Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Scorpio Couples: Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo, Lawrence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore

This relationship can be the Achievement Maximizer of the Zodiac.  This is because of the Scorpio woman’s energy.  You need to know what ElsaElsa said about Scorpios:

“I am forever having to tell people what they are getting from the Plutonian in their life – high quality energy. Want a tiger in your tank? Scorpio provides this and hardly anyone recognizes it, so concerned they are that the Scorpio is going to do something nasty.  Are you energized? Are you blooming? Chances are a Scorpio / 8th house type is involved.   I get so sick of hearing what the Scorpio did TO you. Ever think about what they did FOR you? Like maybe brought you back to life for example???”  [end quote]

When these two pair up it can fire Taurus’ ambition to dominate the world (Hitler was a Taurus J )  Gone to extremes regarding ambition we have what I consider to be the stereotypical Taurus-Scorpio pair, MacBeth and Lady MacBeth.  In another Shakespeare play the couple is same sex and the dynamic thoroughly over the top evil, but we have Iago and Othello.  This time the issue is another of Taurus’ favs, sexual possessiveness and jealousy.  If the Taurus man badly underestimates the emotional complexity of his partner, we have something tragic like Medea.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Scorpio Woman:  You can definitely step out on the sexual vibration  This man has “seduce me” written all over him.  Most Taurus men expect the woman to do all the work of the courtship yet their low self esteem makes them suspicious (“Are you after his money?”)  Don’t fall for his stingy act.  Whether he takes you to Burger King, HE has to pay.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Taurus Man:  Act like you are absolutely overcome with lust, speechless with desire and all choked up with emotion which shouldn’t be too far from the truth.  You can act shy, too, since you always are a little bit.  It will turn her on and put her on the prowl.  She’ll do the rest.  she finds your passivity an erotic red flag.

Degree of Romance:   Romance is a little lightweight for the kind of attraction you will experience.

Degree of Passion:  There is more passion, lust and desire here than any three other signs combined.  It’s liable to endure a lifetime.  Just keep away from the dark side.

Degree of Friendship: They make great work partners.  Two people who are very committed have a “do or die” attitude towards anything they undertake together.  They learn to rely on one another with a very deep bond of trust.

Degree of Marriage:  Both partners believe in marriage and are likely to be faithful.  They take their vows seriously. They are hard working and dedicated, loyal to the extreme and most likely very, very ambitious.  Scorpio needs someone to push and Taurus needs to be pushed.

Progression of Relationship:   These two don’t play games.  The relationship will have something at stake early on and progress slowly but surely to a commitment.  They are likely to have two serious breakups before finally settling own.  It will seem like “all is lost” but it’s just a test.  If you are part of such a couple, NEVER give an ultimatum.  It will blow up in your face with deadly force.  A relationship with this much intensity is comprised of some toxins which are harmless if emotionally contained but if they escape containment could be permanently damaging to trust.

Sex:   My vote for the sexiest couple of the zodiac.  There is the constant thrill of seduction and surrender, the danger of obsessive excesses, usually third party temptations, insatiable appetites and a mutual need to always press the erotic envelope.  Taurus pretends to always want to stay in the yellow zone but Scorpio always pushes him over the edge.  She may also reward his material advancements with sexual favors as a motivator.

When It’s Over:  There will be Brinkmanship.  There will be hell to pay.   There will be a pound of flesh extracted revenge, grudge f****** and paybacks galore.  This pair does everything to excess and breaking up is no exception.  It’s too bad about their children and other innocent bystanders.  “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

Our Rating: 9/10

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122 Responses to Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

  • Dr.X says:

    Sweet Jeebus … what’s up with the Hitler crack?

    Nevermind that Charlie Manson was a Scorpio …

    … or that Josef Stalin was a Sagittarius,
    or that Joseph Mengele was a Pisces,
    or Napoleon was a Leo,
    or Ilse Koch was Libra/Virgo,
    or that Shirō Ishii was a Cancer,
    or Heinrich Himmler was Libra,
    or Idi Amin was a Capricorn,
    or Jiang Qing was Aires/Pisces,
    or Myra Hindley was Cancer/Leo,
    or Osama bin Laden was a Pisces,
    or …. oh well … you get the point.

    I guess the “J” is for joking? Why would you even.

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  • Salwa says:

    Hi, my name is Salwa and i’m a (scorpio, 10/23/91). I am still inlove with my ex bf who was a (taurus, 5/19/91). The relationship ended after 8 months which i broke up with him after being distant, and the emotional (scorpio that i am) felt unappreciated and sometimes ignored.
    It was a complicated relationship, its true that I often had the mood swings and sometimes made it very difficult for him at times to be with me. Both of us being hot and cold on days were unwilling to change ourselves to meet on the same wave length, exact polar opposites. Often when i felt that he was ignoring me, i being spiteful would do the same to him until he missed me. That stubbornness on both accounts led to our down fall. Two of us had power struggles, him being more than me. Sometimes just to end an agruement that was leading to a hurtful situation i would give in and let him think he was right. That was the reacurring situation, i would always be the first one to end an arguement, he seemed so “bent up” on his pride would not admit to any wrong doing.

    On his good days he was so sweet and inimate as well as sensitive. It seemed like i would be eternally happy with just him. He was very romantic and sometimes he would have a hard time expressing his words, even feeling uncomforted by letting down his walls he still manged to open up his feelings fo me. To this day even a (year) after our break up I have not found another guy that was so openly loving like him. During the entire break up i was hoping on an odd chance that he would try to win me over and set down his pride. I so easily would of gone right back to him, wanting things to work out. It was obviously clear to me at that time i didnt want to be the one to always make the apology and put my committment when it seemed he was slowly losing interest. I know however that he misses me as well, him knowing that he did equally wrong in the relationship still gave up on us when i wanted him most to show his love. Idk what to do anymore, all i know is i think about him often and if given the chance i would try to make it work again, I never met someone like him and it now seems like thoes problems in the past dont mean anything to me anymore. All i want is his love.

  • Mii birthday Oct 23 also I was in with a Taurus we was together goin on ten months I fell the same way omg glad somebody felt MEEH on dix one ;)

  • Jamal Rafiq says:

    I am Taurus and going to marry a girl who is Scorpio. I born on 12nd of May while she 21st of Nov. Can some one comment based on his/her experience and knowledge and advise us how to start our life. Its a completely arrange marriage we never met and never talk to each other.

    My Marriage is planned next month. There is no way of Uturn in our society the only thing in our hand is how to be happy lovely couple..


  • anil says:

    rafiq if you are the patient type who will listen to everything she demands go ahead be my guest or else call it quits i am a taurean married to a scorpio.

  • Gilson says:

    Well Jamal Rafiq: Its like they said up top… The sex will be good. Dont undermind their feelings, emotions or whatever the fuck. Jealousy, obssesiveness and… hahaha… “HELL TO PAY”, will be there too. But above all, if you’re interested in experiencing life, you’ll give this one a shot.

    I am a Taurus Male (25yrs, 05/04/1987). I’ve had many encounters with Scorpios, mostly Female. My sister is a Scorpio. Hell, one of my favorite escorts was a Scorpio. I feel like i have such a great understanding of this sign, that I can spot them from a mile away. The way they move, they way they talk, the almost inmediate erection that they give me! Its definitely magnetic. It definitely took me a couple of tries to understand them, but who knows, if Jamal and his “arranged wife” (wtf…….) can be big enough to meet in the middle, they might just have a chance

  • Muddasser says:

    Mr Gilson: please tell me more something about your exp with scorpions…as i did get a counter with a scorpion girl…she thought I was interested and I really was…..madly attracted when she was around me…she went away…but she had alot to discuss….and I couldnt even tell her…

  • Chelsea says:

    I am a scorpio female head over heals in love with my boyfriend and better half a taurus male. There is also 12 years differance between us. I am 21 he just turned 33. He has two children who I love more then anything. This is truely a love to last a lifetime<3

  • Alexa says:

    I have been with a tarus male for almost 16 months now. We have know each other ever since we were in grade 5/6. He is a year and a half older than i am. Right now we are in grade 11/12. I hope this relationship to last forever. He is honestly my other half and i dont know what i would do without him in my life.

  • Yerirb says:

    So I am a scorpio and my ex is a taurus. See we dated for 2+ years and then when I broke it off, even though I had good intentions -I broke him and he slowly moved on. I never lost me feelings for him but because I had some serious depression issues and he doesnt like conflict (that, and hes very lively and bright) I couldn’t drag him down with me.Well we still messaged each other and when I got my stuff back together I decided to see if he would give it another try after telling him everything. Well when I asked to get back tigether, he said he felt a connection with this girl taurus and that he was basking in the moment of girls flaunting over him. I was devasted, So i tried to let him go again but then he said he didnt want me to leave his life. Then we had a period where we were trying to get back together, just for him to say he still felt a connection with the taurus girl when he went to her bday party. That crushed him and I because we were going to get back together. I tried to make it work and fight for us three times and got rejected because even though he said he loved me, he still felt something for the girl. I felt played, because the taurus girl didnt have time for him, he came running to me. Due to this he chose to be single and do him. So then I gave him what he wanted, he went on being single and I have been making an effort to move on and then he says even though we arent together he considers me his best friend- I questioned him and he got the feeling that I wanted more(he got frustrated saying if this was too hard then we could stop being friends). Of course I did, but I just told him I didn’t think he felt the same way when we were trying to fix things, but then out of nowhere he confesses all of things he felt when we broke up and when we were trying to fix things. I, then accepted how he felt (best friends only), telling him if wanted best friends, I wouldnt hold anything back and then I continued to try and move on. However, during one of our many text messaging routines, he suggested that we have sex together based on trust. I want my first time to be with him, but I know that if I give it to him, three things will happpen: 1) I am going to fall in love with him again 2) I will want a relationship again 3) I may get hurt again because I may just be a booty call and he may find another girl and because he said he just wants to be friends. I don’t want to be the girl he goes to get some sex because other girls arent avaliable, I want it to be because he loves me as his only and because he wants to be with me and only me. Now I am faced with an even bigger problem because despite what I felt, I spoke before I could think and said yes. What am I to do now???

    Sincerely Remy

  • latanya woodstock says:

    I am a scorpio female (oct-26) and my bf is a taurus (may-25). How can you know when a taurus males really likes you? How do they react? What are the stuff they say?

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  • sacrletjohandsome says:

    So I know my taurus bull man for 2 months and yes I dont get him alsways. What can i do? I try n try and mostly do alright but sometimes a neon lite takes time. And by then I can see the snorting and pawing the ground -my sweet bull is not so sweet then. I guess it will take time. I have to say though hes slow n steady and good so as Nancy says its worth it. Girls hang on to your taurus mate!!

  • Shibamouli Lahiri says:

    David Byrne and Adelle Lutz

  • Mila says:

    Nancy is so right. this is apretty good combo. and iwas with my taurus man for like five yrs before we made it official.there were no problems or at least none that made is think otherwise about each other. i have to admit hes kinda slow but hes alo v patient so thats a good thing in my book. gud luk yall

  • F. says:

    (Winter Passing 2005)

    Broken hearted from a Pisces.
    She leaves me for a Gemini who is the brother of a popular hipster girl who is a Cancer.
    They played DDR together and that was how it happend.
    You know how it is between a Gemini and a Pisces.
    Of course she would choose me over him.

    I conjured up the courage to play a song for her with my acoustic guitar in front of her, her new man and new friends right in front of them.

    It failed.

    My courage and effort was a perfect failure.

    (March 15th, 2013)

    I dumped my exgirlfriend who is a Scorpio.
    I wasn’t thinking right.

    I should have never made that action and held on to my patience.
    Bulls, please don’t let go of your patience with a Scorpio.
    Forget all the other signs you’re compatible with.
    Scorpio is the only one that matters.
    They are all us bulls need.
    Don’t let this one skip from your strong grip.

    I was thinking about going to her house, go into the backyard where her room window is located, gently knocking on the window and play a song for her on the guitar.

    From my experience, I am obviously not going to do that even though she is reall pissed at me.
    I know I would fail.
    I always fail at everything.

    Her birthday is on Halloween.
    She’s different to all the other scorpions.

    I need advice.
    Better yet, I’m trying to convince myself to do what I mentioned above.

    Is this a good idea?
    Knowing there’s a 70% chance of failing, my gut tells me this won’t work.

    Please help.

    Should I do this?
    Is this a good idea?

  • Cloudbuster says:

    i need advice. i was in denial and now so relieved. i couldnt believe it was happenin and im glad its over and all good now. three generations of musicians inmy family and i am supposed to be the fourth. but i dont have a ear for music. as hard as i tried i couldnt learn not an instrument or voice lessons. my taurus man was v patient with me int he beginning and now hes annoyed. i guess that made me rethink and i am reconciled now. that concert is never goingt o happen and that violin is not going to be played. im so relieved. theres other things i can do-im so good at cooking. i love my taurus so much.

  • Whatjustwentpastmi says:

    its not that easy ever. they say it gets easier with time but its not true. what do i do with the two cups i bought-silver. and the two bowls for cereal with spoons. etched. its not easy looking at them everyday. taurus man has no confidence in the people he ought to have and has confidence in those he ought not to. counter-intuitive doesnt always work. of course its the freedom aspect at work-to do what? move from one complication to another i guess is how the taurus man does it. with a lot of patience and elan. when others are whizzing past.

  • Nita says:

    I been knowing my Taurus 5/26 forever and he is great I cant get enough of him we have the best sex and I guess I can say I love him but the only thing is hes not my man he has someone else… What is a girl to do? Im Scorpio 10/25 and im gettin older so im ready for a real relationship.

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