1. Deesha

    Well! I m a Tauren and in love with a Leo I don’t believe that much into this zodiac sign stuff but I just checked it because my friends say that most of them are true so Idk let’s see how does it ends up!

  2. I’m taurus and my boyfriend is leo… I know I’m a very stubborn person, but my boyfriend is stubborn.. I love him more though… And this. Write-up is so true.. I just hope “hatred when its over” never happens for us

  3. Sad Taurus

    I’m a Taurus woman still in love with Leo man who has broken my heart. Everything stated is true. But it wasn’t always like that. It was amazing in the beginning. He couldn’t wait to marry me and I was so excited and in love. But he started a new job and then suddenly he had no time for me or is. His style changed, he stopped talking to me which made me hurt and angry. He made promises and never followed through. He strung me along with “things are just transitioning, I love you and want to marry you…lets go look at rings!” Then he tells me that I’m no longer what he wants in a partner or wife. He wants to focus on his new job but when he’s ready to get married and have a family I’ll probably be too old to have kids, so I’m no use to him. I’m 32!!! What did I do to deserve this?

  4. Maria Evans

    At the age of 21 i was married to a leo man aged 30.
    I thought he loved me… However this changed, when it was the next week into the marraige he abused and raped me!
    Then he left he left me as i was pregnant.

    i’m not only warning my fellow taurus but also other signs. Stay well away from leo men. They may seem nice but they’re really cheap, perverted and disgcusting!!!

  5. SwanGirl

    I’m a Taurus; it fits me perfectly in every description about Taurean women, as well as me being conceived in late April (the tropic zodiac of Taurus). I was born in January, but Capricorn doesn’t fit me at all.

    One person commented on here that he met two Capricorns who were “so heavenly,” but the two Taurus women he was with beforehand were “too cold.” That’s because they’re not truly Taurus; zodiac signs are 9 months behind.

    Not to mention, people have found their conception chart to be more accurate.

    People also have asked online why the conception date isn’t used instead of the birthdate. One astrology website said that “the practical answer” is that the birthdate is easier than the conception date, unless you have well-documented sex life. “The scientific answer” is the result would be the same, “only offset by 9 months.” The “metaphysical answer” is that you’re not a fully formed person until your birth….I disagree with that one; you living/breathing on your own has nothing to do with the timing that zodiac signs are based on. Besides, babies have personalities in the womb that show after their birth…they might not be able to do anything physically in the womb, or outside until they’re old enough to talk and walk, but they do have a mind of their own.

  6. Lyn

    ok…but so much help getting it is like whichver way to look its there. Leo man is eight years older than me and I’m just twentyone and don’t know what to do.

  7. galilayoh

    As a leo man I find the idea we’re NEEDY attention too simplified. Understand why the leo needs attention is also important.

    We’re private and won’t tell your secrets, nor our own, usually. Because we’re insecure, at times, and never really sure anyone genuinely likes us. so we try to show that we’re just like everyone else, and like the same things. We don’t plan it. It just happens, and then back fires. lol

    Thanks for listening.

    We want the best for ourselves, so we can give the best to tour loved ones, including our parents. We think about our parents a lot. Moms especially.

    If mom won’t like it, sometimes we stop. Sometimes.

  8. Taurus woman

    I love my Leo man!! We get along better than any relationship I’ve ever been in. We’re both home bodies. He’s funny and sweet and honest, which is refreshing. We didn’t start out on cloud 9 but with a little patience on my part and a little growing up on his, we’re in the perfect place. The passion is wonderful! He’s the best lover I’ve ever had and I don’t mind telling him. He puts up with my crazy bad temper and still spoils me lol perfect match here! I give us a 9/10 πŸ™‚

  9. Anaiza

    I am a Taurus woman, just met a Leo man less than 2 months ago. This is the first time I’ve been involved with a Leo man and it’s very interesting. I’m very laid back, down to earth, calm, BUT I do have a temper…. He somehow finds that attractive because I’ll speak my mind. I’m attracted to him because I find his confidence sexy, he can be really sweet, and he’s very intelligent. We get into deep conversations and he’s more attracted to my mind than anything else. He comes off a little cocky, which is not usually my type, but then he does and says things that are so sweet, opposite of what he portrays to be.

    Also, I’ve never felt or had a physically relationship with someone so passionate and intense. Nothing that I’ve ever experienced. We are currently stuck on a disagreement, so I haven’t heard from him. I’m hoping he’ll come back around, if not, I can say it’s been one of the most fulfilling romantic “relationship” I have experienced so far.

    Any advice on what should I do since he seems upset with me? (And I won’t budge on my decision.) That’s probably one of the major issues with a Taurus and a Leo. Learning how to compromise and move forward……

  10. jason

    i posted a couple of sec ago and i caint believe i spelled my name wrong its JASON i guess its correct in spanish lol

  11. hason

    i of course am a Leo male and i have been talking to a female Taurus so far we are clicking great and i am very loyal never cheated ever and she is looking for kids and a stable life which i find to be my goal to this is my first Taurus female and i am praying we will work out to best she always makes me feel shy which is a good thing cus if not i would prob let my head get to big but i caint explain how i feel about her just looking at her puts a warming feeling in my chest then my whole body but i have to remember not to be to attached cus she likes space and i like very little space but anyways im taking it slow with her cus i have never taken a relationship slow and she makes me feel like i dont have to rush that everything is ok

  12. Meg

    I never really got why this was considered such a “bad” pairing, but reading the comments I think it really depends on the circumstances (most relationships do, but it seems especially true for this one).

    I’m a Taurus woman and have been with a Leo guy for a very long time with no end in sight. It seems that we have struck a pretty good balance. He is very romantic and treats me VERY well. I try to come out of my shell more than I normally would and we’re both willing to bend to each others will when we need to. I feel like he brings excitement into my life and I make him a bit more grounded we have a lot of fun but also know when to get serious. I think the thing that has been the most helpful in the relationship is he knows if he screws up I’m gone. I’m willing to be committed and put everything that I emotionally have into this relationship but he understands I need that in return and I’m not a forgiving doormat that will stay quiet and put up with something I don’t want.

    We were friends for years so he had enough time to get to know me really well all my faults, weird ticks and annoying habits and decide if he wanted to ask me out or not. It also gave me time to open up. And to be honest I knew his sign and was kind of apprehensive about it just because of that. I was terrified I’d sick of his flightiness and he’d get bored with me within the first month and I told him so. But he has a job that he loves and is passionate about and I have a life of my own and am not very high maintenance so we don’t have very much to argue about, but when we do it always blows over in a couple of days and we leave it in the past.

    I also lack the telltale Taurus jealousy. It doesn’t even really bother me when he flirts, glances at or talks about attractive women (he is human after all, and I do the same with men) because he’s never crossed a line with anything like that and we always laugh it off. I give him enough room to breathe and he always comes back to me with all the love and kindness that he’s always had towards me πŸ™‚ He knows the things I am stubborn about and unwilling to budge on and never tests that and I do my best to support him and never wound his pride.
    So maybe other signs in our chart match up enough to overrule the sun signs?lol I really hope we can overcome that any and all obstacles that come our way because he is truly the most wonderful and amazing person I’ve ever met.

  13. keylye

    I have been officially dating my Leo for 10 months. We became exclusive about 1 month ago. I have read multiple astrology charts about us and they seem a little bleak to say the least. This is unusual because I feel we are very compatible. Sex was not important to him at all, he just wanted to spend time with me. Since we have gotten intimate I would say the sex is very intense and sensual. He calls me crazy (lovingly) because of my taurus temper. But I can tell that is one of the things he respects about me. My passion and ability to show true feelings. I also noticed he is alot more affectionate physically, while I send mushy text. When I have an issue with him he is quick to show a visible turnaround in his behaivor to satisfy me. I do the same for him ( he once complained about me not cooking and eating out too much, I immediately went grocery shopping and began cooking everyday!) He noticed thisa so it makes it easy for him to do the same. We never let our egos in the way because we know we are both prideful and won’t back down. We want to keep the peace and it’s actually easy to do when you want to be with a person. He has taurus in his chart which makes him down to earth and understand me. I have aries in my chart ( aries/taurus cusp 4/23) which is a big attracting factor for him. Our moon signs are compatible, he is taurus and I am pisces. I am not in love yet but I can tell it will come. I was gilted in a previous relationship where I abandoned my Leo for another man who hurt me bad. He took me back and never mentioned it. He just told me I should have stayed with him! He is a true person in the heart no fakery, loves his mother and family to pieces. He calls my foster daughter his daughter and is hoping we can adopt her. I have known him for over 4 years but we lost touch for 2 1/2 years. He was in a relationship when I first met him and he was loyal to her. His qualities are as pure as mine, no hidden motive, not loving because were bored or lonely. We both have other options, but choose each other due to similiar life goals and ambitions. I can florish and grow with him If I let my guard down. I know this but its hard due to the damage my ex gemini did. Everything was perfect just like this and I let my guard alllllllllllll the way down. Not trying to make that mistake again, it felt like I was having a nervous breakdown! My leo and I are a Perfect match in my eyes. ( for now… fingers crossed saying a prayer for love lol!) Thanks for listening πŸ™‚

  14. Apryll

    Im 21yrs old Blk/Latina and Im dating a Leo man who’s black for ( 7months now & still going)…..&& our relationship couldnt’ be any more perfect.. I love the fact that he appricates and respects me.. we balance each other out always finding that HAPPY MEDIUM so that we both think where still & charge.. whick i think is Silly πŸ™‚ As money and the need for luxury life goes a Leo man can some times over do it with showering me with fancy dinners and expensive clothing.. which i keep tellim him ” baby lets get a movies from red box and go home and relax and lata on well you know s*x πŸ™‚ just saying).. but his need for my affection somtime gets the best of him.. i constantly have to remind him that his all i want & that im not looking for nobody else which NOW i dont mind because thats how i really feel about our relationship. and as far as the SeX goes I’m SPEECHLESS.. A leo man will satify you an anyway, shape or form making a taurus woman like myself unleash the wild side of me !!!.. But wen a Taurus woman and a Leo man argue OOoo do flames turn to fire because me and him are both stuborn and hardheaded and we hate to admitt wen where wrong. But a Taurus Woman and Leo Man Can Work!!! just depends if the atractions is there.!!!

  15. Apryll

    Hey!! Well Im a Taurus Woman and Freshly Started Dating a Leo man…& Soo Far Itz Perfect.. He adores and appreciates me. He showers me with affection..The only problem is bc he thinks he haves to buy my affection with fancy dinners and clothes.. Im fine with a movie and popcorn… & Im starting to notice that he likes joking a lot which i dont mind but I’m 21yrs old Blck/latina and his 23/black and i thinks this a time to joke and be serious… But to rap it up what every we go though a nite of Making Love and sweet gentle Kisses can make a taursus woman like myself forget what i was even made about… * Note. Leo man are very loyal and when been togetha for 7 months and already his talking marriage and babies he Loves me and vise veresa.. Where both on the same page and thats all that mattters. Taurse Woman and Leo Man Can Work!!! just depands if the attraction is there.!!

  16. Latasha

    This is amazing. I have the same problems with my leo β€œfriend” It is so confusing and it really drains me! I honestly need some good advice. I am a taurus woman and he is a leo man. We met about 3 1/2 years ago and I was in a relationshp at the time that I was trying to get out of, I think that fact is what turned him to the friend aspect for us. Because he approached me and was in awe of my beauty, those were his words, that I was exotic! lol. But we started going out on dates and eventually having sex, before I knew it. I had left my boyfriend and was waiting on him to change our title. Which didnt happen. We disagree on alot of things but its one of the things we love about each other and kinda look foward to. I set my wishes and expectations to the side because we were both focusing on schol and other things in life, Lets not forget being there for each other when ever we needed the other one. But this has dragged on too long. I need commitment. I leave him on what he calls vacations when I feel my love getting to strong and i’m not getting what I want from him. Then we see each other or miss each other so much and here we go again starting off where we left off! He said he needed to get himself together before making a commitment and that his last relationship was terrible. but the twist to this is the last time he came back, I started dating a very sweet pisces man, who was very cautious at first and then eventually came around. We were spending all our free time together and although he is very simple, unlike my leo. The kisses and very sensual and genuine affection was nice. But when Leo came back around and expressed the fact that he loved me and has been in love with me and doesnt want to be alone for ever, I completely stopped communicationg with Pisces! I know its wrong but my heart is totally somewhere else and I couldnt dare tell pisces this bc it would break his heart, oh and he told me he wanted me to be his wife. I kinda joked around with it bc I was at work and never brought it up again. I really want to marry and spend the rest of my life with my Leo but i’m not sure of his actions. I’ve never had any problems with any other women or ever seen him with any but I think this is bc he is so slick! But I know he talks to other women bc an anonymous person put a note on his car and he followed up with it. Telling me it was bc he thought someone was playing a joke but you asked them to send a pic. Im not crazy just in love! But I will end this for good if he is playing games. Oh and he is 37 and im 30. I feel he’s waaaay to old for this!! HHEEEEELLLPPPPP!!!

  17. shanda

    Well I been dealing with a leo, i have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend. We use to be together and I was to stubborn to forgive him. We were happy. Now with our current situation we cant keep our hands off of eachother. I hope I will marry him one day.

  18. Aaquib

    I would rate it atleast 7/10 =) . Honest to my heart . And ya Iam a LEO and She is a Tauren =) !!!

  19. Aaquib

    !st para which say too stuburn to beark up … Thats so True … But Iam telling u i can break up with her … She is like my light .. Ok this is the fun part we went out togather for a month before she had to leave for her home town its now a year since we saw each other but its still strong … The distance has made us more closer than ever . I talk to her like 10 mins a every 3 days ( because of the poor cellular connection in her town ) But i can t imagine leaving her or Cheating her , I want to see her and hold her in my arms so badly . And ya Taurens have amazingly sweet voice . I Love the way she looks really beautiful . FYI we have kissed jus twice .

  20. Rosali

    I’m a Taurus Female and I’ve been with my Leo boyfriend for 4yrs going on 5. We are extremely happy! I can’t imagine being any happier and then my honey comes and sweeps me off my feet and shows me another level of happiness. Anyways, I just think its so funny that some of the characteristics are so accurate others well not as much, but I think those are other astrological factors(ascendant). I do think I’m a little cold, due to I think all the romance stuff is B—S—, but because my Leo honey has a great sense of humor we can get laugh about it later. He is amazing and very loving, oh and prideful, a little pompous but like a mentioned we have an awesome sense of humor and what other see as flaws we see as virtues. Good luck to all the Taurus & Leo couples. πŸ˜€

  21. akash

    Hey nancy,I’ve been with my Taurus mate since 2003..8 years down the line.She is way too loyal to be left and colder then ice in sex..8 years and 3 kisses so far.! But I think time has come to walk out of this relationship,cause I am tired of trying and she is happy with no sex.
    So i think I should give her some time to rethink & if she is still unable to come out of her shell,I should have a new partner.

  22. coco

    I read this sight because i’m still in LOVE with my leo man we’ve been through some big issues in our 5 going on 6 year relationship but it’s all been worth my time. My son is 4 and he is the apple of our eyes. But he has’nt married me yet and $$$$ is an issue for him i own my own business and he is the homemaker, if the tables turned i’d think he would ask very PRIDEFUL, so how long do i wait ? I dig he wants to take care of me..but he do in so many ways.

  23. zeah

    Hey , i was laughing wen i was readin this…its true that the leo actually thinks like a lion royal king…..but for the fact he is loving ….cute and expectional to be precise ..we been married for 2 years now and dated for nearly a year but it was always loving caring and wonderful to be with him!!!!

  24. TeenageTaurus

    When I was about 15 I went into a serious relationship with a leo teen. We went through the whole fight, kiss, then make up deal for a whole year… And it finally came to an end once our pride over came our logic just like it was explained above…. It’s been a year since we’ve even spoke and he still chooses to act like I don’t even exist.
    Then I began talking to another leo. He’s 21 and saying that he has a party life almost underestimates the life he lives. It’s almost weird how we have such a strong connection and I can’t help hanging out with him even though we both know its taboo… The sex is amazing, and I know it’s wrong that were having it, but it only happened twice in our relationship. (which status on a friend basis because of the circumstances that he’s in). Honestly I don’t think anything is going further, but this site is do accurate and I don’t think id choose a leo as my gutsy choice

  25. Macho

    I have been with my taurus for 6 months now. and its great. like someone else mentioned we barely argue except for pointless things. but its on purpose really cuz its fun. shes my world and we both complement each other. she enjoys my crazyness and i enjoy her mature nature. i really hope we last forever.

  26. Bull headed

    I have been married to my Leo for 15 wonderful years. We are best friends! Yes, my temper flies sometimes, but he usually just lets me simmer back down.
    Yes, my Leo is Purrrfect for me~

  27. Chaos

    I met with a Leo and it was the worst 5 minutes of my life. He was a jerk, annoying and repetitive. His weird behavior did not match with my confident yet easy going mature. He jumped into situations and asked strange questions that left me feeling very awkward…it was like a kid in the back seat screaming are we there yet are we there yet. ARGH

  28. Molly

    I dunno I am a taurean woman and my fiance is a leo and this couldn’t be anymore opposite of us. I do have rages, but he just tells me to relax…. There is a lot of passion but it is from both parties not just him. We are both outgoing and very down to earth individuals who are leaders and very stubborn but we have the best communication. We have the ability to sit down and talk about our problems rather than fight and argue about them…. As far as me being over friendly he doesn’t mind this because he is reserved and shy until he gets to know people unlike me where I will talk to anyone. It brings him out of his shell. I have been with an aquarius and a gemini and those were the worst possible people for me. I think it is all about who you are compatible with and how much you are willing to put into it… Oh not to add we have been together for a year and a half without having a major fight, but we like to get into heated discussions about pointless things (the correct way to use can not or cannot) in a sentence….

  29. Jane

    I am in love w/my Leo boyfriend & let me tell you, the passion is INCREDIBLE! Otherwise we are down to earth homebodies who enjoy each other. I’ma hopin 4 the best!

  30. Egypt

    Ima taurus and my Best friend is a Capricorn girl and her boyfriend is a leo. They have so many problems and being that i am the bff and the only person that she trusts in her life i have to always solve their problems. I know just as much as she does about him and when me and him talk were right on the same path, unlike them, and i feel bad to say that i have a MAJOR crush on him he’s so sexy (think football player Aaron Maybin Google if you have to) and has the Cutest southern accent, but despite all the problems (including her cheating on him x3) he still seems to be in love with her. What am i to do about this situtation ?
    p.s. im tired of always being inthe middle because its not good for our friendship nor the feeling that are forming for him.

  31. sLIQ

    I have to agree with you Nancy. This article is so right and, I would have saved myself time and a lot of hassles if I’d read this say 2 years ago.

    As it turned out, I went out with two Taurus women back to back, They were also born on the same day…7th May. One black one white doesn’t matter, they were like twins in their behaviour….I’m a leo male. The sex was incredible and had me thinking it could work but, i give up. They are just too cold.

    I then experienced a capricorn woman…the best! She had to leave the country though…long story. I met another capri again, I know!! and its like deja vu…why are they so heavenly?

  32. Jenna

    Am a taurean girl and my boyfriend is Leo,i was laughing when i was reading all that is mention above,its a nutty fact.

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