Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Gemini Couples: Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

This is a catchy compatibility with lots of good possibilities.  To start with, both parties have a personal focus in life.  They are interested in their own happiness and well being and those near them, not in, for example, saving the world. In other words, they play to a small, select audience. They have to like each other’s friends and relatives because they are going to spend a lot of time with them in close quarters. Usually that’s not the case and their lives become sort of one big mosh pit.  Taurus grounds the flighty Gemini butterfly while Gemini keeps him the bull dazzled by her beauty and gossamer qualities of enchantment.  Gemini women a re likely to be the most anima-like, attractive to almost every man.  Learn more … http://tinyurl.com/nancyfennanima. He’s not interested in her for her housekeeping skills but for his personal pleasure and entertainment.  You know how Ann Darrow tap-danced in front of King Kong to win his affection?  There is real sizzle here as the effervescent Gemini is the perfect Taurean fantasy.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Gemini Woman:  Dangle yourself in front of him like a shimmering silver worm on a hook.  Let him hear the sound of your voice.  Text him funny little things all day (don’t expect him to answer).  Don’t let him inarticulateness get to you.  He’s more than happy to let you speak for both so you might as well, too.  Be assured, he adores being with you so you know what’s was on his mind.  Don’t make him spell it out.  Try to keep our hands off his stuff and don’t start rearranging his place as soon as you’ve spent the night.  The bull is unbelievably territorial.  He thinks he really IS h is possessions.  He identifies with them.  Strange, I know.  You could care.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Taurus Man:  Try not to be too obvious at first.  After awhile it will charm her but not at the beginning.  Answer two out of four of her questions – she’s sure to bombard you with them.  Get to know her sisters and be real nice to them…..

Degree of Romance:  Gemini has enough romance for two and she will probably extract the very most extravagant gifts from the notoriously stingy bull.  A quicksilver smile, a small tear at the right time do wonders.  Let him express his romanticism with his checkbook since he lacks the imagination to do otherwise.

Degree of Passion:  The bull is possessive and lusty, not liking to share his things with others.  Gemini shares everything with everybody like the social butterfly she is, so there is bound to be friction and jealousy from time to time.  He goes crazy even when she shares information he feels proprietary about.

Degree of Friendship:  These two are fun friends.   They compliment each other’s skills so nicely.  Gemini gets good ideas and Taurus works hard to make them happen be it         anything from landscaping to downloading some new software.

Degree of Marriage:  They make a great pair, very devoted  to one another.  It’s a relatively low maintenance relationship.  They can focus on a good life and enjoying their time together.

Progression of Relationship:  Gemini runs circles around the bull, who ambles slowly down the beaten path. It’s really hilarious.  Gemini will relive every moment of their courtship telling her sister and her best friend (at least) so she doesn’t get too bored waiting for him to make the next move.  One thing is for sure.  Whatever he does or says, he means it, to the ends of the earth.

Sex:   This is one of those never ending attractions that can keep a couple together when everything else is only second rate (either permanently or temporarily).

When It’s Over:  it’s over when Gemini spends too much of Taurus’ money or too much time with friends.

Our Rating: 8 /10

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66 Responses to Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

  • gemini88 says:

    I’m a typical gemini woman in every sense. I met my Taurus man 6 months ago and it has been a rollercoaster ever since. We cannot seem to go without each other but at the same time are constantly arguing about the stupidest things. (most of which he is accusing me of cheating) I have never been so dedicated to 1 man but he just cannot seem to trust me because i do get alot of attention when i go out or around people we know which i cannot help.

    Bottom line is i love him so deeply and i know he loves me. We have great sex and when things are good they are the best Ever. I feel like I could lie in his arms eternally, he makes me feel loved and protected and so so Happy :)

    Time will tell

  • TaurusJes says:

    Comment for gemini88. I am a taurus man who was previously married to a gemini woman. Ultimately, our relationship did not work out because of our very contrasting views on life. She was always texting on her phone, even when we were having serious conversations, romantic, or otherwise. Come to discover, she was talking romantically with other men. Also, I caught her with another man. Yes, I had reason to believe that she was cheating.on me just as your boyfriend feels. If you want his suspicions to end, choose him over your friends, sacrifice your desires to go out all of the time. Mellow out and tie your feet. All he wants is your attention and affection. I loved my gemini, and despite the fact that I always thought she was cheating on me, I never stopped ber from going out. I always believed what she would tell me, but I was terribly mistaken. It was the most devastating time of my life.

  • geminiwoman says:

    frankly it’s too hard. taurus men have to control everything. they treat like their child instead of their mate. it leaves us bursting for our freedom. everything the love you for they want to criticize and change. it’s too hard. and not in a the hard work is worth the return. no matter how close you get you realize there is no changing the taurus man period. for good or bad. he is who he is and refuses to to be anything else even if it is emotionally breaking you down and stressing you. if you want to date an overbearing parent who thinks they are so much better than you and treats you like an idiot then gemini feel free to date a taurus man

  • GeminiGirrrrl says:

    I hate how other sites say that Gemini Women are always up wanting to do things while Taurus man is laid back and chilled. I’m in love with a Taurus man and I’ll do anything with him. I rather hang out with him then always up, up, up wanting to do things. If he wants to cuddle and relax I’ll do that with him not leave him to go out with friends and crap. Him and I are having a long distance relationship, and I feel like I’m kinda impatient with him and it makes him mad. I wish I wasn’t so impatient with him. He literally ignores my texts or whenever I try to talk to him because he gets so mad at me. When we don’t fight, just having a good conversations together it’s very peaceful. On June 6th, 2012 will be our one year, but we have had a lot of ups and downs with each other and I don’t want him to leave me because I get so impatient with him. I really love him and before we dated we were close friends and him and I were always wondering about each other if he really likes me or what, but those times weren’t the right time to date so I waited until I was ready. He really means a lot and he doesn’t like showing his emotions all the time either and sometimes I need that for reminders.

  • End of Silence says:

    I am a Taurus male married to a gemini woman for about 7 yrs been with her longer i can tell you it’s a rock in a hard place we have to argue about the slightest things we both want to change each other it’s not going to happen she loves to talk and have conversations about anything i like to talk only when i have to talk we get into battle of wits word of advice gemini ladies before you get with a taurus man do your research we are rock solid will not change and the more you try to change us the more the we will digg our heals to the ground unless that person moves our hearts if you are not up to it don’t waste your time move on

  • dawnie says:

    im a gemini girl&this boy im so in love with is a taurus man i tell you all we did was argue&it was over simple things like our friends not liking eachother he fought my best friend smh& we would argue fight&cuss eachother out i mean i use to do all that he would just be calm&be like yeah ok whatever&for some reason his calm ness&chilled ways attracted me&pissed me off at the same time cause i love to argue lol &i know my evilness&outspokenness attracted him but he only showed his feelings when he wanted to we had kinda this love/hate thing going on one minute will be arguing then the next will be cool againa like nothing happen&when we talked i felt like i was just in love with him hes a great listener just never really opened up to me like i wanted him to&i never really knew if he had feelings for me but i could just tell he did i mean out of all the mean things i said&did to him&for him to even just still talk to me or look at me i knew it was something there&yes they taurus men are very jealous because every time he seen me talking to a boy he would give me this look or ask me who is that or you still fuck with him&we didnt even date but i think its quite sexy when men our jealous ijs i love taurus !!!

  • Shibamouli Lahiri says:

    Gary Cooper and Veronica Cooper (Sandra Shaw)

  • Danyeal says:

    I have been seeing a taurus for like three months and we have are ups and downs and I care about him I just hate when they say u could tell them anything and when you do they get mad so its make me not want to tell him anything because I dont want to aruge with him and we breaking up I dont want to change I love his ways everthing about him all I am saying really be ready to date one

  • eric the taurus says:

    taurus man 36 & Gemini woman 26: My girlfriend and I have been together 3 years now and I could not agree more with what is described above,haha. We are 2 opposites and that is what I like the most about out relationship. we argue over simple things that are so obvious to me but on the other side gemini teachs me (taurus) to listen and communicate better. Because we are so different, we learn from each other. I have to say that beeing flexible is the key to make it work and MUST to be willing to try something different and compromise when faced with dilemma. What I like the most about gemini as Taurus (and can only talk about my girlfriend) is she is so sensitive, loving and carying. As a stubborn taurus rigid as a rock, I need someone as soft as an angel to help me realise that other options are available. I also like that Gemini can read me better than I can read myself,haha. As far as sex goes, Taurus (me) am conservative and Gemini (girlfriend) like sex all over the place , different settings like when I was asked to bang her on a rock overlooking the washington state rockies, it can be uncomfortable for a taurus knowing there are people around with 25 meters,haha, and I KNOW- I should not complaint,haha

  • Mariya says:

    I know exactly how you feel. You don’t have a choice but to deal with this agony by going that extra mile to woo that soul-mate of yours and make her yours. If you don’t, then you will definitely move on but never get over. There will be thoughts of her no matter how happy you may be later in life. Zodiac CompatibilityBelieve me, I have done this. Something tells me she feels the same way bout you but is waiting for your assurance. Read my earlier questions, may help with some ideas.

  • lotifa says:

    So I am a Gemini and the guy I have been seeing is a Taurus. He is also 5 yrs younger than me. He finally opened up about his past relationships and what hurt him after us talking for about 2months. I really like him and am starting to have feelings for him. But I am so scared. I can’t tell where he stands. Any tips on how to understand him better? He is very slow and steady where I am jump in head first.which Zodiac DatingI am actually working on bc that hasn’t worked in the past

  • gemini800 says:

    i am a gemini woman dating a taurus man. a recurring theme i notice on these websites is the assumption that in this particular combination, the gem is more likely to be untrustworthy or unfaithful. like other gems i love to communicate but at the same time i hate most people so i only consider myself to have one or two friends, i love to stay at home much like my bull mate. i don’t like strangers and i want to be faithful and committed to my man so i don’t even participate in “harmless flirting”, much less even acknowledge the existence of other men for that matter.everything has been going great with us for the most part, first of all this has been my most long enduring relationship, we both enjoy doing the same things (mostly because i have endless amount of interests and hobbies and just do whatever he wants, as a gemini of course we love variety and experiencing new things), we never run out of things to talk about as we both are very knowledgeable about different things, we spend every free moment together and seemingly never grow bored of each other… and of course our sex life is absolutely wonderful, we both have a sex drive thru the roof, find each other very physically attractive and love trying new things in the bedroom. my only concern is i’ve caught him in quite a few *admittedly* harmless lies, like changing minor details of a story that he forgot he already told me months ago like i won’t catch it… but then there’s quite a few things that make me think he’s talking to other women as well, mostly little things i’ve noticed on the facebook (surprise surprise)…. BUT none of this has been confirmed yet it is just my suspicions although i’m usually right about it because it’s been done to me time and time and time again… so long story short i just wanted to clear up that not all of us gems are unfaithful, flighty harlots and the bull isn’t always as committed and stable as he’s made out to be either… put a bull in a field full of cows and you’ll see what i’m talking about… despite all this though my bull is the only man i’ve ever loved and i’m head over heels so i really hope i’m wrong.

  • I am a Gemini Female and I have been inlove with a Taurus male and sad to say most taurus men only use ladies…Not all of them are the same, I really loved him and I might still but after he used me he left me… Not knowing whether what we had was real and I am starting to doubt that… Most people say because Gemini women are social butterflies we move on quickly but the truth is not all of us are the same… Any advise on what to do though????

  • Kidd says:

    I have been dying to get this off of my chest. This is just from my personal experience so please do not attack if this is working for you.
    Emphasis on MY Experience.
    I find Taurus men to be the most annoying and obnoxious men in all of the signs. It’s funny, the amount of research I’ve been doing and the compatibility for a Taurus man and Gemini woman are way too far fetched. Yes there is a common ground for beauty but I find Taurus is just too shallow and superficial as me being the Gemini actually appreciates and analyzes the art.
    Taurus is all “look at me” despite they’re never ending insecurities.
    I as the Gemini…find that Taurus even though it has been stated they are reliable…they aren’t reliable to me at all. Steadfast…maybe to others but they come all wrong and incorrect towards me it’s such a major turn off…When I hear Taurus (I run) Literally!
    I always find Taurus men more interested in me than I am or ever become in them.
    I find that there isn’t much I can discuss with them, it’s like their fixated on the superficial aspects of life and I’m so over that “if it’s not adding value then don’t discuss it”.
    I find they are way too demanding and controlling even when we’re not even dating…just simply talking and a few days in they’re trying to dictate my life and telling me what to do.
    No it’s doesn’t work like that!
    I have many taurus friends (women) and we see eye to eye completely..but every single Taurus guy has been the same sh*t different pile.
    Coots to those with working Gemini gal and Taurus gents.

    But not this Gemini!

    Thank you

  • Backwardness says:

    Taurus are so ancient, tribal and plain dumb. Taurus men are like cavemen. Sorry, I’ve yet to meet a Taurus guy who isn’t lazy and taking advantage of others.

  • sunset says:

    I met a taurus guy recently, and am very much attracted to him, the problem is that he doesn’t communicate as much as I would like. I really like this guy, and would like to have a relationship with him. Please any advice will help

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