Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Sagittarius Couples: Michelle Pfeiffer and John Malkovich; Michelle Pfeiffer and Fisher Stevens; Barbara Streisand and Don Johnson; Valeria Bertinelli and Steven Spielberg

This combination is a real stretch by any standards. The signs are in quincunx relationship to one another, which means they are in different elements, triplicity, and social orientation. There is a fascination at first followed by intense frustration as the common ground they are seeking never seems to develop.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as a Taurus Woman: To attract a Sagittarius man you need to appear to be his pal or traveling companion. He is looking for someone to take along on the journey of life. It will help if you are athletic and adventuresome, as well. Stay positive. Sagittarians are known to turn tail and run from downers or if some who is just too boring or serious.

Hot to Attract a Taurus Woman as a Sagittarius Man:  This is going to be a challenge for you.  He is looking for someone who is independent, adventuresome, and unlikely to bring him down in any way.  If you play a sport, let him know.  Do you work out? He’ll appreciate that.   Been to a foreign country? Squeeze that in the conversation.  While it’s your strength, he won’t really appreciate your practicality.  Be funny and keep it light and he may ask you to do something  physical with him.  And if you hadn’t read this, you might not know it was a date.

Degree of Romance: Neither sign is very interested in romance. Sagittarius really prefers the collegial model of friendship and camaraderie. He can be downright embarrassed by gestures of romance and cover his awkwardness by leaving suddenly. Taurus us more interested in a full tummy, a filled larder, and a big fat bank account.  Forget the flowers. What she really wants is someone to pay off her credit card.

Degree of Passion: Passion is not a priority for either Sagittarius or Taurus. Sagittarius is a fire sign, but it is transcendental so its passion is for life, or God, or a higher power, not a particular person. In this relationship the energy would best be directed towards activities or projects that make the world a better place. The causes that set your Sagittarian on fire may not be of interest to Taurus. He is looking for someone to accompany him on his Quest while she would prefer to sit on the sofa in socks and a tee and watch t.v.

Degree of Friendship: Sagittarian can be so friendly it’s annoying and irritating. She will not understand his openness to other people, the continual conversation with strangers when she thinks they are on the date.  This will not leave her feeling very special.  And, since she can’t compete with his charm, it may bruise her ego, as well, to always be the less popular of the two. Will they be friends? Sure, he’s friends with everyone.

Degree of Marriage: This is really unlikely. Unless she is a really unusual type of Taurus that can approach the relationship through her mind more than her senses, or he is the rare Sagittarius who values a homelife, it would be best for these two to leave this as a frolic and always imagine what might have been. If they do make a commitment, it will mean something different to each of them.  He will probably never settle down into a routine that will satisfy her.

Progression of Relationship: The progression of this relationship will remain an absolute mystery to Taurus, and might even drive her completely crazy. He has a logic of his own.  Here, the Taurus patience is working against the lady bull because she keeps thinking that surely he will soon do what she expects of him, what you would expect of anyone else in his position. But, as anyone who has ever been involved with a Sagittarius knows, they don’t like to follow a script.

Sex: This area is likely to be very frustrating for the Taurus. Sagittarius is one of the signs least interested in sex and bulls are known for their insatiable appetite.   She may  try her “seduce me” act for a while, but eventually will tire of trying to lure him into bed.

When It’s Over:  Only the Taurus will read this section, so I’ll direct my comments to her.  When it’s over, you’ll ask, “Why did I ever do this to myself?” You’ll never get out of a relationship with less fuss, but that’s because you were never really in one.

Our Rating: 2/10

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  • Lamont is the best that ever happened to me and we are terribly attached to eachother. That’s my best friend , business partner and Lover all in one. He’s my heart and our love came unexpectedly and I enjoy every moment with him. We work well together and although we had our doubts it was really us being afraid of what could happen because we felt like shit was too good to be true and that finding someone so much like yourself is a myth and even imagining being together in the long run was a joke it wasn’t . I knew from the moment I doubted us and pushed him away that I fucked up . When he became persistent with me I seen he meant business and I liked that you don’t see that often. I had no clue we would be inseperatable. I figured this was just a moment and I didn’t want it to last long and get heart broken so I pushed him away. He showed me what I been through with other men I shouldn’t of been through. He loved me the right way and mended my broken heart and fixed the broken promises. His heart is always on his sleeve and I used to be the sameway . I’m glad I gave him the chance to prove me wrong and give me hope and help me as I help him fall in love and believe in someone that will as devoted to him as he is devoted to me even with the few minor bumps in the road we are Forever good 🔥😍💓♉♐

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