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  1. KC

    I am Gemini man, and my wife is Taurus. We were in relationship for 5 years. It was working well. Now we are married. From the second day of our marriage, it is not working well. she is boring and doesn’t want any excitement or romance. For my case, it is not working well.

  2. @sherly, what did you do to him before you broke up your relationship? God knows the best but if you still love him,I know everythings are possible. I can tell Gemini and Taurus are well compatible and I want other astrologer’s sites shoud rethink.

  3. sherly

    Thank you guys for ua feed back… I’m a Taurus n my partner who is a Gemini.. Actually we broke up… But we still love each other.. Family issues so we are apart… He is recently married… But I have a feeling tht he still loves me n I aso love him….. Our relationship was strong… But family again…. Waiting for a miracle.. Do pray for me…

  4. Molad

    I just started dating a Gemini guy,i am Taurean ,we r good but i am really scared cuz other sites say d compatibility is not strong

  5. Brightnight

    I need help! I am a Taurus woman who has fallen hard for a Gemini man. The sex is great, he is sexy and really affectionate which I really like. It has been about 7 months of dating, the first 4 months of talking and then 3 months of seeing each other when we can. Recently we started seeing each other about two times a week. I started conversations that involved where we were in the relationship. Although I did not want to put a label on anything, I wanted to make sure that we were at least sexually exclusive. He said everything I would have wanted him to say; however, after that conversation, he stopped communicating and the most recent communication war that he needed some time to himself and that he did not want to hurt me.

    I have stopped texting and calling him and figured I would let him have this time to do whatever it is that he wants to do but of course I miss him. We had what I thought was true connection, we were adventurous together, spontaneous, and almost every moment was exciting and different. He continuously told me how great of a woman I am and how every moment with me was memorable and so good.

    I figure at this point I will stay away and I don’t want to be pushy at all. Should I let this play out and let him make any future moves or should I at least check in with him in a couple weeks or so to see how he is doing. I would be willing to have a friendship with him but I am not even sure how best to go about that in the most natural way.

    Thanks for your input

  6. Jessica

    Well I have dated several Gemini men.
    One long term, he was a cheater!
    Still love him, great friend, amazing lover not my husband.
    I seem to be drawn to them!
    Sex is always great!
    Honestly don’t choose men based on sign, but their confidence gets me every time!
    That is sexy to me! And very honest even when cheating I’ve found!
    They have a personality for each horn on my head!
    They seem to be strong men, and I respect that part of Gemini men.

  7. Morgan

    I am a Taurus Female and I’ve been dating a Gemini Man for about 4 months. We’ve known each other for a year, met at work. He would always flirt with me and give me compliments, but I shrugged it off and didn’t pay him any attention. One day at a mutual friend’s party he finally approached me and ever since that night we have been inseparable.

    After 2 months we did hit a weird bump in the road regarding our romantic involvement. We both have been hurt badly in the past and we want to get our lives in order. So we do have a lot of self healing and growing, but we communicate openly an effectively. We both love each others ability to be understanding and patient. He says I keep him on track, and he keeps me grounded.

    We balance each other out. I have tried breaking it off a few times out of fear of him losing interest due to his inconsistent behavior, but after we talk we feel a lot better and he said he doesn’t want to stop dating he just needs time to think. But he will not disappear or fade out on me. We vibe pretty well and all of our friends can see our love connection. We are going slow, but i can definitely see myself having a permanent future with him. I’m excited!

  8. betty

    well this is good i must say me an my germini man are going realy swt an stronger each passing day our union is the best i must say am realy enjoyin it

  9. Aisha

    I found the whole thing to be quite accurate. I was with a Gemini man but his constant indecisiveness ended the relationship.

  10. Emilia Eades

    I have been in a long-term relationship with my Gemini boyfriend for 10 yrs. And we have 2 children together and this article was very true and we also have are ups and downs as well. But I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world.

  11. Brandon

    Me and my girlfriend have been together for almost 2 months , but have been talking and practically a couple for over a year and a half . We used to argue A LOT , and we had certain trust issues . I sure hope this is accurate , as I can see myself with her for a very , very , very long time . <3
    – I just hope she does . -.-

  12. sj

    A couple weeks ago i went to visit my friend and he husband introduce me to his good friend., Turns out he is a Gemini and im the Taurus. Once i met him i was instantly wanted to know more about him. I told my friend husband to link it up and he did. lol. We spoke briefly and i could sense that he had an interest in my by the way he would look at me. He exlpained that he wasnt really looking for anything but didnt want to past up the chance. We exchanged bbm and i asked fo rhism number he automatically notice he didnt have my number and i wanted to see if he ask for it, he did and we talk every other day or so., we are both really busy with work and our futures but., he made it a point to let me know that he would like to take me out and would like to hang out with me. Any advise for future encounters. I really like him but i will keep that to myself until he shows the same towards me and i would like to build on a friendship with him see where things lead., i think that would be the best way to start out with him.

  13. sarah

    Im a taurus woman dating a gemini man. And its going absolutely great and has been for two years 🙂 We are the best of friends, very comfortable around eachother we can act as retarded as we are without worrying the other person will judge. Hes always very bouncy and happy and its really nice cause i tend to switch from serious to happy alot. We give eachother a lot of freedom and dont worry about where the other is, because we know we love eachother. its nice not to have someone wondering where you are all the time and telling youu what to do. And it is true haha ive noticed he is very very forgetful 🙂 but not so much hed forget a date

  14. BEe

    Im a taurus female in my 2nd relationship with a gemini man. After having my heart broken my my first taurus/gem relationship i swore them off although it was the strongest love and most satisying sexual relationship i had ever had.

    I gave in and started dating a new gemini man 7 months ago. I think because im older now and i give him his space its working. Hes very loving and attentive. Very slow to give me flowers so im hoping that will change with my nudging 🙂 but hes a great person and i feel we have a wonderful connection. As long ad we communicate and i keep my controlling nature in check as well as he makes sure to be responsive to my needs…..things seem to be working.

    Again the sex ia great. The best ive ever had, and i feel like we are extremely good friends and never have a dull moment. He gives me the get up and go that i need and being with someone so different than me helps me to appreciate the good in differences and weighing each other out

  15. Candice

    My Gemini man and I met really young..then separated. I moved out of state and 5 years later he found me. He had been looking for me…just as much as I was looking for him. When he found me he expressed his love for me like never before! I never got over him because he was my first for love and everything else 🙂 Now that we found each other I will update our next step:)

  16. Taurus

    hi this is GB from up there. well… long story short, it did not worked out. hahahaha funny b’cos it was not my fault.

    He did something wrong and it became a big problem later on, then got really depressed. i remained next to him, gave him my advices but he did not take it, rather told me to [shut up]. So i kept my silence, because i did not want to hurt his pride of being a Man.
    Long times Later, he called me and said that i should go and live my life, So i said [OK] and moved on. (i am quite fast to move on somehow, eventhough i have moon in pisces).

    Few weeks later, he sent me txt and said, [ i knew you did not really cared about me.] i looked at it and laughed, because i knew he would do that later lolll. May be he might tested on me or his mood had changed or something like that. Gemini thing. But god, once you push me i can fly away very easily. Trying to play game then i am out already, because Classic Pride and love dramas are boring. But hey, he was a nice guy 🙂

  17. GemJeweler

    I met my Taurus wife through a dating service 16 years ago. Within a week of meeting I knew she was the one and made her commit to me right away. Even back then, or especially back then, I was into astrology and questioned my choice based on the conventional wisdom that Gemini and Taurus don’t mix. It was a good choice.

    She gives me lots of mental freedom (so long as I go out and bring back a paycheck.) And even there, she is always willing to go along with a new idea for advancing my career, even if it requires a gamble on our part. Love that!

    Emotionally we are very different that is all true. I am quick, she is slow, and this applies to a whole host of issues. Mostly we live our own lives though around the common area of the home.

    I honestly cannot tell you what she sees in me, not that I am a slouch, but I don’t dwell on that too much. She likes me and I am good with that.

  18. GB

    haha wow taurus woman wid gemini guy, things are great. we just talk talk like friends and kids in high school. We are our late 20’s and just barely physically interacting each other, but metally we are already touch touch touch. He’s such a bright person to be hang aroung.

    i told him that i am a bit scared when people get too close to me, i always make sure i get my own space and distance so the person will not find me boring. He understood and taking time for me. no rush no pressure so push just like flaw of river 🙂

    compare to the aquarius man who i met before, who was so sexual even from the beginiing, i could not bare his darkness.. so dark drains me down i would rather wanted him to end the relationship..

    i have noticed many guys start relationship with sex, but i did not want that. So when i met gemini man, we met outside and talk about our thoughts. He loves food, good exotic foods, i love going restaurants. we just compliment foods and decorations wherever we go, we do not play games but we are very honest to each other.

    we meet usually once a week, work or meet other friends for rest. i travel alot cos i am quite a bohemian, and when i used to meet sagitarius and aquarius man i sacreficed this part to be with them. But i see now it was wrong i have to be myself. now i am with a man who compliments just the way i am and that is what a girl really need. Do not try too hard to be with someone while you are losing your life seriously…

    relationship is like a reflection of yourself, testing who you are by being with others, who you can get along with… its not our final destination.

    Surprisingly he’s very straight person, quite pure, and he calls me sweet evil cos i am cheeky. i feel like i want to study more again to help our relationship stimulated. we love our learning time. It is great to be with someone who you can share things, i am glad to meet you A.

  19. sweet p

    I am a Taurus woman and I met a Gemini man at my job. I am a nurse at a hospital and he works for a medical delivery company. He came to deliver a wheel chair an off the back he was flirting. I didnt think much of it cause im a flirt as well and sometimes I do it with no intentions. It wasnt until we noticed that the patient he was looking for wasnt on the floor and we needed to walk downstairs to find him. On the way down he talked non stop about any and everything. Then he started telling me he was separated and about to get divorced and started playing with his phone. A little while after playing with his phone he asked for my number. I gave it to him because I believe everyone deserves at least a 1st chance. We went out once and every time we met after that was sexual. I was okay with it cause the sex was pretty good and he would always give me some money. Then one day out of the blue he didnt answer my calls or texts for two days. Then on the third day called me like he hadnt just disapeared. He said he missed me and wanted to know if we could try to build a deeper relationship other than just sex. I was shocked and didnt know what to say. After having not talked to him for a couple of days, that was the last thing I expected him to say. So later that night I called like he asked me to and he didnt answer nor did he return my call. It has only been one day since I have talked to him but I dont know if he has gone back to his wife or if he just likes to dissapear and is really still getting divorced.

  20. The Leash

    Am I reading in to a crystal ball? I’m a Taurus woman who has participated in a very secretive relationship with a Gemini man for over 4 years now (we are both 30 yrs of age now). We knew from Hour 1 of Day 1 that we had to be together… However, still 4years later, we are not exactly where we want to be just yet. The obstacles we’ve overcome have paved much destruction and turmoil in the lives of ones we truly love. The damage we’ve caused is irreversible, though we honestly wouldn’t reverse it if we could. We’ve gone over 2 years without a single communicative bond (no text, email or phone calls), yet we both knew instinctly that we were still on that same path…. leading to a place where we can eventually just BE together. I think he was drawn to the fact that I wasn’t particularly clingy and/or needy. I could, and I would, carry on with or without him. I once winked at him in the neighborhood market, and then carried on with my busy life as usual (long leash). He told me at a much later date that he was SHOCKED I didn’t text or call him soon after that. He waited by the phone for a whole week….. LOL You can drive a Gemini man insane by ignoring him or making him feel insignificant!! I would only suggest this as a last resort, though, as a bruised Gemini ego is not something you want to tool with on a regular basis. When he gets moody or I feel a slight distance between us, I stroke his ego (leash tightens). Easy as pie.
    My Gemini man is the ONLY man who has ever been able to tame this Taurus fire. He told me in the very beginning he could, and he would tame me. I literally melt in his presence. I enjoy allowing the man to take that MANLY role. I’ve been with too many men that just break too easily. Show this Taurus you got some fight in you and that’s when I back down, and respect you that much more!! The Gemini is such an appealing sign b/c he will likely keep me “in check” with his wandering eye (loose leash). However, my unwavering confidence will pose a threat if he strays an inch too far for MY comfort (leash-pull). My Gemini likes to test these boundaries, too, which almost always leads to some pretty intense arguing and almost always, make-up sex. I also sense my accomplishments and stability fill an emptiness he tends to dwell on within himself, though I would never tell him I analyzed, much less noticed, ANY “faults” of his.
    The sex is ALWAYS amazing….. for him. 😉 I often notice when it’s all said and done that he actually manipulated me to do exactlly what he wanted and I didn’t even notice, or care. It takes ALOT to manipulate this Taurus woman!! But when I realize what happened, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that he’s unlocked something within me that I myself have tried to unlock for SO many years! If I only understood exactly how the hell he does it…. I’ll get you yet, Mr. Gemini….

  21. GB

    wow i met Gemini man recently, Just like a Fresh Air
    i had Aquarius man, deep and dark, felt too much.
    so possesive as well… i would love to go out but may be he thought i do not deserve it. It’s ok. cos i move on fast loll people are people what end is the relationship not the world. and can be friends anyway.

    God anyway going back to the story, This man, so Flawless, free, committed to conversation, intelligent although didn’t study much just click click get my story. well it is Gemini traits but i think that is what i have been craving for all the time u know. we talked about work, people, psychology, culture, history, economy, politics, movies etc etc and religious ideas even. he told me how easy going i am and so comfortable to be with and yeh i am loll

    . He was just like my three other best friends who are Gemini 🙂 so i am good with knowing what he wants lol i know Gemini people are multiple personality when they are with people who they feel comfortable they are just cheeky, usually they are shy cautious quite people and i like that. i am very open in the begining but later turn stubborn and cut off, but this personality shaped alot by many air and water signs i met loll

    i am a thinker and lazy, and i need some pusher and practical player, someone who can run and i can assist loll but i do not want to define our relationship. go with flow.. i will see how things are going but wow so positive sign here.

  22. Bowwife

    After Amazing race I had to go check out signs and compatibility. I was amazed how spot on Taurus I am. My husband of 26 yrs is a Gemini. He’s a great guy, very ambitious and has trouble sitting and relaxing. Has to be doing something all the time lol. I’m happy with a book and a good movie 😉 I think Taurus/Gemini couples are an amazing pairing and we are proof positive! I see many other long-term relationships saying the same. Maybe other Astrologers should rethink their opinions!

  23. Adreanna

    Ive been with 3 geminis 1 in which i was crazy in love with and my best friend is a gemini they are fascinating ppl extremely charming fun to be around a breath of fresh air u dont have to do much in this relationship its cool to let them flirt theyll let u do the same which i did but then its like idk they drop out of highschool and u never see him again im sure it wouldve worked we were great toghether i just never advanced quite like i shouldve dont make that mistake because one minute theyll be there the next theyll be gone but it is a very relaxed atmosphere rly nice to be in

  24. Mimijane

    Gem man can take on a variety of persona! i knew this gemini guy airline pilot for 2 yrs. generous good-looking smart. That’s zany good fun for the last 2 yrs or so. but there was a lot covered maybe there was good reason to. he somehow brought out a dark side to me that i never knew befdore. great guy just couldn’t get any traction on the person. a floating charming easygoing mercurial amorphous mirage. there you see it there you don’t! talk about opposites what future?

  25. susie

    I cannot believe how accurate this article was in describing myself and my gemini boyfriend. We are in love and totally crazy about eachother but have been experiencing some difinite personality clashes. It is a relief to read something that claims that we do have a chance despite our differences.

    Thanks for this!

  26. cani den

    Thanks for your article!my ex is a gemini and everything you said felt like you are describing us.I think he’s going to come back and I miss him a lot!but we fight almost every day!!you didn’t seem to advice on how to avoid our fights!thanks again!

  27. Janiece

    Hi Nancy,
    thanks for your great info,

    Previously i’m so worried that most article indicate that Tauras & Gemini is totally opposites which wont have a good ending.
    i feel so much confidence now with my Gemini BF after reading your article, also i see quite a number of ladies who commented here, who is married to Gemini guy.

    Many thanks! cheeRs~

  28. lisa jackson

    i have been with my boyfriend for a year now he is gemini and i am tauraus .. he has taught & shown me things i never imagined .. i find when we argue if we can just take the time to calm down and listnen problems will be resolved and we come back ten times stonger .. i see a bright future for us and i wouldnt change anything

  29. sassyone37

    Been dating a Gemini man for 4 months (me taurus) and I must say its been wonderful. We both seem to be very in love with each other. He is already talking about marriage but I’m afraid that he will regret it once his other personality comes back. I am usually very good at figuring someone out but he has me bafffled most of the time. I think it works because I have been acting as if it doesn’t matter either way. I always let him make the plans and ask me out. If he doesn’t I make other plans with friends. They say not to smother and I have made it a point to give him all the space he desires as long as he realizes that I may or may not be there when he gets done its ok. I promised him in the beginning that I would never chase him or try and hold him back. I want him to live his life and have everything he wants. I always give him the opposite of what he expects and it seems to work out great. I try to give him an out whenever I can. There were some rocky times early on and would leave and ignore him and he will always come back for me. I love him and I hope this works out!

  30. Michelle

    I think this article is very accurate; I’m a Taurus (with Mercury in Gemini) who’s been married to my Gemini husband for 3 years. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant early on about how compatible we’d be, because I’ve always heard that Taurus and Gemini go together about as well as chalk and cheese, but we get on fabulously; I’m more wild about him now than I was when we got hitched. We each bring assets to the marriage that the other wouldn’t necessarily have: his gentle, but whimsical, nature allows me to laugh at myself when I’d otherwise get very angry – without my ever feeling laughed at (he’s the only person to ever have that effect on me), and my domestic structure and financial sense bring him a sense of security he appreciates immensely. We’re now happily raising our Virgo son together.

    It’s rewarding to hear other successful stories of this unlikely pairing.

  31. moongoddez

    im on the verge of dumping my cap for holding out. i can’t not deal with sexual torment, uh uh! that will not do. at all!

  32. brit

    Im a taraus girl & i recently met this gemeni guy at my job when i saw him….are eyes just met. it started slow , i didnt say nothing and neither did he…then he came and introduced himself…and i just giggled. ( very attractive & my type). couplpe days later he in my section at work dusting trees and i see him just gazing at me …then dose it again but more oviously. im sooo crushing over this one. so anyways we do a lot of small talk & i see we have much in common. he like to firlt i agree but a little slow with he recntly got fired 🙁 and texed me & told me to save his number ! im so excited i feel its going to go slow . i hope we become great friends and by the loooks ok u guys stories…just maybe but one thing about us taruses we have patience ! which def comes in handy.

  33. Diana

    I am so glad to hear couples that have managed to make the relationship between a taurus and a geminis work! I love guys that are geminis, but it is so hard to make them fall in love! I am taurus by the way and my acendent is geminis :)… Good thing I got to read someting different today!

  34. abgirl

    Hilda, u and I r in the same boat! it’s only been 5 years, but no kids. Married for 3. He’s the proverbial artist – and I, the Taurean am the arts administrator…that’s how we met.

    I like that he’s young @ heart…love it even, but like a kid he doesn’t work. We can certainly be great friends, but as a hubby – no bueno! His friends are all kids. I’ve tried going out with him, but they’re all under 21 so we wind up in places with other kids…we’re almost 30!

    Being the bull(y) that I am at times, Mama’s given Daddy a deadline. If Peter Pan can’t run circles in that direct line, get a job or create one in his art – he’ll be circling out the door come December.

    I haven’t slammed my foot yet, but my head is down and I’m about ready to charge.

  35. Josh

    Hilda, Hilda, Hilda. A strong Taurus once said “Why not go out with your man till the wee hours of the night?” Do not be lazy little girl..

  36. Josh

    I am a Gemini man ( my Taurus just reminded me to preface my gender) that is with a Taurus woman. We have been together long enough to know that the combination of signs works 🙂 About 4 years; we flow together down the river of life, and don’t forget’ we all have three signs that affect our relationships, not just the sun.

  37. wesley

    wow never paid mind to the signs but nail on the head come to mind.im gemini my wife is taurus we have been together for 11 years from what ive read above its like a log book of our relationship.she wants to stay in,i want to go out,so i bribe her,intice her and seduce her to get out.we had a rocky start but over the years we have found our balance.there is no one in charge of our house we share and compromise.if we fought for control we would shake our house down it almost happened once.so to anyone else in this matched relastionship learn compromise.compromise does not translate to unhappiness.good luck

  38. cc

    I completely understand how you feel.Is it really fair to stay for the kids? well I will tell you what, to add insult to injury, my husband has gotten his kids from their mom in AL and I am more miserable than ever.They are filthy and they feel that they only have to listen to him. My husband is a truck driver and is away most of the time. I feel like my marriage is falling apart and I cannot do anything to stop it, and believe it or not I am not sure i want to.There is still no romance still no affection and I am just counting the days. I thought that we were a match made in heaven, but now it is bearing a strong resemblance to hell…

  39. Hilda

    I am also a Taurus woman & my husband of almost 14 yrs is a Gemini. I agree that the compatibility above very well describes part of our relationship. However I feel that for the last 5 yrs I have been feeling like cc. He is not a flirt in any way, if anything he’s avoid making me feel uncomfortable around any pretty woman. My problem is that he’ll dump me any day for a day out with his friends. I DO NOT appreciate that. Although I have put up with many of his spontaneous decisions & have enjoyed them… I feel like this Gemini child will never grow up! I know this sign never gets OLD…. but I the Taurus woman would love to enjoy each and every phase in my life as is age appropriate.. not to say that I am not young at heart..because I know I am… but I feel that my Gemini, is jealous of the fact that I may try to compete with his youthfulness. I still love him very much… I think too much even. Which is why I may have become bored in the relationship because there is no AFFECTION OR ROMANCE…can’t complain about s-e-x…which is always great!!! But sometimes this is not all that is important to me. Especially when he comes home @ 4-5am from a night out with the guys and wants to have adult fun! I appreciate that @ least he comes home to have relations with me n not with someone else while he’s out. At least that’s what I think…so I give him the benefit of the doubt. But for a spontaneous sign it is getting old & I can predict it every Friday or Saturday when he showers n dresses up in the evening…I KNOW he loves me… and I know I love him and don’t know how to live without him either… but because I happened to be the grounded sign & I have 3 children with him…. I think my feeling for wanting security is keeping me here. Had it not been for my kids.. Our status may have been different at this point.

  40. cc

    I am a taurus woman married to a gemini man. We have been best friends for years and just decided to get married. I was so taken by him when we met and I still am, only it is true what they say about our match, one thing though, my husband is flirtatious and likes to have female friends, he thinks because he is not sleeping with them, then he is not cheating, it used to hurt me but now I just let it go. My love for him has changed and I am not crazy about him like I used to be, but I do love him, his ways have started to bore me. We have been married for two months. I know that he loves me but he is not affectionate or romantic, I don’t know how to live without him but it is not the perfect storm that it used to be.

  41. Lisa

    Me and my Gemini have been together for 4 years and going stong for 5. While I agree with a lot of the issues brought up on this site and others… but we just seem to fit. I don’t try to change him and I think that is key. I don’t hang on his coat when he wants to leave, and I let him leave freely. He always comes back to me with a huge hug and kiss, and sometimes groceries.

  42. robert king

    This might be the only site where I here that gemini man and a taurus woman. Can be a good match for one another, which I think you were spot-on. The love of my life is taurus woman and i love the ground she walks on! And she loves me just as much. Please send some more sucess stories if you can……. Yours truly R.K.

  43. Brianna

    Although my Gemini and I have our ups and downs, I found it was only at the beginning that work was required. We started out as just friends and I knew better than to prod or smother him. I allowed him his freedom and respected his honesty and after about a year he told me he was in love with me. All the issues described with this relationship normally have to do with freedom/commitment and appreciation of differences. Two mature, open people can get through that. Also, in my case it is the opposite of most that my Gem wants to settle down. I attribute that more to his Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Cancer than Gemini. Which brings up my point: Other factors in the chart will make or break astrological compatibility. The Sun Sign is just 1 indicator.

    Me: Sun in Taurus, Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Capricorn Ascendant

    Him: (birth time unknown) Sun in Gemini, Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Cancer

  44. Bruna Taylor

    My husband and I have been married for 12 years now and our meeting was pre-destined as there were too many coincidences and what should have been complicated just came together without any effort. What you have written is very true for us, me being a Taurus and him being a Gemini. We have had our ups and downs but have always gotten through it because we understand and respect each other and there is a lot of love and commitment there. The more we are together the better our relationship gets in every way. I do love the challenge and his qualities that I do not have and he would say the same about me.

  45. Victoria

    A lot on this is right, me and my bf have been together for almost two years and its the best relationship ever. Were very devoted and alot you say about the male Gemini is true, i’m a Taurus and most you say is true about the female. I found this to be quiet enlightening, thank you.

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