Taurus Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Libra Couples: Orson Wells and Rita Hayworth, Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith, George Clooney and Kelly Preston, Harvey Keitel and Lorraine Bracco

Look at this list of famous couples.  Talk about people who live in the Beautiful Bubble.  What secretly ties these two together is beauty, the personification and worship of it by these two Venus-ruled signs.  Yes, Taurus and Libra are both ruled by the planet (and love goddess) Venus.  Sensuality and a love of luxuriating connect these two to one another with pleasure bonds.  They may especially enjoy owning a home together not only for its aesthetic but as a business venture. Both are excellent with money.  Taurus gathers it into money pots,   Libra comes up with the winning investment strategy.  Here’s a pair that loves to own AND TAKE CARE OF nice things.  Look in their driveway!!  This couple can also have a terminal attack of cuteness.  They are the couple most likely to have little white and brown bunny yard art and, guaranteed, somewhere in the bedroom there will be a teddy bear.  They have endearing “pet names” for one another from the start.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Libra Woman:  Talk about how much money you’re making and in general what kind of investments you think are good.   Then listen to him.  He won’t say very much.  He’s kind of shy.  Taurus has the lowest self esteem of all the signs in the zodiac and Taurus is the most introverted sign.  Unfortunately he has been seduced and taken advantage of more than once.  His low self esteem makes him an easy mark for sexual predators so stay out of that territory for the first 3 months    Try to understand.   No one finds him very interesting so if you lend him your ear, he will be in heaven.  Be sincere and try too realize he’s going to take everything you say literally, even to a ridiculous degree.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Taurus Man:  You’ll probably need to brush up your social skills.  If you’re in that price bracket, ask her for help decorating your home.  Show an interest in her and the people in her life.  Unlike you, she’s not a loner and needs to know that you would accept her large circle of friends and family.  Don’t talk about how much everything costs!  Think about some variety in dating.  Don’t go to the same place twice until you know you’re comfortable there as a couple.  I know you expect everything to drop right into your lap but you must put some personal effort out to get this charming lady.  Ask a buddy for some advice if need be.

Degree of Romance:  This couple is likely to fall into a stylized type of romantic behavior which means something to them as individuals.  It may mean setting his slippers out at night, or rubbing her neck while watching t.v.  Their lives with be full of reciprocals like this.  There is less emphasis on romanticizing outside of the home, for example honeymoon vacations or romantic weekend getaways.  It’s not that they can’t afford it, it’s just that these two really enjoy their own nest and likely it is as luxurious and comfortable as they can possibly afford. Look for their bed to have an overstuffed duvet, lots of plush pillows and quite likely a chaise lounge for her.  We vote this the couple most likely to watch t.v. together in bed.

Degree of Passion:  Taurus may try to get very passionate from time-to-time, particularly over issues of possessiveness and jealousy.  Libra, however, is the calm, cool and collected sign.  She will not be interested in playing the Apassionata which is probably a very good thing.  Othello was without a doubt a Taurus.

Degree of Friendship:  Taurus is a loner by nature, not accustomed to traveling companions or project associates.  Libra, on the other hand, is open to everyone’s energy — at least at the physical level.  Therefore there may be a lot of friends in the picture because of Libra.  Taurus, however, really does stand alone as an individual.  No matter how committed they may talk, or how much they may buy into the marriage party line, they never really give up ground and cross boundaries to merge with another person.  Libra won’t even notice, so it’s not an issue.  Libra will think they are best buddies and that’s good enough.

Degree of Marriage:  This can make an extremely compatible marriage.  The compatibility between the Taurus man and the Libra woman is about as good as it gets.  Deep down inside, both are peace-seekers and peace-makers.  Taurus loves to maintain the status quo.  Libra likes change but only on the superficial level; for example, a Libra will re-decorate a house, not re-model it.  Same goes for a marital relationship.  They are both very happy having established the status quo and maintaining it.  This is an important thing to have in common for a long-term relationship.

Progression of Relationship:   Basically the Bull expects ripe fruit to fall from the tree right in front of  him  He doesn’t even want to get a basket to catch it in.  Libra, however, will expect a full-out courtship dance so they will begin to learn to compromise in the dating process.  Libra must keep the relationship moving forward till it reaches a contractual state, otherwise the Bull will just wander around the pasture eating the grass that’s right in front of him.  Libra will probably take many occasions to explain to the Taurus man “just what it is” she wants and expects, which is futile on her part but you can’t tell a Libra anything.  The question with Taurus really becomes — not how to keep him, but how to get rid of him if he bores you to death.  Most Tauruses drop by to visit for the afternoon and wind up spending a decade.

Sex:   Sex between these two has a high degree of affection and sensuality.  They enjoy touch, visual appeal, and the texture of the setting including the pitch of the light, the feeling of the bedspread and sheets, room temperature, is there a fresh air component?  Leisure is a big plus too in their love-making.  This is the couple most likely to set aside a healthy chunk of time each day for the marital arts.  Taurus will give this time period his undivided attention, closing out such daily matters as bill paying, children, and even football games.  Libra will look forward to it as a time to enhance her decorating skills.  No kidding, she may appear with a tray of canapés, special drip and tickle candles, maybe a special after-sex relaxation treat such as a homemade power bar with a ribbon wrapped around it and a cute encouraging note such as “You go, Tiger”, and/or an occasional costume.

When It’s Over:  When it’s over, they will polarize very badly.  Taurus may rage while Libra becomes cold as ice.  Taurus can be very hurt by the unwinding of this relationship.  Libra will just want to slam the door in his face.  She will make a pretense of remaining friends, but if he doesn’t shut the f*** up, it’s all-out war.  See you in court.  This is when it will take the wisdom of Solomon to separate each of them from their prized, precious, possessions right down to the teddy bear.

Our Rating: 9/10

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74 Responses to Taurus Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

  • Leah says:

    My Taurus man said I pointed out his faults, I did’t think so until I started remembering occasions. I told him I didn’t deliberately try to hurt him and that he was right in the things he said to me, I don’t know what else to do?

    He kept some books I had loaned him after saying on several occasions he would return them, is that because it sort of keeps him connected to me? I have apoligized every way i know how, I miss him terribly, how do I get him back. Our relationship took time to grow, but when it did, it was warm, loving, we could talk to each other about anything, we agreed on almost everything. i miss him and want him back, what do I do?? I’m a libra gal.

  • Diana says:

    I was with a Taurus male (and i’m a Libra female) for 12 years and he displayed no signs of being an introvert or a loner! He was very outgoing, musical, and confident! Moneymined like most Taurus males are, he was very cheap! But as a lover, I would say fantastic! But i’m sorry to say for this match, it ended almost 6 years ago in June!

  • Hope Faith says:

    I have been “seeing” a taurus male for over a year now and its been quite different than expected. At first he was sweet and showed that he was interested in me. We had our little ways of showing affection without being too obvious. Things were great until he wanted to move in. After moving in, he seemed to lose interest. Then I found putt he was talking to another girl and lying about it. We split up for a couple months then started living together again. Like a fool I gave it another try bc I cared. This time around, things were great…until yet another woman started giving him attention. Like a flip of a switch he no longer wanted to share a bed. He said he isn’t for commitment and likes to be left alone. Very unpredictable. I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

  • Penelope says:

    Me and my taurus man have been together for five years five long tumultuous years but very fulfilling. what both of us wanted. he never doubted my love for him. or my loyalty. that could not be in question…ever. of course there were misunderstandings where it looked like i was disloyal and it set off a chain of reactions. small things really realy small infinitesmally small things would set him of. i would hold him in my arms and soothe him. hush. i felt his back the stubble on his cheeks as i rocked him. why doubt me? what i did is for our future to build something cordial and prevent negative actions to us. the bull on his part is very steady in his love and theres a lot of effort from him. words were never enough to express my appreciation of his care and concern. i never ceased ot be surprised. libra woman always does the balancing act for the future of her family to build a solid peaceful foundation. i also would undo m acts and set things right to assuage whatever i had caused unintentionally. this is a great combo no mater waht anyone says and will go on evolving and ripening as it has in the past. the momentum is natural and is something that can not be undone.

  • Taurus Men Are Strange says:

    I fell for Taurus man last year in Jan. He the realtionship moved along very fast. I’m 45 and had been seperated for two years so I was ready for love. We moved in together in August and things seemed ok at first. I like to go places do things all he wanted was to sit at home. He seemd happy one minute and secrative the next. He enjoys the company of way too many women, always hiding his cell from me or shutting it off. I received a FB meaasge from some woman in Texas. She asked me if we were a couple or just friends as he told her. I’m still in this apartment while he’s a work trying to figure out should I leave or should I stay.

  • Loving libra says:

    Me in my taurus been together for four months we often bump heads but we are ment for eachother we have more good times then bad I wish the best for us

  • to loving libra says:

    loving libra, what happened to your taurus man?

  • to loving libra says:

    in real life, i know many taureans with libras (wheter as lovers, marriage or best friends) it’s the strangest phenonen. Even my sibling who is an aries sun has a taurus moon is married to a libra sun. it’s the venus/venus, for sure. there’s alot of common ground. and real life marriage statistics show these two are successful. very strange how that works.

  • Ai says:

    my Taurus man (46 years old)have broke up with me by email 4 month ago due to he is not happy with his life, and depressed, also he was not sure our relationship, he had hard life past few years( with job, health and relationship), I have dated him for 15 mons, it is sweet and loving relationship, as I am 43 years old Libra woman, I am very caring and support him during his hardest time last yer, he broke with me in email,and said he adore me and don’t want loose me as dear friend, but he just cannot handle relationship…I know I might unintentionally pushed him to next level relationship… but last 4 months, I really lost…I thought he just have bad time, I would waiting for him when he feel better, I love him dearly, I want to have future with him, but he send all kind mix signal, even slept with me after break up , then I found out he is online dating now( he told me that he is just dating, no GF), I felt be used and really sad and angry… as much I want ask him for other chance, I wondering if he will come back to me…
    I thought Taurus man is good man, now I am all lost… any suggestions?

  • Taureane says:

    As a libra woman when the taurus male (my guy for the last 4 yrs) is slow and the taurus guy is sloooow, she can be patient since whent hey are together they really r hand in glove. theyre having fun finishing each otheres sentences and really pulling off things as they should be n thats when things go on track. Heaven help the taurus man if they be slow nad dont really know wht they are doing or pull some stunts trying to ‘fire up’ the libra female. thats when the woman can get iceeee. iceee it is. really. soo this is right. i fully agree.

  • Ellie says:

    This is sooo funny, and so accurate. I was with my Taurus for about 8 years, Some were the absolute best ever, but the last few were not. Read the ending carefully, it is right on too.

  • Libra relationship says:

    libra/taurus 9/10?

    i can, however see this, too. He’s sitting pretty and she is the cardinal sign spinning around him and they are both peace keepers and deep down love it.

  • Kiyana says:

    Taurus man is great fun and peppy and spontaneous. That’s what I’ve always enjoyed about my bf for the last one year or so that I ve known him. But sometimes he just isn’t there when I need him. very much. desperately. There is a certain underestimation. I feel like throwing up.

  • Kiyana says:

    He doesnot return calls or messages. What is that supposed to mean it look like im a pain in the neck is what I think. I called when I was happy too and he did not return those calls either. So there is no communication really.

  • Tina says:

    @Kiyana I am sorry to hear that. Is that nauseous feeling something that you are going through or is it to do with your Taurus bf? I hope its the former. Taurus men can be very oblivious at times but I don’t think their intention is to hurt anyone. there just good at so many things and do it so well you’d think they would be good at simple things too. but its not like that. Have some patience. The bull is a very patient man and very long lasting. So hang in there and he will get back to you. Feel better.

  • Marie says:

    what is it about Taurus men that is so sweet and yet so… I don’t get why he does that!! Libra woman is blessed with patience thank goodness. My bf of five years is the love of my life but cant get over his ex. He talks about her all the time especially when he sees her at church events. She’s moved on but he doesn’t like her new bf! I mean he’s doing fine himself why worry about others? There’s nothing lacking in his life. So my bf goes and offers his ex that he can talk to her bf about how to do business better and improve things. I guess that’s how taureans are. My bf also thinks his dad didn’t do right by him and was on his brothers side. sigh. its endless. My bff on the other hand doesn’t like the way he talks about his ex all the time and tells me I can do better. the excitement in the relationship is not there and don’t know about the friendship. I don’t know…..

  • @Marie says:

    @Marie lol life is a comedy! of errors. its amazing how people misunderstand. I hope you come to a decision ultimately and find some meaning and direction in your life. It’s not worth hanging out with someone who doesn’t have much clarity in basic thinking.

  • Kinshasssa says:

    haha the last paragraph is partly right! my beau he’s from tanzania and talks Swahili and english. I love when he talks Swahili and it improves me to but sometimes he means veal and Im thinking were going to venice!! but it’s all good cause the people involved are good. that’s the bottom line and that’s why this pairing works and lasts. its a part of life. that’s what he says too that its all good and I like the peaceful part of him.

  • Rosalie says:

    yeah this is a good combo though we agree on practically nothing. I guess the sex is great and is a bigtime glue factor keeping us together. kinky does it ;) other than that we agree on where to go for vacations -sometimes we visit his family in Florida and stay there for a couple of weeks. Theyre alright though im also looking at a couple of other things this summer. I hope he’s ok with it since one is in the Caribbean and the other is the barrier islands. His uncle built a house to retire in the islands a few years ago and when we visit im going to see if its worth doing the same and we don’t have to wait to retire to do that! sometimes I catch him looking at me with a small smile on his lips especially when were in bed and it makes me warm all over. ill go anywhere for him.

  • Age 26. Libra female. My Taurus man is 22. He is very stubborn when it comes to change. Taurus DONT like change too much. YES THEY MOVE FROM GIRL TO GIRL because they DONT really love the girls and they DONT care what those girls think. When a Taurus man is in love he does simple things 4u, he’s there with u … Hes just THERE THATS WHAT HE SAYS IS HIS PROOF HE LOVES U … think about it. He is promiscuous … So if he’s with u daily instead of hoeing around with other girls then he loves u. AS A LIBRA GIRL IF U CATCH HIM BEING UN FAITHFUL .. SET HIM A SIDE DONT CRY BUT TELL HIM THAT U LOVE HIM DEEPLY AND THAT IT HURTS WHEN HE IS UN FAITHFUL TELL HIM U LOVE HIM & U WOULD NOT SHARE YOUR BODY WITH NO ONE BUT HIM & HE NEEDS TO TREAT U BETTER. … Taurus are good hearted but fall easily in and out of love. Dont let him go, he will get lost accidentally cus he does not know any better. He’s like a baby and needs a mom. … AS FAR AS GETTING THE TAURUS MAN BACK … BE PREPARED TO PLAY HIS GAMES UNTIL HE FEELS THAT HE CAN TRUST U AGAIN. …. HES WORTH THE TRY. ….. . Xenia LOVES BRANDON 43ver …

  • jj says:

    “OMG. So there is this Taurus guy that ive been dealing with for about 9 months. I think that hes selfish and stubborn and doesnt treat me as well as I treat him. The main problem is that i cant seem to shake him. I am a libra and I love to flirt and chat with guys but this guy has a hold on me to the point where im not interested an anyone else. I dont want to be a fool and be into somebody so cold but theres another side to him that i cant shake :-( Im not sure what to do”

  • LB says:

    I have been with and not with my taurus man for a little over a year now if you know what I mean and although I love him deeply we have had some rough times he is very stubborn and can be really jealous but when the relationship is good it is GREAT he is very sweet and attentive and he makes me feel like I am the only woman in the world and I like that, we have been talking about moving forward in our relationship but things with him have been very slow but I know he loves me and I feel that he is worth the wait.

  • RO$YE says:

    My Taurus and I have been together for going on 11 yrs now we have two beautiful daughters together. He is a few yrs younger than I. Im sure the age difference played a factor in the longevity of our relationship. We started off slow but once we began to communicate and took the time to learn one another everything seemed to fall into place, dont get me wrong we went through our trials and tribulations but communication was the key factor in our relationship. We have been married for 2yrs now with no end in sight

  • Lori says:

    I’m a Libra woman. I hooked up with a Taurus guy for a few months and I must say he is the most insensitive, cold, stubborn and short tempered man I have ever met in my life. He says the most insensitive things at the time I need emotional support. Mouth very sharp with no care for the other person’s feelings, not rational as he will not try to understand your point of view. If he believes the sky is green, no matter how much proof you show or give him, he will not believe the sky is actually blue. If there is any love, sensitivity or emotion in Taurus men, it comes out during sex I must say. I see where he does have a “nice” side to him but this nice side is like 1 foot tall in comparison to his insensitive/cold side which is like 7 feet tall :( …..I have never been so disrespected and bullied in my life. If Taurus men should be the only men left in the world, I would be happy remaining single and celibate to the end instead of messing with one. BELIEVE ME!

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