of good possibilities.  To start with, both parties have a personal focus in life.  They are interested in their own happiness and well being and those near them, not in, for example, saving the world. In other words, they play to a small, select audience. They have to like each other’s friends and relatives because they are going to spend a lot of time with them in close quarters. Usually that’s not the case and their lives become sort of one big mosh pit.  Taurus grounds the flighty Gemini butterfly while Gemini keeps him the bull dazzled by her beauty and gossamer qualities of enchantment.  Gemini women a re likely to be the most anima-like, attractive to almost every man.  Learn more … http://tinyurl.com/nancyfennanima. He’s not interested in her for her housekeeping skills but for his personal pleasure and entertainment.  You know how Ann Darrow tap-danced in front of King Kong to win his affection?  There is real sizzle here as the effervescent Gemini is the perfect Taurean fantasy.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Gemini Woman:  Dangle yourself in front of him like a shimmering silver worm on a hook.  Let him hear the sound of your voice.  Text him funny little things all day (don’t expect him to answer).  Don’t let him inarticulateness get to you.  He’s more than happy to let you speak for both so you might as well, too.  Be assured, he adores being with you so you know what’s was on his mind.  Don’t make him spell it out.  Try to keep our hands off his stuff and don’t start rearranging his place as soon as you’ve spent the night.  The bull is unbelievably territorial.  He thinks he really IS h is possessions.  He identifies with them.  Strange, I know.  You could care.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Taurus Man:  Try not to be too obvious at first.  After awhile it will charm her but not at the beginning.  Answer two out of four of her questions – she’s sure to bombard you with them.  Get to know her sisters and be real nice to them…..

Degree of Romance:  Gemini has enough romance for two and she will probably extract the very most extravagant gifts from the notoriously stingy bull.  A quicksilver smile, a small tear at the right time do wonders.  Let him express his romanticism with his checkbook since he lacks the imagination to do otherwise.

Degree of Passion:  The bull is possessive and lusty, not liking to share his things with others.  Gemini shares everything with everybody like the social butterfly she is, so there is bound to be friction and jealousy from time to time.  He goes crazy even when she shares information he feels proprietary about.

Degree of Friendship:  These two are fun friends.   They compliment each other’s skills so nicely.  Gemini gets good ideas and Taurus works hard to make them happen be it         anything from landscaping to downloading some new software.

Degree of Marriage:  They make a great pair, very devoted  to one another.  It’s a relatively low maintenance relationship.  They can focus on a good life and enjoying their time together.

Progression of Relationship:  Gemini runs circles around the bull, who ambles slowly down the beaten path. It’s really hilarious.  Gemini will relive every moment of their courtship telling her sister and her best friend (at least) so she doesn’t get too bored waiting for him to make the next move.  One thing is for sure.  Whatever he does or says, he means it, to the ends of the earth.

Sex:   This is one of those never ending attractions that can keep a couple together when everything else is only second rate (either permanently or temporarily).

When It’s Over:  it’s over when Gemini spends too much of Taurus’ money or too much time with friends.

Our Rating: 8 /10

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359 Responses to Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

  • zess says:

    What’s going on?????

  • zess says:

    Why you guys fighting lol???????

  • zess says:

    And why the hell you sitting…….its 5:30 pm time to come back home and help me with kids…..They are getting needs lol

  • Stephy says:

    Hahahaha dont worry I will be home soon 😉

  • jazz says:

    Babes you giving me a lot of checkmates,,,,,,,,ok again i have to shift my king lol just hold on let me figure out something

  • jazz says:

    Here it goes, Ok, do you agree that life is like an examination, in which we fail or pass,,,,also depends on our preparations……..so did you ever heard of anyone writing a wrong answer, intentionally in exams to get fail 🙁 no naa and we both are wrong answer for each other, agree or not,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, now again i saved my king,,,,,,,,,BUT STILL I HAVE TO CHECKMATE YOU 😀

  • Graeme says:

    22 yrs together 17 yrs married wife loves me but not IN love with me we’re separated & not living together don’t know how to win her back known each other since we were kids

  • Ernest Patterson says:

    I’m a Taurus Man, dating a Gemini Woman. We have been dating for 1 year exactly. 6 months of this relationship, was long distance. We traveled to each others homes, and met families for every chance that we had. Our connection is still unbelievably spiritual and beautiful. The more I read about astrology, we are the Textbook example of Taurus man vs. Gemini Woman.

    She wants to explore a bit (see other people) however keep our relationship strong and understanding as it is. We plan to live together, and maybe get married. This has been difficult for my Taurus like mind, I want stability, I want her to love me, I want to be the only man in her life. This was difficult.

    But it comes down to this: LOVE IS NOT BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION.

    Honesty, Friendship, Patience, Understanding, Respect – These are all part of a relationship no matter what horoscope you are.

    From a Taurus’ point of view: you must let go of your EGO. Because you ego is that thing that tells you what you want, and if you don’t get it, you suffer.

    Put down your gun, don’t be afraid. Trust her, and let her fly around. If you really love a bird, let it fly, and if it comes back, love it forever.

  • I really enjoy the blog.Much thanks again. Great.

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