Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Taurus Couples: Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange; Jack Nicholson and Candice Bergen; Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner; Jill Clayburgh and Al Pacino; Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

If ever there was a match made in heaven, it could be Taurus Taurus. For one thing, your values are likely to be the same which eliminates a lot of friction, most notably disagreements about money. You are both conservative and materialistic and understand each other’s desire to get things set up and leave them alone forever. Couch potato is spoken here.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as  Taurus Woman: Taurus has a range of body language that they use to signal to one another like sonar: cross and uncross your legs, blush, offer half your sandwich, or sniffle softly into a hankie as tears drop from your cow eyes. There are all ways of letting him know the sensual pleasures that await. This type of courtship is best done wordless. You can rely on natural scent, as well. You might also brush his hand with yours or hint at some indulgent pleasure.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman as a Taurus Man:  You have what she wants — a certain simplicity, an ability to focus on money and material pleasures, sexual stamina, and a steadfast and calm demeanor.  She does like to be seduced, though, so you may have to act a little more deep and mysterious than you really are.  While offering to fix her kitchen sink will help you close the deal later on, in the beginning try something more racy to get her attention.

Degree of Romance: Romance isn’t particularly featured in this combination, which tends to be down to earth instead. Why talk about it or allude to it when you could actually be doing it?

Degree of Passion: Everyone knows how sexy the bull is. The passion in this combination can be without limits. It will depend on the kind of shape you are in and how much time you have.

Degree of Friendship: There is a chance for a friendship here because of the tacit understanding between two Tauruses. You know you are not the most exciting people on earth, but you also know your value, worth, and reliability. You share a common outlook on life with many unspoken sentiments between you. The fact that you don’t have to articulate them is a relief and an extra bond of camaraderie. Beware, however, the extreme possessiveness of the bull (we mean you as well as him). You can be his friend and he can be your friend, but you may not be allowed to have any other friends, especially not friends of the opposite sex.

Degree of Marriage: This is a great combination for marriage. You are both ready to settle down. After all, what is there to life but a comfy couch, a hot meal in the oven, and an expectation of fulfillment in bed that night?

Progression of Relationship: Both parties make their intentions clear from the start and woe be unto the partner who deviates from the plan. Taurus has the worst temper of the zodiac and you’re likely to see it (or perpetrate it) if one of you tries to visit another pasture. Other than that, things tend to fall into a routine quickly which pleases both of you. Routines cut down on the amount of time and energy put into communicating and enhance the amount of time available for physical pleasure.

Sex: Sex is one of the strong points of this combination. Physical needs are equally important to both partners. Each bull is willing to show up and do their part to make sex a fulfilling and stabilizing factor in the relationship. All physical needs are looked at as natural which leads to a degree of simple openness which is refreshing.

When It’s Over: There are two things that are likely to end this relationship. The first is infidelity. The second is fiscal irresponsibility. Taurus is patient and generally contented, but if you cross these two lines you can expect an explosive, unilateral, non-negotiable end to the world as you know it without redress. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Our Rating: 9/10

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19 Replies to “Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility”

  1. I was with a TAURUS man for 2 years, he would never comit to anything, and it was his way or the highway. Yes the love making was incredible, I am also a TAURUS. I would have to say on a scale of 1 to 10, it was definitely a easy 12. Thats what held us together.

  2. Congratulations is in short order for all the gentlemen who will be making a heightened, first rated rule this Valentines Day.

    Rule # 1 of 1 : Forever or Foralways

    Best wishes and maintain that romance, never let it die; even long after she says yes, as your percent daily values will be based on only getting higher!

  3. Some of you are quite stupid if you don’t know the difference between flirting and when man actually cares about you! It’s your fault if you feel cheap at the end, because you should think better and logically for yourself. Not all the Taurus people are good, so be sensible more, instead of blaming it on sign!!

  4. I’m a Taurus lady and I’m so in love with my Taurus man, that not even a pieces man can take over his place ever!!! We’ve been in relationship for almost 4 years, for the last year it was distance relationship, but we are strong to wait till we finally unite for the life time! there’s another year to go , but we’ll see each other every 3 months it isn’t bad at all!!! It’s worth it! I’m the happiest woman to have such a man I never had before! He forgave me a lot for so many mistakes and stupid decisions.. He’s an amazing man! The only amazing man can be is a Taurus man!! Taurus/Rabbit I’d say))) for a Taurus/Goat lady like me =D Good luck to you people, and remember ladies: don’t be stubborn back at your man, and he will realise things later on. I remember I even had a hysteria one day… I felt like killing myself for such arguing.. I was crying and laughing at the same time! It’s not a normal feeling, it’s insanity.. So please save your nerves and just agree to your man, later he will understand he’s wrong, and he’ll make it up to you without apologies. Such men are very loving and very sensitive, thats’ why don’t expect them to apologise, just wait, and he will make it up to you.. The actions are louder than the words!!! <3

  5. Majority of these comments that I have read throughout this site in relation to specific compatibility of signs, scorpio and AQUARIUS always seem to find themselves in the midst of a discussion, whats so special about these types, is it their charm, their personality, they wits, I don’t know, but everybody wants to be friends with the Aquas or is the other way around, after all its their humanitarian nature to be sociable…funny lol

    Well good for me, I too have found me a Aqua-man ( not gonna lie, he is the best and most unprecedented experience I have ever had ) and be sure I am never letting him go, noooo way…why would I, he is the complete package, has his little quirks and all but I actually find them amusing, kinda reminds me of myself sometimes lol.

    Restricted Area – Trespassers will get THE sting.

  6. Thank you for your encouragement. i argree with you totally and now i am taking my step slowly. Sometimes i find glad that it is over actually, because i do deserve a better person. Thanks for your words!

  7. i met a taurus man on December 2010, but did not work out.

    i am calm, steady taurus girl whereas He was very curious, active, ambitious and sacarstic person.. i was more emotional, artistic, he was more of a business minded man.

    Whenever i wanted to have nurturing conversations, he could not be patient or able to sit down in one place to have a decent conversation. He was confident and always wanted to led conversations.

    He was very physical man who was already touching and tried to kiss me before even ask me out. The way he touched, made me feel very uncomfortable during the first date, because i knew these TOUCHINGS do not mean that he likes me. They were more of an action based on a personal Interest and curiosity from a young man towards a ‘New type Girl’…

    My intuition was telling me to run away from him becasue he was a ‘explorer’ who was ‘Searching’ for someone. Someone who can attract him and have fun together. i was afraid to know him more, but i tried to give a shot, which now i think, was a WRONG decision..

    When we were dating, He always put me a meaningless game. The way he want to play, the way he want to handle me and the way he planned our dates, were like tests. Tests to see who this girl really is… i had nothing to lose so i was very honest with him.

    I hesitated when he asked me to come to his house, because i had bad experiences with that routine before. However, He pursued me for a month, and tried to hug me and kiss me more. When i finally slept with him and showed him my feelings he rejected.

    i realised then, that he was being just curious with me. i felt so cheap with myself and cried many days after. I know i should not caught by my past, but this really hurt me badly and now i find very hard to trust any men.

    No matter how much they are nice, successful and open minded, All i want to do is just be careful and avoid.

  8. i am Taurus/Aries Cusps(April 23rd) and he was Taurus/Gemini Cusps(May 19th). We met in Feburary 2010 and started to go out for few times. Then, ended silently.

    it was weird, because he was so passionate and a quick talker. i hardly had to talk much. i thought he would be sag or gemini or aquarius but he was Taurus!

    We were not similar at all. i am more like to stick with one place and without moving much, but he was like air and fire. go and having fun everywhere with anyone. Very confident man, a Leader unlike me as well.

    Also i reveal my passion only when i think it is ok to express myself, where as his personality was FLAWLESS! Great Personality, Truely. He Just kept asking me many questions, tease me on many things. IT was very fun to be with him. Very secure no boring moment.

    Wish i could go further. But i could not. My mind was very much tortured by previous relationships with scorpio, Sag, Aquarius and Gemini. It was just very hard for me to trust men in general at that time. He complimented so much when we were together, and i was almost cry one time. But at the same time, his compliments just reminded me of past boyfriends who was the same in the beginning and change their attitudes later.

    It was not his fault but mine. i was too scared to see another man disappointed with me and leave. So i ended first.

    AAnyway.. After just few times i met him, i became so much brighter, joyful and light hearted. The way he treated me really cured my mind. It was all i wanted. i just could share my real inner with him. Although it’s over now.. i really want to thanks him and wish a good luck for his future. Taurus & Taurus: Positive influence and full of respects 🙂

  9. I’m a taurus and my first love was a taurus.My fiancé and 2nd love is also taurus. I love him to death. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. We seem to strum to the same beat through life. Only problem is we love hard and fight hard. I hope we don’t screw things up for eachothere. He used to back down in our little squables but now his stubborness is really winning him over. Last one almost made me want to break it off. (sigh) I love him so much . . . But how can someone you so much make you want to chop there head off and feed it to the dogs in the next minute. Lol I need advice we’ve been together 11 months and known eachothere for 2 years. Come to think of it he drove me nuts then too! Stupid tarsus boys why did I do this to myself again (sigh)

  10. Type your comment here

    anonymous :
    hey don’t wait 4 that taurean girl ……….. go ahead with pisces

    true dat skrew that taurean guy hes shallow and boring go bang a pisces then ull know what good sex is

  11. i lost a taurean girl..it was all my fault..easy for me to admit that when i know its true..she was everything i wanted in a girl…i mean everything…girls are so easy to attract for a taurean..never have i ever had a feeling like this..we were soulmates and i know that and she knows that too..she the one expressed it first..anyway..courtship went wrong..i was going thru alot of stuff and couldnt see a way out..she was there but i stayed a debbie downer for a min..she still stayed..but while i got comfy there with all my drama and pity someone else slid right in and got her attn..i then panicked..i started trippin and kept pushing her away but wanted her so dearly…well to sum it up..eventually i started to look at myself diff bc she stop responding…i know how we get soooo im hoping that one day she will stop bn so stubborn and hit me up but in the mean time i found a pisces and i hope the taurean doesnt take her time to chill out bc pisces r good for us..lol

  12. My deceased husband was a Taurus and we were together for a couple of years and then separated for 14 years and reunited. We loved each other to the utmost. Our arguments were screaming to the top of our lungs, but, they only last 4 w minutes and then it was like it never happened. We both loved beautiful surroundings and beautiful exciting people. We were both party people and comedians. We enjoyed each other’s friends. Wei both jealous, but too stubborn to let the other one know. I have been told by men that they love me, but, when my husband said, I believed it. My husband like to give me things and I like satisfy his materialistic nature as well. We also could b happy with a DVD and pizza for several nights. Neither of us expressed out feelings much. I would lay my head on his chest and he knew that it meant that I was happy to be with him. He gave me money for what I wanted and I knew he loved me. May sound strange, but you are who you are. I lost the greatest love of my life 4yrs ago and no one has or can compare.

  13. I am seeing a Taurus man and we like each other alot but he does not want to commit. We have been seeing each other for seven months and he does not want to commit but at the same time he does not want me to be with no one else. I dont understand him at times but i’m sticking with him cause i really like him and I believe that he will commit soon. This is my first experience with a Taurus and I like the challenge.

  14. I looked at this the day before I went on a first date with a guy who was a Taurus and boy everything this thing said was right. I went on a date with a leo a day before and it was absolutely correct as well (even tho the date was a disaster-it forewarned me). So for me to post that I was shocked that all of what was said was right even eludes me. He was a gentleman, easy going like me so kind yet very willing to satisfy me and vice versa. Wow. My first date was excited and yet even laying in his arms left my heart pounding. I hope it works out. I can tell our easy going nature and confidence is understood without asking or telling each other a thing. A true connection so far.

  15. I’m in a Taurus/Taurus relationship (for 18+ years) and there are days that it is fun and exciting but others that are just blah (more blah now than earlier in the relationship). Yes, we understand each other perfectly (most of the time) but his extreme jealousy and our differences about money (I save it all and he spends it all) causes us to argue, argue, argue. And neither of us EVER backs down – we just go to opposite corners for a cooling down period only to start up again later. We both have such strong personalities that this is what may be canceling us out – we never want to admit when we are wrong and we never give in just for the fact of not giving in and letting the other have control.

    However, a Taurus/Cancer match would be very sweet (and I know one who would like to find that out!) and Taurus/Virgo might be a good intellectual match, but stay away from a Taurus woman/Scorpio man match – they are hot, hot, hot, but watch out for that burn!

    I hope other Taurus/Taurus matches can work it out somehow. I’m trying to work it, out but our bullheadness just keeps getting in the way…

  16. I couldn’t agree more with this page! Unfortunately things didn’t work out in the longterm (infidelity on her part) but i have never felt such a strong connection with any other woman in my life!

    She was loyal, understanding and not ONCE did we talk about our relationship or where we were heading…we just ‘knew’ what each other want and it was amazing. The romance was incredible (each knew what the other wanted and she would do those amazing motherly-like things for me).
    Passion was through the roof (though we did go through some days of just being normal).
    Friendship…hmm she was abit like a friend (not as much as other zodiacs) but her best friend was a guy…whom i was VERY jelous of (never once did i say anything about it though). I refrained from meeting new girls and told her of all the ones that i did know.
    The Sex was MINDBLOWING…seriously, the bull on both ends were going for HOURS (yes HOURS), with cuddles and kisses to complete the night.

    This really is a relationship that feels like your soul is connected to the other person since you know what they want, when they want it and they can most definitly be the reason for the smile on your face =)
    However, things can become too much of a routine and boring after awhile…it was a long distance relationship and studies are what slowed us both down…but seriously, you MUST experience a relationship like this.

    Tis a shame she’s moved on to an Aquarius man now…hehe already having problems in that relationship 😉

    Oh and i forgot to mention…we never ONCE argued…taureans find it pointless when you’re in love. It takes alot to get us worked up…the breakup was mutual but she moved on before me. I still have deep feelings for her 6 months later :/

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