Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Aquarius Couples:  Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan; Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards; Scott and Sarah Palin; Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow

This is a very interesting combination.  The secret connection is the intelligence factor.  Virgo will not be the least intimidated by a smart Aquarius woman, and she will look up to you for your orderly logic and ability to analyze.  You will enjoy parsing sentences and dissecting realities as you gaze serenely upon the world with detachment and interest.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Virgo Man:  There is a natural animal attraction between Aquarius and Virgo that you can count on.  For most Aquarius woman Virgo is a real turn on.  Don’t hesitate to be yourself. Whereas some gals would tease you for paying such close attention to detail, Aquarius will applaud and scream for more.  You might accomplish a lot by inviting her to an intelligent play, lecture or event that indicates you are a notch above.  Likewise the tone of your complement should reveal your above average intelligence and attention to detail.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as an Aquarius Woman:  Be smart.  Be hip.  Be a       strong individual.  In other words, be yourself.  He will lie down and die to find someone (else) with integrity.  This is also one man who will not be the least bit intimidated by your intelligence.  He is strong enough for you in spite of his obvious gentleness.  Try not to be too outspoken until he knows you well enough to know you engage your brain before voicing your opinions.  (So many people don’t.)

Degree of Romance:  This can be a very romantic combination if the meaning of romance is extended to include fascination and respect.  It will be such relief for both of you to find someone intelligent enough that there is ecstasy abundant.  Let the celebration continue as long as you can.  It’s a fine basis for a lasting relationship.

Degree of Passion:  Passion between these two is not exactly an item.  Both are suspicious of passion because of its fiery nature. In trying to avoid passion it is likely to burst out in the most exciting ways and to the pretended shock of both parties who secretly enjoy this escape from their mental prison.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be great pals.  They enjoy each other’s commentary on life as much as they enjoy sex and other activities. In a certain sense we all live in our own heads and these two could be Siamese twins.  There is an endless list of fascinating topics to discuss together.  And the every day trials and tribulations of solving problems is such a strong point for both that what would normally be irritating interruption becomes a joyful communal activity and bonding opportunity.  Neither of these signs is particularly competitive. The focus remains on getting the job done.

Degree of Marriage:  This is a great combination for marriage.  There is a high degree of compatibility on all levels.  Most of all there is mutual respect.

Progression of Relationship:  There will obviously be something unusual about the progression of the relationship because an Aquarian is involved.  This will delight the Virgo male.  Of all the signs he is probably the least likely to be a control freak.  She can pepper up the stew as much as she wants.  To him it just adds to the flavor.

Sex:  Sex can be a funhouse at the carnival with these two.  Broad stroking and details are unusual and have a dimension of intelligence to them that delights both. They are not likely to find this kind of rapport anywhere else and it will only get better provided they appreciate each other’s uniqueness.

When It’s Over:  Virgo will be very sad when it’s over.  Aquarius will want to stay friends, but it is not likely to happen because Virgo will be terribly disappointed.  Not to worry. The chances of breaking up aren’t very likely.  There is a strong basis of friendship and mutual respect, which make a conclusion orderly and civil.

Our Rating:  9/10

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80 Responses to Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

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  • Aquahopeful says:

    Yayyyy!! Oh this makes me so happy! I am an Aquarius woman and I have been talking to a Virgo man for the past few weeks and am extremely drawn to him. At first I was confused by his aloof nature as I haven’t experience someone like myself in that way before but I actually appreciate it a lot now that I understand it. We are both very independent people and I feel we have a mutual respect for each other’s space. He’s not obvious about his feelings, but the little gestures he does that shows he’s already protective is so endearing =). We have a great time together and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for us.

    Something else I’ve noticed about this article is that most of the pairings that seems to work are between an aquarius woman and virgo male. maybe this changes the dynamics that other sites seem to be doubtful of?

  • Aquariusfun says:

    Hurray!! Hurray!! Hurray!! I met a Virgo man and I am extremely attracted to HIM!! At first I was a little concerned with the way he seemed to look at life. But he is interesting and funny and lots of fun to be around. He thinks that I am especially funny. We both are hard workers and have very long hours at work. But we seem to appreciate each other passion for work and family. I am so excited to get to know him better. We made LOVE and it was Great!! I think I was a bit freakier than expected but Great none the less. I can’t wait to get to know him better!! Who knows maybe I will marry this Vigo MAN

  • Mrskassim says:

    Hi, I am an Aquarius female who has been married to a male Virgo for 6 years. Like any relationship every thing isn’t always peaches and cream but we make a wonderful team. We understand that we both have ambitions and give each other the space needed to get things done. However, my Virgo thinks that I think too far ahead, which I have learned to keep those thoughts to myself. The great thing is that we do balance each other as I have taken some of his ways and he has taken mine.

  • AquaGirl says:

    I’m been messaging and talking over the phone with a Virgo man (7yrs younger) for the last 3 months. He says he has found the woman he has been looking for all of his life. I’m 50 and he is 43. I feel very drawn to him and have not felt like this about any man since I was in my 20′s. He has asked me this “be my one and only”. I asked him what he meant and he said “that you will be mine only”. I’m very faithful, was to my husband for 27 yrs!!!! Not one affair. I’ve told him this. Now we will be meeting for the first time in 2 weeks and I’m so exited. He lives in Miami and I live in LA. He is flying over and we are planning a few days together. We met via his Blog as he is a writer and I was drawn to his intelligence. He said he was “struck” by me and my comments and he called me out of the blue one day back in August. I had no idea who was calling me. Anyway, this is how we began our long distance relationship. My ex was a Leo and life revolved around him, although he was nice to me but he had a few affairs and fathered a daughter over 20yrs ago (we were married 5 yrs already). This is all new to me. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  • Metamorphosis says:

    I can’t help but notice that all of the celebrity couples mentioned as examples of the Aquarian woman-Virgo man dynamic are no longer together (with the exception of the Palins).

  • Marc says:

    two aquarious exs including the exwife…good combo in many ways, but the downfall is a selfishness in aquarians that virgos cant relate to…

  • waterpitcher says:

    @metamorphosis, sarah palin and her virgo husband have been married more than 22 years. and there is another aquarius woman/virgo man, famous couple who are still together: richard gere and carey lowell. the big difference between richard gere’s marriage, than like say, someone who is madonna (leo) married guy ritchie (virgo) and divorced, is the fact that the latter is high profile and paparazzi’s are all over that. richard gere and his wife carey lowell keep things low profile. but i as i read their biography, they spend time doing things together that matter globally and not self centered on hollywood glitz and fakeness.

  • Maria says:

    Hi , im in love with my Virgo boyfriend of a year and a half now…i noticed something that the married Aquarius said about not telling her virgo man thoughts for far in the future…i totally agree, i feel like i can get lost in blabbing on and on about things for the future and hell love the convo until i hit that button. He stops right away and i can tell its too much thought for him! i wont say he doesnt appreciate my creativity n imagination i just think he can only relate to a certain extent. and i gotta say, he is one heck of a charmer wen hes in a comfortable social environment! he will never leave any place we go on a bad note unless its a one-time-bad-time….for the most part he values his rep. hates scenes! he isnt controlling but gets vulnerable once i start changing up my daily habits. he always gets nervous if i change something up in slightest like where i put my keys for example, if i always put them on the kitchen table and suddenly start hanging them up he’ll get nervous and ask why i changed my habitual way. it makes me laugh that something so insignificant like that can make him vulnerable. with that said, i do not use this to my advantage, i always reassure him . (maybe my example is a bit extreme but u catch my drift?)
    i absolutely adore him and i hope to be with him always and forever <3 hes my rock n my home!

  • jan22 says:

    Virgo men are the best! They are Renaissance men. My Virgo is a lawyer and a carpenter. He’s literally making our kitchen cabinets as I write this. He pays attention to detail like no other and I find this extremely satisfying to see (because I do NOT). He takes no short cuts, he does everything the best possible way he can. He thinks of others, almost to a fault, and will do anything to lend a helping hand (as long as he doesn’t feel taken advantage of!)
    We make a great team, the Aquarian female/Virgo male combo. We are married and I expect it to last forever. We are both extremely loyal and love each other’s company more than anything else. We spend most of our nights in bed making each other laugh before we fall asleep.

  • simona says:

    michael jackson – lisa marie presley

  • simona says:

    i love the way you write , you make me wanna read the compatibility on all the sings , the whole zodiac thank you

  • aquarius22 says:

    I loveddddd tht i found this site… Its so refreshing to find positive feedback on aquarius female and Virgo male relationships and all the 1′ thus far have been putting a damper on certain aspects especially since i find our relationship wonderful! The only relief was the fact tht i noticed alot of untruth to what certain site were saying but reading this page has reassured tht what i’m feeling isn’t just between my Virgo man and i! I’ve actually enjoyed the post greater (in the slightest) than the article probably based of the strength of actually aquarians in these relationships! Tho it hasn’t been long(the shortest 3 months of my life) I’ve been captivated by my Virgo man and my mind has even begun the most deadly horrid thought of falling in love… And i say it like this because love has never been healthy for me!! This whirl wind is looking like my ship its about to get wrecked right on the shore of lover isle <3 here we go lol :-) shout out to Jan22 same birthday and your post was just so true to our relationship so thanks lol

  • 012292 says:

    many of the compatibility blogs that i read about a virgo man and an aquarius women, are always usually….negative. as if the two bring out the worst in each other 99% of the time. also stating that even if they start out wonderful, the relationship will end in “doom”
    SO, this one made me very relieved! thank you <3
    I am an Aquarius woman and my man is a Virgo. he's 10 years older than me. and we've been together now for a year and a half. our relationship is like no other. we understand each other and enjoy each others company like no other. the ex is amazing. there are some ups and downs like all relationships, but overall, we want to be together forever. We are about to buy a house and talk of mariage in the future. Virgo men are very interesting. and i love mine for it <3

  • Lisha says:

    I ‘m an aquarius female who has been dating a virgo male for the past 3 months.. And i must say for once im turly happy.. And afraid that i might be falling in love.. Wow can you believe that aqaurius and love in the same sentence…lol..

  • ctg21361 says:

    Honestly? You gave Leo man and Aquarius woman a low score and this coupling a high score? I was married for twelve years to a Virgo man who was definitely the worst turnoff and boring in bed. He always thought of me as competition, thought of our son as competition, used religion as an ultimatum to keep the marriage, then went for divorce. During the latter part of those 12 years, he grew more and more controlling to the point that I dreaded being alone with him. Now, he’s lonely again. What he wanted, he could not get. Yet, the best encounter I have had was with a Leo man, the most tender and giving of all (I did not even know that through all those years, he kept in touch with my mother, who let him know how I was doing. It seems we both marked each other for life. He passed away April of last year. When he knew I was very hurt from my divorce and did not want to be with anyone [he was finally able to contact me], he was understanding enough to back off, yet he never forgot me). Virgo man + Aquarius woman = Forget it. Boring, boring, boring.

  • aqua lady here says:

    something struck me the other day about aquarius woman and virgo man

    why is it, so many virgo men end up one way or another with aquarius woman? even all the famous virgo men have been with or are with aqua women. there must be some strong connection/link or something. whether the relationship is successful or not, there is always some strong link. Currently, the known famous couples together are sarah palin and her handsome and supportive virgo man, and also famous virgo actor richard gere is married to aquarius carey lowell. charlie sheen, michael jackson, and even hugh grant have been with aquas in longer relationships. so interesting. the only one i’m not sure of is keanu reeves. goodness, keanu reeves is one handsome fellow.

  • aqua lady here says:

    to add, virgos are so proper and full of integrity, despite having handsome exteriors, they’re really very special.
    i’m surrounded by virgo men in my life, (relatives mostly) and their blunt criticisms usually hurt other people, but i dont take it badly at all. it s just their way. i kind of get them. and besides , i hate not knowing my flaws. if they didn’t tell me about my flaws, i’m usually blind to it anyway like a dummy. so it’s good someone’s out looking after me. goodness, i dont know whatd i do without them.

  • Felicia says:

    I’ve been dating a Virgo man 8 years older than me (20 & 28) for almost 3 months now. The best part is that we began as friends and I then realized certain feelings for him. He gets me! & thats not something that I can say about past relationships. He’s different than others in so many ways and this compatability post hit it right on the nose!

    I hope that this will last a while.

  • honey says:

    I’m an Aquarius woman and ive been dating a Virgo man for 3 months now and I’m 23 yrs old and I can say I’m falling in love for the first time. OK the sex is amazing it’s like he blow my mind every time and he can’t get enough of me. Us Aquarius we have a weird way of manipulating ppl and it’s kinda hard to deal with us or even get close to us cause we don’t open up or like to be put on the spot but he handles me very well. All i can say is i love this man

  • septvirgo says:

    im a virgo guy 29, i have been with my aqu girl 28 for 8yrs now,( we have 2 lil girls) i admitt i have been a handfull a emotional roller-coaster, always geting upset or being to loving or being distant and a loner, but she stayed by my side, always forgiving me( strange when “THEY SAY” Aqu ppl dnt forgive) and in the long run we understode each other which made or relationship strong. i like her strong since of family, her freaky nature in bed, and that shes almost never jeoluse”ALMOST”. i had allot of trust issues because when we first met we became friends with benifits so fast and dwn side was she was kinda still in a bad relationship with two guys who she loved but couldnt decide which 1 she loved( 1 was a gemini, the othe a virgo too ) but she kick them to the curb and chose me, but a year into our relationship she contacted her virgo ex, which upset me, but she has proven to be 1 of the best girls i have ever dated, and if for some reason we end up breaking up in the futur( god forbide) i hope nothing but the best for her( i say that because my insecurities would be what would mess my relationship up, but im in the process of mental clarity and self coaching )…i can say this “that this women is my everything:-)……and i know she is deeply in love with me she tells me every day in every way

  • chienrou says:

    I am an aquarius woman and my fiance is virgo, we are almost 2 years now..
    we are happy being together, we are bestfriends..
    I love him so muchhh
    we are very opposite in many ways but we understands each other and respects one another..

    thank you for this site..
    I thought Aquarius and Virgo are not compatible.. :)

  • Otecouturehillyfilly says:

    I dont know what it is about us aqua women. im an aqua woman and knew this virgo man in college. we understand virgo men and respect them but cant abide them much. you see then how could we be airy, have fun and indulge ourselves. being around virgos make us think about what we do and we hat that. my virgo dude n i were friends in college for four years and from the start i didnt do that well in studies n always trying to cut class when i could. took his help too in studies which i knew he would coz he helped everybody in class. yeah he’s smart but he wanted me to do better in my studies and who wants that. but my dadddy was good- what would i have done without him? he made my days a lot better thatn they would have been. so supportive and kind though he didnt know much that would help me. kindness helps so much people dont understand. we graduated and then my friend kept in touch with me. he moved on to interesting things and people. things changed for me too and i wanted tobe his friend again. by which time he was tired. gosh what a block can do to you. i jsut wanted to be a friend whats wrong with that? i was so nice to him and talked to him thought i did forget to retun his calls. i have so many people to keep in touch with chat, message, chat , message on so many websites. its not like im sitteing around doing nothing. i even wanted to help him with a girl he liked in college and be a lil pigeon for him, but he didnt bite. whatever. like i told all my bffs especially my everylastingly cheerful bff and more, i was jsut trying to be helpful isnt that what a friend does? yeah we aquas can be flaky, gossipy and manipulative n use people but wth life is short and thats what everyone else is doing anyway. i dont think theyre going to get together anyway. my advice to virgo men is stop being stuffy n just hang loose. you just might land someone someday.

  • Jayaprada says:

    @Otecouturehillyfilly.that sounds so like me. i am a pisces-aqua cusp and can understand that . i am dark and good and we are quite emotional and really mean well but always looking for the main chance. the best part is we are v convincing when you talk to us and look really real but hey dont go looking for any depth here lol ;) yeah my virgo friend came home and played with my lil one but hate to admit he was the one kept in touch. wish my hubby would do that-play with the baby i mean. virgos are so silly theyre not looking for what you give them or gift theyre looking ofr friendship. oh well i just drifted away to greener pastures though i dont know whyhe had otbe such a stick int he mud!

  • Julia says:

    Ed and Lorraine Warren

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    my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as
    yours and I’m having trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!

  • Lucille says:

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    on your site. Im really impressed by your blog.
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  • Aquarius 2175 says:

    I found this very uplifting and helpful. I met a really nice guy and so cute I have a bit of a crush on him and not sure what to do about it. He is alot younger than the usual guy I date so for now we are friends what the future holds and if anything should come out it we will see. But if it does it is good to know the stars are on our side

  • pat says:

    I recently met a Virgo man who claimed to love me. As an Aquarius women I don’t just fall head over heels by such talk. I wanted him to explain why and what happened to his wife. I think he lied about his soapy story of his wife leaving him. I hate being lied to. I don’t have proof or facts of his story, but I just don’t trust him at all. He has been consistent with his story and says he means every word he uttered.
    He lives in another country and we have a distance of 5000 km between us. He Wants me to visit him and wants to buy an air ticket for me. I am not a charity case and hate this gesture. I think being friends is better.
    And why should I visit when we had not agreed on anything??

    I think I like him. But love…
    What should I do

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