1. Ernest Patterson

    I’m a Taurus Man, dating a Gemini Woman. We have been dating for 1 year exactly. 6 months of this relationship, was long distance. We traveled to each others homes, and met families for every chance that we had. Our connection is still unbelievably spiritual and beautiful. The more I read about astrology, we are the Textbook example of Taurus man vs. Gemini Woman.

    She wants to explore a bit (see other people) however keep our relationship strong and understanding as it is. We plan to live together, and maybe get married. This has been difficult for my Taurus like mind, I want stability, I want her to love me, I want to be the only man in her life. This was difficult.

    But it comes down to this: LOVE IS NOT BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION.

    Honesty, Friendship, Patience, Understanding, Respect – These are all part of a relationship no matter what horoscope you are.

    From a Taurus’ point of view: you must let go of your EGO. Because you ego is that thing that tells you what you want, and if you don’t get it, you suffer.

    Put down your gun, don’t be afraid. Trust her, and let her fly around. If you really love a bird, let it fly, and if it comes back, love it forever.

  2. Jgem

    I’m a Gemini women trying to claim my Taurus man I care deeply for him. This feeling is so strong we are 12 years apart. I’m older but he still prove to be the older and wiser one. Right now I’m confuse and I’m always positive. We are on vacation and we are apart it’s driving me crazy all I want is for him to come home to me. Yes he do not express his feelings and I’m all over my feeling I let him know with texts. I’m so ready to make love to him til it hurts. He’s sensitive loving touchy-feely and he kissed me on cheek like a little kid and even that was romantic. I love sex but I want to love him and want him to feel me deep inside. Sometimes I’m ready to give up because he’s moving so slow but I know I can be patient so here I’m sitting waiting and going crazy. It must be a melt down cause a Gemini wouldnt tolerate this this but I am and loving every minute. I know I won’t have a problem with other men but if he tells me there is someone else I’m gonna have to fight for him that’s what I want. Please I need help my heart is all his should I wait ?????? I know it would be worth it help!!! Help!!!!! Help!!!!!

  3. jackie

    I’m a gemini and he’s a taurus ..and it was love ❤ at first sight. Our chemistry is crazy

  4. Beeluv

    My Taurus man and I are the best match and I am a Gemini! I have read a lot of articles that have more negatives on these pairing but realistically we compliment each other to the fullest. Taurus males are one of the most sweetest and kindest souls out there and they always protect your and stay by your side no matter what hits them. They are very patient and understanding. I could have uncertainties sometime because I’m a hard core Gemini but my Taurus boyfriend keeps my scattered brain grounded. This pairing can be very challenging at first and almost might not work (my boyfriend and I have had some really tough times) but when it does its something that will definitely last for a very very long time guaranteed! so hang on to ur Taurus males Geminis and see how happy you would be, its truly one of a kind. Thanks for being accurate Nancy!

  5. Gandhi

    taurus man is a good person infact he’s very good, with lofty ideals. being with one for 2 yrs i should know something lol. but ther’s a reason why i or any gem woman has friends. taurus man doesnt get going. so theres nothing to do except go your merry way. other than that hes wonderful, friendly, smiling, beautiful v. beautiful actually, creative minded, very intellectual, very deductive, very observant maybe too much 😉 very analytical, his good qualities are inexhaustible. he’s just way too good for me.

  6. Justynn

    As of this point in my life, i am dating a Gemini and I’m really feeling this boy, we laugh, we talk, we joke and we can hold a convo and talk all day.
    Hoping to further our relationship. <3

  7. star

    i like this guy who is a taurus and im a gemini and we do get along really well…we laugh together and we always have a good time. i think this is so true!

  8. TanyaAntoinette

    As a gem woman my experience with my taurus man has been v different and pleasant. My taurus bull alwys does every thing for everyone and puts himself last. so when someething good happens to him like he was employee of the month and he works in alarge national grocery store. I was so happy. he deserves it my cup of joy runs over and i’m happy from here to infinity. me and my bull we’re going on 5 yrs and i think more!

  9. love

    I am a gemini woman and have been with my taurus bull for three years now. I think he’s a responsible, cheap, controlling person. He’s alot of fun but, sometimes he can be a real @$$hole. Very stubborn, territorial, and very jealous. I really don’t think he’s the one for me. He’s so boring, we have very little in common. I love to go places and have a good time. We can’t enjoy ourselves when we go where there is a crowd because he is constantly paranoid that Im messing with someone in the mix. He ahas a bad temper also. Sex isn’t that great either. Deep down in my heart, I feel we are going to split….

  10. blondey

    I am a Gemini women and am absolutely besotted with a Taurean man like I have never been before. He is very stubborn and doesn’t ever talk about his feelings. It was a long-distance relationship that lasted around 4 months and from the moment I met him could not stop thinking about him, (and still can’t). It was the best sex ever and also a fantastic connection mentally as well as physically. I could lie in his arms for hours and never get bored, (unusual for me being Gemini). I hardly got any real reason as to why he ended it as he is very hard to read. I still hope that one day he will suddenly change his mind and come running back into my life and my arms forever. (Highly unlikely, once a decision is made they rarely change their mind.. except in the persuit of pleasure).
    I would literally move to the other side of the world to be with him and would marry him tomorrow. I fear I pushed him away by being too impatient… trying to get him to tell me how he felt about me all the time. He would always simply say let’s go with the flow and see how things work out. This I found was so infuriating as I wanted so desperately to know if he had feelings for me or if it was purely great sex. He made me feel like the most desirable thing ever when he was with me, superb lover and I felt at home in his arms.
    Never rush a Taurean to make a decision, you will anger them and not get the response you’d hoped for and they will walk out of your life forever! 🙁

  11. Abdullahi

    I am a Taurus Male. And I loved a Gemini Female almost 5 years., we lived in a same village in Mogadishu, Somalia, country located in the east of Africa… I fled from there at 2007 because of the civil wars going on there.. and she is still there… I truly love her more than I loved my self.. and i can die because of her… i viewed many sites, but this site became the only one who encouraged me to marry that Gemini girl… I just decided to go back to the country of war so as to get my heart from there…. Thank you very very very much… I am really Taurus, don’t like to talk more, i am sometimes lazy and love arts and creatures… but that girl is just lovely pretty and caring and she is very shy… Her name is Fatima and I Love her from all my heart

  12. jas

    and i can tell u r NOT WEAK. If you were weak then u wouldn’t have been working it out with ure husband. Your kid will learn so much from you. Every marriage is painful, trust me, no relationship is perfect. People think the kind of life they had before marriage, it woud be the same after marriage which is so wrong. When you get married both partners expect more from each other which isn’t wrong at all. I think both the partners should do more for each other after they get married to increase their love for each other as they get in a very pure relationship. If ure husband is not doing enough for you then u should be the one to initiate that. You will feel good inside and outside after you have done something for someone who you love so much and who is your life even if they do not do anything in return. You should be the first one to give and not expect something in return soon.

  13. jas

    @bizzy gem
    You should be with ure husband for the sake of the kid. Your kid needs you and his dad, not someone who doesn’t know how it feels to be like a dad. And always remember, ure kid’s dad is his OWN dad, no one can replace him(ure husband) give him(ure kid) more love and support than his own dad. Do not ruin ure family, he(tauus) left u ages ago and married to another woman. If you be with him then wots the guarantee he will not leave u again? He will just use u and leave u. You have started ure OWN family life so concentrate on that. Stop talking to that taurus man, hes NOT part of your family, hes just an outsider now. If he’ll(taurus man) cheat on his wife with you than he can also cheat on you with someone else in future. If he initiates something like that then you will get to know his motives and that wot kind of a husband he would be in future. And do not forget you are a child’s mother so u r a grown woman now and think like a grown woman.
    And how many men are there who marries a woman after they use them? You husband respected you and married you. That man was your past and YOUR HUSBAND and YOUR KID is ure present and the people who live in their past makes their future hell. Past is just there to learn from and then move on. Only weak people live in their past!

  14. bizzy gem

    i dated a Taurus man 15 yrs older than me and we broke up he got married to another woman. i met a Virgo and got married for 4 yrs have a 2 yr old now. my ex n i have always communicated not too often but still did, recently we started hanging out n my feelings for him are coming back. my marriage has been painful but i stayed to work it out but right now i am so confused. my husband keeps creeping around. don’t know what to do. plzz help

  15. ShaneyinluvwithTaurus

    I’ve been in love with a Taurus man for 7 years, ever since our eyes met across a competitive checkerboard game during a gathering. We’ve kept in touch off and on over the years. Every time we reconnect its intense for me and I get extremely frustrated by the distance between us as well as the desire to see what would actually become of our feelings if we were to meet again. He’s lived for 6 years on an island thousands of miles away and I have been paralyzed by the thought “what if.” He “gets me” like no other man I’ve known and perceives with good understanding my wild, nerdy, and shy sides. We have some of the best conversations…and yes he is really stubborn. He shares freely with me and I the same with him (though it took me a while). We’re similar, yet very different. I love his tenacity for learning and his unstoppable determination towards achieving his dreams. But I’m at the point now where I had to stop communicating with him. He’s the type of man that until he reaches his view of success, will not likely commit to any relationship. He’s just not able to emotionally, financially, or physically support a healthy relationship at this point. The sad thing is… I’ve never been able to trust his feelings for me, though he consistently says he cares. I feel he cares too. I guess I need more proof, the proof of his presence. That is why I made up my mind to wait no longer for him. I have plenty of admirers and have unintentionally broken the hearts of several good men in my life (men who have success, kind, good hearts, and were able to support a real relationship with me), but alas no man has intrigued me like this one. I care deeply for this Taurus man and even with the circumstances as they are I still love him. I can only hope he finds happiness in his life. This Gemini definitely intends to!

  16. sweetzgem

    Ahhh. Taurus Men. Well I’ve kind of half fallen for one. He’s so cute and stubborn. I make fun of him and tease him like hell, but he’s so cute when he is trying to act cool and fails. hahahaha He always keeps me laughing. We get tempers sometimes but it’s just funny arguments. I’m not sure how he feels about me. But he’s easy to talk to, attractive in a shy but sincere kind of way, and I just feel better when I’m around him cuz he never judges me.

  17. Spadedtaurus

    Interesting, most sites say that we are a match..the Geminis I’ve encountered thus far have broken my heart. I was stationed in Hawaii and I fell for a Gemini. I drove from one side of the Island to the next to sweep her of her feet..she was still deciding what to do with her life at the time as she was unemployed. Long story short, she joind the Coast Guard and got stationed in Seattle. We drifted apart..I didn’t want to lose her so I was weary about her joining in the first place (selfish I know). The connection slowly dissolved. My stubborn nature would contact her every once in awhile to make it work. One day I texted her and she texted me back sayin “Brandon, I have a boyfriend now and he lives with me”. My heart sunk. She moved on and started a whole new life without me. The part that hurt the most was how QUICK she moved on…like we were just a fling or somethin. I have more stories about unloyal, flighty, but intriguing Geminis (I’m involved with one right now lol)

  18. A gemini

    Im just so confuse … should a gemeni trust a taurus or not? should I trie or not? i dont want to be hurt again

  19. Gem

    Do Taurus guys stare at you when they like or are interested? Theres this Taurus guy I met a couple of times through friends and he hangs out with us sometimes and no matter what he always staring at me, I feel like he wants to say something but can’t idk…. advice?

  20. Confused Gemini

    Ahhhhh I need advice pleeeeeeaaaase!!
    Okay I’m a Gemini and been inlove with this guy since day I met him (Taurus) it’s been just over a year now….
    Weve never dated , but I am how ever the mother of his 2 month old child….
    He still has the gf he had when he cheated on her with me and ive just confessed I still have strong feelings… He told me he did like me a while okay and who knows what can happen…
    We’ve only just got our friendship back and he is the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I would give him the world if he asked.
    We msg ALL THE TIME and It is so obvious we have a string connection….
    We like have exact taste In music and so much in common, but at sane tine were so different.
    Do I just be patient and wait for him to come to me (if he will) cuz I’ve been waiting forever already, and I dont want anyone if I cant have him

  21. Kathy

    My boyfriend of 5years is a Taurus, and I, a Gemini. We loved each other since day one . But now things have been changing alil …I know he still loves me and all, but alll I hear is the word ” space” ….by the way…
    He is the total opposite of me. He Wants to party, do him, be
    Free and always a happy spirit. As for me I’m a home body
    Faithfull all the way, very talkative, great cook, and love to ask questions.. also I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I just sometimes feel that he wants to be single! I cant accept that in my heart, but my mind is telling me diffrent. Is that bad?? Someone who has been with there spouse for longer plzzz tell me alil more about these so called compatiable signs. Ty(:

  22. woow

    I’m a bull and am currently falling hard for a Gemini, its a feeling out of this world, from the reviews i have read all over the net, it looks like this is the only site that sez that we kud work. i’m loving it.

  23. Karen

    I also met a tahrs man thru a dating website… We have been friends and kept in contact for a little over a year, but it was not until the last month that we began talking to each other everyday- ALL DAY whether by text or by phone we are always connected in some way.  I find him intriguing and perplexing, though I am not certain on where I stand with him and how he feels about me.  I assume he likes me because he is always calling or texting. He even came over to help me get settled in my new apartment, and spent time putting things together for me.  He drives 45+ minutes at night after work and the gym, just to see me… It’s the sweetest thing.  

    Sexually… Well he is a very patient lover who seems to take his time.  It is driving me batshit, but is ever so intriguing and keeps me interested and wanting more.  We haven’t even slept together but he teases and tantalizes me with HOURS of foreplay. HOURS. 

    We have quite a bit in common, from our ambitions, to thought process, very similar personalities and senses of humor.  I am a leisure reader, he is an informational reader.  We both love to travel, he appreciates my art and I appreciate all of his talents.  

    I’ve never been courted in such a way before.  How do I know if he likes me as much as I like him, without being pushy or overbearing??? How long before he officially makes me his girlfriend? 

  24. Gloria

    my taurus bull n i have been together for the last fifteen yrs. we first met when camping with our families and since both pf us like wandering get an rv and went coast 2 coast seeing nature parks fishing rafting. our kids r learnign to love nature 2. gosh never thought i could drive such a big thing but i did my love keeps growing n more expressive over d yrs. couldnt have done it wo him

  25. anonymous

    I am a Taurus male married to a gemini woman we have nothing in common Taurus males a quite they love silence peace and comfort gemini like to be out partying lots of friends glamor fashion. Taurus does not care for any of those things gemini may get angry at Taurus why he is just so boring so gemini’s please be patient with your Taurus man they may be alot of differences even if he does not tell you he loves you he will express his love by what he does for you.

  26. Loretta

    My taurus dude is great, fantastic actually but…sooo clingy. he wouldn’t let go tried to control everything his life and mine. din’t unnerstand when you can’t do just let go. if there’s love it just hovers around free doesn’t go anywhere. you cant MAKE anyone luv you. they either love you or they dont and don’t even know why. people make their own decisions..even to love or not to love. thats a risk we all take when we fall in love! when you let go the other can feel the pressure lifted, the burdensome insecurity of that person is gone. hands become lighter fingers move faster the mind is a little less fogged up. and we can then stand side by side and look at each other. as lifelong friends. as whatever you want 😉

  27. Lidia

    hahaha, Im a gemini also and I just think its so funny how all of us Geminies are enjoying this conversation! Just goes to show how special we are!

  28. Donna

    I am a Gemini who has met a Tarus through a dating site, which brings me here to research the possibility of a safe, faithful relationship. I have not gone out with him yet. We are just in the email stage. But after reading this post, I sure hope to. I was married to a Sagittarius for 18 yrs., and that was a nightmare, cheat, cheat, cheater. I have been with a Aquarius as a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship for 5 yrs. , it has also been a nightmare, another…cheat, cheat cheater….I’m hoping this Tarus will ask me out.

  29. Jay

    I am a gemini deeply in love with a taurus man for almost a year.This is the third taurus guy I’ve gone out with, all of them were caring. My current taurus drives me crazy with his moods swings, but now that jelousy has been mentioned, only now I realise that jealousy is actualy pushing him to moodiness. But I will do anything to save this relationship cos when he is not moody, he is the most loving person, and I want that in my life, I just need to learn to balance so that he feels stability in the relationship.( this I realy need to learn). But when it’s good, it is realy good between us, I would not trade him for any other man.

  30. clint

    I’m taurus, my lady is Gemini. For just over a year, this has been a match better than all before, for me. sex is enough, though I’m taurus and lost my cherry at 11 yrs of age,and like the bed loads, I’m over 65. Cheerie lady, and animaed, witty, adventurous. Knows herself, likes herself, and me. If Gemini talks a lot, I think it is just enough, not too much. Clearly Gemini knows how to have fun, and WILL have fun. I treat her like I love myself, which I do, love her body likely enough, and too often- she needs a rest more than I do. Long sessions of touching, caressing, talking over her sleeping body, sleep sex, I’m awake, she’s asleep, but I change her dreaming, and she responds nicely, vividly, completely, delightfully. It’s a hoot! Guys, try that, it’s bold, I know for me it is a challenge, but worth doing. Keep her sated, it’s delightful, and she likes my butt, and hand-holding, and kissing in shopping centers when I open her car door for her and help her out, then embrace her and then kiss her with’longing’. Likes the slow unhurried saunter to the store door, the glances of other people seeing us arrive, and dally or shop in the store. Touch her, not maul her. Hold her hand, give shoulder rubs, ointment on her feet and massage them, then her calves. Take an hour to do this right, if ya feel like it. You will find she will bond well with your touch. Let her set the pace, MAKE HER SET THE PACE, if you dare. She will want you often, and you will like taking your time to keep her kissed. Those kisses will be returned at least one for one, and she will be having you, alone, on her mind. I like her sated, sexually, all the time. Heck, guys, you eat three meals a day, is it different with sex? even when you are 66? Gemini, treated by a Taurus man seems better than other women, in bed, and around the daily chores regimen. I tried something different lately, and it is super delightul. Approach her if she’s sitting, and give her a nice kiss. Linger with that kiss for another little kiss. Kiss her ONLY the way she kisses you back (kiss her like she kisses you, add nothing to your kiss than she gives to you). Enjoy, add no more passion than she gives to you. Let her take you at her speed where ever she decides, letting her lead. terriffic! She may reward you with female ejaculate at her orgasm, and full body orgasmic spasms for a couple hours. Continue till she just cannot go on any longer, then tuck her into your arms and sleep like spoons. repeat.

  31. CARL

    I am a gemini man. i know a gem female and taurus male couple. they have been together for like 2 years now. Initial days were nice but they often have fitghts and some are big ones. gemini chick wants her freedom n wants to enjoy with frens in parties n outings. however, BF is silent types n wants to finish work and go home n read book or listen some old songs. She lies n goes out partying n when caught obviously they fight. She doubts him and is possesive too. for the guy, his family comes first and wont continue long is family has issues with her. As of now, gem girl doesnt have a problem with this as they have never thot of marriage n long time relationship. She forces him to come out on parties with common frens n whenever they come they r jus sitting n staring at crowd as he wont join d dance floor n she loves to b jumping n freaking out. She holds herself back n sit quietly with long face. they leave early n next day she complains about him with her buddies.
    In general she doesnt like him questening her or giving directions which drives her mad.
    they are still on but looks like wont run for long.

  32. Temperance

    “Constantly perform your duty without attachment.”

    The unwise is not one who does not know what the right thing is but one who does not do the right thing though he knows it.

  33. Gemma

    I am a Gemini and am crushing on a Taureen man. Right now what I want is a stable thing in my crazy life and I think he’s it. This article and the comments following give me hope! 🙂

  34. mEOwPuRrs

    My Taurus baby is the best I’ve ever known. I’m a Gemini and I have to admit that I’m very indecisive. But, my Taurus baby is always giving me good advices when i’m in a lost.
    I am very talkative. Definitely more than my baby but well, when it comes to giving advices, trust me, he can really talk!
    But well, strangely, i don’t feel my Taurus here possessive at all. On the other hand, i felt that I’m the more possessive one! (Which i dont really like)
    Lastly, about jealousy, i can’t deny the fact that i tends to get jealous easily.
    Anyway, i guess end of the day, it still goes down to personal upbringings and friends they mingle with. I’d a Taurus ex before but we didnt work out for he is more like a Gem than I am. He is outgoing, talkative, sociable and loves to mingle with people. Well, cheating was the reason that we got seperated anyway.
    So well, i dun really believe in all the horoscope sayings. Reading is fine but not believing each and every word. End of the day, i believe u’ll still need to get to know the person urself if u like the him/her and not just by reading his/her horoscope online!

    Type your comment here

  35. mEOwPuRrs

    My Taurus baby is the best I’ve ever known. I’m a Gemini and I have to admit that I’m very indecisive. But, my Taurus baby is always giving me good advices when i’m in a lost.
    I am very talkative. Definitely more than my baby but well, when it comes to giving advices, trust me, he can really talk! 😉
    But well, strangely, i don’t feel my Taurus here possessive at all. On the other hand, i felt that I’m the more possessive one! (Which i dont really like)
    Lastly, about jealousy, i can’t deny the fact that i tends to get jealous easily.

    Anyway, i guess end of the day, it still goes down to personal upbringings and friends they mingle with. I’d a Taurus ex before but we didnt work out for he is more like a Gem than I am. He is outgoing, talkative, sociable and loves to mingle with people. Well, cheating was the reason that we got seperated anyway.

    So well, i dun really believe in all the horoscope sayings. Reading is fine but not believing each and every word. End of the day, i believe u’ll still need to get to know the person urself if u like the him/her and not just by reading his/her horoscope online! 😉

  36. Baby Girl

    I’m dating a Taurus man now and I most agree this is the first site that has actually paired a Gemini (me) and Taurus man as a match that can work. All I can say is, of all the men I’ve dated I truly know I’ve found the love of my life. I’ve learned so much from him and I think what I’ve learned is what I needed. He is my balance. Being with him has taught me that sometimes less is better. He doesn’t say much, not because he is an introvert but because he is humble. Some people say that they never know what he is thinking but we’ve connected in such a way often times we communicate without words. As far as Taurus liking stability, it’s true and as far as them loving hard it is also true… because I think with each tribulation we’ve been through as a couple this man has loved me even deeper. I think Taurus men are just deep thinkers and deep lovers. That’s my buddy and we connect on so many levels. In conclusion, one should know when there with the right one; by their growth as a person, as well as a couple. Whoever said Gemini and Taurus were not compatible was wrong!

  37. Gem

    Very true. I think Geminis can work with most signs because we’re mutable air, flexible. I’m in love with a Taurus man, we’re good friends. He’s considerate and protective, I’ve seen glimpses of jealousy and I’m not even his girlfriend. Yet. He’s not as talkative as I am, he’s a lot more centred and focused. I know he has feelings for me. And as impatient as I am, I’ve learned patience waiting for him to make a move. It’s never been the right time for us before, but things are open now (ie. we’re both single). I’ll wait till he’s ready cause I know it’ll be worth it.

  38. Gem-In-I 1821

    I just started hanging out with a Bull without any intentions of it progressing and I’m having a blast! Finally, someone who pays attention to me when i talk (because I’m always talking, lol). Hes not much of a talker and hard to read but that adds to the mystery. I have been intrigued from day one and he continues to keep my interests (imagine that). One of the things I read was that Gems work well with Bulls because of our flexibility. I can pretty much adapt to anything and that helps out here. Most sources say it won’t work but it has been the best interaction I’ve had in a really, long time.

  39. Madison

    this is the same as my relationship with my bull:) We have been together almost 3 years now, and while there have been some hard times we always make it through. He has always been there for me and I will always be there for him. It is true about the jealousy..he gets jealous when i go out with friends but this is because being a gemini when i go out its a 3 day party. lol .
    we both have sacrificed a lot for eachother and this is the most meaningful relationship ive ever had. He doesn’t like to talk as much as I do..but I’ve learned to understand how hes feeling by just looking at his face. We are two peas in a pod, this is the man i will marry. he brings stabillity and logic into my life and i bring fun and lightheartedness into his.

  40. sage

    this is hillarious because it is so true!!! i am gemini and have just started seeing a taurean man and everything written here is exatly what is happening! amazing! He totally has me captivated and sometimes i think i drive him crazy but he is still around so i guess that can be interpreted as a good thing!

  41. Anonymous

    I would love to say that I love my Taurean more than myself! Just the same way I love 2 more men in my llife (my Father and my Brother). This’s true he doesn’t like to SPEAK, to express himself, but is NOT boring. I think he just doesn’t gets good words! I just met him once in my life and that day was the most beautiful day for me! I really really love him! I think he has forgotten me now, but I still see him in every man I meet! He is the one whom I had always wanted!

  42. Anonymous

    Same here! I’ve known Taurus man for over 10 years. I have know that he has liked me in the beginning but it was in wrong time . I have no doubt that there is instant chemistry between us. Finally we both are single and we started to talk to each other everyday. I grew up with both Taurus mom and sister and they keep me grounded. That is what I love about Taurus.

  43. Lisa

    So true! Gem female here with Taurus boyfriend. We are very devoted to each other. Most astrological sites say it won’t work; this is one of the few sites that says it does and it’s spot on. I’d never trade my Taurus man for any other guy. Most astro sites say my match is Leo, Aquarius and Libra; tried all three, and they were DISASTROUS. My steady, loyal and true Taurus man is the best I’ve ever had.

  44. Anonymous

    What happens if you had a one night stand with a Bull and you’ve known him for at least a year from mutual friends. He was quite affectionate throughout the entire night, until the next morning (when we were all sober).

  45. Gemini6683

    This is just like my boyfriend and I!! He is a Taurus and I am a Gemini. He is the greatest man I have ever met! He is very stable, hummble, loyal and real. He holds me down when I get out of line or get away from myself. He is AWLAYS there for me since the day we met 3.5 yrs ago. He is my bestfriend. I know that I am all over the place being a Gemini. I tend to go a million miles a min. I want more more more right now! lol. I like having a Taurus man. I hope to marry him one day as well 🙂 wish us luck!

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