Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Scorpio Couples: Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke; Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard; Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey; Candice Bergen and Louis Malle; Laci and Scott Peterson

This combination has the reputation of being the sexiest one around. Steadfast Taurus can be the perfect complement to Scorpio intensity, and Scorpio’s ability to undermine everything he touches will mean the expansion of her usual boundaries — in all areas of life.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Taurus Woman: Every Scorpio is deep down inside looking to seduce a new partner. You must act a bit naïve and stay very still while he stalks you. It will help, too, if you act a bit overpowered by his intensity and overwhelmed by his personal power. By the way, it probably won’t require much acting on your part. Are you sure you’re up for this?

How to Attract a Taurus Woman as a Scorpio Man:  Every Taurus woman is suseptible to a complex psyhe, and boy do you have one.  It won’t take much of an effort to seduce her with your dark magnetism and a whiff of danger.  Whatever it is you’re thinking, whisper it in her ear.  If it gets that far, show off some of your sexual sophistication.  That will have her eating of your hand for quite a while.

Degree of Romance: Romance and courtship are unnecessary steps to the consummation of this relationship, at least from Scorpio’s perspective. These men are not known for having any finesse or romantic inclinations. If it’s romance she’s looking for, a Leo or Libra may be a better partner?  This relationship is about bonding, sharing resources, intimacy, and exploring the unknown. It may not be romantic, but it will certainly be momentous.

Degree of Passion: The degree of passion in this relationship may register on the nearest Richter scale, all provided by Scorpio while Taurus remains relatively unfazed. Believe it or not this is a good combination because too much passion can be too much of a good thing.

Degree of Friendship: Scorpios are not noted for seeking friendship. They are lone wolves who stray from the pack. They do prefer to mate for life, though, and they are known for their loyalty. If he is with her, he probably considers her his best friend. It just won’t feel that way to her.  Taurus, if you want friends, get some girlfriends.

Degree of Marriage: This relationship is highly likely to produce a marriage bond that could be irrevocable. Both partners take love and intimacy very seriously and consider flirting or even small transgressions as a betrayal.  Taurus is just downright possessive and probably thinks he doesn’t have the right to share what’s hers with others.  He feels things about 1,000,000 times more deeply than everyone else. That’s how sensitive he is to her every thought. He would like to control her mind, as well as her actions and thinks he is entitled to.

Progression of Relationship: Each partner will take possession of the other – each in his own way – from the beginning or there will be no relationship. There is a tendency to block out the rest of the world during the initial bonding process. Privacy is imperative. Each partner is testing heavily for loyalty, reliability, sincerity, depth, and commitment. This is an intense process that goes on more or less in the dark. Friends, if any, and relatives will be added after the testing period is over.

Sex: Sex is so important in this relationship, it is almost a sine qua non. Each partner selected the other on the basis of sexual attraction and they go about testing the strength of this attraction immediately. Sex is used as an emotional bonding mechanism as well as a social activity and entertainment. A long time can be spent getting to know each other sexually before the relationship branches out into other areas. Since they both have that need in common, it’s a real plus.

When It’s Over: This relationship tends to end like a third act of a Verdi opera – with bodies thrown all over the stage. The fundamental basis of the relationship is all or nothing at all. When it’s over, Taurus strips Scorpio of his possessions, and he may strip her of composure and self-esteem.  Needless to say, the ending can be brutal. Ultimatums are taken in dead earnest and should never be offered unless it’s a last resort. The tendency of each partner is to wipe the other one out in retaliation for a betrayal of trust.

Our Rating: 7/10

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83 Responses to Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

  • Me says:

    I’m talking to a Scorpio guy and its true, you do feel an intense connection with them. 😛 But you don’t knw where it came from…

  • Dejah Renee says:

    i’m a Taurus woman and my boyfriend is a Scorpio and the sex is GREAT ! and our relationship is so loving and tender. we have been together since 12/26/10 and its been growing strong ever since. i couldn’t ask for a better man.

  • tames says:

    Magical but you ust be patient taurus have a bad habitt of wanting to get to know there spouses ineer eotoins and scorpio keep them well hidden under lock in key may take a while to get use to this but in the end u will find out that thats the reason you 2 fell in love

  • venusianprincess says:

    I absolutely love my scorpio. We have been in each other’s lives on and off for the past 8 yrs (He is older than me, I was born in 81 and he was born in 66). Even when we were off we have always remained friends. I was extremely burned by the cancer man that I was with (I believed that we were truly soulmates and loved him with all of my heart and he left me for a 21 yr old and got her pregnant, I was absolutely crushed…the cancer was also very manipulative and played a lot of mind games) so now my scorpio is starting to come back into my life…but he is with a gemini girl who is only 21 (what is up with the 21 yr olds, lol) but idk, the only reason why we never took it further (me and my scorpio) is because he wanted to have ALL of me, he wanted to move in with him and kind of let him have control and that is a scary thing for an independent taurus woman like me. So now I am placing it in God’s hands because he is talking about marriage and having kids…but I just don’t know if I can give up that much freedom and just submit to him like that. The sex and anything sexual between us is Amazing, he treats me like an absolute princess and adores me, he will give me anything I want whether emotionally physically materially and/or spiritually…I just don’t know if all of these wonderful things will change if I decide to go to the next level with him or not

  • Ann says:

    I have a Scorpio and I am a Taurus. I have never clicked better with anyone that I have dated and it was an instant connection between the two of us.

  • Bull-Ox says:

    All I can say is, this explains EVERYTHING.
    I’ve never been into astrology; I couldn’t even tell you what the signs of any of my ex’s were, apart from one whose birthday was next to my mom’s.
    But the man who completely turned my steady world upside down years ago has contacted me again, and I found myself grasping at straws trying to explain the irrational intensity of my feelings for him…undimmed all these years later. For some reason I found my way to this page, and it’s like I’m reading the story of our relationship.
    So, in response to another poster, no, it’s not that I projected anything on to the relationship because I had read stuff about Taurus women and Scorpio men: I had no clue. I am only finding this description years later and, oddly, I am actually finding it hugely comforting to finally have it all explained. And it’s really, really helped me in terms of guiding how I handle the renewed communication.
    I hope this doesn’t sound hyperbolic, but it’s like the comfort you get when you go to a doctor and finally get a diagnosis for something that’s bothering you, and they give you a sheet of the common symptoms associated with it. Just knowing that there’s some kind of explanation for what you’ve been suffering from, and that the symptoms you have are all part of it, gives such peace of mind.
    So I guess you can call me an astrology convert.

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  • kimberly says:

    I’ve dated a couple of Scorpios and everything always starts off good and it ends in a total diaster! Last guy I really liked was a Scorpio and we clicked from the start and in the end we just wanted to make each other angrier and angrier. But I’m still attracted to them even if everything crashes and burns, it’s fun while it lasts.

  • jakes says:

    i am scorpio man & taurus girl is soo cool love it

  • Hector says:

    I’m a Scorpio male with a Taurus female we are very possessive over one another I feel we complament each other nicely.She’s a brat at times,but I’m OK with it I feel like I’ve made a friend I can’t live without. She’s pretty sexy and I feel lucky as hekk to have her.

  • Jessica says:

    I don’t want to ever live without my man, he is nothing short of all my every little dreams come true, oftentimes it seems to me that all of life’s little struggles to contain our impulses represent only to what degree we let ourselves go and truly live, love and be however comfortable in our own skins…. with him I have found my happy place, that even days after seeing him; it still shines, as all of a sudden I’m been asked why am I glowing so much…..all because of him and I want him to forever be my sprinkles.

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  • isadora d says:

    I am a Taurus woman (on the cusp of Aries/Taurus, but sun in Taurus), and I have fallen for my first Scorpio Man.

    I was married for 15 years to a Libra, only to discover that what I perceived as a deep, mutually fulfilling relationship of best friends and soulmates, was actually a house of cards, built on lies and deceptions. Libras are air signs, and I learned the hard way, that all his words were as weighty as air.

    As soon as I met my Scorpio man, I felt the GRAVITY of him. He is solid (physically, like a rock or a mountain, unlike any man I have ever been with before). He is also solid in his attention and devotion to me.

    Soon after we met, we both talked about how this was different for both of us, way beyond a casual relationship, that we were “building a cord” together.

    He told me, at 48, that I am the first woman he has ever really been in love with (this includes his former wife, an abusive, borderline personality woman). I have loved before, but I have never felt so safe and cherished as I do with him.

    Even still, as a Taurus, and as a woman who has been deeply betrayed, I struggle with trusting him. My pride/ego was so wounded in my marriage, that even though I know my worth and value, I can still get unreasonably afraid that my heart will again be devastated, and when that happens I pull away, and retreat into the whirlwind of my mind.

    He is so wise and understanding, though. He has been through the hell of a bad marriage, and he seems to anticipate all of my emotional responses before I even come to them. He is always forgiving of me, never angers, gives me space, brings me close. Truly, he is the most perceptive/intuitive man I’ve ever met.

    I used to only be drawn to very flashy, verbally witty, super intelligent – showy men. Now, this Scorpio has turned me off that taste entirely. I see them all as false, except for him.

    Our lovemaking is sensitive, and drawn out and sensual and just the right amount of fun and kinky.

    He is always there with a strong hug when I need it. He listens patiently to my spinning mind, and laughs wholeheartedly at my jokes, but can silence me with a word when he knows I need to get out of my head.

    Shortly after we met, I felt myself suddenly drawn to all of these websites, videos, describing twin flames.

    I had never even heard of that before, but we both feel it describes us.

    He told me he loved me two weeks after he met me, and told me he didn’t even remember the last time he’d ever said those words, although he “must have, at some point, to his wife, to get married.”

    I couldn’t help but say I loved him back, because it is true, even though my heart is still suffering from betrayal.

    I know he will be by my side for the rest of his life. I just know this.

  • astrodian says:

    I really love this post. Thanks for your sharing. Hope that I could read more and more useful article like this. Keeping moving forward

  • A.j says:

    You pin me against the wall everytime. Why are you doing this to me, you think this hasn’t been hard for me too, you think I dont get sleepless nights trying to put all the pieces together, you think I dont wish things were better between us, you think I dont wish you hadn’t made me lost trust and faith in you, you think I dont sit and find myself crying for no reason too, you think I didnt get all excited and had those feelings about you too, why are you thinking I lied about my feelings for you, you know I love you in a way I never loved anyone before, which is ironically true cause I never met anyone like you before or ended falling for someone the way I did wouh you, why are you thinking I left, you pushed me away, you tore us apart with the lies, you did all this to us, not me, so stop saying I hurt you by leaving because you hurt me by pushing me away from you like It was nothing, like I meant nothing.

  • A.j says:

    And now…. I still love you and the feelings just wont go away and I dont know why, you are like a haunted ghost in my mind which makes me miss you so much every single day, everyday……again WHO ARE YOU?????

  • rose says:

    i know its my fault…….thats why im punishing myself…….and i never said U HURTED ME ……….i said i hurted myself after contacting you.

  • rose says:


  • rose says:


  • rose says:


  • rose says:


  • rose says:


  • rose says:


  • rose says:


  • rose says:


  • rose says:


  • A.j says:


  • A.j says:

    I wrote you a Poem my yellow rose….hope you like it.

    There is never a day my heart doesn’t skip a beat for you
    Because my feelings for you will forever remain true
    I think about all the things we’ve already been through
    And know in my heart our bond is stronger than the substance in crazy glue

    You remain in my thoughts every second of every day
    And I pray to God we never lose focus and ever drift away
    Because living without you will only turn my blue skies into grey

    I think of all the moments we’ve spent together
    And will treasure those memories in my heart forever
    Knowing the best is yet to come
    Gives me hope of never letting go but keep holding on
    Because these feeling are just oh so strong

    Nothing is more beautiful than a lifelong love that will last forever
    Filled with dedicated dreams for today, tomorrow and ever after

    There can be so many storms in love
    But nothing our hearts cant rise above
    For once its so hard to turn my feelings into words
    Because love isnt suppose to be an adjective instead its a verb

    Never have I ever felt the way I do for you
    Never have I ever doubted these feelings were true
    Never do I ever want to live my life without you
    Because with you is where I want my life to be

    All my feelings grew over a period of time
    And now that you know exactly how I feel
    I cant wait for the day when you’ll say, you’ll forever be mine

    Everytime I say “iloveyou”, its never a lie
    And I know you feel the exact same way way too
    And though distance seems ever so hard
    But I have confidence and faith that we will make it through.

    Getting you to forget your fears and forgive past
    Penetrating our souls with love to make this last.

    You are my every dream come true
    I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life loving you.

  • Demi says:

    Very good information. Lucky me I recently found your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book marked it for later!

  • Beulah Creasy says:

    I know of this one guy who I was interested in for quite a while, but it doesn’t matter anymore now, because unfortunately, I just found out that I’m never gonna see him again, because he doesn’t even work at the same place as me anymore.

    Well, I’ll just get to the point. I’m a young Taurus girl(20), and I never really had any experience with a Scorpio before, except for one when I was in high school. He seemed nice, but I didn’t really know him well enough to tell you if he had strong Scorpio traits or not. However, with this guy from my job, I always noticed him making intense eye contact with me. I’d see him staring at me from across a room. Now, I’m not sure if that was because he thought I was weird, or what his reasons were. But his eyes were so dark and mysterious looking.

    He had introduced himself to me in the beginning, but at the time I wasn’t really attracted to him because I was kinda stuck on someone who I just had a falling out with. Within a couple months of meeting this guy, I finally was over the last guy. I then began to really notice that my new attraction was this guy who I really didn’t even know, and his name slipped my mind, because I was too hung up on the last guy… I actually forgot what this guy said his name was when he introduced himself to me! Anyway, It always seemed like he was the flirtatious type. The way he spoke it was almost like he was throwing signs that he was interested in me. Well, to make a long story short, I never really found out the truth, whether he was ever interested or not. And I still don’t know. I remember back in November I asked one of my friends/coworkers about him. At the time she told me not only his name, but that he didn’t have a girlfriend, was dating around, and that he just had a birthday.

    Even though I never asked her what the exact date of his birthday was, I am almost 100% sure that this guy was/is a scorpio. And honestly, just judging by his eyes, I think he was a scorpio. They were so magnetic, and it was like he was looking right into my soul when he looked at me. I don’t know, maybe I’m just looking too much into it, and I sound ridiculous, but for some strange reason I was always drawn to him. He was really good looking too. And I didn’t start to show that I liked him until around the time when he left. I don’t really know if I would’ve had a chance anyway. He was older, and I acted a little bit like a child when he came around(nerves). But man, I was really attracted to this guy. There was something about him. I believe the last time I saw him was probably around january or february. Kinda sucks that I got a crush on him just as he was on his way out.

  • Ilovebigd's says:

    I’m a taurus here hey
    My ‘amazing'(not really) relationship ended with this scorpio he 31 me 32 because I thought he was kinky, so I asked for a threesome with him and this other guy I liked but for some reason the ‘sex lover’ (lame sex scorp) didn’t like it!?WTF
    We split up now thankfully he wasn’t that great in bed especially with his 2 incher


    i am a Taurus female my partner a Scorpio male we are both 42 its true we have such an intense relationship it’s either love or hate in the first 5 months we were that power couple everybody hated now almost 9 months we are fighting all the time we broke up 3 days ago he’s here now not sure if i pushed to hard this time but me being the Taurus i am I AM NOT GIVING UP i know he’s the one and i know with time and patient he will be putty in my hands again. he knows im not letting him go he knows im determined to work through this and he agrees that we just need to find our “balance” so looks like he willing to give me a 2nd chance

  • Welsh girl says:

    Im a Taurus, shauns a scorpio. Its literally all or nothing. We have such good highs and then when he has one of his mood swings I can’t stand to be around him! I am no better but fortunately, my discretion is by far! Theres 10 years between us and that does kind of effect us too on times. I really clique with him but he need stand up to me sometimes and be a man not a lap dog. Really get to know eachother before considering this relationship as it requires a lot of constant negotiating.

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