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  1. alexis

    I have read soooooooo many readings for my Aquarius man =-)
    I’ve dated 3 and didn’t know until I fell in love with my last one and realized the similarities. He made me realize why it didn’t work with the rest & why I couldn’t knock this attraction to Aquarius.
    I’ve never commented but I have a response to a lot of those heart broken and confused. Especially to Lisa and the one Aquarius man that commented. I want to be someone’s resilience to keep pushing or others strength to let go.
    The biggest hurdles for the Taurus woman/ Aquarius man relationship is communication and understanding. These signs are both FIXED!!!!!!! In astrology, a fixed sign is very sure of themselves, very stubborn, and also extremely loyal (Scorpios, Leos, Taurus, Aquarius). These signs are hard to sway. Their word is bond. But from the signs I named, I attract those in my life the most. I also keep the around the longest because of their natural self-confidence…
    Now, I used to be the bitter Taurus woman who would blame him for everything wrong in our relationship but still stay to complain -___- I obviously was delusional. So much to the point that I realized my delusion. I would always look up Taurus readings, Taurus Aquarius readings, but never Aquarius readings. I would always point out his flaw or mistake but would overlook my own. As a Taurus, I can be extremely self-absorbed and forget everything if it doesn’t pertain or fit into my life like I want it to and that was my biggest downfall.
    Three things everyone reading this has to understand:
    2. Your faults are not what makes you special, they are what you need to work on the hardest.
    3. No one is the same & no one is perfect.
    Astrology gives excuses to the people who say well this is who I am and I can’t change that!!! And my Taurus ass loved anything excusing my flaws: my stubbornness, my loudness, my temper, my logic/practical approach to everything, my laziness, etc.
    AQUARIUS & TAURUS ARE THE EXACT SAME PERSON!!!! Do not let this astrology shit fool you. We are polar opposites meaning we are the exact same just on opposite sides of the extreme. The north & South Pole, ying, & yang, summer& winter (literally), wind & earth. Seemingly things that wouldn’t need/know the other but two things that work in harmony/ on the same chord. HEAR ME OUT. I’m stubborn, l know it all, in a lighthouse for my friends & family (meaning I bring them together & give the best advice), I’m creative & fun, I love talking, in very intellectual and so is my Aquarius.
    “Just because someone doesn’t love like you, doesn’t mean they don’t love.”
    My Aries mother helped me put this all into perspective. I shared his flaws with her just for her to tell me an exact time I was just like him. He’s too aloof, too on the run, too into friends, too quiet, too moody. But I’m too practical, too much in my home, emotionally shut off from friends, too talkative sometimes, and sometimes it seems as if I have no emotions. Then I thought, aren’t I moody? Don’t I love my friends? Don’t I love being a hoe and talking to multiple people (Taurus don’t deny it!)? Anyways, I realized that was me on the inside. Only my mother knew this but I was mad at him for openly being the person I was on the inside. I faulted him because he was transparent to the world when I hid from the world.
    Understanding someone could change everything. Understand what they long for and desire will help you with your relationship. When I began to research Aquarius men, I realized I had been doing it all wrong. I would explode when he does the same thing over and over but I would get mad if he completely walked away. But I was wrong. I was wrong in thinking like a Taurus instead of a human being. I’m extremely keen on my surrounds and pick up on most things in the physical (senses). But he wasn’t as keen to my signs of me not liking something. Instead of being a human being and expressing to him what I didn’t like when he first did it, I thought it was common sense when he had no clue. I realized that he would leave because he felt more alone and even more misunderstood that he couldn’t deal with trying to fix what was wrong. Especially with me acting like a bull.
    The Aquarius man is one hard to understand but one worth understanding. They definitely believe in true love but are extremely aloof. So what usually happens is they fall in love in a week and get their feelings hurt. They will continue the relationship secretly trying to get you back for something you probably don’t remember or will keep a chip on their shoulder. Ex: I’m a slow and steady Taurus when my boyfriend fell in love with me and I rejected him 2xs. After 8 months in the SITUATIONSHIP I was upset that we weren’t in a relationship. We talked and he finally made it official but not before I admitted I was wrong and that I shouldn’t have kept him waiting. Now even though he believes in true love, he won’t be a fool to love. Because he gets hurt so easily, he knows that he must keep going so he in turn has “no time” for emotion. And that’s not wrong to be like that. I had to start understanding. He runs away because he knows people won’t understand his feelings or will think he is over exaggerating when really that’s how he feels. That explains the aloof nature and the walk up and leave attitude.
    AQUARIUS ARE ATTRACTED TO TAURUS BECAUSE WE UNDERSTAND THEM IN SILENCE. And that’s what they prefer. But you have to get that Aquarius to talk & open up. They can’t open up if Taurus continues to only see the flaws of other people & snaps on people when they don’t know what happened in the first place. As a Taurus, you are your Aquarius’ safe haven, the logic guru, the gushy lover that doesn’t make it feel gushy. Embrace your powers (patience) and this could turn out amazing. The Aquarius is the Taurus’ safe haven too, IF WE LET THEM. As soon as I start understanding and communicating with my Aquarius, I saw the most amazing side to him. He was my safe haven, my opposition when I’m always right, my get up and move when all I want to do is be lazy, my shoulder to cry on when I guilt myself into a corner. I had to realize that differences weren’t bad. I just hated being wrong.
    AND TO LISA: (and any other Taurus guilting their Aquarius for being them)
    BE REAL WITH YOURSELF! Is it his fault your life is in shambles or yours? A Taurus is loyal to a fault. We will literally let people use and walk over us just because it feels comfortable, because we don’t like change, because we don’t like being wrong about our decisions. The second I put my pride to the side and said hey I made a mistake, was the second I realized my life SHOULD NOT BE A RELATIONSHIP. My Aquarius made me realize that life goes on, even if you’re sad and heart broken. I had broken his heart millions of times just to prove a point and he always came back. And it was stupid because breaking his heart broke my own but my point had to be made -__- He did something that was wrong and I took my friendship and love. This made him value it more and realize I’m not like the rest of the zodiac that likes to play games. A Taurus can take a long time deciding something but once the decision is made, it’s made for life. I would say hey I can’t do this anymore, but still hang with him, still fuck him and get mad…… But that loyal Taurus stuff fucked me up. Because the Aquarius is a friend to the Taurus. The Taurus in turn has to be a friend to the Aquarius. Why stay in a relationship if you are unhappy & then blame it on someone else? It hurts Taurus to turn away from people they love but sometimes a punk fake is necessary (a fake pulling back just to see someone’s reaction). I was forcing a marriage like relationship on a 22 yr. old rapper. He didn’t let me go but let me in his world. We changed each other. I helped him understand that having hoes isn’t where it’s at and he helped me realized life has to go on. When I was feeling lazy and unmotivated I had to remember life goes on. When he was meeting groupies at the studio he had to realize the stable life Taurus provides will not stand for a 3rd party. So we make each other better. I had to learn that a friendship was more important than a relationship. The friendship is always going to last even when our relationship was rocky. And because I understood that, he changed his ways. Now our relationship is not rocky. He understands my need to know what he’s doing just like I understand his need for excitement. `
    Being with my Aquarius on and off for two years, we’ve both realized that life is better together. We’ve trumped so many strongholds together that I couldn’t imagine falling in love with any other person or sign. At first, we didn’t understand each other but we did understand that we loved each other and that never faded. TAURUS- DO NOT RUIN SOMETHING GOOD! I almost did. We sometimes think that because someone doesn’t run after us that they don’t love us. But if both partners are worth having why did I run away in the first place. THE AQUARIUS IS THE ONE SIGN THAT TAURUS DOES NOT HAVE TO FAKE FOR. They understand you and most importantly, you understand them. You both long for each other. But Taurus are too in their heads. I was too concerned with people never seeing a single emotion that I had hid them all from the one person I needed to see them. He felt alone, cold, and that I was very distant. And he was right. Taurus has a way of distancing people because we know they wouldn’t understand. Your Aquarius does. Love them & they’ll love back 10xs harder.

  2. Chineseboxes

    Thanks a million and ten hundred times @Lisa Smith, really do appreciate the account of all your experiences, it has really been an enlightened eye opener on all the things I refuse to and will never compromise on and even if it means not to ever pursue or attempt to fullfil a dream of a relationship let alone marriage with an Aqua Man then so be it.

    end of lent today…..END OF STORY forever!

    p.s. – To everyone out there looking for real love, there is no such thing, they are all a bunch a liars, cheaters, users and genuine assholes, save your heart the trouble and torture and be your own happy place.

    Love & Light folks, take care and be good to yourself always; no one can do that for you.

  3. Asobo

    Hi am a Taurus in love this Aquarius guy we on Jun 21 we where happy together going out every day chatting all night suddenly he just stop texting and calling I try o find out what was going on he just he is no interested in the relationship that we can only be friends and nothing else . H

  4. Kynance

    @ Lisa Smith . . . I don’t think the problem is the Aqua sign here . . Your ex-man sounds like a psychopath narcissist. You describe my 22yr marriage to a tee . . But he was a Leo.
    I am with an Aquarius now.
    Sure . . I know it’s a mismatch and I’m scared to give my all in case i get hurt (me = Taurus).
    But he has persued me enough for me to give him another chance . . He’s tardy and untidy and a few other niggles . . But he is gentlemanly and polite and (so far) very loyal. I have seen much much worse out there from ‘compatible’ signs . . . So I’m going to try harder and put my horns away as much as I can.
    I honestly think your guy was a narcissist . . And this can happen with any sign.
    All the best guys x

  5. CheckPlease

    @Lisa Smith: Wow the person you described sounds exactly like an Aquarius male in his fifties with the initials J.S. who happens to be married for about 28 years and works at the DWP…..hmmm. He frequents a skating rink every Thursday in California and has been flirting dangerously with one or more of the female skaters there despite his sporting a gold wedding bad. At one point in late January 2016 he brought his wife (possibly you?) to the skating rink only in an failed attempt to make one of the female skaters he flirts with jealous. He wears dark colors in a miserable attempt to go undetected in his wrongdoing.

    He is very possessive, seeks to control (ha! even though he is already married), is cold, moody, fake, a “good actor”, is egotistic, jealous, and has a dark energy about him. He is vague, and is careful in his choice of words in attempts to control the mind and emotions of another, in a failed attempt to paint a “good boy” image.

    This past Thursday (yesterday) he quietly and passive aggressively stormed out of the skating rink at the end of the skating session because one of the female skaters he flirts the most with was getting so much attention from other male skaters, without walking her to her car like he normally does.

    Lisa whether or not the person I just described is your husband I encourage you to muster the mental and emotional strength to leave this man once and for all. Everything (which I’m quite sure isn’t everything) you outlined points to a miserable, cold, controlling, selfish, toxic, and unhealthy marriage for you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. He is entirely toooo old to be emotionally and mentally unstable. Don’t feel compelled to stay in the “marriage” /”relationship” just because 30 people/family members come to visit your home for the holidays. Don’t feel compelled to stay in this pony show with him just because you’ve become “comfortable” or because the two of you share the same friends, or because you are married to his family and don’t want to be criticized by them or your friends.

    At this point it’s all a pony show, it’s not authentic joy, love, and respect. You’re still being neglected physically, mentally, and emotionally and are selling yourself short. It’s not too late. You have more of a support system than you may realize. If you don’t feel like you have a strong enough support system to leave him where he stands then consider this post your support system. He does not respect you. You are stronger than you think!

  6. kbrownsugar

    My experience with a male Aquarius is crazy been friends for about 4 years the last past year in a half has been emotional rollercoaster ride for the both of us. He asked me twice for a title relationships and I declined both times. However my ex (Pisces) violent threats was the reason for my decision. However the Aquarius male and I female Taurus continue to have a sexually relationship as well as a genuinely friendship. The sex is amazing. It is getting to a point where we both are wanting more than what we have so far. We don’t always text or talk everyday I’m sure he would love for me to call every day but I don’t. My time is very valuable I work, have class, kids so texting is convenient for me. He does has a large number of female friend. Which I don’t mind because I do also have a few male friends that are purely platonic. I think out of our short comings the glue for us is our friendship and plus the sex is like a cherry on top of friendship between us. I enjoy my time spent away and together

  7. Ms_Enid

    No Enlightened, there is a commodity called Pre-Maritial Counseling , those flaws are nothing short of what a few sessions can do to adjust…..in addition, in my opinion nothing worth having comes easily, takes alot of time, effort, patience and nourishing to achieve the goal or results you really need.

    I have a question for you, if you dont mind please…Do you believe that people can/do change – ok maybe I should rephrase that because change covers a much wider spectrum, so maybe I should say: Do you believe that people are capable of having or showing a sensible and much needed practical approach of what can be achieved or expected by making a well grounded compromise on the actual challenges in order to make a marriage work?, if yes or no, elaborate please!

  8. Enlightened

    @Lisa Smith- Do you happen to live on the West Coast? Does the Aquarius man’s name start with a “J”?

  9. Enlightend

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa…….wow……THANK YOU soooo much for the eye-opener. You know? I’ve been feeling this Aquarius dude for a while. My intuition regarding him, his character, and his energies had already honed in on so many of the things you mentioned in your post, even in his attempts to be vague with me and dodge certain questions. I believe you. THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping save me from a mistake of a marriage.

  10. Miss_Enid

    Hmmmmm, that Lisa Smith sure dished it all out, left nothing for the faculty of forming new ideas, some things sounds pretty not far from the truth, others I cant agree or disagree on because I have never lived with nor had a relationship with an Aqua before, but be that as it may, been a Fearless Scorpion, that does not terrify me in the least, so if he will turn into a kleptomania after living together or marriage whichever comes first…let him prove Ms. Lisa Smith wrong, I will give him the benefit of the doubt, it don’t matter.
    At some point in a persons life they do realize that selfishness does no good to oneself and certainly realizes that an irritating behavior does not win them any points either, and there really comes a point when people really want to enjoy the benefits of been in a truly devoted, faithful and committed relationship and will do all the can to keep the union strong and happy and alive. So I am not going to judge a person based on someones else experience, mark you I wont be naive and gullible either but I think everyone deserves a fair chance, how they demonstrate will make or break whatever is. And that’s why it is very important to get to know someone before deciding on forever, but I heard that Aqua men are Gamophobic and that they find all the excuses in the book to delay ever getting married IF they feel you are not the one, AGAIN I have no proof of that…hehehee – But I also hear that once they find you to be the special one that captures their heart, you get the most loving, caring, devoted, romantic, fantastic, bombastic lover…AGAIN I have no proof of that either hehehe! What I do know is that all they really need is for someone to love them and accept them just the way they are.

    To each his own, maybe Taurus/Aqua aren’t that compatible – hey they got a 2/10 rating – Idk- BUT it all narrows down to UNDERSTANDING & COMMUNICATION and in order to understand a person, communication is vital.

    Sorry Lisa, better luck next time girl!.

  11. Kristoffer Bank

    This isn’t always true! There are many Aquarius men that are totally romantic. And in many cases, this combination works well. Take the late Aquarius, Wayne Allwine, the voice of Mickey Mouse. He was married 3 times and had 4 children! Then in 1986, he met and fell in love with Taurus Russi Taylor, the voice of Minnie Mouse. They married in 1991, and remained inseparable for years, up to his death in 2009.

    Another example I can think of is Aquarius playwright Andrew Upton. He married the famous Taurus actress, Cate Blanchett, in 1997 (my birth year), and they’ve been inseparable since! You see, this combination stands a chance at happening, as long as there’s effort put into it.

  12. Jonny

    @lisa smith – you sound like you suffer with strong delusions of grandeur, he is not wrong for being the way he is, you are wrong for believing that he needs to be how you want him to be. sounds like youre very conceited and single-track minded like most tauran women and just want everything to go your way. i can see why he wants to get away at every possible chance – i would too just from reading your comment because i can tell you are a pessemistic debbie downer who likes to nag and complain – which also very strong taurus women traits when they arent being treated like disney princesses. welcome to the real world.

  13. Lisa Smith

    I have been in a relationship with an Aquarius man for over 19 years, within the first few months he showed signs of his wondering eye, he would often leave me to go talk to his “girl” friends, he was always constantly surrounded by women who he claimed were just friends. More on that issue later. First and foremost, Aquarian men make great friends but you should never go beyond that, in a friendship there is give and take, and Aquarian men will give and give and take very little (in return) when they are in a friendship. However in a relationship they do the opposite; they take and take and give back very little, you end of feeling really depleted and exhausted having to deal with all of their problems and drama which they constantly surround themselves with. The little bit of affection and attention they do end up giving you in a relationship helps to maintain the status-quo but there is no great love story or passion to be had. They are not soul-mates and can not be in sync with what you want our of life or who you are as a person, you end up feeling very alone and isolated even when you both are in the same room. One thing that is at the heart of the problem is that as a Taurus woman you will want stable, honest, faithful and good people to surround herself with, however an Aquarian man is the opposite, he will actually seek out the most broken, the most unstable, the most crazy, the people who constantly create and crave conflict, the people with low self-esteem and who are usually the misfits; who don’t understand how to interact with normal society or act with normal behaviors. These people are the ones who no matter what refuse to be stable adults because they would rather act like children and call themselves “unique” and “special” they are usually the parasites of society getting financial support from family members or living with a lot of debt to maintain the illusion that all their crazy behavior actually pays off. These are the people the Aquarian man want to help, to fix, to support, these people make the Aquarian man feel needed and loved. So if you are a stable, hardworking, emotionally stable Taurus woman then expect that you will be lonely because your Aquarius man needs a project, he wants to be fixer, he wants to go out and share his knowledge and expertise on everything, and even if he can’t help he wants to be there for “emotional” support. It could be your birthday, it could be Christmas day, a child’s birthday, it can be your 10th year Anniversary, his phone is always turned on to the highest ringer volume, he will refuse to turn it off, he will take that phone call, and he will leave you if someone asks for his “help” even though they have other friends, he will feel the need to respond and he will jump into action. Even in the middle of lovemaking, he will leave you to go and help a “friend” and if you protest, fight or argue then expect that he will shut down and refuse to talk to you or be nice to you for the next couple of days until you apologize for not letting him go and help a friend.

    If you think this is great and you really want a “good” guy who is really “loyal” to his friends and family, keep one thing in mind, this one thing that will drive you absolutely crazy for the entire time you are with an Aquarian man, the people who he calls “friends” and “family” are never friends to him. He is sacrificing time with you, time to build up your relationship, time to build your love, your life together is often on hold, for people who would not return the favors they receive so easily from him. They are never loyal to him, they don’t treat him with respect, they don’t value his attention, they are takers and that’s all they do is take from him. The people who claim that Aquarian men are great in a relationship, are usually the nut bags who create conflict and drama on a constant basis in their lives, they need constant saving, they are the takers not the givers in society. For example, these people often get into fights with family members, friends, people at work(assuming they have a job), they are always going out, they can never stay home(because home is just too boring for them), their house is always under construction or is in disarray, they live “high on the hog” or are always trying to keep up with their neighbors or friends who are wealthier than they are. These people are blood suckers, time suckers, energy drainers and drama queens. Then to replenish a sense of balance back into his life; to input some sense of normalcy and kindness, an Aquarian man will seek out the comfort and attention from you; a Taurus woman. So when those blood suckers are done draining his energy, he will seek you out and be nice to you because now it’s up to you to be there for him; to make sure his life is in order; cooking his food, cleaning the house, doing laundry, taking care of the kids, paying his bills etc. However when you want or rather need to be taken care of, when it’s time for him to listen to your problems, to make sure you are happy, guess what? He is gone again! He has what he needs to go out an help another one of his so-called “friends/family” and you are left alone waiting for his sorry ass, hoping that he will actually spend time caring about what is going on in your life. And when he does give you the time of day, it is only because he isn’t being pulled away by someone else; he has nothing better to do, so he will be like okay I guess I can help you because no one else wants me right now. I am being dead serious, this is how an Aquarian mind works. He goes from person to person, he can never sit still. And the only reason he is with you is because he is using you to solve his problems; maintain the house, cooking, pay bills etc, so he will play nice and pretend to be your friend but he isn’t really. He is not being there with you because he wants to be, he is there because he gets something back or he has no where else he has to be. If you don’t create drama for him or create problems for him to solve, then guess what? He becomes your blood sucker, your energy drainer. He brings other people’s problems into your relationship, he will be moody, non-responsive, unhappy, he will refuse to talk to you because his family is sad so he can’t enjoy life. There is no equal give and take in this union, he can be trained to do his laundry if you say no because he needs it for work or to go out and be friends, but it isn’t because you two are sharing the work load. He is quite comfortable with you doing Everything. If you ask him to do something and he doesn’t want to do it because he is reading his favorite blog or watching a show(which he can pause) he will give you attitude and the silent treatment because he will see it as you are ruining his day. He literally wants you to be the 1950s wife who does the cooking, cleaning, kids, groceries, everything…while he sits in front of the screen and relaxes. The only caveat is if he sees you are in pain or you complain long enough he will help but it is never constant, you can’t rely on him. He is absent-minded and honestly after a while you just end up doing it yourself, it’s easier that way and you won’t have to deal with his mood swings.

    That’s another thing, he is often so moody that the slightest thing will set him off; if your voice is raised, if you are annoyed, if you are having a bad day and he feels that he is being criticized, like somehow you are blaming him for your bad day, when in all honesty you are just venting. An Aquarian man is very temperamental (erratic) meaning every interaction has to be on his level, if he is calm then you have to be calm, if he is mad you can’t be more mad or he will just walk out and leave. He wants interaction only on his terms, however with his friends he puts up with all kinds of bullshit but with you he has to be shown respect and courtesy at all times. I am being dead serious, his friends and family members can disrespect him time after time, they can treat him like dirt and he will have nothing but nice things to say about them, he will love them and be there for them, he will be their doormat. However if you “disrespect” him once (call him an idiot for leaving you alone on your birthday) then he will start seeing you differently and not want to be with you until you apologize to him for making him feel bad.

    Also, there is no meeting of minds. An Aquarian man will go out of his way to disagree with anything and everything you have to say. In the beginning of the relationship when he is on his best behavior he doesn’t show his true personality as being stubborn, judgmental, egotistical, vain, self-obsessed and argumentative. Instead he comes across as being kind, easy-going, non-judgmental, giving and generous. He is very deceptive and only shows you the best because honestly he wants to you to like him. In the beginning years of the relationship you will think you are really lucky to find such a wonderful and sensitive man who loves his family and is truly good on the inside. When problems arise he promises to change his ways and begs for forgiveness. If he did something wrong to hurt you then he is sorry and he won’t do it again and of-course he does it again and you forgive him because he has a way with words. He says things like I love you so much, you are my life, I am sorry, I have never been in love before I am learning. You as the Taurus woman are so trusting and are always willing to give 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances because you are so kind hearted and good (possibly naive to the ways of men) that you forgive him because he seems really geniune; he will actually cry in front of you and beg forgiveness. However when you live with an Aquarian man only then do you see the true person. You see the demanding nature where you have to cook and clean the house for him and for his friends so they can come over. Even though they just spent all week together having lunch, talking on the phone, now you have to be the good wife and cook and entertain his friends and family when all you want to do is re-charge your batteries in the safety and comfort of your home. You honestly start feeling like his live-in servant. You don’t want to have sex with him because you get to see how unstable, moody, disrespectful, vain, egotistical, judgmental and argumentative he truly is. But by the time you finally realize no more talking or arguing can fix this relationship, when he stops showing his nice side all together and their is more bitterness than happiness, when you want out, you realize that you are now old, with kids, have just given the best years of your life to a man who doesn’t respect you and what you do for him. And you get mad at yourself because deep in your heart you knew you should not have forgiven him when he left you the second time to go be with someone else because he is such a “good” person and that is what good people do. You get angry at yourself and then you accept your faith, you realize that you are in this mess because you believed all of his LIES: of him wanting to change, of him being truly and deeply in love with you, of you being his best friend, and of being his one and only true love. You wake up from the stupor of you believing his bullshit because you have a very logical mind as a Taurus woman and the inconsistencies can’t be explained away and you can’t hide from it anymore, you made the Biggest mistake of you life: being with an Aquarian man. And even if you have a good day, all he needs is to get a phone call and he is gone, he has no loyalty and no devotion and in essence no love for you, he can’t because he is tied to other people who he considers his family and his friends. He is not tied to you. Reason, logic, loyalty, true love does not come in play when it comes to his family or his friends because he wants to be the best son, the best sibling, the best friend, the best co-worker etc. and being the best husband and father are usually the last things on his very long list. As a Taurus woman we only have a select few people who have earned our love and respect but for an Aquarian man, everyone becomes his friend and everyone deserves his loyalty, time and attention if they want it.

    Lastly an Aquarian man is extremely vain. He wears a mask of being a good person, so in the public, he is seen as a hero. He likes that description and works very hard to maintain his outside fake personality, only when you live with him do you see that he is flawed, sensitive, moody and he has to be constantly entertained. In the middle of watching a tv show, he will be on the phone reading news or texting. Every beep the phone makes he rushes to see what is happening, even while driving if the phone is ringing he wants to pick it up and I’m like you can call them back later, he gets grumpy, moody and refuses to hold a conversation with me until after he has responded to the call, only then will he be sort of okay again. His says it “might be important” and my thing is: it’s illegal, dangerous and it is never important. He is in constant fear that one day he will miss that all important call. I truly believe in his head he thinks he is some type of superhero who answers the call and who comes to everyone’s rescue. When dating him, I never saw any of this hero saving mentality or any of his personality flaws, he kept it well hidden and was usually on his best behavior trying to impress me and the little fights we would have I could forgive because I honestly thought he wanted to change. Now that we live together, I see he doesn’t want to change. He just wants me to sit around and wait for him. He sees me as holding him back from being there for his family and friends. I am left doing everything while he gets to go out and enjoy life. He wants to save the people who he “loves” or who he considers a friend and sometimes that includes me and other times (many other times) it doesn’t. In addition to all our other problems, I never feel that he gets me. He always has to keep busy doing something. One thing that is totally true is that as a Taurus woman I am firmly grounded to reality and as an Aquarian man his head is always in the clouds. He likes to live in a world of fantasy: these people who he considers friends and family who do nothing for him, who disrespect him, who ignores him, who uses him for what he can give to them: money, time, his work expertise, he lives in a bubble where he thinks they care for him, even when time and time again they are mean and selfish. He is really like the wind he goes wherever he wants and gets mad if you hold him back from doing what he wants, when he wants. And as a Taurus woman I am like a tree providing shelter, shade, food to others, I am loyal, grounded, real; what you see is what you get. He was not real, he has been a huge disappointment to my life and now I am stuck here because like the tree I have put in roots and have built my life up on this hill where his wind blows. The reason I wrote all of this today is to save one Taurus woman from making the same mistake I did years ago. I had read above that someone said it’s been great dating my Aquarian man, he is so different than other people they were “suppose” to be a compatible sign with, all I want to say is do not fall for that fake persona. Do not get lured into a relationship with an Aquarian man, they are not being themselves, do not get stuck like I did, do no think you can change them, they will never change, do not think that it is nice that they are so loyal to their friends and family, that is going to bite you in the ass when you are home alone with the kids and he off saving other people. An Aquarian man cannot be happy, he will always be distracted by someone else, he is drawn to drama and conflict. An Aquarian man likes to think of himself as a fixer, as a judge, as a source of knowledge so he will always stick his nose in other people’s business. He cannot and will not ever let people go, he has a low self esteem and has to be included in every thing. He needs and seeks the approval and validation from other people such as friends, family and co-workers. He is not sure of himself and is not confident, he is usually faking it. An Aquarian man is usually introverted, shy, moody, grumpy, extremely volatile with an explosive anger, their fake persona that they have crafted over the years, comes off as confident, self-assured, logical, nice, friendly, approachable and in control. You only see the real Aquarian when you live with them. Their parents, siblings, friends they all think he is the greatest person, they have never seen the real him, he has never shown them who he really is, he always gives them the best. As a Taurus woman it usually takes a lot to rile us up but when we do, watch out, then we want to make back up however with an Aquarian male, it takes Very Little to make him angry and he Stays angry for a very long time, he does not want to make back up. He just wants to leave. My point is don’t be fooled into falling for an Aquarian man, don’t have kids with him or you will be stuck, live with him for a year or two without kids or even pets and you will see the true man surface, no one can pretend all the time, you need to live with them in order to see them for who they really are because Aquarians are highly deceptive and cunning.

    As Taurus women we are kind, giving, loving, devoted, trusting and are the most loyal people, after close to 20 years of being with this Aquarian man I can honestly say we have had some good times not great (never great) but we have had the worst of times, real bad times where he refused to listen to reason, we have gone into debt because of him, we have lived in bad areas, have had to be unhappy for a very long time because of his poor decisions and constant fighting, he has broken up and threaten to abandon me and the kids when I was extremely ill. I will admit, I like the fake person he pretends to be, that is the person I fell in love with, I see that person maybe twice a week if other people and work doesn’t stress him out, he can’t handle stress, usually he takes it out on me, like why can’t I do more to make his life easier. I can’t change my life or my circumstances and I have learned to ignore all the bad and only focus on the good, I have had to in order to not go insane living with this man. His coldness and lack of empathy still astounds me to this day, given the fact that the moment someone else has a problem he is ready to rush in an save them but I have realized it’s because he wants their respect and approval and he knows that I am stuck here with him and I will never cheat or abandon him. I am truly committed even though he is not. So all I can say is don’t be fooled by an Aquarian man, look beyond his fake personality because what you see is definitely Not what you are going to get. If you are willing to give up huge parts of yourself and your sanity then maybe you can survive the way I have, taking it day by day and by trying very hard to not get into arguments; letting a lot of things go, then it can work but that is a huge price to pay and you will be lonely in the end because he just doesn’t understand you and he can’t relate to you on your level. Everything ends up being a conflict because the two of you just don’t fit, he is used to being fake and you are used to being real, he wants to be everyone savior and you want to built a life and a family together, you want him home he wants to go out, at the core, you two are different and your differences will rip you apart. Constant conflict and strife are inevitable in this pairing, don’t suffer through it, even when you think it is better, he has usually been lying and hiding things behind your back. These two signs are completely opposite and incompatible. I truly feel the only times when we are truly happy is when I am being what he wants and he is pretending to be what I want. And that is no way to live unless you have to. And hopefully you won’t have to, get out while you still can. Find someone who is truly worth your devotion, love, time, trust, compassion and loyalty. Don’t waste one moment of your energy trying to make a relationship work when the foundation is built on sand.

  14. Eva blue

    Had three Aquarian bfs in my life. They are attracted to me only when I acted like a player. When I show my true self they got shock. Aquarians love cheeky mind but when I fall in love I become too heavy….. I sometimes feel myself as heavy and emotional ball bag as well. I get so nervous and worried when I am dating because I think that If I speak too much it might bore the hell out of the other person. It is so stressful and hard to have good time when I am with someone I like. All my Aquarian friends are great; I treat them like a business partners. They try to hang out with me more but I push them away as I do not want to be closer. These men are sweet, soft like feather, makes fireworks around you but my instinct always say ” Peter Pan is from wonderland”. Even If I really want them, I rather keep them as my peter pans, the beautiful spirits, dancing togather in the fireworks once in a while.

  15. Torri

    I’m a Taurus woman and I’m talking to a Aquarius man. At times he annoys and harasses me but I think it’s just because he really loves me. And partly because I feel as if he’s lonely and he just wants companionship. He told me he’s been hurt and he wants something real and that will last.I don’t really know how to feel about him. I guess he’s just growing on me. I mean sometimes I like him but that’s only when I haven’t talked to him. I guess I’m just compatible with his actions thus far and it’s almost like I expect it. So when I don’t get a gm text or gn text I feel abandoned. Idk I hope that made sense. But on the other hand our relationship is more like on the lines of him wanting to be with me more then the other way around. Like he complains to me about not spending enough time together and not talking enough. And I’m more like we don’t have to talk and be together all the time. I mean he’s super clingy towards me. And plus he’s 26 and I’m 19 so we share difference in maturity. Like he wants marriage and kids and I don’t really care to much for that right now. Like I just want to have fun and enjoy my youth. But sometimes I don’t feel like he has trust for me because he’s been hurt so many times. He is always accusing me of being with other guys. Smh we’ve been talking for 3 weeks and it’s this crazy so I don’t know what to do and really where to go with this relationship????

  16. Alaysha

    Call me crazy but I do not fully agree with this. I am a Taurus woman and I am dating an Aquarius man and our relationship is great. He truly is my bestfriend and I could not have asked for anyone better. Out of all the relationships I’ve been in this is by far the best one yet. I have dated man who are “supposedly compatible” to me and I was miserable in that relationship. Until I met the man I am dating now and I honestly know why it never worked out with anyone else. Of course like any relationship we have our differences but I would not call it something that we are both to stubborn about to admit we are wrong or break up. I just call that not giving up on your relationship so easy and working through your problems. Our three biggest thing are communication, respect, and honesty. I believe without those you cant have a relationship, of course with trust added in there but that is a given. You also can not based your relationship off of all these zodiac signs and readings because love is love and what the heart wants is what the heart wants. It shouldn’t matter what some people say on a website is should matter what you say and how you feel. I love my Aquarius man and we happen to be the worst compatibly couple if that made sense lol. But the point I am trying to make is we are proof that these two signs can date and be great together. Hope everyone just finds true love one day no matter who they are suppose to be compatible with but because they truly love that person.

  17. Yolanda

    I am a taurus woman and I married aquarius man . From what I read aquarians are suppose to be loyal and commited. I dont think this is true cuz my aquarius husband cheated on me continously and even while I was pregnant ! With diff women . Even got another girl preganat while he had a preganat wife already. Anyways I am a single mother now even thoufh legally we are still married he hasnt shown he hasnt come around for me or his son its going on two yeRs and he still being a dirtbag out there cheating and lying sad but true

  18. Yvonne

    the aquarious i know… well he cheated on me and his current gf with each other. i know is hard to understand… but with all my life experience what i can say is that the few aquarious i have had the plesure of meeting are assholes till they turn 25 or so… i mean… they are inmature and all they want is sex… well maybe that is guys in general.lol. although it took me 4years to get to know him… and get over him…now i can say… that even though i am not 100 percent over him… i am really close to getting over him… and all this aquarious boy turned out to b was the biggest mistake in my life. I hope he and his gf all the happiness… and hopefully i dont bump into him in the future… bc to this day… i still hate him and love him… i hate his betrayal… i hate… everything that has to do with him. I know this is not related at all to what people are saying in this horoscope thing right now… but i just needed to get this out… to feel better.

  19. Matt N.

    I feel that i am opposite when it comes to what the author says about commitment and being touchy feely as i love to cuddle and hold hands etc. I am chivalristic and enjoy pampering her, cooking for her, taking her places going out to dinner etc. I want a relationship with her and have been willing to work on things with her as we have had very similar and very different upbringings at the same time…

    I am an Aquarius male and have been talking to a Taurus women for the past 3 months. Our relationship, which has not ever been made official, has been like that of a roller coaster with amazing highs and a few low’s. We have been intimate a few times and spend a lot of time together, almost everyday it seems since we met over the summer.

    Our age has played a part in a negative way I feel in that I am 7 years older than her & we are both under 30. She was raised with a strong religious background & is very traditional. She admitted at one point in time, that she was attached to me but slowly has been sheltering herself away, emotionally, over the past 3 weeks. I wonder if I have become too attached to her over the few months and am scaring her away by communicating with her too much via texts and phone calls. She does not ignore me and answers when I call.

    She has had a rough past, Ex’s who were abusive, and I feel she is outlandish at times and secretive about who she spends her time with when we are not together. I do not have a problem with any of this as I know it is healthy to have your own life and friends but understand it must be hard for her to overcome her past when it comes to trust and relationships given her most recent breakup.

    I try very hard not to wonder who she is texting or hanging out with when i go to work, which is not that hard when I think about how much time she spends with me when she could easily ignore me and not answer my calls when i call her as she is extremely beautiful and people are always looking at her when we are out in public. I know she gets “hit” on quite often on a daily basis.

    She has told me that she is torn between having a relationship and not having one as I have certain qualities that she loves but at the same time, as mentioned before, we are in different stages of our lives, me being 7 years older than her and both under 30. I fel age is just a number as we get older but she is still in college and enjoys partying with randoms and what not. I have been there, done that so to speak. I sometimes feel as if she has only been hanging out with me because she likes to make me happy and does not want to disappoint but then again maybe I am just over thinking. I have gone out of my way many times to try to make her happy and I know she enjoys the time and memories we have made together.

    I want this relationship to work and have done what I can to please her but sometimes I feel as if our relationship may never become official or that we may just end up friends in the end given her past and time needed to come back around. Even though she has separated her self emotionally over the past 3 weeks, we still spend time together almost everyday which tells me, she still wants sometime out of this… no?

    as i write this at work.. she texts me and its 1am.. she was going out with friends partying tonight… coincidence?? IDK you tell me…


  20. Christy

    This thing summed up my marriage. I am a Taurus women while my husband is an Aquarius. We are both too stubborn to end the marriage, even though it is physically killing us (slowly).

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