1. Skyla Woods

    I’m dating a Virgo Woman now. And to be honest, I don’t know what the big deal is about this match-up either. It’s been intirely too inconsistent. And she’s done nothing that’s floored me. She’s born on the cusp though, September 22nd, which is Libra/Virgo. Maybe that’s why. I have no clue. All I know is that verbally, she’s the most criticizing woman I’ve ever been with. The most mentally abusive woman I’ve ever argued with as well. I thought I was bad when enticed or baited into arguements. But I was wrong. She’ll take my mole hill and turn it into a mountain. Nothing is ever good enough. She needs constant effection and attention. She wants the social life AND a relationship. You can’t have both. I’ve told her this.

    I don’t care for her lifestyle. I don’t need friends, I don’t need clubs, bars, drinks, none of that stuff. She tells me all the time she doesnt, she prefers me over all of that, yet, she’ll threaten to go out and do these things to be spiteful when I don’t give her her way, or when I don’t do something she prefers. Too manipulating, and too confusing. The sex, in the beginning, (like most relationships) was pretty good, pretty exciting, and we’d go for hours. But she’s too sensitive down there. I can’t be aggressive with her because she’s too weak. I can’t finish her off orally because she can’t handle that either. It’s aggravating. She’s an amazing oral sex giver herself. Outside of that. It ends there. And I’m not some casanova either. As my sign indicates, I’m not into one night stands, I can’t do them. I have to HAVE a connection first. Which usually means sex without mental connections or stimulation won’t get you anywhere with me. But I’ve never had complaints. Other t han slow down, too deep, not like that, how come you’re not tired. Etc. Which often leads most of the women I’ve been with asking “Am I not good enough for you?”. No, you’re PLENTY good enough for me. I just LOVE sex. I know of no boundaries. I’ll try anything, I’ll lick anything. The kinkier the better. In this aspect, the sign of Taurus has me wrong. However, with a rising of Saggittarius and a Moon sign of Virgo. It’s misleading, I can understand this. Virgo’s are shy, Saggittarius are out going, Taurus’ are down to earth. I think I’m all of the above, to a degree.

    Anyways, back to this Virgo here, it’s on the outs as of a few days ago, and it’s mostly my fault simply because I feel I’m more mature than she is, and A LOT more intellectual and I use A LOT more common sense. She never stood a chance though, Christina has had me on lockdown since last year. I know me and Saggittarius aren’t suppose to be together. But my heart, mind, and soul say to hell with these charts because I think it can be done. And she hasn’t stopped talking to me anyways and we did hook up last Saturday.

  2. Datgurrrl

    I think people have Virgos all wrong.Yes they appear cold and reserved and conservative but thats only on the surface and only because they are shy… Once a Virgo trusts you and lets you in to his/her life, youll begin to see the real person and people usually like them. If a Virgo is unhappy or unsatisfied in his/her relationship, he/she can go very cold and appear to be bored/angry/cranky/upset but thats beacuse his/her spouse is not truly making them happy and so they should leave. I believe either Taurus men or Virgo men are perfect for Virgo woman. Maybe Taurus is better though coz Virgo woman love strong men (physically as well as emotionally) and she secretly wants sensuality and passion which she probably wont get from Virgo man. Virgo woman wants to feel like the only woman in the world when shes wrapped in her mans arms and shell expect him to only have eyes for her.. She needs a faithful and loyal partner and she will never settle for second best. She wo not be second best to anyone either. She wants a real man, someone strong, solid, steady and balanced. Someone who makes her feel safe and someone who trusts her enough to tell her all his sectets. She believes romance is very special and it should develop into a strong bond of security, safety, comfort, protection, loyalty, trust and most importanly TRUE love.. Taurus men are similar in a lot of ways but also different enough to keep the relationship interesting. He will be drawn towards her intelligence and find her very attractive. The chemistry should be intense and the communication should flow easily between them 😀 xxxxxx

  3. VirginPenisColada

    I Virgo was married to Taurus for 6 yrs. We rarely argued but when we did it was because I wanted him to express more. He was patient, trustworthy, organized, great with money and planned everything to a fault. He was “okay” in bed but became boring after a while becuase he was sooo routine and I got bored, we divorced.

    7 years later Im dating a Taurus. Found him on our 20 year High School website. Did’nt know him at all in school… funny how time works. I pay close attention to his signs and then I play them, like… he texts about cuddling, so I bring up cuddling off and on… learn to ask questions so he has to respond, like… would’nt it be nice if I was there cuddling with you right now, running my fingers through your hair? He told me his favorite body part is the eyes so I make sure we make eye contact during sex…he looks totally “hot” back at me. I have actually studied Taurus a lot since I met him 6 weeks ago because I want to get this one right. He is somewhat possessive of his food and loves to eat, so when we dine out I ask him if he would like a bite, he always says yes and I get to feed him in public! I totally love it and in return he offers a taste of his. don’t ever take a Taurus’s food unless its offered! lol. Avoid drama in a new relationship with Tarurs, lighten up and have fun.

    He is good with money, loves food, chocolate and family, organized, loyal, sensual, respectful, I love the tone of his voice and when he walks its like watching a greek god. After 2 weeks of dating he invites me to dinner, his whole family arrives… shocker! But he would never do that unless he trusted me to be in his pasture 😉

    This Virgo girl is falling in love with my Taurus boy!

  4. Ugly Horny Alcoholic pushing 40.

    im a Virgo woman and like most virgos we like to analize, so when I read about my zodiac sign I was so amazed. But as far as my compatibility goes I would have to say being with a Taurus man is one of the best. However my experience with one really didn’t last long, mainly cause the timing was bad plus we were’nt right for each other. But im sure that our signs had a lot to do with why we were attracted to each other in the 1st place and why we lasted as long as we did consitering the complicated situation that we found ourselfs in. If someone were to ask me, ‘if I could move the hands of time back and start off fresh and new with a guy from my past, knowing what I know now, which one of them would I choose?’. I would diff pick him simply because I know me, and i’m a true Virgo with a splash of Libra from being on the cuff, and he was a true BULL HEADED Taurus on the cuff of an Aries. If only I had knew this back then…. He was very careful with his money, almost t o the point were it got on my nerves, like whenever he wanted to wine and dine me he would make sure he worked overtime to make up for the money lost. He always kept his word and even that would hit a nerve sometimes, cause sometimes I would expect for him to say certain things just for my pleasure and for small talk but he never would fall for it. And not to mention he was extremely loyal, plus his integrity level was on 100, these are just some of the things I can point out for now but im sure there is more…. And as for the bad part, he was a little bit more cocky then I would have liked. And sometimes I could make him put his own foot in his mouth by integrating him in my own little smooth way, lol. Plus he was so very stubborn which was ok with me cause I don’t have a problem with givin in sometimes. ….Bottom line is; he was perfect for me cause all of the important factors that im looking for in a man, he had them all. He was the man of my dreams! So in my eyes the bad stuff didn’t matter. The problem truly came in on MY behave, which is very sad to say. But ill just count it as a lost, hopefully I will have better luck next time.

  5. msbullobsession

    I am a Virgo woman dating a Taurus. We dated back in high school for about 2 years. Then I went traveling and found out he had made out with his ex while I was away. Subsequently I dumped him.

    Then after 4 years, and him having a baby with a past girlfriend, we are back together. He told me he loved me FIRST after 5 months of him waiting for me while I played the field to see what else was out there, and to make sure dating a Taurus man with a child agreed with me.

    We officially were exclusive, then after 5 days I broke it off because it didn’t feel right with the baby situation. Then he wanted me back and now it’s been 3 months and I love him to bits. I know he wants to someday marry me as he says I’m not engaged ‘yet’.

    He is so wonderful. Treats me like gold, has more than enough affection for his baby, me, and the rest of his family. I have never had a man want to communicate so much and caress me and give me the best sex/actual love making I have ever had. I have been with 13x the amount of partners than he, and he still blows them all out of the water. He is an amazing father, provider, lover, and best friend.

    I hope this lasts and that he doesn’t wander like how he did in the past!

  6. Wish Bone360

    Well all i have to say is she this will be the first and last virgo bi*ch ill ever talk to im a taurus/aries cusp born april 21 and that bi&ch was born sept 17 well all i can say is i murdered her and got away with it legally tht is lolol cause she did some fucked up shit to me but she got what she deserved i hope shes enjoying hell as i type this lmao…Her dumbass mouth got herself in a hole that she couldnt dig her uglyazz out of and im glad…Thats why every year when her birthday comes around i go and stand an shit all over on her grave i hope she enjoys it cause i surely do lmaob……I guess what goes around does come back around…I sure do hate virgo people especially the women dammit i need prayer though 1 down 25 to go lol my prayers i mean…..Wish me luck…Imma need it…

  7. Ashlyn Crowell

    All of this is totally true. It took my taurus man and I 9 years of friendship to get together. It was annoying but glad it happened that way because not only is he my best friend but the love of my life. He brings all the good things out in me and we are a lot a like.

  8. veronica

    I Virgo was married to Taurus for 6 yrs. We rarely argued but when we did it was because I wanted him to express more. He was patient, trustworthy, organized, great with money and planned everything to a fault. He was “okay” in bed but became boring after a while becuase he was sooo routine and I got bored, we divorced.

    7 years later Im dating a Taurus. Found him on our 20 year High School website. Did’nt know him at all in school… funny how time works. I pay close attention to his signs and then I play them, like… he texts about cuddling, so I bring up cuddling off and on… learn to ask questions so he has to respond, like… would’nt it be nice if I was there cuddling with you right now, running my fingers through your hair? He told me his favorite body part is the eyes so I make sure we make eye contact during sex…he looks totally “hot” back at me. I have actually studied Taurus a lot since I met him 6 weeks ago because I want to get this one right. He is somewhat possessive of his food and loves to eat, so when we dine out I ask him if he would like a bite, he always says yes and I get to feed him in public! I totally love it and in return he offers a taste of his. don’t ever take a Taurus’s food unless its offered! lol. Avoid drama in a new relationship with Tarurs, lighten up and have fun.

    He is good with money, loves food, chocolate and family, organized, loyal, sensual, respectful, I love the tone of his voice and when he walks its like watching a greek god. After 2 weeks of dating he invites me to dinner, his whole family arrives… shocker! But he would never do that unless he trusted me to be in his pasture 😉

    This Virgo girl is falling in love with my Taurus boy!

  9. Ivy Love Carter

    I am a Virgo woman and dated a Taurus male(10+ years younger than me).. Our sex life was off the CHARTS! He was by far the best I’d ever had.. (until I met my Better Half who is an Aquarius side note aqua men just need patience :)..) my Taurus boy was strong and confident.. Even his smell allured me. His thousand watt smile. The rough part was my desire for independence. Shortly after meeting him, my roommate situation was rough & the protector within the Taurus came out.. He requested me to move in and share his two bedroom apt with him.. But to be honest, as a Virgo I have caution with everything. I still spent loads if time at his house staying there for 3-4 days and then taking some time to myself at my house w/roommates.. Either way I really felt as though he was needy and clingy.. I did sweet things for him (spent 5 hrs cleaning his house top to bottom while he was at work.. & he was so sweet when he got home. I was taking a nap on the couch & he quietly BMW over and kneeled in front of me, brushed my hair out of my face & kissed my cheek.. ) he was so romantic but our communication lacked. I was a restaurant manager and the late weekend hrs he didn’t appreciate.. My advice give space & reassure your Taurus of your Love for them an you’ll be set 🙂

  10. Toni

    I have never been in a relationship with a taurus guy but sometimes I am curious if it would work. I like them as friends but even friendship with any taurus takes patience, time, and work for me. They do turn out to be some of my strongest friendships. My former roommate, now best friend is a taurus woman.

    When it comes to attraction, I do seem to attract a lot of player type taurus men. The very handsome, well dressed ones that go on endless “dates” and never has a solid girlfriend/relationship. I am a conservative virgo woman that likes companionship, taking things slow. I want to build a strong connection with someone I am with. Not sure why I attract the player types of this sign. I feel taurus males can be double standard types at times, which throws me off and makes me question their intentions. In general, I don’t trust a player, even if our signs are compatible.

  11. gov

    Im a Virgo woman 27 met a Taurus man 22, and had an Amazing connection from day 1!
    He would call me everyday but unfortunately he had a gf – a leo . what hurt the most is
    He would tell me how much he loved her but the connection we had drew us closer and closer by the day and I somehow couldn’t resist. Everytoke he called me I felt a warmness in my heart and it skipped a bit.
    I felt like he loved me but could never say it. Wed talk for hours on the phone laugh tease each other it was amazing!
    I had to make a choice and let him go I still think so much about him and he did try to talk to me this one time but I just can’t anymore not until he let’s go of his leo gf who apparently is his impocompatible match.

  12. Alisha

    I hav a Taurus boyfriend …we became friends on fb …he sent me request I was Jst being cheated with my 4 years old relation…he talked to me u was scared to the boys bt I finally needed a friend to which I could spend my time talking n sharing my pain…we talked at the strt I was afraid I talk to him bt then we both attracted to watch other …then one day he proposed me ..n I said yes…he told me about his flurt nature n the way he blocked so many girls…after breaking with them..I was scared by I still went to relation with him..by the tym he strt asking my nudes…I wasn’t sending him…the. I talked to my grind she stopped me to send bt with his constant requests I strt sending him n then nw he is so moody ,he ignores me n I hav shared about him to my friends …coz he told me I hav a grl frnd from last 4 years n Em nt gonna leave her ..I will marry u both..since it is differnet ..every friend of mine told me he is playing with u …n passing tym..yesterday night he asked me my fb paswrd n I refused because my friends hav talked bad about him..plus I dnt want him to mind about anythng …so he got mad n told me he Dnt trust me anymore..nt even from the strt..we are 4 mnths toghether bt I strt liking him so much ..I wanted to tell my family about him.because my parents are searching mate for me …bt he stopped plus he says Em nt ready to get married …n last nyt he said Em nt gonna marry u nt even I loved u …because trust comes first then marriage n love …I had no bad intentions I jst didn’t want him to get mad at anythng ..plus everyone has some privicies…Em still with him knwing tht he is with another gf he should also trust me …bt he is nt …I dnt knw what should I do …I dnt want him to let go..bt even wants my paswrd anymore ..may be he is bored of me or wot…I knw taureas gets mad easily may b he said so in anger bt I knw this thing aswell tht they are straight forward…can someone help me out …on this site …I am so sad 🙁 n broken …I dnt want him to go n cheat on me Jst like my old bf…

  13. Emelda

    Do whatever makes you happy.Maybe he didn’t want to see it like you saw it.Always remember when one door closes many others open provided you keep believing.PLEASE MOVE ON.Imagine a better tomorrow.

    Life is beautiful and no point in dwelling on could/should have beens. After all,life does not last forever.

    Lots of love & peace.

  14. BlaqueQn

    Im a Virgo that met her taurus man late 2015 from a dating website. We officially met 01/02/16 in person. From the first date we instantly clicked. He told me that I looked even better in person than I did in my pictures. Normally I’m very stand offish when I’m on a date especially someone from the internet. Kissing is very personal to me. We met up around 8pm and our date was over around 11pm.

    We enjoyed each others company so much that we found somewhere else to go. We stayed together until 9 almost 10am the following morning because we didn’t want to leave each other. By the things we left he had kissed all the lipstick from my face.. What’s funny is that he initially was like he hopes that I’m the type of person that has their own life lol, i said yes I do as he found out quickly.

    For someone who wanted me to have my own life he started occupying most of my time quickly be it meeting me 3-4 during the week once I got off from work as well as us going out on the weekend. Smh sounds great right….. It was until I learned that his child’s mother was living with him. He should’ve disclosed that immediately from the time he met me. Then he shortly ended up losing his job.

    Moving forward he promised to take care of my heart i never had a issue with him lying he is very honest, very kind, super patient- i can be a itchbey lol, and a great father. All great things but with him losing his job things have changed mostly his upbeat spirit. He eventually moved his child mother out but he still hasnt found a job and not from lack of trying. Coming into this we both agreed we were in no rush to get into a relationship but that we wanted one.

    Apparently we had 2 different meanings. I meant i wasn’t trying to be in a relationship within a month or 2. He knew that I was dating when he met me but he made it clear that he didn’t want me seeing anyone else which would’ve been fine had we ever got into a relationship which didnt happen because his no rush has no time frame and with him losing his job that’s another excuse.

    So monday6/27/2016 I told him I need him to do me a huge favor and let me go if her truthfully cares for me like he claims because this isn’t fair. I have feelings for him we do everything together like we are in a relationship but he doesn’t want one right now. Over the last few months I’ve attempted to leave him but he always comes back. This time I think he got the picture that he’s being selfish.

    Things with us were great, i think he could’ve possibly become my husband but if he didn’t see ALL THE VALUE in me why keep doing what I feel is wasting my time. Things have to logically make sense to me and when it doesn’t it throws me off track.

  15. bilbo

    I am a Taurus, my girlfriend is a Virgo we have been dating for 3 months, and we both are enjoying it every moments, she and I enjoy dining out together, going shopping, etc; my Virgo woman seems to sorted hold back her feeling for her bull but the bull is being patience for his virgin queen, I know my baby is getting there, just a little more amazing and grace how sweet it sounds. I Love my Virgo, I believe my Virgo Love her bull, we’re striving for a long and happy relationship.

  16. Lloyd

    Been a Taurus man can be very intoxicating for my own good sometimes, I like to take things much slower than normal and its very difficult to find a partner that understands that, so I always find myself been a loner – which I really don’t mind, as what it does is it makes me become more aware of what I want and is truly looking for in a partner, which getting to know someone if looking for a serious relationship, does takes time, so why the rush and ruin it. My Virgo woman would wonder though if it really makes any sense to invest so much time and effort into getting to know the real me in such an unorthodox approach and not knowing for sure where our relationship is headed, if even headed, but because she has the patience (that Virgos are famous for when it comes to something they really care about) (which I really admire that about her) that is needed and is also looking to commit as well, it doesn’t bother her as she feels this process is worth going the distance in the ‘getting to know phase’ which is where me and my Virgin is at now and we respect that about each other which makes our relationship great thus far.
    She tells me this feels so much better than, going to the movies, a party, dinner, hanging out at some random place, Sex—backup wait – Christ-No!!, okay its not better than sex., but OKAY, we’ve had our sexTual moments, so that works 😉 lol – but this is the kind of connection I’ve always been looking for and no one ever seemed to or could have understood that until I met my pumpkin pie with strawberries on top hehehe.

    But once we get to that place where we need to be with each other, its then “BULLSEYE” , we know its time and that’s what will make all the magical moments even more spectacular.

    If I could start over all this process with her again, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing, infact I would have had one wish and that would have been to have known her sooner, but one should especially be really careful what they wish for because the universe is listening and if you are really due a break from all the insanity of those around you, then be on the look for the wish is bound to come true.

  17. TAea

    I am taurus girl…knowing much boys of virgo sign…but I’ve never started a relationship with them…I need 2 know is this my missundrestanding or virgo men certaintly don’t believe in spritual manners?

  18. london

    Idk about this. I have a Taurus friend and we always get into arguments. He used to be so nice and we clicked after getting to know each other. Once people started teasing us. He acts like a jerk to me and says rude things. We end up talking again the next day since we work with each other. Its like a love hate relationship. He gets on my nerves and I get on his but we always comeback to each other. I Love being around him and same goes for him. We always hang out with each other but there’s times where I can’t stand him. 🙂 I do love him very much. He’s my best friend.

  19. yvonne

    This is so true. My Taurus man is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have a connection and no matter what we are always drawn back to each other. I love him with all my heart. It took me a while to realize that he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve but his other actions speak louder than words which makes me feel contented and happy.

  20. Lana

    Me and my Taurus man have the most amazing connection, however my selflessness made us head toward a break but i’m hearing if it’s true love between a taurus and virgo it will never be over and it’s all the matter of time and once the taurus man has put his horns away, i love him very much and feel in every inch in my heart that he’s still in love with me i was his queen he is my king and our relationship is inexplainable to other people, this is crazy yet the best thing i feel i’ve ever had, i will keep you posted!

  21. Jesse

    been with my virgo Queen over a year and we’re still crazy bout each other. We connected so fast, we flirt and laugh and talk shit to one another and we can be so down to earth and talk about life and I love it.. I’m crazy about her… I’ll whoop any guys ass who looks at my baby…im not possessive..im just protective of whats mine ;p lol she’s my better half. I’m 23 and she’s the only woman I’ve ever been with, I’ve never been in a relationship with anyone before her because I only want one relationship… I don’t believe in having exes. The whole point of a relationship is to be with that one person forever, and I took my time and found that person.

  22. Tabitha

    I have been dating my Taurus boyfriend for the last six months and he is such a refreshing change from my previous boyfriends. We have the same family values, hobbies and sometimes there are ups and downs but overall its been great. I met him at a friend’s wedding anniversary and we hit it off right away. I am so excited this weekend we will be going to his sister’s place. He’s definitely been worth the wait.
    Sure this combo is a good one and good luck to all you Virgo women out there- Taurus men are just right.

  23. akiriya

    I met a wonderful Taurus man in 2013 and fell in love with him quickly he asked me out on new years 2014.Now he doesnt spend time with me

  24. vicky

    My daughter is a Virgo and met a Taurus boy the first day of her sophomore year. They have a connection for sure but nothing is going anywhere. She has told her friends she thinks he’s cute and wanted to get to know him, they have talked at parties and games. Your right on in your description about being insensitive at times, in fact, at parties he hooked up with another girl right in front of my daughter and then tell his friends, “I didn’t know she liked me” ? ! duh…I don’t know if I should tell her to hang in there or hang it up ? Although Virgo & Taurus are a good combination I don’t want her to be hurt.

  25. Karma

    A lil fyi Taurus’s help ur virgo let you go! If your virgo needs to see you to say goodbye please go to the virgo in a public setting (if your more comfortable) its not healthy for the virgo to not have the face to face closure,b/c they can not have the closure they need we have to put visual wh mental wh emotional..direct face to face closure is a virgos way of letting go & moving on.. if ur virgo says face to face closure it is for a healthy way easy way for the virgo but u will have a best friend for life! Taurus help me let you go Please let me heal now face to face

  26. I (Virgo) just recently met a Taurus guy. I don’t believe in others descibing you but this I truly believe. This man is the man of my dreams. I recently just met him. Oh he is an amazing person. He’s honest about his feelings towards me. He accepts me for who I am. I am currently in a relationship where I am so very much unhappy. I’ve been unhappy for the past four years. This Taurus guy just came at the right time. He captured my heart the very first time that I saw him. I don’t want to lose him. I’m sure that if we should take whatever we have to he next level it will be amazing. He is so patient with me. I’m starting to fall inlove with this man.

  27. Jaleel

    I’m. A Taurus guy and this is sooooo true I’m in love with my Bestfriend (Virgo) and this is how we act! I thought j took things slow..dude I been trying to get close to this girl for a year and half and she’s finally opening up and getting comfortable. I still have a bit more time to like win her haert completely but like the Taurus guy can thinks she’s the one and everything but the virgo women has to make sure your the one for her that’s why it takes a long time but I have patients =) oh yea and Virgo females will test your heart she will put you out there emotionally to see how you feel about her and wouldn’t tell you how she feels about you. Its messed up a taurus would get pissed but quickly put it aside cuz Virgos are so fine and they can calm us down and stuff. (I LOVE YOU MALEAH)

  28. Karen

    I met a taurus online he is kind and sweet but he isn’t in love I can tell. He pushed for this realtionship. We moved way too fast from a few dates to moving in togehter. I feel stuck and want out Virgo lady says no to Taurus match.

  29. missy

    I have been in a relationship with a Taurus Man for almost 5 years and finally te Bull has asked me to marry him…He took his time and i gad he did and you want to be sure about the person you mary…They are very honest….They take there time but when they say something they really mean it…They love to take care of you and do things for you that you would love them to do without even saying….AND Yes i am in love and we are getting married next summer….YAY!!!!

  30. Po

    He’s 1st Taurus I’ve dated & he’s the best. Since day one there was this connection, this friendship…we can talk for hours & were comfortable when its just us. I did have to learn how to handle his slow tendency to express his feelings. He shows me just on his own time. I’m not going anywhere, we have forever..

  31. dreamer

    Chris brown is a taurus….one day i will meet him and we will have a proper descent conversation.=)

  32. kittylee10

    I’ve dated a Taurus for many years. They are VERY slow when it comes to expressing their feelings, but hang in there. As a Virgo woman, I found this to be frustrating, but there were so many things that we had in common that I stayed in the relationship. As time moved on, the slow, steady Taurus began to express his feelings more and more (not in words) but in deeds. We got along great. We NEVER argued. The sex was good and over time I found that he was a person that I could really count on. He often tried to please me and make me happy. The best thing about the Taurus is his straightforwardness. He means what he says. When he FINALLY says “I LOVE YOU” he means it. You cannot make him say or do anything before he is ready.

  33. lisa

    I tried a virgo it was a nightmare.They are very cold and harsh and always want to tell you want is wrong with something.Being the taurus is so sensitive and will basically go off if pushed or offended enough.It became so bad I just said don’t talk to me anymore.Then the virgo throws fits and tantrums so unattractive I quit on this sign …ughghhg

  34. James

    I just met this amazing Virgo woman about a month ago, and we just started talking as of recently, and I am really taking to her and hoping that this ends in a relationship and that we can go farther than I’ve ever been in a relationship before.

  35. racheal

    This is so true i just met my taurus guy 3 days ago and we are so open with each other…but i feel as if there somethings wrong we had our first kiss and after that hes been very distant but i still like him but idk about him

  36. gina

    i don’t know if all of this is true,i am with a taurean man we just finished ayear and a half …we have many problems actually we fight like every day but i love him and he loves me soo much . he is just very nervous all the time but he is really kind …i actually don’t know if we are right for each other

  37. anna marie

    right on the “bullseye”. i agree on the compatibility between the male taurean/female virgin. but what about the other 11 planets? (the moon, mercury, venus, mars…)

  38. Michelle

    I dated a taurus man for about 3 months and have mixed feelings about this. There really slow and a virgo woman ultimately needs motivation to keep something going. She is likely to be quite critical and move on otherwise inspite of the taurauean’s good qualities.

  39. Laeticia

    We have had our moments my taurus man and i but couldnt agree more. i still remember we met at the vontrapp musical show the one by the family. He was there with some family kids and more from his neighborhood and knew my bff. thats what i liked so much about him. He’s slow sure but he does take the time and extend himself occasionally even though he couldnt care less about musicals and such. Five years later and we are doing fine. theres upds and downs for all.

  40. angel

    My taurus guy is a real baby always wanting my torching, but when dat bull is out on rage I do jst calm down and after the range we are back again playing like nofink did happened. Persistence works for me(virgo) any time we have issues and kind of like my persistance of not letting him go.well this is quit impresive.

  41. Cassandra

    my taurus man isnt like that at all, he never shows affection, he only wants to be around me when i dont want to be around him, we dont talk very much, i really dont even know why we are still together but there is just something holding us together. i dont get it and its very confusing because i like to plan out everything (totall virgo) and i feel like i cant plan anything with him.

  42. ishu and shrey

    this is almost true and at points proves wrong in our case..
    but overall the positive things are well said..
    also, most of the couples are like this only, but exceptions are always there..
    we are lucky to have each other in life.. feels extremely lucky..
    we like each other’s warmth.. and wants to be with each other 24X7..
    hurts when we are about to go back to our temporary homes…
    🙂 .. but,, feels good also , that the next day, both of us will try to wear sumthing nice 2 impress each other more..
    we fight on small small things, but , deeply somewhere we both know that , these fights cannot create a problem in anyway.. rather, it makes us stronger…

  43. molly

    I find it funny how accurate this description is in every way. When we met, my man was (and really still is) a total romantic, always bringing me flowers and lighting the room with candles and cooking dinner, and he still does these things but I feel as if, when we met, he viewed a relationship with someone as a string of romantic gestures and moments, where he was extremely masculine and she was extremely feminine and they played out their role of romantic boyfriend and girlfriend perfectly. I’ve always felt that when I’m in a relationship with someone, if they’re not my best friend as well as my boyfriend then I’m doing something wrong. I love the romantic gestures but I’ve got a lighter, sillier side to myself that generally takes precedence over the solely romantic side of me on a day-to-day basis, and if I’m with someone and spending a great deal of time with them I want to be able to laugh and have fun and be goofy and not have to be ” ‘oh darling’-ing ” that person in low tones constantly. There’s a time and place for that, of course, but it’s not all the time with me. And it’s great because I feel like he brings out my romantic side and I bring out his goofy side. He’s the best lover and best friend I’ve ever had.

    I could ellaborate about every point this post made but to put it simply, it really is just spot on about every aspect of our relationship. I’m glad this website gave us a 10/10 but I didn’t need to read a blog to know that he’s just right for me.

  44. Unique

    this is so true..we are a great combination, but we have to go slow with those Taurus men!!!!

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