Taurus Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Virgo Couples: Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton; Barbara Streisand and Elliot Gould; Cindy McCain and John McCain

Supposedly this is a good combination because both are earth signs. The emphasis would be on daily routine, budget, possessions, careful maintenance (house, yard, pet, car), and achieving comfort in the physical body. That is the theory. In practice, Taurus’ casual approach may never work for the tidy Virgo.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Taurus Woman: Let me be frank with you. It is hard to attract the Virgo man. This is the one sign that initiates mysteriously from a set of inner criteria known only to him. If he chooses you, you can be sure you passed some heavy screening and you should be very honored — until you begin to suspect that you are supposed to meet these standards 24/7! Let me be even more direct: Virgo men are among the most desirable of the zodiac. If you insist on trying to draw his glance, you had best do it in some original and sophisticated manner because he has seen it all. It is also hard to distinguish at first whether he is flirting or serious — and he is the biggest flirt of all twelve astrology signs. If it turns out he is not teasing, you can be sure that you were carefully selected.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman as a Virgo Man: You Virgo gentlemen are so good at attracting females we hardly  need to give you any advice, but you are also good at listening so it’s worthwhile to extend this offer.  To attract a Taurus female, you should have a no nonsense, down to earth approach.  She won’t be swayed by a lot of romance or extravagant promises, but you are not inclined toward that anyway.   Aside from just being yourself, the most helpful thing would be for you to try a little harder than you normally would.  Tauruses are very slow, but it’s worth the effort.

Degree of Romance: Virgos are very chivalrous. They are just as much knights in shining armor as any Leo. They tend to look at ladies as damsels in distress and want to be sensitive and careful with their feelings.  Here’s some advice for the Taurus ladies: sometimes his courtship gets a little absurd, like Don Quixote and Dulcinea, but keep that to yourself  if you want him to be comfortable with you. If any man ever put any woman up on a pedestal, he was a Virgo. Being practical by nature, this may all seem a little unnecessary to you.

Degree of Passion: Virgos are wary of passion because it is an excess. They prefer to be detailed and precise, putting an appropriate amount of energy where it belongs. They strive to even out their interests over a lifetime rather than engage in a few passionate exchanges. Taurus’ appetite for sex may outpace Virgo’s, but the high quality of each encounter may go a long way towards satisfaction.

Degree of Friendship: Certainly both signs intend to be sincere and are careful and cautious in their approach to other human beings. This is a good basis for friendship. They are likely to have a lot in common, including a shared interest in budgeting, maintenance, and the details of daily life. They are also able to talk things over in a relaxed manner, which should be a relief to both of them. Virgo can be very patient with Taurus, and she admires his ability to combine the intellectual with the practical.

Degree of Marriage: This is a good combination for marriage.  Taurus will like the slower pace and the tendency to be conservative. These two are likely to share core values and approach life from the same vantage point. There is an emphasis on material well-being and a willingness to work very hard to get it.

Progression of Relationship: It is either delightful or horrifying to date a Virgo male. He will either be a virtuoso who puts a girl through a variety of thoughtful and specialized activities or he will be shy and intense to the point of silence.  At that point, he just needs a good prod.  At that time, the famous Taurus patience will come in handy.

Sex: This is a good combination for sex since both are earthy and require physical touch to feel loved and appreciated. They are willing to provide this in abundance to the other. Virgo may even consider it his duty. Taurus will respond by providing a steady, sensual experience.

When It’s Over:  Taurus will have to nurse Virgo through his inevitable nervous breakdown if this ever ends. He’ll be fine, of course, it’s just his way of processing the emotions he hasn’t been showing. A Taurus lady is probably very easy to live with, while cohabitation with a Virgo man is likely to be a challenge. I bet that will be the make or break issue in a long term relationship.

Our Rating: 7/10

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87 Responses to Taurus Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

  • Beenthereneverdonethat says:

    Oh and believe what you read. They have a set of standards in their head and they will sit back and watch you carefully before they make a move. Move wisely because the slightest offense could chase them away…….like cursing, being overly flirtatious, loud, rude. Again Virgo men are very old fashioned when it comes to picking their mate. They like a wholesome girl. Sure their maybe exceptions to the rule but at the end of the day that is what they like!

  • Beenthereneverdonethat says:

    I sat back and watch my Virgo. Though I did not fit into his exact mold or standards. I did what I could. I was always neatly groomed, smelled good, I was polite, I was smart…..I guess lol. I was subtle. It’s easy to figure them out. But alas, we were never meant to be. After years of using subtle attraction………….when I finally got him. And he was attracted to me, I ditched him for some other guy who was a jerk. Oh yeah…….you can’t be loud and rude with a Virgo, but you DO have to take the first step. They are use to women asking them out. They don’t chase too much. You have to take the initiative. Otherwise you’ll be waiting a year and a half for him to notice you.

  • Beenthereneverdonethat says:

    Man, It’s been years since I’ve seen this guy ( the virgo that got away). For some reason after all this time hes just crossed my mind. He’s been on my mind for months. I don’t know why. But it’s too late now. I have to move on. I always like him because he always treated me with respect. He got me too. I was very shy and for some reason he never misinterpreted that shyness for rudeness. He understood that was just the way I acted.

  • Taurusgirlie says:

    I have been with my Virgo for over 4 years now and we have a beautiful baby girl together. I have just recently started to read about our compatibility and I am finally realizing why we attract each other and why we clash! We are your typical “opposites attract” love story. He is a blue-collar, man’s man, from the wrong side of town White Male and I’m a white-collar, girly girl, from the suburbs African American Woman. We met when I was 14 and he was 19. My mom worked at his mom’s beauty shop and one day I went with her to pay her booth rental. When I knocked at the door, the most gorgeous man (I was 14 so 19 was a man to me lol) answered the door. It was totally love at first sight! Of course we were too young to do anything so we would always just be friendly with each other and say “hi”. Well I finally became old enough to hang out at the parties that his mom would throw and he approached me. We both were totally into each other as we noticed that we weren’t kids anymore! I can’t really explain how insane the attraction was and still is! Unfortunately, nothing could happen because we both were dating other people. Another year past and at another party we were notified by friends and family that the other was single. We sat and talked the whole night! That was one of the things I love about my Virgo, he’s very attentive and he made me feel like I was the only person in the room. The way he looks at me (still to this day) makes me weak! But, typical Virgo, it took him two weeks to call me! I’m not the type of girl to fuss over a man and freak out about things like that, I had even when on a couple of dates prior to having my magical night with him. Then one day he called! We went on the best date ever in life (Had the best sex ever in life!) and have been together ever since!
    We have so much fun together whether we are just relaxing at home, or partying with friends. We have that same sense of humor and both have a love of food and music. Of course we have our problems (I refuse to back down in fights and always think I’m right and he can be very critical and when pissed off say hurtful things) we’ve also had issues with the disappearing act. If he knows that I’m angry with him or if I want to talk about serious issues (our goals as a couple, marriage, and finances) he’ll either come home late, or sometimes not at all! I’m pretty patient and very strong (Ok, and stubborn!) so I go on about my day as if everything is fine and that really bothers him. He’s totally use to women falling over him and jumping for his attention (Which he is super handsome I can see why women would do that!) He eventually comes home, puts on the romantic charm (flowers, dinner, love notes, make-up sex) that makes a Taurus girl weak, and we talk out our problems. Because I’m a strong and Easygoing Taurus, I can handle the constant critical views on everything(it makes me laugh) , the chattiness( I love to listen), the self-doubt ( I love to boost him up!), and the disappearing act (because I know he is super loyal and honest with me and not out cheating, plus sometimes I like the “me” time!)

    My issue is we have been together for 4 years and still no ring! My Virgo takes forever to do everything (getting ready, even ordering food on certain days this can be amusing or irritating) but we love each other so much I just don’t get it. I’m wondering if it has to do with his job and not making the money he should. But I love him and don’t care about that because I make my own money. Financially, yes we could do better, but I’m so in love with him I want to make us official. Any suggestions on how to get my Virgo to pop the question without pushing him away?

  • carter says:

    just be careful. I am also a virgo man and am deeply in love with a taurus woman, almost three years… us virgos definately believe it is not broke do not fix it. and we also despise pressure. so just let him take his time and don’t doubt that he loves you. whatever you do don’t pressure him it might scare him and you may create doubt in the relationship-just my opinion.

  • carter says:

    i know you taurus girls love security and need to feel secure, but believe me us virgo men are the same! we are just scared of the pressure that comes with it. i think we prefer an unspoken security but i promise it is just as deep as the demonstrated one you crave. you just have to find the balance i suppose!

  • InLoveWithAVirgoMale says:

    OMG this is so true. I am going out with a Virgo now and everything that was said describes him to a tee.

  • Marcia says:

    I met a Virgo man about 4 months ago for a brief moment I am a Taurus woman I was told by friends that he was free. I was already attracted to him. I approached him and gave him my number. He just called me for the first time we had a nice afternoon date full of wonderful conversation. I can honestly say based on what you guys have said about the Virgo man is very true I picked up on his ways in our first date. There was a spark and I sure can’t wait until he calls again. Thanks for the heads up the Virgo man taking his time because it’s so true…..

  • Lev says:

    Hi Taurusgirlie,
    I am a Virgo male and I am in love with a Taurus woman. I know I love her very much, I love to take care of her, cuddle with her, listen to her issues and she did mention a couple of times that I have this soothing effect on her so no matter how angry she might be, I seem to know exactly how to diffuse the situation and even make her laugh. I feel deep in my heart I want to grow old with her. But yet i have mentioned marriage but never really seiously asked her to marry me. I think being a virgo we are too critical about everything and situation and other people as well. We like to make sure that our decision does not affect anyone else negatively in any way. You mentioned that you are from different ethnic backgrounds and that might play a critical role in the decision making because he is thinking in his head all the possible ways this decision can go wrong and affect the beautiful relationship that you have. You also mentioned that you are both working and even if he isn’t making that much money it doesn’t matter…..but the fact is, it does….he wants to make sure that he tends, cares and nurtures for you. He want you to be totally reliant on him. This does not mean that you should be his slave….he would not like it that much but you make accept the fact that he is the man, he is the head of the family and of the house and hence he’s in charge and emotionally support him.trust me he will not once make you feel like you are a slave. He loves you because you are a strong and level headed woman. But your strength and easy going nature can scare him as well. A billion thoughts go through a virgo’s mind and hence he can be worried or tensed but you wouldn’t be bothered about it as you are more easy going, this will make him feel as to why are you indifferent to his feelings. So just hold his hand be close to him and tell him you are always there for him through thick and through thin. Do make time to listen to him just as he is a good listener and avoid giving him your evaluation of the situation but be there as a loving ‘wife’ and comfort him and automatically he will face the situation with renewed courage and you earn more points with him. Give him your view on the subject usually when he asks you, because we virgos have a very good solution for every problem and would love to always feel that way. He learns a lot from the past as well so. He is just making sure :) don’t worry…….we virgos (atleast a majority) can’t sleep in peace if we have wronged their partner in anyway.

  • Mia says:

    I don’t know where the “chivalry” was supposed to come in because the Virgo I dated was anything but that…He was very messy and forgetful and the sex was boring and dull…oh and could he TALK…sometimes I would just be looking at him like “Wth is he still talking about? And when will he stop? Should I nod now or laugh?” He never apologized or saw when he was wrong, which pissed me off (like when he stood me up for a date and acted like nothing happened the next day). So needless to say I had nothing to work with and I just cut it off.

  • Rajendra says:

    There a girl I love is Taurus but I stupid can’t get the courage to tell her although I know I can live happily with her throughout my whole life and can make her very very happy as a Virgo man. It’s already late and she knows everything but just I stupid have to say before her that I love her. I could not tell because I know she will never like this skinny boy.

  • Krowingupishardtodo says:

    My best friend is a taurus woman (bff) and her ex is a Virgo man. this is her second virgo bf and virgo men are truly a challenge. My bff tried her best went through so much and finally gave up. she got a new job actulaay two and that keeps her busy the owner of the restaurant where she works is keen on her and shes happy but did her ex do the same? yes and no – hes def having a good time you cant get that past him but keeps showing up talking of gud times and trys to be akok block. but her taurus patience wins out and guess he’ll wake up one day and grow up. tilll then she jus looks at the brighter side n hangs inthere.

  • Mimi26 says:

    I am a Taurus woman and its been 6 years since me and my Virgo man were officially a couple. Ive had boyfriends after him but there has been nobody like him in terms of chemistry, physical attraction and just pure love. However, we were always on and off because he just blows hot and cold. We had this moody tendency in our relationship where some days we were happy, other says we were pissed and sad. I think I loved him way too much and he sensed that and perhaps it drove him away. He left to the states for uni and I was heartbroken, I couldn’t eat hardly sleep. He was on my mind 24 7 and after 6 years it seems to have died down but now and then I still get these strong feelings about recollections about him and I start crying.

    The chemistry was off the charts and we both knew it. It was a kind of love hate relationship. I have both venus and mars in pisces while he had both mars and venus in virgo I think. So, we were oppposites in that sense though thats what created the intense love scenes. Now I am engaged with a Leo man and ive been with him for 3 years. I do love him and he made me get over the virgo guy but ofcourse….there are days when I just cant stop thinking about him. I imagine him there lying next to me, or when we would laugh and talk. I felt our trine so well, and because we were same element earth it just clicks. However, he was so hard to pin down. Emotionally and in every other way! Virgos can drive u crazy. They dont show their feelings too good. I find two types of virgos those who can show feelings and are sensible and serious and those who cant show feelings and their playboy types. Well my virgo man was the player type unfortunetely. I think he used me a lot but never really told me the truth. He would tell me he loved me and i was the love of his life but then he wud hardly call me.

    Love is through actions, and even though the chemistry was good and all. It all boils down to someone in the end who u can live with, who loves u and u love. Yeah I may love him, but the feeling wasnt repreciated enough to make it last. I told him I wanted to marry him and all but he told me that he didnt want to get married now. He wanted to have fun first. And one day after we made love i was upset cuz he said cant we be friends instead of a serious relationship. He meant like…friends with benefits. So when i remember all the B.S i think, it was never worth it. However, those memories are still strong, the feelings are still strong.

    He came to see me from USA like 4 years ago and only stayed like one day before he had to make a connect flight back to his home country to see family. I wasnt happy that he only came back for one day. But it was the same crap, I never should have really met him but i felt since i was so lonley and missed him so much i thought why the hell not so I ended up giving it all up to him again. We ended up falling asleep holding hands and waking up that way. He looked at me as if he had missed me so much but those feelings jus didnt come out. I never understood him in that way but aS Taurus woman i am a no nonsense type. I dont believe in casual love affairs. I want something serious. it makes me feel secure. I ran out of patience in the end. it was like a guessing game so i just gave up and ran to the arms of another man…well i forced myself to run but i had to, to get over him.

  • Taurusindistress says:

    I met a Virgo man a couple months ago at a friends party. I thought we hit it off soo well and we even kissed. But he didn’t ask me for my number so I did leave a bit bummed. Well, time went by and he eventually found me on FB, added me and started sending me messages. He eventually gave me his number so ofcourse I text him. I would invite him to different group gathering and every time he would come around we would end up gravitating towards each other and have great conversation. We have soo much in common but one thing I just realized is that I always initiate us meeting up (as a group) and he never does :( my stubburness has gotten in the way so I’ve stopped inviting him out. But he STILL doesn’t contact me! Every time we would hang out before we would have soo much chemistry, others even assumed we were dating because we re so close but I noticed that anytime we have an awesome night… He disappears. Making it much more difficult for me to deal with because I go from a happy cloud 9 high to a bottom haven’t heard from him for days low. I’m confused. I don’t know if he likes me but I like him a lot! we haven’t missed since the first time we hung out but I think the last time we hung out he got soo close to me that it was as if he was going I kiss me… I got super nervous (which only happens when I really like a guy especially because I’m usually super picky) so I turned away do he doesn’t kiss me. I NOW regret it! :( I like him soo much but he doesn’t make any moves. What do I doo!?

  • Tamekalicious says:

    oh this combo works alrite for some time and then just wears itself out. I am a taurs woman and met this virgo guy at my best friends anniversry -she was married 5 yrs and going strong and wanted me to meet her hubby’s friend. that was such a joek. he barely looked at me n was constantly critisizing me. all of suden few days later calls me (he did take my no.)and was asking me out. i was ok with it as long he stopped the critizing aspect. somehow virgos are like that. anyways i found myself a nice gem recently and hopefully his standards are not so high coz sure enough i cant cope with then.

  • Love to love says:

    I am a taurus and was with a Virgo for almost four years. I have only been with a couple of men; the first a Pisces (who was a total nutcase) then a Virgo, and then a Leo. At this point, I refuse to date any man unless I know that the relationship will be true and have depth. I attribute the fact that I have an ever-lasting list of options in men to me being a Taurus :) other women are too annoying for men. Anyways, back to the point….

    My Virgo was the sweetest thing ever! He was the perfect gentleman to me always, even opening the car door for me every time we were going somewhere. but eventually, it became obvious that he was not strong (manly) enough for me. Any time we got into a huge fight (the rare few), he would end up crying and I’d be the one left to pick up pieces. It was very abnormal to my nature. He literally never did anything wrong aside from being a little judgmental and naive sometimes and it became somewhat dull and unbalanced for me. As cruel as that may sound, it is in my nature to need a very strong, masculine man who will allow me to be my girly self :) my Virgo wasn t strong enough and was just too predictable overall, so I left him….for the Leo. Which was beautifully disastrous. We still remain friends (Leo and myself) and I love him as that- he’s convinced we will be together again but I’m over it. The Leo was too UNpredictable and any damage to his ego or threat of damage would cause him to be extremely spiteful and intentionally hurt me in the worst ways. I don’t hold grudges because I understand why we behaved the way we did, so we have a good friendship but it would definitely not ever happen again.

    At this point, I have a Scorpio strangely holding my attention and my heart. And I have no idea why…..it’s weirding me out but intuitively, I feel like ….it is just right.

    Time will tell

  • Heather says:

    I like this combo they seem good for each other.

  • Manish says:

    This article is 100% bang on target, and true. I am seeing this Taurus girl for last 2 years, It was kind of love at first site, but off and on, I loose and again gain interest in her, and she also goes the same way, I am unable to decided if we wud be able to make happy couple together or not, the See-saw of off-on is again funny, When I am attracted to her, She isnt, and When She approaches, I am Confused, :/ …More over I am unable to approach any other girl as well, as she comes over to my mind, I find her very Feminine and very bodily attractive, but as this article says, he lacks in grooming herself which turns me off at times, God know what’s there in future for us.

    Thanks Nancy Fenn for this article, love to read these!

  • Tauruscinnamon says:

    I am a Taurus woman. Introverted, nurturing, active listener, down-to-earth, sensual, reserved, but somewhat flirtacious. I am real selective about who I allow in my inner circle. I can go years without being in a serious relationshup until I find the right one.
    Recently, I re-connected with a Virgo man I knew in college. I loved EVERYTHING about him! Although, I had this overwhleming feeling about him, I still wanted to be cautious and take things slow. He told me he was really feeling me, glad that we re-connected and wanted to build a stronger relationship. The vibe and chemistry was CRAZY! I needed a few days to make sense of what I was feeling, so I told him I was going to be busy for the next few days.
    Fast forward to two weeks later, the weirdness kicks in, he wasn’t contacting me by phone or text. When I asked him about this he said he was busy from work. Then he kept insisting whay I haven’t called him. I called him. No response. Texted him, no response. This continued for quite some time with NO reciproaction from him. His weirdness was driving me crazy.
    I decided to take control over my own life. His weird movements were taking control over my daily routine. Bulls of course, are obsessed with order, control and routine. So I decided to cut it off! I am going to busy for the next few months with work and didn’t need the additional stress.
    When I ended it, he kept on insisting on seeing me, I knew if I did, then I would be drawn in. I rejected his offer.
    I can’t stop thinking about him.
    What is this Virgo’s problem?

  • TaurusB says:

    I have many Virgo friends and this is my observations.

    00000. They have their own rules to wear clothe, But when they cook they follow the recipe very strictly. Even when they eat the instant noodles (using measuring cups).

    0000. Eat junky foods and room is unorganized, but know a lot about hygenes, healthy diets or healthy life. They have a lot of cosmetics, clothe, shoes, belts ..etc. Quite experimental.

    000. Not good at admitting mistakes. Very high pride. They will trying to persuade you or laugh at your anger. I heard a lot of them saying “hey, it is not just me” or “so what? What can I do?” Or “I tried my best anyway”.

    00. They tend not like their own country or same nationalities. Like to go out with international people and love travel other countries.

    0. If you become their close friends, virgos like to fix or change you. They keep suggesting their own ideas about how you should be. They like to comment on other’s grammer mistakes or fashion styles. They cannot handle somebody with no improvements.

    1. They cannot sleep very well at night and loves to talk only when they feel good. They talk so much even giving me headaches sometimes.

    2. Many of my virgo friends cannot see themselves well, because they are watching and picking on others too much. Self aware time is not enough for many of my virgo friends and they get hurt or turn stubborn if i point this out to them.

    3. They live with very high expectations, therefore the level of appriciation is very low, while the the stress level is high. For example, All my friends claim that they don’t have many friends, not into money, are shy and not ambitious but the truth is that they are very much The Opposite. They have enough but they can’t or don’t want to think that way.

    4. They love having attentions, being entertainers, wants to be worshiped. However, do not want to be judged, misunderstood or controlled. Prefer to be left alone or independant.

    5. They plan things before asking, and expect you to follow because their plans basically will benefit me and others. If you refuse twice or more, they will never ask you again and about anything. Very idealists and fussy.

    6. They want to be friends with better people. Strong, independant, smart, fast pace business people who is alot of giving, understanding, not as fussy or picky as themselves. Very good copy machines and adapters.

    7. They can be good students only if they think you are a good mentor or teacher. Otherwise they will criticize on everything you tell them to do.

    As a taurus, I get along ok with my Virgo friends but I find them very hard to trust.
    You cannot make a long term promise with Virgos, Because their decisions are very changeable and always depend on the situations.

    They don’t want to sacrifice themselves for an individual or small groups ( that is why few of Virgo friends are not good parents or partners). Virgo people are the great big people who think in big scale and would like to fulfill many people’s needs.

    For A simple taurus who enjoys the daily sunshine, bread and water, Virgos are just too much to be with.

  • Agatha says:

    Sure the virgo man is a perfectionist. I sure know that but they are also excellevnt friends. I was friends first with my virgo man who used to come over to my chcurch for some routine maintenance work. i was i=on the church committee and had to interact with him and that sparked our firndship. he was alsways there for me and that meants so much and thats all i need. time flies and now weve been togethere five yrs. yes hes very patiet and understandign with me and i love that about him. goog luckt o you guys out there.

  • Slowlumbering says:

    LOL…’taurus women are slow’-yep they are slow-200 per cent but its worth it cause once they re on theyre on forever. My virgo man is a perfectionist and high level thinker he knows what hes doin its just that being a taurus woman me so slow with dreamy eyes, beautiful ;) too I dont alwaYS jump with alacrity. So I think hes doin it right no matter what his friends say. Thye had a ltot o say when he got into business after dropping out from community college ten years ago. But I was fine with it and guess what it did work out and his thinking is right. This is something that goes through a lto but for the long haul.

  • newventures says:

    and so…there is a new man in my life. He’s cute with big black eyes, cute legs and always hangs around every word I say. Its my new puppy a daschund that I got from a shelter. my friend had got some wabbits from there so I mustered some courage to get a little puppy. He’s a little scrawny but full of spunk. it makes me very pleased and relieved that hes taken to me so well. he eats well and I take him to the local park for walks. hes six months old but a little small for his age and there are some big dogs that come there too that makes me a little concerned. they come really close to him and im worried that hes going to I guess im just being a protective mama. so I take him to play nearby to a smaller place but theres smaller dogs there and I feel better.

  • newventures says:

    oh….my little tito is a virgo and im a Taurus woman. its a perfect match. were like macaroni and cheese.

  • lovesi says:

    The Virgo man I was with as a Taurus woman was a huge headache for me living together. He was boring and bitchy about everything. I had an easy time saying it was over and he drug the break up out for 6 more months. He was very handsome and smart though and that I loved about him.

  • zenangel says:

    I disagree with parts of this article. Taurus woman and Virgo men are probably the best combinations compared to a Capricorn woman and Virgo man. Capricorns can be insensitive and very blunt in the way they communicate, so how will they ever be a match for a secretly sensitive Virgo? The only similarity they have is in their career focus, but other than that, a Taurus woman embodies the nurturing spirit which the Virgo man needs. A Virgo man seeks purity, and a Taurus woman acts and thinks purely. When she loves, she’s extremely loyal. When she gives you a compliment, you’ll know that she isn’t just kissing up to you and that she really means it. Taurus women don’t believe in being superficial because it’s impractical. They like to be straight-forward because it’s more efficient for others to know exactly where they stand. They are bad actors for this reason, but that is a good virtue because honesty can be very rare.

    It really depends on which decan the Virgo man is in. I have a Virgo brother who is in the first decan and is extremely self-centered and critical. I’ve dated a Virgo man that was in the 3rd decan (Libra cusp) who was everything I could ask for except for his occasional worrying excessively on some topics. Virgos are definitely self-preserving. Even if they love you, they will do what they can to minimize how losing you might affect them. It’s pure in the way that they love you so much that they feel they need to do this.

    To me, a Virgo man is a Taurus woman’s best friend forever first and foremost. And because of that, they are soulmates. The Taurus woman isn’t as fixed as descriptions may mislead everyone to think. I’ve always been the accommodating one in all my relationships both romantic and professional. Usually, a Taurus has tried everything already or thought of the many possible scenarios and outcomes of a situation (much like how a Virgo analyzes!). Most people do not do this, so it is hard for others to understand why a Taurus has come to a decision so quickly. That’s the assumption though. Tauruses have been thinking over issues for a long time (months or even years) so it may seem like a quick decision to others but they think so far in advance that the effort they put into the decision isn’t always so obvious. I always find myself being several steps ahead of everyone else’s thinking. In fact, I have to dumb myself down most of the time so that I don’t come off as a know-it-all. I think in this way, Virgo and Taurus both share the same wave-length of thinking.

    If a Taurus woman can make the first move to get a Virgo man out of his shell, it should be a longlasting union. His positive traits far outweigh any flaws he has. If a Virgo man can maintain contact with his Taurus lady, then she will never give him anything to worry about and help him to relax his nerves instead. Her positive traits match the core of what he is seeking, so any flaws she has can definitely be minimized by doing a few small things to maintain the relationship. When you have earned the complete trust of a Taurus woman, she will be more independent and return to her focus on her career and goals. Taurus women like to focus on one project at a time, and once a project is considered completed, they’ll move on to different factors in their lives to focus on. They mellow out as time goes on, and you’ll see the happy-go-lucky side of them. A Virgo man never has to worry about having financial problems with a Taurus lady, since they will both be experts in personal finance. She likes to stay mentally stimulated, organized and healthy, and what more could a Virgo man ask for?

  • Astroturf says:

    This doesnot have to be a so so pairing but is turning to one. Its been five yrs or so and the virgo man is hardworking and straightforward. He just keeps doing things that he knows causes another person to be unhappy. Relentlessly. That just repels me and makes me want to keep away frm such people. Doesn’t making another person unhappy make one unhappy? It does to me. Especially when I do something intentionally hurtful. It may be easy and maybe others are doing it too but that’s not much persuasion for me to do it. Oil does repel water. And the other way round.

  • Roxanne says:

    I am a Taurus woman and seeing a virgo man for the last five years. Yes I agree with some of the posters here that the virgo man thinks about so many different things before doing something. They think from so many different angles which I probably wouldn’t. That’s also the same reason why I usually go along with his plans and event organizing that he makes for me and my family. Hes pretty good at coming up with fun ideas for me as well as includes kids when my twin sister comes over with her three kids. I feel quite secure that he’s thinking of some safe activity that’s also fun and interesting to do for the kids. Theyre a handful for sure! His parents come over too (he’s an only child). I guess that’s why he loves hanging out with people so much.

  • LylaMoore says:

    I am a Taurus woman and sure I am easy to get along with. I met my virgo man at the local county fair when I was there with my family and a couple of girlfriends. We dated for a few months that summer this was bout five sum years ago. and then one day after a lot of prodding (he was looking like a frog stuck in his throat) he told me that at the weekend bbq I had wore a dress that was too showing to much. I mean it was summer, really hot and that’s what summers are meant for a nice tank top and short skirt. and that’s what everyone else wuz wering to. Much less that I was! Virgo man can be a stick in the mud fo shur. He told me he didna want to see so much and mebe a slip below the skirt would do the trick. I got all hot and bothered when he said that cuz I felt he was mebbe implying sumthin not nice. And I am a nice girl. But me mamma told me to hush and said I need to hold my tongue and listen to the young man. That was sum good words cuz we be five going on six years now and Im in my fourth specting a yung ‘un this fall. Sure virgos can be little absurd but theres none as hard working as my man he works when everyone in four score miles round us be well sleeping their butts off in a summers forenoon on account of being sunday. So there it is. Heck I can wear as many slips as he wants for all the man that I got!

  • jasmin says:

    This is so true!Zodiac Dating Virgo Man-Taurus Woman combinations are the best. We both have very similar approaches to life. Both like to be practical, organized, but fun. It was instant attraction and fireworks every time we kissed… and we kissed a lot! The Virgo man becomes very romantic with a Taurus woman. We are like best friends, able to talk about anything. To maintain the relationship though, a Taurus woman needs to keep in mind that any little remark could cause tremendous worry for her Virgo, even if he may not show it right away. Never give them cause to worry unnecessarily because it take them a really long time to de-stress. And for the Virgo man, he needs to give constant reassurance in the very beginning of a relationship to prove that he’s committed. That way, when he needs space to himself to de-stress later in the relationship, the Taurus woman does not worry either! Taurus and Virgo both worry but in different ways. Maintain constant communication, stay positive, and keep doing little things for each other.

  • aqua girl says:

    Sooo true :)

  • jasmin says:

    Thanks too

  • Oakleaf says:

    Sure this is a good combo for a friendship. THe virgo man I came to know at a speed dating event -he was my first. MY friends all had not so good experiences with speed dating but I was willing to give it a try. This guy is into extreme sports something I did not know before. and wants me to join in. I don’t like roller coasters let alone try bungee jumping. Its unsafe for me to all these things since I don’t like heights. He usually tells me that he’ll go away if I don’t join in. I feel threatened and don’t take well to threats however unintentional. its unpleasant. id rather not do anything at all and just go away. He’ll probably find someone much younger who’ll go along with him and do what he wants. does anyone have similar experiences with speed dating. what do you think?

  • Jiny says:

    that true about Taurus & Virgo compatibility! im Taurus, my virgo is very reserved, he never open ups to me, sometimes I get so confused about his behavior! I really wanna know more about it! could you please help & Virgo should also understand Taurus sensitivity! my opinion

  • Nadine says:

    Im a taurus woman and had a relationship with a virgo man who was WAAAAY older than me. The chemistry (and the sex) was amazing but what we had has long ended because of my immaturity. Its been a year and a half since then and i havent been seeing anyone but i still constantly think about him every single day :(

  • Eva blue says:

    I had two Virgos in my life. My first bf and a man from four years ago. I liked them both but could not fall in love with them. They were in my ‘Looks’, domineering, and nagging too much for attention … I expected the relationship to be go with flow, get to know each other and take things slowly….. But My dream of having a cup of coffee between two good conversationalists never happened…. they expect me to commit from the day 1, tried to control and push me into their daily life etc… They just do not get the fact that everyone is different and needs some space even if they are gf/bf. I think They are not a type of person who are good with friendship or partnership. Just want to lead and do what they want/need to do before considering my feelings. I always get scared of them and would not put my head inTo this relationship ever…. Good Organiser, Warm hearts but stubborn, impatient and hysteric, that was my impression about virgo men…

  • Clarisse says:

    My virgo boyfriend is just the best.

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