1. Roamer

    I am arien man n everything mentioned here is kinda true to arien man. They r sweet, childish sometyms, arrogent if he sense fishy, yet he is bounded wit unfound amount of love to his girl if he is really in love wit her. They are fast often n wnts instant result n has no patient over many things. It is not alys u need to match up wit em’. Love him n understand him better n he will travel to end of d world jus to pick a bunch of flower dt u love. Slow him wen necessary n support n appericiate his work n he will reward u double. Arien can be lavish to spend for u n make u happy. Jus love his inner self n understand his emotion n passion. Arien are often mistaken s arrogent, cheater n self centered, but if u understand him deep enough he is noble, compassionate, gentle n real man u will ever find.

  2. Hamna bhai

    I m aries male and fall in l0ve fr0m 2014 to 2016 in universty i f0ll0w him like shad0w means only want to see every time and i decide to chat thr0ugh faceb0ok but tik n0w she only block my mail and i tried 7 time and same result fiery approch to text a lenthy message is my mistake .but what sh0uld i do n0w .i will be always there f0r him if she only give me a chance.quite introvert and a silent pers0n qualites are reas0n to fall in l0ve with him .and this l0ve occour in 3rd w0rld i only have f.bo0k i.d .
    F0r 2 years i did n0t have c0urage to face and to talk ?n0w she is pass out and i did n0t f0und a diffrance to l0ve him .i am blank any one who want help me?please help me out

  3. Brittany

    I am a Taurus Woman and i am married to a Aries man we have been together for almost a decade now and have to beautiful kids together he is my everything. We met when we were teenagers have i never loved a guy like this he is my first love my only love its crazy how fast i fell for him. now our relationship has hadits ups and downs boy have we been through somethings but we are stronger then ever we are truly soulmates!!!

  4. Great article I read this after I had a Eureka moenmt of my own that is: that I have not been honouring my natal Venus, and boy she aint happy and she’s heavy !! I have Venus in Aries and woke the other day in a panic mode as it hit me that if I were to stay in the same relationship the same way for another 5 years or even for the rest of my life, I was going to die inside and then I read your article,..:)Of course the current transit of Venus through Libra also means im having Venus op Natal Venus so it;s double shot of Venus, who is my rulling planet too now now to find a way to honor my Venus, let’s hope Uranus can shake it up a bit so that I find a happy medium..:)

  5. North state guy

    I am a man and I have been dating a Taurus woman she lights my soul up she is so steady and I have never been with a woman that responds to me like she does. Its the she drives me nuts with her not telling me that she is mad over me ha ha . She knows I am in love with her and I know she is in love with me it is so perfect . I am being nice and firm trying to get her to tell me her deep feelings and she just gives me a teeny tiny bit at a time. I would give her the world and I pray she will be my woman . I want to hear it so I can run to a mountain top and tell the world I have found her . lol this boy is in big time love .If it does not work out then it must be meant to be . My head is spinning . So to all the Taurus woman look your Aries man in the Eyes grab him by the neck and say hear me I am in love with you and I will fight for you . if he hears that and he is in love with you he will always stay by your side and he will fight to the death to love you and keep you safe .Good luck because I am going nuts right now lol

  6. Rhianna

    Im a Taurean woman with an Aries man… and normally I always dated scorpio men for some reason always had the best chemistry never any sign could top it.. until I met my aries man! Seems very true everythign that was said.. except i would have to agree with another comment made about the sex part.. best sex you could ever have in your life…least in our relationship..now Im 4 weeks pregnant and engaged never been happier!

  7. Munmam

    Anamika :

    i’m a taurus female and he’s a aries male. watever i came across dis compatibility prediction is really awesome. i personally feel dat its true. i love him more than anythng he too does but at times doesnt want 2 express. both of us know dat naming our relation in future is gonna really tough for some personal issues, so we hv decided not 2 continue anymore. But its very difficult for me to concentrate on other thngs. i feel my world is just deserted n i’m no one widout him……..i just love him madly!!

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  8. Anamika

    i’m a taurus female and he’s a aries male. watever i came across dis compatibility prediction is really awesome. i personally feel dat its true. i love him more than anythng he too does but at times doesnt want 2 express. both of us know dat naming our relation in future is gonna really tough for some personal issues, so we hv decided not 2 continue anymore. But its very difficult for me to concentrate on other thngs. i feel my world is just deserted n i’m no one widout him……..i just love him madly!!

  9. TaurusGuy

    I am a taurus male and have been married to an aries female for 25 years, she is awesome, has always been there for me and I couldnt ask for a better women at keeping up with the everyday things that need to be done around the house, shopping etc. however to my question, I have been having an affair for approx the last 12 years of our marriage, she found out about it exactly a year ago to the month (September) I moved out to our rental house, so a year has gone by, I have been trying to give her, her space, she obviously does not want a divorce or it would have happened by now, right? I am starting to get real impatient, I need to feel a womens love again, it is very hard for me to wait any longer, but she tells me she is getting close, astroligically is there any way this Aries women will accept this Taurus male back, and is there anything I can do to speed this process up?

  10. delphina

    do you think a taurus an aries are compartiable enough to have kids cause 2 physic once told me as long as i stayed together we would never be able to have kids

  11. mary

    BEYOND DEAD ON! I love my older aries male and i LOVE being the typical taurus female

  12. GB

    haha well… i had few Aries Chasers and the key for them is be independent and never say things too early. It is always good to be quite and mysterius with them. i have a good friend who is Aries, he’s very much tellings all his problems to me, i listen and tell him what he should do. That’s all they need. So don’t chase him, let him come to you and talk to you.Let him play and fight. while he’s not around have other things to do and be with other men, too. Do not stop your learning and stimulation.

    i think many Taurus girls are not good with relationships because they always never perfectly give in. Many of them wanted to be or do what they like, they do not like dominating man but also clingy man, which makes many matchs unable to reach 10/10. i find alot of those problems in my relationships, i hate to be carried away or dominated, but want equality in the relationship. i hate being a supportor forever, i want to achieve things in my life and that makes hard with my relationships. Relationship is not so important in my life. It’s fun to be with boys, but it cannot take my life away from me..

  13. SWEET P

    Taurus chick here. I have a friend who happens to be an Aires guy. We met back in highschool when I used to date his homeboy. I would go over to visit the homeboy and almost every time the aires was there outwardly flirting with me. I thought maybe I was tripping at fist. On day his homeboy and I broke it off and he approached me and wanted to have relations. I was a jilted teenager and wanted to get even with the homeboy for breaking things off so I said ok. This was back in 2001. We hung out frequenly and and had sex frequently and kept it a secret from everyone else. Except Aires told his best friend ( who happened to be my ex’s brother) and I told my best friend. The sex wasn’t all that great but I really enjoyed the friendship we had, even though it was private. He has been in many relationships since and I have been married and divorced to a Leo, but me and my Aires are still friends and sexual partners here in 2011. Ten years we have had this on and off sexual reationship and neither one of us has mentioned an actual relationship until last night. See he is a profound cheater and he has cheated on everyone that he has been with in the 14 years that I have known him. He said he likes me (never said love) and if we were to start something up I wouldn’t stand for the cheating and he wouldnt be comfortable getting another womans number cause he would worry about hurting me and he isn’t ready to be faithful yet. So right now we have no commitmet, we have and agreement. We go out and have a good time and have sex often. When he is with me his attention is for me ony and vice versa. But when we are not with each other we are free to see and sleep with whoever we please. Just don’t know how much longer I can keep this type of friendship. I know I have to end it before I fall in love. Just the simple fact that I met him at 14 have been sleeping with him since I was 16 and I am now 26, I already have years of feelings for him but im not sure how deep it is for either one of us.

  14. nupur

    i m in love with an Aries man and i really love him a lot… but i m unable to understand his what he wants as his moods fluctuate a lot. sometimes he talks to me very nicely but sometimes he just tries to ignore me but if i ask him that whether he loves me or not he always says that he loves me a lot…… what should i do to keep with me for the whole life……

  15. Adreanna

    But be good to the aries guys because theyve always been very good to me and if ur a taurus chick they will be very good to u too

  16. Adreanna

    dude like idk get on here where shes says how to attract an aries man its not hard at all i never have talked about money or stupid aspirations all u have to do is sit there and like 8 of them are trying to get with u i mean there not hard to get almost dispincible if i was shallow and mean but im not but aries are sweet and easy to get along with but im not into them right now maybe later though they seem like the guys u should only get with if ur going long term and right now isnt me

  17. Tatiana

    As a taurus woman I am slow and steady and quite self-reliant. It makes me a little boring. I’ve also had some values in life and have not compromised on them for anyone no matter how persuasive they may be. Its something i believe in and is critical to finding happiness in life. How else would one live a satisfying life other than having material success as a defining factor? Some people see that as stubborness. A commonality of basic values is needed to achieve good understanding between two. Hopefully thats an area where i will not be visited by bad karma.

  18. drs88

    im a taurus woman & ive been involved with an aries man for almost 2yrs. we use to be on and off alot and many times for no real reason but he always made his way back to me and we generally picked back up like nothing ever happen. we decided to actually be in a relationship a few months ago but we just broke up. he claimed he loved me and wanted only me yet he would be very distant at times and i found where he was chatting with other females while we were together. when things are good, they’re great but when we have issues it gets bad very quick. how come aries men are so quick to give up on the relationship? how can they be so loving and caring one day and so cold and distant the next? he also likes hanging out alot and sometimes doesnt spend much time with me but feels its ok because he practically lives with me. are all aries like this? or is mine just playing games?

  19. jp21

    im a aries man who is in love with a girl who happens to be a taurus. and a lot of this stuff is true she needs to go slow and i want so much passion and love from her so quickly but i think the key is to just be patent and be there for her always and just let her know that you will go the the ends of the earth for her and she comes around and opens up. all i know is that i would do anything for this girl and i love her with all my heart and i think if 2 people can both give their all then it doesnt matter what sign you are its about going for it with every thing you have if its something that you want.

  20. ANH426

    BULLSHIT!!! Yo dude let me break it down so like yall can tell from the screen name ima taurus chick and ive been with three aries guys and they all are extremely attracted to me and im like nahh not rly into them u know what im sayin and they suck in bed all 3 of em they finish in like 6 minutes there done its crazy i dont personally like this match but hey i guess somebody does to give it an 8/10 rating im just sayin if this also just putting this out there how come for every other zodiac sign has at least one 10/10 rating but taurus doesnt have one i think its sad we cant have anyone we rly are super compatible with

  21. Ca-Disha

    This is veryyy true , cause i am an taurus female , but i am sooo attracted at an aries male , its driving me crazzzy :p

  22. T.

    I’m a Taurus female (actually Taurus-Aries cusp, but I think Taurus is more dominant) and I am interested in an Aries. We’ve known eachother for awhile, talk all the time, and have a lot I’m common. I’m interested but I’m not sure about him. He does say nicexthings and compliment me.cthey say Aries are assertive so I’m thinking if he does he wouldve done or said something about it by now?

  23. Tiffany

    this is in response to I G P i am a taurus girl thats totally inlove with my aries man…i believe she feels just as strongly as you do but us taurus females are practical and i believe she is just trying to approach the situation slowly because we are very emotional and we want relationships to last…so dont worry if she committed then u have nothing to worry about just continue to assure her that ur all about her and i guarantee you she’ll open up and show u love like you never felt before…Goodluck!

  24. I G P

    I’m an aries guy, and i just started dating a taurus gril just over a month ago.
    We have a long distance relationship, i feel that i am falling for her faster than she is for me, she is not very expressive ,even though she is committed to the relationship. How should i go about it? Pls Help

  25. Baillie

    i fell deeply in love with my boy-friend… he is aries and i am taurus… alot of the things that are said…so far are completely true… tho we haven’t made love yet… as we met online… but well be moving in with eachother in feb. i look forward to being with him in person… this horoscope dropped my jaw… it sounds just like him.. and it also sounds like me… gives me greater hope for the future… thank you so much for this… i really enjoyed reading it… even read it 3 times… i liked it so much… i well be reccomending this site to sereval people…. thanks again.

  26. Savannah

    I am totally in love with an Aries man, and ih ope all the compatibility traits above are true, because if they are, im in for some goos luck soon

  27. N&B

    I’m a Taurus female and I’m in a relationship with an Aries male … I looked over some of these zodiac sites and believe it’s true, Taurus female and Aries male seem to be a perfect match and I couldn’t be happier in my relationship!! My boyfriend agrees, although he is more aggresive in the sex department, which causes us to disagree at times…..

  28. Willy

    aries planet rule is mars : god of war
    taurus planet rule is venus : godess of love
    they are very very different
    but they’ll match
    because…. my girlfriend is taurus too 😀
    and I’m aries boy…
    thanks, nice info.. it’s true for me

  29. Hershekiss

    I’m in love with an aries man and everything you said was tru except for the sex part. Our sex is explosive, amazing! We make love 5-6 times a day! I bring sensuality and he brings passion. The perfect ingredients for some fireworks

  30. Aarti

    Hi. I am a taurean female. and whatever said bt us stands true for me. I just entered a relationship with an aries guy. And I hope it stands true for him too.

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