Taurus Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Gemini Couples: Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson; Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip; Melania Trump and Donald Trump; Carmen Electra and Prince

This unlikely combination can work because Taurus provides a point for around which Gemini can pivot. And Gemini provides a fascinating palate of sound and color for the placid bull.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Taurus Woman:  I don’t think you have to do anything in particular to attract a Gemini man. Just stay put and let him spin. Gemini is looking for an audience and a serene pool to cool off in. You have to realize how tightly wound most Geminis are. For example, they tend to sleep only three or four hours a night. The fact that you sleep 10-12 hours will be a relief and an inspiration to him.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman as a Gemini Man:  You have some skills which the lady bull will appreciate.  Can you help her with that new cell phone or fix her computer?   She would appreciate anything practical that you can do for her.  If you want to play the “I forgot the time of our date” game or if you are going to introduce yourself today and then again tomorrow because you can’t remember her name, you won’t get past first base here. Save that for the fire signs who may find it amusing.  She’s looking for someone substantial, deep, and practical.  Use your mimickery skills to imitate this type of person as long as you can. Once you’ve got her on the hook, then you’re on your own.

Degree of Romance: Romance is not particularly interesting to this combination. The normal sophistication of Gemini is lost on Taurus who prefers results and direct action rather than a man who is kissed by the Blarney stone.  The bull may have to spell it out to the Gemini and hold his feet to the fire to get him to perform. Let’s say she wants to be remembered on her birthday. She’ll have to remind him a week ahead of time and give him a specific gift to purchase (don’t forget to tell him he needs to wrap it, too).  She should insist that he follow through. (This will secretly win his heart because he is looking for that in a mate; he is so lacking in the practical side of life.) On the plus side, he usually has lots of money even if does not know how to spend it. She can help him put it to good use. The whole idea of investment is new to him, even something like investing in good furniture.

Degree of Passion: Gemini’s ability to dodge and hide can make Taurus feel more passionate than she normally does. His unpredictability can act like a red flag while his versatility in love making is a kinky whip and goad.  This man’s ethereal and mercurial qualities act as a strong stimulus to her earthy and instinctual Taurus nature.

Degree of Friendship: This is one sign that Taurus can be great friends with. He loves to talk. She loves to listen. He can show her new things, peak her curiosity, and teach the lady bull a little bit of sophistication. Perhaps more importantly, he can get the Taurus up off the couch and out the door before she has a chance to dig in and say no. He’ll have her laughing at her own stubbornness, and, if her temper flares, he will simply disappear until the weather changes which is a very good thing.

Degree of Marriage: Judging from the couples listed above, I think you would agree this is a good combination for marital happiness. We are one of the few astrologers that make this assertion. We would like to hear back from you if you’re involved in a Taurus woman Gemini man relationship that is working well.

Progression of Relationship: If you’ve ever seen a little tiny terrier out for a walk, you have an idea of what it is like to date a Gemini. He will run circles around his mate, but this lady can  keep him circling in a direct line. The amount of energy he expends will utterly amaze her – most of it in talking. She’ll have to remind him to stop talking and do something from time to time and will wind up as the pace setter in this pair which makes her feel comfortable and safe.

Sex: Sex can be quite intriguing for the Taurus who learns new tricks of the trade. She provides the grounding where he provides the ideas, gadgets, and electronic equipment. To spice it up, she can say no a lot and act like she is being seduced. This is a real turn on for Geminis. It is especially a big turn on to say “Oh, I’ve never done this before.”

When It’s Over: When it’s over Gemini might have a lot of excuses for patching it back together again; in the final analysis it will be Taurus’ decision. When he has contradicted himself so many times and been so ambivalent she isn’t willing to give him any more chances, none of his tap dancing will be very effective. You know how the bull slams its foot before it charges? That is what we are talking about here.

Our Rating: 8/10

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74 Responses to Taurus Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

  • Semakaleng says:

    I give a gemini man and taurus woman 20/10! I am taurus woman and was married to a Gemini man. I was in heaven! sadly death took him away. I found a lot of similar traits between a capricon man( whom I am dating now) and teh gemini man ( not sure of I am trying to see my late hubby in my bf) but I find them both to be handy and authorative ( I love that a lot and I am a lot of woman to handle :) They both seem to bring out the gentle side of me, as for a cancer man, all we did was fight and fight and fight! One thing I have picked up is that culture plays an important role. I am in South Africa and we have different cultures with also form part of moulding a person. As a results I think a gemini Xhosa and a gemini Pedi will behave differently. My hubby was Pedi and my current Cap bf is also Pedi hence they seem to behave the same way.

  • nik says:

    I’m a Taurus woman married to a Gemini man and I couldn’t be happier. He’s a great man, and I feel lucky every day to be married to such an amazing person. :)

  • Stace says:

    I feel like he won’t like me back. I messed up pretty bad. Guess he moved on :(
    Guess i deserve this :(

  • jah says:

    im a taurus women and im so inlove with my bf right now, and his a gemini

  • Castor and Pollux says:

    To all the TRUE alpha males of the zodiac, if you want a taurus woman do what I did and grab the bull by the horns ;)

  • JazzFoo says:

    I’m a Taurus woman with a Gemini man and we’ve been together Since 3/30/11 .. We rarely fight and love to be together all the time(x Our relationship is going amazing <3

  • Melissa says:

    I am a taurus born on May 6th and my friend is a Gemini born June 9th. He is 16 years older than I and is a very handsome man. The attraction and flirtation is innocent but I try to keep it casual because of the age difference and there is another woman at his feet. He is going through divorce so I choose to keep things the way they are. We have had casual deep conversations over cookies and milk. We have gone close to kissing twice but it was not the right time because his girlfriend gets jealous because he likes me. We are at a party with some friends and colleagues. I was dressed to kill and looked beautiful. He did not complement me but his actions and expressions said it all. I greeted every one in the party because that is how friendly and professional I am. I gave him a warm kiss on the cheek for the first time ever and was in shock. He was looking my way and could not keep his eyes off of me the entire night. Back at work Mr. Gemini treats me better by holding doors for me and when I need the keys, he lets me open the door. If I need copies he lets me do them. One day, which came as a total shock to me was that Mr. Gemini himself made me 5copies of a lesson that I was going to teach that day. A lady in the office tells me ” he has never done this for anyone, he really must like you”. In my heart I know he does and the attraction is there. The circumstances with his jealous girlfriend and going through a divorce is something he has to deal with on his own. I will give him that space the sort things out. Gemini men are the kind of men who need to sort out their differences before moving forward!!!!

  • Just Listen says:

    Gemini guys haha think of their mind being like an ocean.(I am a Gemini whom has not been in a relationship with women which weren’t a fling, its not that I don’t take relationships seriously but they weren’t real ones; that is my relationship experience so pretty much 0) Just forget those parts. Overall his(Gemini man) thinking regularly of the big picture , that picture being the ocean. Their mind is an ocean. There are many inside components and some that just won’t be able to be figured out. For example we as researchers know more about the moon than the ocean and we cannot fully explore the ocean due to technology not begin capable of doing so yet. Inside the ocean is the more diverse type of ecosystem. Such as the fickleness of a Gemini. Dating a gemini guy could be like dating four different guys in one body. Those guys in most cases will be Charming(being the epitome of all you want him to be), funny, philosophical/smart,moody. Those aren’t the typical type but they most certainly apply to me at least how my twin sister puts it. It is impossible to understand the ocean it its entirety but maybe thats a good thing that you cannot for what if something you did not need to know is included. The ocean is vast and Gemini’s like to keep certain personal interests to themselves entirely, most likely these aren’t interests that could be harming your relationship if you knew what they were but the time he puts toward them is the true damage dealer if anything. While some Gemini’s can seem like your knight in shining armor one day ,the next day he may not include yourself in it at all or even for many days in a row or on and off. Its not at all because theres a problem in your relationship and you must understand that truly and sincerely. When they return they’ll probably come back as prince charming or romance king as he misses his beloved partner. This could very well be a bad example ,but if he stops contact with you without notice for days/weeks and doesn’t contact you during those days it’s not because he finds something wrong with anything with the relationship, that’s just him. He still loves you as much as he did the night of your passionate sex the day before he goes. The example is just think of him as recharging his freedom batteries a bit so he can enjoy his personal interests. Most likely he’s not chatting with other women in flirtatious ways or anything such disloyal, but rather just doing what he likes to do. Also never ever take a Gemini’s conversation topic to heart unless its about emotional feelings and such between you. If he tells you something thats even slightly insulting or that boosts his ego he doesn’t mean it from the bottom of his heart no matter how serious his facial expression is. If your Gemini hasn’t suggested it yet, the next time your preparing for a passionate love making pull out a whipped cream spray can and I couldn’t tell you just how much he will appreciate that, I don’t joke when I say that. Also don’t take his flirtatious nature to heart, if he’s flirting with other women he probably hasn’t even noticed because he’s just like to leave good impressions to ensure you as a couple look best in all ways. I have things to do but a lot of people seem to get the wrong impression of Gemini guys so I took a large portion of my leisure time to thoughtfully construct this and write it down but I need to go now. I won’t be checking this again so if you still have questions concerning Gemini’s(male or female, I can put in my 2 cents for female gemini because I am a Gemini and I have a twin sister thus she’s a Gemini as well) you can contact me through my email: 321Imheretostay@gmail.com
    Btw tell me you saw me from this site or such,etc
    -I did not check over this post more than once so my grammar, pronunciation, spelling whatever it may be could be very horrible also to add english is not my native language.
    -Also I am human therefore I will have mistakes here and there but what I told you I believe but its always possible I worded it in a way you may not interpret the same.

  • Natashasredhat says:

    So gemini man has a great interesting mind and that mind always wants change and life like a carousel. dont we all want that? hes also surprisingly a very family man and has strong family ties. sometimes what one wants so much gets on the back burner for the time being if family has other needs. he realizes itsnot as if one gives up what one wants its just that sometimes other peoples bigor small needs are more important than ones own. i am a taurus woman and have to say hes much more family goal-ed than me. i liek theat very much.

  • aurora says:

    well it didnt worker for me. im a female taurus and he gemini. at first our 15 month relationship was wonderfull. he was perfect gentelman. charmed me and my family. had 2 xmases together and 2 holidays that were lovely. his family loved me we spoke about marriage at some point and went looking at buying a house together then suddenly he went very moody and irritable. everything i d did seemed to annoy him, he ended it abruptly giving silly reasons eg. i scratched his table!! [was one of the reasons] and its been 3 months and havnt heard a thing from him since. im left confused and with a broken heart to mend. theres no way id have him back. i think once taurus has been hurt thats it! we need stability and security emotionally and finacially other wise we cant be happy and i dont think gemini can give it. not in my case anyway. i dont think i will date another gemini man again. too risky.

  • Trikaesia says:

    8/10? More like 5 or 6 I think. The Gemini man has an insatiable thirst for dirt, a constant quest. Anyone who senses this weakness will give him a staeady supply of it. Gem man does not realize that. Thosea re the people he gathers around himself and preens that he knows so much. Not realizing that he does not know the entire picture. And that he does not attract to himself those who are more factual and balanced. Maybe the Taurus woman would do well not to repose so much trust in him. After all what could be the purpose of a man who is on a constant search for the negative?

  • Treesha says:

    why are people so mean and nasty to each other? Gems and other hangers on revel in being judging and critical. Helping or giving useful advice or tips to another does not seem to be a favorite activity. And its all couched as a joke. Of course everyone shoud laugh and not take it seriously. Its a joke after all. I say, get real! If you want to criticize at least have the guts to be open about it! From what I have seen people who constantly criticize and are neither supportive nor helpful are usually those who don’t want people to come up in life. They also hope at least some of their criticism is going to make a dent in that person’s self-confidence and happiness. There’s ‘positive’ lip service every once in a while that’s supposed to be admiring and loving. Its tiring and unattractive and repelling. Is it any wonder at the end of the day such people think how come others are happy and I’m not?

  • Lynne says:

    I am a Taurus women and I had friend an old school friend on Facebook. I had notice he was paying a lot of attention to my post. I had asked him to meet me for drinks on Thursday, well that lasted 4 1/2 hours then Friday then Saturday. I was so attracted to him I asked when was his birthday – June 14th. I have never dated a Gemini before so I started reading and was so disappointed what everyone was saying. He disappeared all week never calling me. I knew we had an attraction and knew he felt it. So on Saturday I texted him, he was sick all week and very busy all week. Not sure if I believed him anyway, went over last night. I intended to have sex!!! The sex was great, AWESOME. I did everything to him I talked dirty to him and we went to town…..I was the one that asked him to make love to me he said one condition I said what he said you promise not to go crazy on me and call me all the time. I said DEAL. I do not regret anything I did. I am very attracted to him and we have so much in common we can talk all night long. I intend to keep my part of the deal and not call him. I am sooo hoping he had a great time and call me if he doesn’t I still had a great time and I will always care for him like my best friend. I will never forget the last 2 weeks. I was hoping he was mature enough to realize the attraction between us and act on it but I don’t think he will. Maybe he was hurt recently. If he ever needs me, I will be there for him.

  • Shawn says:

    Hi Dear ,

    ————-When I was in a relationship with a Taurus woman I always felt a bit like a naughty child! She was quite controlling and everything had to be just so – there was no freedom to do or think your own way.
    ————-Lots of passion though but that’s not always enough. If you’re a single Aries guy you could do worse than check out this astrological dating site – you’ll find lots of matches who are bound to be right for you as the site rates your zodiac compatibility ahead of time. Give it a go?

    MatchMySign.com – Online Zodiac Dating

  • Natasha says:

    Sometimes I get carried away is what my boo tells me. what he means is being foolish. I do a quick sidestep n avoid it and keep going. makes me think my lucky stars I have someone like him beside me. I would say overall we understand each other pretty well and sync up. He is very attentive to me and takes care of me in all ways. Gem men are very good protectors and providers man of man. Not like my ex who when I told him I had a problem asked me what are you going to do now? Yeah real mature! better than ad 8 i’d say 10.

  • Looknohandsmamma says:

    I’m a Taurus woman and dating a Gemini man. Sure he has so many sides to him and always comes up something interesting just when I think theres nothing new. But the best part is that he alsways gives mea second chance especially when im learning something new. He has a motorbike on which we went for long rides on the pacific coast. one summer I badgered him and he taught me very very reluctantly. this Harley was his uncle’s and had a lot of value for him. the first time I climbed up a tree and he said that’s it!! but I begged and begged and we went for another ride this time in an open field and it went all right. I was so proud that day and relieved that I could prove to myself i’m not such a duffer.

  • Teresagolightly says:

    My man is a Gemini. I am a Taurus woman- not so bright as some may tell you. Initially we got on pretty well after we met at my friends bbq last summer. We date quite steadily and I am quite protective about him and don’t stand for any one saying anything about him either. I help him whenever I can but somehow he suspected me and wanted me to affirm my fidelity openly. And so I did though I felt bad about being doubted. but that did not make him happy either. If there’s one thing I know its the man is always right. 2. follow the man n do what he says. My mamma always taught me that. I try to hang in there and think maybe my dude doesn’t recall what he said …..could be. I think there will be more times in future where he can feel secure and I can help him look like da man of man. Like the king of dudes! I can do that – no sweat. Taurus woman may be dull in her obedience but she aint lacking in imagination or determination to make her dude shine.

  • On and OFF says:

    Hello all . . In 2012 i have been dating a Gemini Guy . .Birthday June 14th . .Anyway at the time in 2012 at the time I was 16 and he was 18 . .We were just playful dating nothing serious but after 2 weeks I really got attached to him, he was a nice guy but I found out he had a gf and was cheating on her with me and a various amount of other girls . . when I found that out I immediately cut him off. .Now in 2013 me and him became the best of friends and we always kept in contact. Months would go by and we wouldnt speak but whenever we did I could always feel the connection we always had but never utilized when we first me . . Anyway a few months again went by and we havent spoken until early July of this year . .He is now 20 and im 18 . . And he has matured alot . . I buck into him one day and we began talking like nothing ever happened months ago. We exchanged numbers and now we are currently in a relationship. I find that the saying if its meant to be it will be .. Even though he has bin with other girls during the time, I find it that he really loves me now but I do give him his space because I really know how their zodiac sign operates and Im a taurus so I try not to hold him back or cloak our relationship on him. Even thought its hard for me to act unstable its the only way a relationship can work not only with a Gemini but with anyone because we all need our freedom not to be asked about our whereabouts all the time . .I love this guy sooo much from I was 16 and now Im almost 20 . . The main thing is SPACE and Go with the flow when in a relationship with a Gemini Male. .

  • Moumoufalls says:

    Taurus woman can be patient but ladies don’t go for a gem man if you cant take his constant change of personality. its like ten different people put together and they cant make up their mind either. Theyre so fussy too put a woman to shame. I fell for him like a ton bricks but got out of it quick when I saw I didn’t need all that variety. Taurus man is more quick to make up his mind and that’s such a relief.

  • Sarah says:

    My husband is a Gemini and I am a turaus! The best relationship I have ever had! He keeps everything light hearted, when I become stubborn or anger he gives me my space or makes me laugh!! We have wonderful communication and we are always on the same page. He isn’t very sexual that does get to me at times, but then I think would I really want someone into porn strippers or constant sex! No I would so I settle. He asked me to marry him on our first date, he said he just knew and it was funny so did I! There was no questions or doubts in my head I am never impulsive always responsible and planning for the future! He is a hard worker and always takes care of his family he is a true family man! Honestly couldn’t ask for to much more at all!

  • jacquelyn says:

    My Gemini man has come back into my life after 26 years. We were married very young…1985. And divorced in 1988. 1988 was the last time I saw him. He reached out to me via Facebook and as of right now it’s work and I didn’t realize this but he said he was very upset that I divorced him. I was NOT going to stay in marriage where I was being mistreated. But we still care for each other and love each other but I have to remember he is still the same and will never change. And I’m still the same as well, just have some gray hair. ☺ and so does he. ☺

  • I just broke up with a Gemini man. I am a Taurus woman. I stayed with my Gemini man for three years. He was a very quiet man but just too laid back for me. He was very faithful. He did not believe in having two women at the same time but my problem was he wasn’t stable in finding a steady job. He did not seem to think that having a steady job with a steady income was important. What I thought was a temporary phase was really his true personality of not working as hard as he should and putting away something for a rainy day. That drove me crazy as I am a planner and must have an emergency fund. Other than that he was a quiet person, did not do anything to make me jealous but I just could not understand why he couldn’t save some money and save for a rainy day. He always wanted money borrowed and also borrowed from his friends. I don’t think he was the norm of the average Gemini but my neighbor’s son is also Gemini and he also has this happy go lucky attitude. As a Taurean, I need stability, consistency and someone who is also affectionate. My Gemini had me going crazy on him sometimes because he just didn’t communicate with me for me to understand what was going on in his head. Maybe that is why he is now out of my life because I just need more. More than he was offering me. He was more of a companion or friend to me than my man. I wanted a real man in my life to nurture and be more affectionate to me. I can take care of myself, I just want a man who I can respect, who handles his business and be more consistent. My Gemini just wasn’t cutting it with me. But since he was too old to change, I had to move on and hope we remain friends but his ego can’t accept that. That is my opinion of my Gemini experience as a Taurean woman.

  • shaya says:

    I’m 27 years old taurus woman married to a gemini man, from the beginning we had instant attraction! It was like magic between us but a funny and friendly magic, first year of marriage i found him hard to handle he was so moody that i went crazy :/ so suddenly changing and he would be upset over anything i would do, second year after my baby girl was born i became a frustrated bull lol!! I became angry and so much stubborn, third year was a quiet year and now as we are going through our forth year i can say i give our relationship a 7 or 7.5/10. IT IS quiet a good relationship with some turn offs every now and then but i suppose you can work it out if you both want to, he is a good man with a very white heart and will not hold into things inside him if something bothers him about you he will just tell you, not too faced no! a very family man, a nice friend i’d say we are more likely friends than lovers we are at our best when we talk and laugh and even argue the discussion with a gemini man is great, love is good also i know he loves me so much but he lacks the right emotions sometimes but i know deep inside hin he is crazy about me as i am about him, physical attraction is strong i’d say even though sometimes i wish he would be more into me than he already is lol but i guess that’s just how us taurus women are we want it all or nothing, i think if taurus gave up being so stubborn and gemini gave up his mood things will go okay, i understand now after those years how much he needs his freedom and friends and privacy, as i need to go slow in life, it’s a pretty fair relationship, nice, friendly, flirty sometimes and easy in general. Yes women, i recommend a gemini male :) 1

  • Liz says:

    I am involved in a Taurus and Gemini relationship. I am the Taurus and he is the Gemini, surprisingly he was the one that wanted something serious and it took me 2 years to catch up, we broke up for about 6 and half months and then got back together, he is completely obsessed with me, faithful, and brings so much lightness and fun to my life. He actually is a great provider ladies, mine is at least June 12, he is serious in the relationship, honest, loyal, and true. He can be a little crazy at times, but, I swear sometimes I am the 1 who acts like the Gemini and I run off when things get too heavy lol, instead of communicating. I am not as stubborn as many other Taurus my birthday is May 12, he is great at adapting to my moods and providing the reassurance that I need, also he is romantic and passionate surprisingly, he buys me perfumes, watches, earrings, pies, roses, and does a lot of things to keep me happy, he saids making me happy is his # 1. We has a magnetic attraction when we 1st meet, and after we broke up he dated 4 other woman, but, couldn’t get over me, so he came back. He saids I am home and that he always knew we would end up back together, something about me is so fulfilling and peaceful. I pamper him and show him love, the rationality and stable of life. He doesn’t make a lot of money, as well as has two kids from a previous relationship and marriage so most of his money goes to his children, but with whatever he does have he is very generous, sensitive (can be annoying at times lol), and tender hearted, he always wants to please me and looks for my affirmation. I provide him with security and being the strength and rock that he needs, I always lend a helping hand and I know that I will be the sole provider and I do not mind at all because, I own my own business and I want the good life, so why not introduce him to it as well. As long as he takes care of his children, and does what he can for me, then I am good. He really goes out his way for me, once paying my rent. We are getting married this September and I couldn’t be happier, do not listen to the other websites that say a Taurus Woman and Gemini Man, can not work we can. It really just depends on the TWO people, patience, and understanding each other. Taurus woman, be direct and don’t hold back what you feel. We will be together going on 5 years this February and I am the one getting the ring and last name. By the way he has been with other air signs, has a child with an Aquarius and a child with a Libra, has dated other Geminis and a Virgo. But, I the Taurus BULL, is becoming the wife, if Queen Elizabeth and Phillip can work, so can we. Again it is fun to look at zodiac traits but, you have to know yourself, and if you want things to work with anyone, no matter what the sign, you can. I have dated both Virgo, Caps, Pisces, and Cancers and none of them worked. Now I am marring a Gemini, understand who your with, no relationship is perfect it doesn’t matter what the sign is, give your all or give nothing.

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