Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Pisces Couples: Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe; Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem; Jessica Lange and Mikhail Baryshnikov; Cher and Sonny Bono

This is a great combination, surprisingly as it does not fall into any of the regular patterns of complementarity. Taurus, the simplest sign, pairs up with Pisces, the most complicated sign and somehow a compromise is reached that brings peace and harmony. There is a secret alchemical formula with this pairing which permits Pisces to build castles on sand.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Taurus Woman: The best way to attract a Pisces is to seem to be absorbed in what you are doing, especially if it is something you are doing by hand, such as laundry, whittling, or shuffling papers on your desk. Devote yourself to some concrete task and let the fish circle your waters in his dreamy fashion. No sudden moves.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman as a Pisces Man:  Your imagination can be very intriguing to the simple minded, down to earth Taurus lady.   You offer her a glimpse of another world.  While she’s generally more impressed with reality than fantasy, you have a special way of making her feel it’s okay to dream.  Show a genuine interest in her and let her see your creativity and sensitivity.  If she is self-reliant and together, your rich inner life will enthrall her.

Degree of Romance: This can be an extremely romantic combination. Pisces has a secret sensuous side that is brought out by sensual Taurus. There may be a lot of blushing, hand holding, rubbing fingers along hairlines, kissing fingertips, and lifting skirts.

Degree of Passion: Something very beautiful takes the place of passion in this relationship. These two have a ritual quality to the ecstasy of their union which transcends the need for words. This suits Taurus just fine and is the perfect atmosphere where Pisces will blossom. There are so many unspokens in this combination. It makes a very special bond between the two.

Degree of Friendship: Both signs are interested in placid serenity and unruffled feathers. This is certainly one definition of friendship. Each is capable of being genuinely happy for the well being of the other and expressing it in simple heart felt terms. This is a relief to Pisces and a pleasant stimulation to Taurus.

Degree of Marriage: So long as the Taurus is not too practical and the Pisces is not too dreamy this combination can be good for marriage. With their realities being so different, though, it is best to compromise so that they help one another. To Taurus everything is practical. For Pisces, nothing has meaning unless feeling is attached, and feelings are not practical. Taurus must learn to honor feeling values.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship can be slow in developing. The foundation is laid very carefully because the bull knows the dangers of stepping too far out of the pasture, and the fish wants to take no risk at all if possible.

Sex: As you know, Pisces can read anybody’s mind and have the potential to be the best lovers in the zodiac. He is likely to fulfill a woman’s every sensuous dream, but the trouble is that it is not for his sake but for hers, and he may tire of this after a while. Pisces puts sex in a strange place, considering it neither flesh nor spirit. Sometimes they prefer acts of surrender to signify the greatness of their love.  Taurus may get some unusual requests from Pisces as a result.  That’s okay. It won’t hurt his feelings if she doesn’t go along.

When It’s Over: I have read for more women who are trying to get over Pisces men than all the other signs combined. The fish has a way of clinging and clinging and clinging so that you feel that your heart is being ripped out.  The Taurus should be prepared for a long emotional haul to ground out the relationship and reclaim her independent territory.  Pisces will have to stop living in the past and bury the dead.

Our Rating: 5/10

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102 Responses to Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

  • Poetic Wisdom says:

    Caught between the head and the heart
    Liberation from strife aint no art
    That being said,now I gotta fart.

  • Desric says:

    It’s very horrible reading through posts against the Pisces man, I’m a Pisces man my self and going through a very terrible heart-break from an Aquarius lady after 5yrs of dating with a very lovely and handsome son.
    What eats me up the most is watching my son grow from a broken relationship. It’s really painful to say the least.
    Several things said here about the Pisces man is true and correct but I want to let those calling us all sorts of names know that the Pisces man is ever compassionate and if you go through all his actions, he is neve doing them for himself or to please himself but to his lover always happy because a Pisces man is always a selfless person seeking for ways to always please others.
    We crave so much for attention and we also give so much attention, the most priceless assets of a Pisces man is his woman.
    I think we have a natural problem of mood swing which sometimes our partners see as we are ignoring them. We always want the best for everybody and u cannot get the best from us when we have something bothering us, it affects everything we are until we get that thing sometimes our partners do mistake this for neglect.
    The Pisces man is never a womanizer though he likes to flirt sometimes but he seldom sleep with random women. He might be seen with plenty women, even some might too close to him that you will suspect that they sleep together but a Pisces man is usually very careful to commit to any relationship.
    I love myself for being Pisces no matter how they misunderstand.

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