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  1. Kizzy

    I really admire the strength, composure, tenacity and confidence of this Bull mentioned by Shreya……hmmmmm

    But its true Pisces are the worst match for a Scorpio ever ( I think because astrologers are under the impression that Scorpios loves to be in control and Pisces wholehearted just sits right there and lets Scorpio do just that which was quite mundane – infact to be honest it was very distasteful so in reality that fish had to just swim right back from whence he cometh, plus they are way too clingy and exerts super possessive tendencies – only two allowed or should demand a Scorpios total attention at any give time are her children and hubby), Pisces are way too weak and lacks conviction of any sort, lacks confidence to take on any initiative and that’s a real turn off for a Scorpio….uh sex with a Pisces I have mixed feelings, no emotional bonding there, no passion, no soulful connection, no nothing, boring and boring again, and boring some more!

    Scorpios loves passion and craves intimacy and wants to be in the moment and wants their partner to also be in the moment completely….and for this reason we are very peculiar with whom we become intimate with and very protective of our sexuality, infact we aren’t afraid of becoming celibate if needs be, but really its not just about getting naked and start f*@king, it starts with foreplay ( which Pisces highly lacks), lots of foreplay, infact a stimulating conversation is even sufficient for a Scorpio to want to rip your clothes off, for us sex is almost like a tool of communication, we want to connect where the energies release thoughts and values of the relationship, during sex we are very much attuned to everything that’s happening , every single emotion, we become very perceptive of every touch, reluctance, hostility, breath, smell, taste, expression and sound…..once we’ve actively honed in on all these sensual emotions then the exchange of energies between each other becomes so electrifying and incredibly deep to the core. Alot of people do not understand our intense erotic energy and may become impatient and distance but that’s fine, we know the ones who are really worthy our souls and those are the ones we wait for who also waits for us…we can tell who means well from just who wants to f*6k, and the ones who just want a quick f*6k we allow them to go f*6k themselves, we love sex but certainly aren’t promiscuous.
    Passionate love making followed by quickies, cabin stabbins, things we may never be able to ever confess ect ect all follow in due course 😛 …..but initially we must form that bonding first….and that bonding has been initiated long before the bedroom….if you’ve ever been with an evolved Scorpio then you know exactly what I’m talking about 😉

    P.s – no camera will ever be able to capture the look in her eyes or the feelings in her heart when she looks at him <3

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