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  1. Aryan

    I am a Virgo man and lost the love of my life who was Aquarius Woman. It was my own mistake that I couldn’t stand for her. I wont be able to ever forgive myself for this and yes Virgo cannot remain friend with Aquarius after break up because they still love them and Aquarius would have eventually learned to be without you.

    If you are virgo man thinking about getting married to Aquarius woman, just go for it. I am sure 99% it will workout wonders and 1% even if it doesn’t workout you wont feel guilt of not even trying it out.

  2. Tara baird

    I was married to a Virgo who only wants to control me I am a free spirit and it was a battle of the wills am very successful and he lost interest in me because I can’t be controlled this is my souls journey. I’ve rescued horses for many years and want to make a difference . He wants a life without horses. I wish him well … He dies not wish me the same and has became toxic . I’ve lost my best friend and lover and husband but I need to stay true to myself . Keep your identity lady’s this relationship can turn nasty quick. I have no malice towards my husband there is still a powerful connection even now . I still love him hardest time of my life . Tara from Northumberland

  3. Maxine

    I dated a virgo man for a year then he said he was going back to a old friend he had before me.I’m confused about the matter because we got along so well. I still care but I wanted him to be happy so I made no problems.

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