Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Aquarius Couples: Uma Thurman and Arpad Brusson; Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen; Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein

I guess it is possible for any two people to get together on some basis, but this is a wild stretch of the astrological imagination. Taurus is so conservative and Aquarius is so out there it is hard to conceive of these two having a single thing in common except their stubbornness. Furthermore, Taurus is interested in money and material well being while Aquarius could care less as long as he has an ideal that he can dedicate his life to.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man as a Taurus Woman:  Show your intelligence and detach from the personal. Focus instead on the issues that surround him. You are probably going to meet him as a member of a group working for a positive goal for the community, so take advantage of those circumstances to create conversation. Aquarius is fanatically loyal, so you should believe in his cause or at least be willing to learn more about it. If you don’t think you can commit to it, you’d better leave him alone.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman as an Aquarius Man:  If you are intersested in a Taurus lady who has her own finances, you have a good shot of wooing her with your glamorous lifestyle.  She spends a lot of time doing simple things like housework, gardening, sewing, paying the bills, cooking, and shaving her legs.  Your causes and vast network of interesting “friends”  can really be attractive to her if she’s got a stable life of her own she can always go back to.  Be respectful of her needs and take the time to explain things to her carefully and you should find that she is willing to join you on some exciting adventures.

Degree of Romance: It is hard to be romantic with an Aquarius because he puts the value on friendship. When he refers to her as “best friend” the lady bull may not understand the complement fully.  This man is not into flowers, candy, handholding or special feelings.  All Aquarians seem to have a time space issue where they crowd as much as they possibly can into each hour of every day.  She has got to be prepared to get up early and go to bed late if you want to keep up with this dynamo. Of course, this leaves little or no time for romance, which he will consider a complete and utter waste of time.

Degree of Passion: Both these signs are capable of intense focus which passes for passion; however, it will be toward, in the case of Taurus, material possessions, and in the case of Aquarius, The Cause. They can lead two separate lives if they get to know each other well enough, and it will be very helpful if Taurus  shows some passion his projects.

Degree of Friendship: This is one sign combination that can have a high degree of genuine friendship (which Aquarians value above everything else). He has a humanitarian streak and code of honor that insists he devote himself to the well-being of his fellow traveling companions on the planet. She will have to extend herself a little. It will help if she can hook up with some people in his network (again, to show support for his cause). Tauruses are not unfriendly but the act of extending herself is not necessarily natural.

Degree of Marriage: These two could stick out a miserable situation for a long, long time because each one is too stubborn to admit they have made a mistake. Please look outside yourself for comment as necessary as to the appropriateness of your liaison. In some cases the façade of a marriage is maintained while Aquarius vacates the premises at every possible occasion and gives Taurus the money to furnish and provide for the home. Tauruses can withstand a lot of loneliness.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship has a lot of pushing and shoving in a psychic sense. Each is bossy and thinks they know how to make progress. Taurus is possessive, and she has a long list of activities and even duties that she expects the Aquarian to do, whereas Aquarius is always interested in closure so he can move on to other things. If he is interested in her, he may try to rope and tie the lady bull so he can get back to the rest of the rodeo.

Sex: Taurus wonders how you can have sex outside your body, where Aquarius invented virtual sex long before the Internet came around. It’s not that Aquarians believe in fantasies, but they are capable of communing with the others in a sort of Vulcan mind merge. The energy connection is satisfying to the Aquarian and substitutes nicely for two bodies meeting. Naturally, this is not going to go over well with the Taurus at all, but then she is perfectly capable of satisfying herself if it comes to that.

When It’s Over: Most of the fireworks inherent in this combination will come at the end. Taurus has a spectacular temper and Aquarians are able to stomp off on a dime. The willfulness of each sign makes compromise difficult and explosions inevitable. Taurus may think she owns the Aquarian, which is a disaster waiting to happen since you can’t control an Aquarian whatsoever. Any Aquarian worth his salt knows that all he has to do is leave to assert his famous independence. I have an image of a magician handing an empty hat to a bystander who shakes his head saying, “Where did he go? Where did he go?”

Our Rating: 2/10

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59 Responses to Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

  • angel says:

    I’m a taurus woman and I’m talking to an aquarius man. We have always hung out with his friends around. Then just recently We hung out once by ourselves. However, he was playing a video game the whole time online. He kept using phrases such as, “this is all for you”, “I wanna get to know YOU”, and used the term “best friend”. He said he enjoys our time together….
    During our time apart, he rarely ever texts me. I feel like our relationship is of convienence. I suppose he spends most of his free time playing that stupid videoo game. SO I downloaded the gameso I can play with him. lol
    iddk, I guess I’m just totally damaged and don’t want to be led on is all. I like him a lot and he says he likes me but isn’t looking for anything, but me being a taurus, I like relationships and only do things if I know the relationship is going somewhere. so, I guess time will only tell and I’m not good at just going with the flow of things. I like everything when I want it. idk what to do……

  • Peter says:

    @ angel “I want everything when I want it” that right there is why I can’t stand Tauruses, they’re so damn stubborn

  • Christy says:

    This thing summed up my marriage. I am a Taurus women while my husband is an Aquarius. We are both too stubborn to end the marriage, even though it is physically killing us (slowly).

  • Matt N. says:

    I feel that i am opposite when it comes to what the author says about commitment and being touchy feely as i love to cuddle and hold hands etc. I am chivalristic and enjoy pampering her, cooking for her, taking her places going out to dinner etc. I want a relationship with her and have been willing to work on things with her as we have had very similar and very different upbringings at the same time…

    I am an Aquarius male and have been talking to a Taurus women for the past 3 months. Our relationship, which has not ever been made official, has been like that of a roller coaster with amazing highs and a few low’s. We have been intimate a few times and spend a lot of time together, almost everyday it seems since we met over the summer.

    Our age has played a part in a negative way I feel in that I am 7 years older than her & we are both under 30. She was raised with a strong religious background & is very traditional. She admitted at one point in time, that she was attached to me but slowly has been sheltering herself away, emotionally, over the past 3 weeks. I wonder if I have become too attached to her over the few months and am scaring her away by communicating with her too much via texts and phone calls. She does not ignore me and answers when I call.

    She has had a rough past, Ex’s who were abusive, and I feel she is outlandish at times and secretive about who she spends her time with when we are not together. I do not have a problem with any of this as I know it is healthy to have your own life and friends but understand it must be hard for her to overcome her past when it comes to trust and relationships given her most recent breakup.

    I try very hard not to wonder who she is texting or hanging out with when i go to work, which is not that hard when I think about how much time she spends with me when she could easily ignore me and not answer my calls when i call her as she is extremely beautiful and people are always looking at her when we are out in public. I know she gets “hit” on quite often on a daily basis.

    She has told me that she is torn between having a relationship and not having one as I have certain qualities that she loves but at the same time, as mentioned before, we are in different stages of our lives, me being 7 years older than her and both under 30. I fel age is just a number as we get older but she is still in college and enjoys partying with randoms and what not. I have been there, done that so to speak. I sometimes feel as if she has only been hanging out with me because she likes to make me happy and does not want to disappoint but then again maybe I am just over thinking. I have gone out of my way many times to try to make her happy and I know she enjoys the time and memories we have made together.

    I want this relationship to work and have done what I can to please her but sometimes I feel as if our relationship may never become official or that we may just end up friends in the end given her past and time needed to come back around. Even though she has separated her self emotionally over the past 3 weeks, we still spend time together almost everyday which tells me, she still wants sometime out of this… no?

    as i write this at work.. she texts me and its 1am.. she was going out with friends partying tonight… coincidence?? IDK you tell me…


  • Yvonne says:

    the aquarious i know… well he cheated on me and his current gf with each other. i know is hard to understand… but with all my life experience what i can say is that the few aquarious i have had the plesure of meeting are assholes till they turn 25 or so… i mean… they are inmature and all they want is sex… well maybe that is guys in general.lol. although it took me 4years to get to know him… and get over him…now i can say… that even though i am not 100 percent over him… i am really close to getting over him… and all this aquarious boy turned out to b was the biggest mistake in my life. I hope he and his gf all the happiness… and hopefully i dont bump into him in the future… bc to this day… i still hate him and love him… i hate his betrayal… i hate… everything that has to do with him. I know this is not related at all to what people are saying in this horoscope thing right now… but i just needed to get this out… to feel better.

  • Yolanda says:

    I am a taurus woman and I married aquarius man . From what I read aquarians are suppose to be loyal and commited. I dont think this is true cuz my aquarius husband cheated on me continously and even while I was pregnant ! With diff women . Even got another girl preganat while he had a preganat wife already. Anyways I am a single mother now even thoufh legally we are still married he hasnt shown he hasnt come around for me or his son its going on two yeRs and he still being a dirtbag out there cheating and lying sad but true

  • Alaysha says:

    Call me crazy but I do not fully agree with this. I am a Taurus woman and I am dating an Aquarius man and our relationship is great. He truly is my bestfriend and I could not have asked for anyone better. Out of all the relationships I’ve been in this is by far the best one yet. I have dated man who are “supposedly compatible” to me and I was miserable in that relationship. Until I met the man I am dating now and I honestly know why it never worked out with anyone else. Of course like any relationship we have our differences but I would not call it something that we are both to stubborn about to admit we are wrong or break up. I just call that not giving up on your relationship so easy and working through your problems. Our three biggest thing are communication, respect, and honesty. I believe without those you cant have a relationship, of course with trust added in there but that is a given. You also can not based your relationship off of all these zodiac signs and readings because love is love and what the heart wants is what the heart wants. It shouldn’t matter what some people say on a website is should matter what you say and how you feel. I love my Aquarius man and we happen to be the worst compatibly couple if that made sense lol. But the point I am trying to make is we are proof that these two signs can date and be great together. Hope everyone just finds true love one day no matter who they are suppose to be compatible with but because they truly love that person.

  • Torri says:

    I’m a Taurus woman and I’m talking to a Aquarius man. At times he annoys and harasses me but I think it’s just because he really loves me. And partly because I feel as if he’s lonely and he just wants companionship. He told me he’s been hurt and he wants something real and that will last.I don’t really know how to feel about him. I guess he’s just growing on me. I mean sometimes I like him but that’s only when I haven’t talked to him. I guess I’m just compatible with his actions thus far and it’s almost like I expect it. So when I don’t get a gm text or gn text I feel abandoned. Idk I hope that made sense. But on the other hand our relationship is more like on the lines of him wanting to be with me more then the other way around. Like he complains to me about not spending enough time together and not talking enough. And I’m more like we don’t have to talk and be together all the time. I mean he’s super clingy towards me. And plus he’s 26 and I’m 19 so we share difference in maturity. Like he wants marriage and kids and I don’t really care to much for that right now. Like I just want to have fun and enjoy my youth. But sometimes I don’t feel like he has trust for me because he’s been hurt so many times. He is always accusing me of being with other guys. Smh we’ve been talking for 3 weeks and it’s this crazy so I don’t know what to do and really where to go with this relationship????

  • Eva blue says:

    Had three Aquarian bfs in my life. They are attracted to me only when I acted like a player. When I show my true self they got shock. Aquarians love cheeky mind but when I fall in love I become too heavy….. I sometimes feel myself as heavy and emotional ball bag as well. I get so nervous and worried when I am dating because I think that If I speak too much it might bore the hell out of the other person. It is so stressful and hard to have good time when I am with someone I like. All my Aquarian friends are great; I treat them like a business partners. They try to hang out with me more but I push them away as I do not want to be closer. These men are sweet, soft like feather, makes fireworks around you but my instinct always say ” Peter Pan is from wonderland”. Even If I really want them, I rather keep them as my peter pans, the beautiful spirits, dancing togather in the fireworks once in a while.

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