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  1. Laura

    met a Cancer man recognize all of the above he was truly utterly what I thought was my soulmate, then the secretive side came to the fore and unlike a Cancer was very foolish with money this was always his downfall he was never very good with money I didn’t know this was supposed to be a strength certainly not my experience!

    We married and had children but from the point we got married he changed didn’t feel he had to be romantic any more, was secretive and had a girl ring me out of the blue saying he had got her pregnant which according to him was a lie……. our children had a wonderful father in him he was THE best and I sat back and watched this wonderful Daddy but the strain of everyday life and working to support our family took its toll he became violent and moody as I devoted my time to our two daughters upbringing one was sick and to annoy me he obstructed my getting help for her urgently then our youngest daughter died and he withdrew into his shell, he realized what he had done, we struggled on for another ten years him being in a large debt I got him out of and took one hell of a pasting for it… then ever devoted, tenacious and steady as a taurean woman, im thinking for better for worse……. I hung in there but my Cancer man was gone, hit me numerous times I had him arrested he hated that … in the end he got into debt again this time I threw him out…… today four years on even though we still see him he is moody withdrawn into his Cancer shell and there is no reaching him today I have to beg him to see his children he has no part in their day to day lives yet lives 20 mins away….Ive said sorry for every and any thing I got wrong but he refuses to accept so we can be friends. when I read all these lovely comments its all true Cancer men and poss women are truly wonderful to date be romantic and sexual with and to care for you but when they get secretive tread very carefully they don’t talk about feelings much, and if you pull too hard can react very badly. I mourn my Cancer man every day a lot is based on character, moon placements etc…..but its a huge loss… we dated for 10 years of total bliss, married for 16 years of sulkiness moods and tantrums, the minute financial hardship came in the door he withdrew into a shell…. he would not be reached, resenting me I stayed at home while the kids were young, but even when I returned to work he didn’t change! Men say we want to change them, I didn’t want that I wanted him to be the guy I dated… or close.. I’d go for it again but warily with another cancer…but if my perfect match didn’t match, maybe Ill take it I was loved once and stay alone not sure anything can be as good as that was once.

  2. Ras

    I’m a Taurus lady who has been married to a Cancer man for 13years.
    I’ve never been happier cause he is the one and only man who understands me and will always be there for me.

  3. Marissa Starr Klatt

    I’m a Taurus and I have my Cancer man this all describes us to the letter. I love him and his or should I say Our beautiful little girl

  4. Richoco

    I’m a Taurus woman and I must say the first time I saw this Cancer man,there was an instant connection.I had been rejecting other men whilst unsure of who I was waiting or looking for and when I met him,I just knew it was him.He also felt the same and the chemistry was strong.When we are together we don’t need to talk since we express our feelings with touches and it feels we are the only ones in dis world.we don’t necessarily need sex for us to get intimate.His kisses and his tight hugs makes me feel so desired.He can be a real pain sometimes and we argue a lot cause I can’t understand him sometimes.He hides most of his true feelings.But we always find our back to each other somehow and sometimes we even laugh about how we miss our fights and all that.Taurus and Cancer are great together

  5. Cherry

    After years of searching for a cancer man, one fell into my lap out of nowhere. We worked together for a year before he decided to talk to me but when he did we had an instant connection. We talk about it all the time now, how we connected without really knowing each other. After our first real convo I had to know more about hi’, loath and behold he felt the same way. It was a little sticky because I was in an off and on again toxic relationship with my ex the father of mh child. My cancer man was the first man to give me the confidence to leave for good, without even trying. It was easy for me to end the toxic relationship with tge Scorpio after I met my soulmate. My cancer love and I are still working on things, only thing is his finances as of now he can’t ” take care of me” but I’m a pretty independent woman so it’s not a deal breaker. I know that once he’s in a better job\career which he is working on he will be a provider in all ways. It’s all about coming up together. He’s the type to appreciate the times when u held him down. Don’t get me wrong he’s never played the broke card. He’ll spend anything on me if I ask or even if I don’t. He’s always spoiling me with suprises like chOcolate covered strawberries (Godiva) and costume jewellery. I’ve never been happier or more secure in my relationship. My cancer man rocks! Always trying to please me, cheer me up and do anything just to see me smile. I can’t wait to take the next step, I keep daydreaming about how he’ll propose. I melt!! Don’t give up on LOVE

  6. Love on hold

    I really can’t blv it. I meet my cancer male just a few days ago. We meet up last night for the first time. In, I can openly say. He’s the one for me! I love it! The best feeling I’ve experienced in a long time waiting. . It felt like we new each other for years!! Even though it’s a 10 year gap, but who cares “not me”.. I’m loving every moment and can’t wait to see what’s next. Its amazing. .this is what I been waiting for all my life. ,

  7. Anonymous

    I just met my cancer man (well he’s not really mine but I do like him)
    He noticed me from afar, while I was working but he didn’t know how to approach me, until the other day.
    Monday was the first time he talk to me, everything went down on Tuesday, that’s how I knew he liked me.
    We have a 5 year difference, me being older but I don’t mind. When I noticed him I thought he was closer to/was my age be he’s not. I hope we do end up together after we talk and hang out some more.

  8. Frazier romance

    Yes what you all say is so true I almost feel a need to stay silent however I can’t due to the joy and abundance of having my cancer soulmate. He is a big baby and can be stubborn but he is the perfect fit for me and once I was able to understand why he does the things he does we laugh at his quick mood swings and move along lol if you are trying to understand your cancer hubby ask me

  9. Lindsay and Steven

    I am a Taurus woman and I absolutely love my Cancer man. At first it was not all that easy. We bumped heads alot over things and past relationships that didn’t even matter. While he was very open and ready to give our relationship his all I was not. I was scared to death. I felt a deep connection with him as soon as our eyes met. And started to fall in love with him immediately which is why I put my guard up. I fought feelings. Held back on so much BC he had the ability to destroy me internally. I am very thankful that he loved me and had faith in us BC I almost completely shut him out. He told me one day there was a “wedge” in between us… I didnt see it at all at that time. On top of all that we were facing major financial problems and I had an ex from the past still holding on to me and making me feel guilty for leaving him. Anyway a couple weeks later when I had time to myself and thought about everything I knew it was time to either give him my all or walk away. My cancer man was worth the risk. I gave him 100% of me and I swear in the same day our relationship made a complete 180 degree turn. We have the absolute best relationship now. We are engaged and planning to extend our family in September. He is the best thing that has ever happened me and the love we have for each other can not be put into words. As far the sex…. When we make love both of us are out please one another. Lots and lots of foreplay and absolute electrifying touching and loving all over. Feelings I have never ever felt before.. (We are 31 & 29 yrs old & both have had many previous sex partners) Nothing compares to the feelings that are so undeniable when we look in each others eyes or lay in each others arms!!! I am the luckiest and happiest girl that I actually found and have my soul mate. Cancers’ and Taurus’ are in my opinion a 10/10 in every aspect of the relationship. But always remember it takes patience communication and compromise for both the Taurus and the Cancer. Once achieved you will have your soul mate that will love and cherish you for life!! Together thats an awesome team!!! ♋ & ♉

  10. sanusi fatty

    I have a besty that is a cancer and recently we just started developing feelings for each other after 4yrs of friendship… I love him and I know the feeling is mutual… I just hope he’s the last…

  11. eva blue

    i don’t know may be the aries in my chart is doing this, but i do not like cancer men. they are too calculative and success focused. i am not big fan of materialistic men and they were soooo much into it. and all the cancer men i met asked me to act like woman. feminine and caring. geeez. it is so hard to see a grown man act like a baby. So moody and unstable jealous they are. phewwww

  12. rich Gilmore

    I am a cancer man…my Taurus wife is my sole mate..we are one..i lost her in time and space…but she found me ..I love her more than life its self..I know if I dies… My beloved will find me ..I love her so much..she is my kitten my Queen my true love

  13. I meet my cancer man who I believe is my soulmate tonight on a dating site my heart was in pain do to my next door neighbor Mr. Scorpio betrayal and I forgave him but before I went to bed I looked at my views again and Mr . Cancer had been looking but not talking so I said hello by the time we stop texting and we both said Good night at the same time my heart was so filled with joy I couldn’t go the sleep I just keep smiling and laughing it fills like a real supernatural miracle and you know while I was putting up with Mr Scorpio he Mr . Cancer was there all the time oh boy I’m so glad we meet he is a beautiful, wonderful, masterpiece and I Thank, God for him he saved me from sinking into depression go Cancers love Mrs.Female Taurus

  14. thaby mbeje

    I met this cancer guy fours ago his twins were in my class and he had interest but I was scared to date him than. Eversince he never gave up on us so now i have decided to given him a try….. Reading other people’s comments gives me hope that we will work out. I’m so happy and we have the same interest. That what made me fall for him. I hope his my forever.

  15. kelly trecki

    I’m a Taurus woman and I met my cancer man at work we worked well as a team and 2 months later we r inseparable,my spirit was broken by my last boyfriend and I was single for 3 yrs. This man is my world,I am finally in love for the first time in my life I was so lost without him,he completes me and I can honestly say I can’t live without him, he is a awesome dad to my son and we finally have security and stability. The greatest sex I have ever had, he has taken me to a whole different realm of ecstasy, we can’t keep our hands off each other, we pleasure each other five times a day. We r engaged and living together. I never believed in soul mates, well I have found mine and the other piece of my heart.

  16. Apisgir

    This is crazy sauce, I must have had one messed-up Cancer guy. I thought he was the one, too, he seemed just like this description at first but that wasn’t the real him. He was incredibly needy, moody, he loved emotional blackmail, he nearly sucked the life out of me and then blamed his depressive disorder (that he’d had his whole life) on me. It was SO horrible. He eventually broke up with me to be with some teenager that he had lusted over (we were almost 30, hello?)! Now I take the entire chart into consideration and NOT just sun signs. I’ve been happily married to my best friend (he’s a Capricorn) for years and our lives are so happy that I just shake my head at those dark days.

  17. toria

    I’m a taurus female,I just met my cancer man and he is 10years older,even though we met not quite long I can say he is the best thing that ever happened to me…he’s all a female could ask for,I’m sooooo into him..I do wonder how I have lived and also how I would live without him…To me,cancerians are the best for taurusians

  18. By Taurus Female

    I Love A Cancer Man! We’ve been together 4 years, talking for 6 years. Things started out real slow but are fiery now! I love the fact that he’s a big baby and at times i’m pouty which makes us argue. It takes alot for us to fight and when it happens its a very unclear argument so we make up quick. Cancer men are sensitive and Taurus Women have more of a backbone. Both of us get jealous so thats our main problem. other then that the communication is great and we love to spend money on eachother. we love the greater things in life and enjoy good food & candle light!

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