Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Sagittarius Couples:  George Clooney and Sarah Larson, Bing Crosby and Kathryn Grant

What these two have in common is a comfort level with their casual animal nature.  A Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman will both scratch where it itches.  They have a big “hangout” zone.   Neither sign will have anything to do with pretentiousness or unnecessary formality.  The home they create together may be hopelessly sloppy to everyone else, but to them, it’s just home.  Home to a Sagittarius is anywhere she hangs her hat.  Home to Taurus is the place where he doesn’t to hang up anything at all.  Let’s just call them “the Happy Campers.”  The only place where this can become problematical is with the budget.  Taurus is tight and Sagittarius is loose.  Some type of compromise will have to be struck.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  I wish I could tell you to wave a red flag in front of the bull, but you lack the patience and finesse, so you’ll have to get his attention some other way.  There are only two things he’s really interested in — money and his own bodily functions.  I think I’ve given you enough to work with here.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Taurus Man: Well, um, try not to fawn over her too much.  Chances are she’s busy, has lots of friends and activities, and likes to be independent.  You’ll have to convince her that you don’t want to put a fence around her — even though that’s exactly what you want to do.  A Taurus man can be very possessive.  You may honestly think you have a right to own her, and there isn’t a Sag gal in the universe that won’t jump that fence and run free. But let her do it — she’ll come back.  Not to worry.  Try to take her somewhere fun, even if it means getting off the couch for a night — and try not to be cheap about it either.

Degree of Romance:  These two can’t be bothered with romance.  Too contrived.  Think of two farm animals grazing and breeding, when inclined, in the pasture.

Degree of Passion:  These two can actually get pretty fired up together.  Sagittarius is half horse and Taurus is symbolized by a bull — the universal fertility symbol.  In fact they may not get a lot of other things taken care of.  They can go all night long and have a great deal of fun in the process.  They are likely to be quite uninhibited with one another and enjoy sharing their bodies in an especially relaxed way.  We can only hope they keep it in the bedroom.

Degree of Friendship:  Tauruses are the most introverted sign in the zodiacs. They are famous for self-sufficiency and the attitude, “I’ll do it myself the hard way.”  They do not make friends naturally, preferring to go it alone.  It just doesn’t occur to them to reach out.  Sagittarius, on the other hand, reaches out to everyone in the most casual manner possible.  To the righteous Sag, strangers are only people who aren’t friends yet, so you can see that there is quite a contest here. These two are not likely to be friends in any meaningful sense of the word, but will be the gift of the Sagittarius woman to bring other people into the universe of the Taurus man if they spend enough time together.

Degree of Marriage: These two have enough in common to make a happy marriage, if they can compromise on the freedom issue, which is a big one.  Sagittarius simply will not be confined, and Taurus must get over his unconscious feeling of ownership.  People are not property.  Sagittarius will come in to your life to make that very, very clear.  If they work out that issue, the Sagittarius woman and Taurus man can be extremely comfortable with one another and enjoy a camaraderie that could be considered unusual between a man and a woman.

Progression of Relationship:   There will be little logic to the progression of the relationship.  Neither sign is inclined to follow rules.  They will quickly sense that about one another and work out a shared agenda for getting together.   Sagittarius moves a lot faster than Taurus, but she will keep busy in other ways until he catches up with her. Both signs have a marvelous sense of humor.  Tauruses are among the funniest people alive and Sagittarius’ other epithet is “the Clown.”  Humor is a rare quality that they share.

Sex:    These two don’t mess around at all about sex.  They both have a sign around their neck that says “take what you want.”  They’re intention in having sex is to have a good time and by that I mean a refreshing lack of religious scruples, hygiene issues, guilt, remorse, or even second thoughts.  I think both would agree with Mrs. Patrick Campbell who said, “”My dear, I don’t care what they do, so long as they don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.”

When It’s Over:  It’s over if Taurus tries to take possession of Sagittarius.  She will simply call it quits one day, let him keep all his “stuff,” and be on her way without looking back.  He will complain endlessly that she “took him for everything he was worth,” begrudge every penny he ever spent on her, fight it in court for years if he can, and never even notice that she could absolutely care less.  She just wants to get away from him — at any price.

Our Rating:  6/10

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136 Responses to Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • Stephanie says:

    WOW!! This is so true! I am a female Sag and I’m dating a male Taurus. He is so possessive and loving at the same time. When we first started dating which was like 4 months I was just having fun with him, now I can’t get rid of him. He’s already trying to move in. Am I trying to run away as fast as I can-absolutely but I keep coming back for more. Maybe it’s the mindblowing sex or maybe because he is such a warm caring guy I can’t help myself…

  • nancy says:

    I love this typical Sag honesty. It’s very refreshing. Glad you stopped by the site to check out your Taurus man!

  • Rose says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. He is Taurus, I am Sag.
    We have so much fun camping, we are very nature/earthly individuals.
    Taurus passion is “out of this world”, they are the type to RAVISH you! He chased me until one day he caught me. Very patient. It seems they have a way of getting what they want in all areas of their life, I think it is that stick to attitude, the patience.
    My dad and brother are Taurus’s, and of course my boyfriend, so one thing I know is that if your love interest is Taurus like’s you, he will try and touch you. They show and touch you how they feel about you…
    They are super possessive, and at times have a jealous streak. Its just they like to protect, and take care of the ones they love. I love the security Taurus provides.
    Good Luck with your Taurus!

  • chrissy. says:

    True.. I’m a sag female and my bf is a taurus.. I must admit, things can get difficult but u learn sooo much from & about eachother. Seems like the areas we lack in, the other fills in for (ex: patience! Since Sag’s have NONE).. I love my taurus and the love he gives and his natural affectionate nature.. I love my freedom but his possessiveness doesn’t bother me.. Its kinda cute.. but all in all, its a great combo once u compromise and keep an open mind =) love it

  • nancy says:

    Spoken like a true Sag, Chrissy!!

  • Ki says:

    I too am a Sag female with a Taurus bf…. it kind of amazed me how accurate this is.. esp. in regards to the progression of the relationship, and the set schedule..,. pretty much everything reminds me of us.. I’m still adjusting to his communication style(very non verbal) as I can talk for days! I used to have an issue with him not communicating or saying that he misses me..but he def shows it in his actions.

  • nancy says:

    IT sounds like you got a great man, Ki. Thanks for the feedback and, please, telll a friend about our site.

  • J says:

    This is so very true. I am a female Taurus and have been married to a Sag almost 18 years. Let me tell you the first 12 years WE BATTLED. I was forever trying to stop him from going out to clubs and I hated him traveling without me. I especially hated his roving eye and flirtateous nature! He spoiled me though, with expensive trinkets and jewelry, good sex, and my sag has taken me all around the world and is a most fascinating guy. While I don’t think bwe will ever REALLY understand each other, as time has passed, and he has become more settled, we are becoming a perfect fit. Besides, he knows now how long my BULL silent treatment can be and I am sure prefers to avoid them!

  • nancy says:

    Sounds like you’ve got him trained!! Thanks for stopping by the site, J.

  • polly says:

    seriously, i’m a sag female, he’s a taurus male, i love the feeling i get when he touches me. so many feelings are transmitted. even a simple hug makes me melt. but then again, alot of girls want hugs from him, so i suppose they feel that way too. i wonder what it feels like for him.

  • polly says:

    seriously, i’m a sag female, he’s a taurus male, i love the feeling i get when he touches me. so many feelings are transmitted. even a simple hug makes me melt. but then again, alot of girls want hugs from him, so i suppose they feel that way too. i wonder what it feels like for him.
    i have a lot of virgo tendencies, am not promiscuous, but if there was anyone who could get me to cheat by touch alone, it would be this taurus man.

  • polly says:

    awww, thanks Rose for your explanation.

  • nancy says:

    Polly, i hear you, too!!!

  • Lena says:

    i’m a sag and i’ve been talking to a taurus for about a month in a half now.. we met years ago when i worked on an air force base. this describes us perfectly.. he always has me guessing about whether or not he likes me because he is very non verbal about it… but he often falls asleep holding my hands to his chest and gives me sweet kisses on my shoulders… so i’m guessing maybe he does like me? im still figuring this taurus out.. and its unfortunate that he just left this morning to Afghanistan because he is a marine.. i’m hoping when he returns in June that we can pick up where we started.i can really see this going somewhere.. even though yeah i do find him a tid bit boring, i love his sensual, sweet side. he always keeps his word and he is such a man about everything. i think a sagittarius woman do need someone who is a little bit more stable than she is 🙂 not to mention, he’s devilishly handsome (like most taurus men)! Tall, blonde, blue green eyes and irresistible dimples !

  • nancy says:

    HE sounds wonderful and God bless all our men and women in uniform.

  • Jenny says:

    Omg! I never really believed in any kind of astrological signs and explanations but what is written about Sag. woman and Taurus man is so true. I feel like I am reading about my whole relationship with my Taurus guy. We have been together for about 4 years now but we took a break for about a year because I just could not deal with his possessions and rigidity but I came back. He is very protective and loving even though he does not say much mushy mushy stuff. But we can be together for days and still I can not get enough of him or I ever get bored. We laugh a lot and have an amazing bedroom moments. I think the biggest thing to do is to be open with one another and communicate; that is so important to work this relationship out. Because we are kind of an opposite signs. Anyhow, thank you for the great insight!!!

  • Ashley says:

    omg, lol – i’m a sag. & my boyfriend is a taurus :] we were attracted to eachother like glue. i’m very outgoing and loud sometimes & he’s laid-back and kind of quiet but for some reason i just had to have him & he was thinking the same about me. we got together and it was like magic- he was everthing i ever wanted , he was’nt too mushy yet he let me know he truly cared for me . but you know how we sags get – right when we hear the word “commitment” we start to back out . and when he noticed me getting kind of distant ; he began to try and undeerstand why – i didnt really like sharing my feelings but his gentle touch and his eyes made me melt . . . i feel like ive known him forever and that we understand eachother . even though were complete opposites ibelieve we balance one another out. ive never felt this way with anyone before considering usually my relationships dont last very long ( ex. 2months – 4months] well my taurus and i are going on a year and a half 🙂 thankx for this !

  • kiki says:

    this is crazy im a sag and he is a taurus we had the perfect relationship then one day he told me he liked me a lot and never spoke to me again can to you believe that!!!

  • SagQueen says:

    I’m a Sag female (25) and he’s a Taurus male (28… almost 29). We’ve been talking online for a few months now and we live in different States but we’re friends on a social networking site and communicate a lot there. We seem to be very attracted to eachother a lot (based on our photos) and I have a feeling the sex is going to be out of this world, when it does happen and he already guaranteed this in a rather subtle manner 🙂

    He’s invited me to travel over to spend some time with him in his State of residence and I’m planning to do so in a few weeks here. Somehow, I have a feeling that he’s not going to want me to go back, when it’s time for me to return to my State.

    I’ve been taking a very keen interest in learning about the Taurus M/Sadge F relationship and it appears that most sites’ predictions tend to be on the negative side. However as an optimist, I’m happy to see sites like your’s with more positive predictions.

  • shiny says:

    hi m sag n bf is taurus.really he gets posesive even if i talk to boys.but he is very loving n very romantic.u know the reason 4 our fights r when i dnt cal him or dnt spend time with him.he wants me 2 b with him 24*7.he is comited n wants 2 marry me.first i was bit afraid but now i now i’ll never get some1lyk him.i luv him vry much n no more scared of his possesiveness.

  • Jason says:

    I’m a Taurus male and am currently chasing a Sag. lady. From an emotional point of view, the descriptions can be scary as Taurus’s usually get squeamish about things not working, but I am stubborn and yet I’ve learned to be flexible. Hopefully its enough for my little archer sweetie.

  • Jason says:

    It also gives me some hints on how to keep her happy and avoid driving her away, I just hope that she knows how to keep me.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Yes, I’m a guy ASKING for directions 😉

  • Jenn says:

    I’m 22, female Saggi and my boyfriend is 32 and a Taurus, we have been together for nearly 5 years and fought like cat and dog, we broke up recently but only lasted a week before we both came running back to each other because purely and simply we couldn’t live without each other (and the mindblowing sex). The other people we found just did not compare. I think this time around we have to try to understand each others feelings more and realise that we are not and never will be the same as each other. I honestly think he is the one and get a bit disheartened when I see that we are not necessarily compatible.

    However, maybe I’m a bit of a different Saggi, I am quite introverted, serious and like being at home and dont necessarily want to travel I am quite philisophical and have some kind of belief that I am destined for something bigger in life… He is the extrovert, always making new friends and the centre of attention… it just seems wierd as if our descriptions have been flipped with the other…

    I would love to be married to my Taurus, hopefully it will work 🙂

  • Tiger says:

    It certainly was not love at first sight, but I can tell you my Taurus Male Buddy of two years is VERY passionate! Soft touches, light kisses……………………………………BUT aggressively exciting. SEX has been fabulous and extremely fun. Just standing next to him, I get worked up! He and I have suffered through the the differences we have, but fighting is always fun too and of course the makeing up twice the fun!
    He is reliable, hard working and focused. He doesn’t “talk” about his feelings, but does touch and smell me! He likes the way I smell and compliments me on my clothes, hair and scent. I know he is just as crazy as I am for him, for me…..but I NEED attention and in our case feel I am the possesive one here! Maybe because I feel I can not “totally” have him, and if I did…I actually may get bored! I do certainly get bored a lot and yes LOVE to travel and be surrounded by friends and good times. He is a home body and actually has anxiety over traveling to far away. I have tried to get “over” him and move on more than once…………..BUT keep coming back for more!!!! I just have such a high reguard for him and his drive. The way HE looks at the world is so different than I and I like it. I for one like our differences….I think we compliment one another.

  • Faari says:

    Well! I m toooooo absorbed in reading all the stuff on this page. I m captured whatever u have given on the site and the others comments. My good Lord. Its really amazing just amazing. This is my first ever time to wrote my comments at any site but ur site just pulled me to do this. I m Sag and I have just found my love Taurus. He is everything i ever wanted or dreamed of. Its true that most of the sites give very diappointing n discouraging information about our relationship but thanx to u a million times u just uplift my spirit nancy. Its fabulous, touched etc. I ve just started reading it and stick to it til the last word of the comments. I want to write but some other time as my love asked me for a lunch. I m a one man woman and I want to be his for ever in a married life. I just want to finish my life in him arms. But he seems not to believe in marriage. we both love to travel, love nature, love adventure, explore new worlds. Wen he holds my hand i feel myself protected, I love to see his hands his slight touch on my hands make me melt. I m a religious minded girl but he is liberal. I like his voice, wen he sings i love to listen to him. He is a poet as well. he use to say “Faari u r just me.” he is a complete soul mate of mine. he always surprises me, what i have in mind he spoke. what i think de does. he says we are just one soul with separate gender. I would consider myself the luckiest on earth if i got married to him because i know this is the only way i can live with him till my last breathe. I m very possessive abt him very passionate and crazy. he thinks me immature but i m very pure in my feelings. i love to listen his praises. Nancy our date of births are 23rd Nov and 9th May, I wud appreciate if u say something about us.

  • Faari says:

    Nancy I m female Sag 23 nov and my love is 9th may. i want to marry him but he doesnt believe in it. can u tell us something abt us, our future.

  • nancy says:

    I think you two can have a Happy Ever After future!! Good luck and tell a friend about the siteeeeeee.

  • Craig says:

    Wow. Finally somone who doesn’t propose impending doom on the Sag/Taurean relationship. My beautiful girlfriend is a Sag and I, of course, am a Taurean. We spend a lot of time verbalising (admittedly, she does the most of it but I’m a happy captive audience) and, yes, we are amazingly passionate with each other. As far as the jealousy goes, I have to say that we would have about the same minimal of that emotion. Very minimal. As much as the Taurean possessiveness goes, I’m happy to say that I guess I’m just not that typical Taurean. I love the outdoors as much as a good couch. Ms Sag is very much the same. So…are we hapless lovers or destined for good things? I’m the 10th of May and the Sexy Ms Sag is the 27th of Nov. What’re your thoughts, Nancy?

  • joycie says:

    i’m a sag 10 dec and my love is a taurean 1st may. we were friends for a good 7 years before we decided to get together, and just having him now means the world to me. i could still remember how we fought and bickered over trivial stuffs when we were friends, but through these bickerings, he actually attracted me with his care and protection. he chased and waited for 7 years, and only came to realise that the many bickers we had were his sign of trying to get my attention. he was patient.
    i was loud, a bit too overwhelming with my optimism and short tempers. he took them well, and made changes in me. now i’m way more feminine and more willing to be tied down. his care and love, and him being protective makes my world. we’re planning to get married soon 🙂

  • nancy says:

    @joyce It sounds like you got a lobotomy.

  • Craig says:

    @Nancy. Nothing like a bit of direct commentary. I agree. I think changing someone is a bad thing. No-one deserves to be ‘changed’ within a loving relationship although adaptation is a natural and progressive movement between lovers.
    So Nancy, and insight on Ms Sag and myself?

  • joycie says:

    yes indeed. my blessings to all taureans and saggis unison (:

  • yvette says:

    l was chased by a Taurean male 6 months ago l tried desperatly to avoid his love and charms as l am married. lm a Sagatarian and to my disbelief l fell inlove, love making is nothing l had ever experienced however l told him l could never leave my husband and that he needed to move on and he did, lm heart broken yet he still thinks we can have an affair he say’s he loves being with me, but l just can’t be the fill in girl for him until he brings out his future wife from overseas. l also run a bussiness with him so it’s not like l can walk away.
    l have told him it’s over but he keeps making remarks that he loves being with me how the blazes do l let go it’s like lm being drawn to him.

  • Maxine says:

    I am totally blown away by this write up. In almost all of the other sites there isn’t much talk about how well these two can get along and see now how much that is so VERY untrue!! Thank you all for confirming my relationship with the love of my love
    Me and my Taurus are a match made in heaven, I just can’t get enough of him, kiss him a million times a day and Just want to get him naked all day every day. His energy puts me on a natural high. Every time I am aware of his touch – I just can’t help but think to myself how lucky I am (And almost burrow and mould myself into him if that’s even possible – Yes, I indulge in him, and do it openly – if I were a cat, he would be my catnip! I Swear).
    I do get moody quite often but he knows just perfectly how to leave me alone until I cool down – and before I know it I am chilled out next to him, very happy and totally content. He would even sometimes come over and comfort me and make me happy in a matter of seconds. Our fights are ridiculous and we end up laughing about it all before we even get started bitching. LOL.!
    He doesn’t even put up a fight when I want to run away and do my own thing for a bit to “be my own again” – it feels as though I need to “get out sometimes” – but that’s normal – I have in the past felt like it’s just not meant to be but that’s just a Sagittarian strait of wanting to be alone for a while… And oh so true, I ALWAYS come running back – let me be an hour or a day – Nothing’s changed – I just wanted a bit of freedom (And all I had to do was make that clear from the start and he knows… can make it clear that it is sad that I am going for who knows how long but hes pretty chilled – I make it very clear that I will be back and I need my space yada yada…). I am pretty damn sure I seem psycho at times to him but he sees a HUGE difference when I come back. Alive and totally content again. Still, he would contact when I am out to check up on me… so I am off doing my own thing – a lot of the time – but that’s a typical sag thing to do :))
    The communication is a bit of an issue and I do think I upset him sometimes with my blunt words – but whatever we do not make up with actual conversation, we makeup with actions and love. I feel safe with this Taurus man. He is big and strong with an OH SO gorgeous smile. And although I just want to blow my brains out sometimes at his natural ability to be so annoyingly structured and routine orientated – with my contradicting ability to do totally different things one morning to the next – it creates a sort of balance that totally keeps me working harder and trying to better myself – being aware of my “do that later” attitude, I get up and do what I need to do. It’s a great match for me. He keeps me busy, and lively, and continuously striving for more. And awesomely enough, with minimal words, he has made it clear to me how “too good to be true” our relationship is. I have no trust issues. I am completely loyal and have faith that we are going to get engaged and married as soon as we are settled (more than we already are) and can afford the family things – and it’s only been almost a year now!! Lucky for me our moon signs are connected perfectly as well – him being a strong and sensitive Scorpio who can attend to me overly soft and sensitive needs of the Pisces moon. He is my twin flame. I never knew this was even possible!
    But anyway, it’s good to know that we can all prove the other websites wrong! Thank you all so much for your comments on personal experiences – it helps to know I am not delusional! Thank you Nancy
    PS: Love the bit about “Happy campers” and “Their casual animal nature” lol

  • RitzY says:

    This is the best astrology site that i have ever come across & its the 1st time am giving my comments for the same on the internet.I am a saggi woman & have had an internet affair with my taurian man since last 7 years wherein we broke off 4-5 years back & finally patched up again.He is very romantic whereas i am moody & even besides ample differences in our traits we are going to get married by end of this year by God’s grace.Till yesterday i was worried coz had read negative predictions about relationship between saggi & taurus but finally i am very happy that i came across this awesome astrology site.

  • Charlie says:

    I’ll say thanks as well Nancy, I’m a Taurus male, and the love of my life is a beautiful sagittarius woman, I’ve been in love with my sagittarius over 30 some years, she was my first love, I’ve come to know that true love never die, she is my every thing, my all in all, if it’s the Lord we’ll get marry, I’ve never love anyone like this before, I love her so much, that it’s hurt. If she every read this she will know who it is. Charlie

  • Charlie says:

    I’ll say thanks as well Nancy, I’m a Taurus male, and the love of my life is a beautiful sagittarius woman, I’ve been in love with my sagittarius over 30 some years, she was my first love, I’ve come to know that true love never die, she is my every thing, my all in all, if it’s the Lord will, we’ll get marry, I’ve never love anyone like this before, I love her so much, that it’s hurt. If she every read this she will know who it is. Charlie

  • nancy says:

    @CHarlie That ‘s really beautiful. I’m so glad you found true love. But you are not married??

  • nancy says:

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  • Villy says:

    Hello friends, I just wanna share with you about my relationship with my Taurus. We started very passionate, it was all so beautiful, he was so caring and loving, like no other man. But as the time passed by I started feeling bored, he was so inclined with his work and the worst thing – he was like a glue to me…We kinda lived together for a while but I couldn’t stand this boredom anymore, so I returned to my hometown and now we have a relationship from a distance. I am sure now that I want to break up wit him but I don’t know how to say this to him because I tried once and he got very sad and didn’t want to hear me….It’s really hard. Nancy, could you help me, please. I can give you additional information about our birth dates – 12.12.1986 with Capricorn ascendant, and he was born on 29.04.1980 – Virgo ascendant. Thank you Nancy, and you guys too!

  • nancy says:

    You have the smarts to wean him. Let more and more time go by between calls, texts and emails in the hopes he will get lonely or at least horny and someone there in town will catch his eye. Meanwhile do whatever you want. You don’t need his permission for anything anymore.

  • nancy says:

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  • Villy says:

    Thank you Nancy, but do you think it’s better to break up with him or he is the man of my life or sth like that?

  • Chris says:

    Hi Nancy
    I have one hell of a twist for you. I was married to a Sagittarius for 20 yrs. It ended terribly, she was an introvert, she cheated and was completely paranoid about me being unfaithful, to the point of being abusive. It drove me crazy.
    I met a new love a month and a half ago who also is a Sagittarius, and I cant say enough good things about her. The Sagittarius in her is accurate to the T and I love it.
    I fell totally and completely in love with her almost instantly. All it took was her laying in my arms and me gazing into her eyes. I melted!!!
    We communicate perfectly, we have tons of fun, weather we are together or not. As far a possessiveness is concerned I love her free spirit and would not change her for anything. I feel we were made for each other. We have passion for each other beyond belief, and cant seem to get enough of each other!! If you know what I mean. The love that I feel for this lady is like something out of a love story. I now know the true meaning of love. I am May 13 1967 and she is Dec 7 1960.
    Something must be wrong with me or the Taurus description. I am an extravert, I love to go out and do things, I am not possessive, and I think we are a match made in heaven.

  • ronnie says:

    Wow! l have to agree with the comments above… I’ve Looked all over for validation of this torch I’ve carried for over 15 yrs. and everything I’ve been reading about this pair is negative… I thought I was loosing my mind. I’m a sagg female and the love of my life is a Taurus… We were young when we met over 15 yrs ago and things just did not work out. Although we had a passion that was out of this world, explosive sex and a connection like no other relationship, we were just to immature to work that hard on a relationship. We separated, moved to different states, married other people, had children, traveled the world but still maintained a connection that I can not explain. (without talking to each other) Over the past 15 yrs I can honestly say that I have not gone more than a wk with out thinking about him. Just when I had convinced myself that I was being silly… I received and email from him (FB) with a subject that simply said “Well, well, well….. It spoke volumes and every feeling I had ever felt was just as strong as it had ever been. When I asked him why he looked for me he said ” When I could no longer feel you… I started looking for you” Typical Taurus style… Now we communicate daily and I just let him pursue me at his slow but sure Taurus pace… being sure not to get so far way he can’t catch me…. I’ve learned that Tauruses don’t speak many words, but the words they do speak are well thought out and deliberate,,,, and the speak volumes to the heart that can hear them…

  • Noree says:

    This is soo accurate! I am a Sag woman and I have ALWAYS come across Taurus men. In a relationship, I find myself being utterly happy, wanting to spend a lot of time with him and yes I’ve had the silly arguments over little things but it doesn’t last. The sex is amazing! So, At the moment, I met this Taurus guy a month and a half ago and we recently confessed that we liked each other. I kinda saw this coming because when I first met him I felt this instant attraction. We have a lot in common as with humor and similar heartbreak stories etc etc. We can talk about everything under the sun and are very open with each other I am much more louder, bubbly and blunt than he is, but he told me he admires the qualities I have. We also always compliment each other. I’m hoping this will turn into something serious because I’m so attracted to him and know what it’s like to date a Taurus, thus i know that i can handle the possessiveness and serious nature.

  • dev says:

    i had found my friend he s taurus only….am finding myself more happy he feels he just dont want to miss me…….nancy can you pls tell whether v ll better future or not

  • Alessandra says:

    I’ve been dating my Taurus around a year …. suddenly I found he has a girlfriend he lives with. By that time I felt in love like never before – I felt he is my soulmate…so It was too late to let him go. It took a while before we make love…. I don’t ask him to do anything, I don’t push … I just enjoy the love I have about him. He doesn’t share feelings, but his moves show me he cares about me and he appreciates me. Once he said: DOn’t fall in love with me, I’ll kick your butt( in a funny way of course) … I never asked anything from him, but why did he say that to me?!?!? Then he asked when am I getting married because he would be my best man, buying me presents etc ( Im not marrying to anyone but for some reason he asked me) …..How do I read this?!

    He is still with his gf…. he is not sure what he wants from life ( he is 36 tho), he is asking himself questions about life, work … He is a very smart man, successful … I guess he is bored and he needs something new ( not sure if that Taurus man cares really) ….
    Anyway Im so happy I met him, he says we have special connection, a different thing – he is right – we’re unique!!!
    All Im doing is to pray!

  • Kitty says:

    Alessandra, he doesn’t know what he wants out of life except that he wants all of it. Taureans are possessive, and it sounds like this one is collecting women. If you’re happy with him being with this other woman (i.e. how things are), then it’s all good because odds are he’s not looking to change anytime soon (Taureans also stick with what works and don’t look for change).
    If you want him to be all yours, your best bet is to leave him after stating that until he’s all yours you won’t have anything else to do with him. If you stay strong and leave him be, I bet dollars to donuts that he’ll come running back in a month or two. You just have to remain cut off from him; give him a reason to chase you!
    Good luck!

  • Kenny says:

    Hi; im a Taurus & my ex girlfriend is a sag. When we first started off it was about sex. But being the Taurus that i am i fell in love with her. I loved the fact that she knows how to cater to her guy & be there when no one else will. It will be 3years dec 27 . But sadly, me & her are no longer together. She say she has found a new love which is a Leo( her star sign ) but as i told her; just because some one is MADE to make you happy doesnt mean its going to work . opposites attract . i fell in love with the competition i was recieving from her. we,ve had our ups & downs. and yes it took me a while to realize things( im a taurus ) . she knows how i feel but i dont think she wants to oppen her self back up to me & i end up hurting her again. thats not my plan. ive grown alot; they say god takes things away from you & give them back & theych more. we,ve been broken up almost a year. i dont care about none of the pain in the past. im willing to throw it in the trash & love her with whatevers left of me.

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