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  1. Beenthereneverdonethat

    I let a virgo man get away. He’s married with a child and I still regret it to this very day. From my experience Virgo men like very smart, classy and talented women. They don’t have to be conventionally beautiful, just handsome and well groomed with some unique physical attribute( tall, big boob etc). They’re very quiet. Virgos love to sit back and observe their love interest before they make a move. You have to come up to their ideals of a dream woman. The Virgo I let get away like women with natural beauty. In his words you had to look good without makeup. This guy was a gentleman and never like for his woman to be loud, brash or curse. He was old fashioned. It’s easy to guess what they want by observing the type of women they date. Remember to always be classy.

  2. Simple

    Wish that I could know all this stuff about Virgo male before I dated my Virgo man. I am Taurus and true to every single word about Taurus women. And he is exactly the same as any traits of Virgo male.

    We would be great together in a life time marriage. He is everything I have been looking for to be my life partner. And I bet he could view me as a woman who could be a wonderful wife and a perfect mother.

    Our problems came with communication. English is not my first language and I lived in Asia for nearly my whole life. He said that he felt isolated in communicating with me and we don’t have many things in common to talk about. However, I viewed this coming from my quiet personality. I just didn’t talk much because I didn’t feel comfortable enough in front of him yet. I wish I could be open up to him from the beginning.

    After reading a lot about Virgo man and Taurus woman, I am convinced that we can’t be together. We are too different from each other. I prefer every thing to be simple but his mind is very complicated. I let my heart rule my head and he let his head take control.

    He is always the man of my dream 😐

  3. Jane

    It’s been nearly 3 months and the Virgo man I have become friends with I have been dating. We have become closer. He’s encouraging me to do more for myselft & in return I listen to him when he wants to talk. Oh yeah the sex is INCREDIBLE! To be continued…

  4. bream

    You know Virgo is the best match for a taurus woman when the only relationship you’ve had for 3 years is with a virgo. I lost my dear virgo to a cancer female….Yeah. He was the love of my life. I know that life is too short to dwell on losing him since it has been 2 years he’s already been married and has a little girl..I just hope to find another someday! There is nothing compared to this wonderful (Match made in Heaven) connection.

  5. Virginia

    Lots of people seem to be hating on the Virgo/Taurus match. I’ve been dating a Virgo man for about 3 years now and, like anything, there are definitely challenges…but this relationship is one of the most rewarding I’ve -ever- had!

    I completely agree with Mary Jane: I believe the key to being with a Virgo is having self confidence. My Virgo man is nit-picky and at times is overly obsessed with making everything “perfect”. It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I even find it endearing to an extent because…let’s be honest…by trying to live up to all of their impossible expectations, Virgo’s tend to be very insecure and full of self-doubt so they over-compensate by being analytical, by concealing their true feelings, and by focusing all of their energy on being in control of every situation (including romantic ones…which can get annoying).

    He just needs someone to be patient with him (and we Taureans are known for our patience), to reassure him, and to remind him that we are all human and as such we make mistakes. You need a lot of self-assurance to be able to stand up to a Virgo man (or woman for that matter…my mommy’s a Virgo too :D).

    Taurus’s easy-going nature is the perfect compliment to an uptight Virgo because it makes dealing with whatever he throws at you a breeze and it also has the potential to calm him down in the process. (You can’t fight fire with fire when you’re dealing with a Virgo. You need to be calm, collected and consistent if you want to discourage some of their nastier habits.) If you are able to communicate intelligently and rationally to your Virgo about his trepidations (whether they are about you, your relationship or just his life in general), he will relax and all of those wonderful Virgo qualities will come out 🙂

    He’s a great person to have around when I see red and start going into one of my Taurus rampages. He can talk me out of anything because he’s always got a cool head. He reminds me to think before I act, to plan ahead and he inspires me to work hard for what I want (which is amazing considering I am definitely one of the lazier/hedonistic tauruses out there).

    So yea. I love my Virgo man! The sex is out of this world, we have so much fun together, he always knows exactly how to melt my heart and make me feel like happy “goo”, and he still gives me butterflies when he looks at me in that special way. He’s my best friend and my ours is definitely my most cherished relationship. He remembers the little things (Isn’t that what we girls want? A guy who -really- listens? No sign rivals a Virgo in that arena.) and he’s incredibly romantic at heart. And yes, if a Virgo man loves you he will definitely stick you up on that pedestal which is a great place for us taurus ladies to be, lol, because we -love- to be loved…..especially after all of our hard work and patience 🙂

  6. RosarioQuest

    As a taurus woman iam easygoing and laidback….like everyday take things as they come. Was dating this virgo man who flirted with me non-stop for a yr till i gave in. Virgo man, as i came to realize later is not easygoing and its his way 24/7 just like you said. And why would he want to meddle with my stepbrother and his fiancee idk! After two yrs you can see it coming. there werent anybreakdowns when we brokeup. my dude was tougher than that. hes fine and last i heard is hanging out with a well-heeled pisces! theres a gem lurking around me 🙂 so lets see.

  7. Jane

    Ok after being BETRAYED by a Leo-who wasn’t all I thought he was!-I am friends w/a Virgo man. He’s older than me-doesn’t matter. He asked about me first before we became friends; I MUST have passed some test I knew nada about. So far so good. He is caring and we understand one another. We have had 1 date & there will be another. So we will see. If any of you have any advice that is appreciated.

  8. GB

    Ok… i had another fight with a virgo man who was my friend yesterday. i do not know why but i always get mad with Virgo guys except my brother…

    my first love was virgo, any guys who asked me out first was virgo and more… there were alot of virgos who approached to me and mad about me by not accepting their love.

    i have to say that virgos can be quite logical. However, not logical on the side where they have to admit that they cannot make everyone to say yes.

    i can be attentive and make them stimulated, however the duties they ask me to take is just too much. I feel breathless when i am with them. They always think that they need to care me more to make things look perfect.

    Here’s one of good examples i would tell you:

    i stopped wearing glasses since last year. Then a friend of mine who is a virgo man told me to wear them again and i said no, cos it was very uncomfortable. but he did not give up and even has got mad at me all the time by not wearing those glasses.
    i know they do not say anything if they do not care about the person.. But when i heard that, The stubborn Taurus entered and i get mad at him back not to cross the line and leave me alone and the argument goes on….. lol

    virgos push people to fit them into their ideal form, especially with people who they care alot, they just do not stop commenting. Where as i have my own ideal form, but never like to share or push people.

    I think Taurus and virgos can get along very well, but taurus push virgos away all the time because they do not like people telling things to them or speed up their relationship too fast.. i do not understand why they want to achieve something in relationship.

    I do agree that they have everything to become a successor. They are planners and practical players, a slow starter and long runners.

    but i would rather be their friend first and take my time to see how they go with their life, because i am just not ready yet to be a house wife and All of virgos i met saw me as their perfect wife…

    i am Taurus but moon in pieces which tells me that i am not grounded enough. i am always a star child and i need someone who is attentive and grounded just like virgos. if i get married i would marry to virgos, because they are really the one who i really need and i think i can really love them for a long term.

    but i would never have them for short term relationships.

  9. GB

    btw many virgo men just asked me to sleep wid him even before he ask me out. well that sounds very not rational to me. Sexual intercourse before knowing each other is not that helpful for a healthy relationship, but causing many regrets based on my experience loll

  10. GB

    well i am Aries/Taurus cup taurean, i have noticed that my first love was a virgo, many men who chased me after were mostly virgo too. Virgo and Taurus get along very well only after their curiosity of other sex and experimental journey with life has ended. Both signs admit that they are compatiable later on.

    I have been in a relationship with many signs like libra, sagittarius, Pieces, scorpio, Aquarius and currently Gemini. i could not go out with Virgo because i felt they are similar with me and i am just not ready to settle down yet.

    When i met virgos i usually talk about social issues, stupid jokes, theoritical, philosophical things. Virgos tend to be weak at those informational, philosophical conversations. I have noticed this alot with many virgo girls, they are weak with boys who talks as if they know something…. like aquarius men (not that they are bad, but i do not see mental ability as only reason to fall in love where as my virgo friends did…. ).

    Anyway, most Virgo men are very focused with their own lives, i find them very comfortable but they find me more comfortable cos i am very easy going. One of them actually told me that i am more suitable as wife than a gf, cos i settle his sensitive, restless mind and open new perspective to him.

    i love informations and usually like to share informations with people and virgos often find me stimulating. i chellenged many of them, and they tend to like those chellenges. Funny thing is that they find me very active girl.. whereas i think i am just normal. It is always amazing when someone find you fascinating.

    They are not scientific enough though their thinkin is rational. One of the reasons is that because they are traditional…. and they are hard headed.

    Innovative, creative but limited with traditions, sensitive but sometimes cruel by their stubborness. But i always win against them, cos i see alot of faults in their arguements.. when i correct them they listen which is at least helpful… and When they do that to me i listen too. They are very helpful, highly responsible, great mind and showmanship people like Micheal Jackson.

    They are perfectionist, but i let them do whatever they like to do. As long as u tell them what u don’t like and why you do not like it, they listen to you. Just do not fight them or be emotional with them. Let them be emotional with you. and READ NEWS PAPERS!!

    btw i am happy with my gemini man although i know i won’t be long with him, there is alot of things that i can learn from this sign. Respect anyone who are you are with, enjoy the moment ladies.. do not feel as if you will lose something. You will not be sad whoever you are with if you can enjoy being part of companies 😛

  11. Adreanna

    Canadianlioness1 :
    Uhhhhhhhh dating Virgos. What can I say? Well. My experience has not been great. The 2 that I had dated were nit-picky and I felt like they were way too emotional for me. And I’m a woman. There is a chemistry I have encountered with other Virgos, butI have choosen not to move forward on it. Maybe my views will change in the future.

    yeah they r emotional but u gotta look into there heart and try to see all they need is attention and a self esteem boost wouldnt hurt they always think of themselves as fat or stupid they can never find a positive in themself and there is alot they r super creative and have beautiful souls just help as much as u can but dont let them run all over u put them in there place if u have to but dont unless its nessicary

  12. Adreanna

    Anthony :
    so i dated a taurus. Everything was great…until I realized all Taurus’ are flirts! Lost my trust in her…then she cheated. Now we recently began talking again..she tells me she’s been a mess without me..idk what to do

    awe baby boy im sry ur a virgo so ur probably alot like my brother and if a girl cheated on my brother id kill her and i know how sensitive u r she didnt know what she had virgos are very sweet caring guys that rly truly love and care for other beings unlike ive ever seen dont let it hurt ur pride ur still beautiful regardless shes a hoe not all taurus girls are like that she just sounds like a bitch u can get another in a heatbeat

  13. Canadianlioness1

    Uhhhhhhhh dating Virgos. What can I say? Well. My experience has not been great. The 2 that I had dated were nit-picky and I felt like they were way too emotional for me. And I’m a woman. There is a chemistry I have encountered with other Virgos, butI have choosen not to move forward on it. Maybe my views will change in the future.

  14. Anthony

    so i dated a taurus. Everything was great…until I realized all Taurus’ are flirts! Lost my trust in her…then she cheated. Now we recently began talking again..she tells me she’s been a mess without me..idk what to do

  15. Neil

    Its true taurus woman is very patient but they still have their limits and sometimes can get frustrated too! I used to know one (just friends) who planned for her bf’s bday (they had been together for 4 yrs) for like 6 months. she planned food, music, invited friends and family picked a nice restaurant the works. she was doing all thsi long distance thru a friend since she was travellingnon work. D-day arrived and everyone was there. her flight was late so she came directly fromt he airport. guess what there was no seat for her at the table. yeah… too many had showed up. there was hardly any food left, no silverware, not even a napkin for her. she hung around for a bit tried to get a waiters attention to set things right. she felt so unwanted and like she was being squeezed out after doing so much. it was a total letdown esp because she had told the friend she could be late. she left when it became clear (to her) that she was not going to get a meal. but not before she broke a few glasses, by mistake of course! what a mess! what a pity! anyway she decided if it ever happened again she would leave quietly like a lady. or…maybe not. it was like an endurance test that brought out the worst in her! poor sweet bull lady.

  16. Adreanna

    i wouldnt get involved with a virgo just because my brother is one and it would be weird i had a virgo guy once and he reminded me too much of my brother it was strange

  17. BG

    I’m A Virgo Male 3… I am 26 years old and i have been together with a Taurus Female 1…. or relationship started off as if we already knew each other time ago… i had stopped her on the street once.. but she had already been with someone at the time.. then 2 years later we ran into each other and immediately we had such a great vibe.. kinda like the friends/lovers connection which i find to be very rare in most cases…..i been with her for 1 year and 3 months… and its been great & I Love Her.. we’ve had our ups and down but we’ve come to terms were we can communicate our deepest desires in regards to love…. i know that most say that Virgos can seem like perfectionists… but if a Virgo wasn’t critical towards love or anything in mind… you would never understand us… hands down once we trust our lover… we live to serve and provide almost anything to make a Taurus woman happy!!! and the criticized opinion isn’t always to put you down…. its usually just something you don’t wanna hear…. but we feel the need to say it because…. we can accept the things you might feel is wrong with us!!! the clearer the picture the more colors are revealed between the two.. which creates a strong union that can last a life time!!! The sex is off the wall!!! and i never get bored…. i would suggest a menu of adventure and new experiences to keep the fire hot between the two & and two open minds!! VIRGO AND TAURUS MAKE A GREAT MATCH!!!

  18. Sweet P

    Im a taurus woman 27 years of age. I met my virgo at age 13. We were in a relationship for four years and then he went to Jail. Every day wasnt a good one, matter fact every hour wasnt either. But I loved him. He went to jail right before my 18th birthday, he was gonna be gone for 7 years. At that point in my life I knew I couldn’t wait for him so I moved on. Or tried to at least. I got married to a leo worst mistake in my life. We had a kid and needless to say everything end in divorce. A year later I found my virgo again and Im just as in love with him as I was at 13 but everything is different now. He has resentment about me not waiting or writing him, and I have resentment about other things. I wanted to just be friends with him and then we had sex and now I cant get him off my mind. He has issues with letting his feelings out with me cause he says Im gonna throw him away again……. Help, should I profess my love and try to start things off or just stay his friend?

  19. pfsang

    Was in a ltr with this virgo guy for 3yrs. and it was a challenge to say the least. But somehow I feel I love him and have never been able to let go completely. That’s not to say there were no good parts at all…when it was good it was great, great, great! And a point came when marriage was the right thing to do so we took the plunge. I am so proud of my virgo! He can be finicky and drive me crazy at times and I’m so easygoing too but when it comes to the crunch he will always do the right thing and not think of himself or anything else. Don’t know what the future holds but for now we’ve been together about a year and it’s alright since he’s sooo family-oriented. If we can keep going like this…sky is the limit!

  20. T.

    I’m a Taurus. A Virgo told me he liked me but for some reason I have doubts that he is telling the truth. How can I possibly tell?

  21. Kay-netic Taurus

    I am a Taurus woman who just came out of a 6 1/2 year relationship I did not have the slightest interest in falling, looking or leaping into love again. I recently started “seeing” this Virgo guy at work whom I knew was in/out of a relationship. I thought this would be a great way to have great “no strings” attached sex. Both of us can just get up and walk away with no regrets..no emotions, no commitments or complications. Boy was I WRONG! We fell for each other with a passion…a chemistry….an energy so strong it caught both of us off guard. He is like the love of my life…dare I say my soulmate. I have not felt this way about a man since I was 18. But based off of how we met I have my reservations about the longevity of this union. In the meantime I am basking in the glow of my Virgo love! I hope it works out in the end!

  22. Joline

    only God can decide really.By the way, all men like checking out other women.U know what guys, i wish am crazy about my virgo man but he hides his feelings alot. i can see his desire to alwys love me but some factors are blocking it and he would hardly talk about it; thats what scares me and makes me feel insecured. any tips?

  23. A'Nayah

    So far, my virgo experience is different. He seem to be very conservative and kind of shy. Yes, they like to take it slow because he is interviewing me without making it obvious. He’s 32 and I am 35. We live in different states but I don’t think this would be a problem as we grow closer. I suspect that he might be a dynomite lover in bed, can’t wait to know for sure. lol Got a feeling our sex life together will be explosive! He’s highly intelligent which is super sexy. He enjoys the same trait in me. I feel like this is it and he is “The One” but only God knows.

  24. Taurus Angel

    I’m 18, brownskin, Costa Rican and im in college and I’m from New York, I’m a taurean female and my virgo guy is 23 Hatian and Dominican, Lightskinned & sooo sweet. We met in august 2010 @ a pool party. From the very instant that he approached me he couldnt keep his hands off me, he kept caressing my face and telling me how pretty I am; I thought he was a creep, and drunk or something. I figgured he was a looser that gets no love if he caresses girls on their faces upon meeting them. Still, I gave him my contact info. Then I thought why did I just do that he’s not even my type ( I like Dark skinned guys). Still I couldn’t deny that I was attracted to him and curious about him. We spoke for three months before we finally seen each other again.we hung out 4 the 1st time in 3 months yesturday (friday october 8, 2010) and he was such a gentleman, respectful and very considerate of my feelings. he seems so perfect he’s muscular, has light brown eyes, he dresses conservativly,he’s intelligent funny charismatic, he’s just freakin handsome. But he doesn’t seem too confident, he’s very modest in his apearance and it kind of bothers me b/c it makes me feel like I have to help him boost his selfesteem while he kind of sort of nitpicks about the little things about me.I think the sex would b extremely passionate b/c he likes to cuddle and caress my body BUT I’m celibate so sex is really out of the question right now but I knoe he is a freak from what he’s done/ acted (*wink *wink)but he respects my celibacy and doesn’t pressure me or do anything to influence me into having sex with him. I’m falling for my handsome virgo but he wants to take things even slower he doesn’t want to be boyfriend girlfriend just yet he wants to get to know each other even more.BUT Uughh we have such buisy schedules we barely see each other. He lives in longisland and I live in queens, he’s into stock exchange and investing and I am in school to be a psychiatris so time isn’t of the essence in my opinion I want to be in a relationship while we continue to grow and learn from and about each other. I feel that he’s so right for me and I don’t wanna move too so slow that I’ll loose him in the process of moving @ his pace. What can I do to move things along? Any suggestions?

  25. Mary Jane

    I am a Taurus, he a Virgo.We hit it off immediately. Though we have known eachother for only three months, I feel like I have known him forever. The whole tidy and being critical is laughable. He’s has a definate criteria of what he wants and if ur not a confident female this quality could leave you feel inadequate. I myself don’t have a problem with his qualifications in the ideal woman, but it does keep me on my toes, which I seem to enjoy. He is the most generous, caring, and considerate person I have dated. This makes up for the other things I have mentioned. Trying to catch a Virgo is difficult, as far as for a long term, serious relationship. He is one to not express his feelings verbally, but makes up for it physically. We seem to share many interests and see this as someone I could share my life with, we have both been married before and have been single for over 10 yrs. We both like our independence. The one hurdle we need to overcome. He is very accomodating with daily checking in and lenghty conversations, which are intellectual and entertaining. Will this end up long term? Not sure, but enjoying what it is now in the moment, which is difficult for me, because I don’t like uncertainty. We like security and reassurance. My first Virgo and I am enjoying every minute of him.:) To be continued……

  26. kaydie

    To tell u all the truth, I’m a high school dude who known this Taurus girl for over a over 13 months now and been dating her for 2 months out of that year, and for some reason i’m still afraid to tell her i love her and how i really feel for her.
    All my other relationships ended up with a hard breakup by finding out that the girl had another boyfriend. I just try my best to my faithful and loving to to them as possible. I’ve only had to girlfriends before the girl I’m dating right now.
    So I’m just keeping my heads up and watching how this one is gonna turn out.

  27. CJ

    I’m a Virgo male, quite the male I’d say, very respectful, honest, caring with good looks (so I’ve been told). I met a beautiful Taurus woman. The chemistry from the initial moment I set my eyes on her was unbelievable. Have you heard of love at first sight?
    I classify myself in the needy section. I’m over 30, not a little high school kid in love, and the connection when she holds my hand, gives me hugs and stares into my eyes….you can’t put a price on it. The sex….geeese. Think about connection and hands clinching…The best I’ve ever had.
    I’ll just say, her bullheadedness and other guys texting, emailing, calling when I was around, killed my trust. I’m your typical worrier. I’ve been cheated on in the past so maybe that affects me now, but if you want to keep a Virgo man happy, you tell him that he has nothing to EVER worry about and that you are all his. I didn’t get that, I became possessive and needy, she shut down, I went on a text and email rant, …..do you see where this is going….Yep. OVER. bummer. I killed the best love I’ve ever had in my life.
    Uh, I’d say these are some great match signs. If you are a Virgo Male. Relax and don’t go too fast with expressing emotions or tell her you love her too fast. She won’t believe you for one, cause she feels you don’t know her well enough, and two, these Taurians appreciate feelings, not words IMO.
    I’m heartbroken like ive never felt losing my lovely Taurian lady.
    Back to dating….
    Good luck!

  28. Grace

    Yes I know Ethan Hawke is a Scorpio – you need a delete button on you post site – f me for posting in anger!

  29. ms.unrational

    im trying to get close to a virgo man and they do have trust issues but were getting there. i think im up for the challenge, he’s the shy type but he doesnt seem intensely quite, i love him a lot, and i think we can make it, we kinda play around and plan what our future would be like, he is a very rational person but im more like a go-getter like lets do it now. although i wish he wasnt sometimes, i love that he is because he always thinks about how it would affect US and not HIM. he’s a sweetheart and we have a lot in common i think, he just thinks im a lil off my rocker cuz of my crazy way and thoughts lol. i think he crazy for being so rational, i love my baby though, maybe one day we’ll have a baby or babies. 😀

  30. juni

    Must say taurus gals and virgo guys can’t resist each other. i’m a taurus gal and I’m going out with a virgo. great chemistry, extremely hot sex, we get along like moth to light. but apparently too much attraction of virgo to taurus. my guy’s twin bro tried to kiss me and now it’s just weird.

  31. virgo lovah

    I’m a taurus female with a scorpio moon in love with my virgo mate. We took the next step in our 2 1/2 year relationship and moved in together. Boy, that was an experience. It was trying for the first month and a half and I am happy to say we have worked out most of the kinks and life is sweet. At first I thought we were doomed and moved in too fast. To my great delight, we are like peanut butter and jelly now, couldn’t live without him! Besides the physical chemistry we share, no one else has ever held my head and heart so close to theirs.

    When you LOVE someone, the one thing you don’t do:
    is give up. You try everything, except giving up~

  32. I know more than you....


    Stop hating on Taurus women, Nancy.

    You think Aquarius women are BETTER for the Virgo man than the Aquarius woman? Here’s one for you:

    Kobe Bryant (Virgo) his wife Vanessa Bryant (Taurus)…here birthday is May 5th…check it for yourself.

  33. venus


  34. devo

    well i am a virgo man, and right now i am going out with a female taurus and i cant stop thinking about her… i must trully love her cause i dont want sex and just want her and how she makes me happy

  35. taurean aquarius lass

    I am a female Taurus with an Aquarius moon sign. I’m in my third serious relationship with a Virgo male (he is of a Virgo moon sign too). We’ve been together for over 5 years and he is the joy of my life. Perfectly compatible in so many ways, which is amazing as I am very particular in those who inspire and attract me to them, and I am still deeply enthralled by his many layers and incomparable purity. 

    So true about the pedestal comment as I don’t believe I will ever find a male who embraces me and worships me, nor loves me as much as he does. He penetrates deep into my soul and incites a deep admiration in me for all he is. 

    As a side note, it helps that we accept the idea that monogamy can be a fallacy, and though I have been with other men, he has only played lightly with other women. We face up to thing that destroys so many relationships – infidelity – and we try to be truthful that attraction is really a positive force in the universe and is not to be denied. I guess the fact that he is a pure hearted Virgo really helps, as the same actions by another man may have very different intentions. 

    Anyway, I have lots more to say but I just wanted to offset all the negatives about Virgo men (my younger beautiful brother is also Virgonean). And of course the Virgo negatives do exist (hardness, expectations, low confidence, over analyzation, over active brains :)) but to me these pale in comparison to the love, care, encouragement and understanding that prospers in our relationship. 

  36. queenkay

    am a taurus chick dated a virgo dude, tht guy wud nt express hs feelings, so i caught on to wat kind of a guy he is, i also kept my expressions to a minimal, bt always thr 4 him, we dated for a yr or so then he told me he wantd a break, then i dumped him he came bk afta 3 weeks, he once told me am his first love (which i dnt knw wat to make of it), bt we nt together anymo, he left me 4 sum gal i stopped al contact wit him, then 7/8 months later i hear he bin asking 4 my no.s, and he bin greeting my frnds wen im nt wit them, bt dnt greet them wen im wit them, im really confused.

  37. Shelly

    I am a Taurus woman and I’m super interested in a Virgo man. I can’t tell what he wants from me. He’s super interested in sleeping with me but I’m not sure if he wants anything else. We’ve known each other for nine years but the timing was off.

    I will say that I dated a Cancer for 6 years. He was moody, emotional, and awful. I don’t care that the zodiac says Taurus and Cancer are a great match, I would avoid Cancers at all costs.

  38. rourou

    Much of what i have read is true. I am a taurus and i have known a virgo man for more than a year. I can not explain it, but i remember that once we started talking to each other, I felt there is something going between us. and since then, this feeling is growing stronger and stronger. however, we never admitted that to eachother but it does exist. it is an uncontrollable feeling, yet very nice!!

  39. Thandeka

    I have never dated a virgo man before, I am dating one now,I find him very interesting,but hard to figure out most of the times,I can’t tell when he is serious or kidding. But they are great in passion! looking forward in knowing more about his personality.

  40. TauryGirl

    Having been in relationships with male Tauruses, Scorpios, Cancers, Capricorns and Virgos, they all have their better qualities that match well with lady Taurus. However, some of the negative traits could outweigh the good stuff. Two Tauruses cancel each other out with their stubborness and unwillingness to bend, Scorpio is too mysterious – they don’t tell you ANYTHING (but they are really sexy!), Cancer is too sensitive (but we love to coax them out of their shells), Capricorn too lofty (but they always pick up the check) and Virgo is all talk, talk, talk & nitpick (but they do appreciate your finer parts). So it really depends on what you are looking for in a partner and how much chemistry there is between you and what you are willing to tolerate from them (and they from you!).

  41. James

    So the truth is Taurus girl and Virgo guy are not compatible with each other huh? I get it now…

  42. Courtney

    Generally, Taurus and Virgo get on better as friends. I dated a Virgo man for 3 years. He was my first love – things did not work out because there were trust issues. I never could learn to trust him no matter what. Things were beginning to get fickle…I wanted to be with him..but then again I just wanted to be away from him because he was too fussy. They expect us to be perfect (which in our own eyes we are) I believe it is due to the fact we have our own way or method of doing things.
    On the other hand, Cancer seems to be the best match for us. I have not met one yet, but I do know of many taureans with cancerians – They appeal to me in every way I just want to know where I can find one! lol. Good luck to you taurean ladies
    p.s. I am dating a taurus man now..hopefully it goes well.

  43. April

    I am infurated that every man i seem to meet and have a connection with is a Virgo. It’s like a curse!!
    I meet someone have a connection then find out they are a Virgo every time! For the last 8 years i have only had relationships with Virgo men but it never lasts, but i want them too. I am a Taurean who isnt really typical lazy or patient, if i want something i want it now, which is where it probably goes wrong.
    Virgo men seem to be drawn to me for my vibrant personality but back off when they realise my impatience in love my attitude is the same.
    At the moment I have strong feeling for a guy i have known for a over a year. First time it lwas a worlwind of passion romance and intense emotion but it only lasted 4 months.
    We stayed friends (my choice as I really think he is the one) we kept in touch and are randomly meeting up again and now we seem to be in ‘the zone of attraction’ as, before not intimatley as he has a Cancerian girlfriend.
    I don’t think they are as strong a match as he never mentions her even when I mention her off hand, but who knows right. He always seems confused, very tiring sometimes sigh

    Although the bond with every single man i fall for – and believe me ever guy has been virgo-its soo scary, i never meet Capricorns… how weird.
    I am wondering if the match would be similar in intensity but more matched in compatability. Anyone have any thoughts?

  44. rourou

    well, it is true to a certain limit, yet virgo men ae really different types..I am a taurus woman and my husband is virgoan..he is of the silent typeand very tidy, organized, and very rational, the thing which is driving me nuts!!

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