1. Desireeee

    I’m a 42 years old Taurus woman and after waiting a lifetime for the right Capricorn man who is 44 now, I finally found my soul mate 5 years ago. I had met a cappy man 15 years ago but he wasn’t the right match for me. This one, the moment I met him I knew it in the pit of my stomach. My friend had to drag me to a party after work because she had her plan to introduce us. She said she knew we were meant to be. I played hard to get at first and he had to really pursue me because although men tell me I’m beautiful, even strangers on the street, I don’t think I am so when this dashing, extremely attractive man was introduce to me, and showed me interest, I shied away, thinking he was too good looking to be talking to me. I’ve never been married and had no children and he married his girlfriend at 24 when she got pregnant and was miserable after she cheated on him and divorced 2 years later.

    He was a little on the aloof side at first but I guess I am the right kind of Taurus woman to bring down his wall. He’s the most romantic, sensual man I’ve ever met. Sexually, he’s not at all what astrology described cappy and very different from my first cappy who was not good in bed. This one is OMG, the best lover ever. Six months after we were dating, he proposed. I got pregnant on our honeymoon with our daughter and a year later with our son. He works hard and I appreciate him for providing us with the best in life. He makes time for me and the kids. We travel often and whenever he has to go on a business trip he always tries to convince me to come along but most of the time I prefer to stay home with the kids because they’re so young and he will call me every chance he get during the day to chat up and always tells me he misses me with the kids and loves me and can’t wait to come home. When he’s not on a business trip, every Saturday is our date night and you name it we do it like we’re still in our 20’s. We make each other laugh a lot. With him, I can relax and let him take charge. I always wanted to raise my kids by staying home with them and thank God I can do that because of his income. We’re developing a business plan together because we’re both very ambitious. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t agree on everything but it’s never vile. He respect me as I, him, and has never used any derogatory words to me. When we argue, it’s never a big event and the make up makes it worth it. I loves me to pieces and I him. I can’t imagine my life without him and my heart still skips beat when I see him and I get excited when I hear him open the door, me and the children all rush to welcome him home and I always get the first kiss. To all Taurus women out there, just because astrology tells you that certain signs are right for you doesn’t mean every man born under those signs will be right for you but he will certainly be in that bunch if you can find him and let go of the others that aren’t right for you.

  2. Rhythm n Blues

    The air comes out stings like hell
    Thats what you get from those silent well
    Drop a penny in and make a wish
    Hope there’ll be a better tasting meal on the next served dish
    So the fart that comes out has no foul smell

  3. Anita B

    One last thing this to me was his only flaw and if not for this he would be right next to me now…I have a long time friend who is a Cap and we are talking a little…so we will see…

  4. Anita B

    Stuart H.

    I am a Taurus woman and I am in love with a Caps man who I had to let go because he did not trust me…he was very jealous and he thought I was flirting with….Everybody he would yell accusations that were totally untrue and ridiculous almost every time he laid eyes on me…I could do nothing to get my love to understand that I wanted only him…I had to leave this relationship because I knew that one day he would hurt me it would be just a matter of time before he would kill me..I’m saying this be cautious and really listen to her before you drive her away…we can only take so much. God Bless

  5. Stuart H.

    I am a Caps man and I find that am inlove with a Taurus woman, she seems like a trustworthy person but its so very hard to trust anyone given my past experiences, even though we haven’t established that we are ‘together’, I get jealous and I feel like she is flirting with other men behind my back, what should I do??

  6. Mary an ogoy

    I am a taurus woman….a capricorn man said. I cant find my man. ..bec..i dnt hav intimacy

  7. shelbi

    I have known my capricorn man for 7 years, and from the first time we met, we have always had a deep connection. We finally made it official for good. I love my capricorn very much

  8. victoria

    im a taurus lady and ive been with my capricorn man almost 3 years. its like being with someone you can totally be yourself around. we both have the same taste and we both want the same things. he can make anything happen if he wants to an i’ll always have his back, and he always has mine.

  9. Amber Lainez

    This is wierd I’m in love with a capricorn man and it’s been a dream to me. I love him very much.Our love will last….

  10. Amber Lainez

    This is wierd I’m in love with a capricorn man and it’s been a dream to me. I love him very much.Our love will last

  11. Da Taurean Lady

    I’m a young Taurus lady who fell head over heels with a Capricorn man. Guess what? It’s been 10 years and it feels great!

  12. Mick

    Funny I am a Capricorn Male married a Taurus woman.She was my everything my wife best friend lover my everything.Then after 20/21 years she left me said it was her not me .No idea what that means .
    so when it says perfect match I now know it aint 🙁
    Even tried dating other Taurus women and started to notice the same traits in them that she had .So I’m trying other start signs now I’ve moved on .
    Just beware Capricorn men of these taurus ladies mine was a control freak !!

  13. abc

    Dear God!

    I am virgo-sun/taurus-rising/scorpio-moon. The man I am in love with is libra-sun/capricorn-rising/aquarius-moon. If this turns out the way your writings say it will, oh my God. We cannot be together at the moment, but we both feel this odd connection. It is truly incredible. The universe is speaking, and I will faithfully wait for this man. God help us.

  14. taurus1

    just when i thought it was impossible to be more cocky than a leo, I meet a CAPRICORN….yuk!!
    they don’t even stop for air, they just keep going on and on about how their god’s gift to human kind.
    if you don’t get along with leo men, you’re def. not going to get along with capricorn men!!

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