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  1. Khanya

    I’m a Libra women , ii was crushing on my Taurus man it took the whole year for us to be together . I had to do the first move and it was so amazing.
    On our first meeting he talked about how much he’s having … AND EVERYTHING HE HAD WAS EXPENSIVE (which was annoying)
    He used to call every now and then, when we are together nobody wanna go home
    T H E N , N O W
    He’s no longer calling and too busy for me
    I love him , I call him each day but he does take my call not even responding to my sms’s . I’m scared of losing him because he brings out the best in me , He’s The Best . I’m gonna do my best to make him see that ii love him …. Then later I’ll dump him

  2. Tyrone

    I am a Taurus man who is insanely crazy about this Libra chic and no matter what I do I cant seem to get her out of my head….there is just something about her that knocks my of my ground every single time. I absolutely didn’t believe a love like this could ever exist, its an exciting yet terrifying sensation I cant explain.

    You can tell when you are no longer in ‘deep like’ but have transitioned into DEEP LOVE and this is exactly how it feels. Yes after meeting someone it takes a while before we feel the real thing, but more often times than not a relationship has to become a bit more serious before any signs of ‘true love’ starts to creep in, you know you’re on that path when you really, really, reeeeeeealllly start enjoying each others company more and more, getting all the classic sensations of butterflies and not to mention the sorta annoying but awesome feeling of always having them on your mind, even when we should be focusing on something else!!

    Non-the-less if both gets utterly conscious that the emotions may take us to the next level then we might come to the realization that what we are feeling for that special someone is infact love, in bold font with a capital “L” and sometimes we dont realise especially because all the signs that we would typically be expecting or looking for are so different….I absolutely have fallen so much harder than I was expecting for my bae…..definitely an indication from this synchronized heart rate that this might be the begining of a real life fairytale, especially when you find yourself at night laying down then suddenly you start to imagine how her first name will look against your last name 🙂

    Feels like a drug I’m on and man am I so high its unbelievable!!

  3. Tiffany

    I’m a libra woman who is absolutely head over hills in love with a taurus man…no matter what i do I can’t get him off my mind!!! I don’t know what it is, but he’s special!

  4. I’m a 23 year old Libra woman and I’m in a situation with a 39 year old Taurus man we’ve been messing around every sense August 14 2014 and after a while of being with him I fell in love with himand still to this day I don’t know if he feels the same honestly he tells me you love me only when I tell him I have to say every since he’s been in my life its been nothing but heartache and pain….I constantly bring up us being in a relationship together but all he tells me is that he doesn’t plan anything he just let it come natural so between the time frames of me asking this question it’s every 3 months and this last time of me asking him he said the same thing and then he said he didn’t want to be in a relationship right now but he doesn’t want a relationship without me so come August 14th of 2015 if things are not official I’m moving on… I’m not trying to force him into anything but I’m not giving him no more of my time neither when that date finally does comes.

  5. Brittany

    9/10 my ass…
    I was with a taurus man for over 3 years and he did nothing but lie and cheat. Than when it ended he wanted me back and I didnt want anything to do with him

  6. Refilwe

    I’m a Libra woman and I have a crush on a Taurus man I don’t know how to tell him,he is so charming,handsome and such a gentle man…his a Christian and his single. I’m totally in love with him,but problem is how do I get his attention?

  7. Jeanette Figueroa

    He was the first guy I met and kept an eye on at the speed dating event and later found out he felt the same way about me too though both of us met a lot of people that day. He’s a Taurus from Spain and I’m Puerto Rican libra woman and not so traditional either. so there’s a bit of a gap there.Taurus man made such an impression on me that no one else could wipe out. It’s been three years and he makes me laugh with his cute antics and jokes and has a very caring attitude so we’ve been coasting along. We went to Spain a couple of times to visit his family and they are wonderful and huge and supportive. They were also all telling me how to cook, how to talk when his great-aunt (a very wealthy old lady) came visiting, how to dress for the neighbors functions. They meant well and I tried doing everything but I think I might have slipped up a few times. It’s overwhelming and I only hope I didn’t let them down. I think they know most importantly I love their son and was trying hard. Libra woman that I am I will sometimes try to keep the peace when Im chatting by agreeing even if I don’t think on the same lines. My man keeps telling me to get rid of it but there are still some remnants. All said and done we had a lot of fun and I think they each got to really know who I was at least for a month while we were there and I think that’s what a family is all about!

  8. Tr

    I went out with a taurus (apr 22) for five amazing years. I am a libra in every sense of the word but I also have a virgo moon. I have 4 other signs in libra, and some in leo. everything about this article was accurate about me and my boyfriend. libra ladies, if you are looking for something less exciting maybe but more grounding, something real and enduring, take a chance w a taurus man. it will bloom over time and the sex is amazing!
    When me and my boyfriend broke we left on good terms. He needed to mature. I rebounded with an April 23 birthday. he turned out to be incredibly different than the first, with extreme jealousy and possessiveness. And boy was he stubborn. Possibly dangerous. A day can make a huge difference. He was also older.
    Needless to say, my first boyfriend and I will probably eventually get married, because we are just too cute.

  9. jc

    wow, taurus woman and libra man get a lower score but libra woman and taurus man is so much better? it has a very good score too.

  10. handsome_bull

    Great writeup Dr. X..

    I’m also a taurean male (26), and vouch for a lot of what you said above.
    Personality traits is one thing, Individual distinction completely another.

    On reading the typical taurean description on a lot of sites, I usually feel that I contradict with a lot of traits, but am spot-on with a few others..

    Deep down, the traits do apply, but a lot of one’s social / superficial behaviour can be controlled as to make it pleasing for people about you.. it requires quite a bit of work and endeavor, and that is where individuals differ..
    the legendary taurean stubbornness can either resist change completely or try to make things better at any cost..

    that’s my two pence.. cheers.

  11. Dr.X

    So Ladies … interested in Taurean men, eh? (well, except perhaps Ari Aka, LOL …. Sheeesh! )
    Let me start by saying if you think you can fit everyone into a neat little box then you’re either terribly naïve or despicably manipulative. Circumstance and nature conspire to create infinite variations on numerous themes. That said, stereotypes exist for a reason and can’t always be wholly discounted simply to satisfy someone’s sense of political correctness. I’m certainly no true believer when it comes to such cosmologically influenced courtships, however, I do find that it can make for interesting reading, since at its core, we are really talking about what types of personalities are compatible.

    For your reference, I’m a Taurean male (Apr 22) in his late 30’s with a rising sign of Gemini and a Moon sign of Leo. I included the later information since, if you really take this “star sign” thing to its logical conclusion, you’d be advised to look into these aspects as well since it “rounds out the picture” so to speak. But everybody seems want simple answers, I know. Just listen to our politicians for a few hours. I don’t accept this logic. Things are rarely solely black or white.

    Anyway, what prompted me to take the time (yes, this went through several revisions since I can tend to be a perfectionist, though I prefer the term craftsman or artisan instead) to write this was to address the author’s specific remarks concerning the Taurean’s boringness and low self-esteem.

    I’ll freely admit my faults; such is my nature in placing truth and honesty above all the other virtues. I can be lazy. Very much so. Perhaps it’s because I value my personal time so much. Some call it sloth; I call it devoting time to developing my skills, deepening my knowledge, sharpening my intellect. Spiritual understanding reigns supreme. Know thyself as the saying goes. I’m vain. Very, very vain. What can I say; I see life as a living work of art; the hand of creation of which I myself am a participant. An appreciation for beauty permeates my sense of reality, be it the interplay between shadow and light, or the sloping curves of the opposite sex. I have a huge sexual appetite. “Meat and potatoes” is the usual Taurean stereo type. Meh. In contrast to my previous lovers (Scorpio, Aquarius, Cancer, among others), I wouldn’t rate myself as straight vanilla on this spectrum. The temper? Yes, it has been known to be legendary at times. Shyness? Check. Possessiveness and jealousy over girlfriends? Sadly, yes (mostly to my detriment, not theirs).

    However, it is at this point that I’d like to turn back to the original point of my post; while in some ways and to varying degrees, I do possess what could be termed “classic” Taurean frailties … this was much more valid when I was younger. I can honestly say that I’ve addressed or overcome many of those “immature” Taurean traits (not that they don’t occasionally rear their ugly hear). For example, as my job requires it, I’ve had to grow beyond my shyness in order to do presentations, build relationships, and get dropped into new surroundings all the time. I’m no social butterfly for sure, but given the right circumstance (and the right partner by my side) I can be quite animated and gregarious (in small doses, of course).

    This is why I find fault with the author’s conclusions on these points. It neglects to account for what I think is a personal strength; the tireless desire to improve. So before you pigeonhole all Taureans, I suggest you consider this point; life is a progression. We get better, we get worse, we NEVER stay the same.

    Boring? I’ve heard more than once that “man, you don’t often speak, but when you do you, it’s hilarious”. Yes, I don’t speak just to hear the sound of my own voice. That part is true.

    Boring? My friends don’t call me “The Wildcard” for nothing.

    Low self-esteem? Well, I do have a healthy not-talking-myself-too-seriously side to me and an ability to laugh at myself (both of which have grown over time), but don’t mistake this for something else. If anything, I have to remind myself that I’m not as incredible as I sometimes think I am. Call it a “self-corrective” algorithm. Did I mention I was analytical?

    I can certainly be stoic, in fact, my sister called me a robot last week … but I think she was just kidding. Pretty sure, anyway.

    But god, I can be SO passionate! Fighting … against injustice … stupidity … for FREEDOM! Now if I can just get off the couch to do something about it, haha. Or perhaps it’s more my role to inspire than to get up and march. Such is the dichotomy, my human condition. We all have our struggles and work to do in this life. Lessons to learn.

    I’ll leave you with two examples that may further clue you in to this Taurean’s complexities. On a recent Monday night while watching football, my friend and I chanced to encounter a veteran in his mid-twenties who was in town for his thirty-first reconstructive surgery. We ended up alternating between downing shots of whiskey at the bar and trading shots to each other’s body outside in the street. This war hero ended up crying on my shoulder and telling me his life story. The next day felt like one long slow motion car crash. My body and mind hurt to the core … not so much for myself, but for this tortured soul. But, hey, I can take it … my pain … his pain … everything … because that Taureans do. We persevere. We move forward.

    On a separate occasion, I happened to be trying out some meditation techniques. The question I posed to myself was “Who am I?”. Toward the end of my session the image of an open flower-filled field came into view. A small child sat in front of me blissfully unaware and content in her fascination with a daffodil. I stared in awe until my attention was drawn to a dark shape moving through the trees on the edge of the clearing. An ominous dread began to sink into my stomach. A fear started to descend on me. Not for my own safety, but for this defenseless and delicate child. I leaped across the field … flying through the air with a single-minded determination … closing on this … creature. Splitting my adversary in two at the moment of impact I awoke in my chair. The protector. Such is the Taurean soul.

    To summarize, I am but one person. Do your own due diligence and make up your own mind. Still interested about how to attract a Taurean? Well, in my case …

    1.) Don’t patronize. We’re somewhat uncomfortable with excessive praise to begin with and if it’s not sincere (or deserved) we’ll see right through it. Unless perhaps you’re dealing with a more immature or inexperienced Taurean. Flattery may get you far; at least in the short term.
    2.) Find out how to challenge him. Perhaps subtlety, depending on his dispossession, but definitely don’t poke him just to engender an “emotional” response out of this somewhat austere beast. Still waters run deep … and when you break that dam, best you be ready for the flood!
    3.) Have your own sense of style. I can more appreciate a unique piece of wrapping paper on a homemade gift than a same-as-everything-else diamond.
    4.) Don’t assume we don’t like the excitement of new things. Yes, I’m somewhat of a homebody and have been known to eat cereal four times a day, but I’ve also been around the world and across this country and have spent my time on the club scene carousing ’til daybreak. It may take some coaxing, some research, and some inventiveness on your part, but it can be done.

    Hope that helps. Ciao.

  12. puchu

    hey..im in a relationship frm d past 1 n a half yr…n im a taurean…evry time my girl dominates me…i agree on her evry decision…
    i love her alot…bt d things are nt going rite….n i dnt wanna loose her
    so could u suggst me something…?

  13. anon

    hmm, I have a friend who is Taurus, and we get along so well! I can feel that our friendship is actually getting more and more serious, but I’m a bit afraid if he’s the right person for me. After a terrible relationship with Cancer I’m actually VERY afraid to start something new. But after reading this article I feel more calm now. We’ll see how it goes with my Taurus friend 🙂 thanks for sharing this with us!

  14. anonymous

    hi im a librian women my husbands a taurean we have been together now for 26 years we both love each other dearly we never argue we like harmony and piece he would ,nt win in an arguement anyway lol

  15. David

    I am a taurus man in love with a gentle Libra woman. we first met in a craft store when she was picking stuff for Christmas and i was working a second job. She’s great and does the right things but she also gets swept away with her emotions. I guess its the seeing all sides aspect at work! sometimes she gets into a tizzy not knowing what to do and and i tell her and shes happy as a bird. sometimes i have to think and i tell her to hold on a bit i’ll come up with something. i’m a bull so i’ll come up with something that works for all. and i know how to protect my bird.
    We’ve been together twelve yrs now and weve been thru times when we saw nothing good ever happening for us. but we hung in there there’s always a beacon of light. once the bull believes the genuineness of his bird thats what gives him the courage and ability to think of what works. We have two beautiful children now and a home thats running smoothly and beautifully. My little bird does all the cooking 😉 i take out the trash. Libras do all the feminine stuff so well I have no regrets!

  16. LovelyLibra

    I am a Libra woman who was with a Taurus man for about a yr and he was a fun person to be with. He worked as an office manager at this big clinic i used to go to. In all that time he didn’t do one good thing for me! It leaves you feeling empty cause you’re searching for soemthing good to hold in your thoughts and it surprises you that there’s not even one. How can a person be so bereft? Anyway I moved on (we were not exclusive anytime so he knew) and found a much more responsive virgo guy. Virgos are very helpful and protective, and attentive! Real contrast. Will be meeting again in Seattle since its going so well. WOW I’m really looking forward.

  17. Lilly

    Are taurus guys liars by the way? It seems that he tells me one thing and then it suddenly changes… I’m so confused and yet I wonder if I’m walking away from what I hear to be a great match!!
    With his lack of responses (whether he’s in the middle of work, or washing his car) makes me wonder if I’m getting the cold shoulder or not…. Grrrrr… Don’t know which bothers me more, not knowing what his intentions are or the fact that he is conveniently making no time for me!!

  18. Lilly

    I met a Taurus guy online. At first I blew him
    Off because he was physically not what I wanted… Then we spent time together and after getting out of a shitty relationship, I started his
    Affection & strong sexual presence. It was weird because I started becoming a little more communicative and he seems to have shut down, telling me it’s all this work he does.
    I know he’s on the dating site, and I can’t blame him for finding me a little fickle, as I was in the beginning but now I’m strangely attracted and he surely seems to be blowing me off. Yet, he is still making comments about how beautiful he thinks I am and I am lapping it up like a puppy but I am curious whether or not he’s just trying to nicely stay away…. I finally flat out asked him. I told him he was growing on me and I didn’t know if he was still interested (still waiting for an overdue response) and for some reason I can’t get him out of my mind!! Is it the classic tale of wanting him now that his interests have subsided or is it because I a
    An answer seeker and he seems to be dodging me!!
    Meanwhile, I have people I turn down left and right waiting for his responses but I don’t know if now is as good as any time to give up on this situation… Help!?

  19. Siddharth

    I am a Taurean…, I have a very good friend as a librian. I realize after having spend so much time together. She’s the one i believe made for me. But she is already engaged with someone else since long. If i ask myself whether i should go ahead and show my feelings to her, i always get the feeling…. ‘Sid’ keep moving but never approach or confide your feelings directly. Rather let her realize herself, as i am not all the one who would show my real feelings. I can only show it with my work. I very well know that she does not think the same as i do, but i still get the intuition, I must try….honestly, i will not get the opportunity later… ever. I can’t expect to see myself with any other girl if i try to foresee my future. This thought of mine has come-up more strongly now, and i really wish some miracle shall happen. I Love her…….. a lot… But can not express my real feelings to her. I wish she realizes it soon, all i can do is ‘Try…….’. I am determined to face the result irrespective of having her on my end or other. I will keep trying……….. 🙂

    I Love her…..!!!

    🙂 🙂

  20. adelina

    hey i liked ur article my boyfriend is a taurus and we get along so well…i never met someone like him before. we really wanna get married and have a family together. he is my best friend and my ideal prince! i really like his idea of commitment and loyalty. and thanx for posting this article!really made my day!

  21. Nini

    “Whatever you do, make it an offering to Me — the food you eat, the sacrifices you make, the help you give, even your suffering.”

  22. libra lady spica

    The marriage statistics are high with Taurus and Libra. Coming in 2nd Libra and Libra successes. Trust me, the Libra and taurus has more success than other signs, but libra libra will stick.

  23. hornsey

    I am guessing the author has an ex who is a Taurus, as she keeps ripping on him throughout the entire article!

  24. erb

    I feel this is accurate in that I really felt that (now ex) Taurus husband of 9 years and I had a great connection. I was deeply in love with him. He had an affair–so much for honest and loyal Taurus’, huh? I am a Libra and I am a bit amused when i read various astrology sites because where many key traits are concerned, I feel he and I were the reverse–like I was the Taurus and he was the Libra! I am more of the introvert, not him and he is way more of an extrovert and likes to go out all the time whereas I am more of a homebody. As for when it was over, we were also the opposite, he was cold as ice and I was the one who was extremely emotional. He left me for the other woman–she’s a Virgo, so I guess they are a match made in heaven. I still hope they both rot in hell, though!

  25. Priscilla

    I am a Librian female & attracted to a taurus man but we just friends for now..i want us to be more than friends so please tell me how to please a taurus man, i think he likes me too but he just can’t come up & say or do anything about it he just acts up when i’m around other men..

  26. Sabrina

    I’m dating a Taurus. The guy I’d wanted for years and years. Everything started out like fireworks… Now, almost a year into our relationship, I’m starting to feel a little like I do everything and he does just graze and feed off the land. It seems he only thinks of doing something after I’ve brought it up… then he’ll do whatever I asked as a way of avoiding me commenting negatively… it never seems as though things are done through his own initiative. He’s constantly showered with love and attention and presents because that is in my nature but… it doesn’t seem reciprocal. He appreciates it very much… but doesn’t return as much attention as I give out. It’s hard for me to understand. I know he loves me… but it’s making me start to feel cold. I don’t want to be taken advantage of. I also know that he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me but… I can’t shake this feeling that he’s just lazy in love. Not sure what to think anymore.

  27. Davud

    so, can we say that taurus man & libra woman is not a good match, can’t we? i’m not kinda’ social as libra, and she is very keen on being social, it seems we can’t go well together because of that clear incompatibility. there is nothing happened yet, she doesn’t even know a little of what i dream about? i guess i must not try hard on that relation.

  28. Donna L.

    I’m a libra woman,I have a taurus friend who has a girlfriend.He is such a wonderful friend,somday I hope we can be together as he doesn’t know how I feel truly about him.I don’t want to complicate things as he means everything to me.

  29. J.D.M

    I’m a Libra woman & for some reason I can’t let go of my taurus boyfriend or my ex taurus love affair! It’s like this weird love hate relationship!?! Like If there was no problems we would be perfect. Friends & in the sex department & having children but something just keeps tension between us I don’t kn ow what it is? Got any advice maybe why ? thanks xoxo

  30. John D.

    It’s so nice to go to website after website and hear writers sh*t all over Taurus men.

    Oh dear, we are EVER so boring, dull, and juvenile, aren’t we? Indeed. What a simply horrid thing to take life seriously, and see the world (and the people in it) for what it really is. I mean, this depth, this realism, this intensity of emotion that Taurus men feel – it’s all so boorish, isn’t it!

    How I do so wish I, as a Taurus, could go trippingly through life with the emotional faculties of a ninth-grader. Sure sounds like the superior attitude to me!

    Please. Methinks the “fun-loving” types need to get over themselves.

  31. kimberley

    OMG this is sooo nice!!…thank u very much…i’m a Libra female now talking with a Taurus guy and i was so skeptical at first…because he’s so serious about comittment,,i thought he was just playing me,,,and i’ve never dated a taurus before or have any taurus friends,,so i didn’t know about their nature,,,my friends and ex’s are mainly aquas and saggs…so our relationships have this airy and fun atmosphere to it. But i must say i do like the taurus’ strong sense of comittment and the connection and romance is just wonderful. I definitely see us together in the future and i pray that we work out!!

  32. Daisy

    ok well I’m in a relationship with a taurus and I’m a libra and I love him and he loves me so I’m happie 🙂

  33. Maddy

    Great site! This is the funniest (and most accurate) astrology site I have ever come across! Your descriptions are excellent and made me laugh out loud because of their accuracy.

    Thanks! Keep it up.

  34. tenean

    i,ve been dating a taurus for nearly four years now. when we first hooked up we both were in relationships that were completely unhealthy. we started off as friends but now we cant seem to stay away from each other. i can relate to some points in the article but i do know this man loves me as well as me loving him. Thanks for the tips…

  35. Orlando

    wow. . I’m a taurus & my girl is a Libra. . .& I have never felt a conection greater than this, I do believe that the feeling is mutual & I have never felt more alive. . . I cant say its gonna last forever, cause shit happens. . .everybody is different & handle things in a different way. . I do see myself loving her forever for as long as she wants me, I see myself growing old with her, But then again we only know eachtother for 8 months, so its kind of new, time will tell. . .so if it ends bad I’ll make sure to let you know. But for now just wish me luck. . . Ioved your article. . God Bless

  36. Nikki Perry

    Oh my goodness!!! This is sooo true!!! I’m a Libran, and I was in a r’ship with an Aries until a Taurean ( May 21) who happens to be 10 years younger, slowly but surely had me hook, line and sinker!!! The passion between us, it was like nothing I have ever experienced before, but sadly this Taurean decided to enter a relationship with an Aquarian (4th of Feb) (it’s only two weeks old)Big problem, he says he is still in love with me, and I can’t get over him!!! And when I said I needed to ‘get him outta my life’ the tantrum he threw :O and I typically went cold, we’re friendly for now, but how is he as a Taurus going to cope, and me? when I hate that he’s kissing/dating another girl!!! this Taurean has really knocked me for six!!! I’m obsessed :S

    Awesome article, soooooo accurate!!!

  37. Hayley

    I dont think this is a great pair because i dated a Taurus and im a Libra and he was not so good for me!

  38. Alexandra

    This post is so accurate, down to every detail, that it’s almost scary.
    I’m definitely considering breaking up with my Taurus boyfriend.
    “Libra will just want to slam the door in his face. She will make a pretense of remaining friends, but if he doesn’t shut the f*** up, it’s all-out war.”
    This is exactly how I feel right now.

  39. Kelley Keith

    Excellent article. Witty, informative, accurate and an all out pleasure to read. Many thanks for writing and posting it.

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