Aries Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Aries Couples: Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy; Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney; Uma Thurman and Gary Oldman; Michelle Pfieffer and David E. Kelley; Ann Margaret and Steve McQueen; Annette Benning and Warren Beatty

Aries and Taurus are a natural combination for getting things done. Aries is a born provider, and a Taurus loves to be provided for. You have the ability to drive this man to success and reap the rewards of material comfort and passion.

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Taurus Woman: Convince him that you’ll further his career, provide a steady anchor for his fiery aspirations, be sure he has one foot on the ground at all times, and get his armor ready for him to charge into battle.  It wouldn’t hurt to indicate that you would spend his money wisely, either.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman as an Aries Man:  Keep it simple.  Be all the man you can be and then some.  This is one woman who won’t care how much you talk.  She’s happy with the silent type who relies on body language.  Your animal magnetism can do a lot here, but be sure to back it up with something substantive.  If you ask her out, don’t be cheap and try to provide some practical help when you can.  It wouldn’t hurt to lay your cape down over a puddle, either.

Degree of Romance: There is a high probability of romance with this combination, as it lends itself to the stereotypical strong male and receptive female archetype. Aries is fascinated by the Taurus lady’s passivity. He moves on such a fast track that he is delighted to find her just where he left her last time he checked in. It makes him feel very manly. She is perfectly capable of solving her own problems and attending to the little details of life, like maintaining her car and painting the side wall, but she takes so long to get around to it that he interprets it as helplessness, which he finds charming.

Degree of Passion: Both signs are focused on the smaller world of self, possessions, job, and their physical needs. It is easy to turn off the whole world and enjoy each other which enhances passion. Each sign is capable of complete devotion to the other in the sense that they are not multi-tasking individuals.

Degree of Friendship: There is a good degree of friendship possible as each sign is focused on the task at hand, and on today rather than tomorrow. Aries provides inspiration; Taurus provides practical support. Together they enjoy beginning and completing projects of interest which is a fine basis for friendship. The only problem would be if they both are focused on different goals or they don’t share common values.

Degree of Marriage: This can be a good combination for marriage. Each partner is single-minded, capable of commitment, ardent, and passionate about marriage as a value. This is a particularly good bet for a first marriage as the goals are clear: children and home, accrual of possessions, building a lifelong foundation, and lots of energy to create with. It is also a great combination for starting over.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship has a good dynamic. Aries sets the pace and Taurus acts as ballast. She slows him down and he speeds her up in a reliable dance to the finish line.

Sex:   Teaming up with Aries has a strong physical component which appeals to Taurus. Aries men are likely to be he-men, devoted to the athletic aspect of sexuality with a refreshing hands-on orientation.  Taurus ladies like to be handled, and this is just the man to do it.  While these two may not set the world on fire, the sexual act will probably be satisfying and highly sustainable.

When It’s Over: This is one combination that is likely to end very cleanly. Both parties have the ability to be honest about their feelings and not take things personally. Furthermore, both signs are able to move on in a healthy manner. We figure this combination can end in a win-win and better luck next time scenario.

Our Rating: 8/10

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61 Responses to Aries Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

  • Key McKinley says:

    This is to Takeisha… the comment “Taurus woman is not that smart. I have to admit that. Im a taurus woman and it takes me awhile to understand things that Aries man gets in a nanosecond”. SPEAK FOR YOURSELF PLEASE!!! My intellectual prowess has everything to do with what I chose to learn in life and absolutely nothing to do with my sign. If you are “slow” that is on you but it is not “Taurus woman thing” to not be smart. Many taureans I know are quite intelligent… SMH!!

  • Ntalyaswonder says:

    getting together with the aries man is a feat in itself. jk. well, sometimes it looks that way. hes my neighbor but we don’t meet that often. we met and talked and talked at a valentines day party and then there was nothing. I met him some years later relaxing at the shore and before I could even say a word after hi he had already left in a huff! maybe it was a bad day for him but I didn’t mean to interrupt whatever he was doing that time….looked like he was .drawing or sketching somethingmaybe. my bff said he was on and off with someone from his gym and thinks maybe she was around. oh well!! all that distance got to be for some reason ;)

  • experience says:
  • Berthassong says:

    For all aries’ sophistication and high-flying ideas he is quite rude and needs some polishing in the manners department. Basic manners. He knows how to manipulate and lean on a persons kindness to make them do what he wants. But I don’t see much coming from him that makes me feel respected and cherished. It makes me doubtful of my choice and makes me think if hes like this now its only going to get worse later. And Ill have no one to blame except myself. Yeah I can think of so many saying that. Aries man can really treat people like cr.. And the mind games….they don’t stop. Very judgemental of others’ choices. But not very forthcoming about himself even simple stuff. Makes sure that you know something important after its already happened!

  • lovesi says:

    I adore Aries men as a Taurus woman but they are impulsive and I find myself running from them but I never forget about them.

  • Aries Guy says:

    When I was in a relationship with a Taurus woman I always felt a bit like a naughty child! She was quite controlling and everything had to be just so – there was no freedom to do or think your own way. Lots of passion though but that’s not always enough. If you’re a single Aries guy you could do worse than check out this astrological dating site – you’ll find lots of matches who are bound to be right for you as the site rates your zodiac compatibility ahead of time. Give it a go? – Online Zodiac Dating

  • Laetitiasfurcoat says:

    Aries man is a trusting spirit and gullible. sharing everything with everyone he makes a friend. and he has like…a million of those. it takes time and trial by fires but eventually he closes some of the windows. with so many fires going on at some point or the other there’s not going to be much left to close the windows for. there’s got to be a better way to show love and affection. Taurus woman is neither fireproof nor ageless.


  • Wendy says:

    I am a Taurean woman who is a little unique I guess. I like some spontaneity and adventure! I like some face pace thrills and love making at times. I’m currently in a relationship with an Aries man and it is breathtaking!! I find it extremely enjoyable. I like the domineering spirit and taking charge and being in control of the aries! I can sit back and let him take over…. it’s nice! I like his playfulness and energy and the ingenuity he has. I like to be playful with him and do childish things at times. I like to leave at a moments notice and go for an adventure! He is very responsible and capable of making money and the ideas he gets are interesting and good. I can steady him and keep him interested and focused for the long haul and I can provide constant praise and encouragement for his insecurity. My Aries man is slow and romantic in the bedroom which is surprising but wonderful. I’ve never know so much passion, spark, magic and breathtaking adventure!! I love to be affectionate and caress his head and hair….which makes him go nuts! I admire his ability to have so many friends and acquaintances, and his ability to lead and be a leader. So for all the talk that this match is short lived…..I find it to be very satisfying and of benefits for longevity. We learn so much from each other and can do much for each other.

  • Shawn says:

    Hi Dear ,

    ————-When I was in a relationship with a Taurus woman I always felt a bit like a naughty child! She was quite controlling and everything had to be just so – there was no freedom to do or think your own way.
    ————-Lots of passion though but that’s not always enough. If you’re a single Aries guy you could do worse than check out this astrological dating site – you’ll find lots of matches who are bound to be right for you as the site rates your zodiac compatibility ahead of time. Give it a go? – Online Zodiac Dating

  • payel says:

    I’m currently in a relationship with a taurus and everything I’ll read is true except when I came across their loyal and faithful to their partner…Well I find that untrue I have caught my boyfriend being disloyal from texts in his phone…They are very sneaky
    Read more at Zodiac Compatibility

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